Osho Footage 1974-1989 (1989)

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still 00m 00s.
A mix of many different video clips.
0:00:00 title: Osho - Footage 1974/1989
0:00:12 Greece, Airport deportation, interview by the press
0:08:32 Punta Del Este, Uruguay, photo session (cf. OZ_V_00001 and ...2, which are clips of this)
0:24:08 Leaving Portugal
0:29:30 Portugal Airport, leaving
0:37:40 Arrival Nepal Airport
0:38:09 Nepal garden walk
0:43:25 Nepal press interview, The Sword and the Lotus ~ 04 Q.2, first part.
0:50:54 Nepal garden walk 2
0:55:39 title: Osho - The Great Journey
0:55:57 flight from Bombay to New York
0:57:09 arrival at Kip's Castle
1:00:21 Around Kip's Castle
1:01:25 Ranch: preparing Osho's house
1:01:33 Charter flight to Redmond OR., pictures and footage
Voice-over: "On August 29, Bhagwan boarded a plane to Redmond Oregon, 80 miles from the Ranch ..."
1:04:40 Drive by RR to the Ranch
Voice-over: " ... - He was then driven to the new farming cooperative, which has been named Rajneeshpuram, meaning 'Expression of Rajneesh'. The Great Journey, which had begun on May 31st, at the Shree Rajneesh Ashram, Poona, 11,000 miles away, has now reached Rajneeshpuram, in the vast open spaces of Oregon. But, as all Bhagwan's sannyasins know, this is only a part of a far greater journey, a journey of the heart. A spiritual pilgrimage, which began with Bhagwan's enlightenment, 28 years ago, and which will not end until we too have discovered that one same truth that lives within us all."
1:05:50 Ranch discourse footage
1:18:09 Poona2, Osho in Lao Zu and leaving for discourse
1:22:12 Osho with Anando looking at gongs and percussion
1:25:22 Bombay interview 1: cf. The Eternal Quest ~ 15 (Question 6), seems the same setting, look at the mics.
1:26:11 Bombay interview 2: different setting, with public, unknown source. Osho speaking:
And you cannot be Christians, you cannot be Hindus, you cannot be Mohammedans, if you want to be total. Because again, to be a Hindu, to be a Mohammedan, to be a Christian is to think through reason and conditioning. You can be man only if you are religious. So a person who wants to be religious must not belong to any religion in particular. This belonging to particular religions has created a irreligious world.
1:26:54 Ranch Osho arriving for discourse, several different clips.
1h 32min


Opening credits
Osho - Footage 1974/1989
Closing credits
© 1972/1989 Osho International Foundation

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