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This list of names is based on a compilation by Sw Samudro Prem
Pronunciation: Ā ā = aa, long ‘a’ like 'ah' but not quite ‘ar’ / Â â = emphasised ‘a’ / ê = ai / é = ay / Ī, ī = ee / í = between small I and ee / Ū ū = oo
Source abbreviations: OD = Osho darshan diaries / OB = Osho discourse books / MW = Monier-Williams Sanskrit Dictionary / S = previous Osho Sannyas name lists / SD = other Sanskrit dictionaries / HD = Hindi dictionaries PD = Pali dictionaries
TS = Thousand Name of Shiva / TB = Thousand Names of Brahma / TV = Thousand Names of Vishnu / Onl = Online resources / 99N = 99 Names of Allah / Sp = Samudroprem's addition or confirmation
Notes: "Add Veet or Mukta" = Recommendation to combine with 1st Name "Veet" to mean "Beyond" or "Transcendence of"; or add 1st Name "Mukta" to mean "Freedom from."
Note 2: Neutral names can end in an 'o', however in traditional Sanskrit the 'o' joins two words together as a compund name e.g. Sāmudroprem
Note 3: In Sanskrit most male names end with an 'a', however in Hindi the same name can be pronounced without the 'a' and end in the consonant. Thus for male names the final 'a' is optional.
Note 4: The difference of Sanskrit and Hindi: Sanksrit 'v' is oftern pronounced in Hindi as a 'w,' e.g. Svabhava or Swabhav. Also sometimes a "V' is also pronounced as a 'B' e.g. Vanshi or Banshi.
Note 5: In Sanskrit most (but not all) female names with end with the long ā (aa). The long 'ī' (ee) is also a common feminine ending.


The Swami in "Swami Anand Rudra".
Male Title Female Title --- Meaning Language Script Source Confirm Pop
Mother of oneself Sanskrit मा OD MW, HD 5
Swāmi Master of oneself Hindi स्वामी OD MW 5

First names

The Anand in "Swami Anand Rudra".
Male name Female name Neutral name Meaning Language Script Source Confirm Pop
Achyut Achyuta Permanent; Solid; Indestructible Sanskrit अच्युत SD MW 1
Aman Amana Amano No-Mind Sanskrit अमन OD MW 4
Amar Amara Deathless, Eternal Sanskrit अमर OD MW 2
Amit Amit Infinity, Limitless, Unbounded Sanskrit अमित OD MW 1
Amrit Amrita Immortality, Nectar of Immortality Sanskrit अमृत OD MW 4
Ānand Ānanda Bliss, joy Sanskrit आनन्द OD MW 5
Antar Antar Inner Sanskrit अन्तर् OD MW 3
Antarā Inner Sanskrit अन्तरा OD MW 1
Anurāg Anurāg Love Sanskrit अनुराग OD MW 4
Anurāga Love Sanskrit अनुराग OD MW 2
Anutosh Anutosh Contentment, 'with Satisfaction' Sanskrit OD MW 2
Arpan Arpana Surrender, Offering Oneself to the Divine Sanskrit अर्पण OD MW 1
Arūp Arūp Formless, Limitless, Infinite Sanskrit अरूप OD MW 1
Atit Atit Beyond; Transcending Sanskrit अतीत OD MW 1
Ālok Āloka Light Sanskrit आलोक OD MW 3
Āmoda Āmoda Joy, gladdening Sanskrit आमोद S MW 1
Ānand Ānand Bliss, joy Sanskrit आनन्द OD MW 5
Ānanda Ānanda Bliss, joy Sanskrit आनन्द OD MW 3
Ātma Ātma Ātmo the Innermost Self, the Soul Sanskrit आत्मा OD MW 3
Bhakta Bhakta Devotion Sanskrit भक्त OD MW 2
Bodha Bodha Understanding, Blooming of a Flower, Blooming of Consciousness. Sanskrit बोध OD MW 2
Bodhi Bodhi Awareness; perfect wisdom, enlightened intelligence Sanskrit बोधि OD MW 5
Buddha Awakened One, Enlightened One Sanskrit बुद्ध OD MW 1
Chaitanya Chaitanya Consciousness Sanskrit चैतन्य OD MW 2
Chandra Chandra Moon Sanskrit चन्द्र OD MW 1
Chetan Chetan Consciousness Sanskrit चेतना OD MW 3
Chetanā Consciousness Sanskrit चेतना OD MW 3
Chit Chit Consciousness Sanskrit चित् OD MW 1
Christ Christ Consciousness Christian S 1
Dayā Compassion Sanskrit दया MW 2
Deva Deva Divine Sanskrit देव OD MW 5
Devika Divine, one who is like a goddess Sanskrit देवीका OD MW 3
Dharma Dharma Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit धर्म OD MW 2
Dhyān Dhyān Meditation Sanskrit ध्यान OD MW 5
Dhyāna Meditation Sanskrit ध्यान OD MW 3
Divya Divya Divine; Heavenly, Celestial, Wonderful, Magical Sanskrit दिव्य OD MW 2
Divyam Divyam Divine; Heavenly, Celestial, Wonderful, Magical Sanskrit OD MW 1
Geet Geetā Song, sacred song Sanskrit गीत / गीता S MW 2
Gīt Gītā Song, sacred song Sanskrit गीत / गीता MW 2 Alternate spelling of Geet-
Govind Govind God Sanskrit गोविन्द OD MW 2
Guru Guru Master, one who is heavy Sanskrit गुरु OD MW 1
Gyān Gyān Knowledge, Wisdom Hindi ज्ञान S SD 3
Gyāna Knowledge, Wisdom Hindi ज्ञान S SD 3
Hari Hari God, the thief – the remover of sins, God of the wind Sanskrit, Hindi हरि OD MW 1
Jeevan Jeevan Life Sanskrit जीवन OD MW 4
Jeevana Life Sanskrit जीवन OD MW 2
Jīvan Jīvan Life Sanskrit जीवन S MW 4 Alternate spelling to Jeevan-
Jīvana Life Sanskrit जीवन S MW 2
Kāma Kāmā God / Goddess of Love, Desire, Sensual or erotic Love Sanskrit काम MW
Krānti Krānti Revolution Sanskrit क्रान्ति OD 2
Krishna Krishnā Dark, black, dark blue, Avatār of Vishnu Sanskrit कृष्ण OD MW 2
Leela Play, divine play Sanskrit लीला OD MW 2
Maneesh Maneeshā Wisdom Sanskrit मान्द्य OD MW 1
Mārga Mārgā Way, Path, Road, Seeking, Search Sanskrit मार्ग OD MW 3
Mukta Mukta Freedom, ultimate freedom, freedom from the self, Liberated Sanskrit मुक्त OD MW 2
Mukti becoming Free, Liberation, the ultimate freedom Sanskrit मुक्ति S MW 1
Nandā Happiness, Joy, Delight Sanskrit, Hindi नन्द S MW, HD 2
Nārāyan God, "Son of the Primeval or Original man," Sanskrit, Hindi नारायण OD MW, HD 1
Nava Navā New, Fresh, Young Sanskrit नव MW
Neerav Neerav Silence, that sound is not a disturbance to it, Soundless Sanskrit नीरव OD MW 3
Neerava Silence, that sound is not a disturbance to it, Soundless Sanskrit नीरव OD MW 2
Nīrav Nīrav Silence, that sound is not a disturbance to it, Soundless Sanskrit नीरव OD MW 3 Alternative spelling for Neerav
Nīrava Silence, that sound is not a disturbance to it, Soundless Sanskrit नीरव OD MW 3 Alternative spelling for Neerav
Nirdosh Nirdosh Innocence, sinless, faultless, guiltless Sanskrit निर्दोष OD MW 3
Nirmal Nirmalā Pure, bright, clean, spotless, sinless, virtuous, innocent Sanskrit, Hindi निर्मल OD MW, HD 1
Nitya Nitya Eternal, continual Sanskrit नित्य OD MW 1
Pantha Pantha Path, religious way Hindi पंथ OD HD 1
Param Param Beyond, Transcendental Sanskrit परम् S MW
Pir one who has Arrived, a Siddha Sufi پیر OB Onl 1
Prabhā Prabhā Light, to Shine, begin to become Light, to Enlighten, Illuminate Sanskrit प्रभा OD MW 2
Prabhu Prabhu God, Godliness Sanskrit प्रभु OD MW 2
Prabodh Prabodh to become Conscious or Aware of Sanskrit प्रबोध OD MW 2
Pradeepa Pradeepa Light, lamp, flame Sanskrit प्रदीप OD MW 1
Pragyā Pragyā Wisdom Hindi प्रज्ञा S HD 1
Prajna Prajnā Wise Sanskrit प्रज्ञा OB MW
Prakāsh Prakāsh to make Light, bright, shining, visible Sanskrit प्रकाश OD MW 2
Pramod Pramodā Delight, Joy Sanskrit प्रमोद S MW 1
Prāna Prāna Life, Energy, life energy, breath, vitality, power Sanskrit प्राण OD MW 2
Prem Prem Love Sanskrit प्रेम् OD MW 5
Premā Love Sanskrit प्रेमा OD MW 2
Pūjā Worship Sanskrit पूजा OD MW 1
Pūrna Pūrna Complete, Whole, the Total, satisfied, fulfilled, perfect Sanskrit पूर्ण MW
Rāj King Sanskrit राज OD MW 1
Rām God of Love Hindi रम S MW 1
Sahaja Sahaja Spontaneous; Natural, Naturally, Original Sanskrit सहज OD MW 2 Osho's interpretation is 'Spontaneous'
Samarpan Samarpan Surrender, utter let-go Sanskrit समर्पण OD MW 2
Sambodh Sambodha Perfect Understanding Sanskrit सम्बोध S MW 1
Sambodhī Enlightenment, perfect awareness Sanskrit सम्बोधि S MW 1
Santosh Santosh Satisfaction, Contentment Sanskrit संतोष S MW 3
Sarva Sarvā Entire, Whole, All, Total, Universe Sanskrit सर्व S MW 1
Sat Sat True, truth, Being, Existing Sanskrit सत् OD MW 1
Satya Satya Truth, authenticity Sanskrit सत्य OD MW 2
Satyam Satyam Truth, reality Sanskrit सत्यम् OD MW 3
Shakti Divine Power, Female personification of divine Energy Sanskrit शक्ति S MW 1
Shantam Shantam Peace, silence, peacefully Sanskrit शांतम् OD Sv 3
Shānti Peace Sanskrit शान्ति OD MW 3
Shiva God, Divine Sanskrit शिव OD MW 1
Shivam Shivam ultimate Good, virtue, godliness Sanskrit OD MW
Shraddha Shraddha Trust Sanskrit श्रद्ध OD MW 1
Shūnya Shūnya Emptiness Sanskrit शुन्य OD MW 1
Shūnyam Shūnyam Emptiness, nothingness Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Sundar Sundar Beautiful Sanskrit, Hindi सुन्दर OD MW 1 Misspelled as Sunder
Tantra Tantra way of Union with Supreme Spirit through Meditation Sanskrit तन्त्र OD MW 1
Tao Tao the Way, Dao Chinese OD Onl 1
Ūrja Ūrjā Energy, power, strength Sanskrit, Hindi ऊर्ज OD MW 2
Utsav Utsava Celebration Sanskrit उत्सव OD MW 3
Veet Veet Beyond, Transcendence Sanskrit वीत OD MW 4
Vimal Vimal Purity, Pure Sanskrit विमल OD MW 3
Vimalā Purity, Pure Sanskrit विमल OD MW 2
Vishva Vishvā Whole, Entire, Universal Sanskrit विश्व OD MW 1
Yoga Yoga Union Sanskrit योग OD MW 3

Second names

The Rudra in "Swami Anand Rudra".
Male name Female name Neutral name Meaning Language Script Source Confirm Pop
Names beginning with A अ (short A only - for long A scroll down towards B)
Abaddha Abaddha Unbound, Unrestrained, Free Sanskrit अबद्ध MW
Abādh Abādhā Free from Restraints, Unconditional, Free from Pain Sanskrit अबाधा MW 1
Abādhita Abādhita Unobstructed Sanskrit अबाधित MW
Abahir Abahira not outside, in one's Heart Sanskrit अबहिर् MW
Abāhya Abāhya Internal, not external Sanskrit अबाह्य MW
Abālendu Full Moon Sanskrit अबालेन्दु MW
Abbā a Mother Sanskrit अब्बा MW
Abbhra Abbhra Cloud , 'Water-bearer' Sanskrit अभ्र MW
Abbindu a Tear; Drop of Water Sanskrit अब्बिन्दु MW
Abda Abda Cloud, 'Water-Giver' Sanskrit अब्द MW
Abdhi Ocean; Lake Sanskrit अब्धि MW
Abdhija Abdhija Ocean-Born Sanskrit अब्धिज MW
Abdullah Abdullaha Servant of God Arabic عبداللہ OB Onl
Abhāva Abhāvo Absence, Non-Existence Sanskrit अभाव OD MW 1
Abhaya Abhayā Fearless Sanskrit अभय OD MW 5
Abhayam Abhayam Fearlessness Sanskrit SD
Abheda Closeness Sanskrit अभेद MW
Abhedaka Non-Dividing Sanskrit अभेदक MW
Abhedya Abhedya Indivisible Sanskrit अभेद्य MW
Abhee Abhee Fearless Sanskrit MW
Abheek Abheeka Fearless Sanskrit अभीक MW
Abheek Abheeka Lover Sanskrit अभीक S MW 2
Abheepsu Abheepsu a tremendously intense Desire; the Inner Call of Life Sanskrit अभीप्सु OD MW 1
Abheeru Fearless Sanskrit अभीरु S MW 1
Abheeruka Fearless Sanskrit MW
Abheeshu Ray of Light Sanskrit अभीषु MW
Abheeshta Abheeshta Wished, Desired; a Lover Sanskrit अभीष्टा MW
Abheeshtama Abheeshtama Dearest Lover Sanskrit अभीष्टतम MW
Abheet Abheetā Fearless Sanskrit अभीत MW
Abheeti Fearless Sanskrit अभीति S MW 4
Abhi- Abhi- Very, Towards Sanskrit MW
Abhi Abhi Fearless Sanskrit MW
Abhibhava Abhibhava Powerful Sanskrit अभिभव MW
Abhibhavati Abhibhavati Transforms Sanskrit अभिभवति SD
Abhibhūta Abhibhūta Surpassed Sanskrit अभिभूत MW
Abhibhūti superior Power Sanskrit अभिभूति MW
Abhicharana Abhicharana a Spell, Incantation Sanskrit अभिचरण MW
Abhichint Abhichint Reflect on, Meditate on Sanskrit MW
Abhichumb Abhichumba to Kiss Sanskrit MW
Abhideena Abhideena Flying Towards Sanskrit अभिडीन MW
Abhideep Abhideepa make Brilliant, to Blaze Sanskrit MW
Abhidhamma Buddhist Scripture, Pali cannon Pali PD
Abhidharma Buddhist Scripture Sanskrit, Pali अभिधर्म OB MW, PD
Abhidhi Abhidhi to Reflect on, Meditate on Sanskrit MW
Abhidhyā Abhidhyā Wish, Desire Sanskrit अभिध्या MW
Abhidhyai Abhidhyai to Meditate Sanskrit MW
Abhidhyāna Abhidhyāna Meditation Sanskrit अभिध्यान MW
Abhidhyānam Abhidhyānam Meditation Sanskrit MW
Abhidi Abhidi to Radiate Sanskrit MW
Abhidyu Abhidyu towards Heaven Sanskrit अभिद्यु MW
Abhigam Abhigama to Approach, to Follow Sanskrit अभिगम MW
Abhigamya name of Shiva, easily Attainable Sanskrit अभिगम्य TS
Abhigata Abhigata Approached Sanskrit अभिगत MW
Abhigeet Abhigeeta a Song, Praised by Song Sanskrit अभिगीत MW
Abhigrah Abhigrah to Receive Sanskrit MW
Abhihāra Abhihāra Offering Sanskrit अभिहार MW
Abhihāsa Joke Sanskrit अभिहास MW
Abhijan Abhijan to claim as one's Birthright Sanskrit आभिजन MW
Abhijan Abhijana to be Born Again Sanskrit अभिजन MW
Abhijānāti Abhijānāti to become Aware Sanskrit अभिजानाति SD
Abhijāt Abhijāta Noble, Aristocrat, well Born Sanskrit अभिजात OD MW 1
Abhijāti Birth Sanskrit अभिजाति MW
Abhijaya Abhijaya complete Victory Sanskrit अभिजय MW
Abhijit Abhijit Victorious Sanskrit अभिजित् MW
Abhijiti Victory Sanskrit अभिजिति MW
Abhijna Abhijnā Knowing, Understanding Sanskrit अभिज्ञान MW
Abhijnati become Wise Sanskrit MW
Abhijval Abhijval to Blaze forth, Illuminate Sanskrit MW
Abhijya a God Sanskrit अभीज्य MW
Abhika Abhika a Lover Sanskrit अभीक MW 2
Abhikam Abhikam to Desire, to Love Sanskrit अभिकाम MW
Abhikāma Abhikāmā Loving, Affectionate Sanskrit अभिकाम MW
Abhikar Abhikara Performer Sanskrit अभिकर MW
Abhikarman Abhikarman Performing Sanskrit अभिकर्मन् MW
Abhikāsh Abhikāsh Illuminate Sanskrit MW
Abhikhya Splendor; Beauty; a Gracious Look Sanskrit अभिख्या MW
Abhīkshna Abhīkshna Perpetually Sanskrit अभीक्ष्ण MW
Abhiksham Abhiksham to be Gracious Sanskrit MW
Abhilāpa Declaration Sanskrit अभिलाप MW
Abhilash Abhilashā Wish; Affection Sanskrit अभिलाष S MW 2
Abhilipsa Desire to Obtain Sanskrit अभिलिप्सा MW
Abhilok Abhilok to Look at from a Height Sanskrit अभिमाद MW
Abhimāda Abhimāda Intoxicated Sanskrit अभिमाद MW
Abhiman Abhiman Longing, Desire Sanskrit MW
Abhimāna Abhimāna Self-Importance, Pride Sanskrit अभिमान SD Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Abhimand Abhimand Enjoy Sanskrit MW
Abhimarsha Abhimarshā Touching, Contact Sanskrit अभिमर्श MW
Abhimata Abhimata Wished, Longed for Sanskrit अभिमत MW
Abhimukhi before becoming a Buddha Sanskrit अभिमुखी SD
Abhimukha Abhimukhi Facing towards, Directed towards Sanskrit अभिमुखी MW
Abhinabhas Abhinabhas Towards the Sky Sanskrit अभिनभस् MW
Abhinam Abhinam to Bow towards Sanskrit अभिन MW
Abhinand Abhinanda Delight Sanskrit अभिनन्दा MW
Abhinandan Abhinandana Welcome, Joyous Greeting; Delight Sanskrit अभिनन्दन OD MW 3
Abhinandin Abhinandin Rejoicing Sanskrit अभिनन्दिन् MW
Abhinandita Delighted; made Happy Sanskrit अभिनन्दित MW
Abhinash Abhinash to Attain, to Reach Sanskrit MW
Abhinav Abhinavā Abhinavo Freshness, Newness Sanskrit अभिनव OD MW 2
Abhinaya Abhinaya Acting, Drama Sanskrit अभिनय OD MW 1
Abhihita Abhihita Close Contact, Touched with Sanskrit अभिहित MW
Abhinava Abhinavā quite New, very Young, fresh Sanskrit अभिनव MW
Abhineeti Expressive Gesture Sanskrit अभिनीति MW
Abhinihita Abhinihita Touched, close Contact Sanskrit अभिनिहित MW
Abhinirmi Abhinirmi to cause by a Miracle Sanskrit MW
Abhinimita Abhinimita Made, Created Sanskrit अभिनिर्मित MW
Abhinivesh Lust for Life, one of the five afflictions of yoga Sanskrit अभिनिवेश OB Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Abhinivesha Intentness, Dedication, Determination Sanskrit अभिनिवेश MW
Abhinna Abhinna Whole, Undivided Sanskrit अभिन्न MW
Abhipāla Protector Sanskrit अभिपाल MW
Abhipad Abhipada to Approach Sanskrit MW
Abhīpada one whose step is withour Fear Sanskrit अभीपद MW
Abhipat Abhipat to Fly near Sanskrit MW
Abhipatti Possession Sanskrit अभिपत्ति MW
Abhipraya Aim, Purpose Sanskrit अभिप्राय MW
Abhipreeta Abhipreeta Pleased Sanskrit अभिप्रीत MW
Abhipreeti Pleasure Sanskrit अभिप्रीति MW
Abhipreta Abhipreta to Whom one’s heart is Devoted Sanskrit अभिप्रेत MW
Abhīpsa Abhīpsu a tremendously intense Desire; the Inner Call of Life Sanskrit अभीप्सु OD MW 1
Abhipsat Abhipsatī Longing for, Desiring Sanskrit अभीप्सत् MW
Abhipsin Abhipsin Longing for, Desiring Sanskrit MW
Abhipsita Abhipsita Desired Sanskrit अभीप्सित MW
Abhīpsu Abhīpsu Longing for, Desiring Sanskrit अभीप्सु MW
Abhipūj Abhipūja to Honour Sanskrit अभीप्सु MW
Abhipūrna Abhipūrna Full of Sanskrit अभिपूर्ण MW
Abhipushpa Covered with Flowers, excellent flower Sanskrit अभिपुष्प MW
Abhirajā Abhirajā Cloud-Born Sanskrit अभ्रजा MW
Abhirāj Abhirāji Shine, be Brilliant Sanskrit MW 1
Abhirāj Abhirāje Reigning everywhere Sanskrit MW
Abhirakta Abhirakta Devoted to Sanskrit अभिरक्त MW
Abhirāma Abhirāmā Beautiful, Delightful, Delighted Sanskrit अभिराम MW
Abhiramana Abhiramana Delighting in Sanskrit अभिरमण MW
Abhiramāta Loveliness, Beauty Sanskrit अभिमत MW
Abhirambhita Abhirambhita Embraced Sanskrit अभिरम्भित MW
Abhiranjita Abhiranjita Coloured Sanskrit अभिरञ्जित MW
Abhirata Abhirata Satisfied Sanskrit अभिरत MW
Abhirati Delighted Sanskrit MW
Abhiru Abhiru to Roar Sanskrit MW
Abhiruch Abhiruch Bright, Shine; Delighted Sanskrit MW
Abhiruchi Delighting in Sanskrit अभिरुचि MW
Abhiruchira Abhiruchira very Bright Sanskrit अभिरुचिर MW
Abhirūpa Abhirūpā Beautiful Sanskrit अभिरूप MW
Abhiruta Abhiruta Singing (like birds, filling the air) Sanskrit अभिरुत MW
Abhisamaya Abhisamaya the Moment of Awakening Pali PD
Abhisampad Abhisampad to Change into, to Become Sanskrit MW
Abhisandhi Abhisandhi Speaking one’s Intention Sanskrit अभिसंधि MW
Abhisar Abhisarā Companion Sanskrit MW
Abhisarana Abhisarana Meeting, Rendezvous (of Lovers) Sanskrit अभिसरण MW
Abhisarga Creation Sanskrit MW
Abhishek Abhisheka Initiation, Anointing with water Sanskrit अभिषेक MW 2
Abhishekya Abhishekya Worthy of Initiation Sanskrit अभिषेक्य MW
Abhishocha Abhishocha Shining, Glowing Sanskrit अभिशोच MW
Abhishta Abhishtā a Lover Sanskrit अभीष्ट MW
Abhishtan Abhishtan to Thunder, to Roar Sanskrit अभिष्टन MW
Abhishti Wish Sanskrit अभीष्टि MW
Abhishtis Assistant, Protector Sanskrit MW
Abhishuna Abhishuna Successful Sanskrit अभिशुन MW
Abhisneha Desire, Affection Sanskrit अभिस्नेह MW
Abhisri Abhisri to Flow towards Sanskrit MW
Abhisvar Invocation Sanskrit अभिस्वर् MW
Abhitā Everywhere Sanskrit अभितः SD
Abhitas Abhitas in the Presence of; Near Sanskrit अभितस् MW
Abhitri Abhitri Approach, come near Sanskrit MW
Abhivad to Speak or address with Respect Sanskrit अभिवाद MW
Abhivāda Respectful Salutation Sanskrit अभिवाद MW
Abhivādana Abhivādana Respectful Salutation Sanskrit अभिवादन MW
Abhivan Abhivan Longing for Sanskrit MW
Abhivandan Abhivandana Saluting Respectfully Sanskrit अभिवन्दन MW
Abhivarsha Abhivarsha Rain Sanskrit अभिवर्ष MW
Abhivarta Victorious Sanskrit अभीवर्त MW
Abhivayas Abhivayas very Youthful, Fresh Sanskrit अभिवयस् MW
Abhiveeta Abhiveetā Desired Sanskrit अभिवीत MW
Abhivi Abhivi to Urge, to impel Sanskrit MW
Abhivibhā Abhivibhā to Illuminate Sanskrit MW
Abhivikram with great Courage Sanskrit अभिविक्रम MW
Abhiviksh Abhiviksh Perceive, Look at, Examine Sanskrit MW
Abhivikshita Abhivikshita Perceived, Looked at, Seen, Examined Sanskrit अभिवीक्षित MW
Abhivinita Abhivinita well Disciplined Sanskrit अभिविनीत MW
Abhivinud Abhivinud cause to Rejoice, to make Happy Sanskrit MW
Abhivipas Abhivipas Look, View Sanskrit MW
Abhivirāj Abhivirāj to Shine, be Radiant Sanskrit MW
Abhivirājita Abhivirājita very Bright, Brilliant Sanskrit अभिविराजित MW
Abhiviksh Abhiviksha Perceive, Look at, Examine Sanskrit MW
Abhivikshita Abhivikshita Perceived, Looked at, Seen, Examined Sanskrit अभिवीक्षित MW
Abhivita Abhivitā Desired Sanskrit अभिवीत MW
Abhivyan Abhivyan to fill with Breath Sanskrit MW
Abhiyāchana Abhiyāchana Request Sanskrit अभियाचन MW
Abhiyāna Abhiyāna Adventure, Exploration; Approaching, Coming near Sanskrit अभियान OD MW 1
Abhiyoga Energetic Effort Sanskrit अभियोग MW
Abhiyogin Abhiyogin Intent upon Sanskrit अभियोगिन् MW
Abhiyukta Abhiyukta Intent upon Sanskrit अभियुक्त MW
Abhra Abhra Cloud, 'Water-bearer" Sanskrit अभ्र MW
Abhraga Abhraga Bird, ‘Cloud-goer’ Sanskrit अभ्रग MW
Abhraja Abhraja Born from Clouds Sanskrit अभ्रजा MW
Abhram Abhram Sky Sanskrit MW
Abhrama Abhrama Steady Sanskrit अभ्रम MW
Abhrānta Abhrānta Clear, not mistaken Sanskrit अभ्रान्त MW
Abhras Wind Sanskrit MW
Abhrati Delighted Sanskrit MW
Abhrita covered with Clouds Sanskrit अभ्रित MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Abhū Unborn, name of Vishnu Sanskrit अभू MW
Abhūti Non-Existence Sanskrit अभूति MW
Abhyantar Abhyantarā being Inside, Interior, Intimate Sanskrit अभ्यन्तर MW
Abhyāroha Ascending, ascending in Devotion Sanskrit अभ्यारोह MW
Abhyāsa Abhyāsa Study Sanskrit अभ्यास SD
Abhyashika Abhyashika being Near to each other, Intimate Sanskrit आभ्याशिक MW
Abhyāsin Abhyāsin Practicing Sanskrit अभ्यासिन् MW
Abhyatma Abhyatma Abhyatmo more Towards Oneself Sanskrit MW
Abhyaya Setting (as the Sun) Sanskrit अभ्यय MW
Abhyudaya Sunrise or Moonrise, Prosperous Sanskrit अभ्युदय MW
Abhyudita Abhyudita Risen (as the Sun), Prosperous Sanskrit अभ्युदित MW
Abhyuditam Abhyuditam Sunrise or Moonrise Sanskrit MW
Abibhīvas Fearless, Confident Sanskrit अबिभीवस् MW
Abja Abja Born in Water Sanskrit अब्ज MW
Abjada Abjada Swan, 'lotus-eater' Sanskrit अब्जाद MW
Abjam Lotus Sanskrit MW
Abjas the Moon Sanskrit MW
Abjasaras Abjasaras Lotus Pond Sanskrit अब्जसरस् MW
Abjini Multitude of Lotuses Sanskrit अब्जिनी MW
Abodha Innocence Sanskrit अबोध OD 1 Positive version of 'Ignorance'
Abodha Ignorance, unawareness, non-perception Sanskrit अबोध MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Abruvat Abruvat Silent, not-speaking Sanskrit अब्रुवत् MW
Abyakata Abyakata Unexplained Pali PD
Achala Achalā Mountain, still, immovable, the Earth Sanskrit अचल MW
Achalakīla the Earth Sanskrit अचलकीला MW
Achanda Gentle Sanskrit अचण्ड MW
Achāpalam Determination Sanskrit SD
Acharam Non-Moving, Still Sanskrit SD
Achcha Achcha Clear, transparent Sanskrit अच्छ MW
Achchaya Achchaya Shadowless Sanskrit अच्छाय MW
Achchelal Good Man Hindi OB
Achcheta Achcheta Approached Sanskrit अच्छेत MW
Achchoda Achchodā Clear Water Lake or River Sanskrit अच्छोद MW
Achchoktri Invitation Sanskrit MW
Acheshta Acheshta Effortless Sanskrit अचेष्ट MW
Achintā Thoughtlessness, non-anxiety Sanskrit अचिन्ता OD MW 1
Achintya Achintya Inconceivable; Unthinkable, surpassing Thought Sanskrit अचिन्त्य OD MW 1
Achira Achira Instantaneous Sanskrit अचिर MW
Achirād Immediately, without delay Sanskrit SD
Achirena Achirena very Soon Sanskrit SD
Achitra Decorated with many Coloured Ornaments Sanskrit आचित्र MW
Achyut Achyuta Permanent; Solid; Indestructible Sanskrit अच्युत SD MW 1
Achyuta Achyuta Permanent; Solid; Indestructible Sanskrit अच्युत SD MW 1
Adab Etiquette, the art of being in the presence of a Master. Appropriate action Arabic أدب OB Onl Sufi.
Adabha Adabha Benevolent Sanskrit अदभ MW
Adabdha Adabdha Pure; Unbroken Sanskrit अदब्ध MW
Adabhra Adabhra Plentiful Sanskrit अदभ्र MW
Adābhya Adābhya Trusty, free from deceit Sanskrit अदाभ्य MW
Adāman Adāman Unbound Sanskrit अदामन् MW
Adambha Adambha Straightforward, without deceit Sanskrit अदम्भ MW
Adara Adara Much Sanskrit अदर MW
Adara a Tree Sanskrit अडर MW
Adarsha Adarsha First day of New Moon, unseen but Existing Sanskrit अदर्श OD MW 1
Adarsha a Mirror Sanskrit आदर्श MW
Adarshana Adarshana Disappearance Sanskrit अदर्शन MW
Adāsa Adāsi Free Man, Free Woman, not a servant Sanskrit अदास MW
Adasta Adasta Unexhausted Sanskrit अदस्त MW
Adati Adati to Endeavour Sanskrit अडति MW
Adbhuta Adbhuti Supernatural; Wonderful Sanskrit अद्भुत MW
Adbhutam Adbhutama extraordinarily Wonderful, a Marvel Sanskrit अद्भुततम MW
Addhā Addhā Truly, manifestly, certainly, in this way Sanskrit अद्धा MW
Addhāti Addhāti a Sage, a Wise person Sanskrit अद्धाति MW
Adeena Adeena Noble-minded, not depressed Sanskrit अदीन MW
Adeha Adeha Beyond The Body; Bodiless, the God of Love Sanskrit अदेह OD MW 1
Adhar Manush Natural Man, Essential Man Bengali আঁধার মানুষ OB Baul
Adheera a tremendous Longing, a very intense Desire Sanskrit अधीर OD MW 1
Adheerā Lightning Sanskrit अधीरा MW
Adhi- Adhi- Adhi- Over; Above Sanskrit अधि MW
Adhibhu Master Sanskrit अधिभू MW
Adhibhuj Adhibhuja to Enjoy Sanskrit MW
Adhibhūta Adhibhūta Supreme Spirit, Nature Sanskrit अधिभूत MW
Adhideva a great God; a Supreme Deity Sanskrit अधिदेव OD MW 1
Adhidevatā a great Goddess; a Supreme Deity Sanskrit अधिदेवता MW
Adhidhā Adhidhā to Give; to Share Sanskrit MW
Adhigā Adhigā to Learn Sanskrit MW
Adhigam Adhigam to Go to; to Approach Sanskrit MW
Adhigama Adhigama becoming a Master Sanskrit अधिगम MW
Adhigata Adhigata Found, learnt Sanskrit अधिगम MW
Adhiguna Adhiguna having superior Qualities Sanskrit अधिगुण MW
Adhija Adhija Born Sanskrit अधिज MW
Adhijan Adhijan to be Born Sanskrit MW
Adhijanan Adhijanana Birth Sanskrit अधिजनन MW
Adhika Adhika Abundant; Excellent Sanskrit अधिक MW
Adhikam Adhikam More, much, exceedingly Sanskrit अधिकम् MW
Adhikāra Adhikāra Royalty; Authority Sanskrit अधिकार MW
Adhikram Adhikram to Ascend Sanskrit MW
Adhikreed Adhikreed to Play; to Dance Sanskrit MW
Adhikri Adhikri to Aim at Sanskrit MW
Adhilokam Adhilokama the Universe Sanskrit अधिलोकम् MW
Adhimātra Superior Sanskrit SD
Adhinātha Supreme Lord Sanskrit अधिनाथ MW
Adhipā King, Protector Sanskrit अधिपा MW
Adhipati Lord Sanskrit अधिपति MW
Adhipatnī Queen Sanskrit अधिपत्नी MW
Adhipūrusha the Supreme Spirit Sanskrit अधिपूरुष MW
Adhīrā Quick, Lightning Sanskrit अधीरा MW
Adhiraj Adhiraji Supreme King, Emperor, Supreme Queen, Empress Sanskrit अधिराज् MW
Adhirājya Adhirājya Empire Sanskrit अधिराज्य MW
Adhiroha Adhiroha Ascent Sanskrit अधिरोह MW
Adhish Adhish to Seek Sanskrit MW 2
Adhisha Lord, Master Sanskrit अधीश MW
Adhistri Superior Woman Sanskrit अधिस्त्रि MW
Adhishvara Emperor Sanskrit अधीश्वर MW
Adhita Adhita Learned Sanskrit अधीत MW
Adhiti Study Sanskrit अधीति MW
Adhivas Adhivasa Perfume Sanskrit अधिवास MW
Adhiveera great Hero Sanskrit अधिवीर MW
Adhivirāj Adhivirāj exceedingly Bright Sanskrit MW
Adhiyā Adhiyā to Escape Sanskrit MW
Adhīyāna Adhīyāna Studying Sanskrit अधीयान MW
Adhīyat Adhīyat Remembering Sanskrit अधीयत् MW
Adhri Adhri Irresistible Sanskrit अध्रि MW
Adhrija Irresistible Sanskrit अध्रिज MW
Adhrita Adhrita Unrestrained, Uncontrolled Sanskrit MW
Adhruva Adhruvā Impermanent Sanskrit अध्रुव MW
Adhunā Adhunā at This Time, Now Sanskrit अधुना MW
Adhvaga Adhvagā Travelling Sanskrit अध्वग MW
Adhvagat Adhvagat Adhvagati Traveller Sanskrit अध्वगत् MW
Adhvan Adhvan Journey, Way, Method Sanskrit अध्वन् MW
Adhvānta Adhvānta Twilight Sanskrit अध्वान्त MW
Adhvara Adhvara Sky, Air Sanskrit अध्वर MW
Adhvaram Adhvaram Sky, Air Sanskrit MW
Adhya name of Shiva, the Original, the First Sanskrit TS
Adhyaksha Adhyakshā Observable Sanskrit अध्यक्ष MW
Adhyāpak Adhyāpika Teacher Sanskrit अध्यापक OB MW (f) अध्यापिका
Adhyāsa Adhyāsa False Identification Sanskrit अध्यास OB SD Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Adhyāsin Adhyāsin Sitting down Sanskrit अध्यासिन् MW
Adhyātma Adhyātma Supreme Spirit, Transcendental Sanskrit अध्यात्म MW
Adhyātmam the Supreme Spirit Sanskrit अध्यात्मम् MW
Adhyayan Adhyayana Studying Sanskrit अध्ययन OB MW
Adhyeti Adhyeti Observe and Understand, to Learn Sanskrit अध्येति MW
Adil Adila Equal Eyed, Justice, fair Arabic عادل OD Onl 1 Sufi
Adīna Adīna Noble-Minded; Richness Sanskrit अदीन OD MW 1 Alternative spelling of Adeena
Aditi Freedom, Boundless, Goddess of Infinity Sanskrit अदिति MW
Aditri Goddess Lakshmi, Highest Honour Hindi अदित्री HD
Adl Adla God, the Just Arabic العدل 99N Sufi
Admani Fire Sanskrit अद्मनि MW
Admi the First man, Adam; the Earth Hindi आदमी OD HD 1
Adosh Adosha Adoshi Innocent, faultless, guiltless Sanskrit अदोष MW
Adreshya Adreshya Invisible Sanskrit अद्रेश्य MW
Adri Rock, Mountain Sanskrit अद्रि MW
Adrijā Goddess Parvati Sanskrit अद्रिजा MW
Adrikā Female Deity, an Apsara Sanskrit MW
Adrikila the Earth Sanskrit अद्रिकीला MW
Adrirāj Lord of Mountains, the Himalaya Sanskrit अद्रिराज् MW
Adrindra Lord of Mountains, the Himalaya Sanskrit अद्रीन्द्र MW
Adripati Lord of Mountains, the Himalaya Sanskrit अद्रिपति MW
Adrisha Lord of Mountains, the Himalaya Sanskrit अद्रीश MW
Adrishta Adrishta Invisible, Luck, unseen Fortune Sanskrit MW SD
Adrogha Adrogha True, Free from Falsehood Sanskrit अद्रोघ MW
Aduva a Boat Sanskrit अडुव MW
Advaita Advaita Non-Duality; Ultimate State of Consciousness Sanskrit अद्वैत OD MW 2
Advaitam Non-duality, the Ultimate Truth Sanskrit MW
Advaya Advaya Unique, Unity, Non-Duality Sanskrit अद्वय MW
Advayam Advayam Unity, non-duality, the ultimate truth Sanskrit MW
Advayas Advayas Free from Duality Sanskrit अद्वयस् MW
Advayat Advayat Free from Duality Sanskrit अद्वयत् MW
Advitīya Advitīya Unique Sanskrit अद्वितीय MW
Adya Adya Today Sanskrit अद्य MW
Adyadina This very Day Sanskrit अद्यदिन MW
Adyaiva Adyaiva This very Day Sanskrit अद्यैव MW
Adyapi Adyapi just Now, the Present Time Sanskrit अद्यापि MW
Adyatana Adyatana Nowadays, Modern Sanskrit अद्यतन MW
Adyatanī action done Today Sanskrit अद्यतनी MW
Adyatva Adyatva the Present Time Sanskrit अद्यत्व MW
Adveshtri a Friend, not an enemy Sanskrit अद्वेष्टृ MW
Afuww God, the Pardoner Arabic العفو 99N Sufi
Agada Agada Healthy, free from disease; Magic Jewel Sanskrit अगद MW
Agādha Agādhā Deep Water, unfathomable Sanskrit MW
Agajā Goddess Parvati, daughter of Himalayas Sanskrit अगज MW
Agama Agama Mountain, unmovable, unfathomable Sanskrit अगम OD MW 1
Agamas Agamas Mountain; Tree Sanskrit MW
Agāra House, a Temple Sanskrit आगार OD MW 1
Agarva Agarva Free from Pride Sanskrit अगर्व MW 1
Agatyā Agatyā Unavoidable Sanskrit अगत्या MW
Ageeta Ageeta Unsung Sanskrit अगीत MW
Ageh Ageha Ageho Homeless Sanskrit OD MW 1
Agendra Himalyan Mountain Hindi HD
Ageya that which cannot be Sung Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Aggeya Unknowable Hindi OD 1 Possibly Bengali name
Agira the Sun, Fire Sanskrit अगिर MW
Agiyari Agiyari Fire Temple of the Zoroastrians Parsi OB Onl
Agni Agni God or Goddess of Fire Sanskrit अग्नि OD MW 3
Agnibeeja Agnibeeja Gold, seed of fire Sanskrit अग्निबीज MW
Agnibha Agnibha Gold, shining like fire Sanskrit अग्निभ MW
Agnideepta Agnideepta Blazing, glowing, afire Sanskrit अग्निदीप्त MW
Agnideva Agnidevi Fire God or Goddess Sanskrit अग्निदेव MW
Agnija Agnija Fire-Born Sanskrit अग्निज MW
Agnikana Spark of Fire Sanskrit अग्निकण MW
Agnikrīda Fireworks, 'Fire-Sport' Sanskrit अग्निक्रीडा MW
Agniman Fieriness Sanskrit अग्निमन् MW
Agnimani Sun-stone Sanskrit अग्निमणि MW
Agnimaya Agnimayi Fiery Sanskrit अग्निमय MW
Agniparvata Agniparvata Volcano, fire-mountain Sanskrit अग्निपर्वत MW
Agnishikha Flame of Fire, arrow Sanskrit अग्निसिख MW
Agnitejas Agnitejas having the Energy of Fire Sanskrit अग्नितेजस् MW
Agnivāna Fiery Arrow Sanskrit अग्निवाण MW
Agnividya Science of Fire Sanskrit अग्निविद्या OB
Agochara Agochara Invisible, Imperceptible, Unknown Sanskrit अगोचर OD MW 1
Agra Agra Prominent, Summit, Peak, First Sanskrit अग्र MW
Agransu Focal point, tip of Ray of Light Sanskrit MW
Agregu Agregu Water Moving forwards Sanskrit अग्रेगू MW
Agrima Agrima Preceding Sanskrit अग्रिम MW
Agriya Agriya Foremost, Best Sanskrit अग्रिय MW
Agupta Agupta Unhidden, Open Sanskrit अगुप्त MW
Agyan Agyana Ignorance, Unknowing Sanskrit OD MW 1
Agyanam Agyanam Ignorance, Unknowing Sanskrit SD
Agyatā Ignorance, Unknowing Sanskrit SD
Aha Aha Certainly, "it is True." Sanskrit अह MW
Ahad Ahada God, the One, All Inclusive, Indivisible Arabic الاحد 99N 1 Sufi
Ahammāna Egotism Sanskrit अहम्मान MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ahankār Ahankāra Egotism Sanskrit अहंकार MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ahantā Self-consciousness Sanskrit अहंता MW
Ahanti Indestructible Sanskrit MW
Ahar Ahar Day, Festival day Sanskrit अहर् MW
Aharahar Aharahar Day by day Sanskrit अहरहर् MW
Ahardivi Ahardivi Day by day Sanskrit अहर्दिवि MW
Aharmani the Sun, "Jewel of the Day" Sanskrit अहर्मणि MW
Aharpati the Sun, "Lord of the Day" Sanskrit अहर्पति MW
Ahaschara Daytime Mover,' name of Shiva Sanskrit अहश्चर TS MW
Ahaskara Sun, ‘Producing the Day’ Sanskrit अहस्कर MW
Aheena Aheena Unimpaired, Whole, Entire, Full Sanskrit अहीन MW
Ahi Snake Sanskrit अहि MW
Ahichakra Serpent-chakra Sanskrit अहिचक्र MW
Ahima Ahimā Not cold, Hot Sanskrit अहिम MW
Ahimsā Non-Violence, non-injuring, Reverence for life Sanskrit अहिंसा OD MW 1
Ahīndra Lord of Serpents, Snakes Sanskrit अहीन्द्र MW
Ahipati Lord of Serpents, Snakes Sanskrit अहिपति MW
Ahīshvara Lord of Serpents, Snakes Sanskrit अहीश्वर MW
Ahoratna Sun, ‘Jewel of the Day’ Sanskrit MW
Ahraya Ahraya Bold, conscious of one’s Power Sanskrit अह्रय MW
Ahri Ahri Bold, conscious of one’s Power Sanskrit MW
Ahrī Shamelessness Sanskrit अह्री MW
Ahrika Shameless beggar, Buddhist mendicant or sannyasin Sanskrit अह्रीक MW
Ahruta Ahruta Straight Sanskrit अह्रुत MW
Ahura Internal Fire, Fire in the Belly Sanskrit अहुर MW 1
Aidha Aidha Flame, Power Sanskrit ऐध MW
Aihika Aihika Worldly, of this World Sanskrit ऐहिक MW
Aika Aika Aiko Oneness Sanskrit MW 1
Aikabhāvya Aikabhāvya the state of Being One Sanskrit MW
Aikadhyam Aikadhyam Once, Together at same time Sanskrit MW
Aikakālya Aikakālya Unity of Time Sanskrit MW
Aikanta Aikanta Aikanto Aloneness, Absoluteness Sanskrit OD MW 1
Aikāntika Aikāntikī Absolute, Complete Sanskrit MW
Aikāntya Aikāntya Absoluteness Sanskrit MW
Aikātmya Aikātmya Oneness, Oneness with Supreme Spirit, Unity of the Soul Sanskrit MW
Aikārthya Aikārthya One Aim, Oneness of Intention Sanskrit MW
Aikāgrya Aikāgrya Aikāgryo Concentration on one object Sanskrit OD MW 1 Misspelled in OD as 'Aikrago'
Aikya Aikya Oneness and Harmony with the Universe Sanskrit MW 1
Aikyam Aikyam Oneness and Harmony with the Universe Sanskrit MW
Ailaba Ailaba Roaring Sanskrit ऐलब MW
Ailayīt Ailayīti to keep Still, keep Quiet Sanskrit MW
Aileya Planet Mars Sanskrit MW
Aililat Aililati to keep Still, keep Quiet Sanskrit MW
Aindava Aindavi Lunar, like the Moon Sanskrit ऐन्दव MW
Aindriya Aindriya Relating to the Senses, Sensual Sanskrit ऐन्द्रिय MW 1
Aindriyam Aindriyam World of Senses, Sensual Pleasure Sanskrit MW
Airanmada Airanmada Sheet Lightning Sanskrit ऐरंमद MW
Airāvata Mythical Serpent, 'produced from ocean' Sanskrit ऐरावत MW
Aishvara Aishvarī Majestic, Powerful Sanskrit ऐश्वर MW
Aishvaram Aishvaram Power Sanskrit MW
Aishvarya Aishvarya Sovereignty, Power, Superhuman Powers Sanskrit ऐश्वर्य MW
Airāvata Mythical Serpent, 'produced from ocean' Sanskrit ऐरावत MW
Aishwarya Aishwarya Luxury, Glory, Grandeur, Majesty, Superhuman power Hindi OD HD 1
Aishya Aishya Power Sanskrit ऐश्य MW
Aja Aries Zodiac sign Sanskrit MW
Aja Aja Unborn Sanskrit अज OD MW 2
Ajad Ajada Alive, not inanimate Sanskrit अजड MW
Ajagava Shiva’s Bow Sanskrit MW
Ajaka Ajika Shiva's Bow Sanskrit अजगव MW
Ajala the Earth Hindi अजल HD
Ajana God, Brahma the instigator Sanskrit अजन MW
Ajanatā Ajanatā to be Born Sanskrit MW
Ajani a Path Sanskrit अजनि MW
Ajara Ajara always Young Sanskrit अजर MW 1
Ajarā name of River Sarasvati, always young Sanskrit MW
Ajaram Ajaram Ageless Sanskrit अजरम् MW
Ajarya Ajarya Friendship, non decaying, always young Sanskrit अजर्य MW
Ajasra Ajasra Perpetual, Forever Sanskrit अजस्र MW
Ajasram Ajasram Perpetually Sanskrit अजस्रम् MW
Ajāta Ajāta Unborn, not yet Born Sanskrit अजात OD MW 2
Ajathya Yellow Jasmine Sanskrit अजथ्या MW
Ajay Ajaya Unconquerable, that which cannot be conquered, Invincible Sanskrit अजय OD MW 1
Ajeej Ajeeja Ajeejo Friend Arabic OD 1 Prob. error for Azeez (99 names of Allah, the Mighty)
Ajeya Ajeya Unconquerable, Invincible Sanskrit अजेय MW or Aziz (esteemed) or Ajeej = Hajj
Ajihma Ajihma Honest, Straight Sanskrit अजिह्म MW or Ajeej is 'setting ablaze'
Ajihmaga Ajihmaga Arrow, going straight Sanskrit अजिह्मग MW
Ajira Ajira Agile, Quick Sanskrit अजिर MW
Ajita Ajita Invincible, Unsurpassed Sanskrit अजित OD MW 1
Ajitabh one who has Conquered the Sky Hindi HD
Ajjū a Mother Sanskrit अज्जू MW
Ajra a Field Sanskrit अज्र MW
Aka Aka Pain, Unhappiness Sanskrit MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Akala Akala Entire, not in parts Sanskrit MW
Akāl Akāla Timelessness, Deathlessness, Night Sanskrit अकाल OD MW 1
Akalayati Akalayati Observe, Examine Sanskrit आकल् MW
Akalka Akalka Purity, Free from Impurity Sanskrit अकल्क MW
Akalkā Moonlight Sanskrit अकल्का MW
Akalkala Akalkala Honourable Sanskrit MW
Akalkana Akalkana Honourable Sanskrit अकल्कन MW
Akalkatā Honesty Sanskrit अकल्कता MW
Akalpa Akalpā Uncontrolled, without rules Sanskrit अकल्प MW
Akalpita Akalpita Genuine; Natural, not artificial Sanskrit अकल्पित MW
Akām Akāmā without Desire Sanskrit MW 1
Akāmin Akāmin without Desire Sanskrit अकामिन् MW
Akampa Non-Wavering Sanskrit OD MW 1
Akampita Akampita Firm, unshaken Sanskrit अकम्पित MW
Akantaka Akantaka Free from troubles, Thornless Sanskrit अकण्टक MW
Akara Actionless, name of Shiva Sanskrit अकर TS MW
Akāra Akāro the First Letter, 'a' Sanskrit SD
Akarana Akarana Actionless Sanskrit अकरण MW
Akārana Akārana Causeless Sanskrit अकारण MW
Akaranam Akaranam Causeless Sanskrit अकारणम् MW
Akarm Akarma Akarmo Inaction Sanskrit OD SD 2
Akarman Akarman Inaction Sanskrit अकर्मन् MW
Akashmāt by Chance, Suddenly Sanskrit अकस्मात् SD MW
Akathya Akathya Unutterable, that which cannot be Spoken Sanskrit अकथ्य MW
Akatsuki Dawn Japanese JD
Akāya Akāya Bodiless Sanskrit Sp
Akhand Akhanda Entire, Whole, undivided, without ceasing Sanskrit अखण्ड OD MW 1
Akhandita Akhandita Entire, Whole, undivided Sanskrit अखण्डित MW
Akhāta Akhāta Natural Pool before a Temple, natural Pond or Lake Sanskrit अखात MW
Akhil Akhilā Complete, Whole Sanskrit अखिल OD MW 2
Akhilam Akhilamā Complete, Whole Sanskrit SD
Akhilānand Akhilānandā Blissfully Whole Sanskrit MW
Akhilena Akhilena Completely Sanskrit अखिलेन MW
Akhir Akhira God, the Last Arabic لأخر 99N 1 Sufi
Aklesha Freedom from Affliction Sanskrit अक्लेश MW
Akrānta Akrānta Unsurpassed, Unconquered Sanskrit अक्रान्त MW
Akrodha Akrodha Freedom from Anger Sanskrit अक्रोध SD MW
Aksha Aksha Sense Perception, the Eyes Sanskrit MW 1
Akshaja Akshaja Diamond; Thunderbolt Sanskrit अक्षज MW
Aksham Aksham the Eyes Sanskrit MW
Akshan Akshan the Eye, sense organ Sanskrit अक्षन् MW
Akshanti Impatience Sanskrit अक्षान्ति MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Akshara Akshara Om; Imperishable, immortal, indestructible, eternal, deathless Sanskrit अक्षर OD MW 1
Aksharā Word, speech Sanskrit अक्षर MW
Aksharam the Imperishable, name of Shiva Sanskrit TS
Akshat Uninjurable, one who cannot be harmed Hindi HD
Akshaya Akshayā Imperishable, Undecaying, Eternal Sanskrit अक्षय MW
Akshayam Akshayam Indestructible Sanskrit SD
Aksheena Imperishable, Not Failing Sanskrit अक्षीण MW
Akshi Akshi the Eyes, the sun and the moon Sanskrit अक्षि MW
Akshiba Akshiba Sober, not Intoxicated Sanskrit अक्षीब MW
Akshibhū Akshibhū Perceptible, Visible Sanskrit अक्षिभु MW
Akshika a type of Tree Sanskrit अक्षिक MW
Akshita Akshita Imperishable, Undecaying Sanskrit अक्षित MW
Akshitārā Pupil of Eye Sanskrit अक्षितारा MW
Akshobha Akshobha Unmoved, tranquility Sanskrit अक्षोभ MW
Akshota Akshota Walnut Tree Sanskrit अक्षोट MW
Aktā Night Sanskrit अक्ता MW
Aktu Darkness, night Sanskrit अक्तु MW
Akūja Akūja Silence, Soundless Sanskrit अकूज MW
Akūjana Akūjana Silence, Soundless Sanskrit अकूजन MW
Akula Goddess Parvati Hindi HD
Akūpāra Akūpāra Unbounded, the Sea, Ocean Sanskrit अकूपार MW
Akupya Akupya Gold Sanskrit अकुप्य MW
Akuti Princess Hindi HD
Akūvāra Akūvāra Unbounded, the Sea Sanskrit आकूवार MW
Allaja Allajā Beyond Shame, Without Shame Sanskrit अलज्ज MW
Alakā Girl Sanskrit अलका MW
Alakshya Alakshya Invisible Sanskrit अलक्ष्य MW
Alam Alamo Sufficient Sanskrit अलम् MW
Alankāla Alankālā Ornament; Decoration Sanskrit अलंकाल MW
Alankārā Ornament; Decoration Sanskrit अलङ्कार OD MW 1
Alasaya Alasaya to Relax Sanskrit MW
Alaya Permanence, non-dissolution Sanskrit अलय OB MW
Aleef Aleefa Friend Arabic, Urdu آلف S Onl 1
Aleem Aleema God, one who Knows, the All Knowing, the Omniscient Arabic العليم OD 99N 2 Sufi
Alepa Alepa Unstained, Pure, Clean Sanskrit अलेप MW
Alesha Alesha Much, Large Sanskrit अलेश MW
Ali God, the most High Arabic علی OD Onl 1
Alif Alifa the First Arabic ا S Onl 1
Alika Forehead, Falsehood, untruth Sanskrit अलिक MW Use with 'Veet' or 'Mukta'
Alīm Alīma God, one who Knows, the All Knowing, the Omniscient Arabic العليم OD 99N 2 Sufi
Alin Alinī Bee Sanskrit अलिनी MW
Alipriya Red Lotus Sanskrit अलिप्रिय MW
Alipsā Freedom from Desire Sanskrit अलिप्सा MW 1
Alīy Alīya God, the Sublimely Exalted Arabic العلى 99N
Alka Sacred Dwelling Place; City of gods Sanskrit OD MW
Allā a Mother Sanskrit अल्ला OD MW 1
Allah Allaha God Arabic لل OD 99N 1 99 Names of Allah
Alobha Alobha Non-Confusion, Clarity Sanskrit अलोभ MW
Alobhin Alobhin Not Desiring Sanskrit अलोभिन् MW
Aloka End of World, immaterial or spiritual world Sanskrit अलोक MW
Alokita Alokita Unseen Sanskrit अलोकित MW
Alol Alola Firm, Steady, name of Shiva Sanskrit अलोल OD MW 1
Alolupa Alolupa Free from Desire Sanskrit अलोलुप MW
Alopī name of a Goddess 'Non-destroyer' Sanskrit अलोपी MW
Almas Almas Diamond Persian Onl
Almast Almasta Almasto utterly Drunk with the divine Arabic OD 1 Source unknown
Almira the Exalted one, Princess Arabic OD Onl 1
Alpa Alpa Small Sanskrit अल्प SD
Alpaka Alpika Minute, very Small Sanskrit अल्पक MW
Ama Ama Power, strength Sanskrit अम MW
Ama Ama This, the Soul Sanskrit अम MW 1
Amā Amā at Home Sanskrit अमा MW 1
Amadyapa Amadyapa Sober, not drinking intoxicating liquor Sanskrit अमद्यप MW
Amal Amalā Pure, Spotless Sanskrit अमल OD MW 2
Amalas Amalas Crystal Sanskrit MW
Amalaya Amalaya to make Spotless; to make Brilliantly Clear Sanskrit अमलय MW
Amalina Pure, spotlessly Clean Sanskrit अमलिन MW 1
Amama without Ego Sanskrit अमम MW
Amamat Amamatā Indifference Sanskrit अममता MW
Amamri Amamri Immortal Sanskrit अमम्रि MW
Amana Amano No-Mind Sanskrit अमन OD MW 4
Aman Amana Amano No-Mind Sanskrit अमन OD MW 4
Amanāk Amanāk Greatly, not a little Sanskrit अमनाक् MW
Amānava Amānava Super-human Sanskrit अमानव MW
Amanda Active, Merry Sanskrit अमन्द MW
Amani Road, Way Sanskrit अमनि MW
Amani Egoless, name of Vishnu Sanskrit अमनि TV
Amantri Non-Thinking Sanskrit अमन्तृ MW
Amantu Amantu Innocent beyond mind, ignorant Sanskrit अमन्तु MW
Amānusha Amānushī Celestial, Divine; Superhuman Sanskrit अमानुष MW
Amar Amar Deathless, Eternal Sanskrit अमर OD MW 2
Amar Amarā Amaro Deathless, Eternal Sanskrit अमर OD MW 2
Amāra non-destruction Sanskrit अमार MW
Amaradeep Amardeepa Immortal Light Sanskrit Sp
Amaradri Eternal or Heavenly Mountain Sanskrit अमरअद्रि MW
Amaragarbha Divine Child Sanskrit अमरगर्भ MW
Amarālok Amarāloka Eternal Light Sanskrit अमरलोक MW
Amarālokatā Bliss of Heaven, state of the abode of the gods Sanskrit अमरलोकता MW
Amarana Amarana Immortality Sanskrit अमरण MW
Amarapa ‘Lord of the Gods,’ Indra Sanskrit अमरप MW
Amarapati ‘Lord of the Gods,’ Indra Sanskrit MW
Amarapura Amarapura Paradise, residence of the immortals Sanskrit अमरपुर MW
Amararāj ‘King of the Gods,’ Indra Sanskrit अमरराज् MW
Amararatna Amararatna ‘Jewel of the Gods,’ Crystal Sanskrit अमररत्न MW
Amardeep Amardeepa Immortal Light Hindi Sp Shotened version of Amaradeepa
Amardita Amardita Unsubdued Sanskrit अमर्दित MW
Amaresh Amaresha Amaresho God of Immortality Sanskrit OD MW 1
Amarishnu Amarishnu Immortal Sanskrit अमरिष्णु MW
Amārga Amārga Amārgo Pathless Sanskrit अमार्ग OD MW 1
Amarta Amarta Immortal Sanskrit अमर्त MW
Amati Lustre, Splendour, Moon Sanskrit अमति MW SD
Amartya Amartya Immortal, Divine Sanskrit अमर्त्य MW
Amaryāda Amaryāda Limitless, Beyond all Boundaries Sanskrit अमर्याद MW
Amastaka Amastaka Headless Sanskrit अमस्तक MW
Amāt Boundless, Limitless Sanskrit अमात् MW
Amatis Splendour, Lustre, Moon Sanskrit MW
Amātra Amātra Boundless, Limitless Sanskrit अमात्र MW
Amātya Belonging to same Family Sanskrit अमात्य MW
Amāvāsya Night of the New Moon Sanskrit अमावास्या OB MW
Amawas Night of the No Moon, when Mahavira become enlightened Hindi OB
Amāya Amāya Free of Illusion or deceit Sanskrit अमाय MW
Amāyika Amāyika Free of Illusion or deceit Sanskrit अमायिक MW
Ambā Mother Goddess, Good Woman Sanskrit अम्बा OD MW 1
Ambādā Mother Sanskrit अम्बादा MW
Ambālā Mother Sanskrit अम्बाला MW
Ambālī Mother Sanskrit अम्बाली MW
Ambālika Mother Sanskrit अम्बालिका MW
Ambapāli Beautiful Woman diciple of Buddha "Mango Grove" Pali Onl Sanskrit: Āmrapali
Ambar Ambara Ambaro the Sky Sanskrit अम्बर MW 1
Ambarachara Ambarachara a Bird, sky-going Sanskrit अम्बरचर MW
Ambaraga Ambaraga Flying, a Bird, sky-going Sanskrit अम्बरग MW
Ambaram Ambaram the Sky Sanskrit MW
Ambaramani Ambaramani Sky-Jewel, the Sun Sanskrit अम्बरमणि MW
Ambayā Mother Sanskrit अम्बया MW
Ambhas Ambhas Celestial Waters Sanskrit अम्भस् MW 1
Ambhoda Cloud Sanskrit अम्भोद MW
Ambhodhara Cloud Sanskrit अम्भोधर MW
Ambhodhi Ocean, ‘Receptacle of Waters’ Sanskrit अम्भोधि MW
Ambhoja Ambhojā Lotus, ‘Water-Born’ Sanskrit अम्भोज MW
Ambhojini Lotus plant Sanskrit अम्भोजिनी MW
Ambhonidhi Ocean Sanskrit अम्भोनिधि MW
Ambhorashi Ocean Sanskrit MW
Ambhrina Ambhrina Powerful Sanskrit अम्भृण MW 1
Ambi Mother Sanskrit अम्बि MW
Ambikā Good Woman; Mother Sanskrit अम्बिका MW 1
Ambu Water Sanskrit अम्बु MW 1
Ambud Ambuda Cloud Sanskrit अम्बुद MW
Ambudhara Cloud Sanskrit अम्बुधर MW
Ambudhi the Ocean Sanskrit अम्बुधि MW
Ambuga Ambuga Water-Going, Living in Water Sanskrit अम्बुग MW
Ambuja Ambuja Lotus, Water-born Sanskrit अम्बुज MW 1
Ambujas Lotus, Water-born Sanskrit MW
Ambujinī Lotus plant Sanskrit अम्बुजिनी MW
Ambukāminī River, ‘Ocean-Lover’ Sanskrit MW
Ambukapi Ambukapi the Ganges Dolphin Sanskrit अम्बुकपि MW
Ambukisha Ambukisha the Ganges Dolphin Sanskrit अम्बुकीश MW
Ambumaya Ambumayī consisting of Water Sanskrit अम्बुमय MW
Ambunātha Lord of Water; the Ocean Sanskrit अम्बुनाथ MW
Ambunidhi Ambunidhi Ocean, ‘Treasury of Waters’ Sanskrit अम्बुनिधि MW
Ambupa ‘Lord of the Waters,’ Varuna Sanskrit अम्बुप MW
Ambupāta Stream, Current, Flow of Water Sanskrit अम्बुपात MW
Amburāja Ocean, ‘King of the Waters’ Sanskrit MW
Amburashi Ocean, ‘Heap of the Waters’ Sanskrit अम्बुराशि MW
Amburaya Current Sanskrit अम्बुरय MW
Amburuha Amburuhā Lotus, ‘Water-growing’ Sanskrit अम्बुरुह MW अम्बुरुहा
Ambuvāha Cloud Sanskrit अंबुवाह MW
Ambuvega Ambuvegā Wave of the Waters; Water-Current Sanskrit अम्बुवेग MW अम्बुवेगा
Ameen Ameena Blessed One; Total Yes (Trustworthy) Arabic امین OD Onl 1 Arabic for 'faithful, trustworthy'
Ameer Ameera Ameero Rich, nobleman, Emir Hindi अमीर OD HD 2
Ameeva Grief; Pain Sanskrit अमीव MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ameya Ameya Ameyo Immeasurable, Boundless Sanskrit अमेय MW
Ameyatman Ameyatman Immense power of the Soul Sanskrit अमेयात्मन् MW
Ami Ami Nectar Gujarati OD Onl 1
Amida Amida Amido Buddha Japanese 阿弥陀 OD Onl 1
Amīr Amīra Amīro Rich, nobleman, Emir Hindi अमीर OD HD 2
Amishrit Amishrit Pure Hindi अमिश्रित HD
Amit Amit Infinity, Limitless, Unbounded Sanskrit अमित OD MW 1
Amit Amita Amito Infinity, Limitless, Unbounded Sanskrit अमित OD MW 1
Amitabh Amitabha Infinite Light, a name of Buddha, Infinite Splendour Sanskrit अमिताभ OD MW 2
Amitātman Infinite Soul Sanskrit अमितात्मन् MW
Amitam Immensely Sanskrit अमितम् MW
Amitaujas Amitaujas Unbounded Energy Sanskrit अमितौजस् MW
Amitesh God of Infinity Sanskrit MW
Amiti Boundlessness, Limitlessness Sanskrit अमिति MW
Amitprem Eternal Love Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Amitrūp Amitrūpa Amitrūpo Boundless Form Sanskrit Sp
Amiya Amiyo Elixir, Nectar, Delightful Hindi, Gujarati OD HD 2 Latin for 'friendship' or 'beloved'
Amla Amla Citrus Fruit, Tamarind Sanskrit अम्ल MW
Amlāna Amlāna Bright, Clear; Unclouded Mind Sanskrit अम्लान MW
Amlāni Freshness Sanskrit अम्लानि MW
Amlānin Amlānin Clean, Clear Sanskrit अम्लानिन् MW
Amlāyin Amlāyini Unfading Sanskrit अम्लायिन् MW
Ammaya Ammayī Watery, consisting of water Sanskrit अम्मय MW
Amnas Amnas Unaware Sanskrit अम्नस् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Amogha Amoghā Unerring, Succeeding, Productive Sanskrit अमोघ MW
Amoha Amoha Freedom from Ignorance Sanskrit अमोह MW Buddhist
Amol Valuable Hindi HD
Amridhra Amridhra Unceasing, never tired Sanskrit अमृध्र MW
Amrikta Amrikta Unhurt Sanskrit अमृक्त MW
Amrish Amrisha Amrisho Certainly, Surely, Truthfully, not falsely Sanskrit आमृश् OD MW 1
Amrit Amrita Immortality, Nectar of Immortality Sanskrit अमृत OD MW 4
Amrit Amrita Amrito Immortality, Nectar of Immortality Sanskrit अमृत OD MW 5
Amritadhārā Stream of Nectar Sanskrit अमृतधारा MW
Amritaka Amritaka Nectar of Immortality Sanskrit अमृतक MW
Amritakam Amritakam Nectar of Immortality Sanskrit MW
Amritakara Amritakirā Nectar-Rayed, the Moon Sanskrit अमृताकर MW
Amritakirana Amritakiranā Nectar-Rayed, the Moon Sanskrit अमृतकिरण MW 1
Amritaloka Amritalokā World of Immortals Sanskrit अमृतलोक MW
Amritam Amritama Amritamo Eternity, Heaven, Realm of Immortality Sanskrit MW
Amritamaya Amritamayī Immortal, consisting of Immortality Sanskrit अमृतमय MW
Amritamegha Cloud of Nectar Sanskrit अमृतमेघ MW
Amritāni Amritāni Immortality Sanskrit MW
Amritanshu the Moon Sanskrit अमृतांशु MW
Amritasaras Amritasaras Lake of Nectar Sanskrit अमृतसरस् MW
Amritasha Living on Nectar Sanskrit MW
Amritashmi Moonlight Hindi HD
Amritasrāva Current or Flow of Water Sanskrit अमृतस्राव MW
Amritasu Amritasu having an Immortal Soul Sanskrit अमृतासु MW
Amritatā Immortality Sanskrit अमृतता MW
Amritayā Amritayā Turn into Nectar Sanskrit अमृताय MW
Amritesh Amritesha Amritesho God or Goddess of Immortality Sanskrit अमृतेश MW
Amriteshvara Lord of Immortals, Shiva Sanskrit MW
Amritvela the Nectar Time, Dawn and Dusk Sikh OD Onl 1
Amrityu Amrityu Immortal Sanskrit अमृत्यु MW
Amshulya Sunny Hindi HD
Amūlya Amūlya Invaluable, Priceless Sanskrit अमूल्य MW
Amūra Amūrā Wise, not ignorant, Intelligent Sanskrit अमूर MW 1
Amūrta Amūrta Formless, Unembodied Sanskrit अमूर्त MW
Amūrti Formless, name of Vishnu Sanskrit अमूर्ति TV MW
Amutra Amutra There, Other World Sanskrit MW
Amyak Amyak Here Sanskrit अम्यक् MW
Ana Ana Breath Sanskrit अन MW
Anābādha Anābādha Free from Obstacles or troubles Sanskrit अनाबाध MW
Anābhayin Anābhayin Fearless Sanskrit अनाभयिन् MW
Anabhra Anabhrā Cloudless, clear sky Sanskrit अनभ्र MW
Anad Anada Anado Silence, Soundless Sanskrit आनद् OD MW 1
Anadhika Anadhika Perfect Sanskrit अनधिक MW
Anadhīna Anadhīna Independent Sanskrit अनधीन MW
Anādi Anādi Beginningless, Perpetual Sanskrit अनादि OD MW 1
Anādideva Anādidevi Beginningless God Sanskrit OB Sp
Anādin Anādin Silence, Soundless Sanskrit अनादिन् MW
Anadheena Anadheena Independent Sanskrit अनधीन MW
Anadhika Anadhika Perfect Sanskrit अनधिक MW
Anāga Anāgā Sinless, Innocent Sanskrit अनाग MW
Anāgama Anāgami one who will not return, not be born again; a Non-Returner Sanskrit, Pali अनागम OD MW, PD 1 Buddhist
Anāgamin Anāgamin one who will not return, not be born again; a Non-Returner Sanskrit अनागामिन् OD MW 1 Buddhist
Anagāra Anagari Homeless, Houseless, Wandering Sannyasin; Uncivilized, Wild Sanskrit अनगार OD MW 1 Misspelled as Anugar
Anagarika Anagarikā the Houseless Life of a Wandering Sannyasin Sanskrit अनगारिका MW
Anāgata Anāgata Future, not yet come Sanskrit अनागत OD MW 1
Anagha Anaghā Faultless, Sinless, Innocent Sanskrit अनघ MW
Anaha Anaha Breathing freely, Healthy Sanskrit अनह MW
Anāhat Anāhata Anāhato Soundless, Slent, name of the Heart Chakra Sanskrit अनाहत OD MW 1
Anākula Anākula Calmness, Quiet, not Confused Sanskrit अनाकुल OD MW 1
Anala Analā Fire, God or Goddess of Fire Sanskrit अनल OD MW 1
Analas Fire; God or Goddess of Fire Sanskrit अनल MW
Analasa Analasa Active, not Lazy Sanskrit अनलस MW
Analati Analati to become Fire Sanskrit अनलति MW
Analāya Analāya Act like Fire Sanskrit MW
Analpa Analpa Much, not a little, Numerous Sanskrit अनल्प MW
Anam Anama one who does not Bow to other Sanskrit अनम MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Anām Anāma Anāmo Nameless Hindi OD Sp 2 Shortened version of Anāman
Anāman Anāman Nameless Sanskrit अनामन् MW
Anāmatva Anāmatva Nameless Sanskrit अनामत्व MW
Anameeva Anameevā Free from Disease, good Health Sanskrit अनमीव MW
Anamtam Anamtama Eternally Sanskrit अनंतम् SD
Anana Anana Alive, Breathing Sanskrit अनन MW
Ananam Ananam Alive, Breathing Sanskrit MW
Ananga Anangā Bodiless, the God of Love, Kamadeva after Shiva destoys with 3rd eye Sanskrit अनङ्ग OD MW 1
Anangālekha Love Letter Sanskrit अनङ्गलेखा MW
Anant Anantā Ananto Boundless, Eternal, Infinite Sanskrit अनन्त OD MW 2
Anantaga Anantaga Eternally Moving Sanskrit अनन्तग MW
Anantaka Anantaka Eternal, Endless, Infinite Sanskrit अनन्तक MW
Anantakam Anantakam Infinite Space Sanskrit MW
Anantam Anantama Unlimited, Eternally Sanskrit अनंतम् SD Also pronounced as Anamtam
Anantarūpa Anantarūpa Unlimited Form Sanskrit अनन्तरूप SD
Anantarūpam Anantarūpam Unlimited Form Sanskrit SD
Anantatā Eternity, Infinity Sanskrit अनन्तता MW
Anantaya Anantaya Eternal, Infinite Sanskrit MW
Anantayam Anantayam Eternity, Infinity Sanskrit MW
Ananya Ananyā One, 'No Other', Unattached, Unique Sanskrit अनन्य OD MW 1
Ananyaja God of Love Sanskrit MW
Anapara Anapara Sole, Single, without another Sanskrit अनपर MW
Anaparādha Innocence Sanskrit अनपराध MW
Anaparādhin Anaparādhin Innocent Sanskrit अनपराधिन् MW
Anapāya Anapāya Free from Obstacles Sanskrit अनपाय MW
Anapeksha Anapeksha Indifference, Neutral Sanskrit अनपेक्ष MW
Anāppatti Anāppatti Innocent, guiltless Sanskrit अनापत्ति MW
Anartha Anartha Worthless Sanskrit अनर्थ MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Anārti Painlessness Sanskrit अनार्ति MW
Anarva Anarvā Unlimited, Unobstructed Sanskrit अनर्व MW 1
Anāsha Anāsha Living, indestructible Sanskrit अनाश MW 1
Anāshrita Anāshrita Independent Sanskrit अनाश्रित MW
Anashvara Anashvara Imperishable Sanskrit अनश्वर MW
Anāsrava Anāsrava Free from the Mundane Sanskrit अनास्राव MW
Anāstha Anāstha Indifferent Sanskrit अनास्था MW
Anasūri Intelligent Sanskrit अनसूरि MW
Anasuris Intelligent Sanskrit MW
Anasūyā Free from Envy or spite Sanskrit अनसूया MW
Anat a big Gem, a big Diamond (see comment) ? OD X 1 Possible spelling error for Ratna
Anātma Anātma No-Self Sanskrit OD MW 1
Anātman No-Self Sanskrit अनात्मन् MW
Anātura Anātura Free from suffering, Wellness Sanskrit अनातुर MW
Anatta Anatta Anatto No-Self Pali OD Onl 1
Anava Anavī Kind to Men, Humane Sanskrit MW
Anavadhi Anavadhi Unlimited, Infinite Sanskrit अनवधि MW 1
Anavama Anavamā Exalted Sanskrit अनवम MW
Anavara Anavara Excellent, not inferior Sanskrit अनवर MW
Anavarna Anavarna Beautiful Sanskrit अनवर्ण MW
Anavasa Anavasa Continuing, not stopping Sanskrit अनवस MW
Anāvila Anāvila Clear, Pure Sanskrit अनाविल MW
Anāvrita Anāvrita Free, Unlimited Sanskrit अनावृत MW 1
Anāvritti Final Freedom, not returning to the body Sanskrit अनावृत्ति MW
Anāyatta Anāyatta Independent Sanskrit अनायत्त MW
Anchita Honoured, Worshipped Hindi HD
Andeera Full Male, Man Sanskrit अण्डीर MW
Andha Andhā Darkness Sanskrit अन्ध MW
Andhakāra Andhakāra Darkness Sanskrit अन्धकार SD
Andhikā Night Sanskrit अन्धिका MW
Andhu a Well Sanskrit अन्धु MW
Anedhas Fire, Wind Sanskrit अनेधस् MW
Aneecha Aneechā Respectable Sanskrit अनीच MW
Aneechi Aneechi Bamboo Sanskrit अणीचि MW
Aneek Aneeka Appearance; Face; Splendour Sanskrit अनीक MW
Aneela Aneela White Sanskrit अनील MW
Aneesh Aneesha Godlessness; without a Superior Sanskrit अनीशा OD MW 2
Aneeshvara Aneeshvarā without a Superior, being one's own Master or God Sanskrit अनीश्वर MW
Aneeta Aneeto beyond or without Morality Sanskrit अनित OD MW 3
Aneeti one who is beyond or without Morality Sanskrit अनीति MW
Anehas Anehas Incomparable, unique Sanskrit अनेहस् MW
Anejat Anejat Still, not moving Sanskrit अनेजत् MW
Aneka Aneka Many, multiple Sanskrit अनेक MW
Anekaja Anekaja Born more than once, reborn many times Sanskrit अनेकज MW
Anekānti Anekānti Many Sanskrit SD
Anekānt Anekānta Many Consciousnesses, Many Existences Sanskrit अनेकान्त OD MW 1
Anenas Anenas Blameless, Sinless, Innocent Sanskrit अनेनस् MW
Anga Anga Body Sanskrit अङ्ग SD
Angana having a Beautiful Body Hindi HD
Angana Female, Woman, Zodiac sign Virgo Sanskrit अङ्गना SD
Angapali Embrace Sanskrit अङ्गपालि MW
Angarika Red Flower Palasa Butea Frondosa Sanskrit, Hindi अङ्गारिका SD HD
Angasanga Bodily contact Sanskrit अङ्गसङ्ग MW
Angati Fire, name of Vishnu or Brahma Sanskrit अङ्गति MW
Angati Angati to Go Sanskrit अङ्गति SD
Anghri Tree Root Sanskrit अङ्घ्रि MW
Angīkara Agreement, Promise Sanskrit अङ्गीकार MW
Angīkrita Agreed, Promised Sanskrit अङ्गीकृत MW
Angusha Arrow Sanskrit अङ्गूष MW
Anhas Anhas Anxiety Sanskrit अंहस् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Anhati Anxiety Sanskrit अंहति MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Anhiti Gift Sanskrit अंहिति MW
Anhri Root of a Tree Sanskrit अंह्रि MW
Anhripa Root-drinker, a Tree Sanskrit अंह्रिप MW
Anhu Anhu Anxiety, distress Sanskrit अंहु MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Anibaddha Anibaddha Unbound, Unattached Sanskrit अनिबद्ध MW
Anibādha Anibādha Unobstructed, Unlimited, Liberty Sanskrit अनिबाध MW
Anidra Anidra Awake, Sleepless Sanskrit अनिद्र MW
Anidrā Sleeplessness Sanskrit अनिद्रा SD
Anigraha Anigraha Unrestrained Sanskrit अनिग्रह MW
Anigupta Anigupta Open, not hidden Sanskrit अनिगुप्त MW
Aniketa Aniketa Homeless Sanskrit अनिकेत OD MW 1
Aniketana Aniketana Homelessness Sanskrit MW
Anikriti Honesty Sanskrit अनिकृति MW
Anil Anila Air, Breeze; God or Goddess of the Wind Sanskrit अनिल OD MW 1
Anilambha a Buddhist Meditation Sanskrit अनिलम्भ MW
Anima Animo the power to become infinitely Small, almost a nonentity Sanskrit OD SD 1 Shortened version of Animan
Animan Becoming small as an atom, a superhuman power Sanskrit अणिमन् MW
Animāna Animāna Unbounded, Free Sanskrit अनिमान MW
Animesh Animesha Without Blinking the Eyes; Vigilant Sanskrit OD MW 1
Animesham Animesham Vigilantly Sanskrit अनिमेषम् MW
Animisha Animisha Unblinking Open Eyes, open as eyes or a flower Sanskrit अनिमिष MW
Animisham Animisham Without Blinking the Eyes; Vigilantly Sanskrit अनिमिषम् SD
Animitta Animitta Unconditional Liberation Sanskrit अनिमित्त MW
Anindita Anindita Virtuous Sanskrit अनिन्दित MW
Anindya Anindya Virtuous Sanskrit MW
Anirdaya Anirdaya Tenderly, Softly Sanskrit अनिर्दय MW
Anirdeshya Anirdeshya Incomparable Sanskrit अनिर्देश्य MW
Anirhata Anirhata Indestructible Sanskrit अनिर्हत MW
Anirjita Anirjita Unconquered Sanskrit अनिर्जित MW
Aniruddha Aniruddha Unobstructed, Independent, Self-willed Sanskrit अनिरुद्ध MW 1
Anirukta Anirukta Unspeakable, unutterable, clear by itself Sanskrit अनिरुक्त MW
Anish Supreme Hindi HD
Anisha Nightless, Sleepless Sanskrit अनिश MW
Anisham Anisham Incessantly, Continually Sanskrit अनिशम् MW
Anishanta Anishanta Unextinguished Sanskrit अनिशान्त MW
Anishchara Anishchara Firm, Unwavering Sanskrit अनिश्चर MW
Anishita Anishita Incessant, Continual Sanskrit अनिशित MW
Anishitam Anishitam Incessantly, Continually Sanskrit अनिशितम् MW
Anita Grace Hindi HD 1
Anīta Anīto without or beyond Morality Sanskrit, Hindi अनित S MW 3 Also spelled as Aneeta
Aniti Aniti to Breathe, to live Sanskrit MW
Anīti one who is without or beyond Morality Sanskrit अनीति MW
Anitya Anitya Anityo Transient, not everlasting Sanskrit अनित्य MW
Anivartin Anivartina Brave, not turning back Sanskrit अनिवर्तिन् MW
Anivritta Anivritta Brave, not turning back Sanskrit अनिवृत्त MW
Aniyam Aniyama absence of Control or Rules Sanskrit अनियम MW
Aniyamita Aniyamita having no Rules Sanskrit अनियमित MW
Aniyata Aniyata Uncontrolled Sanskrit अनियत MW
Aniyogin Aniyogin Not Attached, unattached Sanskrit अनियोगिन् MW
Anjali Greeting with Open Receiving joined hands, Gesture of an Offering Sanskrit अञ्जलि OD MW 3
Anjalika Divine Arrow of Arjuna Sanskrit अञ्जलिका MW 1
Anjana Ointment that Brightens Eyes (3rd eye symbol) Sanskrit आञ्जन OD MW 2
Anjani Woman (who has anointed eyes) (3rd eye symbol) Sanskrit अञ्जनी MW 1
Anjasa Anjasa Straightforward, honest Sanskrit अञ्जस MW
Anjasi a Heavenly River Sanskrit अञ्जसी MW 1
Anjee Blessing Sanskrit अञ्जी MW 1
Anjeera Anjeera Fig Tree Sanskrit अञ्जीर MW Persian
Anji Applying Ointment that Brightens Eyes (3rd eye symbol) Sanskrit अञ्जि MW
Anjishtha the Sun, highly brilliant Sanskrit अञ्जिष्ठ MW
Anjishtu the Sun, highly brilliant Sanskrit अञ्जिष्ठु MW
Anju one who lives in the Heart Sanskrit MW
Anjum Star Hindi HD 1
Ankanka Ankanka Water Sanskrit अङ्काङ्क MW
Ankapāli Embrace Sanskrit अङ्कपाली MW
Ankati Fire Sanskrit अङ्कति MW
Ankolika Embrace Sanskrit अङ्कोलिका MW
Ankulī Cat Sanskrit अङ्कुली MW
Ankupa Ankupa Water Sanskrit अङ्कुप MW
Ankura Ankura a Sprout, a Shoot Sanskrit अङ्कूर MW
Ankurita Sprouted Sanskrit अङ्कुरित MW
Ankuta Key Sanskrit अङ्कुट MW
Annapurna Goddess of Nourishment, name of Himalayan Mountain Sanskrit अन्नपूर्ण OD MW 1
Anokaha a Tree, "not leaving its place." Sanskrit अनोकह MW
Anoon Anoona Full Power; Entire, Whole Sanskrit अनून MW
Anoop Anoopa Watery, Pond Sanskrit अनूप MW
Anrita Anritā Falsehood, not True Sanskrit अनृत MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ansar Helper Islam انصار Onl
Anshu Anshu a Ray, Sunbeam; thread Sanskrit अंशु MW 1
Anshudhara the Sun, ‘Ray-Bearer’ Sanskrit अंशुधर MW
Anshujāla Anshujāla Net of Light Rays Sanskrit अंशुजाल OD MW 1
Anshuhasta the Sun, ‘Rays as Hands’ Sanskrit अंशुहस्त MW
Anshula Radiant Sanskrit अंशुल MW
Anshumālā Garland of Light, Halo Sanskrit अंशुमाला MW
Anshumāli the Sun, 'Gardener of Light' Sanskrit MW
Anshumālin the Sun Sanskrit अंशुमालिन् MW
Anshumān Radiant, the Sun Sanskrit अम्शुमान् MW
Anshupati the Sun, 'Lord of Rays' Sanskrit अंशुपति SD
Anshuvāna the Sun, 'Rays as Arrows' Sanskrit अंशुवाण MW
Antadi End and Beginning Sanskrit अन्तादि MW
Antahkarana Antahkarana the Heart, the Soul Sanskrit अन्तःकरण MW
Antahkhyā Investigate, Inquire into Sanskrit अन्तःख्या MW
Antahpravesha Entering within Sanskrit अन्तःप्रवेश MW
Antahpramoda Inner Joy Sanskrit अन्तःप्रमोद MW
Antahsāra Antahsāra Internal Essence Sanskrit अन्तःसार MW
Antahsattva Antahsattva Inner Nature Sanskrit अन्तःसत्त्व MW
Antahshanti Inner Peace Sanskrit अन्तःशान्ति MW
Antahsmera Antahsmera Smiling Inwardly Sanskrit अन्तःस्मेर MW
Antaka Death Sanskrit अन्तक MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Antaká Border, Boundary Sanskrit अन्तक MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Antama Antama Intimate as a friend Sanskrit अन्तम MW
Antasāra Antasāra Inner Essence Sanskrit MW
Antar- Antar- Inner Sanskrit अन्तर् MW 2
Antar Antar Inner Sanskrit अन्तर् OD MW 3
Antarā Inner Sanskrit अन्तरा OD MW 1
Antar Antarā Antaro Inner, Internal, the heart, the soul Sanskrit अन्तर् OD MW 3
Antaradhana Antaradhana Inner Treasure Sanskrit MW
Antaragni Inner Fire Sanskrit अन्तरग्नि MW
Antarajna Antarajna Knowing the Inner Sanskrit अन्तरज्ञ MW
Antaranga Antaranga Inner Body, Inner Nature, Feelings Sanskrit अन्तरङ्ग MW
Antaratara Antaratara very Intimate Sanskrit अन्तरतर SD
Antarātma Antarātma Antarātmo Inner Self, being in the heart Sanskrit MW
Antarātman Antarātmano Inner Self, being in the heart Sanskrit अन्तरात्मन् SD
Antarbhava Antarbhava Being Within Sanskrit अन्तर्भव MW
Antarchara Antarchara Penetrating Within Sanskrit MW
Antardhāna Antardhāna Inner Treasure Sanskrit अन्तर्धान MW
Antardhyāna Antardhyāna profound Inward Meditation Sanskrit अन्तर्ध्यान MW
Antarmoda Inner Joy Sanskrit अन्तर्मोद MW
Antargata Antargata Internal, going inside Sanskrit अन्तर्गत MW
Antarhāsa Inner Laughter Sanskrit अन्तर्हास MW
Antari Antari to Disappear Sanskrit अन्तरि MW
Antarikska Air, Atmosphere, Sky, Space between Heaven & Earth Sanskrit अन्तरीक्ष MW
Antarita Gone Within Sanskrit अन्तरित MW
Antarmarman the Innermost Heart Sanskrit अन्तर्मर्मन् MW
Antarmoda Inner Joy Sanskrit अन्तर्मोद MW
Antarmukha Antarmukha Turned Inwards Sanskrit अन्तर्मुख MW
Antarpravesha Entering Within Sanskrit MW
Antarpramoda Inner Joy Sanskrit MW
Antarpuja Inward silent Worship Sanskrit MW
Antarsāra Antarsāra Internal Essence Sanskrit MW
Antarsattva Antarsattva Inner Nature Sanskrit MW
Antarshanti Inner Peace Sanskrit MW
Antarsmera Antarsmera Smiling Inwardly Sanskrit MW
Antasad Disciple Sanskrit MW
Antaryāma Antaryāma Speaking to oneself, unheard by others Sanskrit अन्तर्याम MW
Antaryami the Innermost, the Inner one, Knower of all thoughts and feelings Sanskrit OB MW 1
Antaryamin Soul Sanskrit अन्तर्यामिन् MW
Antevāsa Companion Sanskrit अन्तेवास MW
Antevāsin Antevāsin Disciple who lived close to the Master Sanskrit अन्तेवासिन् MW
Antideva Antideva Being in the Presence of the Divine, of Gods Sanskrit अन्तिदेव MW
Antika Close by, in the Presence of Sanskrit अन्तिक MW
Antima Antima Final, Last; Ultimate Sanskrit अन्तिम MW
Antishad Antishad Sitting near Sanskrit अन्तिषद् MW
Antitara Antitara Standing in the very Front Sanskrit अन्तितर MW
Antu Guardian, Protector Sanskrit अन्तु MW
Anu- Anu- Anu- With, After Sanskrit अनु MW
Anu Anu Atomic, minute Sanskrit अणु OD MW 1
Anu Anu Life, the Soul, Ātma Sanskrit अणु MW 1
Anubhā Anubhā to Shine with Sanskrit अणुभा MW
0 Lightning Sanskrit अणुभा MW
Anubhasha to Speak to Sanskrit MW
Anubhava Anubhava Anubhavo Experience, Perception of Feeling, Consciousness Sanskrit अनुभव OD MW 3
Anubhāva sign or indication of Feeling Sanskrit अनुभाव MW
Anubhāvana Anubhāvana showing Feelings through Gestures Sanskrit अनुभावन MW
Anubhāvya Anubhāvya to be Perceived Sanskrit अनुभाव्य MW
Anubhu Anubhu to Experience, Perceiving, Understanding Sanskrit अनुभू MW
Anūbhū Anūbhū to become Small or Atomic Sanskrit अणूभू MW
Anubhuj Anubhuj to Participate Sanskrit अनुभुज् SD
Anubhuta Anubhuta Perceived, Understood Sanskrit अनुभूत MW
Anubhuti Experiencing, Perception Sanskrit अनुभूति OD MW 1
Anubimba Reflected Image Sanskrit अनुबिम्ब MW
Anubodh Anubodha Anubodhi Recollection, Remembering with awareness Sanskrit अनुबोध OD MW 1
Anubuddha Anubuddha to Awaken Sanskrit OD MW 1
Anubudh to Awaken Sanskrit अनुबुध् MW 1
Anuchara Anucharī Companion, Follower, Fellow Traveller Sanskrit अनुचर MW
Anuchāraka Anuchārika Companion, Follower, Fellow Traveller Sanskrit अनुचारक MW
Anuchint Anuchintā to Meditate Sanskrit अनुचिन्ता MW
Anuchintan Anuchintana to Meditate upon Sanskrit अनुचिन्तन MW
Anudarshan Anudarshana Observing Sanskrit अनुदर्शन MW
Anudas Anudasi Anudaso Servant of Servants Sanskrit OD SD 1
Anudeep Anudeepa Anudeepo Shining with a Light Sanskrit MW 2
Anudeva with the Divine, godly Sanskrit S Sp 1
Anudeya Anudeya a Gift, a Present Sanskrit MW 1
Anudharma Anudharma Religion Sanskrit OD MW
Anudhyān Anudhyāna Meditation Sanskrit अनुध्यान MW
Anudinam Anudinama Daily Sanskrit अनुदिनम् SD
Anudvega Anudvega Free from Anxiety Sanskrit अनुद्वेग MW
Anuga Anugā Companion, Following Sanskrit अनुग MW
Anugama Anugama a Follower; a Fellow Traveller; Following, going after in life or death Sanskrit अनुगम OD MW 1
Anugantī a Message Sanskrit अनुगन्ती MW
Anugara Anugara Invitation to Sing Sanskrit अनुगर MW 1
Anugata Anugata a Follower who follows like a shadow Sanskrit अनुगत OD MW 1
Anugeet Anugeetā Anugeeto a Song; an after-song Sanskrit अनुगीता OD MW 3
Anugeya to be Sung Sanskrit अनुगेय MW
Anugīt Anugītā Anugīto a Song; an after-song Sanskrit अनुगीता OD MW 3 Alternative spelling of Anugeeta
Anughrā Kiss Sanskrit MW
Anugrah Anugraha Loving Kindness, gracious Sanskrit अनुग्रह OD MW 1 OD gives meaning Gratitude
Anugrāhin Anugrāhin Gracious Sanskrit अनुग्राहिन् MW
Anugyan Anugyana Wisdom Sanskrit MW 1
Anuja Anuja Younger Sanskrit अनुज MW
Anujāt Anujāta Born Again Sanskrit अनुजात MW 2
Anujush Anujush to Seek Sanskrit MW
Anuka Anuka Atomic, an atom Sanskrit अणुक MW
Anuka Anukā Dependent Sanskrit अनुक MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Anukāma Anukāma Desire Sanskrit अनुकाम MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Anukampā Compassion Sanskrit अनुकम्पा MW 1
Anukampana Anukampana Compassion Sanskrit अनुकम्पन MW
Anukampya Friend Sanskrit अनुकम्प्य MW
Anukara Anukara Imitation Sanskrit अनुकर MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Anukār Anukāra Dance, Dancing Sanskrit अनुकार MW
Anukari helping to accomplish Dreams , name of Shiva Sanskrit TS
Anukarsha Anukarsha Attraction Sanskrit अनुकर्ष MW
Anukreed Anukreed to Play Sanskrit MW
Anukrosha Tenderness, Compassion Sanskrit अनुक्रोश MW
Anukroshin Anukroshin Compassion Sanskrit अनुक्रोशिन् MW
Anukshar Anukshar to Flow into Sanskrit अनुक्षर् MW
Anukūl Anukūlā following the River bank, with the Current Sanskrit अनुकूल MW
Anukūl Anukūlā Agreeable, Friendly Sanskrit अनुकूल MW
Anukulatā Prosperity Sanskrit अनुकूलता MW
Anukūta Anukūta Unspoken, Unuttered Sanskrit अनुक्त MW
Anulā a female Arhat one who has arrived, awakened; an Enlightened Woman Sanskrit अनुला MW
Anulāsa Peacock Sanskrit अनुलास MW
Anulekha Destiny Sanskrit अनुलेख MW
Anuloka Anulokā a small World Sanskrit SD
Anumad Anumada Anumado to Rejoice Sanskrit अनुमद् MW
Anuman Thinking in such a way that growth is helped; an after-thought Sanskrit अनुमन् OD Sp 1
Anumanā becoming small as an Atom, a superhuman Power Sanskrit MW
Anumāna Anumāna Reflection, consideration Sanskrit अनुमान SD
Anumārg Anumārg to Search through Sanskrit अनुमार्ग् MW
Anumārga Anumārga Anumārgo Seeking Sanskrit अनुमार्ग MW
Anumata Anumata Beloved, Loved Sanskrit अनुमत MW
Anumati Goddess of the the nearly Full Moon Sanskrit अनुमति MW
Anuman Thinking in such a way that Growth is helped Sanskrit अनुमन् MW
Anumoda Anumoda Delight, Happiness, Joy Sanskrit अनुमोद OD MW 1
Anumodana Anumodana Acceptance, sympathetic Joy Sanskrit अनुमोदन MW
Anumodin Anumodin Causing Pleasure to Sanskrit अनुमोदिन् MW
Anumodita Anumodita Delighted Sanskrit अनुमोदित MW
Anunād Anunāda Anunādo Echo, Sound Sanskrit अनुनाद OD MW 1
Anunadi Anunadi With or along the River Sanskrit अनुनदि MW
Anunand to Enjoy Sanskrit MW
Anunaya Anunaya Courtesy, giving Respect Sanskrit अनुनय MW 1
Anuneet Anuneeta Disciplined Sanskrit अनुनीत OD MW 1
Anūp Anūpa Watery, a Pond Sanskrit अनूप OD MW 1
Anupad Anupada Following closely Sanskrit अनुपद OD MW 1
Anupadin Anupadinī a Searcher, a Seeker Sanskrit अनुपदिन् MW
Anupam Anupamā Anupamo Incomparable, Unique; Excellent Sanskrit अनुपम OD MW 2 Misspelled as Anup
Anupameya Anupameya Incomparable Sanskrit अनुपमेय MW
Anupamita Anupamita Incomparable Sanskrit अनुपमित MW
Anupash Anupash to Look, to Perceive Sanskrit अनुपश् MW
Anupashya Anupashya Looking, Perceiving Sanskrit अनुपश्य MW
Anupassa Language Sanskrit OD MW 1
Anupassana Awareness, Insight, Perception Pali OD Onl 1
Anupat Anupata to Fly Sanskrit MW
Anuplava Companion, Follower Sanskrit अनुप्लव MW
Anuplu Anuplu to Float as a Cloud Sanskrit अनुप्लु MW
Anuprabha Anuprabha Glow, Luminosity, to Shine Sanskrit अनुप्रभा OD MW 1
Anuprada Anuprada to Surrender Sanskrit अनुप्रदा MW
Anupradā a Donation, a Gift Sanskrit S MW 1
Anupran Anuprana to Breathe with Sanskrit MW
Anuprem Anuprema Beloved, Loved, with Love Sanskrit S 1
Anupriya Beloved, Loved Sanskrit अनुप्रिय S MW
Anūrādha causing Happiness Sanskrit अनूराध OD MW 1
Anuradha Bright Star Hindi HD
Anurāg Anurāg Love Sanskrit अनुराग OD MW 4
Anurāga Love Sanskrit अनुराग OD MW 2
Anurāg Anurāga Anurāgo Love Sanskrit अनुराग OD MW 4
Anurāgi Lover Sanskrit OD MW 1
Anurāgin Anurāgini Beloved; causing Love Sanskrit अनुरागिन् S MW 1
Anurāgitā the state of being in Love Sanskrit अनुरगिता MW 1
Anurāj to be Brilliant or Shine Sanskrit अनुराज् MW
Anurakta Anurakta Beloved Sanskrit अनुरक्त OD MW 1
Anurakti Devotion, Love Sanskrit अनुरक्ति MW
Anuram to Stop Sanskrit अनुरम् MW
Anurasa Passion Sanskrit अनुरस MW
Anurasita Anurasita Echo Sanskrit अनुरसित MW
Anurati Love, in love with Sanskrit अनुरति OD MW 1
Anurodh Invitation, Request Hindi अनुरोध OD HD 1
Anurodha Respect Sanskrit अनुरोध OD MW 1
Anurūp Anurūpa Likeness, in the Image of Sanskrit अनुरूप OD MW 1
Anusamdha Anusamdha to Explore Sanskrit MW
Anusandhan Anusandhana Investigation, Quest, Search Sanskrit MW
Anusara Anusarī Following, Companion Sanskrit अनुसर MW
Anusāra Anusāra Natural state Sanskrit अनुसार MW
Anusati Reflecting, Remembrance Sanskrit OD MW 1
Anusayin Anusayin Indifferent Sanskrit अनुशयिन् MW
Anusha Beautiful Morning, a Star Hindi HD
Anushasana Discipline, instruction Sanskrit अनुशासन OB MW Yoga term
Anushisthi Present Sanskrit अनुष्ठि SD
Anushisti Teaching, instruction Sanskrit MW
Anushobhin Anushobhin Shining Sanskrit अनुशोभिन् MW
Anushraddha with Trust Sanskrit MW 1
Anushri Beautiful Hindi अनुसृ HD
Anushru Anushru to Announce Sanskrit अनुश्रु MW
Anushstan Exploration Sanskrit OD MW 1 MW gives meaning 'Religious practice.'
Anusiddha Anusiddhi one who very, very close to the Goal Sanskrit अनुसिद्ध OD MW 1
Anusmaran Anusmara continuous Remembrance Sanskrit अनुस्मरन् SD
Anusmrita Anusmrita Remembered Sanskrit अनुस्मृत MW
Anusmriti cherished Recollection, dear Memory Sanskrit अनुस्मृति MW
Anusvāra an after-Sound Sanskrit अनुस्वार MW
Anuswar a very subtle Sound, the invisible rhythmic, humming shadow after aum Hindi OD HD 1 Hindi spelling or pronunciation of Anusvāra
Anutā Atomic nature Sanskrit अणुता MW
Anutara Anutara very fine, Gentle Sanskrit अणुतर MW
Anutarsh Anutarsha Thirst; Longing Sanskrit अनुतर्ष MW
Anutosh Anutosh Contentment, 'with Satisfaction' Sanskrit OD MW 2
Anutosh Anutosha Anutosho Contentment, 'with Satisfaction' Sanskrit OD MW 2
Anutoshi Contented One Sanskrit OD MW 1
Anuttama Anuttamā name of Vishnu, the Greatest Sanskrit अनुत्तम MW TS
Anuttara Anuttara Excellent, Unsurpassed, the Best Sanskrit अनुत्तर MW
Anuvad Anuvada Translation; Explanation Sanskrit अनुवद् OD MW 1
Anuvida Anuvida one who really Knows Sanskrit OD MW 1
Anuvili Anuvili to Dissolve Sanskrit अनुविली MW
Anuvikash to Penetrate with one's Vision Sanskrit अनुविकस् MW
Anuvitti Finding Sanskrit अनुवित्ति MW
Anuyam Anuyam Guide, to give Direction to Sanskrit अनुयम् MW
Anuyat Anuyata to Strive to attain Sanskrit अनुयत MW
Anuyāta Anuyāta Following Sanskrit अनुयात MW
Anuyatri Follower, Companion Sanskrit अनुयातृ MW
Anuyog Anuyoga Spiritual Union; a Meditation; Questioning Sanskrit अनुयोग MW
Anuyojana Anuyojana Questioning Sanskrit अनुयोजन MW
Anuyukta Anuyukta Examined; Questioned Sanskrit अनुयुक्त MW
Anuyuktin Anuyuktini Enquirer; Questioner Sanskrit अनुयुक्तिन् MW
Anvādhi Anvādhi Remember Sanskrit MW
Anvāga Anvāga to Follow Sanskrit अन्वागा MW
Anvagram Anvagram from below to Above Sanskrit अन्वग्रम् MW
Anvārtan Anvārtana Extend; Expand Sanskrit MW
Anvartha Anvarthā Agreeing with the Truth Sanskrit MW
Anvat Anvat to Follow Sanskrit अन्वत् MW
Anvātan Anvātan to Extend, Spread Sanskrit अन्वातन् MW
Anvav Anvav Encourage Sanskrit अन्वव् MW
Anvaya Anvaya Connection, Family Sanskrit अन्वय SD
Anveeksha Inquiry, Meditation Sanskrit अन्वीक्षा MW
Anveekshana Anveekshana Inquiry, Meditation Sanskrit अन्वीक्षण MW
Anvesha Anvesha Seeking, Searching Sanskrit अन्वेष MW
Anveshaka Anveshika Inquiring, Searching, Searcher, Seeker, Inquirer Sanskrit अन्वेषक MW SD
Anvesha Anveshana Seeking; Searching Sanskrit अन्वेषण MW
Anveshi Seeker Sanskrit MW
Anveshin Anveshin Inquiring, Searching Sanskrit अन्वेषिन् MW
Anvi Atomic, minute, Subtle Sanskrit अण्वी MW SD
Anvi Anvi to Seek Sanskrit अन्वि MW
Anvish Anvish to Seek, Search Sanskrit अन्विष् MW
Anvishta Anvishta Sought Sanskrit अन्विष्ट MW
Anvita Anvita Connected with Sanskrit अन्वित MW
Anvitā Absorbed Sanskrit SD
Anya Different Sanskrit अन्य MW
Anyabhava Change of state Sanskrit अन्यभाव MW
Anyajanman Anyajanman being Born Again Sanskrit अन्यजन्मन् MW
Anyakām Anyakāma Loving Others Sanskrit अन्यकाम MW
Anyarūp Anyarūpa Changed, a different form Sanskrit अन्यरूप MW
Anyatā Difference Sanskrit अन्यता MW
Anyoona Anyoonā Complete, Entire Sanskrit अन्यून MW
Anyūna Anyūnā Complete, Entire Sanskrit अन्यून MW
Apabhaya Apabhaya Fearless Sanskrit अपभय MW
Apachita Apachiti Reverence, Respected Sanskrit अपचित MW
Apadarpa Apadarpā Free from Pride Sanskrit अपदर्प MW
Apadosha Apadosha Faultless, Innocent Sanskrit अपदोष MW
Apaghana Apaghana Cloudless, Clear Sky Sanskrit अपघन MW
Apagoha Apagoha Secret Sanskrit अपगोह MW
Apahasita Apahasita uproarious Laughter, smiling in tears Sanskrit अपहसित OB MW
Apakrama Going away on Retreat Sanskrit अपक्रम MW
Apala most Beautiful Hindi HD
Apalā Apalā Undefended, unguarded, open, vulnerable Sanskrit अपाल SD
Apalāshin Apalāshin Free from Desire Sanskrit अपलाषिन् MW
Apālu the Wind Sanskrit अपालु MW
Apamada Apamada Free from Pride or Arrogance Sanskrit अपमद MW
Apamala Apamala Clean, Spotless Sanskrit अपमल MW
Apamārga Cleansing Sanskrit अपमार्ग MW
Apāmnārtha the Ocean, 'Lord of Water' Sanskrit अपांनाथ MW
Apāmnidhi Apāmnidhi Ocean Sanskrit अपांनिधि MW
Apamurdhan Apamurdhan Headless Sanskrit अपमूर्धन् MW
Apāmpati the Ocean, 'Lord of Water' Sanskrit अपाम्पति MW
Apanidra Apanidra Opening as a Flower Sanskrit अपनिद्र MW
Apanilee to Disappear Sanskrit अपनिली MW
Apanrita Apanrita Free from Falsehood, the Truth Sanskrit अपानृत MW
Apantaram Apantarama a Disciple whose Name is not known Sanskrit OD 1 Upanishads
Apāpa Apāpā Virtuous, sinless Sanskrit अपाप MW
Apara Apara having nothing beyond, no superior Sanskrit अपर MW
Apāra Apārā one who has no Limits, Unbounded, no other shore Sanskrit अपार MW SD
Aparimāna Aparimāna Immeasurable, Immense Sanskrit अपरिमाण MW
Aparimeya Aparimeya Immeasurable, Limitless Sanskrit अपरिमेय MW SD
Aparimita Aparimita Unmeasured, Unlimited Sanskrit अपरिमित MW
Aparita Aparita Unobstructed Sanskrit अपरीत MW
Aparna Goddess Parvati Hindi HD
Aparujā Wellness, Free from Sickness or harm Sanskrit अपरुजा MW
Aparush Aparush Free from Anger Sanskrit अपरुष् MW
Aparyanta Aparyanta Unbounded, Unlimited Sanskrit अपर्यन्त MW
Apas Apas Active; Skilful Sanskrit अपस् MW
Apashanka Apashanka Fearless Sanskrit अपशङ्क MW
Apashiras Apashiras Headless Sanskrit MW
Apashoka Apashoka without Sorrow Sanskrit अपशोक MW
Apashuch Apashuch the Soul, ‘without sorrow’ Sanskrit अपशुच् MW
Apasmaya Apasmaya Free from Pride or Arrogance Sanskrit अपस्मय MW
Apasyā Active Sanskrit अपस्या MW
Apasya Apasyī Watery; Melting Sanskrit MW
Apasyu Apasyu Active Sanskrit अपस्यु MW
Apatha Apatha Pathless Sanskrit अपथ MW
Apavarga Apavarga Completion; Final Liberation of the Soul Sanskrit अपवर्ग MW
Apavat Apavat Watery Sanskrit अपवत् MW
Apavidyā Ignorance Sanskrit अपविद्या MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Apavignā without Obstacles Sanskrit अपविघ्न SD
Apavipad Apavipad Free from misfortune, Lucky, fortunate Sanskrit अपविपद् MW
Apāvrita Open Sanskrit अपावृत MW
Apeeta Apeeta Sober, not Drunk Sanskrit अपीत MW
Apeetva Apeetva Sober, not having Drunk Sanskrit अपीत्वा MW
Apeksh Apeksh Respect Sanskrit अपेक्ष् MW
Apekshā Looking for; Expectation, Hope Sanskrit अपेक्षा OD MW 1
Apekshana Apekshana Ignoring, not looking at Sanskrit अपेक्षण SD
Apigam Apigam to Enter, to Approach Sanskrit अपिगम् MW
Apiguna Apiguna Excellent Sanskrit अपिगुण MW
Apipasa Apipasa Free from Thirst, Free from Desire Sanskrit अपिपास MW
Apita Apita Entered Sanskrit अपीत MW
Apiti Dissolving Sanskrit अपीति MW
Apivat Apivat Understand Sanskrit अपिवत् MW
Apkritsna Apkritsna Deep Meditation by means of Water Sanskrit MW
Appati Ocean, 'Lord of Water' Sanskrit अप्पति MW
Aprajna Aprajna not Knowing Sanskrit अप्रज्ञ MW
Aprameya Aprameya Immeasurable, unlimited, abundant Sanskrit अप्रमेय MW
Aprameyam Immeasurable Sanskrit SD
Apramita Apramita Unbounded, unmeasured Sanskrit अप्रमित MW
Apsara Female Deity, "going between the Waters of the Clouds" Sanskrit अप्सर OB, S MW 2
Apsuja Born in Water Sanskrit अप्सुज MW
Apti Abundance Sanskrit SD
Aptu Aptu Tender Sanskrit अप्तु MW
Aptya Aptya Watery Sanskrit अप्त्य MW
Apūrna Apūrna Apūrno Incomplete; Imperfection Sanskrit अपूर्ण OD MW 1 Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Apūrva Apūrvā Apūrvo Incomparable; Extraordinary; Unique Sanskrit अपूर्व S MW 2
Apūrvam Apūrvam Unique Sanskrit अपूर्व OD MW 1
Apva Apvā Abounding in Water Sanskrit अप्व MW
Apya Apya Connected to Water Sanskrit अप्य MW
Aqil Aqila Intelligent, Wise Islam عاقل Onl (f) عاقلة
Ara Ara Swift, Speedy Sanskrit अर MW
Arada Arada a Tree Sanskrit अरड MW
Arāga Arāga Cool, unimpassioned Sanskrit अराग MW
Arajas Arajas Free from Desire Sanskrit अरजस् MW
Arajaska Arajaska Pure, Free from impurity Sanskrit अरजस्क MW
Aramatī Devotion; Goddess Protecting Devotees Sanskrit अरमति MW
Aramish Aramisha Coming Quickly to Help Sanskrit अरमिष् MW
Aranya Aranya Wilderness, Forest, Wild Sanskrit अरण्य OD MW 1
Aranyaka Aranyaka Forest Sanskrit अरण्यक MW
Aranyam Aranyam Wilderness, Forest, Wild Sanskrit अरण्यम् MW
Aranyegeya Aranyegeya to be Sung in a Forest Sanskrit अरण्येगेय MW
Arata Arata Apathetic, no-discipline Sanskrit अरत OD MW 1 Misspelled as Aretha. Use with 'Veet' or 'Mukta'
Arati Discontent Sanskrit अरति MW Use with 'Deva' to mean Divine Discontent
Arava Arava Silence, noiseless Sanskrit अरव MW
Aravinda Aravinda Lotus Sanskrit अरविन्द MW
Aravindini Group of Lotuses Sanskrit अरविन्दिनी MW
Arbhaga Arbhaga Youthful, Young Sanskrit अर्भग MW
Arbhaka Child Sanskrit अर्भक MW
Arch Shining, Brilliant Sanskrit अर्च् MW
Archā Worship Sanskrit अर्चा MW
Archaka Archaka Worshipping, Honouring, worshipper Sanskrit अर्चक MW
Archan Archana Archano Prayerfulness, Worshipping Sanskrit अर्चन OD MW 1
Archanī Honouring, Praising Sanskrit MW
Archas Archas Worship, praise Sanskrit अर्चस् MW
Archat Archat Shining Sanskrit अर्चत् MW
Archati to Worship Sanskrit अर्चति SD
Archatri Archatri Roaring Sanskrit अर्चत्रि MW
Archi Archi Flame, Ray Sanskrit अर्चि MW
Archimat Shining Sanskrit अर्चिमत् MW
Archin Shining Sanskrit अर्चिन् MW
Archis Archis Ray of Light Sanskrit अर्चिस् MW
Archini Ray of Light Hindi HD
Archita Archita Honoured, Respected, Praised Sanskrit अर्चित MW
Architin Honouring Sanskrit अर्चितिन् MW
Architri Worshipper Sanskrit अर्चितृ MW
Architum Architum to Worship Sanskrit अर्चितुम् SD
Ardha- Ardha- Half Sanskrit अर्ध OB MW
Ardhachandra Half-Moon Sanskrit अर्धचन्द्र MW
Ardhanarishvara the lord who is Half-Male, Half-Female; Shiva Sanskrit आर्धनारीश्वर OB MW
Ardhanisha Midnight Sanskrit अर्धनिशा MW
Areena Areena Full of, not wanting Sanskrit अरीण MW
Arepas Arepas Clean, Spotless Sanskrit अरेपस् MW
Argha Worth, value, respectful reception of a guest Sanskrit अर्घ MW
Arha Arha Deserving, Worthy Sanskrit अर्ह MW
Arhana Arhana Deserving, Worshipping Sanskrit अर्हण MW
Arhanta Arhanta one who has Awakened, one who is worthy of Respect, a Buddha Sanskrit अर्हन्त OB MW
Arhantikā Buddhist Sannyasin Sanskrit MW
Arhasāna the Moon Sanskrit अर्हसान MW
Arhat Arhata Arhato Worthy of Respect, one who has Attained, a Buddha Sanskrit अर्हत OB MW 1
Arhattama Arhattama most Worthy Sanskrit अर्हत्तम MW
Arhita Arhita Honoured Sanskrit अर्हित MW
Arhya Arhya Worthy Sanskrit अर्ह्य MW
Aripra Ariprā Clear, spotless, faultless Sanskrit अरिप्र MW
Arif Arifa Arifo Wise, knowledgable one Urdu عارف OB Onl 1 Islamic name. OB meaning incorrectly given as 'Prayer'
Arihant Arihanta Arihanto one who has Attained, Victorious over the Inner enemies Pali OB Onl 1
Arikta Arikta Arikto Abundant, not empty Sanskrit अरिक्त MW
Arin Wheel Sanskrit अरिन् MW
Arishta Arishti Arishto Safety, Security Sanskrit अरिष्टि MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ariya Ariyo Noble Pali MW PD
Arjan Arjana Acquiring, Gaining Sanskrit अर्जन MW
Arjita Arjita Acquired, Earned Sanskrit अर्जित MW
Arula Arula Water Sanskrit अरुल MW
Arjuna Clear, Innocence, White Sanskrit अर्जुन OD MW 2
Arjunam Silver Sanskrit MW
Arka the Sun Sanskrit अर्क MW
Arkabandhu Brother of the Sun, a Name of Buddha Sanskrit अर्कबन्धु MW
Arkagraha Solar Eclipse Sanskrit अर्कग्रह MW
Arkaja Arkaja Born from the Sun Sanskrit अर्कज MW
Arkajas Planet Saturn Sanskrit MW
Arkakara Arkakara Sunbeam Sanskrit अर्ककर MW
Arkati Arkati to become a Sun Sanskrit अर्कति MW
Arkatmaja 'Daughter of the Sun' Sanskrit अर्कात्मजा MW
Arkin Arkina Radiant with Light Sanskrit अर्किन् MW
Arna Arna Wave Sanskrit अर्ण MW
Arnā River Sanskrit अर्णा MW
Arnam Wave Sanskrit MW
Arnas Arnas Wave, the foaming Sea, River Sanskrit अर्णस् MW
Arnasa Arnasa Full of Waves Sanskrit अर्णस MW
Arnava Arnava Wave, the foaming Sea Sanskrit अर्णव S MW 1
Arni Sun Hindi HD
Arnoda Arnoda Cloud Sanskrit अर्णोद MW
Arnonidhi Arnonidhi Ocean, ‘Receptacle of Waves’ Sanskrit अर्णोनिधि MW
Aroga Arogā Diseaseless, Healthy Sanskrit अरोग MW
Arogin Arogina Healthy Sanskrit अरोगिन् MW
Arogitā Healthiness Sanskrit अरोगिता MW
Arogya Arogya Health Sanskrit अरोग्य MW
Arogyatā Health Sanskrit अरोग्यता MW
Arosha Arosha Gentleness, Free from Anger Sanskrit अरोष MW
Arpana Arpana Surrender; Offering; Offering Oneself to the Divine Sanskrit अर्पण OD MW 1
Arpan Arpana Surrender, Offering Oneself to the Divine Sanskrit अर्पण OD MW 1
Arpisa the Heart Sanskrit अर्पिस MW
Arpita Arpita Arpito Devoted, Surrendered to, Devoted to, Offered to, focused on Sanskrit अर्पित OD MW 1
Arpitam Arpitama one who is Surrendered or Devoted to Sanskrit OD MW 1
Arshana Arshana Flowing Sanskrit अर्षण MW
Artha Artha Meaning, Aim, Purpose Sanskrit अर्थ OD MW 1
Artham Wealth Sanskrit SD
Arthen Arthena Aim, Purpose Sanskrit अर्थेन MW
Arthika Singing Watchman Sanskrit अर्थिक MW
Arthin Arthin Active Sanskrit अर्थिन् MW
Arthita Arthita Asked, Desired Sanskrit अर्थित MW
Arthitam Arthitam Desire, Wish Sanskrit MW
Arthya Arthya Intelligent, Wise Sanskrit अर्थ्य MW
Arti Pain Sanskrit अर्ति MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Aru the Sun; the Red Khadira Tree Sanskrit अरु MW
Aruj Aruj Painless, Healthy Sanskrit अरुज् MW
Aruja Arujā Healthy, free from disease Sanskrit अरुज MW
Arujati Arujati Break up Sanskrit आरुजति SD
Arudha Transcending all Disciplines Sanskrit MW
Arūksha Arūksha Soft Sanskrit अरूक्ष MW
Arūkshita Arūkshita Soft Sanskrit अरूक्षित MW
Arūkshna Arūkshna Soft, Tender Sanskrit अरूक्ष्ण MW
Arūkshat Arūkshata Softness Sanskrit अरूक्षता MW
Arun Aruna Dawn, Rising Sun; Colour Red Sanskrit अरुण OD MW 3
Arunakamala Red Lotus Sanskrit MW
Arunakara Arunakara the Sun's Red Rays Sanskrit अरुणकर MW 1
Arunam Arunam Red, a Ruby Sanskrit MW
Arunatā Red Sanskrit अरुणता MW
Arūnimā Red glow of Dawn Hindi अरूणिमा HD 1
Aruniman Redness Sanskrit अरुणिमन् MW
Arunodaya Arunodaya Dawn Sanskrit अरुणोदय MW
Arunopala Arunopala Ruby Sanskrit अरुणोपल MW
Arūp Arūp Formless, Limitless, Infinite Sanskrit अरूप OD MW 1
Arūp Arūpā Formless, Limitless, Infinite Sanskrit अरूप OD MW 2
Arūpam Arūpama Formless One, Limitless One, Infinite One Sanskrit OD MW 1
Arush Arush good Temper, not angry Sanskrit अरुष् MW
Arusha Red; the Sun Sanskrit अरूष MW
Arushi Dawn Sanskrit अरुषी MW
Arvāchin Arvāchin Turned towards Sanskrit अर्वाचिन् MW
Arvan Arvana Running; Quick Sanskrit अर्वन् MW
Arvash Arvasha Running; Quick Sanskrit MW
Arvind Lotus, red lotus Hindi HD 2
Arya Arya the Noblest, Master, excellent Sanskrit अर्य OB MW
Aryaman Dearest Friend, the Sun Sanskrit अर्यमन् MW
Aryamya Aryamya Friendly, very Intimate Sanskrit अर्यम्य MW
Asad Lion Arabic اسد Onl
As'ad Luckier; enjoyment, happiness Arabic سعد OD Onl 1 Spelled as Ashad in OD
Asakta Asakta Independent, Unattached, free from ties Sanskrit असक्त SD MW
Asaktam Asaktam Unattached, without obstacle Sanskrit SD MW
Asakti Detached from Worldly passions Sanskrit असक्ति MW
Asamāti Asamāti Unequalled, Unparalleled Sanskrit असमाति MW
Asambādha Asambādhā Unbound, Unrestrained Sanskrit MW
Asamdina Asamdina Unbound, Unrestrained Sanskrit MW
Asamdita Asamdita Unbound, Unrestrained Sanskrit असंदित MW
Asāmi Asāmi Complete, Entire, not half Sanskrit असामि MW
Asammita Asammita Unlimited, name of Vishnu Sanskrit असंमित TV SD
Asammoha Asammoha Freedom from Doubt Sanskrit असंमोह SD
Asamshaya Freedom from Doubt; certainty Sanskrit असंशय MW
Asamtāpa Asamtāpā No sorrow or pain Sanskrit असंताप MW
Asanga Asanga Independent, Unattached, free form ties Sanskrit असङ्ग OD MW 2
Asangata Asangata Asangato Inconsistent, Self-Contradiction, independentally Sanskrit असंगत OD MW 1
Asankalpa absence of Desire Sanskrit असंकल्प MW
Asanmita Asanmita Immeasurable Sanskrit असंमित MW
Asanmoha Asanmoha Calmness Sanskrit असंमोह MW
Asat name of Shiva, phenomenal Reality Sanskrit असत् TS MW
Asat Asat Non-Existent, non-manifest Sanskrit असत् SD
Asechana Asechana Lovely Sanskrit असेचन MW
Aseem Aseema Infinite, without Boundary Sanskrit असीम OD MW 3
Aseeman Infinite, Unlimited Sanskrit असीमन् MW
Ashabda Ashabda Silent, Soundless Sanskrit अशब्द MW
Ashakta Ashakti Detached Sanskrit असक्ति MW
Asham Ashama Uncontrollable Sanskrit SD
Ashana Ashana to Arrive, to Reach Sanskrit अशन MW 1
Ashani Flash of Lightning; Thunderbolt, name of Shiva Sanskrit अशनि MW
Ashanka Ashanka Fearless Sanskrit अशङ्क MW
Ashankam Ashankam Fearless Sanskrit अशङ्कम् SD
Ashankit Ashankita Confident, Fearless Sanskrit अशङ्कित MW 1
Ashankitam Ashankitam Fearless Sanskrit अशङ्कितम् SD
Asharīra Asharīra Bodiless Sanskrit अशरीर MW
Ashatha Ashathā Sincere, Honest Sanskrit अशठ MW
Ashāya Ashāya to Reach Sanskrit अशाय MW
Ashayya Ashayya an Ascetic, "having no bed' Sanskrit अशय्य MW
Ashesha Asheshā Entire, Total, Perfect Sanskrit अशेष OD MW 1 Mispelled in OD as Ashava
Ashesham Ashesham Entire, Total, Perfect Sanskrit अशेषम् MW
Ashi Unknown Hindi HD
Ashika Without Sorrow, Mercury Hindi HD
Ashira Sun, Ray, beam, arrow, diamond Sanskrit असिर SD
Ashiras Ashiras Headless Sanskrit अशिरस् MW
Ashirshan Ashirsan Headless Sanskrit MW
Ashirwad Blessing Hindi HD
Ashman Thunderbolt Sanskrit अश्मन् MW
Ashmayu Ray of Light Sanskrit अश्मयु MW
Ashnāmi Accept Sanskrit SD
Ashnanti Enjoy Sanskrit SD
Ashok Ashokā Ashok Blissful state of no-misery, not feeling Sorrow Sanskrit अशोका OD MW 1
Ashrānta Ashrānta Eternal, continual, unwearied, not tired Sanskrit अश्रान्त MW
Ashri Razor's Edge; Sword's edge Sanskrit अश्रि MW
Ashru Ashru a Tear, to shed Tears Sanskrit अश्रु OD MW 1
Ashtanga Ashtangā All the Perfections (of the eightfold Yoga path) Sanskrit अष्टाङ्ग MW
Ashti Reaching Sanskrit MW
Ashva Ashvā Horse Sanskrit अश्व MW अश्वा
Ashvabodha Ashvabodhi Horse-Sense, Natural Intelligence Sanskrit अश्वबोध OD Sp 1
Ashvaghosha a Buddhist Patriarch, 'Horse-sound' Sanskrit अश्वघोष MW
Ashvaka Sparrow Bird Sanskrit अश्वक MW
Ashvin Ashvina Horse-Rider Sanskrit अश्विन् MW 1
Asi Sword Sanskrit असि MW
Asidhārā Blade of a Sword Sanskrit असिधारा MW
Asiknī Night, ‘the dark one’ Sanskrit असिक्नी MW
Asimarga the ways to handle a Sword Sanskrit असिमार्ग MW
Asira Arrow, Ray Sanskrit असिर MW
Asit Asitā Darkness, Night, a name for Yamuna River, Lord of darkness and Magic Sanskrit असित MW
Asmad "Me" Sanskrit अस्मद् SD Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Asmi Asmi "I am" Sanskrit अस्मि MW 1 Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Asmitā Asmito Ego, Egotism Sanskrit अस्मिता OD MW 1 Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Asruta Asruta Inexhaustible Sanskrit अस्रुत MW
Asta Asta Home Sanskrit अस्त MW
Astā Arrow Sanskrit अस्ता MW
Astachala Western Mountains, behind which the Sun sets Sanskrit अस्ताचल MW
Astadri Western Mountains, behind which the Sun sets Sanskrit MW
Astagiri Western Mountains, behind which the Sun sets Sanskrit अस्तगिरि MW
Astaka Astaka Home Sanskrit अस्तक MW
Astakas Astakas going to one’s eternal Home Sanskrit MW
Astam Astam at Home Sanskrit MW
Astamaya Astamaya Sunset Sanskrit अस्तमय MW
Astamita Astamita Sunset Sanskrit अस्तमित MW
Astatāti Home Sanskrit अस्तताति MW
Asthāna Asthāna Non-Permanence Sanskrit अस्थान MW
Asthāvara Asthāvara Movable, not fixed Sanskrit अस्थावर MW
Asti Being, Existent Sanskrit अस्ति OD MW 1
Astitā Existence, Reality Sanskrit अस्तिता MW
Astitva Astitva Existence, Reality Sanskrit अस्तित्व MW
Astra Arrow Sanskrit अस्त्र MW
Astrin Archer Sanskrit अस्त्रिन् MW
Astrita Astrita Invincible Sanskrit अस्तृत MW
Astriti Invincible Sanskrit अस्तृति MW
Astu Astu "Let it Be so," Existence, Reality Sanskrit अस्तु MW
Asu Asu Breath, Spiritual Life-Energy Sanskrit असु MW
Asubhanga Fear of Life Sanskrit असुभङ्ग MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Asus Asus Breath, Spiritual Life-Energy Sanskrit आशुष् MW
Asumat Asumati Living, Vitality Sanskrit असुमत् MW
Asunbhara Asunbharā Caring for one’s Life Sanskrit असुंभर MW
Asuneet Asuneeta "the World of Spirits' Sanskrit असुनीत MW
Asuneeti "the World of Spirits' Sanskrit असुनीति MW
Asupta Asupta Awake, not asleep Sanskrit असुप्त MW
Asura a good Spirit, Spiritual Sanskrit असुर S MW 1
Asuratva Asuratva Spirituality Sanskrit असुरत्व MW
Asurya Asurya Divine Nature, Spiritual, Spiritual Beings Sanskrit असुर्य MW
Asurayam Asurayam Collective body of Spiritual beings Sanskrit असुर्यम् MW
Asusama Asusama "Dear as Life" a Lover Sanskrit असुसम MW
Asusū Asusū Arrow, the God of Love's Arrow Sanskrit असुसू MW
Asutosh Asutosha Asutosho Contented with Life Sanskrit अशुतोष Sp MW 1
Asutrip Asutripa Enjoying one's life Sanskrit असुतृप् MW
Asva Asva Homeless Sanskrit अस्व MW
Asvapna Asvapna Awake, not Asleep, Watching Sanskrit अस्वप्न MW
Asvatā Unselfish Sanskrit अस्वता MW
Atā Roaming Sanskrit MW
Atal Stable, Unavoidable Hindi अटल HD
Atamas Atamas without Darkness, Light Sanskrit MW
Atana Atana Roaming about Sanskrit अतन MW
Atanavat Wanderer Sanskrit अतनवत् MW
Atandra Atandra Alertness, non-Sleepiness, non-Unconsciousness, Awareness, not tired Sanskrit अतन्द्र OD MW 1
Atanu Bodiless, Kama the God of Love Sanskrit अतनु MW
Atapta Atapta Cool Sanskrit अतप्त MW
Atarkitam Atarkitam Unexpectedly Sanskrit अतर्कितम् MW
Atarshulam Atarshulam beyond Desiring Sanskrit अतर्षुलम् MW
Atas Atas From This Sanskrit अतस् MW
Atasa Wind, the Soul Sanskrit अतस S MW 1
Atasi Atasi Wandering Sannyasin Sanskrit अतसि MW
Atatantha Atatantha to Seek to reach Sanskrit MW
Ateet Ateeta the Past Sanskrit अतीत OD MW 1 Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ateetya Transcending Sanskrit अतीत्य SD
Atharī Flame Sanskrit अथरि MW
Atharva Atharvī Fire Priest, Fire Priestess Sanskrit अथर्व OD MW 1
Atharvan Fire Priest Sanskrit अथर्वन् MW
Ati- Ati- Much; Very Sanskrit अति MW
Atibala Atibala very Powerful Sanskrit अतिबल MW
Atibha Lightning Sanskrit MW
Atidāna Atidāna very Generous Sanskrit अतिदान MW
Atideepta Atideeptī extremely Brilliant, a name of Shiva Sanskrit TS
Atideepya Atideepyā very Brilliant Sanskrit अतिदीप्य MW
Atideva Atidevi the Great God, Goddess Sanskrit अतिदेव OD MW 1
Atidhyai Atidhyai to Meditate deeply Sanskrit अतिध्यै MW
Atidhyan Atidhyana Meditating deeply Sanskrit MW
Atidvaya Atidvaya Unique Sanskrit अतिद्वय MW
Atiga Atiga to Surpass, exceeding Sanskrit अतिग MW
Atigam Atigam to Surpass, to Overcome Sanskrit MW
Atigraha Surpassing Sanskrit अतिग्रह MW
Atiguna Atiguna Extraordinary Qualities Sanskrit अतिगुण MW
Atigupta Atigupta very Mysterious Sanskrit अतिगुप्त MW
Atiharsha very Happy Sanskrit S MW 1
Atihāsa very Happy, great Laughter Sanskrit अतिहास MW
Atijāta Exceeding one’s Parents Sanskrit अतिजात MW
Atijeeva Atijeeva Lively, fully Alive Sanskrit अतिजीव MW 1
Atiji Atiji to Conquer Sanskrit MW
Atikānt Atikānta Atikānto very Beloved Sanskrit अतिकान्त MW
Atikasha Atikasha Uncontrollable, beyond thw whip Sanskrit अतिकश SD
Atīkāsha Brightness Sanskrit अतीकाश MW
Atikrama Atikramo Transcendence; Overcoming, surpassing Sanskrit अतिक्रम OD MW 1
Atiksha Atiksha to Overflow Sanskrit MW
Atimati very Wise Sanskrit अतिमति MW
Atimāya Atimāya Atimāyo finally Liberated; beyond Illusion Sanskrit अतिमाय MW
Atimodā Wonderful Fragrance; Jasmine Sanskrit अतिमोदा MW
Atimukta Atimukto Totally Free, entirely Liberated Sanskrit अतिमुक्त MW
Atimukti final Liberation Sanskrit अतिमुक्ति MW
Atindriya name of Vishnu, Transcending all Senses, the Soul Sanskrit अतीन्द्रिय TV
Atipad Atipad to go Beyond Sanskrit अतिपद MW
Atipash Atipash to Look through or beyond Sanskrit अतिपश् MW
Atipatti Going Beyond Sanskrit अतिपत्ति MW
Atipū Atipū to Purify through Sanskrit MW
Atipūta Atipūta very Purified Sanskrit अतिपूत MW
Atirajan Supreme King Sanskrit अतिराजन् MW
Atiratha Great Warrior Sanskrit अतिरथ MW
Atirekin Atirekin Surpassing Sanskrit अतिरेकिन् MW
Atiruchira Atiruchira very Lovely Sanskrit अतिरुचिर MW
Atirūp Atirūpa very Beautiful Sanskrit अतिरूप MW
Atirūpam Atirūpam extraordinarily Beautiful Sanskrit MW
Atisarva Atisarva Surpassing all; the Supreme Sanskrit अतिसर्व MW
Atisha Enlightened Master who took Buddhism to Tibet, peace Sanskrit अतिश OD MW 1 Bengali: অতীশ
Atishakta Atishakta very Powerful Sanskrit अतिशक्त MW
Atishakti very Powerful Sanskrit अतिशक्ति MW
Atishāta Atishāta causing great Joy, Delightful Sanskrit अतिशात MW
Atishaya Atishaya Wonderful, Superior Quality, Abundant Sanskrit अतिशय SD MW
Atishayana Atishayani Eminent; Superior, Abundant Sanskrit अतिशायन MW
Atishrī Atishrī very Prosperous Sanskrit अतिश्री MW
Atisiddhi Great Perfection Sanskrit अतिसिद्धि MW
Atīt Atīt Beyond; Transcending Sanskrit अतीत OD MW 1
Atīt Atīta Atīto the Beyond; the Transcendental, one who has gone Beqyond Sanskrit अतीत OD MW 1
Atītam Atītam the Past Sanskrit MW
Atīti one who is Beyond; one who is Transcending Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Atītaranti Atītaranti to Transcend Sanskrit अतितरन्ति SD
Atithi Atithi the Guest, God the Guest Sanskrit अतिथि OD MW 1
Atithin Atithin Travelling Sanskrit अतिथिन् MW
Ativa Ativa Exceedingly Sanskrit अतीव MW
Ativirāj to Shine exceedingly Sanskrit MW
Ativīryam Super-Power Sanskrit SD
Atka Traveller Sanskrit अत्क MW
Atosha Discontented Sanskrit OD MW 1
Atra Atra Here, at This Time, Here-Now Sanskrit अत्र MW
Atrāsa Atrāsa Fearless Sanskrit MW
Atrasad Atrasad Sitting Here Sanskrit अत्रसद् MW
Atrāsita Atrāsita Fearless, not frightened Sanskrit अत्रासित MW
Atri name of Shiva, Mercury Sanskrit अत्रि TS
Atrishita Atrishita not Thirsty, not Greedy Sanskrit अतृषित MW
Atta Atta Self Pali PD
Attabhāvo Individual, having a Self Pali PD
Attadeep Attadeepa Attadeepo Light of the Self Pali OB PD Misspelled in OB as Appodeep
Attakāma Loving one's self, Self-Love Pali PD
Atten one who has a True Self Pali OD Sp 1 Derived from Atta - Pali word for the Self
Atul Atula Incomparable; Unequalled; Unique Sanskrit अतुल OD MW 1
Atulya Atulya Atulyo Incomparable; Unequalled; Unique Sanskrit अतुल्य OD MW 1
Atūrtam Atūrtam Unobstructed, Unlimited Space Sanskrit अतूर्त MW
Atvarā Patience, freedom from haste Sanskrit अत्वर MW
Atyānand Atyānandā Great Bliss Sanskrit अत्यानन्द Sp
Atyāni Atyāni Surpassing Sanskrit SD
Atyanta Atyanta Absolute, Completely, Perfect Sanskrit अत्यन्त MW
Atyantam Atyantama the Highest, Absolutely, Completely Sanskrit अत्यन्तम् SD MW
Atyāpti Complete Attainment Sanskrit अत्याप्ति MW
Atyas Atyas to Excel Sanskrit MW
Audaka Audakī Growing in Water Sanskrit औदक MW
Audara Audara centered in the Belly Sanskrit औदर MW
Audārika Audārika the Body that houses the Soul Sanskrit औदरिक MW
Audarya Audarya being in the Belly, or in the Womb Sanskrit औदर्य MW
Audārya Audārya Magnanimity, Generosity, Nobility Sanskrit औदार्य MW
Audayika Audayika Auspicious Time Sanskrit औदयिक MW
Audbilya Audbilya very Joyful Sanskrit औद्बिल्य MW
Audbhida Audbhida Breakthrough, Victorious Sanskrit औद्भिद MW
Augha Stream Sanskrit औघ MW
Aujasa Aujasa Gold Sanskrit औजस MW
Aujasika Aujasika Energetic Sanskrit औजसिक MW
Aujasya Aujasya helping to increase Energy Sanskrit औजस्य MW
Aujasyam Aujasyam Energy Sanskrit MW
Aum Aum the sacred symbol, Om Sanskrit औम् / ॐ OD MW 1
Aupchārik the Formal, ritual Hindi औपचारिक OD HD 1 Misspelled as Upchar
Aurasa Aurasasī produced from the breast, the Heart Sanskrit औरस MW
Aurasas Sound from the breast, from the Heart Sanskrit MW
Aurasya Aurasya Sound from the breast, from the Heart Sanskrit औरस्य MW
Aurava Aurava Spaciousness Sanskrit औरव MW
Aurjitya Aurjitya Strength, Vigour Sanskrit और्जित्य MW
Aurobindo Lotus, red lotus Hindi OD HD 1 version of Arvind
Aurvara Aurvara coming from the Earth Sanskrit और्वर MW
Aushasika Aushasika early Walk at Dawn Sanskrit औषसिक MW
Aushija Aushija Desirous Sanskrit औशिज MW
Aushika Aushika early Walk at Dawn Sanskrit MW
Aushna Aushna Heat Sanskrit औष्ण MW
Autkya Autkya Desire Sanskrit औत्क्य MW
Auttamika Auttamika Gods in the Highest Sky Sanskrit औत्तमिक MW
Auttara Descending; god's coming downwards... and the Descendence of God Sanskrit औत्तर OD MW 1 Use with 'Deva'
Ava Protect Sanskrit अव S SD 1
Ava Favour Sanskrit अव MW
Ava This Sanskrit अव MW
Avabādha Avabādhā Unobstructed, unrestrained, free from pain, Unconditional Sanskrit अवबाढ MW
Avabhā Shine, Brilliant Sanskrit अवभा MW
Avabhās Avabhās to Shine Sanskrit अवभास् MW
Avabhāsa Avabhāsa Splendour, Light Sanskrit अवभास MW
Avabhāsh Avabhāsha Shining, Splendour Sanskrit MW
Avabhāshana Avabhāshana Speaking Sanskrit अवभाषण SD
Avabhāshna Avabhāshna Shining Sanskrit MW
Avabhāsin Avabhāsin Shining, Bright Sanskrit अवभासिन् MW
Avabhāsit Avabhāsita Shining, Bright Sanskrit अवभासित MW
Avabhāti Avabhāti to Shine, Brilliant Sanskrit अवभाति MW
Avabodha Avabodha being Awake, Perception Sanskrit अवबोध MW
Avabodhaka Avabodhaka Awakening Sanskrit अवबोधक MW
Avabodhita Avabodhita Awakened Sanskrit अवबोधित MW
Avabuddha Avabuddha become Aware of, to Perceive, learnt Sanskrit अवबुद्ध MW
Avachana Avachana Silent, not speaking Sanskrit अवचन MW
Avachanam Avachanam Silent, not speaking Sanskrit MW
Avadalita Avadalita Burst Sanskrit अवदलित SD
Avadān Avadāna Glorious Deed, Achievement Sanskrit अवदान MW
Avadanta Avadanta Speechless, not speaking like a Baby Sanskrit अवदन्त MW
Avadāra Breaking through, Breakthrough Sanskrit अवदार MW
Avadāta Avadāta Cleaned, Pure Sanskrit अवदात MW
Avadeena Avadeena a Bird's Flight Sanskrit अवडीन MW
Avadhārita Avadhārita Learnt, Known Sanskrit अवधारित MW
Avadhārya Avadhārya to be Understood Sanskrit अवधार्य MW
Avadhee Avadhee to Watch or wait for Sanskrit MW
Avadhi Avadhi Limit, period of time Sanskrit अवधि MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Avadhūpita Avadhūpita Perfumed with Incense Sanskrit अवधूपित MW
Avadhūta Avadhūta Unattached, shaken off Sanskrit अवधूत MW
Avadhyān Avadhyāna Avadhyāno Meditation of Ignoring Sanskrit अवध्यान OD MW 1
Avagādha Avagādha Immersed, Bathed Sanskrit अवध्यान MW
Avagāha Immersion, Bathing Sanskrit अवगाह MW
Avagama Avagama Understanding, Intelligence Sanskrit अवगम MW
Avagaman "Coming and Going" coming into the womb, going into death Sanskrit OB Sp
Avagaman Avagamana Devotion, Proclamation Sanskrit अवगमन MW
Avagamin Avagamin Understanding Sanskrit अवगमिन् MW
Avagata Avagata Understood Sanskrit अवगत MW
Avaghatta Cave Sanskrit अवघट्ट MW
Avaghra Avaghra Kissing Sanskrit अवघ्र MW
Avaghrāta Avaghrāta Kissed Sanskrit अवघ्रात MW
Avagraha Avagraha Sense Perception Sanskrit अवग्रह MW Jaina
Avahāsa Joke Sanskrit अवहास MW
Avahat Avahat not Flowing, stagnant Sanskrit अवहत् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Avahita Avahita Plunged into, Dived into Sanskrit अवहित MW
Avajaya Winning, Overcoming, Conquest Sanskrit अवजय MW
Avajita Won Sanskrit अवजित MW
Avajiti Victory Sanskrit अवजिति MW
Avajyotana Avajyotana Illuminating Sanskrit अवज्योतन MW
Avakalita Avakalita Seen, Observed Sanskrit अवकलित MW
Avakash Avakasha Shining, be Visible Sanskrit अवकाश् MW
Avakāsha Avakāshā Opportunity, Space Sanskrit अवकाश MW
Avakhyā to See, to Perceive Sanskrit अवख्या MW
Avakhyata to See, to Perceive Sanskrit MW
Avākin Avākin Silent, not speaking Sanskrit अवाकिन् MW
Avakram Avakram to Descend into Incarnation, conception Sanskrit अवक्रम् MW
Avakraman Avakramana to Descend into Incarnation, conception Sanskrit अवक्रमण MW
Avakrānti to Descend into Incarnation, conception Sanskrit MW
Avakranda to Roar Sanskrit अवक्रन्द MW
Avakreed Avakreed to Play Sanskrit MW
Avaleela Play Sanskrit अवलीला MW
Avalok Avaloka to Look Sanskrit अवलोक MW
Avalokana Avalokana Seeing Sanskrit अवलोकन MW
Avalokin Avalokin Looking Sanskrit अवलोकिन् MW
Avalokita one who Looks from Above, Seen, Observed Sanskrit अवलोकित OD MW 1
Avamarsh Avamarshā Touch, Contact Sanskrit अवमर्श MW
Avamuch Avamuch Let-Go Sanskrit अवमुच् MW
Avan Avana Joy, Satisfaction Sanskrit अवन MW
Avana Avana Protection Sanskrit अवन SD
Avanam Avanam Bow down Sanskrit अवनम् MW
Avanati Bowing down Sanskrit अवनति MW
Avani the Earth Sanskrit अवनी MW 1
Avanīdhara Mountain, earth upholder Sanskrit अवनीधर MW
Avanija Mars, ‘Son of the Earth’ Sanskrit अवनिज MW
Avanindra King of the Earth Hindi HD
Avanipāla King, ‘Protector of the Earth’ Sanskrit अवनिपाल MW
Avanipati King, ‘Lord of the Earth’ Sanskrit अवनिपति MW
Avaniruha Tree, ‘Grown from the Earth’ Sanskrit अवनिरुह MW
Avanish King, ‘Lord of the Earth’ Sanskrit अवनीश MW
Avanītanya Daughter of the Earth, Goddess Sita Sanskrit SD
Avapāna Avapāna Pond, Pool Sanskrit अवपान MW
Avapta Avapta one who has obtained or Reached Sanskrit अवाप्त MW
Avapus Avapus Bodiless, Formless Sanskrit अवपुस् MW
Avāpya Avāpya Achieving Sanskrit अवाप्य SD
Avara name of Shiva, unsurpassed in Adoration Sanskrit TS
Avāra the near bank of a River Sanskrit अवार MW
Avārapara Ocean Sanskrit अवारपार MW
Avārita Avārita Unobstructed, without obstacles Sanskrit अवारित MW
Avarman Avarman having no Armour Sanskrit अवर्मन् MW
Avarodha Avarodha Root sent down by a branch Sanskrit अवरोध MW
Avaroha Root sent down by a branch Sanskrit अवरोह MW
Avarohin Avarohinī Indian Fig Tree Sanskrit अवरोहिन् MW
Avarokin Avarokin Shining, Brilliant Sanskrit अवरोकिन् MW
Avartra Avartra no restraints, Free Sanskrit अवर्त्र MW
Avas Avas Enjoyment Sanskrit अवस् MW
Avasā Avasā Liberation Sanskrit अवसा MW
Avasāna Avasāna Residence, Destination Sanskrit अवसान MW
Avasara Avasara Rain Sanskrit अवसर MW
Avasara Avasara Opportunity, right Moment Sanskrit अवसर SD
Avasarga Avasarga Letting-go, Relaxation Sanskrit अवसर्ग MW
Avaseya Avaseya to be Understood Sanskrit अवसेय MW
Avasha Avashā Independent, Free, unsubmissive to other's will Sanskrit अवश MW
Avashanta Avashanta Extinguished Sanskrit अवशान्त MW
Avashesha Avashesha Avashesho Remainder Sanskrit अवशेष MW
Avastra Avastra Naked Sanskrit अवस्त्र MW
Avasātri Avasātri Liberator Sanskrit अवसातृ MW
Avasāya Avasāya taking up one’s Abode Sanskrit MW
Avasāyin taking up one’s Abode Sanskrit अवसायिन् MW
Avasita Avasita one who Rests, abides Sanskrit अवसित MW
Avasthāna Avasthāna Standing, taking up one’s Place Sanskrit अवस्थान MW
Avasthiti Abiding, Residence Sanskrit अवस्थिति MW
Avata a Well Sanskrit अवत MW
Avatansa Garland, Ornament Sanskrit अवतंस MW
Avatār Avatāra a Divine Incarnation, a Deity descending to earth Sanskrit अवतार MW
Avatāran Avatārana Divine Descent Sanskrit अवतरण MW
Avati to Protect Sanskrit अवति SD
Avatka Avatka Spring-Water Sanskrit MW
Avatvish Avatvisha Glitter, Shine Sanskrit MW
Avadeep Avadeepa burst out in Flame Sanskrit अवदीप् OD MW 1
Avedan Avedana not Knowing, Innocence Sanskrit अवेदन S MW 1
Avedi Ignorance Sanskrit अवेदि MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Avekshā Observation Sanskrit अवेक्षा MW
Avekshana Avekshana Observation Sanskrit अवेक्षण MW
Avekshate Avekshate to Observe, Perceive Sanskrit अवेक्षते MW
Avenat Desireless Sanskrit अवेनत् MW
Aveta Aveta one who has Obtained Sanskrit अवेत MW
Avibhāga Undivided Sanskrit अविभाग MW
Avibhakta Avibhakta Undivided, Whole, United Sanskrit अविभक्त MW
Avibhaktam Avibhaktam Undivided, Whole Sanskrit SD
Avichal Avichala Unmovable Sanskrit, Hindi अविचल SD, HD
Avichāra Avichāri Thoughtless Sanskrit अविचार SD
Avichinta Avichinta Non-Thinking Sanskrit MW
Avida Avida an exclamation of Surprise Sanskrit अविद S MW 1
Avidhura Avidhura not Lonely, Cheerful Sanskrit अविधुर MW
Avidita Avidita without Knowledge, Innocent, the unknown Sanskrit अविदित MW
Aviditam Aviditam without Knowledge, Innocently, the unknown Sanskrit अविदितम् MW
Avidosha Avidosha Faultless, Innocent, Pure Sanskrit अविदोष MW
Avidūra Avidūra Near Sanskrit अविदूर MW
Avidushā Innocent, one who does not know Sanskrit SD
Avidvas Avidvas Innocent, ignorant, not knowing Sanskrit अविद्वस् MW
Avidyā Avidyo Spiritual Ignorance, false learning Sanskrit अविद्या MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Avigān Avigāna Harmony, in unison Sanskrit अविगान OD MW 1
Avighna Avighnā without Obstacle Sanskrit अविघ्ना MW
Avihasta Avihasta Experienced, Wise, not unclever Sanskrit अविहस्त MW
Avihata Avihata Unobstructed Sanskrit MW
Avijja Avijja Ignorance Pali S PD 1 Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Avijna Avijna Ignorance Sanskrit अविज्ञ MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Avijjāta Avijjāta state of Doubt Sanskrit अविज्ञात SD Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Avikal Avikala Entire, Undivided Sanskrit अविकल S MW 2
Avikalpam Decisive, not Hesitating Sanskrit अविकल्पम् MW
Avikalpena Avikalpena Undivided, Whole Sanskrit SD
Avikāra Permanent, no Change of nature or form Sanskrit अविकल्पम् MW
Avilamba Immediately, non-delay Sanskrit अविलम्ब MW
Avimāna Veneration, Respect, not disrespect Sanskrit अविमान MW
Avimita Avimita Immense; Unmeasurable Sanskrit अविमित MW
Avināsh Avināsha Eternal; Indestructible Sanskrit अविनाश OD MW 2
Avināsham Avināsham Indestructible Sanskrit SD 2
Avināshi Avināsho Indestructible One Sanskrit OD MW 1
Avināshin Avināshin Imperishable Sanskrit अविनाशिन् MW
Avināshya Avināshya Indestructible Sanskrit अविनाश्य MW
Avipad Ease, no adversity Sanskrit अविपद् MW
Aviralita Aviralita Joined, not separated, closely United Sanskrit अविरलित MW
Avirām Avirām Continuity; Flow, without halting Sanskrit OD MW 1
Avirāmam Avirāmam Uninterruptedly, Continually Flowing Sanskrit अविरामम् MW
Avirata Avirata Uninterruptedly, Continually Flowing Sanskrit अविरत MW
Aviratam Aviratam Uninterruptedly, Continually Flowing Sanskrit अविरतम् MW
Avirati Sensuality Sanskrit अविरति SD
Avirodha Avirodha Harmony, being in Agreement with, no opposition Sanskrit अविरोध MW SD
Avirodhin Avirodhin Harmony, not being out of harmony with Sanskrit अविरोधिन् MW
Aviruddha Aviruddha Unobstructed Sanskrit अविरुद्ध MW
Avish River Sanskrit MW
Avish Avisha Ocean Sanskrit MW
Avishāda Avishādā Courage, Cheerful, non-depression Sanskrit अविषाद MW
Avishama Avishama Equal, not different Sanskrit अविषम MW
Avishanka Avishanka Certain, clear, no Doubts, no hesitation Sanskrit अविशङ्क MW
Avishī River Sanskrit, Hindi अविषी MW HD
Avishrama Avishrama Unceasing, Continuous Sanskrit अविश्रम MW
Avishtha Avishtha gladly Accepting Sanskrit अविष्ठ MW
Avishyā Desire Sanskrit अविष्या MW
Avismita Avismita Humble, not Proud Sanskrit अविस्मित MW
Avismrita Avismrita Remembered, not forgotten Sanskrit अविस्मृत MW
Avismriti Remembering, not forgetting Sanskrit अविस्मृति MW
Avita Avita Protected Sanskrit अवित MW
Avītaka Avītaka Open, not an enclosed place Sanskrit अवीतक MW
Avitatha Avitatha True, according to the Truth Sanskrit अवितथ MW
Avitri Avitri Protector Sanskrit अवितृ MW
Aviveka Aviveka Non-Judgement Sanskrit अविवेक MW
Aviyukta Undivided, Joined Sanskrit अवियुक्त MW
Avoda Avoda Service out of ecstasy, work and worship Hebrew OD Onl 1 Also spelled as Avodah
Avran Avranā Unhurt Sanskrit अव्रण MW
Avrata Avratā Disobedient, Lawless Sanskrit अव्रत MW
Avyagra Avyagrā Cool, unconfused Sanskrit अव्यग्र MW
Avyakhya Avyakhya that which cannot be said Jaina OB
Avyakta Avyakta Primary Element, Universal Spirit Sanskrit अव्यक्त MW
Avyanga Avyangā Perfect Sanskrit अव्यङ्ग MW
Avyartha Avyartha Profitable Sanskrit अव्यर्थ MW
Avyaya Avyaya Inexhaustible Sanskrit अव्यय SD
Avyūha Indivisible Sanskrit अव्यूह MW
Awwal Awwala God, the First, the Beginningless Arabic لأول OD 99N 1 Sufi, 99 Names of Allah
Ayā Ayā Thus, in this manner Sanskrit अया MW
Ayam Ayama This one (idam) Sanskrit S MW 1
Ayama Ayama name of Vishnu, Deathless Sanskrit TV
Ayan Ayana Dimension, a Course, a Way, Going Sanskrit अयन OD MW 1
Ayanam Ayanam Road, Path Sanskrit MW
Ayananta Solstice Sanskrit अयनान्त MW
Ayat Ayat no Efforts Sanskrit अयत् MW
Ayata Ayata Uncontrolled, Unrestrained Sanskrit MW
Ayatha Ayatha Prosperous Sanskrit अयथ MW
Ayatna Ayatna Effortlessness Sanskrit अयत्न MW
Ayomani Magnet Sanskrit अयोमणि MW
Ayu name of Shiva, life period, Deathless Sanskrit TS
Ayudhi name of Shiva, wielder of the Trident Sanskrit TS
Azad Freedom, Independant Persian آزاد Onl 1
Azar Fire, fire colour scarlet red Persian آزر Onl
Azeem Azeema God, the Infinite, the Magnificent Sufi لعظيم OD 99N 1 Sufi
Azeez Azeeza God, the Almighty, the Self-Sufficient, the Honourable Sufi لعزيز OD 99N 1 Sufi. OD erroneously gives meaning of 'Friend'
Names beginning with Ā आ (pronounced as a long A, similar to Ah. Sometimes spelled as Aa…)
Ābhā Splendour, Spiritual Light Sanskrit आभा OD MW 2
Ābhar Ābhara Gratitude Hindi आभार OD Onl 1
Ābharana Ābharana Ornament, Decoration Sanskrit आभरण MW
Ābharita Ābharita Ornamented, Decorated Sanskrit आभरित MW
Ābhāsa Ābhāsa Splendour, Light Sanskrit आभास MW
Ābhāsam Ābhāsam Original Source Sanskrit SD
Ābhāsana Ābhāsana Illuminating Sanskrit आभासन MW
Ābhāsha Speech, talking Sanskrit आभाष MW
Ābhāssara Ābhāssara "the Radiant Ones" Pali PD
Ābhāsvara Ābhāsvara Shining, Bright Sanskrit आभास्वर MW
Ābhāta Ābhāta Shining Sanskrit आभात MW
Ābhāti Splendour, Light Sanskrit आभाति MW
Ābheer Shepherd, herdsman Sanskrit OD MW 1
Ābhoga Enjoyment Sanskrit आभोग MW
Ābhūka Ābhūka Empty Sanskrit आभूक MW
Ābhuti Superhuman Power or strength Sanskrit आभूति MW 1
Ācharana Ācharana Practising Sanskrit आचरण MW
Ācharatā Acting Sanskrit SD
Ācharita Ācharita Practising Sanskrit आचरित MW
Āchārya Spiritual Teacher or Guide Sanskrit आचार्य OB MW
Ādā Ādā Receive, Accept, Give to Oneself Sanskrit आदा MW
Ādama Ādama to Give to Oneself Sanskrit MW
Ādambara a Drum Sanskrit आडम्बर MW
Ādāna Ādāna Accepting, Receiving Sanskrit आदान MW
Ādara Respect Sanskrit आदर MW
Ādarana showing Respect Sanskrit आदरण MW
Ādarsha a Mirror Sanskrit आदर्श MW
Ādātri Receiver Sanskrit आदातृ MW
Ādatte Ādatte Accepting Sanskrit आदत्ते SD
Ādau First Sanskrit आदौ SD
Ādee Ādee Shine upon, Enlighten Sanskrit आदी MW
Ādeedi Ādeedi Shine upon, Enlighten Sanskrit MW
Ādeep Ādeepa set on Fire, Illuminate Sanskrit MW
Ādeepta set on Fire, Blazing up Sanskrit आदीप्त MW
Ādeeta Ādeeta Meditated upon Sanskrit आधीत MW
Ādesha Instruction Sanskrit आदेश MW
Ādeshaka a Guide, Commander Sanskrit MW
Ādeva Ādevī Devoted to the Divine Sanskrit MW
Ādevana Ādevana Playing Place Sanskrit MW
Ādevik ĀdevIkī a Player, one who Plays Sanskrit MW
Ādey Ādeya to be Received Sanskrit आदेय MW
Ādhānam Ādhāna Lighting, a Ceremony before making love, placing the sacred Fire Sanskrit MW
Ādhāra Support, Reservoir Sanskrit आधार MW
Ādhee Longing Sanskrit MW
Ādheeta Ādheeta Meditated upon Sanskrit आधीत MW
Ādheeti Intending Sanskrit आधीति MW
Ādheya Ādheyā Included Sanskrit आधेय MW
Ādhikhya Ādhikhya Abundance; Super-Abundance Sanskrit आधिक्य MW
Ādhiparna Ādhiparnā Winged with Longing Sanskrit आधीपर्ण MW
Ādhirājya Ādhirājya Royalty Sanskrit आधिराज्य MW
Ādhrita Ādhritā Contained Sanskrit आधृत MW
Ādhitsu Ādhitsu wishing to Receive Sanskrit आदित्सु MW
Ādhunika Ādhuniki New, Present Moment Sanskrit आधुनिक MW
Ādhya Ādhyā Opulent, Rich, Wealthy Sanskrit आढ्य MW
Ādhyān Ādhyāna Meditating upon Sanskrit आध्यान MW
Ādhyai Ādhyai to Meditate on Sanskrit आध्यै MW
Ādhyāna Ādhyāna Meditating Sanskrit आध्यान MW
Ādhyāt Ādhyāt to Meditate on Sanskrit MW
Ādhyātmika Ādhyātmikā relating to Supreme Spirit, Spiritual Sanskrit आध्यात्मिक MW
Ādi- Ādi- in the Beginning; Original Sanskrit आदि- OD MW
Ādi Beginning, Origin Sanskrit आदि MW
Ādibhava Ādibhava Being, existing at the Beginning Sanskrit MW
Ādibuddha Ādibuddha the Original Buddha; Perceived in the Beginning Sanskrit MW
Ādideva Ādidevī the First God or Goddess, Original Supreme God Sanskrit आदिदेव MW
Ādiguru Brahma, the First Master Sanskrit आदिगुरु MW
Ādikāl Ādikāla the Primitive Time, Primordial Time Sanskrit आदिकाल MW
Ādikar Ādikara the Creator, the Original Source, the original maker Sanskrit आदिकर MW 1
Ādikavi Brahma, the First Poet Sanskrit आदिकवि MW
Ādim Origin Sanskrit SD
Ādima Ādimā Primitive, Wild; Primal Sanskrit आदिम OD MW 2
Ādinātha Original Lord, the original god, god of the beginning, name of Rishabda Sanskrit आदिनाथ OD MW 1 Jaina. Mispelled as Abhinatha
Ādipurusha the First Man Sanskrit आदिपुरुष MW
Ādish Intention, Aim Sanskrit आदिश् MW
Ādishakti Primordial Power Sanskrit MW
Ādishtin Disciple, religious student Sanskrit MW
Ādīshvara the Primeval Lord, Shiva Sanskrit अधीश्वर SD
Ādishya Ādishya Aiming at Sanskrit आदिश्य MW
Āditas from the Beginning, the First Sanskrit आदितस् MW
Āditya Āditya Ādityo the Sun; the Sun-God or Goddess Sanskrit आदित्य OD MW 1 (f) आदित्या
Ādityalok Ādityaloka Abode of the Sun-God, the Abode of Light; Enlightenment Sanskrit आदित्यलोक MW
Ādhvanika Ādhvaniki being on a Journey Sanskrit आध्वनिक MW
Ādri Respect, Honour Sanskrit आदृ MW
Ādrita Ādritā Attentive, Caring Sanskrit आदृत MW
Ādritaya Ādritayā Respectable Sanskrit MW
Ādya Ādyā First, Primitive, at the Beginning Sanskrit आद्य MW
Ādyam Ādyam Original Sanskrit SD
Ādyanta Ādyanta Beginning and End Sanskrit आद्यन्त MW
Ādye the First Sanskrit SD
Āgama Āgamā Arrival; Scripture, the Words of the awakened one, Sacred Doctrine Sanskrit आगम OD MW 1
Āgamana Āgamana Coming, Arriving Sanskrit आगमन MW
Āgamita Āgamita Learnt Sanskrit आगमित MW
Āgamya Āgamya someone who has Arrived Sanskrit आगम्य S MW 1
Āgāntu Āgāntu Guest Sanskrit आगन्तु MW
Āgata Āgata Arrival, Arrived, Born, Born or come into existence, Returned Sanskrit आगत OD MW 1
Āgati Arrival Sanskrit MW
Āgātri Singer Sanskrit आगातृ MW
Āgeet Āgeeta Āgeeto Sung unto Sanskrit आगीत MW
Āgeya Āgeya to be Sung in a low tone Sanskrit आगेय MW
Āghāta Āghāti Cymbal, Musical Instrument Sanskrit आघात MW
Āghosha Invocation Sanskrit आघोष MW
Āgneya Burning up in a sacred Fire Sanskrit आग्नेय OD MW 1
Agney Āgneyī Fiery; consecrated to Fire; Gold Sanskrit आग्नेयी MW
Āgur Agree, applaud Sanskrit आगुर् MW
Āhara Āhara Inhalation Sanskrit आहर MW
Āhārika Āhārika a Subtle Body of the Soul Sanskrit आहारिक MW
Āhasa quiet Laugh Sanskrit आहस MW
Āhava Āhava Invocation Sanskrit आहव MW
Āhlād Āhlāda Delight, Joy, Refreshing Sanskrit आह्लाद MW 1
Āhlādaka Causing Joy, Delight Sanskrit आह्लादक MW
Āhlādita Āhlādita Rejoiced, Delighted, Happy Mood Sanskrit, Hindi आह्लादित MW HD
Āhuta Āhuta Offering Sanskrit आहुत MW
Āhuti Invocation, Offering with Fire Sanskrit आहुति MW
Āhvān Āhvāna Invitation, Invocation Sanskrit आह्वान MW
Ājan Ājan to be Born Sanskrit आजन् MW
Ājanadeva Ājanadevī a God/ Goddess by Birth Sanskrit आजानदेव MW
Ājān Ājāna Birth Sanskrit आजान MW
Ājanana Ājanana Birth Sanskrit आजनन MW
Ājāneya Ājāneyī Noble Birth Sanskrit आजानेय MW
Ājāni Birth, Noble Birth Sanskrit आजानि MW
Ājāta Ājāta Born Sanskrit आजात MW
Ājāta Ājāta Conquering Sanskrit MW
Ājay Ājaya to Conquer Sanskrit MW 1
Ājayana Ājayana Conquering Sanskrit MW
Ājeeva Ājeeva Livelihood Sanskrit आजीव MW
Ājeevan Ājeevana Livelihood Sanskrit आजीवन MW
Ājnā Command, Order; the 6th Chakra, the Third Eye Sanskrit आज्ञा OD MW 1
Ājnāchakra the Third Eye Chakra Sanskrit आज्ञाचक्र MW
Ājnākhya Perceiving with the Third Eye Chakra Sanskrit MW
Ājnāna Ājnāna Perceiving Sanskrit आज्ञान MW
Ājnāpaka Ājnāpaka Commanding, giving orders Sanskrit आज्ञापक MW
Ājnātri Director Sanskrit आज्ञातृ MW
Ājnāya Ājnāya Perceived Sanskrit आज्ञाय MW
Ājnāyin Ājnāyin Perceiving Sanskrit आज्ञायिन् MW
Āji Āji to Conquer, to Win Sanskrit आजि MW
Ākā Ākā to Endeavour to Love Sanskrit आका MW
Ākāla Ākāla the Right Time Sanskrit आकाल MW
Ākampa Shaking Sanskrit आकम्प MW
Ākankshā Desire Sanskrit आकाङ्क्षा OB MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ākankshin Ākankshin Desiring Sanskrit आकाङ्क्षिन् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ākankshya Ākankshya Desirable Sanskrit आकाङ्क्ष्य MW
Ākara a Mine, a rich Source of anything Sanskrit आकर MW
Ākāra Gesture, Expression Sanskrit आकार MW
Ākaraja Ākaraja Jewel Sanskrit आकरज MW
Ākarsha Attraction; Magnet Sanskrit आकर्ष MW
Ākarshan Attraction, one who is like a Magnet Hindi आकर्षण OD HD 1 Misspelled as Karshan
Ākarshana Ākarshana Attracting; attracting an absent person through magic Sanskrit आकर्षण MW Tantra
Ākash Ākasha Sky Sanskrit आकाश OD MW 3
Ākasham Ākasham Sky Sanskrit आकाशं MW
Ākasham Pashya Ākasham Pashya Look at the Sky Sanskrit आकाशं पश्य SD
Ākashesh Ākashesha Lord / Goddess of the Sky Sanskrit आकाशेश MW
Ākatya Ākatya the Being Sanskrit आकत्य MW
Ākhyā Name Sanskrit आख्या SD
Ākhyā Ākhyā Communication Sanskrit आख्या MW
Ākhyān Ākhyāna Communication, telling Sanskrit MW
Ākhyātri Communicator Sanskrit आख्यातृ MW
Ākrānta Ākrānta Approached Sanskrit आक्रान्त MW
Ākreed Ākreed to Play Sanskrit आक्रीड् MW
Ākreeda Ākreeda Place of Play; Garden Sanskrit आक्रीड् MW
Ākrishta Ākrishta Attracted Sanskrit आकृष्ट MW
Ākriti Form Sanskrit आकृती MW
Ākula Ākulā Confusion Sanskrit आकुल MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ākuta Ākuta Intention; Wish Sanskrit आकूत MW
Ākuti Intention; Wish Sanskrit आकुति MW
Ālabha Touching Sanskrit आलभ MW
Ālabhin Ālabhin Touching Sanskrit MW
Ālakshan Ālakshana Perceiving Sanskrit आलक्षण MW
Ālakshi Ālakshī Seeing Sanskrit आलक्षि MW
Ālakshya Ālakshya Observing Sanskrit आलक्ष्य MW
Ālambha Touching Sanskrit आलम्भ MW
Ālambham Ālambham Touching, holding, supporting Sanskrit आलम्भम् SD
Ālambhana Ālambhana Sensation, perceived by the senses Sanskrit आलम्बन MW
Ālap Slow introduction in Music Hindi OB
Ālap Ālap Converse, speak to Sanskrit आलप् MW
Ālāpa Ālāpa Speaking to, Conversation, Communication Sanskrit आलाप MW
Ālapana Ālapana Speaking to, Conversation Sanskrit आलपन MW
Ālapita Ālapita Conversation Sanskrit आलपित MW
Ālaya Ālaya the Inner Abode, the Abode, e.g Himalaya the abode of snow Sanskrit आलय OD MW 1
Ālee Woman’s female Friend Sanskrit आली MW
Āleena having Come Close to, Dwelling in, Abiding in Sanskrit आलीन MW
Ālekhya Ālekhya Painting Sanskrit आलेख्य MW
Ālingana Ālingana Embrace Sanskrit आलिङ्गन MW
Ālijana a Woman's Female Friend Sanskrit आलिजन MW
Ālingati Embrace, hug Sanskrit आलिङ्गति SD
Ālingin Ālingin Embracing, hugging Sanskrit आलिङ्गिन् MW
Ālingita Ālingita Embraced, hugged Sanskrit आलिङ्गित MW
Ālingitam Ālingitam an Embrace, a Hug Sanskrit MW
Ālingya Ālingya to be Embraced, to be Hugged Sanskrit आलिङ्ग्य MW
Ālochana Ālochana Seeing, Perceiving Sanskrit आलोचन MW
Ālochita Ālochita Reflected on Sanskrit आलोचित MW
Ālohita Ālohita Reddish Sanskrit आलोहित MW
Ālok Ālok Light Sanskrit आलोक OD MW 3
Ālok Āloka Light, lustre, splendour Sanskrit आलोक OD MW 3
Ālokaka Ālokaka Spectator; a Watcher Sanskrit आलोकक MW
Ālokin Ālokin Seeing Sanskrit आलोकिन् MW
Ālokita Ālokita Seen Sanskrit आलोकित MW
Ālol Ālola Moving gently, Swaying Sanskrit आलोल MW
Āma Āma Yes Sanskrit MW
Āma Āma Darkness, that which is raw Sanskrit आम OD MW 1
Āma Āmā Soft, Tender Sanskrit आम MW
Āman Āmana Friendliness, Affection Sanskrit आमन MW
Āmanaska Āmanaska Mind free from Desire Sanskrit SD
Āmanju Āmanju Charming, Pleasant Sanskrit आमञ्जु MW
Āmarsha Āmarsha Contact, Touching Sanskrit आमर्ष MW
Āmbhasa Āmbhasa Fluid Sanskrit आम्भस MW
Āmeelana Āmeelana the act of Closing one's Eyes Sanskrit आमीलन MW
Āmish Āmish something Beautiful, something Enjoyable Sanskrit MW
Āmla Āmla Tamarind Tree Sanskrit आम्ल MW
Āmnāya Āmnāya Sacred tradition, to be learned by heart Sanskrit आम्नाय MW
Āmoda Āmoda Cheering up, Gladdening, Joy Sanskrit आमोद MW 1
Āmod Āmoda Cheering up, Gladdening, Joy Sanskrit आमोद MW 1
Āmodan Āmodana Rejoicing, Delighting Sanskrit आमोदन MW
Āmodin Āmodini Fragrance, Perfume; Happy Child Sanskrit आमोदिन् MW
Āmodit Āmodita Perfumed Sanskrit आमोदित MW
Āmohanika Beautiful Fragrance Sanskrit आमोहनिका MW
Āmoolam Āmoolam Rooted, from the Beginning, Entirely Sanskrit आमूलम् MW
Āmra Āmra Mango Tree Sanskrit आम्र MW
Āmram Mango Fruit Sanskrit आम्रम् MW
Āmrapali Mango Grove; a Beautiful Woman Disciple of Buddha Sanskrit OD MW 1
Āmraphala Āmraphala Mango Fruit Sanskrit आम्रफल SD
Āmravana Āmravana Mango Forest Sanskrit आम्रवण MW
Āmrish Āmrisha to Enjoy, to Touch Sanskrit आमृश् MW
Āmukha Āmukha being in front of the Eyes Sanskrit आमुख MW
Āmushmika Āmushmiki Being There, Belonging to the Other World Sanskrit आमुष्मिक MW
Āna Breathing Sanskrit आन MW
Ānadda Ānadda to Meditate Sanskrit MW
Ānaka Drum, Thundercloud, Energetic Sanskrit आनक MW
Ānam Ānam to Bow towards, homage Sanskrit आनम् MW
Ānamana Ānamana Bowing Sanskrit आनामन MW
Ānamit Ānamita Bowed down Sanskrit आनमित MW
Ānana Ānana the Face Sanskrit आनन MW
Ānanabja Lotus-faced Sanskrit आननाब्ज MW
Ānand- Ānanda- Bliss, joy Sanskrit आनन्द OD MW 4
Ānand Ānanda Bliss, joy Sanskrit आनन्द OD MW 5
Ānand Ānanda Bliss, joy Sanskrit आनन्द OD MW 5
Ānanda Ānanda Bliss, joy Sanskrit आनन्द OD MW 3
Ānandabodhi Ānandabodhi Awakening of Bliss Sanskrit MW
Ānandada Ānandada Delighting Sanskrit MW
Ānandadas Ānandadasi Blissful Servant; in Service of Bliss Sanskrit OD MW 1
Ānandgyan Ānandagyana Blissfully Wise; the Bliss of Wisdom Sanskrit Sp
Ānandajala Ānandajala Tears of Joy Sanskrit आनन्दजल MW
Ānandakanda Root of Joy Sanskrit आनन्दकन्द MW
Ānandakara Blissfully Rejoicing, Delighting Sanskrit आनन्दकर Sp MW
Ānandam Ānandam Pure Joy Sanskrit M
Ānandamay Ānandamayā Blissful; the Supreme Spirit which Consists of Bliss; Bliss-body Sanskrit आनन्दमय OD MW 1
Ānandamayī Blissful; the Supreme Spirit which Consists of Bliss; Bliss-body Sanskrit MW 1
Ānandamrit Ānandamrita Nectar of Joy Sanskrit आनन्दामृत MW
Ānandamurti Ānandamurti the Image of Bliss Sanskrit Sp
Ānandana Delighting, making Happy Sanskrit MW
Ānandaprem Ānandaprema Blissful Love Sanskrit आनन्दन S 3
Ānandatā Joyfulness Sanskrit आनन्दता SD
Ānandati Rejoice Sanskrit आनन्दति SD
Ānandatman Ānandatman whose Essence consists of Joy, of Bliss Sanskrit आनन्दात्मन् MW
Ānandaraj King of Bliss Sanskrit Sp
Ānandarajnī Queen of Bliss Sanskrit Sp
Ānandarūpa Ānandarūpa Consisting of Joy, the Form of Bliss Sanskrit आनन्दरूप MW
Ānandatā Joyfulness, Blissfulness Sanskrit आनन्दता MW
Ānandbodhi Ānandbodhi Awakening of Bliss Sanskrit OD Sp 1 Alternative for Ānandabodhi
Ānandi Bliss, Happiness, enjoyment Sanskrit आनन्दि S MW
Ānandin Ānandin Blissful Sanskrit आनन्दिन् MW
Ānandita Bliss - "This is it"; Rejoiced Sanskrit आनन्दित OD MW 1
Ānantya Ānantya Eternal, Infinite Sanskrit आनन्त्य MW
Ānantyam Ānantyam Infinity, Eternity, Immortality Sanskrit MW
Ānard Ānard to Roar Sanskrit आनर्द् MW
Ānardam Ānardam to Roar Sanskrit आनर्दम् MW
Ānardit Ānardita Roared Sanskrit आनर्दित MW
Ānarta Ānarta Dancing place, dancing academy Sanskrit आनर्त MW
Ānartana Ānartana Dancing towards Sanskrit आनर्तन MW
Ānata Ānata Bowing Sanskrit आनत MW
Ānati Bowing Sanskrit आनति MW
Ānava Ānava Humane, kind to mankind Sanskrit आनव MW
Āndolan Āndolana Movement Sanskrit आन्दोलन OB SD
Āneel Āneelā dark Blue Sanskrit आनील MW
Ānirhata Ānirhatī Indestructible Nature Sanskrit MW
Ānkshī Musical Instrument Sanskrit आङ्क्षी MW
Ānritya Dance towards Sanskrit MW
Āntarāla Āntarāla one who knows Inner self, 'those who know the condition of the soul' Sanskrit आन्तराल MW
0 Ānu to Roar Sanskrit MW
Ānu Ānu Living, Human Sanskrit MW
Ānūka Ānūka Jewel Ornament Sanskrit आनूक MW
Ānūp Ānūpa Watery Sanskrit आनूप S MW 2
Āpa Āpa Water Sanskrit आप MW
Āpaga River Sanskrit आपगा MW
Āpāna Āpāna one who has Reached Sanskrit MW
Āpanna Āpanna Entered Sanskrit आपन्न MW
Āpat Āpat to Fly Sanskrit आपत् MW
Āpeena Āpeena a Well Sanskrit आपीन MW
Āphalya Āphalya Fruitfulness Sanskrit आफल्य MW
Āpi Friend Sanskrit आपि MW
Āpīdan Āpīdana Embracing, squeezing Sanskrit आपीडन MW
Āpitva Āpitva Friendship Sanskrit आपित्व MW
Āplava Āplava Sprinkling with Water, bathing Sanskrit आप्लव MW
Āplavita Āplavita Overflowed Sanskrit आप्लावित MW
Āplutā Immersed Sanskrit SD
Āpnoti Āpnoti Achieves Sanskrit आप्नोति SD
Āpnuvanti Āpnuvanti Attain Sanskrit SD
Āprati Āprati Go toward to Meet someone Sanskrit आप्रती MW
Āprī Invocation Sanskrit MW
Āpritam Āprita Joyous Sanskrit आप्रीत MW
Āpta Āpta Abundant; Complete; One who has Achieved, Trustworthy Sanskrit आप्त OD MW 1
Āptabhāva Āptabhāva Trustworthy Sanskrit आप्तभाव MW
Āptakāma Āptakāma Satisfied, supreme soul Sanskrit आप्तकाम OB MW
Āptakrit Āptakrita Trustworthy Sanskrit आप्तकृत् MW
Āpti Abundance, Trustworthiness Sanskrit आप्ति MW
Āpūra Abundance Sanskrit आपूर MW
Āpya Āpya Watery Sanskrit आप्य MW
Ārabdha Ārabdha Begun Sanskrit आरब्ध MW
Āradhan Āradhana Prayer, Worship Sanskrit आराधना OD MW 1
Ārabdhi Beginning Sanskrit आरब्धि MW
Ārādha Gratification Sanskrit आराध MW
Āradhaka Āradhika Worshipper Sanskrit आराधक MW
Ārādhit Ārādhita Worshipped, Honoured Sanskrit आराधित MW
Ārakshika Watchman Sanskrit आरक्षिक MW
Ārakshin Watching Sanskrit आरक्षिन् MW
Ārāma Ārāma Delight, a Pleasure Garden Sanskrit आराम MW
Ārāmana Ārāmana Delight, pleasure Sanskrit आरमण MW
Ārambha Ārambha Beginning, commencement Sanskrit आरम्भ MW
Ārambhana Ārambhana Beginning Sanskrit आरम्भण MW
Ārāmika Ārāmika Gardener Sanskrit आरामिक MW
Ārana Ārana Depth, Abyss Sanskrit आरण MW
Ārasa Shout Sanskrit आरस MW
Ārasita Roaring Sanskrit आरसित MW
Ārava Thundering Sanskrit आरव MW
Āravalī Mountain range Sanskrit आरावली MW
Ārddha Ārddha Abundance Sanskrit आर्द्ध MW
Ārdra Ārdrā Fresh Sanskrit आर्द्र MW
Ārdratā Freshness Sanskrit आर्द्रता MW
Ārdratva Ārdratva Freshness, Tenderness Sanskrit आर्द्रत्व MW
Ārechin Ārechin Emptying Sanskrit आरेचिन् MW
Ārehana Ārehana Kissing Sanskrit आरेहण MW
Ārghā Yellow Bee Sanskrit आर्घा MW
Ārita Ārita Praised Sanskrit आरित MW
Ārjava Ārjava Sincere, Straightforwardness, simplicity, authenticity Sanskrit आर्जव OD MW 1
Ārjavaka Ārjavaka Straight, direct Sanskrit आर्जवक MW 1
Ārksha Ārkshi belonging to the Stars, Stellar Sanskrit आर्क्ष MW
Ārnava Ārnava coming from the Sea Sanskrit आर्णव MW
Ārochan Ārochana Bright, Shining Sanskrit आरोचन MW
Ārodhana Ārodhana Innermost part, Secret place Sanskrit आरोधन MW
Āroghya Āroghya Health, free from disease Sanskrit MW
Ārogya Ārogya Health, free from disease Sanskrit आरोग्य SD
Āroha Ascent, Mountain Sanskrit आरोह MW
Ārohana Ārohanī Arising, Ascending Sanskrit आरोहण MW
Ārohati Ārohati Climb, Ascend, Grow Sanskrit आरोहति SD
Āroka Shining through Sanskrit आरोक MW
Ārtava Ārtavi According to the Seasons, to Time Sanskrit आर्तव MW
Ārtha Ārthī Significant Sanskrit आर्थ MW
Ārthika Ārthika Wise, Real, Significant Sanskrit आर्थिक MW
Ārūdha Ārūdha last stage of sannyas, perfect renunciation, transcend all disciplines Sanskrit आरूढ OD MW 1
Āruha Āruha Ascending Sanskrit आरुह MW
Ārudhi Ascent Sanskrit आरूढि MW
Ārya Ārya Noblest, Respectable, Honourable Sanskrit आर्य OD MW 1
Āryasatya Āryasatya Noble Truth, great truth Sanskrit आर्यसत्य OD MW 1
Āryavarta Āryavarta Abode of the Honourable ones, India Sanskrit आर्यावर्त MW
Āsad Āsada Sitting close to, Meeting Sanskrit आसद् MW
Āsādya Āsādya Attaining Sanskrit आसाद्य SD
Āsakti Devotedness Sanskrit आसक्ति MW
Āsana Āsana Sitting Posture Sanskrit आसन MW Yoga term
Āsansa Hope Sanskrit आशंसा MW
Āsatti Intimate Union Sanskrit आसत्ति MW
Āsava Wine; Nectar or Juice of a Flower, or of a woman's lips Sanskrit आसव OD MW 1 Mispelled in OD as Ashava
Āseen Āseena Sitting Sanskrit आसीन् MW
Āseva Āseva Practice Sanskrit MW
Āsevana Āsevana assiduous Practice Sanskrit आसेवन MW
Āsevanita Āsevanita assiduous Practiced Sanskrit MW
Āsha Āsha Reaching, obtaining Sanskrit आश MW
Āshā Āsho Hope Sanskrit आशा OD MW 1
Āshā Space Sanskrit आशा MW
Āshadh Purnima Guru Purnima Full Moon Hindi OB Onl
Āshadhā fourth Month of the year, the month of the sun in zodiac sign Cancer Hindi आसाढ़ Onl
Āshākārin Āshākārin Promising Sanskrit आशाकारिन् SD
Āshākiran Ray of Hope Sanskrit SD
Āshakta Āshakta very Powerful Sanskrit आशक्त MW
Āshakti Power Sanskrit आशक्ति MW
Āshansā Hope, expectation Sanskrit आशंसा MW
Āshar Āshara Shelter, Refuge Sanskrit आशार OD MW 1
Āshas Hope Sanskrit आशस् MW
Āshasan Āshasana Praying for Sanskrit MW
Āshasha Filling the regions of the Sky Sanskrit आशाश MW
Āshāshti a Prayer Sanskrit आशास्ति MW
Āshāsya Āshāsya Desire, Wish Sanskrit आशास्य SD
Āshasyam Āshasyam Wish Sanskrit MW
Āshava Āshava Quickness, rapid Sanskrit आशव MW
Āshāvat Āshāvat Hoping, Trusting Sanskrit आशावत् MW
Āshaya Āshaya Inner bed of Feeling, the Heart Sanskrit आशय MW
Āshcharya Āshcharya Marvellous, Wonderful Sanskrit आश्चर्य MW
Āshhu Āshhu Soon Sanskrit SD
Āshika Lover Urdu OD Onl 1
Āshikshā desire to Learn Sanskrit आशिक्षा MW
Āshiman Āshiman Quickness, rapid Sanskrit MW
Āshirdā Fulfilment of Wishes Sanskrit आशीर्दा OD MW 1
Āshirdāyā Fulfilment of Wishes Sanskrit MW
Āshīrukti Benediction Sanskrit आशीरुक्ति MW
Āshish Āshish Blessing, Prayer Sanskrit आशिस् OD MW 1
Āshīvāda Benediction Sanskrit MW
Āshlesha Āshleshā Embrace, Hug, intimate contact Sanskrit MW
Āshleshita Āshleshita Embraced, Hugged Sanskrit MW
Āshrava Āshrava Listening Sanskrit आश्रव MW 1
Āshram Abode of Sannyasins Sanskrit MW
Āshramika Āshramika Sannyasin who lives in an Ashram Sanskrit आश्रमिक MW
Āshri take Shelter Sanskrit आश्रि SD
Āshrita taking Refuge, Shelter Sanskrit आश्रित MW
Āshruti Hearing Sanskrit आश्रुति MW
Āshtra Āshtra Sky Sanskrit आष्ट्र MW
Āshtrī large Forest Sanskrit आष्ट्री MW
Āshu Āshu Going quickly, 'the quick one' Sanskrit आशु OD MW 1
Āshubodha Āshubodhi Easily Understood; Quick to Learn; Quick to be Aware Sanskrit आशुबोध OD MW 1
Āshudeva Easily Divine Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Āshuga Āshugā Arrow; Moving Quickly Sanskrit आशुग MW
Āshutosh Āshutosha Satisfied easily Sanskrit आशुतोष MW 1
Āshutva Āshutva Quickness Sanskrit आशुत्व MW
Āshvas Āshvas to Breathe Sanskrit आश्वस् MW
Āshvasa Āshvasa Breathing freely Sanskrit आश्वास MW
Āshvāsana Āshvāsana Refreshing Sanskrit आश्वासन MW
Āsita Āsita Seated Sanskrit आसित MW
Āskanda Ascending Sanskrit आस्कन्द MW
Āsrava Impurity, sin; the influence of the body-mind to create karma Sanskrit आस्रव MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Āsrāva Flow Sanskrit आस्राव MW
Āsrāvin Āsrāvin Flowing Sanskrit आस्राविन् MW
Āsru Āsru to Flow Sanskrit आस्रु MW
Āstha Āstho Trust Sanskrit, Hindi आस्था OD MW, HD 2 Dictionaries give meaning: Opinion, Belief
Āsthān Āsthāna Assembly, Hall, gathering of people who trust Sanskrit आस्थान Sp MW
Āstika Āstika Āstiko one who Trusts, (one who believes in the existence of the divine) Sanskrit आस्तिक OD MW 1
Āsuti Exciting; Enlivening Sanskrit आसुति MW
Āsutosh Āsutosha Āsutosho easily Contented Sanskrit आशुतोष SD
Āsya Āsya Face Sanskrit आस्य MW
Āsyā Resting; Sitting Sanskrit आस्या MW
Āta Āta Going Sanskrit आट MW
Ātaka Ātikā Going; a Sparrow Bird Sanskrit आटक MW
Ātani Ātani Penetrating Sanskrit आतनि MW
Ātapa Sunshine, heat Sanskrit आतप MW
Ātapat Shining Sanskrit आतपत् MW
Atapati Atapati while the Sun is Shining' Sanskrit आतपति MW
Ātapin Zealous Sanskrit आतापिन् MW
Ātara Crossing to the Other Shore Sanskrit आतर MW
Ātata to Spread, to stretch (as a bow) Sanskrit आतत MW
Ātati Darkness Sanskrit आतति MW
Ātavika Ātavika Ātaviko one who lives in a Forest, a Forester Sanskrit आटविक MW 1
Ātayin Falcon, Kite bird Sanskrit आतायिन् MW
Ātithya Guest Sanskrit आतिथ्य MW
Ātma- Ātma- the Innermost Self, the Soul Sanskrit आत्मा OD MW 2
Ātmā Ātmā Ātmo the Innermost Self, the Soul Sanskrit आत्मा OD MW 3
Ātmā Ātmā Ātmo the Innermost Self, the Soul Sanskrit आत्मा OD MW 2
Ātmabodha Ātmabodhi Self-Realization; Self-Awareness; Awareness of the Soul Sanskrit आत्मबोध S MW 2
Ātmabuddhi Self-Knowing Sanskrit आत्मबुद्धि MW
Ātmachinta Meditation on the Soul Sanskrit आत्मचिन्ता MW
Ātmadā Giving Life Sanskrit आत्मदा MW
Ātmadeen Ātmadeena Self-Dependent Sanskrit MW
Ātmadheen Ātmadheena Self-Dependent Sanskrit आत्माधीन SD
Ātmagati one's own Way, the course of Spirit Sanskrit आत्मगति MW
Ātmagyan Self-Knowing Sanskrit MW
Ātmaja Ātmaja Self-Originated, giving Birth to Oneself, Rebirth Sanskrit आत्मज MW
Ātmajyoti Light of the Self, Flame of the Soul Sanskrit आत्मज्योतिस् MW
Ātmakāma Ātmakāmā Loving Oneself, Loving the Supreme Spirit Sanskrit आत्मकाम MW
Ātmakreed Ātmakreeda Play with the Supreme Spirit Sanskrit आत्मक्रीड MW
Ātmamecchā Desire of Union with the Universal Soul Sanskrit MW
Ātman Ātmana Ātmano Soul, Self, Essence Sanskrit आत्मना MW
Ātmānand Ātmānanda Ātmānando Self-Bliss, Bliss that arises out of own being, Rejoicing in supreme Spirit Sanskrit आत्मानन्द OD MW 1
Ātmanitya Ātmanitya Heartful, constantly in the Heart, greatly Loving Oneself Sanskrit आत्मनित्य MW
Ātmapāta Rebirth, ‘Descent of the Soul’ Sanskrit आत्मपात MW
Ātmaprabha Ātmaprabha Self-Illuminated Sanskrit आत्मप्रभ MW
Ātmarati Ātmarati Celebrating Oneself, Rejoicing in supreme Spirit Sanskrit आत्मरति MW
Ātmatā Essence; Nature Sanskrit आत्मता MW
Ātmatva Ātmatva Essence; Nature Sanskrit आत्मत्व MW
Ātmavidya Ātmavidya Spiritual Knowledge, Spiritual Truth Sanskrit आत्मविद्या MW
Ātmayoga Union with supreme Spirit Sanskrit आत्मयोग MW
Ātmanya Ātmanyā Connected with Oneself Sanskrit आत्मन्य MW
Ātmeshvara Master of Oneself Sanskrit आत्मेश्वर MW
Ātmībhāva becoming part of the supreme Spirit Sanskrit आत्मीभाव MW
Ātmīya Ātmīyā One’s own; Intimate, affectionate Sanskrit आत्मीय MW
Ātmodeep Ātmodeepa Light of the Innermost Self Sanskrit Sp
Ātmogyan Ātmogyana Knowledge of Innermost Self Sanskrit Sp
Āvāha Invitation Sanskrit आवाह MW
Āvāhan Āvāhana Invocation Sanskrit अवहन् MW
Āvalokiteshvara Āvalokiteshvara the All-Seeing Buddha of Compassion Sanskrit अवलोकितेश्वर MW
Āvarjana Āvarjana Attracting Sanskrit आवर्जन MW
Āvarsha Āvarsha Raining Sanskrit आवर्ष MW
Āvarta Whirlpool Sanskrit आवर्त MW
Āvartaka Whirlpool Sanskrit आवर्तक MW
Āvartin Āvartin Whirling Sanskrit आवर्तिन् MW
Āvartinā Returning Sanskrit SD
Āvartinī Whirlpool Sanskrit आवर्तिनी MW
Āvartita Āvartita Turned around Sanskrit आवर्तित MW
Āvāsin Āvāsin Dwelling in, Abiding in Sanskrit आवासिन् MW
Āvedin Āvedin Announcing, Declaring Sanskrit आवेदिन् MW
Āvedit Āvedita Communicated Sanskrit आवेदित MW
Āvega Āvega Excitement, Impulse Sanskrit आवेग OD MW 1
Āvenika Āveniki Independence Sanskrit आवेणिक MW
Āvesh Āvesha Possessed by, joining oneself to, Devotedness to one thing Sanskrit आवेश OD MW 1
Āveshik Āveshika Guest Sanskrit आवेशिक MW
Āveshtita Āveshtita Surrounded Sanskrit आवेष्टित MW
Āvibhā Āvibhā Burning from all sides, to Shine towards Sanskrit आविभा OD MW 1
Āvibhāti Āvibhāti Burning from all sides Sanskrit आविभाति MW
Āvid Āvida Knowledge, knowing Sanskrit आविद् OD MW 1
Āvidvas Āvidvas Knowing well, Skilled Sanskrit आविद्वस् MW
Āvinna Āvinna Existing, Being Sanskrit आविन्न MW
Āvirbhāv Āvirbhāva Āvirbhāvo Manifestation; Presence; Becoming Visible Sanskrit आविर्भाव S MW 2
Āvirbhūta Āvirbhūta Manifest, Visible Sanskrit आविर्भूत MW
Āvirbhūti Manifest, Visible Sanskrit MW
Āvishkāra Āvishkāra Manifestation, make Visible Sanskrit आविष्कार MW
Āvishta Āvishta Possessed Sanskrit आविष्ट MW
Āvitta Āvitta Existing, Being Sanskrit आवित्त MW
Āvrishti Rain Sanskrit SD
Āvrit Turned towards Home Sanskrit आवृत् MW
Āvrita Āvrita Encircled Sanskrit आवृत SD
Āvritta Āvritta Whirled Sanskrit आवृत्त SD
Āvrittam Āvrittam addressing Prayers or Songs to God Sanskrit आवृत्तम MW
Āvritti Revolving, revolution of rebirths Sanskrit आवृत्ति MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Āyāchita Āyāchita Prayer Sanskrit आयाचित SD
Āyāchitam Āyāchitam Prayer Sanskrit आयाचितम MW
Āyāma Expansion Sanskrit आयाम MW
Āyāna Arrival Sanskrit आयान MW
Āyāsa Effort Sanskrit आयास MW
Āyasin Active, Effort Sanskrit आयासिन् MW
Āyata Āyata Extended Sanskrit आयत MW
Āyatam Āyatam Abundance Sanskrit MW
Āyatan Āyatana Resting place, Sanctuary Sanskrit आयतन MW
Āyati Future, extending Time Sanskrit आयति MW
Āyāti Arrival Sanskrit आयाति MW
Āyatti Dependence Sanskrit आयत्ति MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Āyāga Gift given Sanskrit आयाग MW
Āyu Āyu Living, Human Sanskrit आयु MW
Āyukta Āyukta United, Joined with Sanskrit आयुक्त MW
Āyurdā Āyurdā Giving Life Sanskrit आयुर्दा MW
Āyurveda Sacred Science of Life and Health Sanskrit आयुर्वेद MW
Āyurvedika Physician of the Sacred Science of Life and Health Sanskrit आयुर्वेदिक MW
Āyus Āyus Living Man; Life power Sanskrit आयुस् MW
Āyushmat Āyushmat Healthy, possessing vital power, Alive Sanskrit आयुष्मत् MW
Āyushpā Āyushpā Preserving Life Sanskrit आयुष्पा MW
Āyuta Āyuta Melted Sanskrit आयुत MW
Names beginning with B ब (inc. Bh भ)
Baag Baag Garden Hindi बाग OB HD Alternative spelling of Bāg
Babbula Acacia Tree Sanskrit बब्बूल MW
Babhru Babhru Reddish-brown Sanskrit बभ्रु MW
Babūlā Madness Hindi बबुला OD HD 1
Bachcha Bachcha Small Child Hindi बच्चा OB HD
Bādal Cloud Hindi बादल S 1
Bādāma Almond Tree Sanskrit बादाम MW
Badara Bādarī Jujube Tree Sanskrit बदर MW
Bādara Bādara Water Sanskrit बादर SD
Bādara Bādarī Silk Sanskrit बादर MW
Badarikā Jujube Fruit Sanskrit बदरिका MW
Baddha Baddha Baddha Bound, tied, suppressed, that which binds the spirit Sanskrit बद्ध MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Baddhaka one who is Bound, captive Sanskrit बद्धक MW
Baddhamūla Baddhamūlā Grounded, firmly rooted Sanskrit बद्धमूल MW
Bādha Bādha Strong, mighty Sanskrit बाढ MW
Bādha Impulse, urging Sanskrit बाढ MW
Bādhana Bādhani Oppression, Suppression Sanskrit बाधन MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Badi' Badi' God, the Originator of Creation Arabic البديع OB 99N Sufi. 99 Names of Allah
Badvan Highway Road Sanskrit बद्वन् MW
Bāg Bāg Garden Hindi बाग HD
Bāgichā Bāgichā Garden Hindi बगीचा OB HD
Bāgiya Small Garden Hindi HD 1
Baha Glory Splendour Arabic Onl Bahai faith claims it is the 100th name of God
Bāha Bāha Strong, firm Sanskrit बाह SD
Bahala Bahala Bahala Intense, deep, firm, abundant Sanskrit बहल MW
Bahalita Bahalita Grown Strong Sanskrit बहलित MW
Bahauddin name of a Sufi Master, founder of Naqshbandis Arabic OB Onl Sufi
Bāheeka Bāheeka External Sanskrit बाहीक MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bahirdhā Outward Sanskrit बहिर्धा MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bahirgeet Bahirgeeta Song accompanied by stringed instrument Sanskrit बहिर्गीत MW
Bahu Bahu Abundant, much Sanskrit बहु MW
Bahubala Lion, having great strength Sanskrit बहुबल MW
Bahubali name of a King who become a Master "Strong arms" Sanskrit OB MW
Bahubhuta name of Shiva, many Beinged, many Forms Sanskrit TS
Bahuda Bahuda Giving much, Generous Sanskrit बहुद MW
Bahudāna Bahudāna Rich Gift Sanskrit बहुदान MW
Bahudāyin Bahudāyin Giving much, Generous Sanskrit बहुदायिन् MW
Bahudevata Bahudevata a Song offered for many deities Sanskrit बहुदेवत MW
Bahudhā Bahudhā many Ways or Directions Sanskrit बहुधा MW
Bahudhana Bahudhana Wealthy, Rich Sanskrit बहुधन MW
Bahudhara name of Shiva, the Sustainer Sanskrit बहुधर TS
Bahudhāra Bahudhāra Indra’s Diamond Thunderbolt, many edged Sanskrit MW
Bahugandha Abundant Scent, bud of Champa flower Hindi बहुगन्ध HD
Bahugrāhya Bahugrāhya one who is able to give Gifts to many Sanskrit MW
Bahuguna Bahuguna having many Good Qualities Sanskrit बहुगुण MW
Bahujāta Bahujāta Grown mighty Sanskrit बहुजात MW
Bahujava Bahujava Quick , very Swift Sanskrit बहुजव MW
Bahujna Bahujna having much Knowledge Sanskrit बहुज्ञ MW
Bahukām Bahukāma having many Desires Sanskrit MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bahukāra Bahukāra Doing much Sanskrit बहुकार MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bahula Bahulā Abundant, much, many, born under the Pleiades Sanskrit बहुल MW
Bahulikā the Pleiades Sanskrit बहुलिका MW
Bahulīkāra great Zeal or great Care for Sanskrit बहुलीकार MW
Bahulita Bahulita Increased Sanskrit बहुलित MW
Bahultā Abundance Sanskrit MW
Bāhulya Abundance Sanskrit बाहुल्य S MW 1
Bahumāna great Respect or Esteem Sanskrit बहुमान MW
Bahumānya Bahumānya highly Esteemed Sanskrit बहुमान्य MW
Bahumata Bahumata highly Esteemed, valued Sanskrit बहुमत MW
Bahumati Esteem Sanskrit बहुमति MW
Bahumitra Bahumitra having many Friends Sanskrit बहुमित्र MW
Bahumūla Bahumūla many Rooted Sanskrit बहुमूल MW
Bahumūlya Bahumūlya Precious Sanskrit बहुमूल्य MW
Bahunāman Bahunāman having many Names Sanskrit बहुनामन् MW
Bahupad many Rooted, fig-Tree Sanskrit बहुपद् MW
Bahupād Bahupādā many footed, fig-Tree Sanskrit बहुपाद MW
Bahuphala many Fruited Sanskrit बहुफल MW
Bahuprada Giving much, generous Sanskrit बहुप्रद MW
Bahupriya Bahupriya Beloved to many Sanskrit बहुप्रिय MW
Bahurājā Bahurājā very Wealthy Sanskrit MW
Bahūrānī Bride-Queen, (Bahu = daughter-in-law, Rani = Queen) Hindi बहूऊरानी OB HD
Bahuras Bahurasa having much Juice Sanskrit बहुरस MW
Bahuratna Bahuratnā Rich in Gems or Jewels Sanskrit बहुरत्न MW
Bahūrj Bahūrj possessing much Strength Sanskrit बहूर्ज् MW
Bahurūp Bahurūpā Multiform, name of God or Goddess of Love Sanskrit बहुरूप MW
Bahushakti Bahushakti possessing much Power Sanskrit बहुशक्ति MW
Bahushūnya Bahushūnya very Empty Sanskrit बहुशून्य MW
Bahutā Abundant Sanskrit बहुता MW
Bahutama Bahutama very Many Sanskrit बहुतम MW
Bahutara Bahutarā most Abundant Sanskrit बहुतर MW
Bahutarām Bahutarām Exceedingly, Much Sanskrit बहुतराम् SD
Bahutarī most Abundant Sanskrit MW
Bahutaya Bahutaya Manifold Sanskrit बहुतय MW
Bahutva Bahutva Abundance Sanskrit बहुत्व MW
Bahuvid Bahuvid Knowing much Sanskrit बहुविद् MW
Bahuvidya Bahuvidya Knowing much Sanskrit MW
Bahuvīrya Bahuvīryā very Powerful Sanskrit बहुवीर्य MW
Bahvapa Bahvapa Abounding in Water Sanskrit बह्वप MW
Bahvartha Bahvartha Important, having many meanings Sanskrit बह्वर्थ MW
Bahvī Abundance Sanskrit MW
Bāhya Bāhyā Exterior Sanskrit बाह्य MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Baijika Baijika Spiritual cause of Existence, Original Soul or Spirit Sanskrit बैजिक MW
Ba'ith Ba'ithi God, the Resurrector, the Raiser of the Dead Sufi الباعث 99N
Baja Protective Herb Sanskrit MW
Baka Heron, Crane bird Sanskrit बक MW
Bakota Crane bird Sanskrit बकोट MW
Bakula Maulsari Tree (blossoms when sprinkled with nectar from lovely woman) Sanskrit बकुल MW
Bakuli Fragrant Flower Sanskrit बकुली MW
Bala Bala Power, Strength Sanskrit बल MW
Bāla Young Child, new moon, newly risen sun Sanskrit बाल OD MW 1
Bālā Young Child, Girl, new moon, newly risen sun Sanskrit बाला MW
Bāla- Bālā- Young Sanskrit बाला MW
Balābala Balābala Strength and weakness, duality Sanskrit बलाबल MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Balabalī Strong Sanskrit बलबली MW
Bālabhāva Childhood, state of being a child Sanskrit बालभाव MW
Bālachandra Young Moon, New moon Sanskrit बालचन्द्र MW
Bālacharya Bālacharyā Child’s behaviour, a child's way of moving Sanskrit बालचर्य MW (f) बालचर्या
Balada ‘Strength giving’ Sanskrit बलद MW
Baladeva the Wind, Krishna’s elder brother Sanskrit MW
Balādhya Strengthening Sanskrit बलाढ्य MW
Bālāditya Newly risen Sun Sanskrit बालादित्य MW
Balāgra Balāgra utmost Strength Sanskrit बलाग्र MW
Balaha name of Shiva, destroyer of braggarts strength Sanskrit TS
Bālaha Bālaha Strong, mighty Sanskrit MW
Balāhaka Rain or Cloud Sanskrit MW
Balaja Born from Strength, Born Strong, produced by Strength Sanskrit बलज MW
Balajā Pretty Woman, the Earth, Jasmine Sanskrit बलजा MW
Bālaji Young Lord Krishna Sanskrit OB HD
Bālaka Child boy Sanskrit बालक MW
Balākā Crane bird Sanskrit बलाका MW
Bālakamalinī Young Lotus Sanskrit बालकमलिनी MW
Balakara Balakara Inspiring Strength Sanskrit बलकर MW
Bālakeli Child’s Play Sanskrit बालकेलि MW
Bālakrishna Young Lord Krishna Sanskrit बालकृष्ण MW HD 1
Bālakriyā Child’s actions, child's behaviour Sanskrit बालक्रिया MW
Bālakunda Young Jasmine Sanskrit बालकुन्द MW
Balaksha Balakshī White, the Light half of a month Sanskrit बलक्ष MW
Balakshagu ‘White-rayed,’ the Moon Sanskrit बलक्षगु MW
Bālaleelā Child’s Play Sanskrit MW 1
Balam Beloved Sanskrit MW
Bālalmani Young Jewel Hindi HD MW
Balana Balana Strengthening Sanskrit बलन MW
Balanvit Balanvita Powerful, Strong Sanskrit बलान्वित MW
Bālārka Newly risen Sun Sanskrit बालार्क MW
Balakrit Balakrit Strengthening Sanskrit बलकृत् MW
Balapati Lord of Strength, a Commander Sanskrit बलपति MW
Balaprān Balaprāna Strength and Spirit Sanskrit बलप्राण MW
Bālarāja Bālarāja Lapis Lazuli Sanskrit बालराज MW
Bālarūn Bālarūna early Dawn Sanskrit बालारुण MW
Bālashankar Young Lord Shiva Hindi HD MW
Bālasthāna Childhood, state of being a child, Youth Sanskrit बालस्थान MW
Bālatā Childhood, state of being a child Sanskrit बालता MW
Bālātapa Red with morning sunbeams Sanskrit बालातप MW
Bālataru Young Tree Sanskrit बालतरु MW
Balati to Breathe, to Live Sanskrit बलति MW
Bālatva Bālatva Childhood, state of being a child, Youth Sanskrit बलतिबालत्व MW
Balavān name of Shiva, the Strong Sanskrit बलवान् TS
Balavat Balavat Powerful, intense Sanskrit बलवत् MW
Balaveera name of Shiva, the Mighty Sanskrit TS
Balavirya Strength and Heroism Sanskrit बलविर्य SD
Bālayaka Bālayaka Lapis Lazuli Sanskrit MW
Balayati to Breathe, to Live Sanskrit बलयति MW
Baldev God-like Power Hindi HD
Bālendu New Moon Sanskrit बालेन्दु MW HD
Bali Gift, Offering, a great devotional act Sanskrit, Hindi बलि S MW 1
Bālika Child girl Sanskrit बालिका MW
Bāliman Childhood, state of being a child Sanskrit बलिमन् MW
Balin Balina Powerful, Strong Sanskrit बलिन् MW
Balini Powerful one Sanskrit बलिनी MW
Balinman Powerful, Strong Sanskrit MW
Bālisha Bālishā Young Sanskrit बालिश MW
Balishtha most Powerful Sanskrit बलिष्ठ MW
Bālishya Bālishyā Youth Sanskrit बालिश्य MW
Balraj Powerful Hindi HD
Balūl Balūla Powerful, Strong Sanskrit बलूल MW
Balveer Powerful Hindi HD
Bālya Bālya Childhood, crescent Moon Sanskrit बाल्य MW
Bālyatā Childhood Sanskrit बाल्यता MW
Bambati Bambati to Go Sanskrit बम्बति MW
Bambhara Bambhara Bee Sanskrit बम्भर MW
Bāna Sound, Music (of flute or harp) Sanskrit MW
Bānā Feathers of an Arrow Sanskrit बाणा MW
Bānagangā ‘Arrow Ganges,’ name of a River Sanskrit बाणगङ्गा MW
Banahasta name of Shiva, the Archer Sanskrit TS
Bānapatha Arrow’s path Sanskrit बाणपथ MW
Bānasana Bānasana Bow, ‘Arrow discharger’ Sanskrit बाणासन MW
Bānatā being an Arrow Sanskrit बाणता MW
Banavat Arrow Sanskrit बाणवत् MW
Bandha Bandha Binding, a bond Sanskrit बन्ध MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bandhāki Mountain Sanskrit बन्धाकि MW
Bandhana Bandhanī Binding, a bond Sanskrit बन्धन MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bāndhava Friend, Brother Sanskrit बान्धव MW
Bāndhavatā Relationship Sanskrit बान्धवता MW
Bāndhavi Sister Sanskrit बान्धवी MW
Bandhin Bandhin Binding Sanskrit बन्धिन् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bandhitra God of Love Sanskrit बन्धित्र MW
Bandhu Brother, kindred, Friend, Connection Sanskrit बन्धु OD MW 2
Bandhul Bandhula Lovely, charming Sanskrit MW
Bandhūli a red flower, "Midday Flower", Pentapetes Phoenicea Sanskrit बन्धूलि SD
Bandhumat Bandhumat having Relations Sanskrit बन्धुमत् MW
Bandhupati Lord of Relations, of Friendships Sanskrit बन्धुपति MW
Bandhūra Bandhūra Pretty, Lovely, charming Sanskrit, Hindi बन्धूर SD, HD
Bandhutā Connection, Relationship Sanskrit बन्धुता MW
Bandhutva Bandhutva Connection, Relationship Sanskrit बन्धुत्व MW
Bandi a Buddhist student Sanskrit बन्दि MW
Bandin Poet, a singer, a bard Sanskrit बन्दिन् MW
Bandistrī Poet, a singer, a bard Sanskrit बन्दिस्त्री MW
Banditā the state of being a Poet, singer or bard Sanskrit बन्दिता SD
Banditva Banditva the state of being a Poet, singer or bard Sanskrit बन्दित्व SD
Banhiman Abundance Sanskrit बंहिमन् MW
Banhishtha Banhishtha Abundance Sanskrit बंहिष्ठ MW
Bani Goddess Saraswati Hindi HD
Bānin having Arrows Sanskrit बाणिन् MW
Banjara Banjara Wanderer Hindi बंजारा HD
Bankei name of a Zen Master, from the Rinzai school, "10,000 Blessings" Japanese 盤珪 OB Onl Zen
Banmala Flower Garland, with five types of flowers Hindi HD
Bansilal Flute player, Lord Krishna Hindi HD
Bānsuri Flute Hindi बाँसुरी OD HD 1 Misspelled as Bansi
Banzan Indestructible Mountain Japanese 蕃山 JD Zen
Baqi Baqi God, the Everlasting, the Ever Enduring Arabic الباقي 99N Sufi
Bāra Bāra an Opening Sanskrit बार MW 1
Barāt Wedding procession Hindi बरात OB HD Also spelled as Baraat
Baraka Barakah Grace Arabic بركة OD Onl 1 Sufi
Barbura Barbura Water Sanskrit बर्बुर S MW 1
Barbati Barbati to Go, to Move Sanskrit बर्बति MW
Bardo Space between life and death Pali, Tibetan PD Use with 'Veet' or 'Mukta'
Bārha Bārha Peacock Tail Sanskrit बार्ह MW
Barhanā Barhanā Strongly Sanskrit बर्हणा MW
Barhāyita Barhāyita resembling eyes of Peacock tail, symbolic of 3rd eye Sanskrit बर्हायित MW
Barhin Peacock Sanskrit बर्हिन् MW
Barhina Barhina Peacock, decorated with peacock feathers Sanskrit बर्हिण MW
Barhis Barhis Sacred Grass Sanskrit बर्हिस् MW
Bari God, the Maker Arabic البارئ OD 99N 1 Sufi
Barindra Ocean Hindi HD
Barkha Barkha Rain, rain-shower, showering, life-giving rain Sanskrit OD SD 1 Misspelled as Bharka
Barr Barra God, the Benign, the Source of All-Goodness Arabic البر 99N
Barsa Barsa Tip, point Sanskrit बर्स MW
Baruch Barucha Prayer of Blessing Hebrew בָּרוּךְ OB Onl
Basant Basanti Season of Spring Hindi बसन्ती S HD 1
Baseer Baseera God, the All Seeing Sufi لبصير OD 99N 1 Sufi
Basheer the one who brings good News Arabic بشير Onl
Bashīr the one who brings good News Arabic بشير S Onl
Bāshkala Warrior, Great, a Teacher of the Rigveda Sanskrit बाष्कल MW
Bāshpa Tears Sanskrit बाष्प MW
Bashō name of a Zen Master and Haiku Poet Japanese 芭蕉 OB Onl 1 Zen
Basit Basita God, the Expander, the Munificent Arabic الباسط 99N Sufi
Baso Chinese Zen Master Ma Tzu Japanese OB Onl Zen
Bātāma Almond Tree Sanskrit MW
Batin Batina God, the Hidden, the All Encompassing Arabic الباطن 99N Sufi
Batohi Batohi Wanderer Hindi OD HD
Baudhya Baudhya Born in Awareness Sanskrit बौध्य SD
Baul Baula Mad Mystic, crazy, eccentric, mystic minstrels Bengali বাউল OD Onl 1
Baulsur Melody of the Bauls Bengali OB
Bavala Bavali Mad Hindi बावला S HD Possibly Gujarati for Bavara
Bavar Bavara Mad Hindi OD HD 1
Bavara Bavari Mad One Hindi S HD 1
Bayazid name of a Sufi Master Persian بسطامى OB Onl
Beej Beeja Seed, origin, mystical letter in a mantra Sanskrit बीज OD MW 2
Bela Beautiful Flower, fragrant flower of the East Hindi OD see note 2 HD gives meaning vine for 'Bel'
Bela Time Hindi OD x 1 Misspelling of Sanskrit word 'Vela'
Betā Beloved Son Hindi बेटा OB Onl Misspelled as Bete
Bhadanta Reverend, name for a Buddhist Sanskrit भदन्त MW
Bhadra Bhadra Grace, Blessed, Lovely, Beautiful, ‘My Dear’ Sanskrit भद्र OD MW 3
Bhadraka Bhadrikā Good, Brave, Beautiful Sanskrit भद्रक MW
Bhadram Joyfully Sanskrit भद्रं MW
Bhadratā Prosperity, Fortune Sanskrit भद्रता MW
Bhadravat Bhadravat Auspicious, lucky Sanskrit भद्रवत् MW
Bhadresh Lord Shiva Hindi HD
Bhadrena Auspicious, Graceful Sanskrit OD see note 1 New spelling derived from 'Bhadra'
Bhaga Bhagā Fortune, Happiness, Love, Beauty Sanskrit MW
Bhagat a Devotee, a follower on the path of love Punjabi OD Onl 1 Sikhism
Bhagatti Gift of Fortune Sanskrit भगत्ति MW
Bhagavan Bhagavani Glorious, “the divine or adorable one’ a name for gods or saints Sanskrit भगवन् MW
Bhagavat Bhagavati Glorious, “the divine or adorable one’ a name for gods or saints Sanskrit भगवत् MW 2
Bhagavatī Goddess of Fortune, Lakshmi Sanskrit भगवती MW
Bhagesh Lord of Fortune and Prosperity Sanskrit भगेश MW
Bhagevit Bhagevita Satisfied with good Fortune or Prosperity Sanskrit भगेवित MW
Bhaginī Sister Sanskrit भगिनी OB MW
Bhagnī Sister Sanskrit भग्नी MW
Bhagwan Bhagwani “The Blessed One” Hindi भगवान OD HD 1 Hindi pronunciation of Bhagavan
Bhagwant “The Blessed One” Hindi HD
Bhagwat Bhagwata Divine Poem, the Bhagavat Geeta Hindi OD Onl 1
Bhagwatam Bhagwatam Divine, godly, Hindi OD Onl 1
Bhagwati Bhagwato Divine, Goddess Durga or Lakshmi Hindi S HD 2
Bhāgya Bhāgyā Fortune, Luck, Destiny, Happiness Sanskrit भाग्य OD MW 1
Bhāgyavan Blessed Hindi भाग्यवान HD
Bhahsatya one whose real Essence is Light Sanskrit भाःसत्य MW
-bhai Brother Sanskrit भाई S MW
Bhairav Bhairava name of Shiva, 'the Formidable,' Sanskrit भैरव OD MW
Bhairavī Girl Goddess Durga Sanskrit भैरवी S MW 2
Bhajaka Worshipper Sanskrit भजक MW
Bhajan Bhajana singing, offering god your heart's song, Devotional Song Sanskrit भजन OD MW 2
Bhājana Bhājanā Sharing, Receiving Sanskrit भजन MW
Bhājayu Bhājayu Generous, Sharing with others Sanskrit भाजयु MW
Bhājin Bhājin Sharing Sanskrit भाजिन् MW
Bhājita Bhājita Shared Sanskrit भाजित MW
Bhākosha the Sun Sanskrit भाकोश MW
Bhakta Bhakta Devotion Sanskrit भक्त OD MW 2
Bhakta Bhakta Bhakto Devotion, Devotee Sanskrit भक्त OD MW 4
Bhaktatā State of Devotion Sanskrit भक्तता MW
Bhakti Devotion, Devotee Sanskrit भक्ति MW 3
Bhaktibhāj Bhaktibhāj True Devotion Sanskrit भक्तिभाज् MW
Bhaktila Bhaktila Trusty Sanskrit भक्तिल MW
Bhaktimargā the Path of Love, the Way of Devotion Sanskrit भक्तिमार्ग OB MW
Bhaktirasa Sense of Devotion Sanskrit भक्तिरस MW
Bhaktri Bhaktri Devotee, Worshipper Sanskrit भक्तृ MW
Bhala Bhala “Certainly!” term to address the Sun Sanskrit भल MW
Bhāla Bhāla Forehead Sanskrit भाल MW
Bhālachandra having Moon on his Forehead, Ganesha Sanskrit भालचन्द्र MW
Bhālalochana Bhālalochana Third Eye, having an eye in the forehead Sanskrit भाललोचन MW 1
Bhalla Bhalla Auspicious, good, favourable, an arrow point Sanskrit भल्ल MW
Bhālu the Sun Sanskrit भालु MW
Bhāma Light, Brightness, Splendour Sanskrit भाम MW
Bhāma Anger, Passion Sanskrit भाम MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhāmā a Passionate Woman Sanskrit भामा MW
Bhāmin Bhāmin Beautiful, Shining, Radiant Sanskrit भामिन् MW
Bhāmin Bhāmin Angry, Passionate Sanskrit भामिन् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhāminī Beautiful or Passionate Woman Sanskrit भामिनी MW HD
Bhāmita Bhāmita Angry Sanskrit भामित MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhāna Bhāna Appearance, Perception Sanskrit भान MW
Bhāna Recitation of Buddhist law Sanskrit भाण MW
Bhānaka Reciter of Buddhist law Sanskrit भाणक MW
Bhanati Bhanati Speech, Discourse Sanskrit भनति MW
Bhanda Jester, Joker, Comedian Sanskrit MW
Bhānda Bhāndā Vessel Sanskrit MW
Bhandadi Wave Sanskrit MW
Bhandadila Messenger, Fortune Sanskrit MW
Bhandana Bhandanā Applause, praise Sanskrit भन्दना MW
Bhandila Bhandila Fortune Sanskrit भण्डिल MW
Bhandra Bhandra Blessed, Happy, Fortunate Sanskrit MW
Bhandura Bhandura Beautiful Sanskrit बन्धुर SD
Bhānemi ‘Light circle’ the Sun Sanskrit भानेमि MW
Bhanga Bhanga constant Change or Flux occuring in the universe Sanskrit भङ्ग MW Buddhist
Bhangi Bhangī Curve, Wave Sanskrit भङ्गी MW
Bhangin Bhangin Fragile Sanskrit भङ्गिन् MW
Bhangura Bhangurā Fragile, River-bend Sanskrit भङ्गुर MW
Bhanita Bhanita Spoken Sanskrit भणित MW
Bhaniti Speech, Discourse Sanskrit भणिति MW
Bhanitri Bhanitri Speaker Sanskrit भणितृ MW
Bhanj Bhanj to Speak or to Shine Sanskrit भञ्ज् MW
Bhanjaru Tree growing near a temple Sanskrit भञ्जरु MW
Bhanjana Bhanjana Breaking Sanskrit भञ्जन MW
Bhanjikā Breaking Sanskrit भञ्जिका MW
Bhānta Bhānta the shape of a Thunderbolt; Moon Sanskrit भान्त MW
Bhānu Light, Ray, the Sun, Splendour, King, Master Sanskrit भानु MW
Bhanudas Servant of, or Devotee of the Sun Hindi HD
Bhanuja River Yamuna Hindi HD
Bhānuja ‘Son of the Sun,’ Saturn Sanskrit भानुज MW
Bhānumat Bhānumat Luminous, the Sun Sanskrit भानुमत् MW
Bhanumati Bright. Shining, River Ganga Hindi HD
Bhānutā being the Sun Sanskrit भानुता MW
Bhānuvana Bhānuvana ‘Sun-Forest’ Sanskrit भानुवन MW
Bhapati Lord of Stars Sanskrit भपति MW
Bharanda Master, Lord Sanskrit भरण्ड MW
Bhārandi Fabulous Bird Sanskrit भारण्डी MW
Bharadvāja Skylark Bird Sanskrit भारद्वाज MW
Bharas Bharas Cherishing Sanskrit भरस् MW
Bharata Actor, Dancer; name for a World-Emperor Sanskrit भरत MW
Bhārat Bhāratī the real name of India, belonging to India, the land of India Sanskrit भारत OD MW 1
Bharatha King, world-protector Sanskrit भरथ MW
Bhāratī Speech, Voice, Goddess of Speech – Sarasvati Sanskrit भारती MW
Bhāraya Sky-Lark Bird Sanskrit भारय MW
Bharga Radiance, Splendour Sanskrit भर्ग MW
Bhargas Radiance, Splendour Sanskrit भर्गस् MW
Bhari Bhari Nourishing Sanskrit भरि MW
Bhāri Lion Sanskrit भारि MW
Bhārijīka Bhārijīka Radiant with Light Sanskrit भ्राजक MW
Bhariman Supporting, Nourishing Sanskrit भरीमन् MW
Bharita Bharita Nourished, Filled up, Full Sanskrit भरित MW
Bharita Bharitā Green Sanskrit भरित MW
Bharma Bharma Gold, the Navel Sanskrit भर्म MW
Bharman Bharman Support, Nourishment Sanskrit भर्मन् MW
Bhartī Bhartī Indian, man of India (commitment) Hindi भरती OB HD 5 Also means 'Commitment'
Bhartri Maintainer, Lord, Master, a Bearer, one who carries or maintains Sanskrit भर्तृ MW
Bhatrima Bhatrima Supported, Nourished Sanskrit भर्त्रिम MW
Bhartritā Mastership Sanskrit भर्तृता MW
Bhartritva Bhartritva Mastership Sanskrit भर्तृत्व MW
Bharu Master, Lord Sanskrit भरु MW
Bhārūp Bhārūpa Shining, Brilliant Sanskrit भारूप MW
Bhās Bhāsa Light, Ray of light Sanskrit भारूप MW
Bhāsaka Bhāsaka Enlightening, making intelligible Sanskrit भासक S MW 1
Bhāsāketu Bhāsāketu Perceivable through Light Sanskrit भासाकेतु MW
Bhasala Bee Sanskrit भसल MW
Bhasana Bee Sanskrit भसन MW
Bhāsana Bhāsana Splendour, Shining Sanskrit भासन MW
Bhasanta Time Sanskrit भसन्त MW
Bhāsanta Bhāsanta Sun, Moon, Star, Splendid, Beautiful Sanskrit भासन्त SD
Bhāshā Language, speech Sanskrit भाषा MW
Bhāshaka Bhāshaka Speaking Sanskrit भाषक MW
Bhāshana Bhāshana Talking, Speaking kind words Sanskrit भाषण MW
Bhashat the Heart Sanskrit भाषण MW
Bhāshikā Language, speech Sanskrit भषत् MW
Bhāshita Bhāshita Spoken Sanskrit भाषित MW
Bhāshitri Bhāshitri Speaker, talker Sanskrit भाषितृ MW
Bhashya Bhashya Talking, Speaking Sanskrit भाष्य MW
Bhāsin Bhāsin Brilliant, Shining Sanskrit भासिन् MW
Bhāsita Bhāsita to Shine, be Bright Sanskrit MW
Bhāskar Bhāskara the Sun, making Light, Shining, Gold Sanskrit भास्कर S MW 1
Bhāskari planet Saturn Sanskrit भास्करि MW
Bhāsu the Sun Sanskrit भासु MW
Bhāsura Bhāsura Shining, Radiant, a Crystal Sanskrit भासुर MW
Bhāsvara Bhāsvarā Brilliant, Bright, Shining, the Sun god Sanskrit भास्वर MW
Bhāsvat Bhāsvat Luminous, Shining, the Sun, Light, Brightness Sanskrit भास्वत् MW
Bhāsvatī City of the Sun Sanskrit भास्वती MW
Bhata Warrior Sanskrit भट MW
Bhāta Bhāta Shining Sanskrit भात MW
Bhāti Light, splendour, Perception, knowledge Sanskrit भाति MW
Bhatta Lord Sanskrit भट्ट MW
Bhattāra Bhattinī Noble lord, Nobel lady Sanskrit भट्टार MW
Bhattāraka Reverend, name for Buddhist teachers Sanskrit भट्टारक MW Buddhist
Bhatu the Sun Sanskrit भातु MW
Bhauma Bhaumī Earthly, terrestrial Sanskrit भौम MW
Bhaumika Bhaumikī being on the Earth Sanskrit भौमिक MW
Bhaumya Bhaumya being on the Earth, Earthly Sanskrit भौम्य MW
Bhava Coming into Existence, Birth, Origin Sanskrit भव MW
Bhāva Bhāvā Feelings, Heart, Love; State of Being, Existence Sanskrit भाव OD MW 2
Bhāvabhandana Bhāvabhandana Joining Hearts as in Love Sanskrit भावबन्धन MW
Bhavābdhi Ocean of Worldly Existence Sanskrit भवाब्धि MW
Bhāvabhoda Bhāvabhoda Awareness of Feelings, Revealing Feelings Sanskrit MW
Bhāvabhūta being the Source or Origin of all Being Sanskrit भवभूत SD
Bhavāgra farthest end of the World Sanskrit भवाग्र MW
Bhāvaja Love, Heart-Born, God of Love Sanskrit भावज MW 1
Bhavajala Bhavajala Ocean of Existence Sanskrit भवजल MW
Bhāvajna Bhāvajna Knowing the Heart Sanskrit भावज्ञ MW
Bhavaka Bhavaka Being, Existence Sanskrit भवक MW
Bhāvaka Bhāvaka having a taste for the Beautiful or Poetic Sanskrit भावक MW
Bhāvakūta Bhāvakūta the first feelings of Love Sanskrit भावाकूत MW
Bhāvaleenā Shadow, dissolved in existence Sanskrit भावालीना MW
Bhavan Bhavana Home, mansion, House Sanskrit भवन MW
Bhāvana Bhāvana Forest of Light Rays Sanskrit भावन MW
Bhāvana Bhāvanī Feeling of Devotion, Reflection Sanskrit भावना MW 2
Bhāvana Bhāvanī Birth, Coming into Existence, Creator, Imagination Sanskrit भावना MW 2
Bhāvanāmaya Bhāvanamayī consisting of Imagination or Meditation Sanskrit भावनामय MW
Bhavānī Goddess Parvati, goddess of being/feeling/the heart Sanskrit भवानी MW 2
Bhavanta Present Time Sanskrit भवन्त MW
Bhavāntara Bhavāntara another Existence Sanskrit भवान्तर MW
Bhavantī Present Time Sanskrit भवन्ती MW
Bhāvanuga Bhāvanuga Natural, simple Sanskrit भावानुग MW
Bhāvapushpa Heart like a Flower Sanskrit भावपुष्प MW
Bhavarga Whole Sky of Stars Sanskrit MW
Bhāvarūp Bhāvarūpa Real, really existing Sanskrit भावरूप MW
Bhavasāgara Ocean of Worldly Existence Sanskrit भवसागर OB MW
Bhāvashuddhi Purity of Heart or Being Sanskrit भावशुद्धि MW
Bhāvastha Bhāvastha Being in Live, enamoured Sanskrit भावस्थ MW
Bhavat Being, present, “the honourable one present…” Sanskrit भवत् MW
Bhāvat having Light Sanskrit भावत् MW
Bhāvata a Loving man Sanskrit भावाट MW
Bhāvāta Emotion, affection Sanskrit भावाट SD
Bhavati Becoming, come into being Sanskrit भवति OD SD 1
Bhāvatva Bhāvatva the state of Being Sanskrit भावत्व MW
Bhāvāva Bhāvāva Tender, Kind Sanskrit भावाव MW
Bhāvayu Bhāvayu Cherishing, Protecting Sanskrit भावयु MW
Bhāven Bhāvena Really, Truly Sanskrit MW 1
Bhavenu Bhavenu Being, Present, Future, Beautiful, Handsome Sanskrit MW
Bhavesh God of Love & Feeling, Lord of Worldly Existence Sanskrit भवेश OD MW 1
Bhavika Bhavikī Real, Natural, actually being, full of Feeling Sanskrit भाविक MW
Bhavila Becoming, Future Sanskrit भविल MW
Bhavin Bhavin Living, Being, Living being Sanskrit भविन् MW
Bhāvin Being, Becoming Beautiful Sanskrit भाविन् MW
Bhāvinī Beautiful Woman, beauty through being Sanskrit भाविनी S MW 1
Bhavishya Bhavishya Becoming, Future Sanskrit भविष्य MW
Bhāvita Bhāvita Created, Transformed into, Purified Sanskrit भावित MW
Bhāvitā State of Being Sanskrit भावित MW
Bhāvita Bhāvito one who is overwhelmed, one who is Overflowing Sanskrit भावित OD MW 1
Bhavitra Bhavitra the World, the Earth Sanskrit भवित्र MW
Bhāvitra Bhāvitra the Universe, the 3 worlds – heaven, atmosphere, the earth Sanskrit भावित्र MW
Bhavitri Bhavitrī Becoming, Future Sanskrit भवितृ MW
Bhavītva Bhavītva Future Sanskrit भवीत्व MW
Bhāvuka Bhāvuka taste for the Beautiful or Poetic, Happy, prosperous, language full of feeling Sanskrit भावुक MW
Bhavya Bhavya Bhavyo Splendour, Beautiful, excellent, Being, Present Sanskrit भव्य OD MW 1
Bhāvya Bhāvya Future Sanskrit भाव्य MW
Bhavyarūp Bhavyarūpa Beautiful Form Sanskrit भव्यरूप MW
Bhavyatā Beauty, excellence Sanskrit भव्यता MW
Bhāvyatā the state of Being about to happen, Future state Sanskrit भव्यता MW
Bhāvyatva Bhāvyatva the state of Being about to happen, Future state Sanskrit भाव्यत्व MW
Bhaya Bhaya Fear Sanskrit भय MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhayālu Bhayālu Afraid Sanskrit भयालु MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhayan Bhayana Fear Sanskrit भयन MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bheda Breaking Open Sanskrit भेद MW
Bhedaka Bhedaka Breaking through Sanskrit भेदक MW
Bhedan Bhedana Catharsis, Breaking Sanskrit भेदन MW
Bhedin Bhedin Catharsis, Breaking Sanskrit भेदिन् MW
Bhedir Bhedira Thunderbolt Sanskrit भेदिर MW
Bhee Fear Sanskrit भी MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bheema Goddess Durga Hindi भीम HD
Bheeta Bheeta Fear Sanskrit भीत MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bheeti Fear Sanskrit भीति MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhelan Bhelana Swimming Sanskrit भेलन MW
Bhena ‘Lord of Stars,’ the Sun or the Moon Sanskrit भेन MW
Bherund Wolf, Fox Sanskrit भेरुण्ड MW
Bherundā Formidable, name of Goddess Kali, Wolf, Fox Sanskrit MW
Bheshaja Bheshajī Healing Sanskrit भेषज MW
Bheshati Bheshati to Fear Sanskrit भेषति MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhettri Bhettri Conqueror Sanskrit भेत्तृ MW
Bhidatha Arrow Sanskrit भिदथ MW
Bhidi Thunderbolt Sanskrit भिदि MW
Bhidira Bhidira Thunderbolt Sanskrit MW
Bhidra Bhidra Thunderbolt Sanskrit भिद्र MW
Bhidu Thunderbolt Sanskrit MW
Bhidura Bhidura Thunderbolt Sanskrit भिदुर MW
Bhidya Rushing River Sanskrit भिद्य MW
Bhikhu Buddhist Sannyasin Pali OB PD
Bhikshu Buddhist Sannyasin Sanskrit भिक्षु OB MW
Bhikshuka Bhikshukī Buddhist Sannyasin Sanskrit भिक्षुक MW
Bhikshunī Buddhist Sannyasin Sanskrit भिक्षुणी MW
Bhīlu Bhīlu Timid Sanskrit भीलु MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhīma Bhīmā Formidable, name of Shiva Sanskrit भीम MW
Bhinna Bhinna Opened, Distinct, Different, Distinction Sanskrit भिन्न MW
Bhinnaka Buddhist Sannyasin Sanskrit भिन्नक MW
Bhīru Bhīru Fearful Sanskrit भीरु MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhīruka Bhīruka Fearful Sanskrit भीरुक MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhīrutā Fearfulness Sanskrit भीरुता MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhishaj Bhishaj Healing, Healer Sanskrit भिषज् MW
Bhīshma Bhīshma Fearful Sanskrit भीष्म MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhitti Breaking Sanskrit भित्ति MW Use with name for ego, "Asmita" or "Mano"
Bhiyā Fear Sanskrit भिया MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhiyas Fear Sanskrit भियस् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhoga Snake Sanskrit भोग MW
Bhoga Enjoyment, Sexual Enjoyment, feeling, experiencing Sanskrit भोग MW
Bhogavatī Snake-nymph Sanskrit भोगवती MW
Bhogin Bhogin Enjoying Sanskrit भोगिन् MW
Bhogindra Snake-King Sanskrit भोगीन्द्र MW
Bhogisha Snake-King Sanskrit भोगीश MW
Bhogya Bhogya to be Enjoyed Sanskrit भोग्य MW
Bhoja Bhoja Life of Enjoyment Sanskrit भोज MW
Bhoktri Bhoktrī Experiencer, Enjoyer Sanskrit भोक्तृ MW
Bhola Bholi Innocent Hindi S HD
Bholanath Lord Shiva Hindi HD
Bhole Innocent Hindi OB
Bhomīrā Coral Sanskrit भोमीरा MW
Bhor Bhora Morning, Dawn Hindi HD
Bhotīya Bhotīya Tibetan Sanskrit भोटीय MW
Bhrāj Bhrāj to Shine, Light, splendour Sanskrit भ्राज् MW
Bhrāja Bhrāja Shining Sanskrit भ्राज MW
Bhrājaka Bhrājakī causing to Shine, make Bright Sanskrit भ्राजक MW
Bhrājas Bhrājas Sparkling, Glittering Sanskrit भ्राजस् MW
Bhrājat Bhrājat Shining, Glittering Sanskrit भ्राजत् MW
Bhrājathu Bhrājathu Brilliance, splendour Sanskrit भ्राजत् MW
Bhrāji Splendour, lustre Sanskrit भ्राजि MW
Bhrajin Bhrajin Shining, Glittering Sanskrit भ्राजिन् MW
Bhrama Bhramā Wander, Roam; Whirling, Fountain Sanskrit भ्रम MW
Bhramana Bhramana Wandering Sanskrit भ्रमण MW
Bhramara Bhramarā Bumble Bee Sanskrit भ्रमर MW
Bhramarī Bumble Bee Sanskrit भ्रमरी MW
Bhramat Bhramat Wandering Sanskrit भ्रमत् MW
Bhramati Bhramati to Wander Sanskrit भ्रमति MW
Bhrami Bhrami Revolving, Whirlpool, Whirlwind Sanskrit भ्रमि MW
Bhramin Bhramin Whirling Sanskrit भ्रमिन् MW
Bhrāmin Bhrāmin Confused Sanskrit भ्रामिन् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Bhramita Bhramita Whirled around Sanskrit भ्रमित MW
Bhransha Bhransha Disappearance Sanskrit भ्रंश MW
Bhrānti Wandering Sanskrit भ्रान्ति MW
Bhrāsh Bhrāsh to Shine Sanskrit भ्राश् MW
Bhrastha Bhrastha Fallen from the Sky Sanskrit भ्रष्ट MW
Bhrātra Brotherhood Sanskrit भ्रात्र MW
Bhrātri Brother Sanskrit भ्रातृ MW
Bhrātrika Brotherly Sanskrit भ्रातृक MW
Bhrimi Bhrimi Whirlwind, Whirlpool, Whirling Sanskrit भृमि MW
Bhrindi Bhrindi a Wave Sanskrit भृण्डि MW
Bhringa Bumble Bee Sanskrit भृङ्ग MW
Bhringin Fig-Tree Sanskrit भृङ्गिन् MW
Bhringisha Lord of the Fig-Trees, Shiva Sanskrit भृङ्गीश MW
Bhrisha Bhrisha Powerful, strong Sanskrit भृश MW
Bhrit Bhrit Carrying, Supporting Sanskrit भृत् MW
Bhriti Carrying, Supporting, Nourishment Sanskrit भृति MW
Bhritya Bhritya to be Nourished Sanskrit भृत्या MW
Bhrū the Brow Sanskrit भ्रू MW
Bhrūaksha Bhrūaksha Eye of the brow, Third Eye Sanskrit Sp
Bhrūna Bhrūna Embryo Sanskrit भ्रूण MW
Bhrūnetra Bhrūnetra Eye of the brow, Third Eye Sanskrit Sp
Bhu Bhu Being, Existing Sanskrit भू MW
Bhū Bhū the Earth, the place of Being Sanskrit भू MW
Bhūbimba Bhūbimba the Globe of the Earth Sanskrit भूबिम्ब MW
Bhūbhrit King, Mountain, ‘Earth-supporter’ Sanskrit भूभृत् MW
Bhūchara Bhūcharā Inhabiting the Earth Sanskrit भूचर MW
Bhūdeva Divine Being on the Earth Sanskrit भूदेव MW
Bhūdhana King, ‘whose property is the Earth’ Sanskrit भूधन MW
Bhūdhara Bhūdhara Living on the Earth, Mountain Sanskrit भूधर MW
Bhūdhātrī ‘Earth-Mother’ Sanskrit भूधातिरी MW
Bhūdhra Bhūdhra Mountain Sanskrit भूध्र MW
Bhūgata Bhūgata Existing or Being on the Earth Sanskrit भूगत MW
Bhūgola the Globe of the Earth Sanskrit भूगोल MW
Bhuj Enjoyment Sanskrit भुज् MW
Bhujaga Bhujagī Snake, ‘Going in Curves’ Sanskrit भुजगी MW
Bhujangesh ‘Serpent-Lord,’ the pingala male energy channel Sanskrit भुजंगेश MW
Bhujanka Hug, an Embrace Sanskrit भुजाङ्क MW
Bhujapida Bhujapida Hug, an Embrace Sanskrit भुजापीड MW
Bhujyu Snake Sanskrit भुज्यु MW
Bhujyu Bhujyu Wealthy Sanskrit भुज्यु MW
Bhūkesha Bhūkesha Fig-Tree, ‘Earth-hair’ Sanskrit भूकेश MW
Bhukta Bhukta Enjoyed Sanskrit भुक्त MW
Bhukti Enjoyment Sanskrit भुक्ति MW
Bhūloka Bhūlokā the Earth Sanskrit भूलोक MW
Bhūman Bhūman Abundance, the Earth Sanskrit भूमन् MW
Bhūmat King, ‘Possessing the Earth’ Sanskrit भूमत् MW
Bhūmaya Bhūmayī made of the Earth Sanskrit भूमय MW
Bhūmi Bhūmi Active, Wild Sanskrit भूमि MW
Bhūmī Earth Sanskrit भूमि OD MW 1 Misspelled as Bhuma
Bhūmīdeva ‘Earth-god’ Sanskrit भूमिदेव MW
Bhūmīja Bhūmīja Earth-Born Sanskrit भूमिज MW
Bhūmikā Introduction Hindi भूमिका OD HD 1
Bhūmīkā Earth, Ground Sanskrit भूमिका MW 1
Bhūmīndra Lord of the Earth Sanskrit भूमीन्द्र MW
Bhūmīpa King, ‘Earth-protector’ Sanskrit भूमिप MW
Bhūmitra ‘Earth-Friend’ Sanskrit भूमित्र MW
Bhūmītva Bhūmītva Earthiness Sanskrit भूमित्व MW
Bhūmya Bhūmya Terrestrial, belonging to the Earth Sanskrit भूम्य MW
Bhundate Bhundate to Support Sanskrit बुन्दते MW
Bhūnetri King, ‘Earth-leader’ Sanskrit भूनेतृ MW
Bhūpada ‘Earth-rooted,’ a Tree Sanskrit भूपद MW
Bhupadī Jasmine Sanskrit भूपदी MW
Bhupal King Hindi HD
Bhūpati King Sanskrit भूपति MW HD
Bhupen King Hindi HD
Bhupendra King Hindi HD
Bhupesh King Hindi HD
Bhūputrī Daughter of the Earth Sanskrit भूपुत्री MW
Bhūr Bhūr the Earth Sanskrit भूर् MW
Bhurana Bhurana Quick, Active Sanskrit भुरण MW
Bhuranya Bhuranya to be Active Sanskrit भुरण्य MW
Bhūri Bhūri Abundant Sanskrit भूरि MW
Bhūrida Bhūrida Giving much, Generous Sanskrit भूरिद MW
Bhūrij the Earth Sanskrit भुरिज् MW
Bhūritā Multitude, muchness Sanskrit भूरिता MW
Bhūrja Birch Tree Sanskrit भूर्ज MW
Bhūrloka the Earth, the World Sanskrit भूर्लोक MW
Bhurvan Bhurvan Motion of Water Sanskrit भुर्वन् MW
Bhūryaksha Bhūryaksha many Eyed Sanskrit भूर्यक्ष SD
Bhūshā Decoration, Ornament Sanskrit भूर्यक्ष MW
Bhūshakra King, ‘Earth-Indra’ Sanskrit भूषा MW
Bhūshan Bhūshanī Decoration, Ornament Sanskrit भूषण S MW 1 (f) भूषणी
Bhūshaya Living on the Earth Sanskrit भूशय MW
Bhūshin Bhūshin Adorned with, Decorated with Sanskrit भूषिन् MW
Bhūshnu Bhūshnu Growing, thriving Sanskrit भूष्णु MW
Bhūshuddhi Bhūshuddhi Purification of the Earth, of the ground Sanskrit भूशुद्धि MW
Bhūshya Bhūshya to be Adorned, Decorated Sanskrit भूष्य MW
Bhūsprish ‘Touching the Earth,’ Man Sanskrit भूस्पृश् MW
Bhūstha Bhūstha ‘Living on the Earth,’ Man Sanskrit भूस्थ MW
Bhūsuta ‘Son of the Earth,’ planet Mars Sanskrit भूसुत MW
Bhūsutā ‘Daughter of the Earth,’ Goddess Seeta Sanskrit भूसुता MW
Bhūsvarga ‘Heaven on Earth,’ sacred Mount Sumeru Sanskrit भूस्वर्ग MW
Bhūta Bhūtā Real, Living Being, Spirit Sanskrit भूत MW
Bhūtadi Bhūtadi Supreme Spirit, ‘the originator of all beings’ Sanskrit भूतादि MW
Bhūtala Bhūtala the Earth Sanskrit भूतल MW
Bhūtartha Real Fact, anything that has really happened, an Element of Life Sanskrit भूतार्थ MW
Bhūtatā Reality, Truth Sanskrit भूतता MW
Bhūtesh ‘Lord of Beings’ Sanskrit भूतेश MW
Bhūti Existence, Being, Power Sanskrit भूति S MW 1
Bhuvan World, Palace Hindi HD
Bhuvana Bhuvana the World, living being Sanskrit भुवन MW HD
Bhuvanesh Lord of the Earth Sanskrit, Hindi भुवनेश SD, HD
Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the Earth Hindi HD
Bhuvapati Lord of the Atmosphere Sanskrit भुवपति MW
Bhūvarī Goddess Sanskrit MW
Bhuvas Bhuvas Air, Atmosphere Sanskrit भुवस् MW
Bhuvis Sea, Ocean Sanskrit भुविस् MW
Bhuvis Heaven Sanskrit भुविस् MW
Bhuvishtha Bhuvishtha Being on the Earth Sanskrit भुविष्ठ MW
Bhūyas Bhūyas Abundant, becoming more Sanskrit भूयस् MW
Bibhitsā Desire to Breakthrough Sanskrit बिभित्सा MW
Bibhitsu Bibhitsu Desire to Breakthrough Sanskrit बिभित्सु MW
Bidāl Bidālā Cat Sanskrit बिडाल MW 1 (f) बिडाला
Bidālaka Bidālikā Kitten, little Cat Sanskrit बिडालक MW (f) बिदालिका
Bidāraka Bidārikā Cat Sanskrit बिडारक MW
Bīja Bīja Biju Seed, origin Sanskrit बीज OD MW 2 Alternative spelling of Beeja
Bījadhya Bījadhya Abounding in Seeds Sanskrit बीजाढ्य MW
Bījahin Bījahin Growing from Seed Sanskrit MW
Bījanjal Bījanjali Handful of Seeds Sanskrit बीजाञ्जलि MW
Bījaruha Bījaruha Growing from Seed Sanskrit बीजरुह MW
Bījasū the Earth, bringing forth Seeds Sanskrit बीजसू MW
Bījatva Being an Origin or cause Sanskrit बीजत्व MW
Bījavāpa a Sower of Seeds Sanskrit बीजवाप MW
Bījika Bījika Abounding in Seeds Sanskrit बीजिक MW
Bījita Bījita Sown Seeds Sanskrit बीजित MW
Bījopti Sowing Seed Sanskrit बीजोप्ति MW
Bilāla Bilāla Cat Sanskrit बिलाल MW
Bilva wood-apple Tree, the fruits used in worship Sanskrit बिल्व MW
Bimba Bimba Disk of the Sun or Moon, sphere, image, reflection Sanskrit बिम्ब MW
Bimbagata Bimbagata Reflected Sanskrit बिम्बागत MW
Bimbaka Bimbikā Disk of the Sun or Moon Sanskrit बिम्बक MW
Bimbinī Pupil of Eye Sanskrit बिम्बिनी MW
Bimbisara a King and patron of Gautama Buddha Sanskrit MW
Bimbita Bimbita Mirrored, Reflected back Sanskrit बिम्बित MW
Bīna Bīna Musical Instrument, lute, Veena Hindi HD Hindi pronunciation of Veena
Bindi Dew-drop Sanskrit बिन्दी OD HD 1
Bindiva a Drop, a Point Hindi HD
Bindu Bindu Drop of water; painted Dot on the Forehead Sanskrit बिन्दु OD MW 2
Binduka Binduka Drop of water; painted Dot on the Forehead Sanskrit बिन्दुक MW
Binduphala Binduphalā Pearl Sanskrit बिन्दुफल MW
Bindusar excellent Pearl Hindi HD
Binghi Brother See note OD Onl 1 Australian aboriginal or Rastafarian
Bipin Forest Hindi HD
Birāla Birāla Cat Sanskrit बिराल MW
Bisa Bisa Lotus-shoot, a growing lotus Sanskrit बिस MW
Bisaja Bisaja Lotus flower Sanskrit बिसज MW
Bisinī Lotus or many lotuses Sanskrit बिसिनी MW
Bismallah Prayer, "in the name of God, most gracious, most merciful" Arabic بسم الله‎ OB Onl Islamic
Bithaka Bithaka Sky Sanskrit बिठक MW
Boddhavya Boddhavya to be Awakened, to be Enlightened Sanskrit बोद्धव्य MW
Boddhri Boddhri Perceiver Sanskrit बोद्धृ MW
Bodha- Bodha- Understanding, Blooming of a Flower, Blooming of Consciousness. Sanskrit बोध- OD MW 1
Bodha Bodha Understanding, Blooming of a Flower, Blooming of Consciousness. Sanskrit बोध OD MW 2
Bodha Bodha Understanding, Blooming of a Flower, Blooming of Consciousness. Sanskrit बोध OD MW 2
Bodhaka Bodhika Awakening, Master Sanskrit बोधक MW
Bodhakara Bodhakarī Awakener, Master, Musician Awakening with Music Sanskrit बोधकर MW
Bodhamaya Bodhamayī Bodhamayo Consisting of Consciousness or Awareness Sanskrit बोधमय MW
Bodhan Bodhana causing to Awake or expand (like a flower), Enlightening Sanskrit बोधन MW
Bodhāna Wise Sanskrit बोधान MW
Bodhanī Knowledge, Understanding Sanskrit बोधनी MW
Bodhanand Bodhananda Bodhanando Blissful Awareness Sanskrit आनन्द Sp
Bodhanandī one who is Blissfully Aware Sanskrit Sp
Bodhatas Bodhatas through Wisdom or Understanding Sanskrit बोधतस् MW
Bodhātman Bodhātman the Intelligent and sentient Soul Sanskrit बोधात्मन् MW
Bodhi- Awareness; perfect wisdom, enlightened intelligence Sanskrit बोधि- OD MW 3
Bodhi Bodhi Awareness Sanskrit बोधि OD MW 5
Bodhi Bodhi Awareness; perfect wisdom, enlightened intelligence Sanskrit बोधि OD MW 5
Bodhichitta No-Mind, mind of the buddha; awakening of the heart Sanskrit OD MW 1 Buddhism
Bodhideva God of Awareness, divine awareness Sanskrit बोधिदेव Sp 1
Bodhidevī Goddess of Awareness, divine awareness Sanskrit Sp
Bodhidhana original name of Bodhidharma Sanskrit MW
Bodhidharma Self-Nature of Awareness; name of an Enlightened Master Sanskrit बोधिधर्म OD MW 1
Bodhigarbha Bodhigarbha Pregnant with Awareness Sanskrit OD Sp
Bodhigeeta Bodhigeeta Song of Awareness Sanskrit Sp 2
Bodhimanas one whose Mind Is Alert Sanskrit MW
Bodhimeeta Friend of Awareness Sanskrit Sp
Bodhimitra Friend of Enlightenment, Friend of Awareness Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Bodhin Bodhin Knowing Sanskrit बोधिन् MW
Bodhiprem Bodhiprem Bodhipremo Love Awareness, love of awareness, love and awareness Sanskrit S MW 3
Bodhiprema Love Awareness, love of awareness, love and awareness Sanskrit S MW
Bodhipremī a Lover of Awarenss Sanskrit Sp
Bodhisagar Ocean of Awareness Sanskrit Sp
Bodhisattva a Buddha in Essence, One whose Essence is Awareness Sanskrit बोधिसत्त्व OD MW
Bodhitara Star of Awareness Sanskrit Sp
Bodhitaru Bodhitaru Tree of Awakening, Tree of Wisdom Sanskrit S MW 1
Bodhya Bodhya to be Enightened, to be Understood Sanskrit बोध्य MW
Bohittha Bohittha Boat, ship Sanskrit बोहित्थ MW
Bokoju name of a Zen Master Japanese OB Onl Bokuju Chinson-shuku / Mu-chou Tao-tsung
Bokushu name of a Zen Master Japanese OB Onl Bokushu Doso (Domyo) / Mu-chou Tao-tsung
Bradhna Bradhna Colour of the Sun, yellow to red Sanskrit ब्रध्न MW
Brahmā One Universal Soul, the Absolute, the Eternal Sanskrit ब्रह्मा OB MW
Brahmabhūti Twilight Sanskrit ब्रह्मभूति MW
Brahmabeej Brahmabeeja ‘Seed of the Veda,’ Om Sanskrit ब्रह्मबीज MW
Brahmadān Brahmadāna Gift of sacred Knowledge Sanskrit ब्रह्मदान MW
Brahmagola the Universe, ‘Brahma’s Globe’ Sanskrit ब्रह्मगोल MW
Brahmaja Brahmaja Born from holiness Sanskrit ब्रह्मज MW
Brahmajyotis Brahmajyoti Splendour of the Supreme Being Sanskrit ब्रह्मज्योतिस् MW
Brahmajna Brahmajna Spiritually Wise, possessing sacred knowledge Sanskrit ब्रह्मज्ञ MW
Brahmakosha Brahmakosha Treasury of the Brahma, the entire Vedas Sanskrit ब्रह्मकोश MW
Brahmakrit Brahmakrit Offering Prayers Sanskrit ब्रह्मकृत् MW
Brahmaloka Heaven Sanskrit ब्रह्मलोक MW
Brahman Brahman ‘Growth, expansion, evolution,’ the sacred word, the Veda, Om, holy life Sanskrit ब्रह्मन् MW
Brahman Brahman Ultimate, Universal Spirit; the Universe which goes on Expanding Sanskrit ब्रह्मन् OD MW 1 Misspelled as Brahmand
Brāhmana one who has divine Knowledge, divine power Sanskrit ब्राह्मण MW
Brahmanadī ‘Brahma’s River,’ Sarasvati river Sanskrit ब्रह्मनदी MW
Brahmanand Brahmananda Brahmanando Joy in Brahma, absorption into the universal spirit Sanskrit ब्रह्मानन्द MW
Brahmanda Brahmanda the Universe, ‘Brahma’s egg’ Sanskrit ब्रह्माण्ड MW
Brahmānī the Shakti, personified female energy the absolute, of Brahma Sanskrit ब्रह्माणी MW
Brahmanya Brahmanya to Pray, to be Religious Sanskrit ब्रह्मण्य MW
Brahmapāra Brahmapāra final object of sacred Knowledge Sanskrit ब्रह्मपार MW
Brahmapurī ‘Brahma’s Town,’ heavenly city on Mount Kailash Sanskrit ब्रह्मपुरी MW
Brahmapūta Brahmapūta Purified by Devotion Sanskrit ब्रह्मपूत MW
Brahmarūp Brahmarūpa Beauty of Awakened Consciousness Sanskrit ब्राह्मरूप MW
Brahmasava Purification of Prayer Sanskrit ब्रह्मसव MW
Brahmasū Brahma’s son, Kamadeva the god of love Sanskrit ब्रह्मसू MW
Brahmatā Divine Nature Sanskrit ब्रह्मता MW
Brahmati Brahmati to Go, to Move Sanskrit ब्रह्मति MW
Brahmaveda Brahmaveda Sacred Knowledge Sanskrit ब्रह्मवेद MW
Brahmayoga Power of Devotion, cultivation of sacred Knowledge Sanskrit ब्रह्मयोग MW
Brāhmī Sacred, Holy, Divine Mother; Goddess of Speech Sanskrit ब्राह्मी MW
Brahmin Brahmin possessing sacred Knowledge Sanskrit ब्रह्मिन् MW
Brahmottara Brahmottara Temple Sanctuary Sanskrit ब्रह्मोत्तर MW
Brāhmya Hour before Sunrise, Dawn Sanskrit ब्राह्म्य MW
Bribūka Bribūka Water Sanskrit बृबूक MW
Brihadri Brihadri having Abundance Sanskrit MW
Brihajjana Great or illustrious Man Sanskrit बृहज्जन MW
Brihanta Brihanta Great Sanskrit बृहन्त MW
Brihaspati “Lord of Prayer or Devotion,” religion personified Sanskrit बृहस्पति MW
Brihat Brihatī Heaven and Earth Sanskrit बृहत् MW
Brinhana Brinhana Nourishing Sanskrit बृंहण MW
Brinhita Brinhita Nourished Sanskrit बृंहित MW
Brūte Brūte to Tell, to Declare Sanskrit ब्रूते MW
Bubhutsā Desire to Know Sanskrit बुभुत्सा MW
Bubhutsu Bubhutsu Desire to Know everything Sanskrit MW
Bubura Bubura Water Sanskrit बुबुर S MW Misspelled as Bubula
Budbuda Budbuda Bubble, a transitory thing Sanskrit बुद्बुद MW
Buddha Awakened, awake, Awakened One Sanskrit बुद्ध OD MW 1
Buddha Awakened, awake, Awakened One Sanskrit बुद्ध OD MW 2
Buddhacharya Behaviour of a Buddha Sanskrit बुद्धचर्य MW
Buddhadharma Buddha’s Law Sanskrit बुद्धधर्म OD MW 1
Buddhamārga Buddha’s Way Sanskrit बुद्धमार्ग MW
Buddānta Being Awake Sanskrit बुद्धान्त MW
Buddhapriya Buddhapriya one Loved by Buddha Sanskrit MW
Buddharūpa Buddharūpa Form of the Buddha Sanskrit बुद्धरूप Onl
Buddhatva Buddhatva Buddhahood, Condition or State of a Buddha Sanskrit बुद्धत्व MW
Buddhi Intelligence, Perception, Self-Knowing Sanskrit बुद्धि MW
Buddhimat Buddhimat Intelligent, Wise Sanskrit बुद्धिमत् MW
Buddhisagar Ocean of Wisdom Sanskrit S Sp
Buddhū Buddhū the Fool Hindi OD Onl 1
Budh Budh Awaking, Intelligent, Wise Sanskrit MW
Budha Budha Awaking, Intelligent, Wise Sanskrit बुध MW
Budhāna Budhāna Awaking, Wise, a Spiritual Guide Sanskrit बुधान MW
Budhil Budhila Wise Sanskrit, Hindi बुधिल MW HD
Budhita Budhita Understood Sanskrit बुधित MW
Budhna Budhna Ground, the Root or base, the Body Sanskrit बुध्न MW
Budhnya Budhnya Grounded, being on the ground Sanskrit बुध्न्य MW
Budhkhana the place of the Buddha, the house of the buddha Urdu OB Onl Misspelled as Budtkhana
Buka Laughter Sanskrit बुक MW
Bukka Bukkā the Heart Sanskrit बुक्क MW
Bukkī the Heart Sanskrit MW
Bukkan the Heart Sanskrit बुक्कन् MW
Bukkāra Lion’s Roar Sanskrit बुक्कार MW
Bukko name of a Zen Master Japanese 佛光 OB Onl Zen
Bul Bul to Dive into Sanskrit बुल् MW
Bulleshah name of a Punjabi Sufi Mystic Hindi बुल्ले शाह OB Onl
Bunda Arrow Sanskrit बुन्द MW
Bundir Bundira House Sanskrit बुन्दिर MW
Busa Busa Mist Sanskrit बुस MW
Būsha Būsha Mist Sanskrit MW
Bustayati Bustayati to Honour Sanskrit बुस्तयति MW
Butsu Buddha Japanese JD Zen
Butsujo a Buddha Always Japanese JD Zen
Names beginning with C च चै छ चि
Chadhāvā Chadhāvā Offering, sacrifice Hindi चढावा HD
Chadira Chadira the Moon Sanskrit चदिर MW
Chaitanya Chaitanya Consciousness Sanskrit चैतन्य OD MW 2
Chaitanya Chaitanya Chaitanyo Consciousness; Intelligence, the Universal Soul or Spirit Sanskrit चैतन्य OD MW 2
Chaitta Chaitta Imagined Sanskrit चैत्त MW
Chaitra Buddhist or Jaina Sannyasin, 2nd month of Spring, March-April Sanskrit चैत्र MW
Chaitravalī Spring Full Moon day (in March-April) Sanskrit चैत्रावली MW
Chaitya Individual Soul Sanskrit चैत्य MW
Chaitya Sacred Tree, Sanctuary, Stūpa Sanskrit चैत्य MW
Chakās to Shine, be Bright Sanskrit चकास् MW
Chakāsti Chakāsti to Shine, be Bright Sanskrit चकास्ति MW
Chakāsita Chakāsita Illuminated, Splendid Sanskrit चकासित MW
Chakate Chakate to be Satisfied, Contented, to Shine Sanskrit चकते MW
Chakati Chakati to be Satisfied, Contented, to Shine Sanskrit चकति MW
Chakra Chakra Wheel, Circle, Energy-Wheel Sanskrit चक्र OB MW
Chakravāta Whirlwind Sanskrit चक्रवात MW
Chakravartin World Ruler, Emperor, Sovereign of the World Sanskrit चक्रवर्तिन् OB MW
Chakresh King, Sovereign of the World Sanskrit चक्रेश MW
Chakreshvara King, Sovereign of the World Sanskrit चक्रेश्वर SD
Chakri Chakri Active Sanskrit चक्रि MW
Chakrika Goddess Lakshmi Hindi चक्रिका HD
Chākrika Chākrika Circular Sanskrit चाक्रिक MW
Chākrikatā Companionship Sanskrit चाक्रिकता MW
Chakshan Chakshan the Eyes Sanskrit चक्षन् MW
Chakshana Chakshana Appearance, view Sanskrit चक्षण MW
Chakshani Chakshani an Illuminator Sanskrit चक्षणि MW
Chakshas Radiance, Clearness; Spiritual Teacher Sanskrit चक्षस् MW
Chakshu Eye Sanskrit चक्षु MW
Chakshus Chakshus Seeing Sanskrit चक्षुस् MW
Chakshusha Chakshusha Eye Sanskrit चक्षुष MW
Chākshusha Chākshusha Perceivable by the eye Sanskrit चाक्षुष SD
Chalā Lightning Sanskrit चला SD
Chāla Chāla Moving, Changing Sanskrit चाल MW
Chalāchala Chalāchala Ever-Moving (wheel of Sansara) Sanskrit चलाचल MW
Chalana Chalanā Moving Sanskrit चलन MW
Chalit Chalita Moved, Departed Sanskrit चलित MW
Chaman Flower Garden Hindi चमन HD
Chamatkār Chamatkāra Surprise, Miracle Sanskrit चमत्कार MW SD
Chameli Sweet scented creeper-flower, Jasmine Hindi चमेली OB HD 1
Chāmīkara Chāmīkara Gold Sanskrit चामीकर MW
Champa Fragrant Flower, Bauhinia Sanskrit चम्प OD MW 1
Champa Maitreya Buddha Tibetan Onl
Champak Champaka Flower, Fragrant Yellow Flower Sanskrit चम्पक OD MW 1
Chāmpilā River Sanskrit चाम्पिला MW
Chamū Heaven & Earth Sanskrit चमू MW
Chamūchara Warrior Sanskrit चमूचर MW
Ch'an Meditation, Zen, Dhyana Chinese OB
Chana Chana Renowned, Famous Sanskrit चण S MW 1
Chanas Chanas Delight, Satisfaction Sanskrit चनस् MW
Chanasita Chanasita Satisfied, Gracious Sanskrit चनसित MW
Chanasya Chanasya to Delight in Sanskrit चनस्य MW
Chanchal Chanchalā Wavering, Movable, river, lightning Sanskrit चञ्चला OD MW 1 Misspelled as Chanchat
Chanchalā Goddess of Fortune, Lakshmi Sanskrit चञ्चला MW
Chanchari Vortex of Water Hindi HD
Chanchu Chanchu Skilled Sanskrit MW
Chanchutā Skill Sanskrit MW
Chanchutva Chanchutva Skill Sanskrit MW
Chanda Chanda Moon Sanskrit, Hindi चन्द S MW 3
Chanda Chandā Hot, Passionate Sanskrit चन्द MW
Chandaka the Moon, Moonlight Sanskrit चन्दक MW
Chandaka Charming Sanskrit छन्दक MW
Chandakara the Sun, ‘Hot-rayed’ Sanskrit चण्डकर MW
Chandana Chandana Sandalwood; something most excellent of its kind Sanskrit चन्दन OD MW 2
Chandani Moonlight Hindi चाँदनी HD
Chandanin Chandanin Anointed with Sandal, Shiva Sanskrit चन्दनिन् MW
Chandatā Warmth Sanskrit चण्डता MW
Chandham Chandham Passionately Sanskrit चंढम् SD
Chandi Goddess Durga, passionate woman Sanskrit चण्डी MW SD
Chandidas name of a Baul Mystic, servant of the goddess Durga Sanskrit OB MW
Chandini Moonlight Hindi HD
Chandira Chandira Moon Sanskrit चन्दिर S MW 1
Chandra- Chandra- Moon Sanskrit चन्द्र- OD MW 1
Chandra Chandra Moon Sanskrit चन्द्र OD MW 1
Chandra Chandra Moon Sanskrit चन्द्र OD MW 2
Chandrabha Moonlight Sanskrit MW
Chandrabhāsa Sword, ‘Moon-brilliant’ Sanskrit चन्द्रभास MW
Chandrabhūti Chandrabhūti Silver Sanskrit चन्द्रभूति MW
Chandradeva Moon God Sanskrit चन्द्रदेव Sp 1
Chandradevī Moon Goddess Sanskrit चन्द्रददेवी Sp 1
Chandragiri Moon Mountain Sanskrit चन्द्रगिरि MW
Chandraja Chandrajā Moon-born, Planet Mercury Sanskrit चन्द्रज MW
Chandraka like the Moon Sanskrit चन्द्रक MW
Chāndraka Chāndraka Lunar Sanskrit चान्द्रक MW
Chandrakalā Crescent Moon Sanskrit चन्द्रकला S MW 1
Chandrakant Moonstone Hindi HD
Chandrakānta Chandrakānta 'Lovely as the Moon,' Moon-loved, Moonstone, white Lotus Sanskrit चन्द्रकान्त MW
Chandrakānti Moonlight Sanskrit चन्द्रकान्ति MW
Chandrakavi Moon Poet Sanskrit S MW 1
Chandraki Peacock Hindi HD
Chandrakīrti Moon Glory Sanskrit OD MW
Chandrakriti Chandrakriti Moon-shaped Sanskrit MW
Chandralekhā Tree in paradise, a luminous tree, as luminous as the moon Sanskrit OD x 1 Unconfiemed meaning, see below
Chandralekhā Crescent Moon Sanskrit चन्द्रलेखा MW
Chāndrama Chāndrama Lunar Sanskrit चान्द्रम MW
Chandramani Moon-gem, Moonstone Sanskrit चन्द्रमणि MW
Chandramārga Chandramārga Moon-path, the atmosphere Sanskrit चन्द्रमार्ग MW
Chandramas Moon deity Sanskrit चन्द्रमस् MW
Chandramata Chandramata Moon-worshipper, Moon-doctrine Sanskrit चन्द्रमत MW
Chandramaya Chandramayī Representing the Moon Sanskrit चन्द्रमय MW
Chandranath Lord of the Moon Hindi HD
Chandranibha Chandranibha Bright, ‘Moon-like’ Sanskrit चन्द्रनिभ MW
Chandranshu Moonbeam, Moon Ray Sanskrit, Hindi MW HD
Chandrapāda Moonbeam Sanskrit चन्द्रपाद MW
Chandraprabhā Moonlight Sanskrit चन्द्रप्रभा MW
Chandraratna Chandraratna Pearl, Moon Jewel Sanskrit चन्द्ररत्न MW
Chandrartu Lunar Season, season of the moon Sanskrit चन्द्रर्तु MW
Chandrasaras Chandrasaras Moon-Lake,' a mythical lake Sanskrit चन्द्रसरस् MW
Chandrashekhar Lord Shiva, who hair holds the moon Hindi HD
Chandrasoma Chandrasoma Moon-Nectar Sanskrit S MW 2
Chandrasūrya Moon and Sun Sanskrit चन्द्रसूर्य MW
Chandrataraka Chandrataraka the Moon & the Stars Sanskrit MW
Chandravarna Chandravarna having Brilliant Colour Sanskrit चन्द्रवर्ण MW
Chandravat Chandravat Illuminated by the Moon Sanskrit चन्द्रवत् MW
Chandresh Lord of the Moon, name of Shiva Sanskrit, Hindi OD MW 1
Chāndrī Lunar Sanskrit चान्द्री MW
Chandrikā Moonbeam, Moonlight Sanskrit चन्द्रिका OD MW 2
Chandrikaya Chandrikaya resembling Moonlight, representing Moonlight Sanskrit चन्द्रिकाय MW
Chandrimā Moonlight Sanskrit चन्द्रिमा MW
Chandrodaya Moon-rise Sanskrit चन्द्रोदय MW
Chandropala Moonstone Sanskrit चन्द्रोपल MW
Changa Changa Understanding Sanskrit चङ्ग MW
Chanishtha very Acceptable, very Gracious Sanskrit चनिष्ठ MW
Chanodha Chanodha Satisfied, Gracious Sanskrit चनोधा MW
Chanohita Chanohita Willing to do anything Sanskrit चनोहित MW
Chāpa Chāpa Bow, Rainbow, Sagittarius zodiac sign Sanskrit चाप MW
Chapala Quick, Lightning, Goddess Lakshmi Hindi HD
Chara Chara Moving, Wandering Sanskrit चर MW
Chāra Going Sanskrit चार MW
Chāraiveti Chāraiveti "Go on" Pali OB see note Poss. Charya+Veta (cane) or Vettri (Sage,witness)
Charaka Seeker, Wanderer Sanskrit चरक MW
Charam Charama Ultimate Sanskrit चरम S MW 1
Charana Good Conduct Sanskrit चरण MW
Chārana one who Sings in praise, Celestial Singer Sanskrit चारण OD MW Misspelled as Charna
Charandas Charandasi Servant at the Feet of the Master Sanskrit MW
Charani Charani Movable, Active Sanskrit चरणि MW
Chāranī Celestial Singer Sanskrit चारणी MW
Charanamita Charanamita Bowing to the Feet Sanskrit चरणानमित MW
Charanyu Charanyu Movable Sanskrit चरण्यु MW
Charatha Charatha Moving, Living Sanskrit चरथ MW
Chāratha Chāratha Wandering Sanskrit चारथ MW
Charati Charati to Move, to Travel Sanskrit चरति MW
Charbhatī Cries of Joy Sanskrit चर्बति MW
Charcharī a Song, Symphony Sanskrit चर्चरी MW
Charcharīka Symphony Sanskrit चर्चरीक MW
Chārin Chārin Moving Sanskrit चारिन् MW
Charishnu Charishnu Moving Sanskrit चरिष्णु MW
Charitra Charitro Character, History Hindi चरित्र OD Onl
Chāru Chāru Chārus Beloved, Lovely, Beautiful Sanskrit चारु S MW 3
Charudutta Charudutta Born of Beauty Hindi HD
Charulekha Beautiful, Picture Hindi HD
Chārumat Lovely Sanskrit चारुमत् MW
Chārumatī Lovely, name of Krishna’s Daughter Sanskrit MW 1
Chārunetra Chārunetrā Beautiful-Eyed Sanskrit चारुनेत्र MW
Chārurūpa Chārurūpa Beautiful Sanskrit MW
Chārusara Chārusara "Essence of what is lovely;" Gold Sanskrit चारुसार MW
Chārushilā Jewel, ‘Beautiful Stone’ Sanskrit चारुशिला MW
Chārutā Beauty, Loveliness Sanskrit चारुता MW 1
Chārutama Chārutama most Beloved, most Beautiful Sanskrit चारुतम S MW 1
Chārutva Beauty, Loveliness Sanskrit चारुत्व MW
Chāruvāch Speaking beautifuly Sanskrit MW
Charuvak Sweet Message ? OD see note 1 Probably dialect variation on Chāruvāch
Chārvi Beautiful Woman Sanskrit, Hindi चार्वी MW HD
Charyā Charyo Wandering, Spiritual Wanderer's Life Sanskrit चर्या MW 1
Chāsha Blue Jay Bird Sanskrit चाष MW
Chataka Sparrow Bird Sanskrit चटका MW
Chatullol Chatullola Moving Gracefully Sanskrit चटुल्लोल MW
Chātupatu Jester, joker Sanskrit चाटुपटु MW
Chatura Chaturā Swift, Clever, Wise Sanskrit, Hindi चतुर MW HD
Chaturatā Skilful Sanskrit MW
Chaturika Chaturīka Swift, Clever Sanskrit MW
Chauksha Chaukshā Pure, Clean Sanskrit चौक्ष MW
Chaukshya Chaukshya Clean Sanskrit चौक्ष्य MW
Chāyati Chāyati to Observe, to Perceive Sanskrit चायति MW
Chāyitri Chāyitri Observer Sanskrit चायितृ MW
Chāyu Chāyu showing Respect Sanskrit चायु MW
Cheda Servant Sanskrit चेड MW
Chedaka Chedīka Servant Sanskrit MW
Cheedā type of Perfume Sanskrit चीडा MW
Cheevarin Cheevarinī Sannyasin Sanskrit चीवरिन् MW Buddhist or Jaina
Cheluka New Seeker, new sannyasin, novice Sanskrit चेलुक MW Buddhist
Cheerna Cheerna Practised, religious observation Sanskrit चीर्ण MW
Chenrezi Chenrezi Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion Tibetan སྤྱན་རས་གཟིགས་ Onl
Cheru Cheru Worshipping, behaving respectfully Sanskrit चेरु MW
Cheshta Effort, Moving, manner of life, Activity Sanskrit चेष्टा S MW 1
Cheshtaka making Effort Sanskrit चेष्टक MW
Cheshtana making Effort Sanskrit चेष्टन MW
Cheta Chetī Servant Sanskrit चेट MW (f) चेट
Chetaka Chetīka Servant Sanskrit चेटक MW
Chetan Chetanā Consciousness, intelligence Sanskrit चेतना OD MW 3
Chetan Chetanā Chetano Consciousness, intelligence Sanskrit चेतना OD MW 3
Chetas Chetas Consciousness, intelligence Sanskrit चेतना MW Misspelled as Chetas
Chetobhava Chetobhavā Love, God of Love, ‘Heart-born’ Sanskrit MW 2
Chetobhū Love, God of Love, ‘Heart-born’ Sanskrit MW 2
Chetohara Chetoharā captivating the Heart Sanskrit चेतोहर MW
Chetomat Chetomat having Consciousness, Living Sanskrit चेतोमत् MW
Chettri Chettri Watchful, attentive Sanskrit चेत्तृ MW
Chetya Chetya Perceivable Sanskrit चेत्य MW
Chha Pure, Clean Sanskrit MW
Chhāga Aries zodiac sign Sanskrit छाग MW
Chhanda Chhanda Delight, Pleasure, humour Sanskrit छन्द S MW
Chhandaka Chhandaka Pleasing, Charming Sanskrit छन्दक MW
Chhandana Chhandana Pleasing, Charming Sanskrit छन्दन MW
Chhandas Sacred Verse Sanskrit छन्दस् S MW
Chhandita Chhandita Gratified Sanskrit छन्दित MW
Chhando Rhythmic Singer, Chanter Sanskrit S MW 1
Chhandoga 'Singer in metre' chanting priest Sanskrit छन्दोग MW
Chhatā Lustre, Rays Sanskrit MW
Chhavi Ray of Light, colour, beauty Sanskrit छवि SD
Chhāya Chhāyā Shadow, Shade, Beauty, Gracefulness Sanskrit छाया OB MW 1
Chhāyātaru Chhāyātaru Shade giving Tree Sanskrit MW
Chhayatman ‘Shadow-self,’ one's shadow or reflected image Sanskrit छायात्मन् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Chheda Chheda Cutting off Sanskrit छेद MW Use with name for ego, "Asmita" or "Mano"
Chhedaya Chhedaya Cutting off Sanskrit छेद्य MW Use with name for ego, "Asmita" or "Mano"
Chhekala Chhekala Clever Sanskrit छेकल MW
Chhid Chhid Cutting through Sanskrit छिद् MW Use with name for ego, "Asmita" or "Mano"
Chhidaka Thunderbolt, Diamond - that cuts Sanskrit छिदक MW
Chhidira Chhidira Sword Sanskrit छिदिर MW
Chhidratman Vulnerability, one who Exposes his weak points Sanskrit छिद्रात्मन् MW
Chhidur Chhidurā Cutting, easily breaking Sanskrit छिदुर MW Use with name for ego, "Asmita" or "Mano"
Chhitti Division Sanskrit छित्ति MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Chhyu Chhyu to Go Sanskrit च्यु MW
Chidākash Chidākasha Sky of Consciousness Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Chidambara Chidambara Sky of Consciousness, expansion of consciousness Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Chidānand Chidānanda Chidānando Consciousness and Bliss Sanskrit, Hindi चिदानन्द OD MW 1
Chidātman Pure Intelligence Sanskrit चिदात्मन् MW
Chidrūp Chidrūpa the Universal Spirit of Pure Consciousness Sanskrit चिद्रूप MW
Chidvilas Play of Consciousness Sanskrit OB 1
Chidvritti Spiritual Action Sanskrit चिद्वृत्ति MW
Chihna Chihna Aim, Direction Sanskrit चिह्न MW
Chikan Wisdom Mirror Japanese 智鑑 JD Zen
Chikit Chikit Knowing, Experienced Sanskrit चिकित् MW
Chikiti Chikiti Understanding Sanskrit चिकिति MW
Chikitsu Chikitsu Wise Sanskrit चिकित्सु MW
Chikitushī Observing, Understanding Sanskrit MW
Chikitvas Observing, Understanding Sanskrit चिकित्वस् MW
Chikuzen Empty Zen Japanese JD Zen
Chikyo Wisdom Mirror Japanese 知鏡 JD Zen
Chimon name of a Chinese Zen Master, "Wisdom Gate" Japanese OB Onl Zen
Chinchā Tamarind Tree Sanskrit चिञ्चा MW
Chinchinī Tamarind Tree Sanskrit चिञ्चिणी MW
Chinoti Chinoti to Seek, to Investigate, to Search Sanskrit चिनोति MW
Chinmātra Chinmātra only Consciousness Sanskrit OD SP 1 Chin (consciousness) + Mātra = whole/totality
Chinmaya Chinmayi Chinmayo consisting of Consciousness Sanskrit, Hindi चिन्मय OD MW 2
Chintā Worry, Thought, Anxiety Sanskrit चिन्ता OD MW 1 Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Chinataka Chinataka Thinker, one who Reflects upon Sanskrit चिन्तक MW
Chintamani Chintamani Diamond of Awareness Sanskrit चिन्तामणि OD MW 1
Chintamaya Chintamaya Imagined Sanskrit चिन्तामय MW
Chintan Chintana Chintano Reflection, Thought Sanskrit चिन्तन OD MW 2
Chintanīya Chintanīya to be thought of or Investigated Sanskrit चिन्तनीय MW
Chintāvasha Chintāvasha Thoughtful Sanskrit चिन्तावश MW
Chintayāna Chintayāna Reflecting, considering Sanskrit चिन्तयान MW
Chintin Chintin Thinking of Sanskrit चिन्तिन् MW
Chintit Chintita Imagined, Investigated Sanskrit चिन्तित MW
Chintiti Thought Sanskrit चिन्तिति MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Chintiyā Thought Sanskrit MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Chintya Chintya Imagined Sanskrit चिन्त्य MW
Chira Chira Long Time, existing from Ancient times Sanskrit चिर MW
Chirag Lamp Hindi चिराग HD
Chiram Chiram Slowly Sanskrit चिरम् MW
Chiranjeet Immortal Hindi HD
Chiranjeeva Immortal Sanskrit, Hindi चिरंजीव SD, HD
Chirantana Chirantana Eternal, Eternity, Existing from Ancient times Sanskrit चिरन्तन OD MW 1
Chiratna Chiratna Ancient Sanskrit चिरत्न MW
Chiravāsa Long Sojourn, Long Journey Sanskrit चिरवास MW
Chirillī kind of a Bird Sanskrit चिरिल्ली MW
Chiriteeka kind of a Bird Sanskrit चिरिटीक MW
Chirottha Chirottha Existing a Long Time Sanskrit MW
Chisho wonderful Wisdom Japanese JD Zen
Chit- Chit- Consciousness Sanskrit चित्- OD MW
Chit Chit Consciousness Sanskrit चित् OD MW 1
Chit Chit Consciousness Sanskrit चित् OD MW 1
Chiti Understanding, one who is Conscious Sanskrit चिति MW
Chitpara Chitpara the Supreme Spirit Sanskrit चित्पर MW
Chitpati Lord of Consciousness,‘ 'Lord of Pure Thought’ Sanskrit चित्पति MW
Chitra Chitrā Excellent, Bright, Clear, brightly coloured Sanskrit चित्र MW
Chitra Picture Sanskrit, Hindi चित्र SD, HD
Chitraka Painter Sanskrit चित्रक MW
Chitrakāra Wonder, Artist, painter Sanskrit चित्रकार MW
Chitrakāya Tiger, ‘striped-body’ Sanskrit चित्रकाय MW
Chitram Chitramā something Bright, Ornament, Wonder Sanskrit MW
Chitrani River Ganga Hindi HD
Chitras Variety of Colours Sanskrit MW
Chitrinī Multi-Talented Woman Sanskrit चित्रिणी MW
Chitravasu Chitravasu Shining Stars Sanskrit चित्रावसु MW
Chitrita Beautiful, Decorated Hindi HD
Chitrīya Chitrīya to be Surprised Sanskrit चित्रीय MW
Chitrīyā Surprise Sanskrit चित्रीया MW
Chitrūpa Wise, the form or beauty of thought Sanskrit S MW 1
Chitrya Chitrya Brilliant Sanskrit चित्र्य MW
Chitsukh Chitsukha Consciousness in Bliss Sanskrit OD MW 1
Chitsvarūp Chitsvarūpa Pure Thought Sanskrit चित्स्वरूप MW
Chitta Chitta the cosmic Mind, the Mind of the whole, Observing, Intelligence, Heart Sanskrit चित्त OD MW 1
Chittabhoga Full Consciousness Sanskrit चित्ताभोग MW
Chittabhū Chittabhū Heart-born, Love, god of love, goddess of love Sanskrit MW
Chittaj Chittajā Heart-born, Love, god of love, goddess of love Sanskrit चित्तज MW
Chittajna Chittajna Knowing the Heart, Understanding human nature Sanskrit चित्तज्ञ MW
Chittakshana Chittakshana a Consciousness moment, a glimpse of consciousness Sanskrit OD MW 1
Chittakūta Chittakūta Thought and Intention Sanskrit MW
Chittarpita Chittarpita kept in the Heart Sanskrit चित्तार्पित MW
Chittastha Chittastha being in the Heart Sanskrit चित्तस्थ MW
Chittavat Chittavat Experienced, ‘Endowed with Understanding,’ Kind-hearted Sanskrit चित्तवत् MW
Chitten Observing, Intelligence, Heart, Mind Sanskrit OD MW 1
Chittesh Lord of one's Mind-Heart, Consciousness Hindi HD
Chitti Understanding, Wisdom, Intention Sanskrit चित्ति MW
Chittin Chittin Intelligent Sanskrit चित्तिन् MW
Chittopad great Decision Sanskrit OB ? meaning unconfirmed
Chiyono name of an Enlightened Zen Nun Japanese チヨノ OB
Chogetsu Chogetsu Bright Moon Japanese JD Zen
Choksha Chokshā Pure Sanskrit चोक्ष MW
Chopati Chopati to Move Sanskrit चोपति MW
Choro name of a Zen Master Japanese OB Onl
Chosa name of a Zen Master Japanese OB Onl
Christ Christ Consciousness Christian S 1
Christo Christ Consciousness Christian S 1
Chūdamani Chūdamani Jewel worn on crown of head Sanskrit चूडामणि MW
Chūlaka Chūlaka Crest, Summit Sanskrit चूलक MW
Chulamani Chulamani Shrine in Heaven Pali PD
Chumba Chumbā Kiss, kissing Sanskrit चुम्ब MW
Chumbati Chumbati to Kiss Sanskrit चुम्बति MW
Chumbana Chumbana Kiss, kissing Sanskrit चुम्बन MW
Chumbin Chumbin Kissing, Touching closely Sanskrit चुम्बिन् MW
Chumbita Kissed, touched closely and softly Sanskrit चुम्बित MW
Chunauti Challenge Hindi चुनौति S Onl 1
Chūta Mango Tree Sanskrit चूत MW
Chūrti Going Sanskrit चूर्ति MW
Chyavana Chyavana Moving Sanskrit च्यवान MW
Chyavas Chyavas Motion Sanskrit च्यवस् MW
Chyut Chyut Moving Sanskrit च्युत् MW
Chyuta Chyuta Free of, Moved from Sanskrit च्युत MW
Chyuta Chyuta Fallen from divine existence and being reborn in human form Sanskrit च्युत MW Buddhism
Chyuti Fallen from divine existence and being reborn in human form Sanskrit च्युति MW Buddhism
Citta Citta the cosmic Mind, the Mind of the whole Pali OD PD 1
Names beginning with D द दै inc. Dh ध Dhi धि Di दि
-da Giver, Giving Sanskrit दा MW
Da Giving Sanskrit दा MW
Giver Sanskrit दा MW
Daama Daama Garland Sanskrit दाम MW
Daaman Daaman Garland for forehead Sanskrit दामन् MW
Daaman a Giver Sanskrit दामन् MW
Daamara Daamara Surprise, extraordinary Sanskrit डामर MW
Dada Dada Giving Sanskrit दद MW
Dadana Dadana Giving Sanskrit ददन MW
Dadāti Dadāti a Gift Sanskrit ददाति MW
Dadha Dadha Giving Sanskrit दध MW
Dadhi Dadhi Giving Sanskrit MW
Dadhikrā the morning Sun personified as a Divine Horse Sanskrit MW
Dadi Dadi Giving Sanskrit ददि MW
Dādima Dādimī Pomegranate Tree Sanskrit दाडिम MW
Dādin Dādin a Giver, Giving Sanskrit दादिन् MW
Daditri Daditri a Giver Sanskrit ददितृ MW
Dadu name of an Indian Mystic, Brother Gujarati OD Onl 1 Bengali meaning is 'paternal grandfather'
Dagdha Dagdha Burnt, consumed by Fire Sanskrit दग्ध MW
Dagdhri Dagdhri a Burner, one who burns Sanskrit दग्धृ MW
Dāginī Tantra Goddess, attending Kali Prakrit MW
Dāha Dāhī Burning, Heat Sanskrit दाह MW
Dahana Dahanī Burning, Fire Sanskrit दहन MW
Dāhin Dāhin Burning Sanskrit दाहिन् MW
Dāhuka Dāhuka Burning, to Burn Sanskrit दाहुक MW
Dahyu Fire Sanskrit दह्यु MW
Daibai name of a Zen Master Japanese OB Onl
Daihya Daihya being in the Body, the Soul Sanskrit दैह्य MW
Daiji name of a Zen Master, "great compassion" Japanese OB Onl
Daiksha Daikshī Initiation Sanskrit दैक्ष MW
Daina Dainī Daily Sanskrit दैन MW
Dainika Dainikī Daily Sanskrit दैनिक MW
Daishika Daishikī a Guide, Spiritual Guide Sanskrit देशिक MW
Daiten name of a Zen Master Japanese OB
Daito name of a Zen Master Japanese OB
Daiva Daivī Divine, Sacred to the Gods Sanskrit दैव / दैवी MW
Daivadeep Daivadeepā Eye, ‘Heaven’s lamp’ Sanskrit दैवदीप MW
Daivagatī Destiny, the course of fortune Sanskrit दैवगति MW
Daivajna Daivajnā Astrologer or Fortune-teller, knowing the destiny of people Sanskrit दैवज्ञ MW (f) दैवज्ञा
Daivaka Daivakī Deity Sanskrit दैवक MW (f) दैवकी
Daivākari Daivākarī Child of the Sun Sanskrit दैवाकरि MW
Daivakī Deity, Mother of Krishna Sanskrit दैवकी MW
Daivavānī Divine Voice, voice from heaven Sanskrit दैववाणी MW
Daivavasha the Will of Destiny Sanskrit दैववश MW
Daivata Daivatī Divine, a deity, a god Sanskrit दैवत MW
Daivavid Astrologer, destiny-seer Sanskrit दैवविद् MW
Daivika Daivikī Divine Sanskrit दैविक MW
Daizui name of a Zen Master Japanese OB
Daka Daka Water Sanskrit दक MW
Dākinī a Female Spirit, Tantra Goddess Sanskrit डाकिनी MW
Dakkārī Lute, a Musical instrument Sanskrit डक्कारी MW
Daksha Dakshā Intelligent, Talent, Skill Sanskrit दक्ष OD MW
Dakshatā Skill, ability Sanskrit दक्षता MW
Dakshesh Lord Shiva, lord of talents Hindi HD
Dakshinā Gift, donation, sincere Sanskrit दक्षिणा OD MW 2
Dakshinya Dakshinya Energetic, capable, strong Sanskrit दाक्षिण्य MW
Dakshu Dakshu Burning, Blazing Sanskrit दक्षु MW
Dākshya Dākshya Skilful, Capability Sanskrit दाक्ष्य MW
Dala Dala Petal, Leaf Sanskrit दल MW
Dāla Dāla Honey coming from petals Sanskrit दाल MW
Dalaja Dalaja Honey, 'produced from petals' Sanskrit दलज MW
Dalakosha kind of Jasmine Sanskrit दलकोश MW
Dalana Dalanī Broken Hearted Sanskrit दलन MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dālima Pomegranate Tree Sanskrit दालिम MW
Dalati Dalati to Open Sanskrit दलति MW 1
Dalita Dalita Burst Sanskrit दलित SD
Dalmi Thunderbolt of Indra, the god of rain Sanskrit दल्मि MW
Dama Dama House Sanskrit दम MW
Dama Dama Self-Control Sanskrit दम MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dāma Dāma Garland Sanskrit दाम MW Spell as Daama to avoid confusion
Damadāna Damadāna Duality of Self-Control and Generosity Sanskrit दमदान MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Damana Damanī Self-Restraint, Self-Controlled Sanskrit दमन OB MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dāman Dāman Garland for forehead Sanskrit दामन् MW Spell as Daaman to avoid confusion
Dāman a Giver, giving, gift Sanskrit दामन् MW Spell as Daaman to avoid confusion
Dāmara Dāmara Surprise, extraordinary Sanskrit डामर MW Spell as Daamara to avoid confusion
Damarin a Drum Sanskrit डमरिन् MW
Damaru Sacred Drum Sanskrit डमरु MW
Damaru Surprise Sanskrit डमरु MW
Damāya Damāya Self-Control Sanskrit दमाय MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dambholi Thunderbolt of Indra, the god of rain Sanskrit दम्भोलि MW
Damin Damin Self-Controlled Sanskrit दमिन् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Damini Lightning Hindi दामिनी S HD 1
Dampati Lord, Master of the House Sanskrit दम्पति MW
Dāmpatya Dāmpatya Marriage Sanskrit दाम्पत्य MW
Damodar Lord Krishna Hindi दामोदर HD
Damunas Fire, Lord of Fire Sanskrit दमुनस् MW
Dān Dān to make Straight, Guide, a Guide, a manager Sanskrit दान् MW
Dān Dāna the act of Giving, gift Sanskrit दान MW
Dāna Dāna Purification Sanskrit दान MW
Dānapati Lord of Giving Sanskrit दानपति MW
Dānavīr Dānavīra Hero of Giving, Generous Sanskrit दानवीर MW
Dandamesh Indian Fakir met by Aleksander the Great ? OB
Dandika Arrow Sanskrit दण्डिक MW
Dānin Dānin Giving Sanskrit दानिन् MW
Dānīya Dānīya Gift, Worthy of Gifts Sanskrit दानीय MW
Dansana Dansana marvellous Skill Sanskrit दंसन MW
Dansati Dansati to Speak, to Shine, to Show Sanskrit MW
Dānti Patience Sanskrit दान्ति MW
Dānu Dānu Victor, Conqueror Sanskrit दानु MW
Dara Dara Navel Sanskrit दर MW
Dāra Dāra to Marry Sanskrit MW
Darad Darad the Heart Sanskrit दरद् MW
Daraka Daraka Afraid, timid Sanskrit दरक MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dāraka Child - Boy Sanskrit दारक MW
Darana Darana Breaking Sanskrit दरण MW Use with name for ego, "Asmita" or "Mano"
Darani Darani Surf Sanskrit दरणि MW
Daraso Seeing, Meeting ? OD x Probably spelling mistake for Darsho
Darbha Grass Sanskrit दर्भ MW
Darbhati Darbhati to Fear Sanskrit दर्भति MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dardara Mountain, 'having caves' Sanskrit दर्दर MW
Dardarika any Musical Instrument Sanskrit दर्दरिक MW
Dardura Flute, Cloud, Singing Master Sanskrit MW
Darhati Darhati to Grow Sanskrit दर्हति MW
Daridra Daridrā Wanderer Sanskrit दरिद्र MW
Dārika Child - Girl Sanskrit दारिका MW
Dariya Protector, Wealthy, maintainer of the good Persian S Onl
Darpa Pride Sanskrit दर्प MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Darpak God of Love Sanskrit दर्पक MW
Darpaka Darpaka Pride Sanskrit दर्पक MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Darpan Darpana Darpano Mirror Sanskrit दर्पण OD MW 2
Darpanikā Mirror Sanskrit दर्पणिका MW
Darr Darra God, the Distressor, the Harmer Arabic لضار 99N Sufi
Darsha Darsha New Moon Sanskrit दर्श MW
Darsha Darsha Looking at Sanskrit दर्श MW
Darshaka Darshaka Seeing, Looking for, Examining Sanskrit दर्शक MW
Darshan Darshana Darshano Seeing, meeting the master Sanskrit दर्शन S MW 5
Darshanī Seeing, meeting the master, observing, perception, understanding Sanskrit दर्शनी MW
Darshanīya Darshanīya Beautiful, Visible Sanskrit दर्शनीय MW
Darshata Darshatā Beautiful, Visible, the Sun, the Moon Sanskrit दर्शत MW
Darshi Darshī Seer,Seeing Sanskrit S Sp 1
Darshin Darshin Observing, Understanding Sanskrit दर्शिन् MW
Darshita Darshita Seen Sanskrit दर्शित MW
Darshivas Darshivas one who has Seen Sanskrit दर्शिवस् MW
Darsho Vision Sanskrit OD 1
Dartnu Dartnu Breaking Sanskrit MW Use with name for ego, "Asmita" or "Mano"
Dartri Dartri Breaker Sanskrit दर्तृ MW Use with name for ego, "Asmita" or "Mano"
Dāru Dāru Breaking Sanskrit दारु MW Use with name for ego, "Asmita" or "Mano"
Dāruka Krishna’s Charioteer Sanskrit दारुक MW
Daruma Bodhidharma, awareness ultimate nature Japanese 達磨 OD Onl 1
Dārvanda Peacock Sanskrit दार्वण्ड MW
Darvarīka Wind Sanskrit दर्वरीक MW
Darvidā Woodpecker Bird Sanskrit दर्विदा MW
Darvīkara Hooded Snake Sanskrit दर्वीकर MW
Darya Ocean, River Persian S Onl 2
Dāsa Dāsa Dāso Servant, in Service of Sanskrit दास OD MW 3
Dāsī Servant, in Service of Sanskrit दासी OD MW 3
-dāsa -dāsa -dāso Servant, in Service of Sanskrit OD MW 3
-dāsī Servant, in Service of Sanskrit OD MW 3
Dāsajana Servant Sanskrit दासजन MW
Dāsikā Servant Sanskrit दासिका MW
Dāsh Serve, Worship, veneration, worshipper Sanskrit MW
Dāsha Dāshī Servant Sanskrit दाश MW
Dāshaspati Lord of Offerings, who offers much Sanskrit दाशस्पति MW
Dāshu Dāshu Worshipping Sanskrit दाशु MW
Dāshva Dāshva Generous Sanskrit दाश्व MW
Dāshvas Dāshvas Serving the Gods, Giving Sanskrit दाश्वस् MW
Dāsījana Servant Sanskrit दासीजन MW
Dasma Dasma Wonderful, Extraordinary deeds Sanskrit दस्म MW
Dasmya Dasmya Wonderful Sanskrit दस्म्य MW
Dasra Dasra doing Wonderful deeds Sanskrit दस्र MW
Dassana Search for Insight, a search for eyes Pali OD Onl 1 Buddhism
Dāsvat Dāsvat Generous Sanskrit दास्वत् MW
Dāsya Dāsya Dāsyo Serving with Devotion Sanskrit दास्य S MW
Dāti Dāti liking to Give Sanskrit MW
Dātri Dātri Giving, a Giver Sanskrit दातृ MW
Daulat Treasure, Wealth Urdu ولت S Onl
Dautya Dautya Message, Mission of a Messenger Sanskrit दौत्य MW
Dava Fire Sanskrit दव MW
Dāvan Dāvan Giving Sanskrit दावन् MW
Dayā Compassion Sanskrit दया MW 2
Dayā Dayo Compassion Sanskrit दया OD MW 3
Dāya Dāya Giving, gift at initiation ceremony Sanskrit दाय MW
Dayādeva Dayādevi Dayādevo God or Goddess of Compassion Sanskrit Sp
Dāyaka Dāyikā Giving Sanskrit दायक MW
Dayākara Dayākara showing Compassion Sanskrit दयाकर MW
Dayākurcha Dayākurcha ‘Store of Compassion,’ name of Buddha Sanskrit दयाकूर्च MW
Dayāl Compassionate Gurjarati S Onl 1 Sikhism
Dayana Dayana Bird’s Flight Sanskrit डयन MW
Dāyananda Dāyanandā Dāyanando Compassion and Bliss Sanskrit OD MW 1
Dayānidhi Dayānidhi Ocean of Compassion, very Compassionate person Sanskrit दयानिधि MW 1
Dayāpūrvam Dayāpūrvam Compasionately, totally compasionate Sanskrit दयापूर्वम् MW
Dayāsagar Ocean of Compassion, very Compassionate person Sanskrit SP
Dayāshil Dayāshila Compassionate Sanskrit दयाशीला MW
Dayānvat Dayānvat Compassionate Sanskrit MW
Dayānyukta Dayānyukta Full of Compassion Sanskrit MW
Dāyati Dāyati to Purify, to Cleanse Sanskrit दायति MW
Dayavīra Dayavīra Compassionate hero, very compassionate person Sanskrit दयावीर MW
Dāyate Dāyate to Give Sanskrit दायते MW
Dāyin Dāyin Giving Sanskrit दायिन् MW
Dayita Dayitā Beloved, a Lover Sanskrit दयित MW
Dayormi Dayormi Waves of Compassion Sanskrit दयोर्मि MW
Deedhee Deedhee to Shine, Bright Sanskrit दीधी MW
Deedhī to Perceive Sanskrit दीधी MW
Deedhī to Shine, Bright Sanskrit दीधी MW
Deedhīte Deedhīte to Shine, Bright Sanskrit दिधीते MW
Deedhiti Devotion, Meditation Sanskrit दीधिति MW
Deedhiti Shining, Bright, Light, a Ray Sanskrit दीधिति MW
Deedi Deedi Shining, Bright Sanskrit दीदि MW
Deediti Brightness, Ray, Splendour Sanskrit दीधिति MW
Deediti Devotion, Meditation Sanskrit दीधिति MW
Deedivi Deedivi Shining, Bright, a risen Star Sanskrit दीदिवि MW
Deedyati Deedyati to Shine Sanskrit दीद्यति MW
Deekshā Initiation Sanskrit दीक्षा S MW 3
Deekshaka Spiritual Guide Sanskrit दीक्षक MW
Deekshana Deekshana Initiation Sanskrit दीक्षण MW
Deekshin Deekshin the Initiated, one who has been initiated Sanskrit दीक्षिन् MW
Deekshita Deekshitī Initiated into Sanskrit दीक्षित MW
Deena Deena Flying, Flown, Bird's Flight Sanskrit डीन MW 1
Deenaka Deenaka very Miserable Sanskrit दीनक MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Deenam Deenam Sadness, Misery Sanskrit दीनम् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Deenār Deenāra Gold Coin Sanskrit दीनार MW
Deep- Deepa- small Lamp, a Light, Lantern Sanskrit दीप्- OD MW 2
Deep Deepa small Lamp, a Light, Lantern Sanskrit दीप MW 1
Deep Deep to Blaze, Shine, Glow, burn, inflame Sanskrit दीप् MW 4
Deep Deepa Deepo small Lamp, a Light, Lantern Sanskrit दीप OD MW 4
...deep ...deepa ...deepo small Lamp, a Light, Lantern Sanskrit ...दीप् OD MW 2
Deepadān Deepadāna ‘Light-giver’ Sanskrit दीपदान MW
Deepak Deepaka Light, Illuminating, a Lamp Sanskrit दीपक OD MW 4
Deepakala Evening, the time to light lamps Hindi HD
Deepalī Festival of Lights at the autumn new moon, Diwali Sanskrit दिपाली MW
Deepali Collection of Lamps Sanskrit दिपाली MW
Deepalok Deepaloka Lamp Light Sanskrit दीपालोक MW
Deepam Deepama small Lamp, a Light Sanskrit OD 2 Unconfirmed spelling
Deepamālā Garland of Light, an illumination Sanskrit दीपमाला MW
Deepankara Light maker, lamp lighter, name of an ancient Buddha Sanskrit, Hindi दीपंकर OB MW, HD 1
Deepankura Flame of a Lamp Sanskrit दिपाङ्कुर MW
Deepavali ‘Row of Lights’ the Diwali autumn Festival of Light Sanskrit दीपवलि MW
Deepavat Deepavat Illuminating, 'containing lights' Sanskrit दीपवत् MW
Deependra Lord of Light Hindi HD
Deependu Moon Hindi HD
Deepesh Lord of Light, the Sun Hindi OD HD 1
Deepikā a Light, Lamp, Lantern, Moonlight, Illustrator, Illustration Sanskrit दीपिका S MW 3
Deepin Deepin Setting on Fire, Inflaming Sanskrit दीपिन् MW
Deepita Deepita Inflaming Sanskrit दीपित MW
Deepra Deepra Shining, Radiant, Flaming, Fire Sanskrit दीप्र MW
Deepta Shining, Brilliant, Blazing, excited Sanskrit, Hindi दीप्त S MW, HD 2
Deeptagni Deeptagni Blazing Fire Sanskrit दिप्ताग्नि MW
Deeptakeerti Deeptakeerti ‘Bright-famed’ Sanskrit दीप्तकिर्ति MW
Deeptakiran Deeptakirana the Sun, ‘Hot-rayed’ Sanskrit दीप्तकिरण MW
Deeptaksha Deeptakshī Bright Eyes Sanskrit दिप्ताक्ष MW
Deeptamurti name of Vishnu, radiant faced, blazing form Sanskrit TV
Deeptaphala Deeptaphalā bearing glorious Fruit Sanskrit दीप्तफल MW
Deeptatejas Deeptatejas Radiant with Glory Sanskrit दीप्ततेजस् MW
Deeptatva Deeptatva Shining, Flaming Sanskrit दीप्तत्व MW
Deeptaujas Deeptaujas Glowing with Energy Sanskrit दिप्तौजस् MW
Deeptavarna Deeptavarna ‘Red-Coloured’ Sanskrit दीप्तवर्ण MW
Deeptanshu the Sun, ‘Hot-rayed’ Sanskrit दिप्तांशु MW
Deepti Brightness, Light, Splendour, Beauty, the flash-like flight of an Arrow Sanskrit, Hindi दीप्ति MW HD 2
Deeptimat Deeptimat Bright, Brilliant Sanskrit दीप्तिमत् MW
Deeptoda Deeptoda Brilliant Water Sanskrit दिप्तोद MW
Deepvatī Luminous River Sanskrit MW
Deeti Splendour, Brightness Sanskrit दीति MW
Deev Gambling Sanskrit दीव् MW 1
Deevan Deevana Gambling Sanskrit MW
Deevi Blue Jay Bird Sanskrit दीवि MW
Deevyat Deevyat Playing, Gambling Sanskrit दीव्यत् MW
Deha the Body Sanskrit देह MW
Dehadeepa Dehadeepā Body of Light Sanskrit देहदीप MW
Dehagata Dehagata Incarnated, ‘gone into a Body’ Sanskrit देहगत MW
Dehaja Dehaja God/ Godess of Love, ‘Body-Born’ Sanskrit देहज MW
Dehalī Threshold of a Door Sanskrit देहली MW
Dehavat Living, having a Body, embodied Sanskrit देहवत् MW
Deheshvara the Soul, ‘Lord of the Body’ Sanskrit MW
Dehin the Soul living in a Body Sanskrit देहिन् OD MW 1 Misspelled as Dehen
Dehinī the Earth Sanskrit देहिनी MW
Deo Divine Hindi S Onl
Dervish Sufi mystic, Sufi seeker Sufi OD 1
-desh -desha Country, Kingdom Sanskrit ...देश MW
Desh Desha Country, Kingdom Sanskrit देश MW
Deshaja Deshaja Native, Born in the right place Sanskrit देशज MW
Deshajāta Deshajāta Native, Born in the right place Sanskrit देशजात MW
Deshaka Deshaka Instructor, showing, indicating Sanskrit देशक MW
Deshakāl Deshakāla Place and Time Sanskrit देशकाल MW
Deshakārī Musical note Sanskrit MW
Deshakhya Musical note or Melody Sanskrit देशाख्या MW
Deshanā Divine Guidance, a sermon Sanskrit देशना OD MW 1
Deshī a Dance, Melody Sanskrit देशी MW
Deshika Deshika Guide, Spiritual Guide, Guru Sanskrit देशिक MW
Deshin Deshin Instructing, Guiding Sanskrit देशिन् MW
Deshita Deshita Instructed, Directed Sanskrit देशित MW
Deshīya Deshīya Native Sanskrit देशीय MW
Deshna Deshna Giving, Gift Sanskrit देष्ण MW
Deshnu Deshnu Giving Sanskrit देष्णु MW
Deshtra Deshtra Direction Sanskrit देष्ट्र MW
Deva- Deva- Divine Sanskrit देव OD MW 4
Deva Deva Divine Sanskrit देव OD MW 5
Deva Deva Devo Divine Sanskrit देव OD MW 4
-deva -deva Divine Sanskrit ...देव OD MW 4
Devabali Devabali Offering to the Gods Sanskrit MW
Devabandhu Brother of the Divine, related to the gods Sanskrit देवबन्धु MW
Devabhakta Devabhakta Devoted to the Divine Sanskrit देवभक्त MW
Devabhakti Devotee of the Divine Sanskrit देवभक्ति MW
Devabhū Devabhū Heaven, God Sanskrit देवभू MW
Devabodha Devabodhi Divine Awareness Sanskrit देवबोध SP MW 1
Devach Devachī Directed towards the Divine, to the gods Sanskrit देवाच् MW
Devacharyā Living in Tune with Existence Itself; Service of the gods Sanskrit देवचर्या OD MW 1
Devachārya Teacher of the Divine, divine teacher Sanskrit देवाचार्य MW
Devachitta Devachitta Divine Consciousness; the will of the divine Sanskrit देवचित्त OD MW 1
Devada Devadā God-given, Divine Gift Sanskrit OD MW 1
Devadas Devadasī Devadaso Servant of God, of the Divine Sanskrit देवदास OD MW 2 (f) देवदासी
Devadatta God-given, Divine Gift Sanskrit देवदत्त MW
Devadeep Devadeepa Divine Lamp, Divine Light, the Eye Sanskrit देवदीप MW
Devadeva God of gods, Brahma Sanskrit देवदेव MW
Devadharma the one true Religion Sanskrit देवधर्म OD MW 1
Devādhipa ‘King of the gods,’ Indra Sanskrit देवाधिप MW
Devadūta Devadūtī Divine Messenger Sanskrit देवदूत MW
Devadutt Gift from God Hindi HD
Devagama Devagama Going to the Divine Sanskrit देवगम MW
Devagandhā Divine Fragrance Sanskrit देवगन्धा S MW 1
Devagāra Devagāra Temple Sanskrit देवागार MW
Devagarbha Devagarbha Child of the Divine Sanskrit देवगर्भ MW
Devagāyan Devagāyanā Divine Singer Sanskrit देवगायन SD
Devageet Devageeta Divine Song, Song of the Divine Sanskrit S MW 2
Devagiri Divine Mountain Sanskrit देवगिरि S MW 1
Devagni Devagni Divine Fire Sanskrit S MW 1
Devagopā Divine Protectress Sanskrit देवगोपा MW
Devaguru Divine guru; Guru of the Gods, name of god Brihaspati Sanskrit देवगुरु SD
Devagyan Devagyanā Divine Knowledge, Divine Wisdom Sanskrit S MW 1
Devagyanī one who Knows the Divine, who has divine wisdom Sanskrit Sp
Devahāra Devahāra Nectar, divine food Sanskrit देवाहार MW
Devahrada Divine Lake Sanskrit देवह्रद MW
Devaja Devajā Divine, ‘God-Born’ Sanskrit देवज / देवजा MW
Devajāt Devajāta Divine, ‘God-Born’ Sanskrit देवजात MW
Devajūta Devajūta Inspired by the gods, ‘God-sped’ Sanskrit देवजूत MW
Devaka Divine, celestial, a god who plays Sanskrit देवक S MW 3
Devakalpa Devakalpa God-like, Divine Sanskrit देवकल्प MW
Devakāma Devakāma Loving the Gods, Loving the Divine, Divine Love Sanskrit देवकाम MW
Devakānt Devakānta Beloved of the Divine Sanskrit देवकान्त S MW 1
Devakanyā Celestial maiden, Nymph Sanskrit MW
Devakanyakā Celestial maiden, Nymph Sanskrit देवकन्यका SD
Devakarma Master of Divine or Sacred Work Sanskrit देवकर्म MW
Devakarman Devakarman Worship of the gods Sanskrit देवकर्मन् MW
Devakeerti Devakeerti Glory of the Divine Sanskrit S MW 1
Devakhāta Devakhāta Cave Sanskrit देवखात MW
Devakī Deity, Mother of Lord Krishna Sanskrit, Hindi दैवकी MW HD
Devakīya Devakīya Divine Sanskrit देवकीय MW
Deval God Sanskrit OD 1
Devala Virtuous, one who makes Offering to gods, to the Divine Sanskrit देवल MW
Devālā a Musical note Sanskrit MW
Devalatā Jasmine, ‘Divine creeper’ Sanskrit देवलता MW
Devalaya Devalaya Heaven, ‘residence of the gods,’ temple Sanskrit देवालय S MW 1
Devaloka Devaloka Heaven Sanskrit देवलोक MW
Devam Devama Divine Sanskrit OD 1
Devamadhu Devamadhu Divine Honey Sanskrit MW
Devamālā Divine Garland Sanskrit MW
Devamāna Devamāna Dwellings of the Gods Sanskrit देवमान MW
Devamani Devamani Divine Jewel Sanskrit देवमणि MW 1
Devamārga Devamārga Divine Way, Sky Sanskrit देवमार्ग S MW 1
Devamaya Devamayī Full of, consisting of the Divine Sanskrit देवमय MW
Devameeta Divine Friend, Friend of the Divine Sanskrit S MW 1
Devamitra Divine Friend, Friend of the Divine Sanskrit देवमित्र S MW 1
Devanā Play Sanskrit देवना MW
Devanadī Divine River Sanskrit देवनदी MW
Devananda Devanandā Divine Bliss Sanskrit देवानन्द S MW 3
Devanandī Divine Blissfulness Sanskrit S MW 2
Devanandin Rejoicing the gods Sanskrit देवनन्दिन् MW
Devanātha ‘Lord of the gods,’ Shiva Sanskrit देवनाथ MW
Devāndhas Nectar Sanskrit देवान्धस् MW
Devanjana Devanjana Divine Ointment (for the eyes) Sanskrit देवाञ्जन MW
Devansha Devansha Devanshu a part of God, partial incarnation of a god Sanskrit देवांश OD MW 1
Devapath Divine Path, the Milky Way, Heaven Sanskrit देवपथ S MW 2
Devapati ‘Lord of the gods,’ Indra Sanskrit देवपति MW
Devapi ‘Friend of the gods’ Sanskrit देवापि MW
Devaprem Devaprema Divine Love Sanskrit OD MW 4
Devapriya Devapriyo Beloved of the Divine Sanskrit देवप्रिय S MW 4
Devapūjā Devapūjo Divine Worship, daily worship of the gods Sanskrit देवपूजा MW
Devapūjan Devapūjana Devapūjano Worshipper of the Divine Sanskrit Sp
Devara Lover, Beloved Sanskrit देवर MW
Devarāgi in Love with God, in Love with the Divine Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Devarahi Divine Pilgrim Hindi OD Sp 1 Deva = divine, rahi = going, traveller
Devarāj Divine King, King of the Gods, Indra, Buddha Sanskrit OD MW 1
Devarata Devarata Delighting in the gods Sanskrit देवरत MW
Devarāta ‘God-Given’ Sanskrit देवरात MW
Devarati God's Delight, Divine Delight Sanskrit देवरति MW
Devarishi Divine Sage, divine poet-seer Sanskrit MW
Devarūpā of Divine Form, god-like Sanskrit देवरूपा S MW 2
Devarūpin Devarūpin of Divine Form, god-like Sanskrit देवरूपिन् MW
Devasakha Devasakhi Friend of the gods Sanskrit देवसख MW
Devashabda Devashabda Divine Sound, Thunder Sanskrit देवशब्द MW
Devashakti Devashakti having Divine Power, King, Queen Sanskrit देवशक्ति MW
Devarshi Divine Sage, divine poet-seer Sanskrit देवर्षि MW
Devashilpa Devashilpa Divine Art Sanskrit देवशिल्प MW
Devashilpin Devashilpin Divine Artist Sanskrit देवशिल्पिन् MW
Devashish Blessings of the Gods Hindi HD
Devashrī Divine Beauty, Goddess Lakshmi Hindi HD
Devashrī Worshipping Sanskrit देवश्री MW
Devashrū Devashrū Known to the gods Sanskrit देवश्रू MW
Devasinha ‘Lion-god,’ Shiva Sanskrit देवसिंह MW
Devasmitā Divine Smile Sanskrit देवस्मिता S MW
Devata Artist Sanskrit देवट MW
Devatā Divinity Sanskrit देवता MW
Devataru Devataru Divine Tree Sanskrit देवतरु S MW 1
Devatāti Divine Service, Divinity, the gods collectively Sanskrit देवताति MW
Devateertha Divine place of Pilgrimage, right moment or place for Worshipping the gods Sanskrit देवतीर्थ S MW 1
Devatmā Mother of the gods Sanskrit देवात्मा MW
Devatman the Divine Soul, Sacred Sanskrit देवात्मन् MW
Devatrāta ‘God-Protected’ Sanskrit देवत्रात MW
Devatta God-Given Sanskrit देवत्त MW
Devaukas Devaukas Divine abode, Heaven’s Mount Meru Sanskrit देवौकस् MW
Devavara Blessing Sanskrit देववर MW
Devaya Devaya Loving the gods Sanskrit देवय MW
Devayā Devayā Going to the gods, to the Divine Sanskrit देवया MW
Devayān Divine Vehicle Sanskrit देवयान OD MW 1
Devayāna Devayānī Path of the gods, Leading to the Divine, Going to the gods Sanskrit देवयान OD MW 1
Devayāvan Going to the gods, to the Divine Sanskrit देवयावन् MW
Devayāvarī Going to the gods, to the Divine Sanskrit MW
Devayu Devayu Devoted to the gods, to the Divine Sanskrit देवयु MW
Devendra Chief of the gods Sanskrit देवेन्द्र OD MW 2
Devesh Deveshī Chief of the gods Sanskrit देवेश S MW 1
Devashita Devashita Sent by the gods Sanskrit MW
Deveshta Deveshta Acceptable to the gods Sanskrit देवेष्ट MW
Deveshu Divine Arrow Sanskrit देवेषु MW
Deveshvara Sovereign of the gods Sanskrit देवेश्वर MW
Devī Goddess; Divine, a deity, a heavenly shining one, a goddess on earth Sanskrit देवी OB MW 3
-devī Goddess Sanskrit देवी OB MW 3
Devikā Divine, one who is like a goddess Sanskrit देवीका OD MW 3
Devikā Divine, one who is like a goddess Sanskrit देवीका OD MW 3
Devīkriti Creation of a Goddess or queen Sanskrit देवीकृति SD
Devila Devila Virtuous Sanskrit देविल MW
Devilal Son of a Goddess Hindi HD
Devin Devin Gambler Sanskrit देविन् MW
Devitri Devitri Gambler Sanskrit देवितृ MW
Devodyāna Devodyāna Sacred Grove Sanskrit देवोद्यान MW
Devya Devya Divine Power Sanskrit देव्य MW
Deya Deya Giving, Gift Sanskrit देय MW
Dhairya Dhairya Intelligence Sanskrit धैर्य MW
Dhairya Dhairya Patience, Courage Sanskrit धैर्य OD MW 1 Misspelled as Dharia
Dhāka Receptacle Sanskrit धाक MW
Dhakka large Sacred building Sanskrit ढक्क MW
Dhakkā large Drum Sanskrit ढक्का MW
Dhakkārī name of the Goddess Tara Sanskrit डक्कारी MW
Dhāmadhipa the Sun, ‘Lord of Rays’ Sanskrit MW
Dharman Dharman Support, Supporter Sanskrit धर्मन् SD
Dhāman Dhāman House, abode, Power, Majesty, Splendour Sanskrit धामन् MW
Dhāmanidhi Dhāmanidhi the Sun, ‘Treasury of Splendour’ Sanskrit धामनिधि MW
Dhamati Dhamati to Exhale, to Breath out Sanskrit धमति MW
Dhāmavat Dhāmavat Powerful, Strong Sanskrit धामवत् MW
Dhamma Dhamma Dhammo Dharma, religion, innermost nature Pali OB PD
Dhan Dhana Riches, Wealth, Treasure Sanskrit धन MW
Dhāna Dhāna Containing, Receptacle Sanskrit धान MW
Dhananjay one who wins Wealth, Lord Vishnu Hindi HD
Dhanati Dhanati to Sound Sanskrit धनति MW
Dhanava become Rich Sanskrit धनव MW
Dhanavat Dhanavat Wealthy, Rich, Ocean Sanskrit धनवत् MW
Dhanesh Lord of Wealth, Lord Vishnu Sanskrit, Hindi धनेश् MW HD
Dhanika Dhanika Wealthy Sanskrit धनिक MW
Dhanu Dhanu Bow, Sagittarius zodiac sign Sanskrit धनु MW
Dhānushka Dhānushkī Archer, bowman Sanskrit धानुष्क MW
Dhanutri Dhanutri Moving Quickly Sanskrit धनुतृ MW
Dhanvan Rainbow, Bow, Sagittarius zodiac sign Sanskrit धन्वन् MW
Dhanvi name of Shiva, the Bowman Sanskrit TS
Dhanvin Dhanvin Bowman, Sagittarius zodiac sign Sanskrit धन्विन् MW
Dhanya Dhanya Dhanyo Blessed, Blessed One, Fortunate, Virtuous Sanskrit धन्य OD MW 1
Dhānya Dhānya Richness, being rich, richness of being Sanskrit धान्य MW
Dhanyata Success, Fulfillment Hindi HD
Dhanyatā Blessedness Sanskrit धन्यता SD
Dhanyavād Blessing, "God bless you", Gratefulness, "Thank you" Hindi OB MW
Dhara Bearing, Supporting, Mountain Sanskrit धार MW
Dharā Bearing, Supporting, the Earth, the Womb Sanskrit धारा MW
Dhārā River, stream, current of water, constant Flow Sanskrit, Hindi धारा OD MW, HD 2
Dhārā Sharp edge, Summit Sanskrit धारा MW
Dharādhava King, ‘Earth-lord’ Sanskrit धराधव MW
Dharādhipa King, ‘Earth-lord’ Sanskrit MW
Dhāraka Dhāraka Receptacle Sanskrit धारक MW
Dharana Dharanī Bearing, Supporting, the World Sanskrit धारणा MW
Dhārana Dhāranī Holding, Memory, keeping in remembrance Sanskrit धारण MW
Dhāranā Holding in mind, memory, concentration, Understanding Sanskrit धारणा MW
Dhārānga Sacred bathing place Sanskrit धाराङ्ग MW
Dhārānga Sword Sanskrit धाराङ्ग MW
Dharanī the Earth Sanskrit धारणी MW
Dharanīja Dharanīja Tree, ‘Earth-born,’ Planet Mars ‘Son of the Earth’ Sanskrit धरणिज MW
Dhārāpāta Rainshower Sanskrit MW
Dharāpati King, ‘Earth-lord’ Sanskrit MW
Dhārapūta Dhārapūta Pure as a Stream of water Sanskrit धारपूत MW
Dhārāta Cloud full with raindrops Sanskrit धाराट MW
Dhārāvani Wind Sanskrit धारावनि MW
Dhārāvara Fond of Rainshowers Sanskrit धारावर MW
Dhāraya Dhāraya Holding, Bearing Sanskrit धारय MW
Dhārāya Dhārāya to be like a Stream or River Sanskrit धाराय MW
Dhārayu Dhārayu Streaming Sanskrit धारयु MW
Dharesh King, Lord of land Hindi HD
Dhārī Holding, Bearing Sanskrit धारि MW
Dhārin Dhārin Holding, Maintaining Sanskrit धारिन् MW
Dhārinī the Earth Sanskrit, Hindi धारिणी MW, HD
Dharitrī the Earth, supporter Sanskrit धरित्री MW
Dharma- Dharma- Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit धर्म- OD MW 2
Dharma Dharma Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit धर्म OD MW 2
Dharma Dharma Dharmo Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit धर्म OD MW 2
Dharmananda Dharmanandā Dharmanando Bliss that comes if you live according to the Ultimate Law Sanskrit OD MW 1
Dharmanandana Dharmanandanā Bliss that comes if you live according to the Ultimate Law Sanskrit धर्मनन्दन SD
Dharmadeva Dharmadevī Divine ultimate law, god/goddess of the ultimate law Sanskrit धर्मदेव OD MW 1
Dharmadhātu a Buddha, whose essence is the ultimate law Sanskrit धर्मधातु MW
Dharmakara ‘Mine of Virtue’ Sanskrit धर्माकर MW
Dharmakāya Body of Ultimate Law, Body of Enlightenment, 'Law-Body, a Buddha Sanskrit धर्मकाय OB MW 1 Buddhism, one of 3 bodies of a Buddha
Dharmakeerti Glory of the Ultimate Law-Truth-Nature; name of Enlightened Master Sanskrit धर्मकीर्ति MW
Dharmaloka Dharmaloka ‘Light of the Law’ Sanskrit धर्मालोक MW
Dharmamārga Dharmamārga the Path of Virtue, of living in accordance with the Dharma Sanskrit धर्ममार्ग MW
Dharmamaya Dharmamayī Virtuous, consisting merely of the law Sanskrit धर्ममय MW
Dharmameeta Friend of the Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit S Sp 1
Dharmamitra Friend of the Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit धर्ममित्र MW
Dharman Supporter of the Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit धर्मन् MW
Dharmāndu Dharmāndu Sacred Well of Virtue Sanskrit धर्मान्धु MW
Dharmānitya Dharmānitya the Eternal doctrine Sanskrit धर्मनित्य SD
Dharmapati Lord of the Law Sanskrit धर्मनित्य MW
Dharmaprem Dharmaprema Love of the Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit S MW 1
Dharmapriya Dharmapriyā Beloved of the Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit धर्मप्रिय MW
Dharmarāj King of Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature, name for Buddha Sanskrit धर्मराज् MW
Dharmarāja 'King of Justice', a just or righteous king, a Buddha Sanskrit धर्मराज MW
Dharmatā Essence, inherent nature Sanskrit धर्मता MW
Dharmateerth Pilgrimage of the Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit MW
Dharmatva Dharmatva Essence, inherent nature Sanskrit धर्मत्व MW
Dharmavat Dharmavat Virtuous Sanskrit धर्मवत् MW
Dharmavid Virtuous, knowing the law Sanskrit धर्मविद् MW
Dharmavīra Virtuous heroism Sanskrit धर्मवीर MW
Dharmendra Lord of the Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit धर्मेन्द्र S MW 2
Dharmesh Lord of the Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit MW
Dharmeshwar Lord of the Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Hindi HD
Dhārmika Dhārmikī Virtuous Sanskrit धर्मिक MW
Dharmin Dharmin Virtuous Sanskrit धर्मिन् MW
Dharmolkā Torch of the Ultimate Law, Ultimate truth, Ultimate nature Sanskrit धर्मोल्का MW
Dharnasa Dharnasa Strong, Supporting, Powerful Sanskrit धर्णस MW
Dhartri Supporter Sanskrit धर्तृ SD
Dhartri Earth, Goddess Parvati Hindi धर्तृ HD
Dharuna Dharunī Supporter, Foundation, firm ground of the Earth Sanskrit धरुण MW
Dhārya to be Kept, Remembered or Maintained Sanskrit धार्य MW
Dhāsas Mountain Sanskrit धासस् MW
Dhāsi Home Sanskrit धासि MW
Dhata Dhata Balance, Libra zodiac sign Sanskrit धट MW
Dhātra Dhātra Receptacle Sanskrit धात्र MW
Dhātri Founder, Creator Sanskrit धातृ MW
Dhātrī Female Supporter, Midwife, Mother, the Earth Sanskrit धात्री MW
Dhaukana Offering, Present Sanskrit धात्री MW
Dhauta Dhauta Purified, Cleansed Sanskrit धौत MW
Dhauti Well, Spring Sanskrit धौति MW
Dhāva Dhāva Cleansing Sanskrit धाव MW
Dhāvaka Dhāvaka Running Sanskrit धावक MW
Dhaval Dhavalā Dazzling White Sanskrit धवल MW
Dhāvan Dhāvana Running Sanskrit धावन MW
Dhavalaya Dhavalaya Illuminate, to make White Sanskrit धवलय MW
Dhāvani Goddess of Fortune Sanskrit धावनि MW
Dhāvate Dhāvate to Flow Sanskrit धावते MW
Dhāvit Dhāvita Purified, Cleaned Sanskrit धावित MW
Dhāvit Dhāvita Running Sanskrit धावित MW
Dhāyas Nourishing, Refreshing, Strengthening Sanskrit धायस् MW
Dhāyu Dhāyu Giving Sanskrit धायु MW
Dhee Meditation, Understanding, Intelligence, Devotion Sanskrit धी MW
Dheedā Intelligence, Understanding Sanskrit धीदा MW 1
Dheejū Dheejū Inspiring Devotion Sanskrit धीजू MW
Dheemat Dheemat Intelligent, Wise Sanskrit धीमत् MW
Dheer Dheerā Wise, Patient, Intelligent Sanskrit धीर OD MW 1
Dheer Dheerā Brave, Courageous, Steady Sanskrit धीर MW
Dheeraj Bravery Hindi HD 2
Dheeraj Dheeraja Patience Hindi OD 2
Dheeram Dheeram Ocean, sea, symbol of constancy Sanskrit धीरम् MW
Dheerasa Dheerasa Delighting in Devotion Sanskrit MW
Dheeratā Wisdom Sanskrit धीरता MW
Dheeren Patience, Wisdom; first, it means patience, and second, it means wisdom Sanskrit OD MW 2
Dheeresh Dheeresha Lord of Patience and Wisdom, God / Goddess of Patience and Wisdom Sanskrit OD MW 1
Dheerī Wise, Patient, Intelligent Sanskrit MW
Dheeta Dheeta Meditations Sanskrit धीत MW
Dheertva Dheertva Wisdom Sanskrit MW
Dheeti Devotion, Prayer, Reflection, Wisdom, Understanding Sanskrit धीति MW
Dheevan Skilful, Artist Sanskrit धीवन् MW
Dheevari Skilful, Artist Sanskrit धीवरी MW
Dhena Dhena Ocean, River Sanskrit धेन MW
Dhenkī kind of a Dance Sanskrit ढेङ्की MW
Dheshtha Dheshtha Giving a lot, Generous Sanskrit धेष्ठ MW
Dhi Dhi Receptacle Sanskrit धि MW
Dhisamtati Continuously Meditating Sanskrit धीसंतति MW
Dhishan Dhishana Intelligent, Wise Sanskrit धिषण MW
Dhishnya Dhishnya Star, Power, Strength Sanskrit धिषण्य MW
Dhishnyā Meteor Sanskrit MW
Dhīraj King of Patience and Wisdom Sanskrit OD MW 1
Dhīrana Dhīrana Delighting in Devotion Sanskrit धीरण SD
Dhīren Patience and Wisdom Sanskrit OD MW 1
Dhiren Powerful, Strong Hindi HD
Dhīrendra Lord of Patience and Wisdom Sanskrit S MW
Dhirendra Lord of the Brave Hindi HD
Dhita Dhita Satisfied Sanskrit धित MW
Dhitāvan Dhitāvan Rich in Gifts Sanskrit धितावन् MW
Dhiyanpati the Soul, ‘Lord of thoughts’ Sanskrit धियाम्पति MW
Dhola large Drum Sanskrit ढोल MW
Dhrādi gathering Flowers Sanskrit ध्राडि MW
Dhrāja one who Glides or Moves Sanskrit ध्राज MW
Dhrajas Dhrajas Motion of Gliding Sanskrit ध्रजस् MW
Dhraji Dhraji Motion of Gliding, Impulse Sanskrit ध्राजि MW
Dhrāji Whirlwind Sanskrit ध्राजि MW
Dhranati Dhranati to Sound Sanskrit ध्रणति MW
Dhrati Dhrati to Go Sanskrit ध्रति MW
Dhraupada kind of Dance Sanskrit ध्रौपद MW
Dhrāyati Dhrāyati to be Satisfied Sanskrit ध्रायति MW
Dhrejati Dhrejati to Go, to Move Sanskrit ध्रेजति MW
Dhrishaj a Hero, Bold Sanskrit धृषज् MW
Dhrishat Dhrishat Courageous, Bold Sanskrit धृषत् MW
Dhrishita Dhrishita Bold, Brave Sanskrit धृषित MW
Dhrishta Dhrishta Courageous, Bold, Confident Sanskrit धृष्ट MW
Dhrishtam Dhrishtam Courageously, Boldly Sanskrit धृष्टम् SD
Dhrishti Dhrishti Bold Sanskrit धृष्टि MW
Dhrishnu Dhrishnu Courageous, Bold, strong Sanskrit धृष्णु MW
Dhriti Supporting, Firmness, Satisfaction personified Sanskrit धृति MW
Dhriti Courage Hindi धृति HD
Dhritvan Supporter, Sky, Sea Sanskrit धृत्वन् MW
Dhritvarī the Earth Sanskrit धृत्वरी MW
Dhrūnā Sound Sanskrit ध्रूणा MW
Dhruva Dhruvā Polar Star, fixed, not moving, Firm, Eternal, the Earth, fixed point Sanskrit ध्रुव OD MW 1
Dhruvi Dhruvi Firm, fixed like a mountain Sanskrit ध्रुवि MW
Dhukkā Flute Sanskrit धुक्का MW
Dhu-al-Jalal wa-al-Ikram God, the Lord of Majesty and Generosity Arabic ذو الجلال و الإكرام 99N Sufi
Dhulikā Flower Pollen Sanskrit धूलिका MW
Dhūma Mist Sanskrit धूम MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dhūmarī Mist Sanskrit धूमरी MW
Dhūmra Dhūmrā Deep Red-Purple, deep magenta, Incense Sanskrit धूम्र MW
Dhuna Roaring Sanskrit धुन MW
Dhundhana Dhundhana Searching, Investigating Sanskrit ढुण्ढन MW
Dhundita Dhundita Sought, Inquired Sanskrit ढुण्ढित MW
Dhuni Dhuni Roaring Sanskrit धुनि MW
Dhuni Dhuni Sacred site for Fire ritual Hindi धुनि Onl
Dhunī Roaring River Sanskrit धुनी MW
Dhunīmat Dhunīmat Roaring Sanskrit धुनिमत् MW
Dhunīnātha Ocean, ‘Lord of Rivers’ Sanskrit धुनीनाथ MW
Dhūpa Incense Sanskrit धूप MW
Dhūpana Dhūpana Incense, Perfume Sanskrit धूपन MW
Dhūpi Rain bringing Wind Sanskrit धूपी MW
Dhura Dhurā Burden Sanskrit धुर MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dhūrvā Fresh Grass, just sprouting... very green, delicate Sanskrit दूर्वा OD MW 1
Dhūtkāra Roaring, Thundering Sanskrit धूत्कार MW
Dhvana a Wind, Sound, Tune Sanskrit ध्वन MW
Dhvāna Dhvāna Humming Sanskrit ध्वान MW
Dhvanana Dhvanana Humming Sanskrit ध्वनन MW
Dhvanati Dhvanati to Sound, to Roar Sanskrit ध्वनति MW
Dhvani Dhvani Echo, Sound, Tone, Tune Sanskrit ध्वनि MW
Dhvānta Dhvānta Darkness, Night Sanskrit ध्वान्त MW
Dhyā Meditation Sanskrit ध्या MW
Dhyai Dhyai to Meditate Sanskrit ध्यै MW
Dhyāma Dhyāma Black, dark coloured Sanskrit ध्याम MW
Dhyān- Dhyān- Meditation Sanskrit ध्यान OD MW 2
Dhyān Dhyān Meditation Sanskrit ध्यान OD MW 5
Dhyāna Meditation Sanskrit ध्यान OD MW 3
Dhyān Dhyāna Dhyāno Meditation Sanskrit ध्यान OD MW 4
Dhyānadeep Dhyānadeepa Light of Meditation Sanskrit SP
Dhyānadhīra Dhyānadhīra Meditating patiently Sanskrit ध्यानधीर MW
Dhyānagamya Dhyānagamya attainable through Meditation Sanskrit ध्यानगम्य MW
Dhyānagāra Dhyānagāra Meditation Room Sanskrit ध्यानागार MW
Dhyānam Dhyānam Meditate Sanskrit ध्यानं S SD 1
Dhyānamaya Dhyānamayī consisting of Meditation Sanskrit ध्यानमय MW
Dhyānananda Dhyānanandā Meditation Bliss, bliss that comes through meditation Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Dhyānanishta Dhyānanishta Meditating Sanskrit ध्याननिष्ठ MW
Dhyānanitya Dhyānanityā Eternally Meditating Sanskrit ध्याननित्य MW
Dhyānanin Dhyānanin Meditating Sanskrit MW
Dhyānapara Dhyānapara Meditating Sanskrit ध्यानपर MW
Dhyānasheelā Virtue of Meditation, a Buddhist Goddess Sanskrit MW
Dhyānaspada Place of Meditation Sanskrit MW
Dhyānastha Dhyānastha Absorbed in Meditation Sanskrit ध्यानस्थ MW
Dhyānavat Dhyānavat Intent on Meditation Sanskrit ध्यानवत् SD
Dhyānayat Dhyānayat Meditating Sanskrit MW
Dhyānayoga Dhyānayoga Deep Meditation Sanskrit ध्यानयोग MW
Dhyānesh Master Of Meditation Sanskrit MW
Dhyāngeet Song of Meditation Sanskrit MW
Dhyānī Meditator Sanskrit OB Sp 1
Dhyānin Dhyānin Meditating Sanskrit ध्यानिन् SD
Dhyānrāj King of Meditation Sanskrit MW
Dhyāta Dhyāta Meditated Sanskrit ध्यात MW
Dhyāti Dhyāti to Meditate Sanskrit MW
Dhyātri Dhyātri Meditator Sanskrit ध्यातृ MW
Dhyāyate Dhyāyate to Meditate Sanskrit ध्यायते MW
Dhyeya Dhyeya to Meditate Sanskrit ध्येय MW
Dhyushita Dhyushita dazzling White Sanskrit ध्युषित MW
Didevishu Didevishu desiring to Play Sanskrit दिदेविषु MW
Didhi Firmness, Stability Sanskrit दिधि MW
Didhishu Didhishu Seeking Sanskrit दिधिषु MW
Didhishu Didhishu Twice-Married Sanskrit दिधिषु SD
Diditsu Diditsu ready to Give Sanskrit दिदित्सु MW
Didivi Didivi the Sky Sanskrit दिदिवि MW
Didyu Arrow, the Sky, Heaven Sanskrit दिद्यु MW
Didyut Didyut Shining, Glittering Sanskrit दिद्युत् MW
Digambar Digambara ‘Sky-clothed,’ naked Jaina sannyasin Jaina दिगम्बर OD MW 1
Digant Diganta Transcendence of Space, End of Horizon, remote distance Sanskrit दिगन्त OD MW 1
Digantara Digantara Space, Atmosphere Sanskrit दिगन्तर MW
Digdāha Digdāha glowing red Horizon of Sunrise or Sunset Sanskrit दिग्दाह MW
Digvalaya Digvalaya the Universe Sanskrit दिग्वलय MW
Digvasa name of Shiva, Clothed in Space, naked sannyasin Sanskrit दिग्वासस् TS SD
Dikkara Dikkarī Youthful Sanskrit दिक्कर MW
Dīksha Initiation Sanskrit दीक्षा MW 2
Dīkshan Dīkshana taking Initiation Sanskrit दीक्षण MW
Dīkshin Dīkshin the Initiated, one who has been initiated Sanskrit दीक्षिन् MW
Dil Heart Hindi, Urdu दिल / دل S Onl
Dilara one who decorates the Heart Arabic, Persian دل آرا Onl
Dilaram Peace or Joy for the Heart Arabic, Turkic S Onl
Dilasa Dilasa Comfort Hindi दिलासा S HD
Dildar Dildar King, Queen, having a big Heart Hindi, Persian S HD
Dilee Dilee Whole-Hearted Hindi दिली HD
Dileri Heart, courage Hindi दिलेरी S HD 1
Dilip Protector of Delhi, name of a King Hindi S HD
Dilkhush Dilkhush Joyous Heart Hindi S HD 1
Dilruba Beloved, name of a stringed musical instrument Hindi, Persian इसराज S Onl
Dilshad Dilshad Happy Heart Persian دلشاد S Onl
Dimba New Born Child, the Body Sanskrit डिम्ब MW
Dimbha Dimbhā New Born Child, Infant Sanskrit डिम्भ MW
Dimbhaka Dimbhikā New Born Child Sanskrit डिम्भक MW
Dina Dinā Day Sanskrit दिन MW
Dinabandhu the Sun, ‘Day-friend’ Sanskrit दिनबन्धु MW
Dinadhi Day-break, Dawn Sanskrit दिनादि MW
Dinadish Dinadisho the Sun, ‘Day-lord’ Sanskrit MW
Dinagama Day-break, Dawn Sanskrit दिनागम MW
Dinaika One Day Sanskrit दिनैक MW
Dinajyotis Dinajyoti Daylight, Sunshine Sanskrit दिनज्योतिस् MW
Dinakara Dinakarī the Sun, making daylight Sanskrit, Hindi दिनकर MW, HD Misspelled as Dinkar
Dinakartri Dinakartri the Sun, ‘Day-maker’ Sanskrit दिनकर्तृ MW
Dinakshay Dinakshaya Evening, ‘decline of day’ Sanskrit दिनक्षय MW
Dinamani Dinamani the Sun, Day-Jewel Sanskrit दिनमणि MW
Dinanish Dinanisha Day and Night Sanskrit दिननिश् MW
Dinansha Dinansha Daytime Sanskrit दिनान्श MW
Dinanātha Sun, Lord of the Day Sanskrit दिननाथ MW
Dinanta Day-end, Sunset Sanskrit दिनान्त MW
Dinantaka Dinantaka Darkness, ‘Day-destroyer’ Sanskrit दिनान्तक MW
Dinapati Sun, Lord of the Day Sanskrit दिनपति MW
Dinaprabhā Daylight Sanskrit MW
Dinapranī Dinapranī the Sun, ‘Day-leader’ Sanskrit दिनप्रणी MW
Dīnār Dīnāra Gold Coin Sanskrit दीनार MW
Dinardha Noon, ‘half the day’ Sanskrit दिनार्ध MW
Dinarāja the Sun, ‘Day-king’ Sanskrit दिनराज MW
Dinaratna the Sun, Day-Jewel Sanskrit MW
Dinatyaya Dinatyaya Evening, ‘decline of day’ Sanskrit MW
Dindima Dindima a Drum Sanskrit डिण्डिम MW
Dinesh Sun, Lord of the Day Sanskrit MW
Dineshvara Sun Sanskrit MW
Dinvati Dinvati to Gladden, to make Happy Sanskrit दिन्वति MW
Dinpal Sun Hindi S HD
Dīp- Dīpa- small Lamp, a Light, Lantern Sanskrit 0 OD MW 2 Alternative spelling of Deep-
Dīp Dīp to Blaze, Shine, Glow, burn, inflame Sanskrit दी+J4536प् MW 4 Alternative spelling of Deep
Dīp Dīpa Dīpo small Lamp, a Light, Lantern Sanskrit दीप OD MW 4 Alternative spelling of Deep
...dīp ...dīpa ...dīpo small Lamp, a Light, Lantern Sanskrit ...दीप् OD MW 2 Alternative spelling of deep-
Dīpankara Light maker, lamp lighter, name of an ancient Buddha Sanskrit, Hindi दीपंकर OB MW, HD 1 Alternative spelling of Deepankara
Dishā Disho Direction Sanskrit दिशा S MW 2
Dishan Dishana an Instructor in Sacred Knowledge, a Guru Sanskrit धिषण MW
Dishta Dishta Directed, shown the way Sanskrit दिष्ट MW
Dishti Direction, Happiness, good fortune Sanskrit दिष्टि MW
Dishtya Dishtya Congratulations, 'Thank heavens, Congratulations on your good luck' Sanskrit दिष्त्या MW
Diti a Deity Sanskrit MW
Ditsā Desire to Give Sanskrit दित्सा MW
Ditsu Ditsu Wishing to Give Sanskrit दित्सु MW
Div Diva Divo Light, Sky, day Sanskrit दिव OD MW 2
Divādi Divādi Morning, beginning of day Sanskrit दिवादि MW
Divākara Sun, maker of the day Sanskrit दिवाकर MW
Divakshas Living in Heaven, Heavenly Sanskrit दिवक्षस् MW
Divāmani Sun, Jewel of the Day Sanskrit दिवामणि MW
Divan a Day Sanskrit दिवन् MW
Divāpati Sun, Lord of the Day Sanskrit दिवापति MW
Divas Day Sanskrit दिवस OD MW 1
Divasa Divasa Heaven Sanskrit दिवस MW
Divaspati ‘Sky-lord’ Sanskrit दिवस्पति MW
Divatan Divatana Daily Sanskrit दिवातन MW
Divatar Divatara Daily Sanskrit MW
Divi Bird, blue jay Sanskrit दिवि MW
Divigata Being in the Sky, a God Sanskrit दिविगत MW
Divijā Divijā Sky-Born Sanskrit दिविजा MW
Divijāt Divijāta Sky-Born Sanskrit MW
Divishad Divishad Sitting in Heaven, Living in Heaven Sanskrit दिविषद् MW
Divīshad Lord of Heaven Sanskrit दिविषद् MW
Divishti Devotion, Longing for Heaven Sanskrit दिविष्टि MW
Divistha Divistha Celestial, Dwelling in Heaven Sanskrit दिविष्ठ MW
Divit Divit Going to the Sky Sanskrit दिवित् MW
Divitmat Divitmat Heavenly Sanskrit दिवित्मत् MW
Divitmatā Heavenwards Sanskrit दिवित्मता MW
Divodās Divodāsī Heaven’s-Servant Sanskrit दिवोदास MW
Divodbhava Divodbhava ‘Sky-born’ Sanskrit दिवोद्भव MW
Divojā Divojā ‘Sky-born’ Sanskrit दिवोजा MW
Divolkā Meteor, ‘Sky-firebrand’ Sanskrit दिवोल्का MW
Divya Divya Divine; Heavenly, Celestial, Wonderful, Magical Sanskrit दिव्य OD MW 2
Divya Divyo Divine; Heavenly, Celestial, Wonderful, Magical Sanskrit दिव्य OD MW 3
Divya- Divya- Divine; Heavenly, Celestial, Wonderful, Magical Sanskrit दिव्य- OD MW 1
Divyam Divyam Divine; Heavenly, Celestial, Wonderful, Magical Sanskrit OD MW 1
Divyam Divyama Divyamo Divine; Heavenly, Celestial, Wonderful, Magical Sanskrit OD MW 3
Divyadeha Divine Body Sanskrit दिव्यदेह MW
Divyadevī Divine Goddess Sanskrit MW Buddhism
Divyagandh Divyagandha Divine Fragrance Sanskrit दिव्यगन्ध MW
Divyakārna Divyakārna Celestial Grove Sanskrit MW
Divyakrit Divyakriti very Beautiful, of Divine form Sanskrit MW
Divyanadī Divine Stream, Divine River Sanskrit दिव्यनदी MW
Divyanārī Divine female, an Apsara Sanskrit दिव्यनारी MW
Divyanand Divyanandā Divine Bliss Sanskrit S MW
Divyanshu Divine Rays, the Sun Sanskrit दिव्यांशु MW
Divyaratna Divine Gem Sanskrit दिव्यरत्न MW
Divyarūp Divyarūpā Beautiful, of divine form Sanskrit दिव्यरूप MW
Divyatā Divine Nature, divinity Sanskrit दिव्यता MW
Divyati Divyati to Long for Heaven Sanskrit दिव्यति MW
Divyatattva Divyatattva Divine Truth Sanskrit दिव्यतत्त्व SD
Divy Divy Heavenly Hindi दिव्य HD
Divyatva Divyatva Divine Nature, divinity Sanskrit MW
Diwa Heavenly, Extraordinary Hindi HD
Diwamani Sun Hindi HD
Diwanagi Diwanagi Madness, Craziness Hindi दीवानगी HD
Diwanapan Madness, Craziness Hindi दीवानापन HD
Diwanshu Divine Light, the Sun Hindi HD
Diwani Madness, Craziness Hindi OD Onl 1 Variation from Diwa 'Extraordinary'
Diwani Poetry collection Arabic Onl
Diwendu Bright Moon Hindi HD
Diya Diya a Gift Sanskrit दिय MW
Diya Diyā Lamp Hindi दिया OB Onl
Dogen name of a Zen Master Japanese 道元 OB
Dohada Pregnant Sanskrit दोहद MW
Dohala Pregnant Sanskrit MW
Dola Dola Festival Sanskrit दोल MW
Dolma White Goddess Tibetan OD Onl 1
Dorin name of a Zen Master Japanese OB
Dorje Thunderbolt, a diamond thunderbolt, Vajra Tibetan Onl
Dosha Dosha Fault Sanskrit दोष MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Doshā Darkness, night Sanskrit दोषा MW
Doshākara the Moon, ‘Night-maker’ Sanskrit दोषाकर MW
Doshas Doshas Evening, Dusk Sanskrit दोषस् MW
Doshasya Doshasya Lamp, ‘Face of the Night’ Sanskrit दोषास्य MW
Doshātana Doshātanī Nocturnal, at Evening Sanskrit दोषातन MW
Doshin name of a Chinese Zen Master. "Way of Heart or of Truth" Japanese OB Onl
Dost Friend Urdu دوست OB Onl
Dragada Dragada Drum to Awaken sleepers Sanskrit द्रगड MW
Draha Draha Deep Lake Sanskrit द्रह MW
Drahyat Drahyat Firmly, Strongly Sanskrit द्रह्यत् MW
Drāk Drāk Quickly Sanskrit द्राक् MW
Drakata Drakata Drum to Awaken sleepers Sanskrit द्रकट MW
Drandva Drandva Complementary Duality, pair, male and female Sanskrit MW
Dranga Town, City Sanskrit द्रङ्ग MW
Drāpa Shiva with matted hair, fool Sanskrit द्राप MW
Drapsa Drapsa a drop, a Raindrop Sanskrit द्रप्स MW
Drapsin Drapsin falling Raindrops Sanskrit द्रप्सिन् MW
Drashtri Drashtri Seer, one who sees Sanskrit द्रष्टृ MW
Drava Drava Going, Motion, Essence, Juice, Flowing, Overflowing Sanskrit द्रव MW
Drāva Drāva Going Quickly Sanskrit द्राव MW
Dravaka Dravaka Running Sanskrit द्रवक MW
Drāvaka Drāvaka Chaser Sanskrit द्रावक MW
Dravara Dravara Running Quickly Sanskrit द्रवर MW
Dravat Dravat Running, Swift Sanskrit द्रवत् MW
Dravatya Dravatya become Fluid Sanskrit द्रवत्य MW
Dravaya Dravaya to Flow Sanskrit द्रवय MW
Dravitri Dravitri Runner Sanskrit द्रवितृ MW
Drāvila Author of Kama Sutra, Vatsyayana Sanskrit MW
Dravina Dravina Wealth Sanskrit द्रविण MW
Dravya Substance Sanskrit द्रव्य MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dravya Dravya Tree-like Sanskrit द्रव्य MW
Dridha Dridha Strong, Firm, Whole, Complete Sanskrit दृढ MW
Dridhā Goddess of Strength, Firmness, Wholeness Sanskrit MW Buddhism
Dridhanga Dridhangā Diamond, ‘Firm-bodied’ Sanskrit दृढाङ्ग MW
Dridhangī Diamond, ‘Firm-bodied’ Sanskrit MW
Dridhatā Firmness, Strength Sanskrit दृढता MW
Dridhatva Dridhatva Firmness, Strength Sanskrit दृढत्व MW
Drigbhū Thunderbolt, the Sun, a Serpent Sanskrit दृग्भू MW
Drigjala Drigjala Tears, ‘Eye-water’ Sanskrit दृग्जल MW
Drimhate Drimhate to make Strong, to strenghten or make Firm Sanskrit दृंहते MW
Drimhati Drimhati to be Strong or Firm Sanskrit दृंहति SD
Drinbhū Thunderbolt, the Sun, a Serpent Sanskrit दृन्भू MW
Driphati Driphati Pain Sanskrit दृफति SD Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Drinphū a Serpent Sanskrit दृन्फू MW
Dripra Dripra Proud Sanskrit दृप्र MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dripta Dripta Proud Sanskrit दृप्त MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Drish Drish to See, to Understand Sanskrit दृश् MW
Drishā Eye Sanskrit दृशा MW
Drishālu Drishālu the Sun Sanskrit दृशालु MW
Drishāna Spiritual Teacher; the Sun Sanskrit दृशान MW
Drishati Appearance Sanskrit दृशति MW
Drishi Power of Seeing, the Eye Sanskrit दृशि MW
Drishīka Drishīka Worthy to be Seen, Splendid Sanskrit दृशीका MW
Drishimat Drishimat Seeing Sanskrit दृशिमत् MW
Drishita Drishita Brave Sanskrit धृषित SD
Drishta Drishta Seen, Looked at, Perceived, Experienced, Understood Sanskrit दृष्ट MW
Drishti Seeing, Wisdom, Intelligence Sanskrit दृष्टि MW
Drishvan Seeing Sanskrit दृश्वन् MW
Drishvarī Seeing Sanskrit MW
Drishya Drishya Beautiful, Visible Sanskrit दृश्य MW
Drita Drita Respected, Honoured Sanskrit दृत MW
Dru Dru Going Sanskrit द्रु MW
Dru Tree Sanskrit द्रु SD
Drū Gold Sanskrit द्रू SD
Drūdati Drūdati to Go Sanskrit द्रूडति MW
Druha Druhī Son, Daughter Sanskrit द्रुह MW
Druma a Tree Sanskrit द्रुम MW
Drumala Drumala a Wood of Trees Sanskrit द्रुमल MW
Druminī a Forest Sanskrit द्रुमिणी MW
Drummati Drummati to Go Sanskrit द्रुम्मति MW
Druna Bee Sanskrit द्रुण MW
Druna Druna Sword Sanskrit द्रुण MW
Druta Druta Quick, Swift Sanskrit द्रुत MW
Drutabodha Drutabodhī Quick Understanding, quick to be Aware Sanskrit द्रुतबोध MW
Drutatva Drutatva Melting, Softening, Touching Sanskrit द्रुतत्व MW
Druti Melting, being softened or touched Sanskrit द्रुति MW
Duggi Drum of the Bauls Bengali OB Onl Baul
Duhitri Daughter Sanskrit दुहितृ OB MW Misspelled in OB as Duhita
Dukkha Dukkha Suffering, pain, sorrow Sanskrit दुःख OD MW 1 Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dukkhanta Dukkhanta End of Pain, End of Suffering Sanskrit दुःखान्त MW
Dulandas name of an Indian Mystic Unknown OB Source not verified
Dundam Dundama a Drum Sanskrit दुन्दम MW
Dundubhi Dundubhi a Drum Sanskrit दुन्दुभि MW
Dur Door Sanskrit दुर् MW
Dūr Dūr Deity of Prana Energy, the Vital Breath Sanskrit MW
Dura Dura Giver, one who Opens or unlocks Sanskrit दुर MW
Dūra Dūrā Distant Sanskrit दूर MW
Dūradhi Dūradhi whose Thoughts are far away Sanskrit दुराधि MW
Dūrankri Dūrankri Exceed, Surpass Sanskrit MW
Duranta Duranta Infinite, no end Sanskrit दुरन्त MW
Dūrantara Dūrantara Wide Space Sanskrit दूरान्तर MW
Dūrapāra Dūrapārā Wide River, the Ganges Sanskrit दूरपार MW
Dūrapatha Long Way Sanskrit दूरपथ MW
Durdānta Durdānta Untamable, Uncontrollable, a Lion Sanskrit दुर्दान्त MW
Dūreanta Dūreanta Boundless, Heaven and Earth Sanskrit दूरेअन्त MW
Dūrebhā Shining far Sanskrit दूरेभा MW
Dūrechara Dūrechara Going far Sanskrit दूरेचर MW
Dūrepashyā ‘Far Seeing’ Sanskrit दूरेपश्या MW
Durga Goddess, wife of Shiva, 'inaccessible or terrific Goddess', Parvati, Uma Sanskrit दुर्ग OD MW 1
Durlabha Durlabha Extraordinary, Rare Sanskrit दुर्लभ MW
Durodara ‘Door-Opener’ Sanskrit दुरोदर MW
Durona Durona Home Sanskrit दुरोण MW
Dūrvā Grass Sanskrit दूर्वा MW Alternative spelling of Dhūrvā
Dushtara Dushtara Unconquerable, Incomparable, Excellent Sanskrit दुष्टर MW
Dūta Angel, Messenger, Ambassador Sanskrit दूत MW
Dūtaka Messenger, Ambassador Sanskrit दूतक MW
Dūtī Messenger Sanskrit दूती MW
Dūtikā Messenger Sanskrit दूतिका MW
Dvaidha Dvaidhī Duality Sanskrit द्वैध MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dvaita Dvaita Duality Sanskrit द्वैत MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dvār Dvāra Dvāro Door, Gate, Entrance, Opening Sanskrit द्वार MW
Dvāraka Dvāraka Door, Gate, Entrance, Opening Sanskrit द्वारक MW
Dvārakā many Gated Ciity of Krishna Sanskrit द्वारका MW
Dvārapa Door-keeper Sanskrit MW
Dvārapal Dvārapalā Door-keeper Sanskrit द्वारपाला MW
Dvārapati Door-keeper Sanskrit MW
Dvāratā being the way to, being an Opening, a Doorway Sanskrit द्वारता MW
Dvārī Door Sanskrit द्वारी MW
Dvārīka Dvārīka Door-keeper Sanskrit द्वारिक MW
Dvārīkri Dvārīkri Medium, Mediator Sanskrit द्वारीकृ MW
Dvārin Door-keeper Sanskrit द्वारिन् MW
Dvaya Dvayī Pair, Couple, Duality, Male and Female Sanskrit द्वय MW
Dveepa Dveepa Island Sanskrit द्वीप MW
Dveepesha ‘Lord of an Island’ Sanskrit द्वीपेश MW
Dveepin Leopard, Tiger Sanskrit द्वीपिन् MW
Dveepinī River, Sea Sanskrit द्वीपिनी MW
Dvesata Dvesata Equal above and below the Navel Sanskrit द्वेसत MW
Dvesha Hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, competitiveness, any kind of conflict Sanskrit द्वेष OD MW 1 Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dvibhāta Dvibhāta Twilight Sanskrit द्विभात MW
Dvidhā Division, two parts Sanskrit द्विधा MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dvijā Dvijā Twice-Born, Reborn Sanskrit द्विजा S MW 1
Dvijapati the Moon, ‘Lord of the Twice-Born’ Sanskrit द्विजपति MW
Dvijarāja the Moon, ‘Lord of the Twice-Born’ Sanskrit द्विजराज MW
Dvijāti Dvijāti Twice-Born, Reborn, an Aryan or Brahman Sanskrit द्विजाति MW
Dvijāya Dvijāya be Born again Sanskrit द्विजाय SD
Dvijesha the Moon, ‘Lord of the Twice-Born’ Sanskrit MW
Dvimārga Dvimārgī Crossroads Sanskrit द्विमार्ग MW
Dvipatha Crossroads Sanskrit द्विपथ MW
Dvitā Duality Sanskrit द्विता MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dvitaya Dvitaya Pair, Couple Sanskrit द्वितय MW
Dvitva Dvitva Duality Sanskrit द्वित्व MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dwabha Twilight Hindi OD Sp 1 Hindi pronunciation of Dvār + abha, two lights
Dwais Dwais Repulsion Hindi OB ? Add "Veet" or "Mukta". Misspelling of Dwesh?
Dwar Dwara Dwaro Door Hindi OD Sp 1 Hindi pronunciation of Dvār
Dwari Door Hindi द्वारी OD Sp 2 Hindi pronunciation of Dvārī
Dwarika Door-keeper Hindi S 1 Hindi pronunciation of Dvārīka
Dwarka Dwarka many Gated City of god Hindi OD Sp Hindi pronunciation of Dvārakā
Dweepam become an Island, remain in your aloneness totally Hindi OD Sp Hindi pronunciation of Dveepam
Dwesh Dwesh Hatred, aversion Hindi द्वेष HD Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Dwija Dwija Twice-Born, Reborn Hindi OB Sp Hindi pronunciation of Dvija
Dyauloka the Heavely World Sanskrit द्यौलोक MW
Dyāvā Dyāvā Dualities of Heaven and Earth, Night and Day Sanskrit द्यावा MW
Dyobhūmi a Bird, ‘Moving between Heaven and Earth’ Sanskrit द्योभूमि MW
Dyobhūmī Heaven and Earth Sanskrit द्योभूमी SD
Dyoshad a Deity, ‘Sitting in Heaven’ Sanskrit द्योषद् MW
Dyota Dyota Light, Brilliance, Sunshine Sanskrit द्योत MW
Dyotana Dyotanā Enlightening, Illuminating Sanskrit द्योतन MW
Dyotani Splendour, Brightness Sanskrit द्योतनि MW
Dyotanī Enlightening, Illuminating Sanskrit MW
Dyotin Dyotin Shining, Brilliant Sanskrit द्योतिन् MW
Dyotis Dyotis Light, Brightness, a Star Sanskrit द्योतिस् MW
Dyotit Dyotita Illumined, Bright Sanskrit द्योतित MW
Dyuchara Dyuchara Moving in Heaven Sanskrit द्युचर MW
Dyudal Dyudala Noon, ‘Sky-half’ Sanskrit द्युदल MW
Dyudhuni Ganges, ‘Heavenly River’ Sanskrit द्युधुनि MW
Dyuga Dyuga a Bird, 'Sky-goer' Sanskrit द्युग MW
Dyujana Dyujanā a God / Goddess Sanskrit द्युजन MW
Dyujaya Dyujaya Attaining to Heaven Sanskrit द्युजय MW
Dyuksha Dyukshā Heavenly, Celestial, Brilliant, Light Sanskrit द्युक्ष MW
Dyulok Dyuloka Paradise, World of Heaven Sanskrit द्युलोक MW
Dyumani Sun, Jewel of the Sky Sanskrit द्युमणि MW
Dyumārga Dyumārga ‘Sky-path’ Sanskrit MW
Dyumat Dyumat Bright, Light, Brilliant, Energetic Sanskrit द्युमत् MW
Dyumaya Dyumayī Light, Clear Sanskrit द्युमय MW
Dyumna Dyumna Splendour, Glory, Inspiration Sanskrit द्युम्न MW
Dyunadī Ganges, ‘Heavenly River’ Sanskrit MW
Dyumnin Majestic, Powerful Sanskrit द्युम्निन् MW
Dyunish Dyunisha Day and Night Sanskrit द्युनिश् MW
Dyunrātra Dyunrātra Day and Night Sanskrit MW
Dyupati the Sun, ‘Sky-Lord’ Sanskrit द्युपति MW
Dyupath ‘Sky-path’ Sanskrit द्युपथ MW
Dyuratna the Sun, ‘Sky-jewel’ Sanskrit द्युरत्न MW
Dyusad Dyusadī a God, a Goddess Sanskrit MW
Dyushad Dyushadī Sitting in Heaven, a God, a Goddess Sanskrit द्युषद् MW
Dyut Shining, Bright, Ray of Light Sanskrit द्युत् MW
Dyūta Dyūta Play, Gamble Sanskrit द्यूत MW
Dyutāna Dyutāna Shining, Bright Sanskrit द्युतान MW
Dyutat Dyutat Shining Sanskrit द्युतत् MW
Dyutaru Dyutaru Tree of Heaven Sanskrit द्युतरु MW
Dyuti Splendour, Brightness, Majesty Sanskrit द्युति MW
Dyutimat Dyutimat Bright, Splendid, Majestic Sanskrit द्युतिमत् MW
Dyutimati Dyutimati Brilliant Understanding, clear minded Sanskrit द्युतिमति MW
Dyutita Dyutita Enlightened, Illumined, Shining Sanskrit द्युतित MW
Dyuvan the Sun, Heaven Sanskrit द्युवन् MW
Dyuvanī Heavenly Grove Sanskrit द्युवनी MW
Names beginning with E ए
Edhā Edhā Prosperity, Happiness Sanskrit एध MW
Edhas Edhas Prosperity, Happiness Sanskrit एधस् MW
Edhanīya Edhanīya Increased, Grown Sanskrit एधनीय MW
Edhatu Edhatu Prosperity, Happiness Sanskrit एधनीय MW
Edhini the Earth Sanskrit एधिनि MW
Edhit Edhita Increased, Grown Sanskrit एधित MW
Eha Ehā Desirous, Wishing Sanskrit एह MW
Eisai name of a Zen Master Japanese 栄西 OB Onl
Ejat Ejat Moving or Living Sanskrit एजत् MW
Eka Oneness, one; alone, once, unique Sanskrit एक OD MW 1
Ekabhakta Ekabhaktā Devoted to One Sanskrit एकभक्त MW
Ekabhakti Devoted to One Sanskrit MW
Ekabhāva Ekabhāva Oneness Sanskrit एकभाव MW
Ekabhāvin Becoming One Sanskrit एकभाविन् MW
Ekabhūta Ekabhūta Becoming One Sanskrit एकभूत MW
Ekabhūya Ekabhūya Becoming One, Union Sanskrit एकभूय MW
Ekabuddhi Ekabuddhi of One Mind Sanskrit एकबुद्धि MW
Ekachara Ekachara Alone, going alone, living alone, solitary Sanskrit एकचर MW
Ekachara Ekachara Moving Simultaneously Sanskrit एकचर MW
Ekachitta Ekachitta having a Single Thought; Single-minded Sanskrit एकचित्त MW
Ekadā Ekadā at same Time, synchronous Sanskrit एकदा MW
Ekadeva One God, one divineness Sanskrit एकदेव MW
Ekadevī One Goddess, one divineness Sanskrit S
Ekadhāra Ekadhāra Uninterrupted Current, flow of river, a stream of unity Sanskrit एकधार MW
Ekadvāra Ekadvārā One Approach Sanskrit एकद्वार MW
Ekaga Ekaga Focused on One object, single-pointed Sanskrit एकग MW
Ekāgratā One-pointedness, single-pointedness Sanskrit एकाग्रता OB SD 1
Ekāha One Day, lasting a single day Sanskrit एकाह MW
Ekāhan a Single day Sanskrit एकाहन् MW
Ekaja Ekaja Born Alone, Single Sanskrit एकज MW
Ekajatā a Goddess, Born from Oneness Sanskrit एकजात MW
Ekajyotis the Only Light,' name of Shiva Sanskrit एकज्योतिस् MW
Ekaka Ekakā Single, Alone Sanskrit एकक MW
Ekakāla Simultaneous, same Time Sanskrit एककाल MW
Ekakālam at One Time only Sanskrit एककालम् MW
Ekakarā One-Rayed Sanskrit एककर MW
Ekaksha Ekaksha One-Eyed Sanskrit एकाक्ष MW
Ekakshara Ekakshara Om, the only imperishable thing Sanskrit एकाक्षर MW
Ekalok Ekaloka One World Sanskrit एकलोक MW
Ekamana Ekmana Focusing the mind on One subject Sanskrit एकमन MW
Ekamaya Ekamayī Consisting of One Sanskrit एकमय MW
Ekamūla Ekamūla One Rooted Sanskrit एकमूल MW
Ekanetra name of Shiva, 'One-Eyed' Sanskrit एकनेत्र MW
Ekanjali Handful Sanskrit एकाञ्जलि MW
Ekānt Ekānta One consciousness, One existence, Devotion to One object, Absoluteness Sanskrit एकान्त OD MW 1
Ekāntam Ekāntama Absolutely, Devoted to One object Sanskrit एकान्तम् MW
Ekāntena Ekāntena Absolutely, Devoted to One object Sanskrit एकान्तेन MW
Ekāntika Ekāntika Devoted to One aim Sanskrit एकान्तिक MW
Ekāntin Ekāntin one who is Devoted to One aim Sanskrit MW
Ekapāta Ekapāta Sudden, happening at once Sanskrit एकपात MW
Ekapātin Flying in One manner, Alone Sanskrit एकपातिन् MW
Ekaras Ekarasa having just One object of pleasure or affection Sanskrit एकरस MW
Ekaritu Ekaritu the Only Time, only season Sanskrit MW
Ekarnava Ekarnava only One Ocean, nothing but ocean Sanskrit एकार्णव MW
Ekarūp Ekarūpa One Form, one colour, uniform Sanskrit एकरूप MW
Ekasarga Ekasarga Focused on One object, attentive Sanskrit एकसर्ग MW
Ekashūla Ekashūla One-pointed Sanskrit एकशूल MW
Ekatā Oneness, Union Sanskrit एकता MW
Ekatāl Ekatāla Harmony: unison of song, dance and music Sanskrit एकताल MW 2
Ekatalashabda Ekatalashabda the Sound of One hand clapping Sanskrit MW
Ekatama Ekatama One Sanskrit एकतम MW
Ekatma name of Vishnu, the One Self Sanskrit MW
Ekātman One Spirit Sanskrit एकात्मन् SD
Ekātmatā the Unity of Spiritual Essence Sanskrit एकात्मता MW
Ekatāna Ekatāna Focused on One thing Sanskrit एकतान MW
Ekatman the One Spirit Sanskrit एकात्मन् MW
Ekatva Ekatva Oneness, Union Sanskrit एकत्व MW
Ekavali Ekavali Single Row of beads or flowers Sanskrit एकावलि MW
Ekavarna Ekavarna One Colour, uniform Sanskrit एकवर्ण MW
Ekavarta Ekavarta One Whirl Sanskrit एकावर्त MW
Ekavat Ekavat Simple, as One Sanskrit एकवत् MW
Ekavidha Ekavidha Simple Sanskrit एकविध MW
Ekavrit Ekavrit Simple, 'being one' Sanskrit एकवृत् MW
Ekāyana Ekāyana Unity, absolute Devotion to One Sanskrit एकायन MW
Ekekshana Ekekshana One-Eyed Sanskrit एकेक्षण MW
Ektar Ektara Unity, a one stringed instrument Bengali, Punjabi OD HD 1
Ekībhava Becoming One Sanskrit एकीभाव MW
Ekīka Single, Alone Sanskrit MW
Ekin Simple, consisting of one Sanskrit एकिन् S MW 1
Ekīya Ekīya Single of its kind, unique Sanskrit एकीय MW
Eknath Lord of Oneness, name of an Enlightened Master Hindi OB Sp
Ekshya Ekshya Looking at Sanskrit एक्ष्य MW
Ekta Oneness, Unity Hindi एकता S HD
Ela Earth Hindi HD
Elā Merriness Sanskrit एला MW
Elāna Orange Sanskrit एलान MW
Elāya Be Playful Sanskrit एलाय MW
Ema Way Sanskrit एम MW
Eman Way Sanskrit एमन् MW
Ena Enī Deer, black antelope Sanskrit एण MW
Ena Zodiac sign Capricorn Sanskrit एण SD
Enā Here Sanskrit एना MW
Enadrish Zodiac sign Capricorn Sanskrit एणदृश् SD
Enaka Enakā Deer, black antelope Sanskrit एणक MW
Enaksha Enakshī Deer-Eyed Sanskrit एणाक्ष MW
Enanka Enanka the Moon, ‘Deer-marked’ Sanskrit एणाङ्क MW
Eno name of a Chinese Zen Master. "Prajna ability" Japanese OB Onl
Esh God Hindi HD
Esha Esha Seeking Sanskrit एष S MW 1
Eshan Eshana Longing, ardent desire, Seeking for, Impulser Sanskrit एषण S MW 1
Eshanas Arrow Sanskrit MW
Eshanin Eshanin Seeking Sanskrit एषणिन् MW
Eshta Eshta that which is Desired or asked for Sanskrit एष्ट MW
Eshate Eshate to Seek, to Search Sanskrit एषते MW
Eshati Eshati to Seek, to Search Sanskrit एषति MW
Eshayati Eshayati to Probe as in Surgery Sanskrit MW
Eshitri Eshitri Seeker Sanskrit एषितृ MW
Eshtri Eshtri Advancing, Seeker Sanskrit एष्टृ MW
Eshwar God Hindi HD
Eshya Eshya to be Sought for Sanskrit एष्य MW
Eta Eta Approached, Come near Sanskrit एत MW
Eta Etā Variegated Colour, Shining, Brilliant Sanskrit एत MW
Etad Etad This, Here Sanskrit एतद् MW
Etadādi Etadādi Beginning with This Sanskrit एतदादि MW
Etajja Etajja Arising from This Sanskrit एतज्ज MW
Etana Exhalation, Breathing out Sanskrit एतन MW
Etanmaya Etanmayī Consisting of This Sanskrit एतन्मय MW
Etash Etasha Variegated Colour, Shining, Brilliant Sanskrit एतश MW
Etatkāl Etatkāla at this Time, Now Sanskrit MW
Etatkālam Etatkālam Now Sanskrit एतत्कालम् MW
Etatkālīn Etatkālīna Happening in the Present Time, Now Sanskrit एतत्कालीन MW
Etāvat Etāvat so Great, so much Sanskrit एतावत् MW
Etenī River Sanskrit MW
Eti Arrival Sanskrit एति MW
Etri Etri one who Goes or approaches Sanskrit एतृ MW
Eva Just So, Truly Sanskrit एव MW
Evam Evam Exactly so; in This Way Sanskrit एवम् MW
Evamguna Evamguna having good Qualities Sanskrit एवंगुण MW
Evas Way, the World, the Earth Sanskrit MW
Evathā Evathā Just So Sanskrit एवथा MW
Evayā Evayā Going Quickly Sanskrit एवया MW
Evayāvan Evayāvarī Going Quickly Sanskrit एवयावन् MW
Names beginning with F inc. Pha फ़
Fakeer a Yogi who has missed Hindi, Arabic فاکر OD Onl 1
Falak Sky Hindi, Arabic फ़लक S Onl
Fana Fana Dissolution into god, to die before you die Arabic فناء OD Onl 1 Sufi
Farid Farida Exceptional, Unique, name of an enlightened Sufi Master Arabic فریدہ OD Onl 2
Farnaz Glorious Beauty Persian S Onl
Farokh Distinguisher of Truth, Discerning Truth from the false Arabic S Onl 1
Farzad Splendid Birth Farsi فرزاد S Onl
Farzana Intelligent, Wise Urdu رزانہ S Onl Muslim
Fattah God, the Opener, the Victory Giver Arabic الفتاح S 99N Sufi
Fazal Grace Arabic فضل S Onl Muslim
Firdaus Firdaus Paradise Arabic فردوس OB Onl
Fulbari Garden of Flowers Nepali S Onl 1
Names beginning with G ग inc. Gi गि Gy ज्ञा
-ga ...gā Going Sanskrit ..ग MW
Gabeer Gabeerā Deep, Mysterious Sanskrit MW
Gabeerikā Deep-Sounding, large Drum Sanskrit MW
Gabhasti Gabhasti Ray of Light, Sunbeam Sanskrit गभस्ति MW
Gabhishak Gabhishak Deep down, deep within Sanskrit गभिषक् MW
Gabhvara Gabhvara Abyss, Depth Sanskrit गभ्वर MW
Gachcha Gachcha a Tree Sanskrit गच्छ MW
Gachchami Gachchami " I go to the feet of…," the sacred Refuges Pali OB Onl Buddhism
Gachchati Gachchati to Go towards, to Participate in Sanskrit गच्छति SD
Gadāgada the Two Ashvins Physicians (doctors) of heaven Sanskrit गदागद MW
Gadāmbara Gadambara a Cloud Sanskrit गदाम्बर MW
Gadāntaka the Two Ashvins Physicians (doctors) of heaven, ‘removing sickness’ Sanskrit गदान्तक MW
Gadarāti Gadarāti a Medicine, ‘enemy of disease’ Sanskrit गदाराति MW
Gādava Gādava a Cloud Sanskrit गाडव MW
Gadayati Gadayati to Thunder Sanskrit गदयति MW
Gaddārikā slow moving River, whose source and course are unknown Sanskrit गड्डारिका MW
Gādha Gādha Dived into, deeply entered Sanskrit गाढ MW
Gādham Gādham Ford Sanskrit गाध MW
Gādhana Gādhana Arrow Sanskrit गाधन MW
Gadi Speech, Speaking Sanskrit गदि MW
Gadit Gadita Spoken Sanskrit गदित MW
Gaditam Gaditam Speaking Sanskrit MW
Gagan Gagana Sky, the atmosphere Sanskrit गगन MW
Gaganaga a Planet, moving in the sky' Sanskrit गगनग MW
Gaganāgra Gaganāgra Peak of Heaven Sanskrit गगनाग्र MW
Gaganāmbu Gaganāmbu Rain-water Sanskrit गगनाम्बु MW
Gaganand Gagananda Gaganando Sky of Bliss Sanskrit MW
Gaganasad Celestial being, ‘inhabitant of the Sky’ Sanskrit गगनसद् MW
Gaganechara Gaganechara Bird, Planet, Heavenly spirit, ‘going in the air’ Sanskrit गगनेचर MW
Gaggh Gaggh to Laugh Sanskrit गग्घ् MW
Gagghati Gagghati to Laugh Sanskrit गग्घति SD
Gāha Gāha ‘Diving into,’ depth Sanskrit गाह MW
Gahan Gahanā Deep Sanskrit MW
Gahanā Ornament Sanskrit गहना SD
Gahanam Gahanam Depth, abyss, cave, impenetrable darkness Sanskrit MW
Gāhas Gāhas Depth, Innermost Sanskrit MW
Gāhit Gāhita ‘Dived into,’ depth Sanskrit गाहित MW
Gāhitri Gāhitri one who Dives into, or Penetrates Sanskrit गाहितृ MW
Gahvara Gahvarā Deep Sanskrit गह्वर MW
Gahvarī Deep, Cave, the Earth Sanskrit गह्वरी MW
Gahvarit Gahvarita Absorbed into oneself Sanskrit गह्वरित MW
Gaira Gaira Coming from, or Growing on Mountains Sanskrit गैर MW
Gairika Gairika Gold Sanskrit गैरिक MW
Gaja Gajī Elephant Sanskrit गज MW
Gajendra Elephant King Sanskrit, Hindi गजेन्द्र SD, HD
Gajari Lion Sanskrit गजारि MW
Gajati Gajati to Roar Sanskrit गजति MW
Gajayati Gajayati to Roar, roarer Sanskrit गजयति MW
Gajra Flower Garland Hindi HD
Galda Speech Sanskrit गल्द MW
Galdā Eager, ardent Sanskrit गल्दा MW
Gālodita Gālodita Examination, Investigation Sanskrit गालोडित MW
Galvarka Galvarka Crystal Sanskrit गल्वर्क MW
Gama Gamā Going Sanskrit गम MW
Gamaka Gamaka Causing to understand, making intelligible, leading to clearness Sanskrit गमक MW
Gamana Gamana Going, moving Sanskrit गमन MW
Gamati Gamati to Participate in Sanskrit गमति SD
Gamishnu Gamishnu Going Sanskrit गमिष्णु MW
Gamanīya Gamanīya to be Understood, to be Practiced Sanskrit गमनीय MW
Gamatha Gamatha Traveller Sanskrit गमथ MW
Gambheer Gambheera Gambheero Depth, Deep, Deep water, Sagacious Sanskrit गम्भीर OD MW 2
Gambheeram Gambheeram Depth, profoundly Sanskrit गंभीरम् MW
Gambheeratā Depth Sanskrit गम्भीरता MW
Gambhan Gambhan Depth Sanskrit गम्भन् MW
Gambhar Gambhara Gambharo Depth Sanskrit MW
Gāmbhīrya Gāmbhīrya Depth, being in the Depths Sanskrit गाम्भीर्य MW
Gamik Gamika Travelling, being on a journey Sanskrit गमिक MW
Gāmika Gāmika Going, a Way leading to Sanskrit गामिक MW
Gāmin Gāmin Going Sanskrit गामिन् MW
Gamishtha Gamishtha most willing to Come, most ready to Go Sanskrit गमिष्ठ MW
Gāmuka Gāmukā Going Sanskrit गामुक MW
Gamya Gamya Approaching, to be Perceived or Understood Sanskrit गम्य MW
Gamyatā Gamyatā Perceptibility, Intelligibleness, Clearness Sanskrit गम्यता MW
Gāna Gāna Singer, song Sanskrit गान MW
Ganda Ganda Pledge Sanskrit गण्ड MW
Gandha Gandha Fragrance Sanskrit गन्ध OD MW 3
Gandhaja Gandhajā Born from Fragrance, consisting of Fragrance Sanskrit गन्धज MW
Gandhajal Gandhajala Fragrant Water Sanskrit गन्धजल MW
Gandhamaya Gandhamayī Full of, or consisting of Fragrance Sanskrit MW
Gandhambu Gandhambu Fragrant Water Sanskrit MW
Gandharāja Jasmine, King of Fragrance, 'the king of all flowers.' Sanskrit गन्धराज MW
Gandharājam Sandalwood Sanskrit MW
Gandharājnī Queen of Fragrance, queen of flowers Sanskrit Sp
Gandharānī Queen of Fragrance, queen of flowers Hindi Sp
Gandharva Gandharvo Celestial Musician and Physician, Deity of the Moon, a wise man Sanskrit, Hindi गन्धर्व OD MW 1
Gandhesha Lord of Fragrances Sanskrit गन्धेश MW
Gandhi Gandhi Perfumed with Sanskrit गन्धि MW
Gandhrāj King of all Flowers Hindi OD Sp 1
Gāndiva Gāndiva Arjuna's Bow Sanskrit गाण्डिव MW
Ganesha God of Wisdom, the Elephant god Sanskrit, Hindi गणेश OD MW 1
Ganeshāna God of Wisdom, remover of obstacles, the Elephant god Sanskrit गणेशान MW
Ganeshvara Chief of a troop Sanskrit गणेश्वर MW
Gangā River Ganges, ‘Swift-goer’ Sanskrit गङ्गा MW
Gangādhara Gangādhara the Ocean, ‘Ganges receiver’ Sanskrit गङ्गाधर MW
Gangājal Gangājala Sacred Water of the River Ganges Sanskrit गङ्गाजल MW
Gangākā River Ganges Sanskrit गङ्गाका MW
Gangama Gangama Going, Moving Sanskrit गङ्गम MW
Gangāmbhas Gangāmbhas Sacred Water of the River Ganges Sanskrit MW
Gangāmbu Gangāmbu Sacred Water of the River Ganges Sanskrit गङ्गाम्बु MW
Gangasagar Confluence of River Ganges and the Ocean Sanskrit गङ्गासागर MW
Gangesh Lord Shiva Hindi HD
Gangi Goddess Durga Hindi HD
Gangibhūta Gangibhūta to become as sacred as River Ganges Sanskrit गङ्गीभूत MW
Gangodaka Gangodaka Waters of the River Ganges Sanskrit गङ्गोदक MW
Gangodbheda Source of River Ganges Sanskrit गङ्गोद्भेद MW
Gangotri Source of River Ganges Hindi OB
Ganja Treasury, jewel room Sanskrit गञ्ज S MW 1
Ganjā a Tavern Sanskrit गञ्जा MW
Ganjikā a Tavern Sanskrit गञ्जिका MW
Ganti Ganti to Participate in Sanskrit गन्ति SD
Ganto name of a Zen Master Japanese OB Onl
Gantri Gantri Goer, Going Sanskrit गन्तृ MW
Gantu Gantu a Way, a Traveller Sanskrit गन्तु MW
Gāntu Gāntu Singer Sanskrit गान्तु MW
Garati Virtuous Woman Hindi गरति HD
Garbha Womb, to Conceive, Foetus; Sanctuary Sanskrit गर्भ OD MW 1
Gārbha Gārbha Born, Fetal Sanskrit गार्भ MW
Garbhadi Garbhadi Beginning with Conception Sanskrit गर्भादि MW
Garbhaka Garbhaka Flowers worn in the hair Sanskrit गर्भक MW
Garbharūp Garbharūpa Youth, ‘Foetus-like’ Sanskrit गर्भरूप MW
Garbhasta Garbhasta being in the Interior or in the Womb Sanskrit गर्भस्थ MW
Garbheshvara Garbheshvara King by Birth / Princess by Birth Sanskrit गर्भेश्वर MW
Garbheshvarī Princess by Birth Sanskrit MW
Garbhinī Pregnant woman Sanskrit गर्भिन् MW
Garbhvatī Pregnant Sanskrit गर्भवती MW
Gardati Gardati to give a shout of Joy Sanskrit गर्दति MW
Gardha Gardha Desire, greed Sanskrit गर्ध MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Gargara Whirlpool Sanskrit गर्गर MW
Gareeyas Gareeyas very Honourable, more Precious Sanskrit गरीयस् MW
Gargi name of a Woman Mystic, Wise Woman, Goddess Durga Hindi OB HD
Garībī Poverty Hindi गरीबी OB HD Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Garima Garimo Greatness, Dignity, Glory, Strength, Honour Hindi OD HD 3
Gariman Dignity, venrable person Sanskrit गरिमन् MW
Garja Roaring Sanskrit गर्ज MW
Garjan Garjana Roar Sanskrit गर्जन OD MW 2
Garjati Garjati to Roar Sanskrit गर्जति MW
Garjita Garjita Roared Sanskrit गर्जित MW
Garta Throne Sanskrit गर्त MW
Gartesha ‘Master of a Cave’ Sanskrit गर्तेश MW
Garuda Garudī Mythical Bird, God / Goddess, bright like Sun's rays Sanskrit गरुड MW
Garudesha Divine form of the Sun Sanskrit MW
Garudeshana Mythical Bird, God of the Birds Sanskrit गरुडेशान SD
Garut Wing of a bird, eagle wing Sanskrit गरुत् MW
Garva Pride Sanskrit गर्व MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Garvi Arrogance Sanskrit गर्वि MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Gata Gata Gone, Departed, Arrived Sanskrit गत MW
Gatabhī Gatabhī Free from Fear, gone from fear, who has left fear behind Sanskrit गतभी MW Sp
Gatādhvan Gatādhvan one who has accomplished a Journey Sanskrit गताध्वन् MW
Gatadina Gatadina Yesterday Sanskrit गतदिन MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Gatagata name of Shiva, the Eternal Cycle Sanskrit TS
Gatāgata Gatāgata Going and coming Sanskrit गतागत SD
Gatāgati Going and coming, dying and rebirth Sanskrit गतागति MW
Gatakāl Gatakāla the Past Sanskrit गतकाल MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Gatalajja Gatalajja Gone beyond Shame Sanskrit गतलज्ज MW
Gatalīka Gatalīka True, Real ‘void of untruth’ Sanskrit गतालीक MW
Gatapāpa Free from sin or guilt, Innocent Sanskrit गतपाप MW
Gatapāra one who has reached the Highest limit Sanskrit गतपार MW
Gatasanga Free from Attachment Sanskrit गतसङ्ग MW
Gatashrī one who has obtained Happiness Sanskrit गतश्री MW
Gatavat Gatavat Going, Passing Sanskrit गतवत् MW
Gatayāta Gatayāta Coming and Going Sanskrit गतायात MW
Gātha Gātha Song, verse Sanskrit गाथा OD MW 1
Gāthaka Singer Sanskrit गाथक MW
Gāthakāra Singer, Composer of songs Sanskrit गाथाकार MW
Gāthapati ‘Lord of Songs’ Sanskrit गाथपति MW
Gāthin Gāthin Singer Sanskrit गाथिन् MW
Gati Going, Moving, Path Sanskrit गति MW
Gati name of Shiva, the Goal Sanskrit TS
Gatika Gatika Going, Motion Sanskrit गतिक MW
Gatishakti Power of Movement Sanskrit गतिशक्ति MW
Gātra Gātra the Body Sanskrit गात्र MW
Gātrā the Earth Sanskrit गात्रा MW
Gātraka Gātraka the Body Sanskrit गात्रक MW
Gātri Singer Sanskrit गातृ MW
Gātu Going, Way Sanskrit गातु MW
Gātu a Song, a Singer Sanskrit गातु MW
Gātumat Gātumat Spacious Sanskrit गातुमत् MW
Gātuvid Gātuvid Clear the way for Moving or Progress, finding or Opening a Way Sanskrit गातुविद् MW
Gatya Gatyo Movement, river-like, dynamic quality Hindi OD Sp 1
Gatyāgati Conig and Going, appearance and disappearance Sanskrit गत्यागति MW
Gauda Gaudī Sweet, ‘Sugar Country’ Sanskrit गौड MW
Gaulā Goddess Parvati Sanskrit गौला MW
Gaulmik Gaulmika Chief of a troop of Warriors Sanskrit गौल्मिक MW
Gaulya Gaulya Sweetness Sanskrit गौल्य MW
Gaunika Gaunikī having the 3 Qualities (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) Sanskrit गौणिक MW
Gaunya Gaunya Merit Sanskrit गौण्य MW
Gaura Gaurī Shining, Beautiful, Yellowish-White Sanskrit गौर MW
Gaurav Gaurava Honour, Respect, Relating to, Belonging to the Guru Sanskrit, Hindi गौरव MW HD
Gauravit Gauravita highly Esteemed Sanskrit गौरवित MW
Gaurī Brilliant Goddess, Parvati Sanskrit, Hindi गौरी MW HD
Gaurīguru Himalayas, faher of Goddess Parvati Sanskrit गौरीगुरु MW
Gaurīnātha a name of Shiva Sanskrit गौरीनाथ MW
Gaurīpati a name of Shiva Sanskrit MW
Gaurish a name of Shiva Hindi HD
Gaurīshankar Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati, name of a Himalayan Mountain Sanskrit गौरीशंकर Onl
Gaurīvara a name of Shiva Sanskrit गौरीवर MW
Gautama name of Sākyamuni Buddha Sanskrit गौतम MW
Gautamī name of Sākyamuni Buddha Sanskrit गौतमी MW
Gavaksha Gavaksha Round Window, ‘Bull’s Eye’ Sanskrit गवाक्ष S MW 1
Gavāmpati the Sun ‘Lord of Rays’ Sanskrit गवाम्पति MW
Gavate to Go Sanskrit गवते MW
Gavate to Sound Sanskrit गवते MW
Gaveenī Womb Sanskrit MW
Gavesh Gavesh to Search, to Seek Sanskrit गवेष् MW
Gaveshī Seeker Sanskrit MW
Gaveshin Gaveshin Seeking, Searching Sanskrit गवेषिन् MW
Gavish Gavish Eager Sanskrit गविष् MW
Gavishtha Gavishtha the Sun, the most eager Sanskrit गविष्ठ MW
Gavishti Gavishti Eager Sanskrit गविष्टि MW
Gavyūti Pasture Sanskrit गव्यूति MW
Gaya House Sanskrit गय SD
Gayā where Buddha was enlightened; 'conquered or achieved,' house Sanskrit गया OD MW 1
Gāya Gāya Song Sanskrit गाय MW
Gāyaka Gāyakā Singer Sanskrit गायक MW गायका
Gāyakī Singer Sanskrit MW
Gāyan Gāyana Gāyano Singer Sanskrit गायन OD MW 2
Gāyanam Gāyanam Singing, a Song Sanskrit MW
Gāyanī Singer Sanskrit MW
Gayashiras Gayashiras Western Horizon, mountain near Gayā city Sanskrit गयशिरस् MW Add 1st Name "Veet" to mean "Beyond"
Gayāteertha Gayāteertha Pilgrimage to Gayā Sanskrit गयातीर्थ MW
Gāyatra Gāyatra Song Sanskrit गायत्र MW
Gāyatrī Song, Sacred verse; Goddess of Sacred Song Sanskrit गायत्री MW 2
Gāye Gāye to Sing Sanskrit MW
Gayika Singer Sanskrit गायिका MW
Gāyikī Songstress Sanskrit गायिकी MW
Gāyishe Gāyishe to Sing Sanskrit MW
Gayyum God, self-subsisting, self-evident, no proof needed Arabic القيوم OD 99N 1 See Qayyūm, Khayyum
Geer Geer Invocation, Song, Speech Sanskrit गिर् MW
Geerdevī Goddess of Speech, Sarasvati Sanskrit गीर्देवी MW
Geereesh Geereesha ‘Lord of Speech and Mountains’ Shiva /Goddess of Speech and Mountains Sanskrit गिरीश MW
Geervan Geervan Delighting in Invocations Sanskrit MW
Geervān Geervāna ‘whose Arrow is Speech,’ one who speaks likes an arrow Sanskrit गीर्वाण MW
Geet- Geet- Song Sanskrit गीत MW 2
Geet Geetā Song, sacred song Sanskrit गीत / गीता MW 2
Geet Geetā Geeto Song, sacred song Sanskrit गीत / गीता MW 3
-geet -geet Song of Sanskrit …गीत MW 1
Geetageet Geetageeta Geetageeto Unsung song, Sung and unsung Sanskrit गीतागीत MW
Geetajna Geetajna Knowing Songs, Skilled singer Sanskrit गीतज्ञ MW
Geetaka Geetaka Song, Melody Sanskrit गीतक MW
Geetam Geetama Song Sanskrit OD Sp 3
Geetamarg Geetamarga Geetamargo the Way of Songs Sanskrit S MW
Geetamodin Geetamodin making Happy with Songs Sanskrit गीतमोदिन् MW
Geetanjali a prayerful Offering of Songs Bengali গীতাঞ্জলি OD Onl 1
Geetaprema Love Song Sanskrit SP
Geetapriyā Loving Songs Sanskrit गीतप्रिया MW
Geetayan Geetayana Accompanied by Songs Sanskrit गीतायन MW
Geetesh Geetesha God / Goddess of Sounds and Songs Sanskrit OD MW 1
Geeti Song, Singing Sanskrit गीति MW
Geetika a Poem, a Song Sanskrit गीतिका OD MW 1
Geetin Singer Sanskrit गीतिन् MW
Geetprem Love Song Sanskrit S Sp Shotten version of Geetaprema
Geha Geha Home, the House and the Body Sanskrit गेह OD MW 2
Gehapati Master of a House Sanskrit गेहपति MW
Gepate Gepate to Go, to Move Sanskrit गेपते MW
Geshna Geshna a Singer Sanskrit गेष्ण MW
Geshnu Geshnu a Singer, an Actor Sanskrit गेष्णु MW
Geya Singing, Song, that which can be sung Sanskrit गेय OD MW 1
Geyajna Geyajna Skilled in Song Sanskrit गेयज्ञ MW
Ghaffar Ghaffara God, the Ever Forgiving Arabic لغفار OB 99N Sufi, misspelled in OB as Gaffar
Ghafoor Ghafoora God, the All Forgiving Arabic الغفور OB 99N Sufi, misspelled in OB as Gafur
Ghagghati Ghagghati to Laugh Sanskrit घग्घति MW
Ghana Ghanā Clouds Sanskrit घन MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ghanapriya Ghanapriyā Lover of Clouds, a Peacock Sanskrit, Hindi घनप्रिया MW HD
Ghandha Ghandha Bee Sanskrit घण्ड MW
Ghanashyam Dark Clouds, Lord Krishna Sanskrit, Hindi घनश्याम SD HD
Ghanendra Lord of Clouds, Indra Sanskrit, Hindi MW HD
Ghantā Bell Sanskrit घण्टा MW
Ghāntika Ghāntika Singer, bell-ringer Sanskrit घाण्टिक MW
Ghani Ghani God, the All Rich, the Independent Sufi الغني 99N Sufi
Gharana family of Singers Hindi गरण OB HD
Ghāsa Ghāsa Meadow Sanskrit घास MW
Ghata Ghata Aquarius zodiac sign Sanskrit घट MW
Ghataka Ghataka Skilful Sanskrit घटक MW
Ghatanā Union, Connection Sanskrit घटना MW
Ghantikā small Bell Sanskrit घण्टिका MW
Gharma Gharma Sunshine Sanskrit MW
Ghatin Ghatin Aquarius zodiac sign Sanskrit घटिन् MW
Ghonasa Serpent Sanskrit घोणस MW
Ghooka Owl Sanskrit घूक MW
Ghoorna Ghoornā Whirling Sanskrit घूर्ण MW
Ghosha Ghosha Sound, distant Roar Sanskrit घोष S MW 1
Ghoshana Ghoshana Proclaiming Sanskrit घोषण MW 1
Ghotaka Ghotīka Horse Sanskrit घोटक MW
Ghrans Sun’s Heat Sanskrit घ्रंस् MW
Ghransa Ghransa Sunshine, Sun’s Heat, brightness Sanskrit घ्रंस MW
Ghrina Ghrina Warm Sunshine Sanskrit घृण MW
Ghrinā Tenderness, Compassion, warm feeling to people Sanskrit घृणा MW
Ghrini Ghrinī Ray of Light Sanskrit घृणि MW
Ghrinin Ghrinin Tender-hearted, Compassionate Sanskrit घृणिन् MW
Ghrishu Ghrishu Lively Sanskrit घृषु MW
Ghrita Ghrita Illumined Sanskrit घृत MW
Ghuka Ghuka Fire Sanskrit घुक MW
Ghulam Slave Arabic Onl Use with "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ghushita Ghushita Declared Sanskrit घुषित MW
Ghusta Ghusta Proclaimed Sanskrit घुष्ट MW
Gila Gila Lemon Tree Sanskrit गिल MW 1
Gira Gira Speech Sanskrit गिर MW
Giri Mountain Sanskrit गिरि OD MW 2
Giribhid Giribhid Breaking through Mountains, a River Sanskrit गिरिभिद् MW
Girichara Girichara Living in the Mountains Sanskrit गिरिचर MW
Giridhar Mountain holder, Krishna Hindi HD
Giridvār Giridvāra Mountain-pass Sanskrit गिरिद्वार MW
Girigangā River Ganges near is its source in the mountains Sanskrit गिरिगङ्गा MW
Girija ‘Mountain Born’ Sanskrit गिरिज MW
Girijā Goddess Parvati Sanskrit, Hindi गिरिजा MW HD
Girijāl Girijāla Mountain Range Sanskrit गिरिजाल MW
Girilal Son of Mountains Hindi HD
Girinadī Mountain River Sanskrit गिरिणदी MW
Girindra Prince of Mountains, high Mountain Sanskrit गिरीन्द्र MW
Giripati ‘Mountain Chief’ Sanskrit गिरिपति MW
Giripriyā Lover of Mountains Sanskrit गिरिप्रिया MW
Girirāj Mountain King, the Himalayas Sanskrit, Hindi गिरिराज् MW HD
Giriruha name of Shiva, Mountain dweller Sanskrit TS
Gireesh Gireeshā Gireesho God/ Goddess of the Mountains and of Speech Sanskrit गिरीश OD MW 2
Giristani the Earth, 'Mountain-breasted' Sanskrit गिरिस्तनी MW
Gishnu Gishnu Singer Sanskrit गिष्णु MW
Gīt- Gīt- Song Sanskrit गीत MW 2 Alternate spelling of Geet-
Gīt Gītā Song, sacred song Sanskrit गीत / गीता MW 2 Alternate spelling of Geet-
Gīt Gītā Gīto Song, sacred song Sanskrit गीत / गीता MW 3 Alternate spelling of Geet-
-gīt -gītā -gīto Song of Sanskrit …गीत MW 1 Alternate spelling of Geet-
Gītageet Gītageeta Gītageeto Unsung song, Sung and unsung Sanskrit गीतागीत MW Alternate spelling of Geet-
Gītagīt Gītagītā Gītagīto Unsung song, Sung and unsung Sanskrit गीतागीत MW Alternate spelling of Geet-
Gītajna Gītajna Knowing Songs, Skilled singer Sanskrit गीतज्ञ MW Alternate spelling of Geet-
Gītaka Gītaka Song, Melody Sanskrit गीतक MW Alternate spelling of Geet-
Gītam Gītama Song Sanskrit OD Sp 3 Alternate spelling of Geet-
Gītamarg Gītamarga Gīttamargo the Way of Songs Sanskrit MW Alternate spelling of Geet-
Gītamodin Gītamodin making Happy with Songs Sanskrit गीतमोदिन् MW Alternate spelling of Geet-
Gītanjali an Offering of the Songs Sanskrit গীতাঞ্জলি OD Sp 1 Alternate spelling of Geet-
Gītpriyā Loving Songs Sanskrit MW Alternate spelling of Geetpriyā
Gītayan Gītayana Accompanied by Songs Sanskrit गीतायन MW Alternate spelling of Geetayana
Gītesh Gītesha God / Goddess of Sounds and Songs Sanskrit OD Sp 1 Alternate spelling of Geetesha
Gīti Song, Singing Sanskrit गीति MW Alternate spelling of Geeti
Gītika a Poem, a Song Sanskrit गीतिका OD Sp 1 Alternate spelling of Geetika
Gītika Small Song Hindi गीतिका HD
Gītin Singer Sanskrit गीतिन् MW Alternate spelling of Geetin
Gītprem Love Song Hindi S Sp 1 Alternate spelling of Geetprem
Gleshate Gleshate to Seek, to Investigate Sanskrit ग्लेषते MW
Glevate Glevate to Serve, to Worship Sanskrit ग्लेवते MW
Gmā the Earth Sanskrit ग्मा MW
Gnā Divine Woman, a Goddess Sanskrit ग्ना MW
Gnāvat Gnāvat Accompanied by Goddesses, Divine Women Sanskrit ग्नावत् MW
Goarnas Goarnas Abounding in Stars or Rays Sanskrit MW
Gobhuj King, ‘Enjoying the Earth’ Sanskrit गोभुज् MW
Gochara name of Shiva, Perceiver through Senses Sanskrit गोचर TS
Godama Godama Attaining Heaven and Earth Sanskrit गोदम MW
Godate Godate to Play Sanskrit गोदते MW
Godavari name of a River Hindi गोदावरी HD
Godhi Godhi Forehead Sanskrit गोधि MW
Godhūli Sunrise or Sunset, ‘Earth-dust’ Sanskrit गोधूलि MW
Gogan Gogana Multitude of Light Rays Sanskrit गोगण MW
Gojāt Gojāta Born in the Starry Sky Sanskrit गोजात MW
Gojati Gojati to Hum Sanskrit गोजति MW
Gola Golā Globe, Sphere Sanskrit गोल MW
Goloka Paradise, Heaven Sanskrit गोलोक OB MW
Gomarti name of a River Hindi HD
Gonda Mountaineer Sanskrit गोण्ड MW
Gopa Lord of the Cowherds, Krishna; the Sun, ‘Lord of Rays’ Sanskrit गोप MW
Gopā Gopā Guardian, Herdsman Sanskrit गोपा OD MW 1
Gopachāpa Rainbow, ‘Indra’s bow’ Sanskrit MW
Gopaka Guardian, cowherd Sanskrit गोपक MW
Gopāl Krishna, cowherd, King, ‘Earth protector’ Sanskrit गोपाल OD MW 1
Gopana Gopanā Protection Sanskrit गोपन MW गोपना
Gopati Lord of the Cowherds, Krishna; the Sun, ‘Lord of Rays’ Sanskrit गोपति MW
Gopāya Gopāya to Protect, to Guard Sanskrit गोपाय MW
Gopāyana Gopāyana Protecting, Protection Sanskrit गोपायन MW
Gopāyitri Gopāyitri Protector Sanskrit गोपायितृ MW
Gopī Beloved of god, Devotee; Protectress, Krishna's companion, cowherdess Sanskrit गोपी OD MW 1
Gopika Beloved of god, Devotee, Krishna's companion, cowherdess Sanskrit, Hindi गोपिका SD HD
Gopila Gopila Protector Sanskrit गोपिल MW
Gopita Gopita Preserved, guarded (as the senses), kept secret Sanskrit गोपित MW
Gopitri Gopitri Guardian, Protector Sanskrit गोपितृ MW
Gopendra Krishna, ‘Chief herdsman’ Sanskrit गोपेन्द्र MW
Gopesh Krishna, ‘Chief herdsman’ Sanskrit गोपेश MW
Gopeshvara Shiva Sanskrit गोपेश्वर MW
Goptri Goptrī Protector Sanskrit गोप्तृ MW गोप्त्री
Gopura Gopura Gate of town or temple Sanskrit गोपुर OD MW 1
Gopya Gopya Guarded (as the senses), kept secret Sanskrit गोप्य MW
Gopyaka Gopyaka Servant Sanskrit गोप्यक MW
Gora Whiteness Hindi गोरा OD HD Alternate spelling of Gaura
Gorakh name of Indian Mystic Sanskrit OB Onl
Gorata Acacia Tree Sanskrit गोरट MW
Gorochana Goddess Parvati Hindi गोरोचना HD
Gosarga Gosarga Dawn, day-break Sanskrit MW
Goswami Master of the Senses Sanskrit MW
Goshādī kind of Bird, sits on cow’s back Sanskrit गोषादी MW
Gotama name of Sākyamuni Buddha Sanskrit गोतम MW
Gotra Gotra Family, Tribe Sanskrit गोत्र MW
Gotraka Gotraka Family Sanskrit गोत्रक MW
Gourangi Fair Complexioned Hindi HD
Gourishankar Highest Mountain peak Hindi OB 1 Alternative spelling of Gaurishankar
Govind Govind God Sanskrit गोविन्द OD MW 2
Govinda Govinda Govindo God, name of Krishna Sanskrit गोविन्द OD MW 2
Graha Graha Planet Sanskrit ग्रह MW
Grāha Grāhī Accepting, receiving Sanskrit ग्राह MW
Grāhaka Grāhaka Perceiver Sanskrit ग्राहक MW
Graha Planet Sanskrit ग्रह SD
Grahanemi the Moon Sanskrit ग्रहनेमि MW
Grahapati the Moon, lord of planets Sanskrit ग्रहपति MW
Graharāja planet Jupiter, king of planets Sanskrit ग्रहराज SD
Grahi Grahi Support Sanskrit ग्रहि MW
Grāhīka Midwife Sanskrit ग्राहिका SD
Grahītra Grahītri Receiver, one who receives Sanskrit ग्रहीतृ MW
Grama name of Shiva, lord of Groups Sanskrit MW
Grāma Grāma Village Sanskrit ग्राम MW
Grāmaka Grāmaka small Village Sanskrit ग्रामक MW
Grāmika Grāmika Villager Sanskrit ग्रामिक MW
Grāmin Grāmin Villager Sanskrit ग्रामिन् MW
Grāmeya Grāmeyā Villager Sanskrit ग्रामेय MW ग्रामेया
Grāmya Grāmya Grāmyo Simple, 'from a Village' Sanskrit ग्राम्य OD MW 1
Grantha Stringing together, composition, treatise Sanskrit ग्रन्थ MW
Granthana Stringing or Connecting Together Sanskrit ग्रन्थन MW
Granthi Knot Sanskrit ग्रन्थि MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Granthika one who understand the joints of time, an Astrologer Sanskrit MW
Grathita Grathita Closely Connected, Strung together Sanskrit ग्रथित MW
Griddha Griddha Desirous, eagerly Longing for Sanskrit गृद्ध MW
Griddhin Griddhin Desirous, eagerly Longing for Sanskrit गृद्धिन् MW
Gridhu Gridhu God of Love Sanskrit गृधु MW
Gridhnu Gridhnu Greediness Sanskrit गृध्नु MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Gridhya Gridhyā Greediness Sanskrit गृध्य / गृध्या MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Griha Griha House Sanskrit गृह MW
Grihaka Grihaka Hut, small House Sanskrit गृहक MW
Grihaksha Grihaksha Window, ‘House-Eye’ Sanskrit गृहाक्ष MW
Grihin Grihinī Master of a House Sanskrit गृहिणी MW
Griheeta Griheeta Accepted, Received Sanskrit गृहीत MW
Grinjati Grinjati to Roar Sanskrit गृञ्जति MW
Grīshma Grīshma Summer Sanskrit ग्रीष्म MW
Grīshmā Tree "lotus bark tree" or "Lodhra" symplocos racemosa Sanskrit ग्रीष्मा SD
Gritsa Gritsa Wise, Clever, the God of Love Sanskrit गृत्स MW
Gritsamati Gritsamati Clever-minded Sanskrit गृत्समति MW
Guchcha Guchcha Bunch of Flowers Sanskrit गुच्छ MW
Gūdha Gūdha Secret, Mystery Sanskrit गूढ MW
Gūdhamārga Gūdhamārga Secret Way, the Path of Mystery Sanskrit गूढमार्ग MW
Gūdhartha Mystic, hidden meaning, esoteric Sanskrit गूढार्थ MW
Gudhera Gudhera Protecting Sanskrit गुधेर MW
Guha a Cave, the Heart, the heart is the cave, secret place Sanskrit गुहा OD MW 1
Guhāchara Guhāchara Moving in Secret i.e. into the Heart Sanskrit गुहाचर MW
Guheshvara Lords of Caverns, Lord of the Heart Sanskrit गुहेश्वर MW
Guheshvarī Goddess of the Heart Sanskrit SP
Guhina Guhina a Wood Sanskrit गुहिन MW
Guhya Guhya kept Secret, Mysterious Sanskrit गुह्य MW
Guhyadeva Guhyadevī God / Goddess of Mysteries Sanskrit SP
Guhyam Guhyam Mystery, Secret Sanskrit गुह्यम् MW
Guhyapati ‘Lord of the Mysteries’ Sanskrit गुह्यपति MW
Guhyeshvarī ‘Mystic deity’ Prajna the female energy of Adibuddha Sanskrit गुह्येश्वरी MW
Gūka a Fish Sanskrit गूक MW
Gulab Gulabi Gulabo Rose Hindi गुलाब / गुलाबी OD HD 1
Gulabahar Spring Rose Persian, Urdu گلبها S Onl
Gulal Red powder Hindi HD
Gulām Slave Hindi गुलाम OD Onl 1 Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Gulikā Pearl Sanskrit गुलिका MW
Gulinka Sparrow Bird Sanskrit गुलिङ्क MW
Gulistan Rose Garden Arabic S Onl Muslim
Gulma Thicket of Trees Sanskrit गुल्म MW
Gulmaka Thicket of Trees Sanskrit गुल्मक MW
Gulmohar red petalled blossoming Tree Hindi S HD
Gulshan Gulshan Beautiful Garden of Flowers Persian, Urdu S SD 1
Gulshirin Sweet like a Rose Parsi S Onl
Gulzar Flowering, in Bloom Arabic S Onl
Gumpha Stringing as a Garland Sanskrit गुम्फ MW
Gumphita Gumphita Strung Together Sanskrit गुम्फित MW
Guna Guna Quality of Goodness, attribute Sanskrit गुण OD MW 1
Gunadhara Gunadhara having Good Qualities Sanskrit गुणधर MW
Gunakar Gunakara Multitude of merits, one endowed with all qualities Sanskrit गुणाकर MW
Gunalaya Gunalaya ‘abode of Qualities,’ one endowed with all qualities Sanskrit गुणालय MW
Gunamati Gunamati Intelligent Sanskrit MW
Gunanidhi Gunanidhi Treasury of Good qualities Sanskrit गुणनिधि MW
Gunarāja King of Qualities Sanskrit MW
Gunarājnī Queen of Qualities Sanskrit MW
Gunarānī Queen of Qualities Hindi HD
Gunaratna Jewel of Virtue, ‘Pearl of Good Qualities’ Sanskrit, Hindi गुणरत्न MW HD
Gunateet Beyond Attributes, Freed from all properties Sanskrit गुणातीत OD MW 1
Gunavartin Gunavartin Being on the path of Virtue Sanskrit गुणवर्तिन् MW
Gunavat Gunavati Virtuous, ‘Endowed with Good Qualities’ Sanskrit, Hindi गुणवत् MW HD
Gunanvita Gunanvita Excellent, endowed with Qualities Sanskrit गुणान्वित MW
Gunesha Lord of the three Qualities Sanskrit गुणेश MW
Gunin name of a Chinese Zen Master Japanese OB
Gunin Gunin endowed with Good Qualities Sanskrit गुणिन् MW
Gunguma Gunguma Humming Sanskrit गुङ्गुम MW
Gunita Gunita Intensified, Multiplied Sanskrit गुनित MW
Gunja Gunjā Humming Sanskrit MW 1
Gunjā a Drum Sanskrit MW
Gunjita Gunjita a Drum Sanskrit MW
Gunjita Gunjita Humming Sanskrit गुञ्जित SD
Gunjita Humming of a Bee Hindi HD
Gunkāra Humming of Bees Sanskrit गुंकार MW
Gunopeta Gunopeta Endowed with Good Qualities Sanskrit गुणोपेत MW
Gunya Gunyo Endowed with Good Qualities Sanskrit गुण्य S MW 1
Gupila King, ‘a Protector’ Sanskrit गुपिल MW
Gupita Protected Sanskrit गुपित MW
Gupta Secret Sanskrit गुप्त OD MW 1
Guptadana Hidden Gift Sanskrit गुप्तदान S MW 1
Guptasneha Guptasnehā Secret Affection, Secret Love Sanskrit गुप्तस्नेह MW
Guptasveda Guptasveda Secret Affection, Secret Love Sanskrit MW
Gupti Protecting, keeping Secret Sanskrit गुप्ति MW
Guptivāda Guptivāda Secret Conversation Sanskrit गुप्तिवाद MW
Gurate Gurate to Raise, to Lift up, to Make Effort Sanskrit गुरते MW
Gurbachan Words of the Guru Hindi HD
Gurcharan at the Feet of the Master, the Guru Hindi HD
Gūrda Gūrda a Jump Sanskrit गूर्द MW
Gurdate Gurdate to Play Sanskrit गुर्दते MW
Gurdayal Compassionate Guru Hindi HD
Gurmeet Friend of the guru Hindi HD
Gurnam Name of the Guru Hindi HD
Gursharan the Refuge of the Guru Hindi HD
Gūrta Gūrta Approved, Agreeable Sanskrit गूर्त MW
Gūrti Approval, Praise Sanskrit गूर्ति MW
Guru- Guru- Master, one who is heavy Sanskrit गुरु- OD MW 1
Guru Guru Master, one who is heavy Sanskrit गुरु OD MW 1
Guru Master, one who is heavy Sanskrit गुरु OD MW 1
Gurucharan at the Feet of the Guru Hindi OB HD
Gurucharyā going to be with the Guru Sanskrit गुरुचर्या SD
Gurudayal Compassionate Guru Sikh OB Onl
Gurudas Servant of the Master Sanskrit OD MW 1
Gurudeep Light of the Guru Sanskrit S MW
Gurudevata Gurudevata having the Divine as one's Guru, god Brihaspati as one's guru Sanskrit गुरुदेवत SD
Gurudutt Gift of the Master, the Guru Hindi HD
Gurudwara Temple (doorway to the master) Sikh OB
Gurugraha planet Jupiter, the master planet Sanskrit गुरुग्रह SD
Gurukul Gurukula Family of the Master, House of the Master, an Ashram Sanskrit गुरुकुल OB MW
Gurupūjā Worshipping one’s Spiritual Teacher Sanskrit गुरुपूजा MW
Gurutama Gurutama Best Master Sanskrit गुरुतम MW
Gūrvati Gūrvati to Raise, to Lift up, to Make Effort Sanskrit गूर्वति MW
Gurvī Master, one who is heavy; respectable woman Sanskrit गुर्वी MW
Gurvini Pregnant woman Sanskrit गुर्विणी MW
Gūshanā Eye of the Peacock’s tail Sanskrit गूषणा MW
Gutei name of a Chinese Zen Master Japanese OB Onl
Gutsa Cluster of Blossoms Sanskrit गुत्स MW
Gutsaka Cluster of Blossoms Sanskrit गुत्सक MW
Gya one who Knows Sanskrit SD
Gyā to Know Sanskrit SD
Gyaka Singer Sanskrit OD SD 1
Gyan- Gyan- Knowledge, Wisdom Hindi ज्ञान S HD 3
Gyān Gyān Knowledge, Wisdom Hindi ज्ञान S HD 3
Gyāna Knowledge, Wisdom Hindi ज्ञान S HD 3
Gyān Gyāna Gyano Knowledge, Wisdom Hindi ज्ञान S HD 3
Gyānada Goddess Saraswati (giving knowledge or wisdom) Hindi HD
Gyānadeep Gyānadeepa Light or Lamp of Wisdom Sanskrit SP
Gyānadīp Gyānadīpa Light or Lamp of Wisdom Sanskrit SP
Gyānagni Fire of Knowledge Sanskrit SD
Gyānam Knowledge, Wisdom Sanskrit SD
Gyānamaya Gyānamayī Gyānamayo Full of Knowledge Sanskrit SD
Gyanasiddhi Attainment of Wisdom Sanskrit MW
Gyanavat Gyanavati Endowed with Wisdom Sanskrit MW
Gyandeep Gyandeepa Lamp of Wisdom Hindi OD Sp 1
Gyandīp Gyandīpa Lamp of Wisdom Hindi OD Sp 1
Gyanesh Lord of Wisdom Hindi S Sp 1
Gyaneshwar God of Wisdom Hindi OD Sp 1
Gyanī Knowedgable one, one who knows Sanskrit SD 1
Gyānodaya the Rise of Wisdom... like the sun rises Sanskrit OD Sp 2
Gyānprem Wisdom through Love Hindi OD Sp 2
Gyānrāj Secret of Wisdom Hindi OD Sp 1
Gyānrahi a Pilgrim who is in search of Wisdom, a seeker of truth Hindi OD Sp 1
Gyānrānī Wise Queen Hindi SP 1
Gyānrājnī Wise Queen Sanskrit SP
Gyānveet Gyanveeto Going beyond Knowledge Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Gyānyogi Wise Meditator Sanskrit S
Gyatā Knowing, one who knows Sanskrit S SD
Gyāte Known Sanskrit SD
Names beginning with H ह inc. Hai है Hi हि
Ha Ha Zero, Meditation, Moon, Shiva, Paradise, Heaven Sanskrit MW
Habib Habiba Beloved of God, of the divine Arabic, Urdu حبیب / حبیب OD Onl 3
Hadi Hadia God, the Guide Arabic, Urdu لهادي OD 99N 2 Sufi
Hafeez Hafeeza God, the Preserver Arabic, Urdu الحفيظ 99N 2 Sufi
Hafiz Hafiza God, the Preserver Arabic, Urdu الحفيظ OD 99N 2 Sufi
Hailihila Hailihila Playful nature Sanskrit हैलिहिल MW
Haima Haimī Golden Sanskrit हैम MW
Haimā Yellow Jasmine Flower Sanskrit हैमा MW
Haimana Haimana Golden Sanskrit हैमन MW
Haimavata Haimavatī coming from or belonging to the Himalayas Sanskrit हैमवत MW
Haingula Haingula Vermillion, bright Red Sanskrit हैङ्गुल MW
Hairanya Hairanyā Golden Sanskrit हैरण्य MW
Hakam Hakama God, the Judge, the Arbitrator Arabic, Urdu الحكم 99N Sufi
Hakeem Hakeema God, the Wise Arabic, Urdu الحكيم 99N Sufi
Hakīm Hakīma God, the Wise; the sage Arabic, Urdu الحكيم OB 99N Sufi
Halā the Earth Sanskrit हला MW
Haleem Haleema God, the Forbearing, the Indulging Arabic الحليم 99N Sufi
Hallaka Red Lotus Sanskrit MW
Hallīsha Hallīsha a type of circular group Dance Sanskrit MW
Halikshna Lion Sanskrit हलिक्ष्ण MW
Halīm Halīma God, the Forbearing, the Indulging Arabic, Urdu الحليم 99N Sufi
Hamant Winter, Coolness Hindi OD HD 1
Hamdan one who Praises Allah Arabic, Urdu حمدان OB Onl Sufi. OB meaning given as 'Heart'
Hamīd Hamīda Hamīdo God, the All Praiseworthy Arabic, Urdu الحميد OD SFD 3 Sufi
Hana Flower Japanese 花 (はな) S JD 1
Hāna Hāna Giving-up, Letting-go, cessation, relinquishing Sanskrit हान MW
Hāndra Hāndra Death Sanskrit हान्द्र MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hanja Servant Sanskrit हञ्जा MW
Hanjikā Servant Sanskrit हञ्जिका MW
Hannya Wisdom, Prajnā Japanese 般若 OB Onl 1 Misspelled as Hanya
Hansa Hansā Swan Sanskrit हंस OD MW 1
Hansaga Hansaga riding on a Swan, name of Brahma Sanskrit हंसग MW
Hansaja Born from a Swan Sanskrit हंसज SD
Hansaka Hansikā Swan Sanskrit हंसक MW
Hansamala Line of Swans Sanskrit, Hindi हंसमाला SD HD
Hansanshu Hansanshu White, Swan-coloured Sanskrit हंसांशु MW
Hansarāja King of Swns Sanskrit, Hindi हंसराज SD HD
Hansatā the state of being a Swan Sanskrit हंसता SD
Hansati Hansati to behave like a Swan Sanskrit MW
Hansāya Hansāya to be like a Swan Sanskrit हंसाय MW
Hansī Goose Sanskrit हंसी MW
Hansin Hansin containing the Universal Soul Sanskrit हंसिन् MW
Hansini Pretty Lady as beautiful as a Swan Hindi HD
Hāntra Hāntra Death Sanskrit हान्त्र MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hanu Hanu Death Sanskrit हनु SD Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hanuman Monkey God Sanskrit हनुमन् OB MW
Hanumat Monkey God Sanskrit हनुमत् MW
Hanwi Hanwi Moon American Indian Sp
Haqq God, the Truth, the one who truly exists Sufi SFD
Haqqi one who upholds the Truth Urdu حقی Onl
Hara Hara Belly, below the navel Japanese 腹(はら) Onl
Hāra name of Shiva Sanskrit हार MW
Haradri Mount Kailash, Shiva’s mountain Sanskrit हराद्रि MW
Haraka Shiva the rogue, a Reflecting person, a long Sword Sanskrit हरक MW
Haramita Haramita Going to the other shore, to where time and space disappear, Pāramita Japanese OD Onl 1
Harana Haranā a Gift for the disciple being Initiated Sanskrit हरण MW
Haranetra Haranetra Shiva’s Eye, Third Eye Sanskrit हरनेत्र MW
Hārarati to be like a string of Pearls Sanskrit MW
Haras Haras Fire Sanskrit हरस् MW
Harasaya Harasaya Fiery, Energetic Sanskrit हराशय MW
Harasvat Rivers Sanskrit हरस्वत् SD
Harasvin Harasvin Fiery, Energetic Sanskrit हरस्विन् MW
Haratejas Haratejas ‘Shiva’s Energy,’ quicksilver, mercury Sanskrit हरतेजस् MW
Hārda Hārda being in the Heart Sanskrit हार्द MW
Hārdam Hārdam Love, Kindness from the Heart Sanskrit MW
Hārdavat Hārdavat feeling Love for Sanskrit हार्दवत् MW
Hārdi Hārdi the Heart, Contentment, ease Sanskrit हार्दि MW
Hārdikya Hārdikya Friendship Sanskrit हार्दिक्य MW
Hārdin Hārdin feeling Love for Sanskrit हार्दिन् MW
Harendra Harendro God of gods, the great god, Hari + Indra Hindi OD Onl
Haresh Lord Shiva Hindi HD
Hareshvara Shiva and Vishnu United as one Sanskrit हरेश्वर MW
Hārga Satisfaction Sanskrit हार्ग MW
Hari- Hari- God, the thief – the remover of sins, God of the wind Sanskrit, Hindi हरि OD MW 1
Hari Hari God, the thief – the remover of sins, God of the wind Sanskrit, Hindi हरि OD MW 1
Hari God, the thief – the remover of sins, God of the wind Sanskrit, Hindi हरि OD MW 1
Hari Hari Yellow, a Lion, zodiac sign Leo, the Sun Sanskrit हरि MW
Hārī Pearl Sanskrit हारी MW
Haribhakta Haribhakta Devotee of God, Worshipper of Vishnu Sanskrit हरिभक्त MW
Haribhaktī Devotion to God, Devotee of God, Worshipper of Vishnu Sanskrit हरिभक्ति MW
Haribhāvinī woman who Meditates on God, on Vishnu Sanskrit हरिभाविणी MW
Haribodha the Awakening of God, of Vishnu Sanskrit हरिबोध MW
Harichāpa Harichāpa Rainbow Sanskrit हरिचाप MW
Harichetana Conscious of God, Divine Consciousness Sanskrit OB Sp
Haridas Haridasī Servant of God Sanskrit हरिदास S Sp
Harideva Haridevī Divine thief, stealer of hearts Sanskrit हरिदेव OD Sp 1
Haridra Haridra Yellow Sandal Tree Sanskrit हारिद्र MW
Haridru Haridru Tree Sanskrit हरिद्रु MW
Harihara Unity of Shiva and Vishnu as one deity Sanskrit हरिहर MW
Hariheti Rainbow Sanskrit हरिहेति MW
Harij Harija Horizon Sanskrit हरिज MW Add 1st Name "Veet" to mean "Beyond"
Harikant Harikanta Beloved of God Sanskrit हरिकान्त OD MW 1
Harikānt Harikānta as beautiful as a Lion Sanskrit हरिकान्त MW
Hārikantha having a charming voice, a Cuckoo Sanskrit हारिकण्ठ MW
Harikesha Harikesha Fair-headed, a Sun–ray, Savitri (Sun-goddess) or Shiva Sanskrit हरिकेश MW
Harileelā God’s Play Sanskrit हरिलीला MW
Hariman Yellow Sanskrit हरिमन् MW
Harin Harinī a Deer Sanskrit हरिणी MW
Harinaksha name of Shiva, deer eyed one Sanskrit हरिणाक्ष TS SD
Harinakshi one with Deer like Eyes Hindi HD
Harinesh Lion, ‘lord of deers’ Sanskrit हरिणेश MW
Haripriya Beloved of God, Krishna’s Beloved Sanskrit, Hindi हरिप्रिय MW HD
Harish Lord Shiva Hindi हरीश S HD 1
Harisha Lord Hanuman, the monkey god Sanskrit हरीश MW
Harisha Harisha Joy Sanskrit हरिष MW
Harisharan at the Feet of god, Surrendered to the Divine Sanskrit OD SP 1
Harischandra Harischandra Golden Splendour Sanskrit हरिश्चन्द्र MW
Harishree Harishree Beautifully Golden Sanskrit MW
Harit Haritā Harito Greenery, Green, Emerald, Verdant, Young, Fresh Sanskrit हरित OD MW 1
Haritama Greenery, very green Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Haritashma Haritashma Emerald Jewel or Turquoise stone Sanskrit हरिताश्म MW
Haritopala Haritopala Emerald Jewel Sanskrit हरितोपल MW
Harmendra Moon Hindi HD
Harmya Harmya Palace Sanskrit हर्म्य MW
Harsha Harshā Happiness, Joy Sanskrit हर्ष MW
Harshad Harshada Rejoice, one who brings Happiness Hindi OD HD 1
Harshaja Harshaja Arising from Joy, Born from Joy Sanskrit हर्षज MW
Harshaka Harshaka Delighting Sanskrit हर्षक MW
Harshal Lover Hindi HD
Harshamaya Harshamayī whose Essence or nature is Joy, consisting of Joy Sanskrit हर्षमय MW
Harshana Harshana Thrilling with Joy, Delightful Sanskrit हर्षण MW
Harshanāda Harshanāda Shout of Joy Sanskrit हर्षनाद MW
Harshashoka Joy and Sorrow Sanskrit हर्षशोक MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Harshashru Harshashru Tears of Joy Sanskrit हर्षाश्रु MW
Harshil Harshila Joyful Sanskrit MW
Harshin Harshini Joyful, Rejoicing, Happy Sanskrit, Hindi हर्षिन् MW HD
Harshita Harshita Delighted, Happy, Joy Sanskrit, Hindi हर्षित MW HD
Harshodaya Rise of Joy Sanskrit हर्षोदय MW
Harshuka Harshuka Delighting Sanskrit हर्षुक MW
Harshul Deer Hindi हर्षुल HD
Harshula Harshula Happy person Sanskrit हर्षुल MW
Hartu Death Sanskrit हर्तु SD Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Haryaksha Lion, Leo zodiac sign Sanskrit हर्यक्ष MW
Haryat Haryat Glad, Eager Sanskrit हर्यत् MW
Haryate Haryate Desired, Wished for Sanskrit हर्यते MW
Haryati Haryati to Delight in Sanskrit हर्यति MW
Has Has Laughter Sanskrit हस् MW
Hāsa Hāsā Laughter, a Joke Sanskrit हास MW
Hāsaka Hāsaka Laugher, one who laughs, one who provokes laughter, a jester, a Joker Sanskrit हासक MW
Hāsakara Hāsakara making Laughter Sanskrit हासकर MW
Hasāmud Hasāmud Laughing happily Sanskrit हसामुद् MW
Hasan Hasanā Laughing Sanskrit हसना MW
Hasan name of a Sufi Master Arabic حسن OB Onl Sufi. Also spelled as Hassan
Hāsana Hāsana Comical, funny, causing Laughter Sanskrit हासन MW
Hasanam Hasanam Laughter Sanskrit MW
Hāsas the Moon Sanskrit हासस् MW
Hasat Hasat Laughing, smiling Sanskrit हसत् MW
Hāsavati Tantric deity of Laughter Sanskrit MW
Hasib Hasiba Hasibo God, The Reckoner, the one who gives the satisfaction Sufi OD SFD 1
Hasid Hasida Innocent, Pure, pious Hebrew חסיד OD Onl 1
Hāsikā Laughter Sanskrit हासिका MW
Hāsin Hāsin Laughing, Brilliant Sanskrit हासिन् MW
Hasita Hasita Laughing, smile Sanskrit हसित OB MW
Hasitam Hasitam Laughter Sanskrit MW
Hasitri Hasitri Laugher, one who laughs Sanskrit हसितृ MW
Haskāra Haskāra Smile of the Sky Sanskrit हस्कार MW
Haskriti Laughter Sanskrit हस्कृति MW
Hasra Hasrā Laughing, Smiling Sanskrit हस्र MW
Hastanjali Hastanjali Hands joined in gesture of Offering Sanskrit हस्ताञ्जलि MW
Hāsya Hāsyo Laughter Sanskrit हास्य OD MW 1
Hāsyārnava Ocean of Merriment, Ocean of Laughter Sanskrit हास्यार्णव MW
Hāsyatā Hāsyatā Laughableness Sanskrit MW
Hasyate Hasyate to be Laughed at Sanskrit हस्यते SD
Hātakamaya Hātakamaya Golden Sanskrit हाटकमय SD
Hātaka Hātakī Gold Sanskrit हाटक MW
Hātakīya Golden Sanskrit हाटकीय MW
Hatamāna Hatamāna Free from Pride or arrogance Sanskrit हतमान MW
Hatasha Hatashā Hopeless, despair Sanskrit हताश MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hatati Hatati to Shine, be Bright Sanskrit हटति MW
Hātu Death Sanskrit हातु SD Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hava Hava Fire, God of Fire Sanskrit हव MW
Hava Hava Invocation Sanskrit हव MW
Havana Havana Fire, God of Fire Sanskrit हवन MW
Havana Havana Invocation Sanskrit हवन MW
Havas Havas Invocation Sanskrit हवस् MW
Havīman Havīman Invocation Sanskrit हवीमन् MW
Havin Havin Invoking Sanskrit हविन् MW
Hāvin Hāvin making an Offering Sanskrit हाविन् MW
Hāvu Hāvu exclamation of Joy Sanskrit हावु MW
Havya Havya an Offering, Oblation Sanskrit हव्य MW
Haya Hayī Horse, Sagittarius zodiac sign Sanskrit हय MW
Hayanga Hayanga Sagittarius zodiac sign Sanskrit हयाङ्ग MW
Hayi Hayi Desire, Wish Sanskrit हयि MW
Hayy Hayya God, the Ever Living Sufi الحي 99N Sufi. Also spelled as Hei
Hedh Hedh to be Born again Sanskrit हेढ् MW
Hedhnati Hedhnati to be Born again Sanskrit हेढ्णाति SD
Heeda Instigator, stimulator Sanskrit हीड MW
Heela Instigator, stimulator Sanskrit हील MW
Heenita Heenita Separated form one’s self Sanskrit हीनित MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Heera Heera Diamond Sanskrit, Hindi हीर OD MW, HD 1
Heeraka Heeraka Diamond Sanskrit हीरक MW
Heeranga Thunderbolt, ‘diamond-bodied’ Sanskrit हीराङ्ग MW
Heeya Heart Hindi, Bengali S HD 1
Hela Helā Amorous Play Sanskrit हेला MW
Heli an Embrace Sanskrit हेलि MW
Heli the Sun Sanskrit हेलि MW
Helihila Helihila Playful nature Sanskrit हेलिहिल MW
Helika the Sun Sanskrit MW
Heerkani Small Diamond Hindi HD
Hema- Hema- Gold, Golden Sanskrit हेम- MW
Hema Golden, Beautiful Sanskrit, Hindi हेम MW HD 1
Hemachandra Golden Moon Sanskrit, Hindi हेमचन्द्र MW HD
Hemadri Golden Mountain, Mount Meru of heaven Sanskrit, Hindi हेमाद्रि MW HD
Hemagiri Golden Mountain, Mount Meru of heaven Sanskrit हेमगिरि MW
Hemaka Hemaka Gold Sanskrit हेमक MW
Hemakeli Hemakeli Fire, ‘Golden Play’ Sanskrit हेमकेलि MW
Hemakesha Blond, Golden-haired, name of Shiva Sanskrit हेमकेश MW
Hemalatā Golden Creeper plant Sanskrit, Hindi हेमलता MW HD
Hemamaya Hemamayī Golden Sanskrit हेममय MW
Hemāmboja Hemāmboja Golden Lotus-Flower Sanskrit हेमाम्भोज MW
Hemāmbuja Hemāmbuja Golden Lotus-Flower Sanskrit हेमाम्बुज MW
Heman Heman Impulse; planet Mercury; Gold Sanskrit हेमन् MW
Hemanga Hemangī Golden Body Sanskrit, Hindi हेमाङ्ग MW HD
Hemangini Girl with a Golden Body Hindi HD
Hemaprabha Golden Light Hindi हेमप्रभ HD
Hemaprakash Golden Light Hindi HD
Hemapushpa having Golden Flowers Sanskrit हेमपुष्प MW
Hemaraj King of Gold Hindi HD
Hemashree one with a Golden Body Hindi HD
Hemataru Hemataru Golden-Tree Sanskrit हेमतरु MW
Hemavala Hemavala Pearl Sanskrit हेमवल MW
Hemavati Goddess Parvati Hindi हैमवती HD
Hemāya Hemāya to become Gold Sanskrit हेमाय MW
Hemendra Lord of Gold Hindi HD
Hemendu Golden Moon Hindi HD
Hemkanta Golden Girl Hindi HD
Hesha Hesha Quick, Strong, Power Sanskrit हेष MW
Heshas Heshas Fire, Quickness, vigour Sanskrit हेषस् MW
Hethnāti Hethnāti to be Born again Sanskrit हेठ्णाति MW
Heti Light, Flame, Sunray Sanskrit हेति MW
Hetri Hetri Inciting, urging on Sanskrit हेतृ MW
Hetu Hetu that which causes Bondage of the soul i.e. the external world and the senses Sanskrit हेतु MW Use with 'Veet' or 'Mukta'
Hijjala a kind of Tree Sanskrit हिज्जल MW
Hikkala Hikkala Staff of Buddhist monk Sanskrit हिक्कल MW
Hilati Hilati to Play Amourously Sanskrit हिलति MW
Hillola Hillola Wave Sanskrit हिल्लोल MW
Hillolaya Hillolaya to Swing, Waving motion Sanskrit MW
Hima Hima Cool, Winter, the Moon Sanskrit हिम MW
Himabhānu the Moon, cool-lustred Sanskrit हिमभानु MW
Himabhās the Moon, cool-lustred Sanskrit MW
Himabja Himabja Blue Lotus Sanskrit हिमाब्ज MW
Himambu Himambu Cool Water, dew Sanskrit हिमाम्बु MW
Himachala Himachala snow Mountain, the Himalaya Sanskrit हिमाचल MW
Himadhara Himadhara Himalaya Mountains, bearing snow Sanskrit हिमधर MW
Himadri Himalayan Mountain Sanskrit हिमाद्रि MW
Himaga Himaga snow Mountain, the Himalaya Sanskrit हिमाग MW
Himagiri Himalayan Mountain Sanskrit हिमगिरि MW
Himagu the Moon, cool-rayed Sanskrit हिमगु MW
Himaja Himaja Born in the Himalaya Mountains Sanskrit हिमज MW
Himajyotis Himajyoti the Moon, cool-rayed Sanskrit हिमज्योतिस् MW
Himakara Himakara the Moon, cool-maker Sanskrit हिमकर MW
Himakiran Himakirana the Moon, cool-rayed Sanskrit हिमकिरण MW
Himāla Himalaya Mountains Sanskrit हिमाल MW
Himālaya Mountains, 'Hima' means cool, ice-cool, snow and 'laya' means abode Sanskrit हिमालय OD MW 1
Himam Himam Snow Sanskrit MW
Himānī Coolness, Goddess Parvati Hindi हिमानी OD HD 1
Himānī Snow mass Sanskrit हिमानी SD
Himanshu Moon, radiating cool light Sanskrit, Hindi हिमांशु MW HD
Himarashmi Himarashmi the Moon, cool-rayed Sanskrit हिमरश्मि MW
Himari Fire, enemy of cold Sanskrit हिमारि MW
Himaruchi Himaruchi the Moon, cool-rayed Sanskrit MW
Himasaras Himasaras Cool Water Sanskrit हिमसरस् MW
Himashaila Himashaila a snowy Mountain, the Himalaya Sanskrit हिमशैल MW
Himavala Himavala Pearl Sanskrit हिमवल MW
Himavāri Himavāri Cool Water Sanskrit हिमवारि MW
Himavat Himavat a snowy Mountain, the Himalaya, Mount Kailash Sanskrit हिमवत् MW
Himen Snow Sanskrit OD 1 New spelling of Hima
Himna Planet Mercury Sanskrit हिम्न MW
Himosra the Moon, cool-rayed Sanskrit हिमोस्र MW
Himya Himya Snowy Sanskrit हिम्य MW
Hina a Perfume, a Fragrance Arabic, Urdu OD Onl 1
Hindana Hindana Wandering, roaming Sanskrit हिण्डन MW
Hindika Astrologer Sanskrit हिण्डिक MW
Hindolaya Hindolaya to Swing Sanskrit हिन्दोलय MW
Hirana Hirana Gold Sanskrit हिरण MW
Hiranin Hiranin Golden Sanskrit हिरणिन् MW
Hiranmaya Hiranmaya Golden Sanskrit हिरण्मय MW
Hiranya Hiranya Gold, Wealth Sanskrit, Hindi हिरण्य MW HD
Hiranyada Hiranyadā Ocean or Earth, yielding Gold Sanskrit हिरण्यद MW हिरण्यदा
Hiranyaja Hiranyaja Golden Sanskrit हिरण्यय MW
Hiranyajā Desire for Gold Sanskrit हिरण्यया SD
Hiranyavī Hiranyavī Gold-covered Sanskrit हिरण्यवी MW
Hiranyinī Gold-mine Sanskrit हिरण्यिनी MW
Hiresh King of Gems Hindi HD
Hita Hita Going, set in Motion, impelled Sanskrit हित MW
Hita Hitā Beneficial, wholesome, affectionate, Friendly; Lovable Sanskrit, Hindi हित MW HD
Hitabuddhi Friendly intention Sanskrit हितबुद्धि MW
Hitahita Hitahita Duality of Good and Evil Sanskrit हिताहित MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hitaishin Hitaishin Well-wishing, wishing Benefit for others Sanskrit हितैषिन् MW
Hitaka Hitakā Child Sanskrit MW
Hitakāma Hitakāma Wishing to Benefit others, wishing well to Sanskrit हितकाम MW
Hitakara Hitakara Service, a Benefactor Sanskrit हितकर MW
Hitamitra a Benevolent Friend Sanskrit हितमित्र MW
Hitavādin Hitavādin Friendly Counsellor Sanskrit हितवादिन् MW
Hitavat Hitavat Favourable Sanskrit हितवत् MW
Hitechhā Good-will, Wishing well Sanskrit हितेछा MW
Hiti Direction Sanskrit हिति MW
Hitokti Friendly Advice Sanskrit हितोक्ति MW
Hitvan Hitvan Speedy, swift Sanskrit हित्वन् MW
Hīya Heart Hindi, Bengali S HD 1 Also spelled as Heeya
Hlād shout of Joy Sanskrit ह्लाद् MW
Hlāda Hlāda Joy, Delight, Refreshment Sanskrit ह्लाद MW
Hlādaka Hlādikā Refreshing Sanskrit ह्लादक MW
Hlādana Hlādana Refreshment Sanskrit ह्लादन MW
Hlādin Hlādin Refreshing Sanskrit ह्लादिन् MW
Hleeka Hleeka Shame Sanskrit ह्लीक MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hleeku Hleeku Ashamed Sanskrit ह्लीकु MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hoda Boat, raft Sanskrit ह्लीकु MW
Hogen name of a Chinese Zen Master, "Eye of the Dharma" Japanese OB JD
Holā Spring Festival, Holi Sanskrit होला MW
Holākā Spring Festival Sanskrit होलाका MW
Holī Spring Festival Sanskrit, Hindi होली MW HD
Holikā Spring Festival Sanskrit होलिका MW
Homa Homa Dedicated, Offering, Oblation with fire Sanskrit होम OD MW 1
Homāgni Homāgni Sacrificial Fire Sanskrit होमाग्नि MW
Homen God of Sacrifice Sanskrit OD Sp 1
Homi Homi Fire Sanskrit होमि MW
Homin Homin Offering Sanskrit होमिन् MW
Hoshitaro Star-Son Japanese 星太郎 OD JD 1
Hotei Laughing Buddha Japanese 布袋 OB JD
Hotra Hotra Offering, Oblation with fire Sanskrit होत्र MW
Hotrā Invocation Sanskrit होत्रा MW
Hotri Priest of Offerings Sanskrit होतृ MW
Hrada Lake Sanskrit ह्रद MW
Hrada Hradā Sound Sanskrit ह्रद MW
Hrāda Hrāda Roar of Thunder Sanskrit ह्राद MW
Hradin Hradin abounding in Water Sanskrit ह्रदिन् MW
Hrādinī River Sanskrit ह्रादिनी MW
Hrādinī Lightning Sanskrit ह्रादिनी MW
Hree Hree Shame Sanskrit ह्री MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hreekā Shame Sanskrit ह्रीका MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hreeku Hreeku Ashamed Sanskrit ह्रीकु MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hreena Ashamed, shy Sanskrit ह्रीण MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hreeti Shame Sanskrit ह्रीति MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hrepita Hrepita Ashamed Sanskrit ह्रेपित MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Hrichchaya Hrichchaya abiding in the Heart, the God of Love Sanskrit हृच्छय MW
Hrid Hrid the Heart Sanskrit हृद् MW
Hrida Hrida the Heart Sanskrit हृध MW
Hridambhoja Hridambhoja Lotus-like Heart Sanskrit हृदम्भोज MW
Hridanshu the Moon, Heart-rayed, pleasant-rayed Sanskrit MW
Hridaya Hridayā the Heart Sanskrit हृदय OD MW 1
Hridayaja Hridayaja Heart-Born Sanskrit हृदयज MW
Hridayālu Hridayālu Tender Hearted, warm hearted, hearty Sanskrit हृदयालु MW
Hridayānanda Hridayānandā Blissful Heart, Joy of the Heart Sanskrit हृदयानन्द MW
Hridayesh Lord of the Heart Sanskrit, Hindi हृदयेश MW HD
Hridayin Hridayin Hearty, Tender hearted Sanskrit हृदयिन् MW
Hridaynath Beloved Hindi HD
Hridyanshu Light from the Heart, the Moon Hindi HD
Hridayya Hridayyā being in the Heart, dear to the Heart Sanskrit हृदय्य MW
Hridgama Hridgama Going to the Heart Sanskrit हृद्गम MW
Hridgata Hridgata being in the Heart Sanskrit हृद्गत MW
Hridistha Hridistha being in the Heart Sanskrit हृदिस्थ MW
Hridya Hridyā Innermost, being in the Heart, Beloved Sanskrit हृद्य MW
Hridyatā Heartiness Sanskrit MW
Hrijja Hrijja being in the Heart Sanskrit हृज्ज MW
Hrishi Hrishi Joy Sanskrit हृषि MW
Hrishita Hrishita Happy Sanskrit हृषित MW
Hrishīvat Hrishīvat full of Joy Sanskrit हृषीवत् MW
Hrishikesha Lord of the Senses, Lord Vishnu Sanskrit, Hindi हृषीकेश SD HD
Hrishta Hrishta Rejoiced Sanskrit हृष्ट MW
Hrishti Joy, Delight Sanskrit हृष्टि MW
Hrishu Hrishu Happy Sanskrit हृषु MW
Hritpati Lord of Hearts Sanskrit हृत्पति MW
Hritpriya Hritpriya Beloved of the Heart Sanskrit हृत्प्रिय MW
Hritstha Hritstha abiding in the Heart Sanskrit MW
Invoking Sanskrit हू MW
Hūdati Hūdati to Go Sanskrit MW
Huluhulu Huluhulu exclamation of Joy Sanskrit हुलुहुलु MW
Hulla Hulla type of Dance Sanskrit हुल्ल MW
Humsafar Fellow Traveller Hindi, Urdu هم سفر OB Onl Misspelled as Hamsafar
Hurni Hurni small Stream Sanskrit हूर्णि MW
Hushtuta a Sword Sanskrit हुष्टुत MW
Huta Huta Offering, sacrificed Sanskrit हुत MW
Hūta Hūta Invited Sanskrit हूत MW
Hūti Invocation Sanskrit हूति MW
Hvā a Name Sanskrit ह्वा MW
Hvāneeya Hvāneeya to be Invoked Sanskrit ह्वानीय MW
Hvāya Hvāya Winding like a Serpent Sanskrit MW
Hvāyin Hvāyin Invoking Sanskrit ह्वायिन् MW
Hyakujo name of a Chinese Zen Master Japanese OB Onl
Hyas Hyas Yesterday Sanskrit ह्यस् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Names beginning with I इ
Ida Now, this very moment, here-now; thisness, suchness, isness Sanskrit इद OD MW 2
Idā Goddess, inner channel of Feminine Energy Sanskrit इडा MW 2
Idādika Idādika being Now, in this Moment Sanskrit इदादिक MW 1
Idam Idama This Moment, This, Here-Now Sanskrit इदम् OD MW 2
Idammaya Idammayī consisting of This Sanskrit इदम्मय MW
Idamtā Identity Sanskrit इदम्ता MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Idāneem Idāneem Now in this Moment Sanskrit इदानीम् MW
Iddha Iddha Lighted, bright, wonderful Sanskrit इद्ध MW
Idh Idh Lighting Sanskrit इध् MW
Idhāna Idhāna Lighted Sanskrit MW
Idhyate Idhyate to be Lighted Sanskrit MW
Idikā the Earth Sanskrit इडिका MW
Ijya Ijya Revered Teacher Sanskrit इज्य MW
Ijyā Offering, Gift Sanskrit इज्या MW
Iha Iha Now, in this place at this time, Here-Now Sanskrit इह MW
Ihakāla This Life Sanskrit इहकाल MW
Ihamanas Ihamana Ihamano having the mind turned to Here-now Sanskrit इहमनस् MW
Ihastha Ihastha Standing Here Sanskrit इहस्थ MW
Ihasthāna Ihasthāna one whose place is on this Earth Sanskrit इहस्थान MW
Ihatya being Here Sanskrit इहत्य MW
Ihatyaka Ihatyikā being Here Sanskrit MW
Iheha Iheha Now and Then Sanskrit इहेह SD Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Ikkyū name of a Zen Master Japanese 一休 OB Onl
Ilā a Goddess, the Earth Sanskrit इला MW
Ilā Flow Sanskrit इला SD
Ilāgola Ilāgola the Earth, the Globe Sanskrit इलागोल MW
Ilātala Ilātala the Earth, the fourth planet Sanskrit इलातल MW
Ilayati Ilayatī to keep Still, keep Quiet Sanskrit इलयति MW
Ilesh God of the Earth Hindu HD
Ilikā the Earth Sanskrit इलिका MW
Ilinā Daughter of Yama the Lord of Death Sanskrit MW
Ilya Tree in paradise Sanskrit MW
Iman Iman Faith, Trust Arabic ایمان OD Onl 1 Sufism
Ina Energetic, Powerful Sanskrit इन MW
Indambara Indambara Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) Sanskrit इन्दम्बर MW
Indati Indati to be Powerful, to See Sanskrit इन्दति MW
Indha Indha Lighting Sanskrit इन्ध MW
Indhan Indhana Lighting Sanskrit इन्धन MW
Indindirā Bee Sanskrit इन्दिन्दिरा MW
Indirā Beauty, Splendour, Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit इन्दिरा MW 2
Indiralaya Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Stellata and Cyanea) Sanskrit इन्दिरालय MW
Indivar Indivara Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Stellata and Cyanea) Sanskrit इन्दिवर S MW
Indīvarinī Blue Lotus Sanskrit इन्दीवरिणी MW
Indra God of Rains and Clouds Sanskrit इन्द्र OD MW 1
Indrachapa Rainbow Sanskrit इन्द्रचाप MW
Indradhanu Indradhanu Rainbow, the bow of the god/goddess of clouds Sanskrit इन्द्रधनु OD MW 2
Indrajāl Indrajāla the Art of Magic Sanskrit इन्द्रजाल MW
Indraka Indraka Assembly Hall Sanskrit इन्द्रक MW
Indraloka Indraloka Paradise, Heaven Sanskrit इन्द्रलोक MW
Indraneela Indraneela Sapphire Gem Sanskrit इन्द्रनील MW
Indrānī Goddess of Rains and Clouds Sanskrit इन्द्राणी MW
Indrānīlaka Indrānīlaka Emerald Sanskrit इन्द्रनीलक MW
Indrasana Indrasana Throne Sanskrit इन्द्रासन MW
Indrashakti Power of the Senses Sanskrit इन्द्रशक्ति MW
Indrayudha Rainbow, ‘Indra’s weapon’ Sanskrit इन्द्रायुध MW
Indriya Power of the Senses Sanskrit इन्द्रिय OB MW 1
Indu Indu Moon, a bright Drop, a Spark Sanskrit इन्दु OD MW 1
Indubhā Group of Lotuses Sanskrit इन्दुभा MW
Induja Indujā Moon-child, born from the Moon Sanskrit इन्दुज MW इन्दुजा
Indukā name of a River Sanskrit MW
Indukamal Indukamala White Lotus Blossom Sanskrit इन्दुकमल MW
Indukānta Moonstone, ‘Moon-Loved’ Sanskrit इन्दुकान्त MW
Indukāntā Night Sanskrit इन्दुकान्ता SD
Indumani Indumani Moonstone Sanskrit इन्दुमणि MW
Indumatī Day of the Full Moon Sanskrit इन्दुमती MW
Inesh Lord Vishnu Hindu HD
Inga Able to Move Sanskrit इङ्ग MW
Ingit Ingita Aim, Internal Motion Sanskrit इङ्गित MW
Inodaya Inodaya Sunrise Sanskrit इनोदय MW
Insāniyat Humanity, the Highest state of Mankind Hindi इंसानियत OB HD Shortened in OB to Insan
Inshallah Inshallah God Willing, as Allah intends, as the divine wills Arabic OB Onl Islamic, Sufi
Inva Inva Pervading Sanskrit इन्व MW
Irā Goddess of Speech, Sarasvati, water, the earth Sanskrit इरा MW
Irāja Born from water, name of Kama, god of love; wind-born Sanskrit इराज MW
Irammada Irammada Agni, the Fire God in the form of a flash of Lightning Sanskrit इरंमद MW
Iresh King, God Vishnu or Brahma, Lord of the Earth Sanskrit, Hindi इरेश MW HD
Irikā name of a Tree Sanskrit MW
Irin Irin Powerful Tyrant Sanskrit इरिन् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Irina little River through a desert Sanskrit इरिण MW
Irya Irya Active, Powerful, Energetic Sanskrit इर्य MW
Isa Isa Divine; Lord, Indian name for Jesus Hindi OD HD 1 Upanishads, Hindi spelling of Isha
Isan name of a Chinese Zen Master Japanese OB Onl
Ish Ish to Seek, to Search Sanskrit इष् MW
Isha Isha Seeking Sanskrit इष MW
Isha Isha Master, powerful Sanskrit इष MW
Isha Goddess Durga Sanskrit, Hindi OD Onl
Ishān Ishāna God / Goddess Hindi Onl
Ishatva Ishatva Supremacy Sanskrit MW
Ishavya Ishavya Skilled in Archery Sanskrit इषव्य MW
Ishaya Ishaya to be Fresh, Active or Powerful Sanskrit इषय MW
Ishidh Offering Sanskrit इषिध् MW
Ishira Ishira Refreshing, Fresh Sanskrit MW
Ishiram Ishiram Quickly Sanskrit इषिरम् SD
Ishita Ishita Moved, Quick Sanskrit इषित MW
Ishma Ishma Spring, name of Kama the god of Love Sanskrit इष्म MW
Ishq Love with total intensity, unconditional love Urdu, Arabic OB Onl Sufi
Ishqe Haqīqi Ishqe Haqīqi Love of God, the real love Urdu, Arabic Onl Sufi
Ishqe Majāzi Ishqe Majāzi Love for God's creation, metaporical love Urdu, Arabic Onl Sufi
Ishta Sought, Beloved, Respected Sanskrit इष्ट MW
Ishtas Lover Sanskrit MW
Ishtatā the state of being Beloved Sanskrit इष्टता MW
Ishtatam Ishtatama most Beloved Sanskrit इष्टतम MW
Ishtatara Ishtatara more Dearest, more desired Sanskrit इष्टतर MW
Ishti Seeking Sanskrit इष्टि MW
Ishtu Desire, Wish Sanskrit इष्टु MW
Ishu Ishu Ray of Light, Arrow Sanskrit इषु MW
Ishudhara Archer Sanskrit इषुधर MW
Ishukā Arrow Sanskrit इषुका MW
Ishupāta an Arrow's flight Sanskrit इषुपात MW
Ishūya Ishūya to Strive for Sanskrit इषूय MW
Ishva Desire Sanskrit इष्व MW
Ishvāsa Ishvāsa Archer, Warrior Sanskrit इष्वास MW
Iskan Abode, a settlement Turkish S Onl 1
Iskaan Seeker ? S x 1 Unconfimred
Islam Surrender, Peace, purity Islamic OD Onl 1
Itah Itah Now Sanskrit इतः SD
Itah Param Itah Param From Now Sanskrit इतः परम् SD
Itas Itas from Here on, from Now on Sanskrit इतस् MW
Itihās History Sanskrit इतिहास OD MW 1 Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Itvan Going Sanskrit इत्वन् MW
Itvara Itvarī Traveller Sanskrit इत्वर MW
Ityā Going Sanskrit इत्या MW
Iyaksh Iyaksh to Seek, to Long for Sanskrit इयक्ष् MW
Iyakshu Iyakshu Longing for Sanskrit इयक्षु MW
Iyam This, Here, Now Sanskrit इयं MW
Names beginning with Ī (Ee) ई
Īda Praise Sanskrit ईडा MW
Īdriktā Quality Sanskrit ईदृक्ष MW
Īdriksha Īdriksha having such Qualities, Such Sanskrit ईदृश MW
Īdrish Īdrish having such Qualities, Such Sanskrit ईदृश् MW
Īdrisha Īdrisha having such Qualities, Such Sanskrit ईदृश MW
Īhā Activity, Effort Sanskrit ईहा MW
Īhāmriga Wolf Sanskrit ईहामृग MW
Īhātas Īhātas Energetically, with Effort Sanskrit ईहतस् MW
Īhāvrika Wolf Sanskrit ईहावृक MW
Īhita Īhita Sought for Sanskrit ईहित MW
Īhitam Īhitam Desire, Effort Sanskrit MW
Īksha Īkshā the Search; Looking, Seeing Sanskrit ईक्ष / ईक्षा OD MW 2
Īkshaka Īkshaka Observer Sanskrit ईक्षक MW
Īkshan Īkshana Look, the Eye Sanskrit ईक्षण MW
Īkshī Sight, Seeing Sanskrit MW
Īkshitri Īkshitri Seeing Sanskrit ईक्षितृ MW
Īkshenya Īkshenya Curious, wanting to See Sanskrit ईक्षेण्य SD
Īkshnīya Īkshnīya to be Seen or Perceived Sanskrit MW
Īnkhaya Īnkhaya Moving, causing to Flow Sanskrit ईङ्खय MW
Īpsā Desire to obtain Sanskrit ईप्सा MW
Īpsita Īpsita Desire Sanskrit ईप्सित MW
Īpsitatama Īpsitatama most Desired Sanskrit ईप्सिततम MW
Īraja Īraja ‘Wind-Born’ Sanskrit ईरज MW
Īranas the Wind Sanskrit MW
Īrma Here Sanskrit ईर्म MW
Īrshu Īrshu Jealousy Sanskrit ईर्षु MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Īrtsā the Wish to Increase Sanskrit ईर्त्सा MW
Īrya to be Excited Sanskrit ईर्य MW
Īsh Lord; Master, the Supreme Spirit Sanskrit ईश् OD MW 1 Mispelled in Osho books as Isa
Īsha Īsha Master, Lord, Goddess Sanskrit ईशा OD MW 2 Mispelled in Osho books as Isha
Īshan Sun, Shiva, Vishnu, Master, Wealthy Sanskrit MW
Īshana Īshana Commanding, Reigning Sanskrit ईशन MW
Īshana Īshana Light, Splendour Sanskrit ईशान MW
Īshanas the Sun as a form of Shiva Sanskrit MW
Īshashakti Female Power Energy, Goddess Shakti Sanskrit ईशाशक्ति MW
Īshatva Īshatva Supremacy, superiority Sanskrit ईशत्व SD
Īshavāsya Īshavāsya to be pervaded by the Supreme Spirit Sanskrit ईशावास्य MW
Īshīkā Arrow Sanskrit ईषीका MW
Īshira Fire Sanskrit ईषिर MW
Īshitā Supremacy, almightiness, greatness Sanskrit ईशिता S MW 1
Īshitra Īshitrā Master, King/Queen Sanskrit MW
Īshitri Īshitri Master, King/Queen Sanskrit ईशितृ MW
Īshitva Īshitva Supremacy Sanskrit ईशित्व MW
Īshma Spring, God of Love Kamadeva Sanskrit ईष्म SD
Īshva Spiritual Teacher Sanskrit ईष्व MW
Īshvas Spiritual Teacher Sanskrit MW
Īshvara God, the Luxurious, Master, Lord, King Sanskrit ईश्वर OD MW 1
Īshvarā Goddess, Lakshmi or Shakti or Durga Sanskrit ईश्वर MW
Īshvaras Supreme Spirit, Shiva, the God of Love Sanskrit MW
Īshvarī Goddess, Lakshmi or Shakti, Master, Queen, Goddess Sanskrit ईश्वरी MW
Īshwara Īshwari God, the most Luxurious one Hindu ईश्वर OD HD 1
Īvat Īvat so Magnificent Sanskrit ईवत् MW
Names beginning with J ज / Ji जि / Jha झ
Ja- Jā- Born Sanskrit ज / जा MW
-ja -jā Born Sanskrit ..ज / ...जा MW
Jaanam Beloved Hindi S HD
Jabbar Jabbara God, the Powerful, the Irresistible Sufi الجبار 99N Sufi
Jagadambā Mother of the World, Goddess Durga Sanskrit, Hindi जगदम्बा MW HD
Jagadānanda Jagadānandā Rejoicing the World Sanskrit जगदानन्द MW
Jagadanda Jagadanda the Universe, egg of the world Sanskrit जगदण्ड MW
Jagadāyu Jagadāyu Wind, ‘Life-spring of the World’ Sanskrit जगदायु MW
Jagadbala Wind, ‘World-strength’ Sanskrit जगद्बल MW
Jagaddeepa the Sun, Illuminator of the World Sanskrit जगद्दीप SD
Jagadeep Light of the World Sanskrit, Hindi MW HD
Jagadeesh Lord of the World, God - Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva Sanskrit, Hindi जगदीश OD MW, HD 1 Misspelled as Jagdeesh
Jagadeva God of the World Sanskrit, Hindi MW HD
Jagadguru Master of the World, Brahma Sanskrit जगद्गुरु SD
Jagajeet Conqueror of the World Hindi HD
Jagajjeeva a Living being of this World Sanskrit जगज्जीव MW
Jagajeevan Worldly Life Hindi HD
Jagamata Mother of the World, Goddess Durga Hindi HD
Jagannāth Lord of the World Sanskrit, Hindi जगन्नाथ OB HD, MW
Jagannāthā Mother of the World, Goddess Durga Sanskrit जगन्नाथा SD
Jaganti Jaganti to Participate in Sanskrit जगन्ति SD
Jaganu Jaganu Living being Sanskrit जगनु MW
Jāgara Jāgara Awake, Waking Sanskrit जागर MW
Jāgarana Jāgarana Awake, Waking Sanskrit जागरण MW
Jāgarati Jāgarati to be Awake or Watchful Sanskrit जागरति MW
Jāgarin Jāgarin Waking, Wakeful Sanskrit MW
Jāgarit Jāgarita Waking Sanskrit MW
Jāgaritri Jāgaritri Waking, Wakeful Sanskrit जागरितृ MW
Jāgarti Jāgarti to be Awake or Watchful Sanskrit जागर्ति MW
Jāgarūka Jāgarūkā Waking, Wakeful Sanskrit जागरूक MW
Jagat Jagata the World, Moving and Alive, humankind Sanskrit S MW 2
Jāgata Deity, a musical metre Sanskrit जागत SD
Jagatguru the World Teacher Sanskrit OB MW
Jagatichal Jagatichala Earth-walker Sanskrit MW
Jagatīchara Man, Earth-walker Sanskrit जगतीचर SD
Jagatpal Caretaker of the World, God Hindi HD
Jagatpati Lord of the World Sanskrit जगत्पति MW
Jagatprabhu Lord of the World, Shiva, Brahma or Vishnu Sanskrit, Hindi जगत्प्रभु SD HD
Jagmi Jagmi Going Sanskrit जग्मि MW
Jāgraddashā State of Wakefulness Sanskrit MW
Jagna Jagna Awakening Sanskrit MW
Jāgran Jāgran Awakening, a vigil Hindi जागरण OD HD 1
Jāgrat Jāgrat Waking, Wakeful, Waking state of the soul Sanskrit जाग्रत् OB MW
Jagrati Jagrati to be Awake or Watchful Sanskrit जाग्रति MW
Jāgri Jāgri to be Awake or Watchful Sanskrit जागृ MW
Jagrivi Jagrivi Watchful Sanskrit जागृवि MW
Jāgruti Awakening, the state of being awake, Awareness Hindi OD Onl 2
Jaguri Jaguri Leading Sanskrit जगुरि MW
Jahan World Hindi HD
Jahangīr Emperor Sanskrit जहाङ्गीर MW
Jāhasti Jāhasti Laughing continuously Sanskrit जाहस्ति MW
Jahita Jahita Rejected Sanskrit जहित MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Jahman Jahman Water Sanskrit जह्मन् MW
Jahnavi River Ganga Hindi जाह्नवी HD
Jahnu Jahnu Cave from which River Gangotri springs, a water source Sanskrit जह्नु MW
Jai Victory Hindi जै OB HD
Jaidev God of Victory Hindi HD
Jaina Jainī follower of the religion of the Self-Conquerors Sanskrit जैन OB SD
Jaiprakash Light of Victory Hindi HD
Jaitra Jaitrī Victorious Sanskrit जैत्र MW
Jaitriya Jaitriya Victory Sanskrit जैत्रिय MW
Jaja Warrior Sanskrit जज MW
Jajaujas Jajaujas Warrior’s Strength Sanskrit जजौजस् MW
Jajja Jajja Quick Sanskrit जज्ज MW
Jajni Jajni Germinating, Seed Sanskrit जज्ञि MW
Jajnī Queen Sanskrit जाज्ञी SD
Jakkarī kind of a Dance Sanskrit जक्करी MW
Jakshat Jakshat Laughing Sanskrit MW
Jal- Jal- Water, esp. Fresh Water Sanskrit जल MW
Jala Jala Water, esp. Fresh Water Sanskrit जल MW
Jāla Jāla Net, Web, lattice Window, Lion’s mane Sanskrit जाल MW
Jāla Jāla Watery Sanskrit जाल MW
Jalada Jaladā Cloud, Ocean Sanskrit जलद MW 2
Jaladarsha Jaladarshā Water reflecting like a Mirror Sanskrit जालादर्श MW
Jaladhara Jaladharā Ocean, Cloud, ‘Water-holder,’ Sanskrit जलधर MW 1
Jaladhi Jaladhī Ocean, Lake ‘Water-receptacle’ Sanskrit जलधि MW
Jaladhipa Lord of Water, the God Varuna Sanskrit जलाधिप MW
Jalahvaya Jalahvaya Lotus, ‘Water-named’ Sanskrit जलाह्वय MW
Jalajā Lotus, ‘Water Born’ Sanskrit जलज MW
Jalajinī Lotus-group Sanskrit जलजिनी MW
Jālaka Jālaka Net, Multitude Sanskrit जालक MW
Jalakānta Jalakāntī Wind, ‘Water-lover’ Sanskrit जलकान्त MW
Jalakara Jalakarā Water-Source, a Spring Sanskrit जलाकर MW
Jalakeli Jalakeli Water-Play Sanskrit जलकेलि MW
Jalakūpī a Spring, a Well Sanskrit जलकूपि MW
Jalakrida Jalakrida Water-Play Sanskrit MW
Jalal Jalala Jalalo God, the Majestic one; Splendour, Glory Arabic, Persian جلال OD Onl 1 99 Names of Allah: Dhu-al-Jalal wa-al-Ikram
Jalalatā Wave Sanskrit जललता MW
Jālamārga Jālamārgā the Way through the Window Sanskrit जालमार्ग MW
Jalamaya Jalamayī Consisting of Water Sanskrit जलमय MW
Jalambala Jalambala a Stream Sanskrit जलम्बल MW
Jalambikā a Well Sanskrit जलाम्बिका MW
Jalamitra the Moon, 'the Friend of Water' Sanskrit जलमित्र MW
Jalamoda Jalamoda ‘Water-enjoyer’ Sanskrit जलमोद MW
Jalamūrti Shiva in the form of Water Sanskrit जलमूर्ति MW
Jalanidhi Jalanidhi Ocean ‘Water-treasure’ Sanskrit जलनिधि MW
Jalānjalī hands holding Water in Offering Sanskrit जलाञ्जलि MW
Jalāntam Jalāntam to Dig until reaching Water Sanskrit जलान्तम् MW
Jalapati Lord of Water, the God Varuna Sanskrit जलपति MW
Jalaranda Jalaranda Whirlpool Sanskrit जलरण्ड MW
Jalarāshi Jalarāshi Running Water, Lake, Ocean Sanskrit जलराशि MW
Jalarthin Jalarthin Thirsty Sanskrit जलार्थिन् MW
Jalaruh Jalaruha Lotus, ‘Water-growing’ Sanskrit जलरुह MW
Jalāsha Jalāsha Healing, water, happiness Sanskrit जलाष MW
Jalashaya Jalashaya Lake, Ocean Sanskrit जलाशय MW
Jalasthana Jalasthana Lake Sanskrit जलस्थान MW
Jalatā the state of being Water Sanskrit जलता MW
Jalāvarta Jalāvarta Whirlpool Sanskrit जलावर्त MW
Jalavat Jalavata Abounding in Water Sanskrit जलवत् MW
Jalayān Jalayāna Ship, Boat Sanskrit जलयान MW
Jalbala Lotus Flower Hindi HD
Jaldev God of Water, Varun Hindi HD
Jaldhar Cloud, Water-holder Hindi HD
Jalebha Lord of Water, the God Varuna Sanskrit MW
Jalejāta Jalejāta Lotus, ‘Water-Born’ Sanskrit जलेजात MW
Jaleel Jaleela Jaleelo God, the Majestic Sufi الجليل 99N 1 Sufi
Jaleela Water-Play Sanskrit SP 1
Jalendra Ocean, Lord of Water, the God Varuna Sanskrit जलेन्द्र MW
Jalendu Moon Reflected in the Water Hindi HD
Jalpa Jalpa Talk, Speech, Discourse Sanskrit जल्प MW
Jalpan Jalpana Talking Sanskrit जल्पन MW
Jalesh Jalesha Ocean, Lord of Water, the God Varuna, the Goddess Varuni Sanskrit जलेश MW
Jaleshvara Ocean, Lord of Water, the God Varuna Sanskrit जलेश्वर MW
Jalpin Jalpin Speaking Sanskrit जल्पिन् MW
Jalpita Jalpita Spoken Sanskrit जल्पित MW
Jambeera Jambeera Lemon Tree Sanskrit जम्बिर MW
Jambū the rose apple Tree Sanskrit जम्बू MW
Jāmbhūnada Jāmbhūnadī Gold coming from a River Sanskrit जाम्बूनद MW
Jāmi Jāmi Brother or Sister Sanskrit जामि MW
Jāmi' Jami'e God, the Gatherer, the Unifier, the one who bridges all Sufi الجامع OD 99N 1 Sufi
Jamil Jamila God is Beautiful Arabic جمیلہ OD Onl 1 Sufi
Jan to Create, to Generate, to Produce Sanskrit जन् MW
Jana Janī Generating, Living being, person Sanskrit जन MW
Jāna Jāna Birth, Origin, birth-place Sanskrit जान MW
Janadeva King, 'Man-god' Sanskrit जनदेव MW
Janadhipa King, 'Man-god' Sanskrit जनाधिप MW
Janaka Janaka Generating Sanskrit जनक MW
Janakatā Generativeness Sanskrit जनकता MW
Janakatva Generativeness Sanskrit जनकत्व MW
Janamitra Friend of the People Sanskrit MW
Janan Jananī Generating, Producing, Creator, Birth, Life Sanskrit MW
Jananātha King, 'Man-god' Sanskrit जननाथ MW
Janapada Empire Sanskrit जनपद MW
Janapati King, 'Man-god' Sanskrit MW
Janarāj Janarājni King, 'Man-god' / Queen "Woman-goddess" Sanskrit MW
Janashrī Beautiful Woman Sanskrit जनश्री MW
Janatā Mankind, Community Sanskrit जनता MW
Janati Janati to Create, to Generate, to produce Sanskrit MW
Janatiga Janatiga Superhuman, Superior Sanskrit जनातिग MW
Janav Protecting men Sanskrit जनाव् MW
Janayati Generation Sanskrit जनयति MW
Janeen Janeena Janeeno Kind to People Sanskrit जनीन MW
Janendra King, 'Man-god' Sanskrit MW
Janesha King, 'Man-god' Sanskrit, Hindi MW SD
Janeshta Jasmine, ‘Desired by Man’ Sanskrit जनेष्टा MW
Janeshvara Janeshvarī King, 'Man-god' / Queen "Woman-goddess" Sanskrit MW
Jāngala Jāngala Jungle, Wild Sanskrit जाङ्गल MW
Jangama Jangamā Moving, Living Sanskrit जङ्गम MW
Janghila Janghila Quick, Running swiftly Sanskrit जङ्घिल MW
Jani Woman, Birth, Life, Mother, Birthplace Sanskrit जनि MW
Janik Janika Generating, Producing Sanskrit जनिक MW
Janikā a Mother 'one who gives birth to' Sanskrit जनिका MW
Janiman Janiman Birth, Generation, Origin Sanskrit जनिमन् MW
Janin Janina Kind to people Sanskrit जनीन MW
Janani a Mother, Birth Sanskrit जननी MW
Janita Janita Born Sanskrit जनित MW
Janitra Janitra Birthplace, Home, Origin Sanskrit जनित्र MW
Janitri Father Sanskrit MW
Janitrī Mother Sanskrit जनित्री MW
Janitva Father Sanskrit जनित्व MW
Janitvā Mother Sanskrit जनित्वा MW
Janjati Janjati Glittering Sanskrit जञ्जति MW
Janma Janma Birth Sanskrit जन्म MW
Janmabha Janmabha the Star under which one is born Sanskrit जन्मभ SD
Janmabhū Native Country Sanskrit MW
Janmada Father Sanskrit जन्मद MW
Janman Janman Birth, Origin, Life Sanskrit जन्मन् MW
Janmavat Janmavat Born, Living Sanskrit जन्मवत् MW
Janmin Man Sanskrit जन्मिन् MW
Jantu Man, Person, Living being Sanskrit जन्तु MW
Janu the Soul Sanskrit जनु MW
Janus Birth, Production, Creation Sanskrit जनुस् MW
Janushā Janushā from Birth, Originally, Essentially Sanskrit जनुषा MW
Janya Janya Born, the Body Sanskrit MW
Janya Janya People, Community, Nation Sanskrit MW
Japa Japa Praying Sanskrit जप MW
Japā China Rose, Hibiscus Sanskrit जपा MW
Japana Japana Praying Sanskrit जपन MW
Japapida Japapida Garland of China Roses Sanskrit जपापीड MW
Japati Japati to Pray quietly Sanskrit जपति MW
Japendu Lord Shiva Hindi HD
Japesh Lord Shiva Hindi HD
Japin Japin Praying Sanskrit जपिन् MW
Jāra Jāra Lover Sanskrit जार MW
Jarā Invocation Sanskrit जरा MW
Jarat Jaratī Ancient Sanskrit जरति MW
Jāratā Love affair Sanskrit जारता MW
Jaratha Full-Grown Sanskrit जरठ MW
Jārathā Love affair Sanskrit जारता SD
Jāraya Jāraya to Cherish Sanskrit जारय MW
Jarayuja Lightning, 'sprung from the womb of a cloud' Sanskrit MW
Jārya Jārya Intimacy Sanskrit MW
Jārini Enamoured, to be in Love Sanskrit जारिणी MW
Jaritri Jaritri one who makes Invocations Sanskrit जरितृ MW
Jaspal name of Lord Krishna Hindi HD
Jasraj King of Fame Hindi HD
Jasvan Jasvan Needy, Hungry Sanskrit जस्वन् MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Jāta Jāta Born Sanskrit जात MW
Jātabhī Fearful Sanskrit जातभी MW Add "Veet" or "Mukta"
Jātabuddhi Jātabuddhi become Wise Sanskrit जातबुद्धि MW
Jatācheera Shiva, ‘Matted hair’ Sanskrit MW
Jātaka New Born Child, Nativity, story of Buddha’s Past Births Sanskrit जातक MW
Jātakāma Jātakāma Fallen in Love Sanskrit जातकाम MW
Jātamātra Jātamātrā Just Born Sanskrit जातमात्र MW
Jātapūrva Jātapūrva Born before Sanskrit जातपूर्व MW
Jātarāga Jātarāga Enamoured, to be in Love Sanskrit जातराग MW
Jātarūp Jātarūpa Beaut