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It is strange copy-paste error found in ch.6 and 7: end of ch.6 (last 2,5 paragraphs) are repeated in beginning of ch.7 (after first 3,5 paragraphs). Then there is a difference: two lines near the end of the piece are ommitted in ch.6 and present in ch.7.

Before this piece in ch.6, Osho was talking to Gogo, about his name ("In fact this is the best German name I have come across! It has some poetry in it, some music in it, some laughter in it"), about seriousness of German names and "in every name there is something concerned with war, battle". Then he says: "It is good -- be a go-go boy!..."

This makes sense, as i see, in relation to this piece (see below).

"Now you have to make it a point
To be constantly blissful.
That is the meaning of anand.
Life should be a dance, a song, a celebration.
And come back -- this is your home!"

I didn't find a relation in the first 3.5 paragraphs of ch.7 with the piece.--DhyanAntar 07:49, 5 January 2024 (UTC)

1. You have found a new anomaly in the CD-ROM, it should be noted in the wiki. It is in fact even a new KIND of anomaly.

2. This appears to be a copy-paste error, but more than that: it is in fact at least two such errors.

3. The first is the obvious large block of text which appears in both chapters. the second is the two lines which are omitted in ch 6 near the end of the common text. The latter's omission makes what Osho is saying less meaningful.

4. The structure of this book makes it difficult to pinpoint stuff which doesn't belong: Does it belong with person A or a new person B? The structure here being the single poem format whereby Osho leaps from here to there without any indication of who gets what words.

5. POEMS appears to be another partially edited unpublished book like the previous two, Fingers and WITHME. It suffers from not the same structural concept but all three have had "creative" concepts imposed which have rendered them unpublishable. This would have been early in the Ranch era. Sheela did not like DDs -- they didn't sell well -- so there might even have been an intention to kill them via these idiotic concepts.

I looked for other instances of the large block of common text but there are none. Osho does not repeat himself in this way, though he certainly recycles ideas in different ways, but his language, like a signature, always is new and different. It looks to me like it belongs more naturally in ch 6 with Gogo, but that makes less sense because of the missing line near the end.

So in the end, i don't know!--Sarlo 5 January 2024

The text from ch.15 which starts with "The definition of a sannyasin" and ends with "Bliss starts showering like thousands of flowers." is repeated in the end of ch.17 with insignificant changes... It is unclear to what event it belongs.

It is a pity to discover that such errors appear. See also similar errors of copying in Talk:I Am Not As Thunk As You Drink I Am, Talk:Even Bein' Gawd Ain't a Bed of Roses, Talk:The Miracle (darshans), Talk:Fingers Pointing to the Moon, Talk:The Old Pond ... Plop, Talk:Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones.--updated.--DhyanAntar 07:35, 13 January 2024 (UTC)