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(Anando Sweeting)


Thirty years experience playing and recording with a truly international circle of friends in Australia, Europe, UK, USA, India, Taiwan and Mexico. He plays guitar, bass and dilruba (Indian violincello) and is the founder, producer and 'fire spirit' of numerous bands, including Los Bobos Cosmicos (one world dance), Saffron Moon (east-west fusion), The Capitali$ts (soundscapes for video), Viva La Bimba! and The Clean Living Guys.

The spirit rock band The Atmospheres

Folk Rock with World dance grooves and a juicy spiritual edge. Sensuous vocals, soulfull poetry , acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums, ethereal keyboards, and Afro-Latin percussive joy.

The Atmospheres live in the subtropical melting-pot of Byron Shire, a multi-cultural wonderland on the east coast of Australia, world-famous for its fabulous surfing beaches, rainforest retreats, laidback Aussie lifestyle and peace-loving inhabitants. It is also an amazing hotbed of creativity. Everyone you meet is a musician, or a painter, dancer, film-maker, healer, globetrotting personality, guru, or all of the above, often simultaneously. The Atmospheres fit this stereotype perfectly, and their songs reflect their surroundings.

Singer/songwriters Alok Atmo (acoustic guitar, tanpuri) and Anando Bharti (bass, dilruba) are accompanied live by master drummer Peter Leighton and electric guitarist extaordinaire John Sweeting. Every summer they tour Europe, playing at festivals and peace events, where they are joined by German drummer Veetam Dust, Guernsey keyboard wiz Veet Pramad, and Indian percussion maestro Ojas. A juicy, sensitive and joyous celebration music with


Contact Details

46 Narooma Drive
Ocean Shores NSW 2483
Narooma Studio
46 Narooma Drive
Ocean Shores NSW 2483
Phone: +61 (0)2 6680-4803
Anando Bharti
Saffron Moon : Saffron Moon
1994 : Dancing on the Edge : Los Bobos Cosmicos
1997 : Sacred Ground : Los Bobos Cosmicos
1997 : Namaste : with Abodha
1998 : Endless Skies
2000 : I Love Money and Money Love$ Me : Los Bobos Cosmicos
2001 : Love is Wild : The Atmospheres
2007 : Peace is Here : The Atmospheres
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