Name-paper Narottam Bharti 1976

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Name-paper Narottam 76.jpg

Letterhead is Rajneesh Foundation letterhead from Pune. It reads:

rajneesh foundation (in lower-case Roman letters with an upper line to invoke Devanagari script)
Shree Rajneesh Ashram, 17, Koregaon Park, Poona 411 001, Tel. No. 28127.

In the upper right corner is the ashram logo featuring a dot in an inverted triangle in a nonagon in a circle. Its predominantly dark colours make it a bit unusual but it is otherwise quite typical of the logo used in the Pune One era. (see also Neo Sannyas Foundation)

It is signed in Pune Feb 1 1976. It is the name-paper of Sw Narottam Bharti, formerly Sadhu Divyanand (see that name-paper and on sadhu article).