Anant Ki Pukar ~ 07

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अनंत की पुकार ~ 07

event type discourse
date & time 1972 -- 1974 ?
location Kasubhai's House, Bombay
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 0h 21min. Quality: good. Beginning incomplete.
online audio
video Not available
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See Talk:Anant Ki Pukar (अनंत की पुकार). Occasion: Purchase of a Property
(Translated as in Work Is Love Made Visible)
Question 1
Osho, this work is so vast that if some people could permanently...
Question 2
Then many people will come?
Question 3
Is it something like this, that people could come and stay for one month, and people like us would come and stay for six months?
Question 4
People should understand that this place is to improve the life of society and give money accordingly.
Question 5
Two (bungalows) will become hostels.
Question 6
One or two acres on the other side could be put aside and made into residential quarters.
Question 7
No, there would no relationship between those two acres and the rest.
Question 8
No, but if we take off two acres from the ten acres...
Question 9
So there will be no personal or private ownership there?
Question 10
So there should be no question of too much thinking and bargaining about this. Whatsoever is appropriate, give it, donate it. Anyway, bargaining and thinking are what we do in the marketplace. Do it there! What is the big fuss all about?
Question 11
Osho, so the building, the land will all belong to the society; all of it will belong to the society?
Question 12
So this is, in a way, an unconditional donation from us?

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