Woodland-4 Letterhead

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This letterhead is the last of Osho's five known letterheads from the Woodland era. This one follows the fourth quite closely, with a couple of small changes:

One, possibly the ostensible reason for the change, is a new phone number, pretty straightforward. The other has the "rajneesh" in electric blue faux Devanagari larger and possibly moved closer to the left edge, though the paper has also changed proportion, becoming narrower, and thus any apparent movement may only be a trimming. The squared-off ॐ (OM) logo has similarly "moved" closer to the right edge.

The letterhead now reads, in the top left corner:

rajneesh (lower-case, in a large faux-Devanagari style, in a slightly toned-down electric blue colour)

And continuing to the right but lower down, in small all-caps the same colour:


And above the end of that in the top right corner, a thick, dark-coloured squared-off ॐ logo.

Only one name-paper using this letterhead has turned up so far:

Name-paper Divyanand 1973 (8 Apr 1973), recipient Sw Narottam Bharti