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This is a guided meditation, first spoken by Osho on 29 Oct 1969 am (Main Mrityu Sikhata Hun ~ 04), see Relaxing the Body-Mind Meditation.
Translated to English as And Now, And Here, Vol 1 ch.2, end of the chapter, and that text is spoken on this audio.
This guided meditation has been given by Osho to nurture the deep relaxation which can give rise to meditation. The words used on the tape are as spoken by Osho. (From: And Now And Here. Vol.1)
While listening there is no need to do anything. Just listen and follow.
In the first stage, let the body relax so totally that you feel you have nothing to do with it, as if you have let go of it completely.
In the second stage, let your breathing relax - let the breath come and go on its own.
In the third stage, let the mind relax. Watch: the thoughts are calming down.
In these three stages, let go so totally that you begin to feel that the body, the breathing and the mind have nothing to do with you, that you are watching them from a great distance.
In the fourth stage, just remain quiet and still. Be aware, watch and allow whatever is happening.
When doing this meditation without the tape, speak softly to yourself, using your own words. The meditation can be practiced at any time, and is especially good to do before falling asleep at night. Falling into sleep from this space of deep relaxation allows the meditation to continue all through the night.
Sw Veenu Gopal - music. Voice?
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