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Some fragments from previous letters (translated by google):

Letter written on 22 Nov 1960: "I am healthy and happy. I will try to come on some holiday. Will have to come now. The invitation of the affection in which it is tied is never rejected."

Letter written on 25 Nov 1960: "I am reaching near you on the evening or night of 5 December. Before this, for 1 week, Sant Taran will be busy in the celebration of Taran Jayanti celebrations - otherwise he could have reached earlier. I will inform the train later. Remain auspicious. Lots of affection for Sharda sister. Tell everyone my greetings Along with this, I am also sending a summary of a lecture on Sant Taran Taran."

Letter written on 29 Nov 1960: "I am not going to write much in this paper because I am coming by myself. Two days even sooner. First I was to reach Chanda on 5 December - from here on 3 December. On the 4th of December Ko stayed for a lecture at Wardha College. That program is currently postponed, so I decided on 3 December. I am reaching Chanda by evening of Grand Trunk Express. This train reaches there at 4.23 pm. I will leave here for Nagpur in the morning and G. at 4 o'clock there. To hold T."

The current letter: "I look forward to the December holidays. Holidays 25 December Will be close to But your call is an ongoing experience. You are calling me while sitting up. I can hear everything that is happening inside you. So, if I can get leave (in other words if leaves are approved / sanctioned) then I will try to come before December. Remain auspicious. My greetings to all My very affection to sisters."

So, Osho gave his first intention to come to Chanda to Ma in Letter on 22 Nov, then Ma asked for photo (current letter) and Osho responding her and says that she eagerly calling and waiting for him and he can come either on Dec holidays or before Dec if leaves are approved (current letter), then two letters (25 and 29 Nov) with new dates when he will come.

Is seems all detailed logically connected. I put this undated letter between 22 and 25 Nov. It is unlikely that the letter written on two these days (two letters), most likely date can be 23 or 24 Nov as i think.

Other evidence of this period is handwritten number "2" in circle on this letter: number "1" is stated on letter from 22 Nov and "3" on letter from 25 Nov.--DhyanAntar 04:25, 7 April 2020 (UTC)