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Current Understanding

For Current Understanding of this series and check of audios, see Talk:Na Kano Suna Na Aankhon Dekha (न कानों सुना न आंखों देखा).


About transliteration: the title is rendered in Devanagari as above on the Diamond book cover but G**gle translate suggests होये for hoye rather than होय. G**gle's version looks more correct to my not-very-well-trained eye, and the existing one seems like it should be hoya or hoy. Could the transliteration hoye be wrong? Always a possibility, but it is given as hoye pretty well everywhere, and associated with होय. It's a longshot, but perhaps those who have adopted this usage have wanted to avoid being associated with the old joke, "Don't step in the hoya."

About the merger, all of Osho's Hindi books on Kabir have undergone mergers, in which one book's title becomes the title of the combination and the other nearly disappears. As there are an odd number of Kabir books, not all could be paired with another, one had to go with a different book. And that lot fell to Honi, which got married to Akath. A good choice, really, if merging had to happen. See Akath's discussion page for more on that.

About the "convoluted" splitting off of five chapters as Honi Hoye So Hoye (Kabir-Vani) (होनी होय सो होय (कबीर-वाणी)) and the various titles and subtitles on the covers, it is almost unbelievable. On the cover of this book, the smaller-print subtitle reads, "कबीर-वाणी पर प्रवचन," ie Kabir-Vani Par Pravachan, or discourses on Kabir-Vani. All well and good, just like a subtitle should be, but on the cover of HHSH (Kabir Vani), there are no other words besides होनी होय सो होय, not a Kabir-Vani to be found anywhere. And this all supplied by Diamond, the publisher of both. Mamma mia! What's a poor bibliographer to do? -- Sarlo (talk) 17:25, 8 May 2014 (PDT)

Take what to give !

That Diamond edition with 5 chapters moved to this page to which it belongs.--DhyanAntar 14:20, 12 November 2020 (UTC)