I Am That ~ 14

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event type discourse
date & time 24 Oct 1980 am
location Buddha Hall, Pune
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 46min. Quality: good.
online audio
video Available, duration 1h 0min. Quality: not so good. Incomplete: missing Q1 and Q3. Present: Osho arriving, Q2 and Q4, Osho leaving.
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shorttitle ITHAT14
Reader of the questions: n/a; questions are being read by Osho himself.
Question 1 from Sw Prem Parivartan
Osho, I would like to fall in love, but I am afraid of beautiful women, and so afraid of love, and I don't know why.
Why is it so hard for me to fall in love?
Question 2 from Deva Sambuddha
Osho, in lecture yesterday you spoke about the master's work: keeping his disciples from settling for less than "freedom from the self".
In the West, much is made of the experience that "this is it," that nothing can be different than it is -- right now!
Is this a copper mine experience?
How can there be anything else?
Question 3 from Virendra
Osho, what would be the best thing to do if you were mad?
Question 4 from Sw Nityananda Giri
Osho, I have taken the vow to remain a celibate my whole life, but why do I still suffer from sexual thoughts, fantasies and dreams?


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