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The wiki has images of three different letterheads in the class of letterheads relating to Sant Taaran Taran. They differ considerably in their details but all are in the service of the various committees organizing Taaran Taran's birthday and other celebrations. Osho was both a member of these committees and a speaker at their functions. His first public talk of which we have a record was at one of these functions in 1955, but his connection with Taaran Taran goes back much further and deeper.

Taaaran Taran's influence was profound in the part of India Osho grew up in. In fact, his parents were members of the sect which arose from Taaran Taran's teachings. His first known venture into public commentary on Taaran Taran was, astoundingly, a hand-written "magazine", created and "published" when he was ten years old, in 1942. See Manuscripts ~ Taran-Taaran Patrika (तरन तारन पत्रिका) for images of that.

Osho used this class of letterheads only rarely for letters, since they were not his personal letterheads, though his address appears on some of them. Probably they were used mainly out of need in the moment, the last known use in 1961. It may be noted that the other letterheads in this class, TaaranTaran-1 Letterhead and TaaranTaran-3 Letterhead, both have long lists of committee members and feature Osho's address, 115, Napier Town, as the "office" of the committee. This one doesn't, which may indicate that, though it is the second in the chronological sequence of Osho's use, it was not really created after #1, just used after it, for whatever reason.

The information conveyed in the letterhead is more or less all at the same level at the top: The centerpiece:

Sant Taaran Taran Jayanti Samaaroh Samiti (STT birthday celebration committee)
Karyalay (office)---Digambar shop, Jawaharganj, Jabalpur (M.P.)

On the left:

Adhyaksh (director)
Acharya Rajneesh

And on the right:

mantri (secretary)
R. L. Jain
M.A., LL.B.

There are only two letters known to have been written using this letterhead, both to Ma Anandmayee:

Letter written on 15 Apr 1961 am, published in Bhavna Ke Bhojpatron Par Osho (भावना के भोजपत्रों पर ओशो) on p 89 (2002 Diamond edition)
Letter written on 25 Apr 1961 om, published in Bhavna Ke Bhojpatron Par Osho (भावना के भोजपत्रों पर ओशो) on p 90 (2002 Diamond edition)