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(Alan Lowen)

One of the three most prominent group leaders (together with Sw Ananda Teertha and Sw Anand Somendra).

Contact Details

Maui, HI
see his contact page
The Art of Being
A Deeper Truth - Alan Lowen (Sw Anand Rajen) (2018)
Rajen recalls life in the Poona and Oregon ashrams
"The reason that I decided to give this talk is because having watched Wild Wild Country it was clear that -for all it's investigation of the political aspects of what was happening around Bhagwan- the question was never asked: Why were we there?"
Having lived as a disciple in the India and Oregon ashrams, Rajen responds to the Netflix miniseries, "Wild Wild Country". This is his personal story, from his ego-surrendering odyssey in Bhagwan's Poona ashram in the 70s, on into the creeping disillusionment he lived through in Rajneeshpuram until its 1985 demise, and the mysterious resolution, on Osho's death in 1990, of his intervening years as a willing outcast from Osho's world.
Eine tiefere Wahrheit (German subtitled edition)
Una verità più profonda (Italian subitled edition)
Energy Darshan and Interview Sw Anand Rajen (2018)
Alan Lowen - 'The Art Of Being' - Interview by Iain McNay
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