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All sources, Gyan Bhed, "Doc X" and Neeten's Osho Source Book have a camp at Mahabaleshwar in Feb 1965. Gyan Bhed has it Feb 12-14, Doc X 12-15 and Neeten splits the difference by having it as 12-14 in the text in his Jabalpur section and 12-15 in his Appendix. Unfortunately, Neeten assigns the 12-15 camp to Dhyan Darshan, while Doc X goes with Dhyan Sutra and Gyan Bhed does not name the book which arose from the camp, though he goes on at some length with details about it.

So it is almost a coin toss to choose one over the other but tipping the balance to DS are a couple of other small indications: in a previous iteration here in the wiki, Rudra had already put DS at a camp in Mahabaleshwar independently, though undated, and both he and Doc X have additional separate mentions of DD, without date or location, but at least recognising its existence, whereas Neeten has no mention at all of DS, so it looks like his version is the most error-prone and Doc X the most clearly delineated.

Regarding numbers of discourses, Gyan Bhed doesn't go there but Doc X has nine for DS and ten for DD, with Neeten having nine at his "misattributed" camp. May as well go with nine, though ten would fit well into a four-day camp if following the common camp form of one the first night and the rest divided evenly over the next days. Nine has been entered into the 1965 Timeline by assuming a 1-3-3-2 distribution, say to give friends from Mumbai an easier travel home. Gyan Bhed does talk about there being one talk the first night, and says the camp was three days, perhaps meaning the next three days, though he mentions events and talks on the 13th and 14th but not the 15th. Another indication of this distribution of talks is the two "half"-editions published by Diamond, one having the first four talks, the other with the last five. This would derive very naturally from the hypothesized 1-3-3-2 distribution. -- doofus-9 (talk) 08:09, 16 August 2015 (UTC)

The cover of the 1989 edition was probably not so blue. This image looks like the result of a copying glitch. -- Sarlo (talk) 09:26, 5 June 2014 (PDT)

Replaced image 1359B.jpg with a new version of the same cover img which was better res but it came out distorted, could not determine how or why that happened, so in the end i uploaded D-Sutra-2.jpg to replace it. 1395B.jpg is now an orphan, can be deleted. -- Sarlo (talk) 20:14, 5 June 2014 (PDT)

This book is Category: Not Translated to English. But The Path of Meditation is said to be the translation of this book...? --Sugit (talk) 17:43, 28 December 2015 (UTC)

Looks like The Path of Meditation is pretty clear and this Category: Not Translated is wrong. Nice to note also that Path of Meds is nine chapters, fits in well with the nine-discourse hypothesis explored above. -- doofus-9 20:08, 28 December 2015 (UTC)

By the way, The Path of Meditation says "First published in Hindi under the title Dhyan-Sutra (ध्यान-सूत्र), 1980". But the first Year of publication on it's page is 1989. --Sugit (talk) 20:47, 2 January 2016 (UTC)

And the audiobooks for this series from and Osho World each show nine talks with all the above titles, so that appears to be that. -- doofus-9 07:29, 22 February 2017 (UTC)

The 1980 Rajneesh Foundation edition was added on the basis of the recent publications list of Rahiman Dhaga Prem Ka (रहिमन धागा प्रेम का), published in July 1980. In that list, it was referred to as a "pocket edition". -- doofus-9 18:29, 12 November 2017 (UTC)

First 7 dates stated in RF 1980 edition do match exactly with Timeline. But last 2 - not: 15 Feb 1965 om and 15 Feb 1965 pm (place matches).--DhyanAntar 07:16, 4 January 2020 (UTC)

13 Feb 1965 am and place confirmed for ch.2 (Rajneesh Dhyan Yog (रजनीश ध्यान योग), 1977 ed., Appendix 1).--DhyanAntar 05:54, 18 February 2021 (UTC) --- Afternoon talks had q/a form. Text of last, 9th, chapter indicates clearly that it is last night's talk. It means 1980 ed. is right that ch.8 was in afternoon and ch.9 in the night.

It seems one talk is missing on morning of last day. Not recorded?--DhyanAntar 03:52, 17 March 2021 (UTC)