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(Marv Lincoln)

Viramo has been writing his whole adult life, morphing from ad-man to ghostwriter. When he took sannyas in 1979, Osho told him to relax, and said:

"You are already accepted by God as you are. There is no need to prove anything. You need not be famous. You can live anonymously and your joy will be far more profound. And what is the point of proving yourself to the stupid crowd? Even if they honor you and respect you and confer great prizes on you and awards, what is the point? They don't understand anything.

"The last words of Jesus were: Father, forgive these people because they know not what they are doing. So whether they give you a Nobel Prize or they crucify you, it is all the same! My understanding is this, if Jesus had been given a Nobel Prize, he would have prayed the same way -- 'Father, forgive these people because they know not what they are doing!'"

A little-known fact about Viramo is that Marv spelled backwards is Vram, just a couple of vowels short of Viramo. Thus, Osho reminds him daily, in a very literal way, to change his old life 180º.

Contact Details

Sedona AZ, USA
Marv Lincoln

2007: I Married a Psychic
2011: The Alien Manifesto
2016: 93 Rolls-Royces (co-authors Sw Deva Peter an Avalon Haykus]]
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