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see Osho's World Tour, Jul 30, 1986 for who's who in this pic and below
Osho 1986 07 30B.jpg
l-to-r: Prasad, Chandrika, Cliff

(aka Sw Cliff, Cliffski)

As of this writing, the wiki has very little info about Cliff(ski), as Amitabh was more widely known. It is not known whether he had a "prefix" in his name or not, either as Cliff or Amitabh.

Cliff/Amitabh was Osho's pilot during the Ranch and World Tour days, also flying the Ranch planes for more "ordinary" errands and journeys. He was appointed to the original Inner Circle set up in 1989 before Osho left his body but resigned early, and not long after (1996?) died in a plane crash. "Prasad" in the bottom photo is Sw Prem Prasad, who was also a pilot.

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