Letter written on 2 Aug 1966

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This is one of three letters Osho wrote to JK Datta, an advocate living in Jabalpur in the 60s. It seems it was written on 2 August of 1966, it is related with Osho's leaving Japalpur University (see translation below). In Letter written on 3 Aug 1966 xm he stated "Yesterday itself I have given information to leave (resign) from the service of the University". And per Letter written on 26 Jul 1966 he should return to Jabalpur on 2 Aug, so on this date he has got this letter and gave info to resign from the University.

The letter appears at first to be partly handwritten and partly typed, but the typed part in fact turns to be only a transcription of the manuscript, done much later. There is a fragment of a date in the original manuscript but unreadable, so the typist's estimate of August 1966, likely done in consultation with Shri Datta.

This letter is not known to have been published.

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मेरे प्रिय,
प्रेम। मैं बाहर से लौटा हूँ तो आपका निराशा से भरा पत्र मिला है।किन्तु निराश होने का तो कोई भी कारण नहीं है। संभवतः परमात्मा और भी अच्छा काम करवाना चाहता है। उसके रास्ते अत्यंत निराले हैं। और उन्हें न समझ पाने के कारण मनुष्य व्यर्थ ही दुखी होता है।

  • यदि ईश्वर है तो दुख हमारी भूल है और यदि दुख सत्य है तो ईश्वर का अस्तित्व हमारी भ्रांति है।
  • परमात्मा को धन्यवाद दें कि किताब नष्ट हुई लेकिन मैं तो हूँ। कांटा लगे तो जानना चाहिए कि फांसी भी लग सकती थी !

परिवार में सबको प्रेम।

मैं विश्वविद्दालय की सेवा छोड़ रहा हूँ ताकि वृहत्तर परमात्मा की सेवा में सलग्न होसकूँ।

रजनीश के प्रणाम

अगस्त १९६६

"My Dear,
Love. As I returned from outside, your letter is received full of disappointment. But there is no reason at all to get disappointed. Probably God is wishing to get much better job done. His ways are strange (peculiar). And not understanding them, man becomes unhappy unnecessarily.
  • If God is there then the misery is our mistake and if misery is the truth then the existence of god is our illusion.
  • Thank the God that the book was destroyed but I am there (yet). If a thorn is pricked, know that there could have been hanging too.
Love to all in the family.
I am leaving my services from the University so that I get engaged in the service of God on a vast scale.
Rajneesh Ke Pranam
August 1966"
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