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Regarding Subhuti's decision to include the important fact that he "met President Ronald Reagan in the White House" in his CV, we trust that it is offered in the spirit of one of Osho's classic jokes:

Rabinowitz, hiding with his wife from the Nazis in a secluded Berlin attic, decided to get a breath of fresh air. While out walking he came face-to-face with Adolf Hitler.
The German leader pulled out a gun and pointed to a pile of horse manure in the street. "Alright, Jew," he shouted, "eat that or I will kill you!" Trembling, Rabinowitz did as he was ordered.
Hitler began laughing so hard he dropped the weapon. Rabinowitz snatched it up and said, "Now, you eat the manure or I will shoot!" The Führer got down on his hands and knees and began eating.
While he was occupied, Rabinowitz sneaked away, ran through an alley, climbed over a fence, and dashed up the stairs to the attic. He slammed the door shut, bolted and locked it securely. "Bessie! Bessie!" he shouted to his wife. "Guess who I had lunch with today!"