Anant Ki Pukar ~ 13

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अनंत की पुकार ~ 13

event type discourse
date & time 1967 -- 1971 ?
language Hindi
audio Missing, possibly available.
online audio
video Not available
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See Talk:Anant Ki Pukar (अनंत की पुकार)
(Translated as in Work Is Love Made Visible)
Question 1
Osho, what about the article the editor of Nav Bharat Times has written?
Question 2
Osho, our idea about trustees, etcetera, was that every year...
Question 3
Osho, that post of secretary, what shall we call it? Secretary? Convener? Can we call it whatever else we want?
Question 4
Osho, what about the situation with the other group? Did we make a mistake in the way we dealt with them?

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