YAA HOO The Mystic Rose ~ 21

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event type discourse & meditation
date & time 9 Apr 1988, 19:00
location Gautam the Buddha Auditorium, Pune
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 21min. Quality: good, but noise from wind and rain. An announcement, apology and live music before Q1.
Osho leading meditation from 1:08:30.
Live music after the discourse too.
online audio
video Available, duration 1h 25min. Quality: not so good.
online video
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online text find the PDF of this discourse
shorttitle YAAHOO21
Video and audio start with an announcement about the disturbance that happened yesterday. The announcement is not part of the CD-ROM-text. The transcript is shown below in the synopsis.
See also the notes at YAA HOO The Mystic Rose ~ 20.
Reader of the questions: Ma Prem Maneesha.
After discourse Osho leads Let-Go Meditation.
Before Osho comes in, there is an announcement by Ma Deva Anando :
I have an announcement to make. I'm gonna try and speak very slowly so that people that don't speak English can translate it in their heads as they go along.
Bhagwan was thinking to discontinue the discourses last night, after he was so rudely interrupted by that insane laughter. He is not against laughter as you know, he gives us so many opportunities to laugh, he encourages our laughter - at the right time. But last night the laughter was totally out of place, totally inappropriate. It interrupted him in full flight of discourse. It was a total disturbance to him and he was hurt.
I think maybe we don't totally understand but he is only living for us. There is nothing else that he is interested in. He only stays in his body to come and talk to us. And if we are not here to listen to him, and when we laugh inappropriately it is obvious that we are not listening to him, then what's the point?
He suffers incredibly in his body. We don't have any idea that in the last two years particularly, since he was arrested and incarcerated by the Americans his body is utterly deteriorated. Every joint, every joint in his body hurts him immensely most of the time. He doesn't say anything about it.
But it's like, we have no idea what difficulties he is living in, even here in his own country he is being harassed by the Indian government. He can't … nobody will let him in peace.
He's staying on just for the love he has for us. That was the message he wanted me to give you, and we insulted that love last night. We took advantage of the love he has for us last night. He wasn't angry about it, he just felt very very sad. And he was finished, he was utterly finished. Why drag himself on, why drag his body painfully, day after day, if we don’t listen to him? What’s the point? So he was thinking to discontinue discourses for ever and we spoke with him, we begged him, we wept, we plead with him for a long time last night. And finally he agreed to come out again. And he is coming, he is coming tonight.
We took all the responsibility, we took full responsibility that nothing like that would ever happen again, that it wouldn’t be a disturbance like that again. He was very reluctant to come, and he wanted you to know that he is coming reluctantly because we begged him. So if anybody does anymore of that stupid, insane, exhibitionist nonsense, that disturbs and interrupts his discourses inappropriately, we have to all take full responsibility and just jump on that person, shut their mouths, drag them out if necessary. All of us, if … we have anybody sitting next to us who doesn’t seem to be listening and understand and appreciating what he is saying, and is likely to threaten our discourse, then it’s your responsibility to do something about it. We don’t have guards here, it’s up to you.
By the way this doesn’t include Sardar-ji, he’s an exception. For Bhagwan, Sardar-ji is totally sincere, Bhagwan appreciates him, Bhagwan understands him. Even if to some other people it may seem that he is laughing out of time to everybody else, Bhagwan knows that Sardar-ji is totally sincere and loves to hear him laugh, and he is the only exception. And you have to laugh Sardar-ji, he’s been missing your laugh.
And no more excuses, like this wind. Last night the people who stood up said they were distracted by the rain and the wind and the leaves falling, that’s absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on here. If Bhagwan can sit there and he goes on speaking when a rainstorm comes, without interruption, then who are we to get disturbed about it? What’s the point in us getting upset? We’re here to listen to him, joyfully, peacefully, lovingly, silently listen to him.
By the way, just to reassure you, that the roof, the engineer who designed it said it’s been designed to withstand winds of up to 70 miles an hour. So you can feel – I’m not guaranteeing that from a legal point of view, but basically you can feel secure. The creaking that you hear is just the velcro at the top which is designed, if strong winds come, it’s designed to unzip, so the mosquito net won’t rip. So it’s nothing… if anybody, the forecast is for some more storms tonight, so if anybody thinks they are gonna be disturbed into hysterical laughter, or anything else, when the storm does blow up, then you should leave now. I’m serous about that.
Just to repeat again, he’s only living for us. There’s nothing else he’s interested in. If we act stupidly, then we loose him. If we do anything inappropriate again, we’re saying goodbye to him.
We’ve had lots of letters all day from people apologizing. And Bhagwan knows that everybody is very sorry about it. So, to give everybody an opportunity to make a personal apology, tonight when I finish speaking we’re gonna have ten minutes of celebrated apology (Anando laughs), this is a new kind of apology, invented by Bhagwan. He wants everybody to sing and wave your arms, to totally celebrate your apology, put your total energy into it. And he said our celebration will tell him that we’re really sorry, and this will never happen again. And he said there may be tears in your celebration, but those tears are only your apology. The idea is just to get the point, to understand it, to make sure it doesn’t happen again and to say we’re sorry. And not to beat ourselves up about it.
He said this is a great teaching of what is meant by a zen-master’s stick. This is the first time he’s shown us the real meaning of a zen-master’s stick. He doesn’t hit hard on the head with a wooden stick, he’s not a primitive zen-master. But he will hit hard to the very heart of our being, and he did it last night.
So now if we have just one minute silence to let it sink in. And anybody who feels they can’t manage it, please leave now. And then let’s have a really, really great celebrative apology, let’s tell Bhagwan we’re sorry, with all our hearts and our voices.
(audio 9:13, video (version 1, which is incomplete) 9:07 end of Anando speaking, silence. Video on black.)
(audio 10:45 Anando starts talking again. This is missing on video.)
OK. We’re gonna celebrate now, and Bhagwan will come at exactly ten past seven and he wants it to be right in the middle of our celebration.
(audio 11:01 music starts)
(video 9:45 video picture comes back on with Osho coming in, celebration is underway)
(audio 26:11, video 11:38 music ends with YAA HOO)
(audio 26:25, video 11:51 Ma Prem Maneesha starts the first question)
Question 1 from Zareen
Beloved Osho, please accept our apology for our behavior last night. We ask for your forgiveness from the bottom of our hearts.
Beloved Osho, last evening I had my first experience of death. Your answer to the beautiful question put before you had taken me so deep within, so high, that by the time I realized what was happening -- you were gone.
Oh most precious and most beloved master -- you have told us to be here only if it is top priority. Your presence makes the Buddha hall into our temple.
You have told us how J. Krishnamurti died with the regret that he had only been an entertainment to his people. How shamefully we take you -- your love, your grace, your compassion, your being with us -- for granted.
We must hurt you again and again and again.
Osho, please forgive us?

(source of first question - CD-ROM; of the rest (announcements before q.1) - a transcript)

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