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Often described as a rebel, an iconoclast, an enlightened mystic and an intellectual giant, Osho was all this and more. He brought about a spiritual revolution in the lives of those who cared to grow intellectually. He spoke fearlessly against orthodox religions, priests, politicians, age-old traditions and anything he thought was a hindrance to the path of self realisation. This made him the most talked about and controversial mystic of the twentieth century. Osho: The Luminous Rebel traces the story of Osho from his birth, talking about his spiritual search for truth and the wondrous story of his enlightenment. The book also takes the reader through those years of Oshos struggle with authority figures, his travels all over India, to the much-hyped city of Rajneeshpuram in the US, to one of the greatest mysteries of our times. Osho believes that he was poisoned by the US government when he was detained in various jails there; he was later denied visas in almost all countries across the world, events, he reveals, that exposed the true face of democracy. Osho: The Luminous Rebel is for all Osho lovers and admirers, for the uninitiated but spiritually inclined, and for those who are just curious to know more.
Vasant Joshi, PhD
Osho comments on this book :
"Vasant Joshi is writing a biography of me. The biography is bound to be very superficial, so superficial that it is not worth reading at all. No biography can penetrate to the depths, particularly the psychological layers of a man. Especially if the man has come to the point where the mind is no longer relevant to the nothingness hidden in the center of an onion. You can peel it layer by layer, of course with tears in your eyes, but finally nothing is left, and that is the center of the onion; that is from where it had come in the first place. No biography can penetrate to the depths, particularly of a man who has known the no-mind also. I say "also" consideredly, because unless you know the mind, you cannot know the no-mind. This is going to be my small contribution to the world.
The West has gone deep in search of the mind, and has discovered layers upon layers -- the conscious, the unconscious, the subconscious, and so on and so forth. The East has simply put the whole thing aside and jumped into the pond... and the soundless sound, the no-mind. Hence East and West stand opposed.
In a way the opposition is understandable, and Rudyard Kipling was right in saying, "West is West, and East is East, and never the twain shall meet." He is right to a point. He really emphasizes a certain point that I am making.
The West has only looked into the mind, without looking into who is looking into the mind. It is very strange. The so-called great scientists are all trying to look into the mind, and nobody is bothered about who is looking into the mind." (Glimpses of a Golden Childhood , ch 34)



Osho: The Luminous Rebel

Life Story of a Maverick Mystic

Year of publication : 2010
Publisher : Wisdom Tree
Edition no. : 1
ISBN 978-81-8328-154-6 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 268
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes :