Evening Satsang with the Master Special Edition, Vol 1

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"About the Evening Satsangs, they were recorded starting in 1989 when Osho stopped giving discourses due to his failing health and began just sitting with us for 10 minutes. There was music and silences, basically in Indian raga style, all of which he was directing personally. We would watch Him and His hand movements closely as we played. He never gave any instructions about 'what means what', we just did it without instructions or any idea what was coming next. The recordings continued after He left His body, using the videos of Him which had been recorded in the last months that He was in the body. We would then watch the videos on a small monitor as we played in Buddha Hall, and we would play accordingly with His directing. This continued until at least 1993, as far as I know, maybe much later. It was actually just as intense and full of His presence in those years, as it was when He was in the body still. None of it was ever rehearsed, and we never knew what was going to happen next." (Sw Devakant)

The artists, collectively
Sw Devakant
Sw Anand Nivedano : percussion

Tracks - full length

01 Title unknown 10:04
02 Title unknown 15:22
03 Title unknown 19:25
04 Title unknown 36:31


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