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The best indication of which of these two letters came first will likely be found in the transcriptions of course, but while we're waiting for that, we can consider our studies of the marks made in all the Anandmayee letters so far.

Really, only one indication supports the current arrangement whereby this letter is the second, and that is the order of the file numbers. The letters are being added to the wiki in this order, so this is how the situation has arisen. There is no great harm in leaving it that way, since to change it would be somewhat arbitrary, so the current order can stay until info is in from a real Hindi speaker.

But there are other indications that this one came first. These indications are pattern-oriented, observations of the marks and numbers on the letters, and as such are not proof of anything, but this case may be an appropriate occasion to test them out. So ...

These two letters are part of a remarkable sub-series which all use the same letterhead, a new one as of #819, written 4 May 1961. Most have a blue circled number, ascending with file number and date, a pale blue mirror-image number, ie written on the back side, similarly ascending, and a red tick mark. Our studies show that these hand-written marks are a better predictor of date order than the file numbers, though neither are infallible.

Both the 2 Sep letters have all these marks and numbers, but the numbers are not in the same order as the file numbers. Therefore, statistically, they should tip the balance toward making this letter first. Moreover, we have, starting with these two letters, an aberration -- or evolution or innovation, remains to be seen -- whereby the pale blue mirror-image numbers become black and straight, or non-mirror-image, ie they are written on the front side of the paper. But THIS letter's number 44 comes in BOTH formats, pale mirror and black straight, thus it can be seen as acting as a "transition" to a potential new orientation. That remains to be seen of course ...

Perhaps enough examination of these tea-leaf "signs". We will wait on the letters' contents to settle this important matter. -- doofus-9 19:25, 24 November 2019 (UTC)

Letter written on 5 Sep 1961 pm was written 5 Sep.: on image there we can see, though very small - first a vertical drop in '५' of Osho's hand writing, as says Dilip. This letter has blue number 19, and Letter from 5 Sep has blue 20. Also Dilip says: "Raksha Bandhan (RAKHI) was on 26th August 1961 (Saturday) - this letter (2nd Sep) should obviously written 1st after the last letter dated 23 Aug 1961 - as Osho confirms receipt of Ma's letter and Shanta's RAKHI in the PS of this letter dated 2 Sep 1961.--DhyanAntar 15:31, 15 February 2020 (UTC)