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"From travelling on India's chaotic roads to drinking chai at a streetside stall, from battling mosquitoes to meditating in an ashram, the author takes you on a journey of vivid impressions that brings you the taste, sounds and smells of life in this amazing country.
Anand Subhuti is a former UK political reporter who worked in the Houses of Parliament and also lived for many years in an Indian ashram. He has been a regular visitor to India for 38 years and brings the country alive in these 50 humorously-told anecdotes."
Anand Subhuti
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The Pune Diaries

A Love Affair with India

Year of publication : 2014
Publisher : CinnamonTeal Publishing
ISBN 978-93-84129-46-0 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 200
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes : First published in India in 2014 by CinnamonTeal Publishing. Copyritht © 2014 Anand Subhuti
Size : 217 x 140 x 19 mm
  • Cover back-spine-front.

    Cover back-spine-front.

  • p.006 - 007.

    p.006 - 007.