Osho, Hanging Out with the Master

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Contains stories and photos from Veeresh and all his questions to Osho, as published in the books by Osho.
Sw Anand Veeresh
23 chapters.


Osho, Hanging Out with the Master - Cover.jpg

Osho, Hanging Out with the Master

1974 - 1990

Year of publication : 1990
Publisher : Osho Humaniversity, Egmond aan Zee
Edition no. : 1
Number of pages : 162
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P (photocopied)
Edition notes : © Copyright 1990, New Era Logic (TM), c/o Osho Multiveristy, Dr. Wiardi Beckmanlaan 4, 1931 BW Egmond aan Zee, Holland. "All text by Osho: © Osho International Foundation." . Numbered copy "Number 157", signed by Veeresh in felt pen.
Text: Osho Rajneesh, Sw Anand Veeresh, Bavala, Mariet Wijnen
Compiling and editing: Bavala
Proofreading: Gandha, Sw Anand Samvara
Typing: Ma Prem Gramya, Dagmar Krieger, Ma Gyan Rani
Typesetting: New Era Logic (TM)
Photography: Osho Multiversity Archive, Sw Prem Ketu, Harald Medboe
Design and lay-out: Bavala, Sw Anand Pushkara
Special thanks to Ma Prem Asha
Reproduction: CopyCopy, Alkmaar
Introduction: Mariet Wijnen
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