Bhagwan: One Man Against the Whole Ugly Past of Humanity

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Maneesha says of her trilogy:
"In 1985, after he returned to India from his world tour, Osho suggested that I write a book that would be, as he termed it, "the historical documentation" of his work and the movement that grew up around him. "Having at that point been with him for fourteen years, I found it impossible to squeeze all that needed to be said within the confines of one volume. So triplets emerged…an entire trilogy!
(Curiously enough, each book did take nine months to complete)

"And the last book, Bhagwan: One Man Against the Whole Ugly Past of Humanity ? It was an amazing experience to be with Osho on his world tour. Those months were so turbulent and insecure; we did not know from one day to the next if we might suddenly be deported from whatever country we were currently in, or if some new pretext might be dreamed up through which to separate Osho from us.
I was able to see with my own eyes Osho's relentless unshake-ability and sustained good humor, his profound understanding, his blatant disregard for his own personal safety, and his refusal to compromise or be cowed by political pressure. I have been inordinately blessed to have been by the side of a living buddha for the last fifteen years of his life. Hopefully something of my gratitude is transmitted through my writing."
From the back of the book:
[This] is the last book in Maneesha James' trilogy, and the first detailed account of Osho's world odyssey as told by one of the disciples accompanying him. Beginning with Osho's enforced departure from the United States, the story takes the reader to a dozen countries as his people attempt to find a home for their master.
This is a documentation of life lived intimately and intensely with a master who must certainly be regarded as the greatest iconoclast of all time. A mind-shattering saga of suspense and intrigue on an international scale, Ms. James' disturbing book culminates in the United States' government's murder of Osho – an event the author sees as not the end but the beginning of a realization of a vision, a dream for a new humanity.
Juliet Forman S.R.N., S.C.M., R.M.N.


Bhagwan: One Man Against the Whole Ugly Past of Humanity

The World Tour and Back Home to Poona

Year of publication : 1991-03
Reprint : 2002
Publisher : The Rebel Publishing House GmbH
ISBN 3-89338-103-1 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 500
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : H
Edition notes : First Edtion. © OSHO International Foundation.
Typesetting by Ma Prem Arya
Photographs by Sw Anand Rafia, Sw Sudip Bharti, Sw Samarpan Avikal, Sw Swatantra Sarjano
Design by Ma Krishna Gopa
Production by Sw Anand Surendra, Ma Dhyan Amiyo
Dedicated to One Man and His Dream - Beloved Osho
Introduction: Cliff Collins
Printing by Mohndruck, Gütersloh, West Germany