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Sw Gyan Abodha
Sw Anando Bharti
and friends
"Song Namaste is co-written by Abodha's girlfriend at the time, whose name I don't recall" (Bharti)
Artists (according to the credits on the tape-cassette jacket and memory of Bharti)
Sw Gyan Abodha: lead vocals
Sw Anando Bharti: harmony vocals, kzoo, dilruba (bass?) - (also production)
Sw Vidroha Jamie: acoustic, electric guitar
Sw Prem Prasad: mohani veena, slide guitar (Is this Prasad Mackenzie?)
Sw Prem Prabodh: bass guitar
I can't remember who played drums - maybe Sw Dhyan Vatayan?
Sw Preetam Linden: drums
Ma Prem Jaldhara: keyboards
Ma Satyam: harmony vocals, concertina
Sw Devaprem: harmony vocals
Sw Dhyan Trevor: harmonica
Sw Veet Shastro: clarinet
Sw Homen: congas, bongos, percussion
Sw Samarpan Prem: bassoon
Prem Avinash: violin
Flute? maybe Ma Vimal Nandin?
Shantam: flute
Veet Saman: keyboards (Dancing)
Sw Anand Satgyan: bass (Dancing)
Sw Chetan Yash: engineering, mixing
Sw Ojas? : congas, percussion
Sw Prem Praful? : saxophone (Probably this is Sw Praful)
Sw Veetmayo? : congas, percusson

1996 - 1997


Tape side A
01 Waiting for the Master 6:35
02 Dancing 3:49
03 Disappearing 5:05
04 Living in Love 5:22
05 Lucky 4:56
Tape side B
06 Feels So Right 3:53
07 Wilderness 5:45
08 Thanks 5:32
09 Ooh ooh Osho 5:03
10 Namaste 6:23



TV00,332 Namaste cover.jpg
Label (Distributor) :
OMA Catalog No : TV00,332
Format : Audio CD
Artwork :


Namaste ; Cover front.jpg
Namaste ; Cover back.jpg
Namaste ; Tape side A.jpg Namaste ; Tape side B.jpg
Label (Distributor) : 1998 Osho International Foundation / Sadhana Foundation
OMA Catalog No :
Format : Audio Tape cassette
Artwork :