Osho: Intimate Glimpses

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This book is based on a series interviews with Sw Anand Bhikkhu and Waduda, in September 2010 in Santa Fe NM, USA. They are from Anando's recollection, prompted by the notebooks she kept as Osho's personal secretary.
Back cover:
Through a series soft poignant memories and anecdotes, Anando offers a glimpse into the private life of the twentieth-century mystic, Osho, through her unique perspective as one of his caretakers and secretaries in the last years of his life.
These stories, never before shared publicly, show another side of the man described by The Times (London) as "one of the makers of the twentieth century". Anando reveals the sense of humor and fearlessness with which he navigated the controve4rsies that hounded him in his later years, as well as the immense compassion and love with which he worked on those closest to him.
Ma Deva Anando
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Osho Intimate Glimpses ; Cover.jpg

Osho: Intimate Glimpses

Year of publication : 2021
Publisher : Wisdom Tree
ISBN 978-81-8328-569-8 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 156
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes : Interview Copyright © 2021 Nirvana Road
Edited by Yoga Pratima, Kristen Ross
Cover photograph by Jaques Piraprez Nutan
Additional photographs by Sarjano (Carlo Silvestro), Rafia (John Morgan), Jaques Piraprez (Nutan), Anando, Bhikkhu, Waduda, Divy and Yog Joy.
Printed in India
Dedication: With so much gratitude to Osho, who changed my life from misery to bliss (well, most of the time)


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  • table of contents

    Preface: The Story xi
    Introduction 1
    The Day Osho Left the Body (19 January 1990) 5
    Osho’s Final Words 8
      Osho has said that the last words of a master are significant.
      What does it mean that Osho’s last words were, ‘Anando will be my medium' ?
    Becoming Part of Osho’s Personal Household 12
      How did you come to be Osho’s secretary! 12
      And how did you come to also be one of his caretakers! 19
      How did you become a sannyasin! How did you meet Osho! 24
      What did you do in Pune in the seventies! 28
      And then at the ranch, in America, you were part of the legal team! 29
    Personal Experiences With Osho 30
      Can you tell us about Osho’s dental sessions! 30
      Who was there! 30
      Didn’t Osho use laughing gas in those sessions! 32
      What happened in these sessions! 33
      Tell the story of the ghost. 39
      Were there any mysteries with Osho! 47
      What about the blue ‘Om’! 48
      Tell us about the time you had to bow down to everyone in Buddha Hall. 48
      Wasn’t there a time when you really did leave! 56
      What other insights did you have about yourself! 58
    Other Glimpses of Osho’s Private Life 64
      Can you say something about the last nine months Osho was in the body! 64
      Tell us about Osho’s room. 68
      What was his lifestyle! 70
      Osho’s body became more and more fragile; we could all see that.
      What can you say about it!
      Why did Osho want his room so cold! 73
      What kind of music did Osho listen to! 74
      And didn’t he watch some movies! 74
      I heard Osho had a photographic memory and read many books a day. 75
      And what about his own books! How many are there! 76
      What did he talk about! 77
      Was there anything different about the last period of discourses! 78
      It was a little unusual, wasn’t it, to be a ‘rich’ guru as Osho was! 80
      Is that why he used jokes in what were essentially religious discourses! 81
      What was Osho’s involvement in his books! 81
      Why was Osho’s photo so important that he wanted it on all his books! 84
      Didn’t Osho leave a list of books to be published! 85
      And didn’t Osho give you a special project, Philosia! 86
    Osho in America (June 1981 - November 1985) 89
      What can you tell us about Osho’s experience in the United States! 89
      What is the story of Osho’s poisoning! 92
      So the after-effects of this time lingered on into Pune Two! 95
      Why did Osho go to America! 96
      How did the problems in America start! 97
      Why didn’t Osho stop Sheela! 100
      What happened to all the Rolls Royces! 104
    Touring the World With Osho 107
      After Osho was thrown out of America, he spent some months in Kulu Manali.
      Why did he again leave India!
      What was the problem with Laxmi! 108
      Osho traveled to a lot of countries after he left Kathmandu,
      but he was denied entry or deported. Why!
      What happened after Osho went to Kathmandu! 113
      So, what happened in Greece? 114
      What happened in Sweden! 117
      Then where—London! 118
      What happened in Ireland! 120
      After Ireland was Uruguay! 121
      Last stop-Portugal! 123
    The Last Period—the Return to India and Pune Two 127
      Talk about when Osho returned to Mumbai. 127
      Why did Osho return to Pune (Pune Two)? 128
      Why was he called the ‘sex’ guru? 130
      Why did Osho decide to change his name? 131
      Why did Osho always have women in positions of responsibility? 132
      Did Osho leave something like a will? 133
      Did he give any guidance about what will happen when he leaves the body? 134
      Did Osho leave a successor? 135
      As well as the Inner Circle, wasn’t there another committee? 136
      How did the Inner Circle work? 136
      What do you mean that the Inner Circle didn’t work out? 138
      How was life for you after Osho left his body? 139
    Osho’s Biography 143
    Appendix: The Inner Circle Members 153
    Glossary 154