Anant Ki Pukar ~ 12

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अनंत की पुकार ~ 12

event type discourse
date & time 16 Oct 1971 pm
location Bombay
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 1h 13min. Quality: good, but first 6 mins barely audible (under revision).
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video Not available
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See Talk:Anant Ki Pukar (अनंत की पुकार). Talks to organizers.
(Translated as in Work Is Love Made Visible)
Question 1
Osho, one of our ideas is that with all the economic problems we are facing here, we could request friends from all the places around the country where you have been speaking to donate whatever small amount they can manage to help the Mumbai center.
I would like to suggest that all our friends and well-wishers pay an annual membership fee, a fixed amount. This will help a lot towards improving our economic situation. We can even keep the fees at eleven rupees annually, which is not a big amount in my view. All of our members, our well-wishers, who feel that we are working towards some good, can pay a fixed amount which is collected annually, so that the organization can keep going.
The way our organization has been working up to now is that there is a trust with trustees, and those trustees nominate a managing committee which runs everything. But until now there is no constitution as such. This means that it has not yet been decided which committee members do which work, and how the work is to be distributed among them.
I think that another committee should be created and that all the finances of the managing committee should be handed over to it. Then the life members and other supporters should make a constitution together and the work will be able to proceed accordingly. There should be some kind of elections. The committee should not function simply by nomination. The life members should elect the committee and whoever wants to work should come forward.
Also, if there could be some arrangement where we could get time to meet you once a week, it would be very good.
Question 2
Osho, what about setting aside one and a half hours each day to see all of these people?
Question 3
Osho, yes, that’s right. It happens that way; I have seen it happening.
Question 4
Osho, but people think if they do your work they should be able to meet you.
Question 5
Osho, it depends on the wish of the master.

The varied excerpts below from Work Is Love Made Visible #12 are cited by Neeten in his Osho Source Book's Bombay section. The (fairly precisely) dated material in the first excerpt (Sannyas magazine began publication in Jan 1972) corresponds well with dating given in Osho World's e-book for Anant Ki Pukar #12, see Anant's talk page for details.
  • Recently some people have been thinking of starting a new English magazine, Sannyas. Create a new committee for it; why go on putting everything on Ishwarbabu’s shoulders? The funny thing is that we talk about dividing the work, and at the same time we go on putting everything onto him. We go on piling everything onto the same three or four people who do all the work. If you want to start Sannyas magazine, create a new committee for it!
  • It already happens. In the meditation camps we keep a time at noon for people to meet me, but instead, I end up meeting people all day, because those special people, as you call them, say, "That one and a half hours is for everyone. Keep at least ten minutes separate for us." They don’t want to be with all those other people. But it is very interesting: Who are "all those other people"? That one and a half hours of my time is gone anyway, and those who wanted separate time, those complainers, want time in the morning.
Every day during the meditation camps I am talking up to eleven o’clock at night. You have no idea: I get back to the place where I am staying by half past ten, and they are already there, waiting for me! I arrive back from the morning discourse and they are already there. What begins at eight o’clock in the morning goes on until eleven in the night, without a pause. There are the three discourse and meditation meetings, the noon time for meeting me personally and then those who want a special time are also there…
It was like that in Jabalpur. There was no hindrance whatsoever, so I would be seeing people from morning till night. If someone came and sat with me for three hours, I was tied up for all that time. Then it became a habit for people. They wanted to come every day, regularly. So their times became fixed: "At five o’clock so-and-so is coming…" and without fail they would come and sit with me every day at that time. And even those who came every day felt hurt if you stopped them…
So you should start telling everyone that it is not Laxmi’s fault, it is nobody’s fault – my decisions are being followed. For those whom I feel it necessary, I immediately give time; for those whom I don’t feel it is necessary, I don’t give time. If I don’t give time, you should understand that you don’t need time and that anyway you are not following my suggestions…
So the trouble at the moment is that in order to protect me, you take the blame onto yourselves. You might say, "Taru may have made a mistake; Desai-ji may have made a mistake. Osho is very loving; someone in the middle must have been the problem." Never say that. Say that Osho is such a man – wrong or right however it may be. He meets whomsoever he wants to: he doesn’t meet those he doesn’t want to.
  • There is plenty of new work that can be started, there is no shortage of work. For instance, at the moment Ishwarbabu is looking after all the publications. Lashkari-ji has said that he has experience in publishing, and he has his own press, so he has offered to look after it. But I think we should start a separate publishing division with Lashkari-ji called Neo-Sannyas International Publications, and we should entrust him with that. There are so many books waiting to be published that even if you start separate divisions, you would not manage at all…Gradually you can separate the publication work into different languages. For example, publishing in Marathi is stuck. Make a separate committee for it. Let them raise their own funds and be responsible for it. Ishwarbabu will not be involved with this committee; it will raise and manage its own funds. ::After all, in the end all the funds are doing the same work. So it is okay to do things separately. Separate the Marathi publishing, then gradually separate the Gujarati, the Hindi, and the English publishing. Gradually divide them.
  • Don’t print less than ten thousand copies of any book. Five thousand copies should go directly from the press to your listed customers. Then all your expenses will be covered, and you can sell the remaining five thousand copies easily, without a problem. You are pricing your books at four times the production costs. If you spend five thousand rupees on printing, then even after giving forty percent commission and deducting all the expenses, you should still make five thousand rupees. If you print twenty books a year, you will easily make one hundred thousands rupees. There is no question about it. And those twenty books are to be gradually printed in all the languages. And Babubhai: treat the publishing very professionally. Spend money on advertising them properly – in the same way as you do for any of your private products.
  • I think you should start selling audiotapes. But leave that to Ishwarbabu, and what will the result be? There are so much work put onto one man’s shoulders that I sometimes wonder how he manages everything! Yes, there is a little problem: he notes things down somewhere in his diary and it is all a hodgepodge, and he goes on doing everything. There are dozens of other matters in his diary. He takes care of the correspondence too; he is attending correspondence until late – one o’clock in the night – until Guna really tells him off!…Make separate arrangements for audiotapes, make a separate committee for it, because gradually audiotapes are going to start selling as much as your books. There should be a separate department that produces only tapes – that makes them professionally and sells them. They should be produced in advance. If a blank cassette is available for fifty rupees in the market, then sell it for sixty rupees – ten rupees will pay for the cost of recording and all other management expenses. But the tapes should be prepared in advance, and sold in the same shop as our books are being sold. Make full sets of all the discourse series, because if I travel around less – and I am going to go out less – then your tape sales will increase rapidly…Right now there are five thousand hours of recordings with Laheru – perhaps they will never get published because I will go on speaking every day, and while you are busy publishing those talks you will not be able to publish those fifty thousand pages from before.
  • Then there are the meditation camps. Keep a separate committee for them. Then there will be no need for you to discuss the camps; the committee will look after them – where a camp will happen and everything else along those lines. And because I will be staying here longer now, more and more camps should be organized near Mumbai. My idea is that in the future we should have three or four camps with both the dates and the places permanently fixed every year. Then people will know that on those days the camp is happening. And even if people arrive without advance information, there will be no problem. Create a separate committee to organize this…
  • Saputara campus is being created. Recently they talked of it costing one hundred thousand rupees, and a promise has also been received for one hundred thousand rupees, so I have asked Jayantibhai to look after it. Let Jayantibhai be on the committee, let Lashkari-ji be there, Mridula Abhyankar has also offered, so those three can be on it. They can include three or four other people whom they would like to work with, or people who offer can join them.
Let them create a campus – a campus outside Mumbai that can be used at weekends. Many friends from all around have started coming, so you will need at least some kind of a guesthouse – maybe where people pay – but at least make arrangements for those coming from outside. Ten to twenty people will be able to stay there, maybe permanently, but later on they will be very useful to you. So one guesthouse will have to be built for about ten to fifteen or sixteen people to stay in. Everyone should be able to stay there, and they can have their meals somewhere else. They can pay for their stay. Create a separate committee to arrange all of this.
  • So I don’t believe in elections. If the work is going to be done, I believe in direct nomination from the top. Yes, if you want to satisfy people, if you want to satisfy everyone, then elections are the way. But this work is an altogether different matter. If you are trying to satisfy everyone, then it’s okay. You have a thousand members, you go for elections, everybody will feel juiced up, and everyone will come to the meetings because there will be opportunities for defeating others, for winning, for forming parties and groups. But it won’t get any work done! As far as doing the work is concerned, then this won’t help and it will just bring politics into your inner world. So I am not at all in favour of elections. I would not like to put you into that situation. I am in favor of direct nomination. I would not like to put you into that complex situation called an election.

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