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The main item here is the merger of Diwana with Mera Mujhmein Kuchh Nahin (मेरा मुझमें कुछ नहीं). Other publishing details follow.

Discourses for Diwana were given as a series of ten talks from May 11-20, 1975, and Mujhmein likewise from Jun 1-10, 1975. But Indian audio sites almost all offer Diwana as a twenty-discourse series, without further detail. Tao Vision is the exception, indicating two ten-discourse series, one called Kahe Kabir Diwana (Kahe Kabir Diwana), the other Kahe Kabir Diwana (Mera Mujhmein Kuchh Nahin). The other supporting evidence for this merger on the net is Diamond Books' blurb for their edition of Mujhmein. See Mujhmein's discussion page for details.

About the editions, the Rebel edition is attributed by some sites to Osho Media International. It is not known, if it matters, whether the slightly different covers correlate to the slightly different publishers or whether there is officially even more than one edition.

A transliteration note: Many sites use "Kahe" for the first word rather than "Kahai." The latter has been chosen here mostly just because it is correct. Unlike the case of Kahai Kabir Main Pura Paya (कहै कबीर मैं पूरा पाया) (the other Kahai Kabir), search engines do not necessarily find Kahe when you're looking for Kahai, nor vice versa, so both have to be tried to find the full complement of relevant sites. (And the Devanagari and the ISBN while you're at it.) -- Sarlo (talk) 23:42, 13 May 2014 (PDT)

Kahai Kabir Diwana TOC.jpg
प्रवचन (TOC):
1: मैं ही इक बौराना
2: भगति भजन हरिनाम
3: पाइबो रे पाइबो ब्रह्मज्ञान
4: मन रे जागत रहिये भाई
5: गगन मंडल घर कीजै
6: जोगी जग थैं न्‍यारा
7: बूझै बिरला कोई
8: प्रीति लागी तुम नाम की
9: अंधे हरि बिना को तेरा
10: एक ज्‍योति संसारा
11: करो सत्‍संग गुरुदेव से
12: गुरु मृत्‍यु है
13: पिया मिलन की आस
14: गुरु-शिष्‍य दो किनारे
15: आई ज्ञान की आंधी
16: सुरति का दीया
17: उनमनि चढा गगन-रस पीवै
18: गंगा एक घाट अनेक
19: सुरति करौ मेरे सांइयां
20: सत्‍संग का संगी‍त

So, we have two editions: 10 chapters and 20 chapters.

I am curious what publisher and year of TOC above. The Rebel? And how many chapters have first edition of Rajeesh Foundation.--DhyanAntar 09:56, 16 November 2018 (UTC)