Moodh Kaun Amoodh Kaun! (मूढ़ कौन अमूढ़ कौन !)

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Previously published as chapters 9 to 15 of Ashtavakra: Mahageeta, Bhag 5 (अष्‍टावक्र : महागीता, भाग पांच) (6 volume set).
See Ashtavakra: Mahageeta (अष्‍टावक्र : महागीता) (series) for links to other volumes in this series.
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Moodh Kaun Amoodh Kaun! (मूढ़ कौन अमूढ़ कौन !)

Year of publication : 2002~2004
Publisher : Diamond Pocket Books
Number of pages :
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook :
Edition notes : Source: list of books in Amrit Ki Disha (अमृत की दिशा), 2004 ed.