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(Vishnu Ratna)


By profession I am an Electronics Engineer working in India for management certifications.

I became interested in Osho and became a sannyasin in 1979.

My interest has been in understanding matter/ energy/ time/ space and consciousness. Osho helped me to understand the meaning of life.

Joy and grief are two forms of energy that affect human psyche. We are pulled into negativity and enter darkness.

Sadness, Grief, Anger, Sex, Lust, Jealousy and similar instincts surround us to lose our consciousness and we become unconscious and miserable.

Misery, Anxiety, Depression cannot be solved through analysis.

But the negativity can be transformed through meditation into a creative energy.

Meditation allows our energy to settle in a calm and relaxed state.

Human psyche has been studied both in the west and in the east. Western psychology is analytical. Western psychology is a study of the mind by the mind. Mind is considered an object of study.

Western psychology has failed to solve human problems of misery and despair through analytical methods.

Eastern mystics founded meditative techniques for transcendence of the mind.

Through transcendence of mind misery is dissolved. Meditation is an art to transcend mind into a state of "no-mind". It is only in a tranquil and a quite state when there is no thought that we reach to our center.

That center is called God or existence or Soul or Atman or Anatta.

One is transformed and transported into a totally different space where there is no misery, no darkness.

Osho's contribution to the world of mysticism is unparalleled. He has brought back to life all the previous mystics and saints and made it understandable in today's language. He is a Master Par Excellance.

My most favorite OSHO books are: BOOK OF SECRETS (Vigyan Bhairav Tantra) and Yoga - The Alpha and the Omega (Patanjali)

Osho Satpriti Meditation Centre provides guidance in meditation.

The center provides help to persons who are in turmoil and torn apart.

In modern times man needs more help than ever in the past to overcome issues that sap energy and make life miserable.

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