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(Dr Charles Harvey Newman BDS, DipMDH, LDSRCS (Edin))

(source:Rajneeshpuram (2012))

Born Jan 15, 1938, died in Athens, Greece, Jan 26, 2020

Devageet was originally trained in dental surgery in Edinburgh and after various fruitless spiritual explorations, came to Osho in 1976. He became Osho's personal dentist in 1978 and lived in Osho's houses until after Osho left his body in 1990. A few weeks before that, Osho gave Devageet a message that laid the foundation of his subsequent work:

"Each human body, especially the teeth, contains memories back to the beginning of evolution... Teeth are an individual's personal Akashic Record... You will find a way, Devageet, for people to bring these ancient memories to awareness. This expanded awareness will enable them to experience their eternal reality, and their meditation will go deep enough for authentic transformation to happen."

In his ensuing explorations, 'Geet learned, created and offered various healing modalities, including Voice Dialogue, Body Wisdom, EMDR, chakra energy balancing, psycho-spiritual counselling, Trance n' Dental Dialoguing, Esodontics (the use of teeth for esoteric discovery), Heart-Light Healing, Male-Female Polarity Balancing, early life regression therapy, past life therapy, inner child work, transition therapy (life change and crisis integration), life context overviewing, Lightmaster Colour Therapy, Illumination Therapy, Healing Journey, Journey into the Seven Energy Bodies, Somatic Dialogue Therapy, Transomatic Dialogue©, Starlight Transomatic Colour Healing©, The Akashic Processes©, Bardo-Karmic Wisdom©, Dream Dialogue©, The Mandala of Original Wholeness©, Feeling-Sense-Awareness, Geet-Chung©, The Starchild Deconditioning Process© and The Human Newman Transformation Process©. Currently (Dec 2013), he is offering Oshodontics©.

From 1989 to 2007, Devageet was a member of the Inner Circle. Osho also instructed him to write two books of memoirs of his life with Osho. The first was published in 2013. Earlier, he had edited Osho's famous nitrous oxide trilogy, Books I Have Loved, Glimpses of a Golden Childhood and Notes of a Madman, dictated during dental sessions at the Oregon Ranch.

Akashic Academy of Oshodontics

2013 : Osho: The First Buddha in the Dental Chair, Amusing anecdotes by his personal dentist
upcoming : Osho: Messiah of Life, Love and Laughter
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