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event type interview
date & time 25 Nov 1985 am
location Manali (HP)
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 9min. Quality: not so good.
online audio
video Missing, possibly available.
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shorttitle PRESS10
CD-ROM on this chapter: It was previously labelled: The Rajneesh Bible 9 lecture 1, and was intended, but not used, for the book: "The Light on the Path". Interview by Hindi Bhagwan Magazine.
Published in book form in The Man of Truth, ch.15 (in 2008).
Interview. No announcement heard : unidentified Indian or Nepali man.
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview by Hindi Bhagwan Magazine.
Question 1
Beloved Osho, millions of your lovers in India are rejoicing in your arrival in this country.
Fifteen years ago you said that roots of your religion will be in India, its branches will spread in England, and blossom in America. In the light of current events, would you like to make any comments?
Question 2
You said, Osho: When writers and intellectuals are imprisoned in Soviet Russia, the whole intelligentsia of the West, particularly America, makes big hue and cry. But when you were, you -- the author of more than four hundred books, whose works have been translated into all the major languages of the world -- were dragged in chains and shackles without an arrest warrant, in front of America media -- not a single intellectual raised their voice of protest.
Why is this condition?
Question 3
Osho, the average life of different types of communes in America and elsewhere also has been three to five years; and usually they get disintegrated either due to external forces or internal conflicts or conspiracy. The same calamity is happening to our unique experience in Rajneeshpuram. Why it is so and what could be done to avoid it?
Question 4
Osho, Vivekanand said if he could get a hundred people he will transform the whole world.
You commented that Vivekanand died disappointed. But you will move around, look into the every eye and pull out the potential soul who can become the light.
How far have you succeeded?
Question 5
In the same context, Osho, would you think that if two hundred enlightened people are placed around the world, the third world war could be avoided?
Question 6
What is -- what was that work that he wanted to do and he couldn't do?
Question 7
Osho, in Woodlands you were speaking to a small group of seekers and you gave the rare books like (inaudible -- title in Hindi), the Book of the sacred (inaudible -- title in Hindi) "Yoga, the Alpha and the Omega" to transform the consciousness of the individual. Later on, talking to the comparatively big masses, you were giving your insight more on social, economical, political, more and religious issues. Recently, you declared that you will live with a small group of sannyasins only. Will you take us into the subtle and significant dimension of inner transformation?
Question 8
Osho, many questions remain unanswered on (inaudible-title in Hindi). "Book of the Secrets", will you start taking those questions when you are free?
Question 9
Osho, what is your message for the sannyasins and lovers around the world who are thirsty of your darshan and your guidance?
Question 10
Will you take one more question? Osho, this beautiful valley is called the "Valley of gods." Did people know in their collective unconsciousness that possibility of a godman like you will come here and make this name materialize?


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