1983-03-21 Enlightenment Day Darshan ~ Love Comes Dancing

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Love Comes Dancing: Enlightenment Day Darshan 1983, Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, U.S.A.

From Sw Deva, January 19, 2015, in an e-mail about Like the Wind Through the Trees:

"Yep, that's me on the pedal steel in Like The Wind Through The Trees. Mili took the first part of the break on banjo and Sw Laleet tailed out with a bass run. Sw Buddha and I used to have a lot of fun in the band seeing who would jump on each instrumental break. We were like a couple of dogs sitting there waiting for our treats! That day Buddha Hall was overflowing, you can hear everybody screaming in the background, really a great memory."

There were artists and songs played by The Rajneesh Country Band.

This celebration is listed as event Enlightenment Day 1983 ~ 02. See also Osho Timeline 1983.

Ma Prem Gulabo
Ma Prem Maniko
Sw Anand Milarepa
Ma Prem Aneeta : vocals
Sw Prem Anubhava : guitar and vocals
Sw Buddha : drums
Sw Deva : pedal steel guitar
Sw Prem Geet (Git?) : bass
Sw Govinddas : guitar, sitar, mandolin, etc
Ma Prem Gulabo : vocals
Sw Laleet : bass
Ma Prem Maniko : guitar and vocals
Sw Anand Milarepa : banjo
Sw Anand Nivedano : percussion
Sw Anand Rupesh : congas and tablas
Ma Yoga Taru : vocals on Satyam Shivam Sunderam
Sw Santosh Toby : flutes

Tracks - full length

01 Round and Round 4:19
02 Your Sweet Love 8:15
03 Like the Wind Through the Trees 7:10
04 Looking Into Your Eyes 4:21
05 This Moment Felt It Grows 4:20
06 In the Silence of Your Presence 3:01
07 Gachchhamis 1 2:33
08 Humming 7:54
09 Gachchhamis 2 3:39
10 Satyam Shivam Sunderam 2:46
11 Love Comes Dancing 4:54
12 Dancing in Your Light 4:56
13 Yes Bhagwan Yes, We Dance At Your Feet 3:24


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