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Chidvilas Rajneesh Meditation Center

Rajneesh Friends International

Chidvilas Foundation, Inc.

Please note: Although the Sannyas Wiki uses the same logo as was used by RFI, we are in no way connected to RFI and its affiliates.
The twin birds logo
The growing, living logo on Gurdjieff Dam, the earthen dam which created Krishnamurti Lake
The logo on a Mahasattva Certificate
A variation on the above

Chidvilas Rajneesh Meditation Center, Montclair, was incorporated in the state of New Jersey on Oct 14, 1975 (see ref 1), which subsequently was registered in Oregon under the same name as a "Foreign Nonprofit Corporation" on Jul 6, 1981 (see ref 2), after it purchased the "Rancho Rajneesh" property on Jun 13, 1981.

On Nov 23, 1981 the Chidvilas Rajneesh Meditation Center changed its name to Rajneesh Foundation International (RFI, USA).

It operated the Ranch and it was the main publisher of Osho books in the Ranch period (1982-1985). Books were published by Ma Anand Sheela and all books published by Rajneesh Foundation International used Osho's previous name Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Near the end of the Ranch, on Oct 18, 1985 RFI changed its name on Osho's request to Rajneesh Friends International.

A:* Let me say a few words before I answer your question, because without them the answer will not be complete. I would like to change the name Rajneesh Foundation International.
Sheela and her fascist gang have contaminated the name. I would like it to be Rajneesh Friends International. It remains RFI.
RIMU and RA are two wings of RFI." (The Last Testament, Vol 3, #23, Oct 13, 1985)

On Nov 26, 1986 it was renamed (back) to Chidvilas Foundation, Inc. and finally revoked on Aug 28, 1987.

The RFI logo

The two birds image of the Ranch is straightforward enough. The white bird (in most versions of the logo) is Osho, the darker bird behind, shadowing the master as it were, is the disciple, now having learned to fly on hir own. This image appeared on all the books published at the Ranch and on Rajneesh Times International as late as Oct 1989, not varying significantly in that context.

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Oregon 97741
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1) New Jersey Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services
2) Oregon Secretary of State
3) RFI-RFE officers, Dec 16, 1985 (source document
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