Prem Chinmaya - The Right Time to Go (1982)

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A special video, showing part of the discourse Tao The Golden Gate Vol 1 ~ 02, where Osho talks about the death of Sw Prem Chinmaya. It shows question 2 (the complete discourse shows q.2 and q.4).
Mentioned in the Chidvilas video list as "VC061" :
"... Bhagwan's discourse about Chinmaya’s death, given the following morning, June 12, is available on videofilm as PREM CHINMAYA: THE RIGHT TIME TO GO (VC061)."
The intro-board in the video just says "The Golden Gate". Voice-over says "The Golden Gate, lecture number 2, second question, 12th of June 1980".
June 12, 1980


© 1982 Rajneesh Foundation International ... P.O. Box 12A, Antelope Oregon

Camera: Sw Anand Devesh, Sw Deva Mutribo, Sw Anand Parigyan
Recording Engineer: Sw Bodhigarbha
Production: Ma Prem Samadhi

see also

Death of a Beloved Disciple (1980), the film of the death-celebration of Sw Prem Chinmaya on June 11, the preceding day of this discourse.
OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,246

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