Chronology of Events Relating to Rajneeshpuram 1984 (source document)

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This is a continuation of main document Chronology of Events Relating to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon (source document).

Author: Roshani Shay Curtis, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Western Oregon University. It is copyrighted material. All rights reserved by the author.

For the other years, see 1981 , 1982 , 1983 , 1985 and the brief overview of 1986 - 1990

Table of events

This is a verbatim account of Roshani's document, with some modifications to simplify searching of headings and newspapers.

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date event
84.01.01 Anti-cult magazine published in Weston, Mass. prints story saying that Lutheran ministers reponsible for cult information and education in Germany have cited the Rajneeshee as the group which now most concerns them
84.01.01 The American Lawyer magazine published in New York prints a feature article on Rajneeshee attorney at R; Oregon Market Place real estate publication prints feature story on R Mayor
84.01.01 Bend Bulletin rates R as No. 1 story of 1983; Associated Press stories in Salem Statesman-Journal and Portland Oregonian rate R No. 3 story of 1983; Oregonian rates Bhagwan and personal secretary (Pres. of Academy of Rajneeshism, AR) 1983 Persons of the Year
84.01.01 Improvements to date: lending library; creation of Rajneesh Legal Services Corporation (RLSC) with 17 lawyers, 6 of them licensed to practice in Oregon
84.01.01 Reported that anti-Rajneeshee initiative petition drive has gathered 31,000 signatures to date
84.01.03 [A] City Council Meeting; decision to contract for a second R Peace Officer to patrol A
84.01.04 [A] Public hearing by OLCC Hearings Officer on application for a beer and wine license by Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restaurant; 40 attend; City Council and petition of 40 residents support the request; pastor of A Community Church and priest of St. Mary's Catholic Church testify in opposition, stating religious and public safety reasons; petition signed by surrounding ranchers presented in opposition which states concerns about drunk driving; R Peace Force officer states that there have been no drunk and disorderly problems during the past year; Hearings Officer takes request under advisement
84.01.04 [W] Ex-W County Commissioner who resigned April 14, 1982 in protest following a 2 to 1 vote which granted a Rajneeshee festival permit request files for position on W County Court/ Commission
84.01.04 [R] A School Board Meeting; decision to hire a new Rajneeshee teacher when he obtains a Restricted Teaching Certificate in math and science; decision not to appeal the annexation of 5 A city parcels to the Madras area school district in order to "avoid lengthy litigation"; decision not to remonstrate with the State Board of Education on the annexation
84.01.04 AG's Office confirms it has advised the Accounting Division of the Executive Department to withhold money for the R 911 emergency telephone system; R Mayor writes in protest that, given continuous threats, R is in more urgent need of such funds than other cities of its size who are receiving them and that courts have not yet upheld the AG's opinion as to the legality of R; R does have limited emergency telephone facilities at present
84.01.05 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal article ranks Bhagwan No. 4 on a list of "most dangerous quiche-eaters at large"
84.01.05 BLI memo on this date states that RNSIC members in Portland are not considered employees for several reasons in investigation urged by state legislator from Beavercreek
84.01.05 The Dalles Weekly Reminder rates R the No. 1 story of 1983
84.01.06 100 person meeting with area US Representative in Bend; several questions on R and Bhagwan to which Representative replies by saying that Rajneeshee have right of appeal and to equal application of the laws as does everyone else
84.01.06 [R] Improvements to date: bakery producing 400 loaves of bread daily in addition to croissants, bran muffins, sweet rolls, doughnuts, cookies and pound cakes; 16 new menu dishes created for cafeteria
84.01.06 Reported that authenticity of cable #4705 to US State Dept. from US Consul in Bombay has been verified, but that it was sent and received in Dec., 1981 (rather than Jan., 1982); cable states that copies were to be sent to INS Headquarters and to Portland office and that Consul does not believe visa fraud was committed in relation to Bhagwan's entry into US; INS offices refuse to confirm whether cable is in their files
84.01.06 [W] By this date, R had filed a Motion for Summary Judgement in W County Circuit Court seeking to dismiss 1000 Friends' request for a permanent injunction and declaration that R is illegal (No. )
84.01.07 [R] City Council Meeting; adoption of Ord. No. 84-1 banning discrimination by persons or corporations based on race, color, sex, marital status, religion or national origin in public accommodations, housing, employment or education; the ordinance provides, however, that churches and religious organizations may hire employees of the same faith if this preference best serves its purposes, discrimination in employment is not unlawful if it is based on the occupation requirements necessary to the business (both standard exceptions) and that residents in communal housing will still be able to select the people they share their home with; adoption of Ord. No. 84-2 banning the consumption of alcohol in all public outdoor areas not designated as eating areas and providing for up to a $100 fine for violation
84.01.07 Three R Peace Force Officers attend funeral of Madras Police Chief
84.01.07 [R] A School Board Meeting; opening day for bids on school bus announced for Jan. 10; non-Rajneeshee teacher's contract extended for two weeks; reported that hearing date of Jan. 11 set on the Motion for Summary Judgement and the Motion to Dismiss on the school bus; computer purchased for $2096.50 and partially funded by a W County ESD grant of $1200; discussion of potential standardization assessment by the State Dept. of Education in Mar.; $4000 moved from Site Improvement to Building Improvement category to enable funding for completion of work on the A School basement ($16,595.14 spent on the project to date); funds transferred into the Benefit and Building Permit categories; approval of contract agreement with Rajneesh Medical Corporation (RMC) to provide school nurse; approval of two volunteer teacher's aides; discussion of SJR 30 proposing a state sales tax and- decision to approve it for placement on the ballot; decision to cooperate with U0 researchers in allowing psychological testing of A school children with parental consent
84.01.08 Public Utilities Commissioner (PUC) spokesman reports that R has withdrawn its application to provide a charter bus service between R and Portland
84.01.08 A School Board Chair states that even though A School Disstrict will not appeal or remonstrate on the annexation of 5 parcels of A land to the Madras area district, the move is not rational, will make a mess of A District boundaries and it is an action "'completely motivated by politics and prejudice'"
84.01.09 BLI notifies RNSIC that its investigation, urged by a state legislator from Beavercreek, is completed and thanks them for their cooperation
84.01.10 ASWOSC Board of Administration rules that the Executive Board improperly returned to the ASWOSC Senate their action form appropriating $1000 for the appearance of Bhagwan as commencement speaker; consequently, the allocation will be treated as approved
84.01.10 11 Rajneeshee send series of letters to the Governor criticizing him for soliciting nominations for voluntarism awards while opposing the voluntary efforts of the R community
84.01.11 [W] Baker County Circuit Court Judge sitting in for the regular Judge of the W County Circuit Court hears 35 minutes of arguments on the legality of the A School Board and the CP request for prohibition on sale of the W school bus; Judge denies A School Board request for Summary Judgement and release of $33,000 in impounded District funds and permission to sell school bus in the preliminary proceedings; Judge orders case to be set for trial as soon as possible; both parties expected to file answers to the rulings within 5 to 10 days (No. )
84.01.11 [R] Reported that RMC has been offering free flu vaccinations to residents of R, A and Shaniko and has given more than 800 injections to date
84.01.12 Reported that the final 20 Rajneeshee (of 200) remaining in Santa Cruz are preparing to leave after having liquidated 6 of its 7 communes, one of two retail stores and its meditation hall and restaurant
84.01.12 Rajneeshee speaker at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington; 150 attend
84.01.13 Approximate date of mailing by New Oregon Federation (NOF) headed by former State Chair of the Republican Party; letter claims 1562 signatures have been gathered as co-plaintiffs on a criminal complaint "against the Rajneesh and his colonization in Oregon", solicits funds for an Oregonian ad to demand that the US District Attorney of Oregon conduct a grand jury investigation of the "Rajneesh", calls Rajneeshee a "cult invasion" and solicits interest in becoming a Precinct Committeeperson; enclosed is a reprint from India Today magazine of a June 15, 1982 article entitled "Sins of Bhagwan" which recounts his move from India and controversies there
84.01.13 Reported that R Peace Force Chief and Assistant Chief attended the annual meeting of the Oregon Chiefs and Sheriffs in Bend: they were the only 2 of 118 attending who were female; one of the meeting topics was sexual harassment and discrimination
84.01.13 [R] Improvements to date: massive irrigation pipe network being laid to allow planting of trees and flowers and to be fed by dam water; plan for intensive grain farming; emus sitting on 15 eggs; recycled sewage water to irrigate animal feed crops; construction of large hi-technology greenhouse with temperature and humidity control underway to raise up to 500,000 seedlings at a time; announced opening of the Institute for Social and Environmental Studies as an activity of the Rajneesh Humanity Trust, the purpose of which is to encourage studies of R and make results available to the public through publications, seminars and courses; Lt. Colonel in the German army for 23 years who became a Rajneeshee in 1983 participating in RIMU courses
84.01.13 Reported that the Executive Department has notified R that the city can request a hearing within 20 days on the Department's decision to revoke money for the 911 emergency telephone system; such a hearing would be a first for the Department under the Administrative Procedures Act revised in 1981; R officials say a request for a hearing is likely
84.01.15 [R] Joint meeting of City Council and Board of Directors of RRFPD; agreement to set up a joint Fire Department conditional on R approval of a supplementary budget including a fire fund; agreement modelled on joint departments in Cottage Grove and Bend; RRFPD will provide equipment and R will operate the department; all existing agreements with the State Forestry Department and BLM will be binding on both R and RRFPD; application for Chief and Assistant Chief (volunteers) opened until Feb. 3
84.01.15 [R] Meeting of Board of Directors of RRFPD; Board vacancy filled; decision to sell some medical equipment; ambulance already sold; decision to lease generator for pumper truck; Budget Committee to meet in Feb. to begin working on budget for next fiscal year
84.01.15 [R] Improvements to date: construction of two-story townhouses nearing completion; 32 businesses in R
84.01.16 Two Rajneeshee attorneys formally admitted to the US District Court in Portland
84.01.16 State Department of Education, which until 1983 sent standardization teams to each of Oregon's 309 school districts once every 5 years, says it has all but stopped such visits and only has one scheduled for 1984--to the A School District
84.01.16 International edition of Time magazine issued on this date reports that Rajneeshee disco in West Berlin attracted more than 250,000 customers in its first year, the Cologne disco now accommodates 20,000 customers a month, a new disco is to open in Hannover; Rajneeshee operate 13 total discos and 15 restaurants in West Germany, doing an annual business of $6 million; 50,000 Rajneeshee reported in West Germany, about 5000 living in communes; West German Rajneeshee also operate construction companies, medical clinics, jewelry and clothing boutiques, holistic health centers and an earthworm farm
84.01.16 ASWOSC Student Senate votes 14 to 2 to rescind the $1000 honorarium for Bhagwan as commencement speaker, saying the original action had achieved the purpose of convincing the faculty-run Commencement Committee to hear input from graduating seniors before selecting a speaker
84.01.17 Rajneeshee speaker at Portland Community College in Rock Creek
84.01.17 State Executive Department and State Police notify R of plans to terminate R access to LEDS based on AG's opinion that the city is illegal
84.01.18 R Mayor speaks to Salem Rotary Club
84.01.18 FBI agent in Portland states that his agency will block the R Peace Force from using the National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
84.01.19 [W] Dalles Weekly Reminder story on ex-W County Commissioner who resigned in protest over Rajneeshee festival permit vote on April 14, 1982 states that he views the R incorporation as a violation of land use laws and the Rajneeshee festivals as purely commercial operations which are also in violation of land use laws
84.01.19 [W] Reported that a complicated situation surrounding the power lines and substation installed for R was settled this week; R requested additional power in 1982 and the W Electric Coop was obliged by law to supply it; 20 ranchers initially opposed the placement of lines and poles for R, although they are now enjoying upgraded electrical service at no additional cost as a result of the project; many complex issues related to the project during the last two years included right-of-way and easement problems involving ranchers and BLM, contract discrepancies, the loss of a $33,000 tower, several claims and suits between R, W Electric Co-op and Claiborne Construction Co. of Twin Falls, Idaho; after a final settlement, the Company is to be paid $476,525 for 7.8 miles of poles and lines along the east side of the John Day River, which includes a cost overrun of about 5% of the total project cost of $860,000; the overrun cost is to be split three ways, with the Co-op and R each picking up an $18,000 share; Rajneeshee paid $860,000 in cash up front for the project and as a result of the settlement will receive a $15,639 refund; according to records it is reported that the Rajneeshee paid about $58,000 for electricity at the Ranch in Dec. and the Jan. bill is expected to be about $70,000
84.01.19 Reported that RLSC this week obtained a tape of speech given by ex-wife of unsuccessful A mayoral candidate on Aug. 4 to 200 people in Millsite park in Myrtle Creek from Roseburg News-Review reporter by subpoena; at the meeting petitions seeking to deport Bhagwan were circulated and an estimated 500 signatures gathered in the Myrtle Creek area; the speech claimed that Rajneeshee had forced A residents to flee town, that mail coming into R was opened and mail leaving was censored; tape of speech to be used by RLSC in $140,000 defamation suit by RNSIC and two Rajneeshee and $1 million defamation countersuit against RNSIC, RFI, Bhagwan and one Rajneeshee (Nos. and )
84.01.19 Reported that a state electrical inspector has been ordered to stop accepting plane rides to R where he routinely inspects new building projects; a former chief electrical inspector had authorized him to make such trips, an area State Representative had complained that the trips were improper and the administrator of the State Building Codes Division of the Commerce Department subsequently said that accepting the rides "could be perceived as favoritism" and ordered the inspector to use state vehicles to make regularly scheduled inspections
84.01.19 [W] W County Planner reported to have said that if R Aug. 28 annexation of 119.2 acres is ruled illegal all construction there would be ruled improper; that structures being built, however, could be converted to uses that are permitted conditionally or outright; that the County is concerned about the use of the buildings, not their existence; if conditional use permits are required in future, R would have to apply before the W County Planning Commission
84.01.20 Rajneeshee speaker at McMinnville Rotary Club; statewide media flap occurs when regular meeting site moved to accommodate the larger than usual crowd and the move was misinterpreted as being due to censorship by the regular meeting site manager; 150 attend; Yamhill County Commissioner at meeting congratulates Rajneeshee for "'maintaining your sense of humor and friendliness in light of what I consider an attack of bigotry and fear by 1,000 Friends.'" (referring to recent mass mailings)
84.01.20 Reported that the AG has filed a motion in US District Court in Portland to remand his case challenging the legality of R back to W County Circuit Court (Nos. and )
84.01.20 [R] Improvements to date: opening of new Hassid cafeteria; introduction of Rajneesh Currency prepayment Card by Rajneesh Financial Services Trust (RFST), more than 1000 applications received in the first week and more than 50% of purchases in R for $2 or over now being made by using the card; Rajneeshee Health Associates (RHA) 3 day worldwide conference to be held June 22-24 issues call for papers; RMC reports that R gonorrhea-free and only 6 of 1000 residents have high blood pressure, R has 8 licensed physicians, 15 licensed nurses. lab technicians and a pharmacist; recent visitors include famous songwriter, promoter and actress who is former wife of President of 20th Century Fox, both of whom are entertained by R resident film producer who is former wife of producer of "The Godfather"
84.01.21 [R] Notice received that R Peace Force will no longer have access to NCIC; R residents complain that the public and law enforcement officers are endangered by the move; former SC Justice is appointed Hearings Officer in the matter; if R loses the hearing, the city will have the right to appeal to the CA
84.01.23 Rajneeshee speaker at Bend Kiwanis Club
84.01.23 [CA] One hour and 10 minutes of arguments on appeal of LUBA No. ; R lawyers argue that the city complied with all land use laws and rules in effect at the time of incorporation and that LCDC has no authority to adopt retroactive rules; 1000 Friends' attorney argues that R does not legally exist because it did not follow the intent of land use laws and that the LCDC rule is not retroactive because it is consistent with past LCDC decisions; he states that 1000 Friends is seeking removal of all urban development in the area; W County lawyer says the County has been going through an evolution in its thinking about R; Pres. of AR reportedly calls 1000 Friends' lawyers "'stupid and fanatical'" and states that she "'found the judges to be very receptive. I think they are very fair, incredibly fair.'" (No. )
84.01.23 AG says that he will not make controversy over R an issue in his re-election bid but is prepared to defend his suit against the city if it does become an issue
84.01.23 One hour of oral arguments on a Motion for Summary Judgement to strike rancher spokesperson's counterclaim of defamation heard in Multnomah County Circuit Court; RFI attorney argues that statements made by the President of RFI (now the President of AR) were not defammatory because they offered opinions rather than facts and the rancher spokesperson is a public figure; attorney for rancher spokesperson calls for a resolution of the suit and countersuit by jury trial and claims that statements by the RFI President were motivated by malice; Judge takes matter under advisement; case tentatively set for March trial (Nos. and )
84.01.24 California man accused of Rajneesh Hotel bombing of July 29, 1983 fails to appear for court hearing at which the prosecution and defense were to exchange documents; he had been freed on $20,000 bail and his case scheduled to go to trial on Feb. 21 after several delays (No. )
84.01.24 [R] Representative of R Chamber of Commerce having attended a meeting of the MCEDD the previous week writes a letter expressing surprise that the MCEDD Board does not consider R a legitimate city and issuing an invitation for all Board members to visit R
84.01.24 Oral arguments before administrative Hearings Officer (ex- Supreme Court Chief Justice) on whether the SPI should revoke the teaching certificate of a Eugene teacher for wearing the white clothes and turban of an American Sikh; the teacher's attorney charges that the law is unconstitutional and overbroad, is vague and violates state and federal civil rights protections against employment discrimination based on religion; attorney for the Eugene School Board argues that the law conforms with separation of church and state requirements and that similar laws have been upheld in other states; Hearings Officer expected to make recommendations to SPI in early February
84.01.24 [R] Mayor receives formal notice that the Executive Department and State Police will revoke R Peace Force access to LEDS within 30 days and notice of the city's right to contest the decision at a hearing before representatives of both agencies on Feb. 15 in Salem; R spokespersons restate their position that the denial is unfair since it is based on the AG's opinion which has not yet been ruled upon by a court of law and that the denial will endanger R residents; FBI spokesperson says the denial of access to LEDS means automatic denial of access to the NCIC; the head of LEDS says the AG's Office directed him to recommend that the R Peace Force not have access to the NCIC; AG's Office denies having made a direct recommendation
84.01.26 [W] The Dalles Weekly Reminder writer and anti-Rajneeshee speaker has article published which compares Rajneeshee to The Church Universal and Triumphant in Park County, Montana, where he recently spoke
84.01.26 [R] Improvements to date: RMC offering free training in the statewide Emergency Medical Technicians course, 20 enrolled; proceeds from a second Rolls Royce giveaway reportedly to go towards building an Academy of Rajneeshism which will house a library
84.01.26 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge denies RFI's Motion for Summary Judgement and request to dismiss counterclaims in defamation suit involving rancher spokesperson and President of AR; suit and countersuit to tentatively go to trial in March (Nos. and )
84.01.27 [R] Improvements to date: fleet of 15 taxis making over 200 runs daily; Swiss Rajneeshee flies to R to pick up Rolls Royce she won in Dec. 11 drawing; reported that during the month of Nov., 1933 more than 700 media articles were written about Bhagwan and Rajneeshee
84.01.28 Conference at OSU on "Extending the Growing Season" sponsored by Tilth (an organization promoting biological agriculture and regional self-sufficiency) includes two Rajneeshee speakers describing Ranch greenhouse projects
84.01.28 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge issues a no-bail bench warrant for the arrest of California man accused of July 29, 1983 Rajneesh Hotel bombing who is considered to have jumped bail after failing to appear for a Jan. 24 court hearing (No. )
84.02.01 Approximate date of issue of Oregon Business magazine carrying a paid advertising supplement by business supporters of 1000 Friends seeking financial support for the group in their court battles against R, presenting a chronology of events and containing an appeal for support of 1000 Friends by President of the CCC
84.02.01 Approximate date of issue of Oregon Magazine carrying article claiming that Bhagwan uses hypnosis, psychic powers, trance induction and meditation techniques to convince people to become Rajneeshee
84.02.01 First edition of the British Rajneesh Times issued; first Italian edition issued in Milan last week
84.02.01 [R] Improvements to date: Emus have laid 14 eggs; near completion of interior of second story of 10,000 sq. ft. Devateerth Mall for offices of domestic services, typing services, planning and construction activities, ground floor already houses several businesses; purchase of ten four-wheel drive station wagons for trips between R and A; announcement of planned spring construction of two Academy of Rajneeshism (AR) buildings, each to be two stories and 10,000 sq. ft. and one to house a library, complete with landscaping and a 30 ft. fountain
84.02.01 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge orders Bhagwan to pay $800 for failing to appear for pretrial deposition in defamation suit and countersuit; the sum was set as reasonable to compensate rancher spokesperson and attorneys, even though they had sought $26,500; Judge finds in written order that the President of AR had failed to inform Bhagwan of the order to appear and therefore holds both of them in default for any damages rancher spokesperson can prove they caused her; President of AR and RFI both have been removed as plaintiffs in the defamation suit, so RNSIC is the only remaining plaintiff (Nos. and )
84.02.01 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge dismisses one of three defamation claims made by Rajneeshee against Oregon Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF), but refuses to dismiss two others arising from statements in their publication about farming practices and use of religious funds for nonexempt agricultural purposes; by this date, the original complaint seeking $12 million in damages has been amended to seek $450,000; no trial date has been set (No. )
84.02.02 British Rajneeshee parade through Fleet Street in London distributing copies of the new edition of the Rajneesh Times
84.02.02 Reported that anti-Rajneeshee initiative petitions are being circulated in Lebanon, Sweet Home and Albany
84.02.02 [J] Rajneeshee internist practicing in Madras along with Rajneeshee psychiatrist and pediatric allergist is Chair of the Mountain View Hospital CODE Committee (for cardiac arrest), Co-Chair of the Critical Care Committee and member of the hospital's committee for the revision of staff by-laws; he is also a member of the Oregon Medical Assn., the American College of Physicians, the American Diabetes Association President of the RMC and Bhagwan's doctor, it is reported
84.02.02 Natural father of President of AR reveals at Portland press conference that he legally adopted Bhagwan on Jan. 12, 1936 when the boy was four years old, saying he kept the adoption secret for 48 years due to his promise to Bhagwan's natural father (who died Sept. 8, 1979), but as he is 78 years old and his health is fragile he wishes to tell the story before he dies; documents produced were signed by the adoptive father, natural father and natural mother, the latter said to be worried about an astrological prediction that Bhagwan's life would be very short unless he were adopted and cared for by others; adoptive father files a second preference petition with the INS to grant Bhagwan permanent residency under the theory of family unification, since his children and grandchildren have been US citizens or permanent residents for many years and he a permanent resident since 1973; Pres. of AR announces that the adoption documents will be placed in the AR archives, along with 150,000 other rare volumes, papers, photographs and tapes chronicling Bhagwan's life; celebration party held at R
84.02.03 Portland INS Office says the request from Bhagwan's adoptive father is being processed, it is true that lawful permanent resident aliens may petition for their children to be permitted to stay in the US, but that the INS will have to determine the residency status of the father and the authenticity and legality of the adoption certificate and that there is currently a 7½ month wait for visa numbers available to immigrants from India
84.02.03 [R] Reported that the attorneys for Bhagwan's mother in her year-long fight against an INS deportation order cancelled a scheduled deposition-taking from INS officials this week when they learned that the officials would not explain their motives for wanting her out of the country (No. )
84.02.03 [R] Improvements to date: Rajneesh Humanities Trust (RHT) announces formation of the Buddhafield Experience: A Community Service Program through which visitors can participate in the R community; among the previous week's visitors was one of the world's best known free lance news photographers and founding partners of Sygma (a Paris based free lance photo agency which regularly supplies Time, Newsweek and other publications in 37 countries); new street sweeping machine; reported opening of the first Rajneeshee disco in Holland, located in Amsterdam; reported that BLI found no law violations in its recently closed investigation of RNSIC in Portland
84.02.04 [R] Public hearing on proposed supplemental budget: General Fund and Peace Force resources and requirements--$84,730; Fire Fund resources and requirements--$35,885; Street Maintenance Fund resources and requirements--$13,850.85; Emergency Telephone resources and requirements—$1,006.54; Total resources and requirements—$135,472.39 with no tax levy; Budget Advisory Committee makes final total recommendation for a supplementary budget of $141,977.39
84.02.05 [R] City Council Meeting; member of CCI named to fill Council vacancy; Budget Officer presents supplemental budget of $141,977.39 for adoption; Council officially withdraws R territory from RRFPD, creates new Fire Dept. and approves contract with RRFPD providing for joint ownership of property and R administration of firefighting funds; Council and RRFPD in separate votes select Fire Chief and Asst. Fire Chief; litigation update; CA has filed a motion opposing the AG's effort to move his case against R from US District Court back to W County Circuit Court and has filed, under protest, a request for a hearing on the Executive Dept. decision to withhold 911 emergency telephone funds; R Peace Chief announces posting of her position as a paid one and open for applications for appointment
84.02.06 [J] County Boundary Board puts final stamp of approval on annexation of 111 sq. mi. of land southwest of A valued at $24 million and 5 parcels of A land valued at $425,000 to Madras School District; annexation had been approved last year by W and J County ESDs and Madras School Board; no objections had been filed; new boundaries effective as of May 31, 1984
84.02.07 Lebanon Express editorial opposes anti-Rajneeshee initiative petition on the grounds that it is unconstitutional
84.02.07 [A] City Council Meeting; R Peace Force officers patrolling A asked to issue "'loving reminders'" in place of tickets; no major crimes reported for A this year; 3 Rajneeshee named to fill Budget Committee vacancies; discussion of economic development portion of A Comprehensive Plan, A's tourism benefits as "The Gateway to R", potential need for more gas stations, restaurants and hotels, potential of nudity park; adoption of Res. No. 84- in full support of urban development at R since it benefits A in terms of tourism and economic development; A Comprehensive Plan to be revised by the end of 1984
84.02.08 [J] County Court/Commission public hearing on Rajneeshee festival permit application for June 1-July 15; Rajneeshee testify as to several improvements in transportation (visitors to be bussed directly from Portland, thus alleviating traffic through Madras), safety, security and medical facilities; four Madras residents testify in opposition, saying that the Court/Commission should deny the permit even if the application meets the criteria for a mass gathering, that 15,000 people might damage farm land or all might get food poisoning, that the festival is only a way to create a "power structure" and "'We will do anything possible to get that ranch back for Antelope, the deer and the coyotes...'"; Court/Commission decision expected on Feb. 15
84.02.09 [LUBA] Rules that the R Aug. 28 annexation of 119.2 acres is invalid; the Hearings Officer finds no violation of the R Comprehensive Plan nor any problem with findings made by R in relation to the annexation, but bases the ruling on R's lack of authority to annex under the Sept. 30 LUBA decision that R is not legally incorporated due to its not having complied with LCDC's retroactive rule; the ruling effectively places the acres under the Jurisdiction of W County and renders the future of 14 major construction projects on the land uncertain; 1000 Friends' attorney says they will seek the removal of buildings and other developments from the land, calling them blatant actions "in defiance of the state's land use laws"; R Mayor states that the city will appeal the ruling to the CA because it is based on the retroactive LCDC rule which he alleges is illegal (No. )
84.02.09 INS spokesperson says they are proceeding carefully in their investigation of the request by Bhagwan's adoptive father, that the man is a permanent resident alien, that the adoption had to occur before the child was 16 and the child had to have lived with the adoptive parent for at least three years; the adoptive father is to be interviewed in about a week
84.02.10 [R] Improvements to date: first emu egg hatches; a comprehensive Italian Book of Citations includes three quotations from Bhagwan; prison libraries in Pennsylvania, Washington, Texas, Virginia, California and Wisconsin have been supplied with free sets of Bhagwan's books by RFI
84.02.10 [R] Reported that R has received notice that an administrative hearing on the decision to deny the R Peace Force access to LEDS and consequently to NCIC which was scheduled for Feb. 15 has been indefinitely postponed by the AG and the state will not cut off access as of Feb. 25 as originally planned; AG Office spokesperson stated on Feb. 9 that the status quo on the LEDS issue will be maintained until a US District Court decision on whether the AG's suit against R will be heard in that arena or in W County Circuit Court; Rajneeshee spokesperson calls the delay in hearing a "'manipulative procedure'"
84.02.10 [W] County Planner says the County is issuing to R 26 notices of violations of the County's zoning ordinance since the Feb. 9 LUBA ruling returns control of the 119.2 acres to W County and the zoning of the acreage therefore reverts from urban-use designation to EFU; the LUBA ruling also puts the State Building Codes Division, through the County, in charge of building inspections on the 119.2 acres; W County land use Legal Counsel says "'Hopefully, the state Building Codes Division will put stop-work orders on everything in this questionable area.'";notices include an order to disconnect water and sewer services to the buildings immediately under provisions of the UGB management agreement between R and W County which stipulates that no water or sewer service can be connected without County permission; R maintains that the agreement is not in effect until LCDC has approved the R UGB; RIC and RNSIC will have 15 days to resolve the violations (show that buildings are for outright uses or conditional use permits have been granted); Planner states that if violations not resolved eventual removal of buildings might be required after review by the W County Circuit Court; Planner will make field inspection next week; it is estimated that the County Planning staff spends about 30-40% of its time on R issues
84.02.12 The German Tribune reprints Jan. 21 Die Welt article on Rajneeshee disco in Bielefeld, West Germany (pop. 315,000), citing opposition from two political parties (CDU,SPD), a local retailers association, representatives of business, the catering industry and local churches who feared the "'red menace'" would spoil the city's image and harm business which Rajneeshee had to overcome to finally convince the City Council to grant their application for a license; Bielefeld disco has since applied for membership in the city's Catering Assn.; reported that in Weisbaden, the City Council rejected a Rajneeshee disco application, the rejection was upheld in a lower court where the Council argued that the license would endanger public order "'because the Bhagwan movement is not Christian.'", however, a higher court reversed the ruling on the grounds that the German Constitution does not require business activities to be compatible with Christianity; reported that opening of Rajneeshee disco in Hanover was opposed by SPD, CDU, FDP and Communist parties, but a temporary license was issued and opening occured in Jan.; reported that in Dusseldorf the Council is pressing breweries into boycotting the Rajneeshee disco, has stated it will never grant a license and a cabinet member has joined the opposition; reported that the publicity resulting from all of the opposition has had the effect of attracting large numbers of customers to Rajneeshee businesses
84.02.12 R Mayor calls 1000 Friends' W County Circuit Court request for removal of all structures built in R under permits issued since the adoption of the R Comprehensive Plan in Sept. of 1982 "'looking for senseless destruction'" and says the group has. "'gone beyond bigotry'" in a Portland press conference
84.02.13 [W] By this date, 1000 Friends and Rajneeshee had filed at least five preliminary motions in W County Circuit Court in the case of 1000 Friends' request that the court order the Rajneeshee to vacate and remove all structures within R city limits that were built under permits issued since the adoption of the R Comprehensive Plan in Sept. of 1982; 1000 Friends is also requesting that all facilities serving R, including its sewer and water systems, be removed; 1000 Friends and W County are both seeking a halt to all construction in R through issuance of a permanent injunction; RIC, RNSIC and R have requested Summary Judgements and or a modification of the Oct. 24 preliminary injunction to allow R building officials to issue permits for "'very small'" modifications to existing structures; W County Circuit Court Judge hears arguments on the motions on this date in a packed courtroom; RIC and RNSIC lawyers argue that since the incorporation case is before the CA, the W County Circuit Court is not the proper forum in which to settle the issue; W County Legal Counsel argues primarily against permits issued in relation to the 119.2 acres annexed on Aug. 28; 1000 Friends' attorney argues that R has rushed to erect buildings in order to make removal difficult, that modifying the Oct. 24 preliminary injunction would allow expansive construction to continue and asks that the Judge add five state agencies (DEQ, LCDC, Building Codes Division, Real Estate Commission and Health Division) as defendants in the suit as they have all taken actions which authorize urban developments at R; Judge takes matter under advisement, saying that if it can be reduced to an interpretation of the law, he will rule in a few weeks and get his ruling made part of the CA case; Feb. 27 hearing date set on W County motion to prohibit RNSIC and RIC from occupying or using any buildings or utilities on the annexed 119.2 acres
84.02.13 OEPBS television program "Front Street Weekly" carries a story titled "In Memory of Antelope" which includes footage of R Mayor saying "'If we are forced to, we will take over Oregon. If we are forced to; we would hate to have to do it.'"
84.02.13 W:. Meeting of 40 in The Dalles with area US Representative; he says Rajneeshee matters are in the hands of government agencies and not ones to be settled politically
84.02.14 [A] Meeting of CCI; further discussion of economic development links between A and R; 4 subcommittees created; city services, including water and sewer systems, currently being studied
84.02.15 [W] Baker County Circuit Court Judge sitting in for W County Circuit Court Judge denies A School District's second motion for dismissal in the A School Board status case and, therefore, denies the release of the $32,000 in impounded funds; trial date set for June 6
84.02.15 [J] County Court/Commission gives conditional approval to Rajneeshee summer festival permit for June 1-July 15; conditions include: posting of a $25,000 cash bond to assure the removal of temporary facilities by Aug. 1, a recommendation that no temporary restaurants be installed, the inspection at any time of sanitary facilities by a five member committee (a County Court/Commission member, Sheriff's Deputy, Sanitarian, Building Inspector and representative of the Health Dept.); temporary installation of 1346 four-person tents to occur in 1984 (855 in 1983), a snack bar, sanitary water facilities and up to 5000 (of 15,000) visitors to use 36.4 acres (21.4 acres in 1983) of J County lands (the rest to use W County land); anticipated gross gate receipts in J County of $2,692,000
84.02.15 New bi-monthly newsletter called Counterpoint prints article stating that 1000 Friends' anti-Rajneeshee mailings had "irked both supporters and non-supporters" of the group, citing a letter by a Portland attorney and former land-use hearings officer to the Director ("'Your solicitation.... confirms my worst fears about your motives in this entire matter. The document does nothing to persuade or educate. It is as clear an appeal as I can imagine to the very worst in the uninformed, already confused public. It is not an appeal to high ideals, but an attempt to prey on and foster hatred, fear and prejudice... You are not attempting to solve the problem...You are attempting to aggravate it and exploit it.'") and the statement of a State Senator, ex-head of LCDC ('" I think it's crass... They're just trying to find a scapegoat. There are a lot of other major land-use issues in this state.'")
84.02.15 [R] Two W county Planners inspect construction inside the 119.2 acre area
84.02.15 [R] Improvements to date:. 40 wells' water levels measured each month and levels comparable to the same months in 1983; anticipated that the 57 acre truck farm will yield double the 1983 harvest in 1984; hi-technology recording studio
84.02.15 INS reverses its Dec. 1982 ruling and approves Bhagwan's request to be classified as a religious teacher saying that supporting documents and evidence submitted to rebut the derogatory evidence prior to Dec. 1982 played a key role; despite the reversal, INS spokesperson says a decision on permanent residency status is not expected "'in the immediate future.'"; the religious teacher status places Bhagwan on a list and classifies the permanent residency appli- cation as 3rd preference on the quota for India, which is 20,000 per year (1st preference is for the unmarried children of US citizens; 2nd preference for the unmarried children of lawful permanent residents); there is room on the quota, but other factors are being considered, the INS says; the original petition was filed in Nov. 1981 and four others have been filed since; Bhagwan's attorney says that granting of permanent residency is almost assured since Bhagwan is not covered by any of the 33 reasons for excluding a petition (for example, insanity, drug or alcohol addiction, prostitution, mental retardation, psychopathic personality, pauperism, polygamist, deported alien, anarchist, stowaway or Nazi); Pres. of AR holds press conference in Portland; celebration at R
84.02.16 Two Rajneeshee speakers in Eugene to address the Oregon/ Cascade Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators
84.02.16 [W] Reported that four Rajneeshee have filed for seats on the A District 50J School Board; there is one incumbent Rajneeshee, the Board's Chair
84.02.16 Reported that the US Representative from the Eugene area has asked R Mayor to explain his "takeover" statement shown on OEPBS television segment of Jan. 13
84.02.16 Rajneeshee attorneys request Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge to issue a court order barring the use of the photo and statements of rancher spokesperson involved in defamation suit and countersuit in 1000 Friends' "Rajneeshpuram Alert" fundraising mailer and barring dissemination of the pamphlet in Multnomah County, saying it could prejudice potential jurors in the case; 1000 Friends' attorney opposes the request saying it would prevent the group from exercising its First Amendment rights; Judge sets Feb. 24 hearing date but declines to sign a temporary order barring distribution of the mailings; trial in the suits to begin Mar. 19; Judge rules that Rajneeshee attorneys may have the Mar. 21 Enlightenment Celebration Day off from the trial (Nos. and )
84.02.17 [R] Improvements to date: Two R representatives attended the annual conference of the Chamber of Commerce Officers and Managers from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska last week; Visitor's Bureau expects 100,000 visitors to R in 1984; Press Relations Bureau; Public Information Bureau to respond to speaking invitations; approximately $85-$100 million the estimated induced income for Oregon as a result of R; new reception building opened; average size of Rajneesh Times edition is 22 pages, 4000 copies circulate to 16,000 readers (30% in R, 14% in Oregon, many of which are complimentary or exchange copies, 22% to other western states, 33% to other states and countries); six independent editions of the Rajneesh Times now published in the US, Germany, Holland, Italy, UK and Japan and another planned for Australia; 8000 copies of the German Rajneesh Times sold regularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and Dutch edition which is now bi-monthly is soon to go weekly; reported that the previous week Der Spiegel news magazine in Germany published a cover story of 10 pages on Rajneeshee business ventures, including a total of 50 discos expected by the end of the year in Europe (35 of them in Germnay), a planned hotel chain with locations in Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Hanover and Zurich and restaurants already in Milan, Copenhagen, Zurich, Vienna and planned for Berlin, Darmstadt, Wurzburg and Freiburg; a Rajneeshee has been the harbor director of the port of Cologne- for 5 years
84.02.21 Reported that the previous week an RFI attorney wrote to an out-of-work Albany printer to threaten an injunction and damage suit if he did not stop selling posters, T shirts and hats bearing an image of Bhagwan and sayings, including "Not wanted dead or alive"; letter states that RFI is owner of all rights to Bhagwan's name and image and that the uses by the Albany man are "demeaning, violent and hostile."; Albany man claims he is merely expressing his opinion
84.02.21 [LUBA] Denies R request for a stay on the Sept. 30 ruling which would allow the city to continue exercising land use authority pending the outcome of the CA appeal, saying the city failed to show irrevocable harm if the ruling were allowed to stand; R Mayor says the city will appeal to the CA as soon as possible (No. )
84.02.21 The Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association (ONPA) President announces that the ONPA Board rejected the membership application of The Rajneesh Times on Feb. 9, saying the Board was not satisfied "'as to the distinction between the ownership and management of the newspaper and the government of the community'"; Times editor says the Assoc. is motivated by politics and acted in secrecy without allowing Times representatives to address the Board; ONPA represents 20 daily and 87 weekly papers in the state and lists membership criteria as general interest papers with a paid circulation that hold second class mailing privileges, are published at least weekly and operated according to the Association's ethical and business standards
84.02.23 Reported that Albany T shirt seller has said he has received moral support, money offers and many orders for his products since publicity about the letter from the RFI attorney threatening a damage suit; ACLU reportedly told him on Feb. 21 that it probably would not represent him if he is sued since they are leery of involvement in commercial copyright disputes
84.02.24 Reported that the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) annual meeting of about 80 law enforcement officers in Umatilla has accepted R Peace Force Chief for membership by an 8 to 4 vote of the Executive Committee after what the President called "some heated discussion"; she is believed to be the second woman Chief to become a member of the Association
84.02.24 [R] Improvements to date: first registered quarter horse foal born
84.02.24 Reported that a new draft report submitted to the European Parliament by a committee studying new religious movements has backed down from its hostile stand towards Rajneeshism, which was evident in its preliminary report of last year
84.02.24 US District Court Judge hears 1 hour and 10 minutes of arguments on the AG's motion to return his suit against R to W County Circuit Court; Deputy AG argues that the case is purely intragovernmental, the state camot be made to appear against its will or be sued without is consent; R attorney argues that the AG invoked the US Constitution in his claim that R violates the "establshment clause", that the state is not being sued but is suing, that if "establishment" could be proved the remedy would be to cease the "establishment" and not to destroy R and that federal consitutional and civil rights issues are involved; RFI attorney argues that R was established by people not by a religion; RIC lawyer argues that cases cited by the Deputy AG do not apply because the state is the aggressor not the defendant in the suit; RSNIC attorney shows how AG's complaint cites the US Constitution on 16 pases; Judge to issue a written opinion (No. )
84.02.24 Evidentiary hearing in Multnomah County Circuit Court, during which a 1000 Friends' planner admits that the 1000 Friends' Director and Public Education Co-ordinator had drafted rancher spokesperson's letter for the "Rajneeshpuram Alert" pamphlet which had been mailed to 850,000 Oregon residents since the spring of 1983 (250,000 of them to addresses in Multnomah County where the defamation suit and countersuit trial is to take place); Judge bars rancher spokesperson from allowing 1000 Friends to use her photo or statements in its fundraising pamphlets until after jury selection in the case; Judge denies Rajneeshee request that 1000 Friends be enjoined from disseminating any pamphlets featuring her photo or her comments about the defamation suit and countersuit, saying that they are not a party to the suit and therefore camot be enjoined (Nos. and )
84.02.24 R Mayor and attorney for ex-wife of unsuccessful A mayoral candidate in defamation suit and countersuit both speak to a meeting of 135 before the Salem City Club
84.02.24 [R] Reported that the Pres. of AR will leave in a few days for a tour of Europe to include Brussels, Bonn, Cologne, The Hague, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Berlin; she says she is "'going to let the world know once and for all that we are a religion.'"
84.02.25 Gala wedding at Hotel Rajneesh in Portland attended by 250 people
84.02.27 [R] R Mayor replies to US Representative from Eugene area's request for an explanation of Jan. 13 OEPBS "takeover" statement, saying that R has no crime, full employment, innovative land use planning , citizen-government cooperation and has already made Oregon famous and inviting Representative to visit R
84.02.27 [W] County Circuit Court Judge hears arguments on W County motion to order people to vacate and to prevent any occupancy or use of buildings in 119.2 acre area of R (No. )
84.02.28 [A] W County Sheriff's officers respond to R Peace Officers' call relating to a rock thrown in the path of their car
84.02.28 [A] Special City Council Meeting; suggestion, discussion and endorsement of a plan to rename A city streets after those who have been an inspiration to humanity; up to $200 authorized for new street signs; public hearing set
84.02.29 Rajneeshee speaker at St. Helens Rotary Club
84.02.29 [A] School Board meeting; adoption of a "School Without Walls" program in which grade 9-12 students will spend up to 75% of their time outside the classroom, learning in such community settings as the RMC
84.03.01 Rajneeshee speaker at Molalla Union High School global studies class; 125 students and 25 from community attend; rumors of trouble and opposition before the presentation; no incidents
84.03.01 [W] Reported that: unsuccessful A Mayoral candidate is to run against area State Senator; two California men arrested at R in Aug 6, 1983 incident are expected to file a $1 million lawsuit in Multnomah County District Court against the President of AR, R, and several R Peace Force officers charging a violation of their civil rights and using same attorney who is involved in CO and in defending ex-wife of unsuccessful A Mayoral candidate in $1.1 million defamation suit and countersuit
84.03.02 [R] Improvements to date: recently completed 140 room hotel with special handicapped wing beginning to book guests; recent visitors include two Korean Buddhist monks; three new busses; 3 out of every four days in Mar. will see the preparation of 20 recipes daily for tasting preliminary to the creation of a 200 recipe cookbook to be published in July, 1984; R Chamber of Commerce committee planning a two day celebration of R's second birthday on May 18 and 19 to include a banquet, free tours, performances, a street fair, free recreational activities; 5 of 42 students enrolled in the seven week basic training program at the State Police Academy in Monmouth are R Peace Force officers; Dutch edition of Playboy magazine publishes article on what the discerning European Rajneeshee should wear when travelling to R
84.03.02 Salem Statesman-Journal editorial and regular columnist take ONPA to task for rejecting the membership application of The Rajneesh Times
84.03.02 [W] Reported that W County Planner is withdrawing 4 of 26 violation notices for buildings on R's 119-2 annexed acres since the buildings mentioned in the violations (a cinema, 2 trailers, a furniture factory) do not exist
84.03.03 RIMU teachers introduce their techniques to a conference of 300 in New York City entitled the "March Event"
84.03.03 Retorted that there are 2500 Rajneeshee in Australia
84.03.04 Reported that one of the nation's foremost constitutional lawyers, professor of constitutional law at Harvard, who is currently defending the head of the Unification Church in a tax evasion case has volunteered to serve as an unpaid consultant to the AG in his case against R; Rajneeshee had sought his aid only to find him helping the AG; Oregon is also retaining the Dean of the Law School at UC Berkeley in the case
84.03.04 [R] President of AR begins her European pilgrimage
84.03.06 [A] City Council Meeting; public hearing and approval of renaming city streets; suggestion, discussion and adoption of names for city property, including the Adolph Hitler Landfill and Recycling Center and the Jesus Fire Station; Ord. No. 84- adopted prohibiting overnight camping in A streets, including sleeping in vehicles; proposal for ballot measure to abolish A charter provision prohibiting gambling; Peace Force officer report; approval of A welcome sign saying "Welcome to Antelope, Gateway to Rajneeshpuram"; 1983-84 city budget of $32,936; 1984-85 projected city budget of over $40,000; proposal to introduce a ballot measure for a new city tax base to replace the 1983 special tax levy; up to $250 authorized for new name signs; explanation of naming Landfill after Hitler since it is necessary to remember him as a reminder that people can abuse their power and potential and to prevent such an abuse reocurring; the Hitler name causes much media furor during the next few weeks
84.03.06 [W] Reported that the ex-W County Commissioner who resigned in protest after the Commission approved the R festival permit on April 14, 1982 will file as a candidate for the W County Court/Commission
84.03.07 [W] Unsuccessful A Mayoral candidate who will run against the area State Senator in the general election (since both are unopposed in the primary) says he will not wage an "anti- Rajneesh" campaign
84.03.07 Rajneeshee speaker at Eastern Oregon State College, sponsored by the Psychology Club; approximately 200 attend
84.03.09 [R] President of AR announces Bhagwan's prediction that AIDS is the disease which will kill two-thirds of the world's population during the next ten years, fulfilling a prediction by Nostradamus; several protective measures are suggested: if one is ready, to drop sex altogether; or to remain with one partner; to use condoms and rubber gloves, avoid oral and anal sex and wash carefully; RMC begins to provide free condoms and surgical gloves to R residents and visitors
84.03.09 [R] Improvements to date: 13 attorneys and over 20 paralegals in RLSC
84.03.09 [W] Unsuccessful A Mayor candidate is disqualified for his Democratic primary filing in a bid to challenge area State Senator in the general election when County officials discover that he is registered as an Independent; according to Oregon law, a candidate seeking a major party's nomination must be registered in that party at least 180 days prior to filing as a candidate; he says he is undecided now about whether he will seek the post
84.03.10 [A] Special City Council Meeting; consideration of new tax base and ballot measure wording
84.03.12 Unidentified person posts sign at Lane County solid waste central receiving station saying "Bhagwan Rajneesh Garbage Dump"; authorities remove sign
84.03.13 [W] Reported that unsuccessful A Mayoral candidate will run a write-in campaign for the Democratic nomination to run against area State Senator in the general election and that he will change his party registration to Democrat
84.03.13 [R] It is announced that no public tours will be conducted during the March 21 Enlightenment Day Celebration; Rajneeshees begin to arrive for a week of activities leading up to the celebration
84.03.13 [W] W County Planner warns RIC attorney that RIC must respond by March 29 to 22 violation notices relating to buildings on the annexed 119.2 acres which were mailed on Feb. 10 or citations will be issued; if citations are issued the matter will move to the W County Circuit Court for a determination of whether violations exist; the County violation notices say the use of the structures must cease and that no further work may be done on incomplete structures
84.03.13 State SPI revokes the teaching certificate of a Eugene American Sikh who was suspended on December 7, 1983 for violation of the "religious garb law"; her attorney says she will file a civil suit against Oregon in the U.S. District Court in Eugene claiming that the law violates her constitutional rights to religious freedom and that the prohibitions of the law are vague and overbroad; SPI sends letters to all school district superintendents reminding them that the law prohibits the wearing of religious dress by teachers in the classroom; SPI advises the Chair of the A School Board that Rajneeshee teachers may be in violation of the law; SPI is quoted as saying,"'My interpretation of the law is that by wearing red every day the Rajneeshees are wearing religious dress'".; Rajneeshee teachers had decided previously that they would not wear malas visibly when teaching; A School Board Chair and A School teachers say they think the law unconstitutional, that teachers may properly wear the color red and that they may attend school in the nude if the "religious garb law" is enforced against them; the April 7 meeting of the A School Baord is expected to discuss the issue
84.03.14 [R] Improvements to date: construction of more than 50 two- story townhouses nearing completion
84.03.14 Reported that earlier this month an R speaker testified at a Water Resources Department hearing in Canyon City on Fish and Wildlife and DEQ determinations of minimum streamflows in Grant County to eliminate pollution and protect fisheries, saying that there is enough water in the area for all uses if appropriate techniques are employed
84.03.15 [R] RIC spkoesperson declines to confirm or deny rumors that RIC is negotiating for a 4000 acre parcel of land near Emigrant Lake Dam east of Ashland
84.03.15 Announced that a State Department of Education accreditation team will visit A School on April 3-4; team will consist of the State Director of Standardization, W County ESD Superintendent, Gilliam-Wheeler County ESD Superintendent and three State Department of Education staff specialists; it is suggested that the Rajneeshee may petition to annex all Rancho Rajneesh property to the A School District; at present only 19,000 of the more than 64,000 acres of Ranch property are within the boundary
84.03.15 [W] Reported that the State of Oregon (with the AG representing the State Building Codes Division) has joined court proceedings requesting an injunction against building on R's 119.2 annexed acres; the injunction would prohibit, among other things, allowing or engaging in the installation, construction, expansion, connection or establishment of any structure or facility, utility, the occupancy or use of such buildings except those constructed under permits issued previously by W County; W County Planner has not yet issued 22 building violation citations pending a W County Circuit Court hearing on the injunction slated for March 16 (No. )
84.03.15 [W] Two entrepreneurs begin selling beef pepperoni sticks called "Bhag Weenies" in The Dalles, offering a 5¢ donation from every sale to "Help Return Native Oregonians to Antelope, Oregon"; they are also considering selling T-shirts and producing a radio advertising song called "The Bhag Weenie Bop"
84.03.16 [W] W County Circuit Court Judge hears four hours of arguments in a packed courtroom on the show cause hearing on a request for a permanent injunction against building on R's 119.2 annexed acres; R Mayor testifies that no permits have been issued for building on the acreage since Feb. 9 and no new construction has started there; Judge denies W County motion for a Summary Judgement and permanent injunction which would have declared all R land use decisions null and voided every R land use action to date; Judge grants joint State of Oregon and W County motion for temporary injunction against new or continuing construction on the acreage, although he states that the 20 completed structures may be used until there is a final determination by the higher counts on the legality of R incorporation (No. )
84.03.16 [W] Candidate for area US Representative speaks in The Dalles, saying that she hasn't changed her anti-Rajneeshee position and that they have "'harassed American citizens, running up taxes, closing schools....sending a message to the Governor to change the laws or we'll hold Antelope hostage.'" and saying that"'. ...Rajneeshpuram is a tourist trap....'"
84.03.16 Announced that LCDC has appointed a committee to study the issue of destination resort land use classification under Coal 8 which could affect R; committee is composed of a real estate developer, an LCDC member, a 1000 Friends' attorney and is to report to LCDC at its April 12-13 meeting
84.03.16 [A] Reported 18 non-Rajneeshee residents in A and only 12 or so there longer than the Rajneeshee
84.03.16 [W] Reported that W voters will be asked to vote on March 27 for a County tax levy of $1,574,866, which includes $41,160 to pay the W County land use attorney (who is spending the majority of his time fighting R) in addition to the salary of a third staff person at the W County Planning Department (which has estimated it spends 40% of its time on R related issues)
84.03.17 [A] Wamic man brings 60 picketers to A to protest Rajneeshee influence there; another demonstration is planned for April 15, the second anniversary of the unsuccessful A dis incorporation election
84.03.18 Portland Oregonian editorial urges repeal of Oregon's "religious garb law"
84.03.19 [R] President of AR returns from her European pilgrimage; reported that 5000 Rajneeshee had gathered in Cologne, Germany to greet her; media coverage of the trip extensive
84.03.19 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge dismisses $1.5 million defamation suit by RNSIC against A area rancher for statements made on June 24, 1982 taping of Merv Griffin TV Show, saying that the statements at worst were exaggerations and the case was a "'tempest in a teapot'"; Judge states that the rancher's claims in her defamation countersuit may be no more serious than the claims against her; Rancher drops defamation countersuit claims against RNSIC, leaving only Bhagwan, the President of AR and RFI as defendants; since the three remaining have already been judged as defaulting as a result of Bhagwan's failure to appear for pre-trial questioning on December 14, the only issue remaining is to determine the amount of damages due to the rancher; Judge rules that rancher is not entitled to have a jury determine the amount of damages in her $12.5 million defamation countersuit and sets a damage hearing for March 22 (Nos. and )
84.03.20 [A] School Board Meeting; finds that 5 Rajneeshee teachers at A School have not violated the "religious garb law" and refuses to prohibit them from wearing red saying that such an action would be unconstitutional; SPI says he will consult the AG on the matter, since the law requires school boards to take action against teachers violating the law before any action can be taken by others
84.03.20 [CA] Rules against 1000 Friends' and three nearby ranch couples' challenge to R and overturns LUBA Sept. 30 decision , saying that the W County Court/Commission decision to incorporate R did not violate land use planning goals in effect in 1981; the ruling invalidates the application of LCDC's retroactive rule requiring that new cities go through an exceptions process to Coals 3 and 14 before being allowed to incorporate; CA remands the case back to LUBA for further consideration; LCDC and 1000 Friends say they will appeal the ruling to the Oregon SC; R Mayor says the city will ask W County Circuit Court to lift the Oct. 24 injunction prohibiting the city from issuing building permits and taking actions on land use matters
84.03.21 [R] Celebration of the 31st anniversary of Bhagwan's Enlightenment; over 1000 visitors to R; drawing for 1982 Rolls Royce Silver Spur won by R resident who refuses to claim her prize, saying that the rose she had received earlier in the day from Bahgwan was enough
84.03.21 Rumored that A&R residents are shifting their party registration to Democrat in order to launch a write-in vote against unsuccessful A Mayoral candidate who is hoping to become the D write-in nominee against area State Senator
84.03.21 [W] W County Planner states that W County Sheriff's deputies are serving 16 building violation citations each against RIC and RNSIC; each citation constitutes a misdeamor charge for violation of zoning rules carrying a maximum fine of $1000; issuance of the citations is based on the LUBA ruling declaring the 119.2 acre annexation void; W County says that the 16 disputed buildings should not be occupied due to the citations; R and W County are in dispute as to whether portions of a meditation hall and hotel fall inside or outside of the 119.2 acreage; the issue now goes to a W County Circuit Court hearing scheduled for April 9; State Building Codes Administrator says he may issue some building permits for completed buildings on the 119.2 acres to allow minor work such as the completion of a boiler facility for the hotel, but will issue none for new construction; his decision is based on the Mar. 16 W County Circuit Court ruling that the completed buildings on the disputed acreage may be occupied
84.03.22 [W] Reported that although in previous elections nearly all Rajneeshee residents of R and A had been registered Republicans, the party identification count as of March 13 was 235 Democrats, 203 Republicans and 62 Independents; W County Clerk's office says that there have been 275 new or re-registrations by A and R residents, but that many had been required by law to re-register due to the change of street names/addresses
84.03.22 [J] Reported that if all 64,000 acres of Rancho Rajneesh are annexed to the A School District, Ashwood School, which serves 6 to 10 students with one teacher in a two classrooom elementary school and which is in Madras School District, J County, will lose $10,000 in property taxes annually; annexation proposal not yet made but still expected
84.03.22 Eastern Oregon Health System Agency newsletter reports that RMC has proposed building a 36 bed skilled nursing facility and ambulatory surgery unit in R at a cost of $5.8 million; this proposal presumably replaces an earlier letter of intent from RNSIC to construct a $150,000 freestanding emergency medical center
84.03.23 [W] "Bhag Weenie" entrepreneurs report sales of 2000 pepperoni sticks, 2880 sausages and 100 T shirts with best sales in The Dalles, Mt. Hood and Damascus in about 100 stores and taverns; they plan to market Bhag Weenie caps and have included a law firm as a 10% owner in the business in case of Rajneeshee lawsuits; they announce that the first group to receive a donation from their sales will be the CO
84.03.23 [R] RFI attorneys state that they are not planning to sue the Albany man selling Bhagwan T shirts, posters and hats; Albany man claims sales of 28 dozen T shirts, but says sales of 10 dozen remaining are problemmatical, that he has not made much profit, but that he will continue the enterprise
84.03.23 [R] Rajneesh Times editorial urges R residents to vote against W County tax levy request of $1.5 million due to the funds included to fight R; balloting will take place on March 27
84.03.23 [R] Improvements to date: publication of a Neo-Tarot deck, over 600 decks sold in first 24 hours and classes in neo-tarot being offered by RIMU; artistic mural on walls of hotel lobby completed; 7 new books of Bhagwan's teachings published, brings those in English to a total of 154
84.03.23 Sikh teacher files lawsuit in US District Court to get her teaching certificate and job restored after losing both on March 13 due to SPI's enforcement of the "religious garb law"; she is also seeking back pay, reimbursement for legal expenses, but no punitive damages; an Oregon ACLU spokesperson announces that organization's position to be that the law is constitutional, but that a teacher should not lose a teaching certificate in consequence of violating the law (No. )
84.03.23 US District Court Judge in Multnomah County rules that the AG's suit against R should remain in federal court since it relates to federal law and the US constitution; the ruling was made to deny the AG's request that the suit be removed to W County Circuit Court (No. )
84.03.25 [J] Reported that a couple from India who are Christians plan to establish a "half-way house" in Madras for "burned-out Rajneeshees"
84.03.26 AG files a motion of dismissal with regard to his suit against the consitutionality of R in Multnomah County US District Court (No. )
84.03.26 Reported that Albany man will continue to produce and sell Bhagwan T shirts, that he has sold 350 since Feb. 20 media coverage, and has received a loan to produce 28 dozen more as well as 3000 additional posters; the man claims that ACLU has agreed to defend him if the Rajneeshee file a suit; RFI attorney says no final decision has been made on whether to sue him, but that RFI still claims copyright infringement
84.03.26 [R] W County Planner and assistant receive a $30 ticket from R Peace Force Officers because their vehicle has no back license plate as they drive around R on a surveying project; the citation is only the fifth one issued by the Peace Force; W County Circuit Court appearance date on the ticket is April 9
84.03.27 [W] W County's proposed $1.5 million operating levy defeated in special election by a vote of 2409 to 2059; nearly 99% voter turnout in R where 512 (of 518 registered) votes are cast in opposition, presumably due to inclusion in the levy of funding for W County's land use battles against R; of A's 147 registered voters, 63 vote no and 23 vote yes; of the County's 12,387 registered voters (?11,869), 4651 (?4136) or about 35% turn out to vote; W County officials state that they will propose a new $2.9 million tax base on the May ballot; the new tax base proposal will include the current $1.4 million tax base and the defeated $1.5 million tax levy request; W County Judge/ Commissioner had earlier said that the Rajneeshee threat to vote against the levy amounted to "'balckmail'"; in the special election four Rajneeshee are elected unopposed to seats on the A School Board
84.03.27 [W] AG withdraws his suit challenging the constitutionality of R from Multnomah County US District Court and refiles a modified suit in W County Circuit Court; the new suit includes W County, the W County Sheriff and one additional member of the R City Council as defendants; AG spokesperson says the refiling is due to the too-lengthy federal court process which is expensive; R attorneys say they may file another removal action to transfer the new suit to federal court since it involves federal law and US constitutional issues still (Nos. and )
84.03.27 Fourth day of damage hearings on area rancher's $12.5 million defamation countersuit against Bhagwan, President of AR and RFI; testimony heard from rancher, President AR, psychiatrist, psychologist, former Ranch manager's wife, ex-CSD private school inspector, R Peace Force Chief, Vice- President of RNSIC, R farm coordinator, former lobbyist for Rajneeshee, various W County anti-Rajneeshee ; Judge dismisses the rancher's claim that RFI and President of AR filed the defamation suit against her as part of a conspiracy to deny her free speech rights; Judge dismisses claim that Merv Griffin TV Show statement by President AR defamed rancher; Judge rules that statements made by President AR on a July 26, 1982 Portland radio broadcast and in an April 29, 1983 letter to the Rajneesh Times were defammatory, uttered maliciously and intended to damage the rancher; Judge awards damages of $75,000 instead of the $12.5 million requested; rancher says she is unsure of whether the amount will cover her legal fees; Rajneeshee attorney says he will recommend that RFI and President AR appeal the decision
84.03.27 [W] The Dalles Chronicle takes a Judson Baptist College administrator to task for arousing fears that the Rajneeshee may buy his school's property if the school is closed; a letter from the administrator referred to "'a rapidly growing group within our area'" which would buy the property and appealed for $730,000 in donations by April 15 to keep the College, which has a $3.2 million short term debt, open; editorial says "Stirring the public emotion with speculation or rumor doesn't help the situation"; by law, if the state forecloses on the College property, it must first be offered to state agencies, counties, cities, schools and special districts as well as the federal government before it could go on the private market
84.03.28 R Mayor holds press conference at Hotel Rajneesh in Portland; states that AG's maneuvers in the suit against the constitutionality of R are an attempt to win the case through technicalities; states that backers of the new W County tax base will try to use "'prejudice against the Rajneeshees'" to obtain its passage on May 15
84.03.28 [R] President of RNSIC and of AR are served with papers by the AG's Office in the new case against the constitutionality of R which has been filed in W County Circuit Court (No. )
84.03.28 [W] W County Judge/Commissioner says that the Rajneeshee "bloc vote" must be countered by other W County voters
84.03.29 Reported that the ex Mayor of A and her husband left their A home three months ago on advice of her doctor; she says the Rajneeshee are "'draining us emotionally and financially'" but she is going back to A because it is her home and she has to be there for court trials which are scheduled; she states that only four of the 20 non-Rajneeshee, pre-198l families are left in A
84.03.29 R City Attorney files petition for removal of AG's second suit against the constitutionality of R from W County Circuit Court to Multnomah County US District Court, alleging that adding W County and the W County Sheriff as defendants was a move made by the AG solely to defeat removal and that they are not appropriate defendants, but rather are hostile to the existence of R like the plaintiff; removal petition also alleges that the US constitution is still at issue in Oregon's suit (Nos. and )
84.03.30 [R] Reported that: negotiations are underway to open a 130 room Hotel Rajneesh in Cologne, Germany; 2000 non-Rajneeshee nightly attend the Rajneesh disco in Cologne; a Japanese Nippon TV Corporation team has recently filmed a show in R to be aired in April; estimated R population of 1400; Rajneesh Times April Fool's issue spoofs nudity, bigotry, the "religious garb law", AG, land use rules, clothing, outerspace visitors
84.04.01 [R] Improvements to date: three new foals expected; on call taxi service making over 200 runs per day; strolling musicians performing in restaurants; kids establish a business corporation and open disco
84.04.01 By this date, 1000 Friends had begun mailing a new fund- raising brochure charging that R is being built out of deception and illegal actions as an international Rajneesh headquarters and quoting extensively from old issues of Indian newspapers
84.04.01 Oregon magazine article cites accusations that "Rajneesh.... cult....enforce(s) sexual participation" as a form of "psychosocial control"
84.04.02 April Fools pranksters in Forest Grove pose as Bhagwan and followers inquiring whether a piece of land owned by Mayor is for sale; Mayor and police receive several calls, including one from a woman getting ready to sell her home because the Rajneeshee "are coming"
84.04.02 [R] School Board meeting; A School renamed Lincoln School and District renamed Rajneeshpuram School District, W County District 50 J (formerly known only as W County District 50 J)
84.04.02 [W] Planning Commission hearing on RNSIC application for conditional use permits for two 75 sq. ft. Academy of Rajneeshism buldings for church archives and religious education and research; church and school uses are conditional uses in EFU zones; the buildings would be within the original UGB requested by R, not on the annexed land
84.04.03 April 3-4 [A] State Dept. of Education standardization team of 6 inspectors (Gilliam County ESD Superintendent, Asst. State Superintendent for Curriculum, State Director of Standardization, State SPI's Executive Assistant, School District Administrative Specialist, W County ESD Superintendent) visit Lincoln School, with a reported 5 teachers and 76 students; religious garb law not an issue for the team; verbal comments by team on the school without walls learning centers, and other program and building improvements since their last visit are quite positive; teams' written report expected to be submitted to State SPI by April 9; if team determines that state standards not met, the District will have 90 days to devise a plan for improvement
84.04.03 April 3-4 [W] Two day hearing in W County Circuit Court involving A Community Church transfer, ownership and damages with a Judge from Bend presiding; the church was built in 1896 by the Methodist-Episcopal Church, purchased in 1953 by A citizens who gave the deed to School District 50J, which transferred ownership to the City of A in 1969; the A city Council transferred the Church to the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon on May 4, 1982; present A City Council is alleging illegal and improper transfer, seeking damages of $5 per day beginning May 24, 1983 from the Diocese (the date they refused to relinquish ownership) and damages of $10,000 from the former Councilmembers and Mayor and return of the church; they allege that the old"Council did not follow proper procedures, acted outside its authority, gave no public notice, gave away valuable property when the city was in debt and acted in violation of the federal and state constitutions"; attorney for former Council contends that they were not owners, but only trustees of the property, which belonged to the Methodist Church members who had subsequently deeded it to the Episcopal Diocese; land under church is valued at $3975 and replacement cost for church building is $80,000; testimony by three former Councilmembers , present A Treasurer, Rajneeshee architect, A church member, non-Rajneeshee A resident, Episcopal Bishop; 150 attend; decision expected in a few weeks (No. )
84.04.04 [A] City Council meeting; $2525 in bills approved for payment; Peace Force reports "loving reminders" working well; reported that A landfill recently set on fire, DEQ recently inspected and filed report on Landfill and Recycling Center; CCI subcommittees on community services and finances, economic development, population projections and land use requirements are continuing work; bids for in-depth water/sewer study to be solicited; report on the A Community Church case; report on city insurance costs, found to be only $772 and not $2000; adoption of an ordinance to prohibit dogs from running at large, establishing a license fee of $10 and providing for enforcement and fines; adoption of an ordinance allowing TransCascades Telephone Co. to bury a phone facility under the street; adoption of a contract requiring certain conditions be met in burying the phone facility; Mayor and two Councilmembers empowered to enter into agreement with the League of Oregon Cities (LOC) and membership dues of $66 approved; City Recorder mentions insults occuring during breaks and after A Community Church trial
84.04.04 US District Court Judge in Portland denies motion filed by INS attorneys after a Rajneeshee refused to answer 75 questions relating to the validity of his marriage; Judge denies INS request to have all 50 spouses answer all 75 questions, saying the conduct is not designed to get information, but rather to harass; Judge hears Rajneeshee attorney's argument that the questions are not relevant to the suit by the 25 couples claiming that the INS is biased against and denying spousal applications for permanent residency status and requesting the court to order the INS to process those applications and do so without regard to religious affiliation (No. )
84.04.06 Five R Peace Force Officers are among 41 students from 28 Departments to graduate from the seven week basic training course of the Oregon Police Academy at Western Oregon State College; one Peace Officer wins the award for outstanding achievement in physical development; R Mayor and R Peace Force Chief attend graduation ceremonies
84.04.06 [R] Reported that RNSIC Director of Resource Management has been appointed by the Governor to a Citizens Advisory Committee that will work with a Strategic Water Planning Group made up of the executives of ten state agencies; they will develop a state water planning program, but will begin by conducting a pilot study on the John Day River Basin
84.04.06 [R] Improvements to date: R showerheads use only 1/6th as much water as those commonly used elsewhere; 25% to 30% of Ranch irrigation water provided by treated waste water; greenhouse seedlings beginning to be planted by precision seeder; banana tree produces first fruit; RMC sponsoring one of two state-approved courses in Oregon leading to prescription privilege licensing for nurse practitioners; three RLSC law clerks pass Oregon State Bar Examination, each has practiced law elsewhere
84.04.06 UO psychologists report to the Western Psychological Assn. annual convention in LA on their research at R and the team's conclusion that it needs to develop new scales to measure Rajneeshee values such as self-awareness and the master- disciple relationship; Rajneeshee psychiatrist and Vice- Chancellor of RIMU give slide presentation and answer question
84.04.11 It is reported that a Rajneeshee is trying to find others to help him establish a school in King County Washington, south of Seattle; this is not an RFI sponsored project
84.04.11 [W] County Court/Commission meeting; briefing on R summer festval which is expecting 15,000 and requires temporary kitchen, dining hall and dishwashing facilities; W County Commissioners will visit R to view festival preparations on June 10
84.04.11 [CA] Hearing of arguments in an R appeal of the Feb. 1 LUBA decision on the legality of the annexation of the 119.2 acres; R attorney argues that R followed proper procedures for annexing the land, which is inside the R proposed UGB; 1000 Friends' attorney argues that since the status of R is in question, so is the status of the annexation and that until LCDC acknowledges a UGB a city may not begin to build without going through an exceptions process; W County attorney argues that R and W County should have agreed on a mutually acceptable UGB before activities took place on the land (No. )
84.04.12 Announcements and articles appear in Madras and The Dalles papers inviting the public to picnic lunch and protest march in A on the anniversary of the disincorporation election
84.04.12 Mollalla Union High School Board meeting; receipt of and testimony on a petition signed by 200 residents, some parents, calling for the resignation of the teacher of the global studies class who invited a Rajneeshee speaker; the Teachers Assn., students, minister of a local church support the teacher; 75 attend
84.04.12 [W] CO (Concerned Oregonians) announces the formation of a PAC called Concerned Oregonians of Wasco County or COWC; the Directors say COWC supports the present area state representative, two anti-Rajneeshee W County Commissioner candidates, unsuccessful A mayoral candidate running for area state senator and a new W County tax base
84.04.12 [W] Editorial in The Dalles Weekly Reminder states "Vote-by- mail seems to be an answer to the problem experienced in recent Wasco County elections, where small groups of voters turn out and determine the destiny of the vast number of taxpayers who don't vote."
84.04.12 1000 Friends' attorney speaks at Eastern Oregon State College, sponsored by Grand Ronde Resources Council and ECSC Community Service: charges that Rajneeshee tried to use intimidation tactics last June to prevent him from obtaining R records, accused them of repeatedly altering their land use intents and said only 84 persons are needed to run the Ranch farm operations
84.04.13 [R] Rajneesh Times editorial cites "bullying tactics of the INS": calling the parents of Rajneeshee at R and repeating unfounded rumors; intimidating ex-spouses of Rajneeshee ; sending negative press clippings to embassies abroad to influence officials there to deny visitors' visas to those traveling to R; distributing negative press clippings to Rajneeshee entering the country, especially through Seattle
84.04.13 [R] Improvements to date: US Supreme Court admits 2 RLSC attorneys to practice before them, they join R city Attorney who was certified in 1981; cuttings of willow, cottonwood and poplar arrive for creek bank planting; truck farm yielded vegetables with a market value of $44,368 in 1982 and of $253,715 in 1983; underground drip irrigation system being installed; value of dairy products in 1983 equalled $167,000
84.04.13 European Rajneeshee : German has 2 exhibits of self-created toys; 3 are opera singers performing regularly in Germany and Austria; Rajneeshee in Denmark manufacture massage tables and meditation stools, own a restaurant in a ten- year old center housing 30-40 residents and own an island cottage; two are judges in Hamburg, one for 18 years, one in Family Court; reported that Medina Rajneesh opened a fashion shop in London on March 28
84.04.14 OEPBS TV runs a videotape of "Christmas at Juniper Tavern", effort of a local playwright said to be based on R and A situations and to be performed this summer in McMinnville
84.04.14 [A] City Council meeting; RMC presentation on proposed 36 bed nursing and surgery unit; Council votes to hold public hearing on April 25 to discuss the establishment of a Medical Facility Authority which could obtain revenue bonds for the project; Recycling center renamed after Bauls (wandering holy performers) since there was agreement that the point in originally naming it after Hitler had been made; Council member authorized to attend LOC convention in Redmond on April 25
84.04.15 [A] Nearly 200 march through A an the second anniversary of the disincorporation election; protest coordinated by Wamic man to object to taxes in A, Community Church issue, new street names; marchers include unsuccessfual A mayoral candidate now running for area state senator
84.04.15 [R] Improvements to date: willow cuttings, grasses and wildflowers being planted along major creeks, whose banks are also protected by juniper log deflector fences; approximately $100 million invested in the Ranch to date
84.04.15 Convention of the Republican Party of Oregon sees the AG entertaining by singing a song called "The Guru in the Sky"
84.04.15 Convention of the Libertarian Party of Oregon concludes; the Party takes a stand against the anti-Rajneeshee initiative petition that would label Rajneeshism as an "alien cult" and ask the governor to remove their threat; Party says the petition violates natural rights, First Amendment guarantees and smacks of "'1930's anti-Semitic literature circulated in Germany'"
84.04.16 1000 Friends' attorney speaks at Chemeketa Community College in Salem; he claims that the Rajneeshee have "disobeyed the law and gotten away with it" and that the 1000 Friends may seek removal of all non-farm related buildings at the Ranch; 40 attend; two weeks previously 300 had attended a Rajneeshee speaker's presentation at the same time and place
84.04.18 Rajneeshee speaker at Mt. Hood Community College as part of Religious Awareness Week; some protestors present are quietened by other audience members
84.04.19 Three RLSC attorneys are sworn in as members of the Oregon Bar
84.04.19 US District Court Judge in Portland rules that all INS questioning of Rajneeshee couples must cease after INS continues asking questions about the validity of Rajneeshee marriages in 18 depositions taken during the last week; the ruling is in response to a Rajneeshee attorney's request for a pro- teetive order to stop further harassment; INS Washington DC attorney involved in questioning not present; it is noted that all Rajneeshee couples have had to travel from R to Portland for the deposition taking; a compromise is reached whereby five Rajneeshee involved in the suit will agree to respond to all of the INS questions in written interrogatories (No. )
84.04.20 [R] New Rolls Royce drawing announced open for July 6 with voluntary contributions going towards building the Academy of Rajneeshism; Rajneesh Times editorial calls AG's singing of "Guru" song "inappropriate, tacky, unethical and cowardly"; recent visitors include two DEQ recycling specialists who compliment the R recycling program
84.04.20 European Rajneeshee: Augsburg, Gemany and Amsterdam, Holland have Rajneesh discos; 50,000 Rajneeshee reported to be in Germany; followers in Zurich rent an apartment complex; rennovation of 5 Bavarian farmhouse brings local requests for Rajneeshee gardners; in Bonn, one is Senior Executive Officer in the German Federal Dept. for Education and Science and responsible for the vocational education of girls throughout the country; Rajneeshee company in Altbessigen, Germany produces natural fertilizer; recent news stories in Finnish color magazine, national German weekly magazines Bunte and Quick, Yugoslav newspaper
84.04.20 [W] While arguing against the incorporation of R, W County is trying to raise taxes in certain areas to urban and commercial levels; 15 acres on Krishnamurti Lake formerly assessed for farm use at $5 per acre has been reassessed as $6292 per acre recreational land; 8 acres surrounding two warehouses raised from a value of $5 per acre to $5200 per acre; 21 acres in the annexed area under and around a meditation hall has been raised in value even though a tax exemption has been requested since it is used for religious purposes
84.04.20 [SC] 1000 Friends appeals the CA decision to return the question of R incorporation to LUBA after striking the temporary LCDC rule as a basis for that decision and also asks that the CA reconsider the question of R incorporation (No. )
84.04.21 Wamic candidates' fair; area state representative discusses what he calls a Rajneeshee desire to "'generate controversy'", ways in which the Legislative Session refused Rajneeshee requests, and states that he believes the establishment of R will be found illegal in court as a violation of "church and state" statutes; R candidate for W County Court/Com- mission says "'I don't think the pagan people in the southern end of the county have the right to establish a shrine and call it a political entity '"
84.04.22 [R] improvements to date: 100 beehives producing $8605 worth of honey and $661 worth of pollen; 61 tons of Austrian dry peas harvested in 1983; 60 acres of vegetables producing 329 tons per year; 175 acres of alfalfa, grapes and orchard fruits; 1900 acres in dryland cultivation of wheat, barley, oats, peas and lentils; 54 cows producing 300 gallons of milk per day; 2800 chickens producing up to 1500 eggs per day; 100 ducks, 20 geese, 2 emus; 550 head of cattle; 40 miles of new fence and 27 miles of repaired fence; 140 check dams and 12 miles of seeded creek bank; 70% of materials and waste recycled; 15 tractors; estimated to pay $60,681 to W County in property taxes , $13,949 to J County and in taxes on personal property an additional $24,270 to W County: total farm income in 1983 was $707,895 and it is expected to increase to $1.5 million in 1984; R farming and conservation practices have been lauded by the sponsor of Oregon's Land Use Planning system, by the US Soil Conservation Service's district conservationist, by W County Extention agent and State Fish and Wildlife district biologist in recent interviews
84.04.22 [R] Personal invitations sent to all city council and chamber of commerce members in the state, to news media and political figures to attend the May 18-19 R Second Anniversary Celebration, which is open to the public
84.04.23 [W] County Roadmaster pleads not guilty in W County District Court to a citizen's complaint regarding reckless driving at R in a March 26 incident
84.04.24 US District Court hearing concerning INS failure to comply with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by Rajneeshee (No. )
84.04.25 LOC regional convention in Redmond attended by representatives of R and A
84.04.25 [A] City Council meeting; public hearing on the formation of a Medical Facility Authority; RMC representative testifies that the proposed 36 bed skilled nursing facility will have ambulatory and surgical services, cover 70 acres, have 30 outpatient rooms, space for research and classrooms and that 50 Oregon licensed medical doctors and 50 Oregon licensed nurses are in residence at R and finally, a certificate of need has already been submitted to the state; others testify as to need for such a facility in the area; City Council approves an ordinance authorizing the Council to create a Medical Facility Authority with one representative for the A City Council and five other members, providing that there is no liability to A or its residents; it is reported that the A welcome sign is ready to be erected and that a request has been filed with DEQ to cover the landfill quarterly instead of once a month
84.04.25 American Planning Association annual Oregon conference opens in Bend; Oregon Chapter of APA's March-April newsletter took 1000 Friends to task for appealing primarily to people's fears of Rajneeshism.'" in their recent fundraising efforts, the newsletter reprinted a letter to that effect which had been approved by the board of the APA and sent from APA to 100 Friends in March; 30 APA members tour R as part of the annual conference, many are quoted as having been excited and impressed with the outstanding experimental projects at R
84.04.25 Newberg Graphic reprints in letter-to-the-editor form a portion of the 1000 Friends' mailer signed by Director, soliciting contributions to fight the alleged establishment of a Rajneesh international headquarters in Oregon after India wouldn't allow the establishment of one there
84.04.27 [R] First meeting of the R Bar Assn. had been held by this date, officers selected, discussion of Mid-Columbia Bar Assn. (based in The Dalles) proposal to hold its July meeting in R
84.04.27 [LCDC] By this date, attorneys representing RFI, RIC, RNSIC, R and others had filed a request to have the retroactive rule repealed or suspended
84.04.27 An Orange County California Superior Court Judge had ruled by this date the the Church Board and religious practices of a church in Laguna Beach were both proper; these were the first of several expected preliminary rulings in the three year old lawsuit involving a group of Rajneeshee; trial date set for June 4
84.04.28 German Rajneeshee in Augsburg hold a peaceful demonstration after a court allows the owner of a disco they had sublet to evict them and said "'Since they (the Rajneeshees) are an Asian, non-Christian sect, they are not suitable as a tenant.'"
84.04.29 [R] Budget Committee meeting
84.04.30 European Rajneeshee: It is reported that a group of Rajneeshee who purchased a manor house and 10-14 acres about 2½-3 years ago at an estimated cost of 350,000 pounds at Herringswell, Suffolk, England has grown large enough that, by law, the village must create a Parish Council (the smallest unit of British local government and responsible for lighting, recreational facilities and for making planning recommendations to District Councils); the village has approximately 279-287 eligible voters, about half of whom are Rajneeshee; there is a Rajneeshee standing as candidate for each seat on the Parish Council
84.05.01 British Rajneeshee in Herringswell say they "only decided to get involved in local politics" after a District Councillor described them as a "'nest of vipers'" and "'the anti-Christ'" during a Planning Committee meeting which was considering their application for a lecture room extension and visitors' rooms
84.05.01 [R] Improvements to date: plans to pave all major roads with 300,000 tons of crushed rock and 90,000 tons of asphalt by Sept.; black and white swans, several types of geese and ducks introduced to creeks
84.05.01 [R] By this date letters had been sent by RNSIC, RIC and R to the Naval Air Station Commander at Oak Harbor, Washington to protest numerous low and noisy military jet flights over R, including a particularly dangerous one on Mar. 22 when an F 16 flew 100 feet above the R airstrip just after an R plane had landed; the Commander reportedly orders his pilots not to drop below 2000 feet over R
84.05.02 Corvallis restaurant having one Rajneeshee employee reports a 10% drop in business since March when a rumor that it was owned by the Rajneeshee began circulating; other inaccurate rumors include one that has Rajneeshee purchasing and refurbishing an ex-Ramada Inn south of Portland on 15
84.05.02 US District Court Judge rules that Freedom of Information Officer for the INS in Washington DC must appear for oral deposition by the Rajneeshee (No. )
84.05.02 Non-Rajneeshee speaker from Klamath Falls speaks to Tulelake Presbyterian Church Guild about situation in A
84.05.03 Announced that the Baer Award Committee of the Society of Professional Journalists will recognize a KATU TV reporter for the 7 part series entitled "Rajneeshpuram Revealed"
84.05.04 [R] Improvements to date: food orders for summer festival include 20,400 soyaburgers, 32,500 lbs. of rice, 52,000 lbs. of flour, 42,000 lbs. of tofu, 3400 lbs. of bacobits, 850 gals. of soya sauce, 3300 gals. of ice cream, 100,000 lbs. of fresh fruit; Swiss plastic surgeon living at R earns Oregon medical license; recent visitors include the Director of Clinical Psychology at the University of Hong Kong, accompanying the UO team of research psychologists; Peace Chief completing two week middle management course for law enforcement administrators at State Police Academy, WOSC campus
84.05.07 [A] First meeting of the Medical Facilities Authority (MFA); adoption of rules of procedure, appointment of officers; RMC answers questions about the proposed medial facility; consideration of issuing bonds to finance the project
84.05.07 [W] County Clerk's records show that in Precinct 19 (Rancho Rajneesh) 632 voters were registered on April 19 (314 D's, 205 R's, 113 I's); on May 3 the records show 700 registered (420 D's, 250 R's, 30 I's); 155 registered voters are recorded in A (68 D's, 74 R's, 13 I's)
84.05.07 [W] W County Planning Commission holds three hour hearing on RFI conditional use permit application to formally convert giant greenhouse into a church; the City of R approved the change of use in March, 1983; R and W are in dispute over how much of the building is in the originally incorporated R area and how much on 119.2 annexed acres; testimony by W County Planner, R Mayor, Pres AR, several R residents; few testify against; Commission tables the hearing til June 4
84.05.08 Four APA members from Klamath Falls who had recently visited R give interviews praising the agricultural experimentation, the sewage system and the improvement of streams
84.05.09 Debate on issues relating to R before the meeting of the Portland City Club; none of the principals are involved
84.05.09 [R] Two jets fly over R at 1000 feet
84.05.10 WOSC Lamron features interviews with Rajneeshee who recently graduated from State Police Academy, announcement of a field trip to R on May 12 and a showing of video of "Christmas at Juniper Creek Tavern", the latter sponsored by the United Campus Christian Fellowship and the Western Oregon Campus Ministry
84.05.10 [W] RFI letter to W County Planning Office requests that their application for a conditional use permit to convert the greenhouse to a church be withdrawn, stating that: the County had demanded the application be made, it had been made in good faith, but had been met by continued bias on the part of the County, there is no need for W County permission since the use has been approved by R and the use is permitted by the W County Circuit Court order continuing existing uses
84.05.10 [W] The Dalles Weekly Reminder runs editorial saying,"If you've had a change of heart, or if you want to neutralize the Rajneeshee's expected no votes, then vote yes on the county tax base...", endorses anti-Rajneeshee D candidate for W County Court/Commission; upcoming elections include request by R School District 50J for a three year tax base of $500,000 , by the City of R for a $1 million tax base, by A for a $30,000 tax base, a ballot measure to amend the A Charter to authorize the definition and regulation of social games and a measure to amend the A Charter to authorize a city gas tax
84.05.11 [R] City officials announce opening for unpaid Municipal Judge to oversee R ordinances and traffic violations; Judge must be 21, US citizen, live within 20 mi. of R, "'have common sense, be loving, have a positive attitude and be compassionate and understand that crimes are not committed because people want to, but because of circumstances surrounding them.'"; the selection of Judge will take place at the May 18 City Council meeting; other recent R City Council actions include a vote to spend $10,000 of gas tax revenues to pave a part of County Road 305 and the adoption of an amendment to the City weapons ordinance to provide that certain violations, such as discharging weapons within city limits, may be punished by confiscating the weapons
84.05.11 [R] Festival ordering continues .with 2500 new foam pads, 900 dozen pillowcases, $7000 worth of pillows, 12,000 china plates, 10,000 china bowls from France, 11,000 glass mugs, 2040 pieces of silverware, 10,000 trays, 2 conveyor belt dishwashers
84.05.11 Reported that US District Court Judge rules that INS must abide by Judge's original order to produce a new index of all documents they have regarding Rajneeshee and their corporations; 60 days had been extended to 90 days time period within which to produce the index; Just before the 90 day period was to end on May 7, the INS claimed that they discovered four more file drawers of material and asked for a further extension; the Judge granted another 30 day extension to index and produce the newly discovered documents (No. )
84.05.11 Reported that Pres AR and two R residents have been cleared of any responsibility in court case involving Laguna Beach church; 14 defendants remain; Judge rules that they need not answer pre-trial questions pertaining to their financial affairs and every organization to which they belong; trial date is postponed to Fall (No. )
84.05.11 European Rajneeshee: One to open original designer clothes shop in Paddington, London, designs get rave reviews; feature stories recently in French and Italian magazines; new Rajneesh Bistro opens in Zurich; of 50 total vegetarian restaurants in West Germany, 20 are Rajneeshee owned; Rajneesh Center for natural birth and meditation opens in Freiburg
84.05.11 [A] Lincoln School computer purchased with the help of the W County ESD and students using education discs on math, social studies, English, French, grammar and computer use
84.05.12 [R] Budget Committee public hearing on possible uses of state revenue sharing funds
84.05.14 Eugene woman announces formation of a group called LOVERS (Lots of Very Enthusiastic Rajneesh Supporters) to present a positive picture of R, correct media distortions, uphold First Amendment freedoms; group has 1000 prospective members, who are Oregon residents and non-Rajneeshee; up to 35 have attended organizational meetings to date and the group has applied for tax exempt status, it has a $10 membership fee
84.05.15 [R] Improvements to date: 69 front wheel drive diesel sedans purchased from dealer in Boise, Idaho for $750,000; RNSIC purchaser states that no Portland or Salem dealer would do business with RNSIC for the vehicles; plans to purchase 100 additional vehicles in the near future; seven new Holstein cows; spring planting of barley and wheat on 900 acres begun; 60 acres of alfalfa harvested; 20 large tents designed and being constructed for use as a restaurant and snack bars during summer festival
84.05.15 [R] Election Day; Results: 659 registered and 597 vote for a 78.8% turnout (other sources say 758 registered and 587 vote) in closed primary (368 D's, 219 R's, 10 I's); in state and local races incumbent R US Senator gets 2 votes and 22% write in Pontius Pilate; incumbent R US Representative gets 216 votes and many write in Miss Piggy rather than vote for D female candidate for US Representative; incumbent R AG gets 1 vote and retiring- Secretary of State gets a total of 239 write-in votes for the AG Office; D's write-in unsuccessful A mayoral candidate who is running for area State Senator and they support incumbent area State Representative, both of whom have appeared to be anti-Rajneeshee; anti-Rajneeshee D candidate running against incumbent on W County Court/ Commission loses by 353 to 2; Precinct 19 selects 2 R precinct committeepersons, 2 D's and one additional precinct committeeperson for the J County portion of the Ranch; R City tax base of $1 million passes by 555 yes to 3 no; R School District tax base passes by 622 yes to 4 no (includes those voting in A); W County tax base fails 584 no to 3 yes
84.05.15 [A] Election Day; Results: 168 registered and 125 voted for a 74% turnout; R School District tax base of $500,000 passes by 622 yes to 4 no; A tax base of $30,000 passes by 55 yes to 18 no; A Charter amendment to define and regulate social games passes 58 yes to 15 no; A Charter amendment to allow city gas tax passes 57 yes to 16 no; W County tax base fails 82 no to 38 yes; two Rajneeshee selected as precinct committeepersons for each party
84.05.15 [W] Election Day; Results: 13,246 registered and 8,288 vote for a 62.6% turnout; anti-Rajneeshee challenger to incumbent D on County Court/Commission wins nomination 2249 to 1791; unsuccessful A mayor candidate gets 884 write-in votes and D nomination for area State Senator; County tax base of $2.9 million fails 4481 no to 3359 yes
84.05.17 Meeting in Herringswell England on possibility of creating two separate voting wards for Parish Council to separate Rajneeshee and non-Rajneeshee voters/representatives
84.05.17 [W] County Budget Committee meeting
84.05.18 [R] Special City Council meeting; selection of Municipal Judge from 4 applicants, she has no formal legal experience but is hired because of her understanding attitude; adoption of "A RESOLUTION AFFIRMING LIFE AND REFUSING TO SUPPORT VIOLENCE IN THE FORM OF THE DEATH PENALTY" which reads: "Rajneeshpuram is the home of a life affirmative community where life is continuously celebrated with love and laughter. The people of Rajneeshpuram recognize that individuals can change and learn from their mistakes. The people of Rajneeshpuram recognize that crime is committed from a lack of understanding which is the result of psychological and social damage created by society. The people of Rajneeshpuram do not condone violence, especially violence in the name of the state or in the name of law and order. The people of Rajneeshpuram recognize that the death penalty is revenge by the society for the crime committed. The people of Rajneeshpuram recognize that life and freedom are the intrinsic rights of all human beings. BE IT RESOLVED by the City of Rajneeshpuram that this city is totally life affirmative and will not support violence in the form of the death penalty."
84.05.18 [R] Improvements to date: carpentry projects for the summer festival include 8000 closet units, 30 food preparation tables, 84 counters, 21 shelf units 10 bussing stations; a translation of one of Bhagwan's books into Chinese by a resident of Taiwan and recent R visitor nearly complete; Canadian professor from Toronto visits to finish research for a bock on the Rajneeshee which he expects to complete in June
84.05.18 [A] Students landscaping Lincoln School grounds
84.05.18 [W] Judge grants summary judgement to the R School District 50 J Board, which means that the District may sell the school bus and apply the proceeds to the operating costs of the school (No. )
84.05.18 Reported hearing in US District Court recently dealing with arguments by R City Attorney that the AG had no right to arbitrarily dismiss his suit against R and then refile it in W County Circuit Court without the federal court's approval (No. )
84.05.19 [W] County Budget Committee meeting; $500,000 cut from the budget by discovering $300,000 in carryover money and $100,000 and accounting shifts plus cutting 5% from each department; no cuts made in pay raises, in number of employees or in $41,000 in funds for land use attorney; budget to be sent to voters on June 26
84.05.19 [W] County officials announce that W County will become the first county east of the Cascades to conduct a vote-by- mail election on June 26 county tax levy proposal; county officials have been reported to say privately that they hope vote-by-mail will serve to counteract the no votes expected in R and A
84.05.18 May 18-19 [R] Second Anniversary Celebration of the incorporation of the City complete with champagne buffet, street fair, continuous entertainment, free tours and roses for guests
84.05.19 Mill Creek school auction offers round trip flight to tour A and R
84.05.19 UO Law School 100 Year Anniversary Alumni dinner attended by R City Attorney, a 1976 graduate, and her guests; they chat with guest speaker, a current US Supreme Court Justice
84.05.21 Central Oregon Health Planning Council hearing in Redmond on RMC proposal for hospital facility in R (36 beds at a cost of $589,000,000); this is the first new hospital proposed in Oregon since 1971; the Health Planning and Development Agency in Salem says that RMC has 90 days from the time it submits a formal letter of request to submit detailed plans for the facility; HPDA says that a state formula indicates that a 1500 person community needs only a 4 to 8 bed facility, but the RMC is requesting a larger one due to the influx of 15,000 during summer festivals and the need for special care items such as Zen meditation rooms (six at a cost of $46,200 each); HPDA says one letter of objection to the facility has been received so far, by a physician who is a relative of a nearby ranch couple fighting R in the court
84.05.21 22 Three Rajneeshee speakers at OSU in Corvallis to discuss land reclamation, agriculture, the R community and religion with various classes and in public presentations
84.05.24 [W] Report of controversy over recently formed PAC called "Concerned Oregonians for a Fair Tax Base"; the PAC headed by a Dalles woman who at one time offered to adopt Bhagwan, ran 70 radio spots the three days before the recent election, which outlined reasons the tax base should be defeated; County Clerk states that the PAC may technically have violated state law because the radio advertisements began two days before the PAC filing was received at the courthouse; members of a previously formed PAC, COWC, also held a radio campaign, denying any ties with COFTB
84.05.24 [LCDC] Meeting of the Commission during a conference phone call reaffirms its decision to invalidate the incorporation of R pending a SC ruling; LCDC agrees to join in appealing the Mar. 21 CA decision reversing LUBA's declaration that the incorporation is invalid as based on LCDC's retroactive rule; the LCDC denial of the R petition to repeal the retroactive rule exhausts any administrative remedies open to the city
84.05.24 [W] Reported that a Rajneeshee mother of two children attending Lincoln School sent a letter to the W County ESD Superintendent with three copies to the Oregon SPI's Office complaining of his "'negative, petty and counterproductive'" behavior and statements during the State Standardization Team visit in April; also reported that the W County ESD Superintendent replied, also sending copies to the SPI Office, saying that her interpretation of his statements at the time were "'incorrect, incomplete and/or out-of-context'"
84.05.24 [E] Herringswell: Rajneeshee defeat proposal for wards in parish council in village meeting attended by 90 Rajneeshee and 50 non-Rajneeshee; hearing reportedly good-natured and covered by NBC-TV
84.05.24 Author of "Christmas at Juniper Tavern" becomes first recipient of the annual Oregon Arts Foundation Theater award created to stimulate original drama in the state
84.05.24 COWC members send petition with 321 signatures to the Oregonian to protest a positive article about agriculture at Rancho Rajneesh
84.05.24 The European Parliament, by a vote of 98 yes, 28 no and 26 abstentions, adopts a resolution calling on EC nations to stop "religious sects" such as Moonies, Rajneeshee, etc. by means of a code of conduct from "converting minors, hampering contact between recruits and their relatives, begging and unlawfully seizing the property of members."
84.05.25 [A] Lincoln School building offered for rent from June 18 to July 5 at $600 per week in advertisement
84.05.28 [A] Budget Committee meeting
84.05.31 [LCDC] R submits its revised Comprehensive Plan in response to LCDC recommendations and requests final Plan acknowledgement
84.06.01 [R] Improvements to date: plans for 7000 sq. ft. open air disco for festival; 170-400 lbs. of fresh alfalfa sprouts produced daily in special building; ½ acre of sunflower sprouts expected to produce 1200 lbs. per day for festival; street lights installed; swan chicks born; new garbage truck; 40 ft. hydraulically operated trailer for placing festival toilet and shower facilities; recent visitors include several parents of residents and 40 OSU students with their professor as part of a course on Gandhi and Rajneesh
84.06.01 [E] Amsterdam Rajneeshee have converted an old jail into a center over the past four years at a cost of $80-90,000, authorities begin discussing terminating the lease and reconverting the building to a jail at a cost of $50,000 and the center responds by offering to take in delinquents; garden restaurant opened in Leuven, Belgium; more than 1000 retail stores in West Germany selling Bhagwan's books; local clergy near Herringswell reportedly becoming increasingly hostile to Medina Commune in Suffolk, England
84.06.01 Approximate date of article in Oregon magazine accusing Bhagwan of preventing disciples from leaving R "by trapping them in an intricate, devious web of mind control"
84.06.02 [W] Reported that Gandhi's 33 year old great grandnephew will announce plans to build a $22 million "'university for peace'" to teach methods of non-violent social and political action; he is the head of the LA based Gandhi Memorial International Foundation which will locate the university near The Dalles 5 mi. south of Mosier on 101 acres of donated land
84.06.02 [R] City Council meeting; reported that W County attempting to have their Comprehensive Plan acknowledged by LCDC without adopting R's UGB; City Attorney requested to begin drafting city ordinances to adopt state laws, which will make them enforceable by R Municipal Court; report on AG's suit; public hearing on proposed uses of state revenue-sharing funds for 1984-85; special fund to be created for using funds for various city beautification projects; Peace Force Chief reports on agreement with RNSIC to provide security for 4 festivals at $50,000 during the year; four bids for Fire Department's mini-pumper taken into consideration
84.06.04 [W] W County Planner responds to news of Gandhi Peace University by saying that the proposed site is zoned for forest use, which would not permit a university; Gandhi emphasizes at press conference that the project is not connected with Rajneeshee
84.06.05 Rajneeshee charge the State Health Planning and Development Agency (SHPDA) with religious discrimination in creating newly proposed rules which would allow only 4 to 6 beds and not 36 in the requested nursing facility at R and which would call for religious records to be involved in decisions as to whether to grant a certificate of need; the proposed rules of 2 to 4 beds per 1000 were issued on May 7, 1984 after RMC had indicated its desire for a 36 bed facility in December of 1983; Rajneeshee attorney states that language in the "rules regarding a 'religious body or denomination' operating a hospital 'seems to be specifically geared towards Rajneeshees.'"; charges and countercharges are made in a preliminary hearing before a SHPDA health systems analyst on this date, when the President of AR demands an apology for the discriminatory action; the only objection to date to RMC's request is from a doctor who owns a nearby ranch and is already involved as plaintiff in several land use cases against R; RMC's is the first application for a new hospital in the state since 1971, although there is a dispute as to whether December's letter of intent constituted an application; the "record" on the proposed new rules will be kept open for additional comment until June 18, at which time they may be adopted
84.06.05 [A] Non-Rajneeshee resident arrested at his home by Peace Force Officers in connection with an incident between him and a Rajneeshee at the A Recycling Center earlier in the day; he is transported to W County jail, charged with menacing and released on his own recognizance immediately after booking; W County DA reportedly says that the"menacing charge sounded ridiculous and added that unless some other information was produced, the charge will be dropped."
84.06.06 [A] It is reported that the Lincoln School has been determined by the State Department of Education Standardization Team to meet state graduation and curriculum requirements except for four very minor problems (process for evaluating and improving instructional programs, lack of vision and auditory screening program, lack of staff development program, keeping records in a fire-safe place) which the school will have 60 days to correct; the Director of Standardization is quoted as saying "The committee came away with the feeling they are doing a great job"; the District expects $18,000 in Basic School Support (BSS) funds in 1984-85
84.06.06 Circuit Court Judge from Baker grants summary judgement request and declares the present A School Board lawfully constituted since their September 21, 1983 officetaking due to the fact that the previous board members were "'vacated'" when they transferred their properties out of the school district; 20 minutes before the decision is to be announced, the attorney for the J County School Board files a motion arguing that some of the frozen A District funds belong to them and explains the lateness of the motion by claiming that he was unaware of the case; the Judge denies the J County motion; after the decision the W County DA orders the W County Treasurer to release $40,000 in A District funds frozen since September (No. )
84.06.07 [R] Festival preparations include: asphalt on newly enlarged airstrip; 3500 tents; 80,000 sq. ft. dining area; 40 stoves and 7 60 gal. steam kettles for cooking; 3 discos; beer garden; 45 toilet trailers; 40 shower trailers; 25 chemical toilets; no activities are planned on the County portion of of the Ranch and, therefore, there has been no followup on request for a festival permit from J County
84.06.07 [W] W County DA states he will dismiss charges of menacing agains A man
84.06.07 [W] COWC sponsors invitation-only three hour presentation in The Dalles high school auditorium by 1000 Friends attorney and ex-Rajneeshee from Germany involved in R trespassing controversy last summer; COWC pleads with audience of 700-900 to support W County tax levy on June 26, which includes monie: for land use attorney
84.06.08 [E] Herringswell: Medina forms 12 member security force trained in self-defense and first aid after commune member injured in attack by visitor; Medina consists of a 42 room mock Tudor house situated on a 12 acre park of lakes and woods, the building was formerly occupied by a prep school and Rajneeshee reportedly paid $500,00 for the property; the Commune operates a construction company, maintenance shop, primary school, adult education center, holistic medicine service, computer business and an ad and design service
84.06.08 [R] Improvements to date: 136 videos of Bhagwan's teachings, 20 videos of Ranch and celebrations, RFI TV programs broadcast in over 60 cities in US, Philippines since 1981 and in Europe since 1980; new Rajneeshee band at Portland Disco; R Assistant Peace Chief accepted by unanimous vote for membership in the Oregon Police Chiefs Association on this date
84.06.08 [A] Ranchers between R and A have been hanging coyote carcasses on their fences; A school bus drivers had complained to the State Department of Agriculture and the Fish and Wildlife Division of the US Department of the Interior; the replies say that there is no law against the "hideous" practice
84.06.09 [R] Special City Council meeting; adoption of several Oregon state laws by ordinance, giving the R Municipal Court jurisdiction over misdemeanors, violations and infractions such as traffic matters, marijuana possession of less than one ounce, criminal trespass, criminal mischief, harassment, disorderly conduct; thefts of under $200 value and of all city ordinances; adoption of ordinance prohibiting urination, defecation and expectoration in places other than approved sanitary facilities with a fine of up to $250 for violation; Mayor authorized to arrange for rental of court meeting space for Wednesday morning sessions; Peace Force Chief reports that police from around the state plus the J County DA, Asst. DA and State Emergency Management Division representative have all visited R to advise on festival security arrangements; 1984-85 proposed budget of $581,000 presented and hearing scheduled for June 25
84.06.09 [R] 15,000 baby rainbow trout have arrived to stock the lake created by Krishnamurti Dam
84.06.09 [R] Visitors include ex-Covernor and wife as well as 55 members of the ACLU and a KEZI TV news team
84.06.09 Second Congressional District Democratic National Delegate Selection Convention in Bend attended by four Rajneeshee precinct committeepersons from A and R, all of whom are selected to represent the District at the State Convention in Salem on June 16
84.06.10 [R] Two hour question and answer session between 55 ACLU visitors and 3 Rajneeshee attorneys; ACLU explains that it has been asked to submit an amicus curiae brief in the AG's suit against R by both parties and that it is gathering information in order to decide whether or not to file and what stand to take
84.06.10 Director of the State Ethics Commission says that since the Legislative Emergency Board last month halved a request for $29,000 in additional funds to complete the investigation of Rajneeshee officeholders spurred last December by a complaint filed by unsuccessful A mayoral candidate, she will recommend the Commission stop the investigation; the complaint was that Rajneeshee officeholders use their positions in A and R to make money for themselves and several Rajneeshee-owned entities Director says she will recommend that information collected so far be turned over to the courts, LCDC, LUBA, FBI, INS, Oregon Department of Justice and W and J County officials
84.06.11 State Ethics Commission votes to drop its investigation of R and A officeholders on conflict of interest allegations due to lack of money; unsuccessful A mayoral candidate (now running for area State Senator) and a sponsor of the anti-Rajneeshee initiative petition now circulating testify against the stoppage; R and A City Attorney testifies that the stoppage is proper since no violations have been proven and the charges resulted from religious intolerance; no apparent decision on whether information gathered to date will be forwarded to other agencies
84.06.11 [A] Rajneeshee reports that a local rancher "menaced" her on a county road; no arrests are made
84.06.11 [J] Madras School Board meeting; discussion of $3,810,000 worth of property and 13 students coming to it from A School District; legal negotiations between the two districts proceeding
84.06.11 Summer term begins at EOSC, where one course is entitled "Extra Ordinary Groups" and will culminate with a field trip to R
84.06.12 R Mayor and President AR on panel with KEZI TV personality and Willamette University law professor before ACLU meeting in Eugene on AG's lawsuit against R, which is part of the ACLU's information gathering on the issue; R Mayor says "'I can't find words harsh enough to describe a man who would use politics to throw people out of their homes'" and assures that "'the city does not make its decisions on religious points of view'"
84.06.13 Aide to US Representative from the First District reportedly says that Congress voted against allowing student religious groups to meet in school facilities because "'The bill sounded nice, but there was a boomerang. For example: consider what would happen if students at Newberg High School wanted to organize a club for the bhagwan, (sic) and invited the bhagwan (sic) to speak; and then the high school said no (to the invitation). Then the whole system (Newberg High) would lose all of its federal aid. That is the boomerang.'"
84.06.14 30 resident Rajneeshee announce that the Center located in and 80 year old castle on 15 acres near Montclair, New Jersey has been sold to a law firm for approximately $1 million and a clearance sale of contents will continue to be held until June 29
84.06.15 [R] Improvements to date: landscaping project with automatic -sprinkler system nearing completion; juice bar opens; 47 total businesses; three FAA inspectors recently found R airport operations well-organized during a visit related to consideration for a FAR-125 certificate to allow R DC-3s to fly with more than 19 passengers; R water resources manager participates in a state conference on Oregon's water problems; CCI reports 2 vacancies and solicits applications; two RFI booths at American Booksellers Association annual convention in Washington D.C.
84.06.15 [E] De Stad Rajneesh Commune in Holland holds May 11-13 festival before closing to move to Amsterdam; German Rajneeshee film star wins best actress award at 1984 Polish Film Festival in Breslau; reported that West German church and government officials are concerned over the dozen or so Zorba the Buddha discos, viewing them as threatening; the center of the West German movement is Cologne, with 3000 Rajneeshees and the largest disco which has an estimated annual turnover of $1.1 million; opposition to discos in Germany has included a court case in Wiesbaden (won by the Rajneeshee), a Rajneeshee protest street dance in Augsburg,a petition signed by 3500 anti-Rajneeshee citizens in Essen and a law suit by Rajneeshes after local politico called them a "'criminal association'""
84.06.15 Reported that Premdweep Center in Adelaide housed in an 1880 mansion and consists of sprouts, ice cream and restaurant businesses; 400 daily guests reported at Poona Commune, which holds meditation camps, has a touring book exhibition and publishes the Indian version of the Rajneesh Times
84.06.19 [E] Herringswell: 12 ministers in Suffolk tell the local Bishop of their anxiety over activities at Medina Center, have met to discuss the issue and pray for Rajneeshee residents
84.06.20 [R] Improvements to date: second hearing of the first Municipal Court case (careless driving); R Judge has been in contact with the LOC and the Municipal Court Association to ensure that the court's operations are set up properly; about 2000 of an expected 15,000 festivalgoers have arrived; approximately 1500 permanent residents in R and another 200 on the Ranch outside of R city limits
84.06.20 [W] W County DA says that he is not at all involved in the creation or actions of the R Municipal Court
84.06.20 [W] W County Circuit Court Judge issues an order saying that R has the authority to issue permits for internal modifications of existing structures, for additions of up to 500 sq. ft., and for the placement of temporary non-residential structures within the original R city limits and upon notice to W County, which will then have two working days within which to express any objections; Judge also prohibits W County from changing zoning within R's original city limits until further order of the court (No. ) ; in a separate action, the Judge authorizes R to issue permits needed to make temporary adjustments in building during the festival and urges County officials to cooperate with R in providing for festival needs (No. )
84.06.21 [A] Non-Rajneeshee resident claims that Peace Force Officers "burst into his house with a warrant" in June 5 incident and that he will probably file a lawsuit contending that his civil rights were violated
84.06.21 [R] Reported that the R Peace Force consists of 10 regular officers, 25 active reserves, 15 inactive reserves, 150 member security patrol, of which 40 will be on active duty for the festival; Oregon State Police (OSP) to increase patrols on roads leading to A during festival
84.06.22 [A] Reported that two respresentatives from the state Childrens Services Division (CSD) had visited Lincoln School within the past week
84.06.22 [R] Improvements to date: OLCC approval and move of Lounge to mall area with an expanded capacity of over 200, making four full service bars in all and four beer and wine service locations; W County Court/Commission members recently made inspection tour (the first in about 9 months) and stated their satisfaction that all state regulations for the festival had been met or exceeded; on-line computer system operating in all businesses to handle currency card transactions; recent visitors include President and Executive Officer of Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, who recently won the trip
84.06.22 [E] Herringswell: Reported that the editor of the Rajneesh Times published at Medina was recently unanimously approved for membership in the West Suffolk branch of the National Union of Journalists; after the decision, some members stated they may change their minds and ask for reconsideration
84.06.22 25 [R] First conference of the Rajneesh Health Association (RHA) attended by 75 participants from at least 10 nations
84.06.23 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) official in Seattle says that the Navy has agreed their pilots will alter their flight course to avoid R and a new air route will be established within 30-60 days; in spite of earlier statements of Navy agreement on May 11, flights apparently had continued
84.06.23 [W] District Court trial of W County Roadmaster on R citizen's charges of careless driving stemming from March incident; no attorneys present; case dismissed after testimony, since there were apparently no established criteria for the charge
84.06.23 [E] Rajneeshee reportedly have purchased the Abraxas-Hampstead Club in London for £325,000 and have reopened the bar, snack bar, remodeled extensively and offer health programs; approximately 4000 Rajneeshee said to be in Britain
84.06.24 Organizational meeting of LOVERS; election of a four member Board of Directors; panel of a land use attorney, journalist and Willamette University professor discuss various facets of R and surrounding controversies
84.06.25 [R] Budget Committee hearing on proposals for 1984-85: Anticipated Requirements: Personal Services $152,758 (1983-84 $76,225), Materials and Services $288,460 ($188,507.3 Capital Outlay $55,200 ($44,050), Other $85,534 ($19,920), TOTAL $581,952 ($328,702.39); Anticipated Revenues: From other than property taxes $472,842 ($294,217.39) and from property taxes $109,110 ($34,485)
84.06.26 [W] W County levy approved by 5476 yes to 3437 no (59.3% approval) in mail in balloting which yielded a 76.3% turnout (9242 of 12,109 registered); the levy included funds for a full time land use attorney for the County
84.06.26 [R] Vote on the W County levy is 3 yes to 704 no
84.06.26 [A] Vote on the W County levy is 56 yes to 71 no
84.06.26 Reported that there are 125 Rajneeshee living in Vancouver BC, about half communally; they operate several businesses and a meditation center
84.06.27 [CA] In responding to a petition for review by 1000 Friends, LCDC and others, the CA releases a new opinion in a 6 to 4 decision reversing its March 21 3 to 0 decision to uphold the incorporation of R and stating that R must return to the W County Court /Commission "to go through the difficult exceptions process"; the reversal is explained as necessary in order "to give the 'appropriate degree of judicial respect'" to LCDC rulings; R attorney says the city will appeal to the SC; Director of 1000 Friends says "'This means there is no city unless the Rajneeshees can show Wasco County why it is needed there'"; 1000 Friends says it will press its request for a W County Circuit Court ruling that R does not lawfully exist and all of its developments are unlawful; the AG says he is pleased with the reversal; such a CA reversal is rare (No. )
84.06.27 [CA] In a related ruling, the CA decides that R failed to go through the required exceptions process in annexing 119.2 acres on August 28, 1983 and that the land, therefore, reverts to W County jurisdiction and is considered EFU zoned; the decision also says that a UCB must be fully established before agricultural land can be converted to urban uses and finds that W County cannot accept R's UGB before it goes through the exceptions process; 1000 Friends has filed suit in W County Circuit Court seeking removal of all buildings in the annexed area (No. )
84.06.28 [W] Reported that the W County Planning Director has charged that the R Community Development Director did not tell the State Department of Commerce the truth about a survey and the location of a building in the city
84.06.28 [R] Improvements to date: water reclamation project resultant mosquitoes and cabbage caterpillar both being treated with bacterium; lady bugs used to combat aphids and nematodes for root maggots; organic herbicides and fertilizers used for the most part
84.06.29 Area State Senator lauds HB 3028 which witholds state revenuesharing funds from R,in light of the recent CA reversal
84.06.29 [R] Festival busses bring participants every 20 minutes or so as thousands arrive for peak period; one bus goes off soft shoulder of county road, but only two minor injuries
84.06.29 [R] Improvements to date: 18,000 rolls of lawn nearly laid; 80,000 clothes hangars for tents; 13,000 lbs. of sheets; one truckload of pillows and two of books; 1000 chairs and 575 tables; 75 total busses (11 newly purchased in Chicago); gardens beginning to appear around townhouses; a 3 mile network of footpaths completed, including nine footbriges; recent visitors include 41 junior and senior high school students from Santa Cruz, California, as part of a six week course called "Travelling School"
84.06.29 Eugene Register-Guard editorial, in its discussion of CA reversal, calls for the Legislature to establish clear laws for the creation of new cities, stating that "The prospect of retroactive municipal abortion based on ex post facto land-use law is unappealing."
84.06.30 Gresham church announces a six week sermon series on the "New Age Movement" which alleges that the Guardian Angels and Rajneeshee are both part of the movement
84.06.30 [A] Lincoln School Budget hearing on 1984-85 proposals: Anticipated Requirements: Instruction $17,550 (1983-84 $40,000), Support Services $101,000 ($50,240), Community Services 0 (0), Other $3,100 ($28,527), TOTAL $121,650 ($118,767); Anticipated Revenues from other than property taxes $71,650 ($90,240) and from property taxes $50,000 ($28,527)
84.07.01 [E] Rajneeshee Commune of 75 in Berlin operates a disco packed with 1000 customers every night; 13 discos in Germany, with a goal of 40; the holdings of the 150 member Cologne Commune include 2 discos drawing 40,000 customers a month, a bookshop, travel agency, medical practice, jewelry company, computer software and construction firms and the German edition of the Rajneesh Times; a total of 63 Communes in Germany own and operate over 500 businesses; an estimated 5000 of Germany's 50,000 Rajneeshees live in ashrams/communes; commune workers pool their $532 a month average net salary and receive food, clothing, rent, medical care, a pocket allowance and an annual expense paid trip to R for the summer festival
84.07.01 Two Australians who became Rajneeshees two years prior now operate a booming business in futons which employs 14 others
84.07.01 [R] Festivalgoers find 4 discos, social gaming house, sit down restaurant, buffet, fast food restaurant, huge cafeteria, recreational activities (boating, canoeing, rafting, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, windsurfing, bicycling), the publication of 10 new books of Bhagwan's teachings plus an indepth photobiography of the 1978-84 period, 4 bands which have created 28 pieces of original music for the celebration; 47 Rolls Royces; reported that over $100 million invested in R to date, over $2 million in books were sold in 1983 (a 50% increase over 1982), and that an estimated $10 million will be spent by festivalgoers; 65 initiated on this date; in response to rumors that Bhagwan would die on July 6, the date is confirmed to be predicted but death not to occur for 20 years or more; the day before, President of AR announced plans for the future spiritual leadership of Rajneeshism, which include a 36 member Mahasattva Sansad (Committee) with 36 alternates, a 21 member Sambuddha Sansadwith 21 alternates, all 42 of whom are declared to be enlightened, and a 112 member Bodhisattva Sansad with 112 alternates, all from all over the world; all Sansad members are predicted to become enlightened within three months of Bhagwan's death or sooner
84.07.01 Some newspapers report a Bonn rumor that a Jonestown-like mass suicide is being planned during the festival and focus their attention on the automatic weapons of security guards protecting Bhagwan; the rumor evidently perpetrated by a parents group which receives German government money to finance their efforts to lure Rajneeshees away from membership
84.07.02 Channel 8 TV begins a five part special report on Rajneeshee activities in Britain, Germany and Holland
84.07.05 An Orange County, California Superior Court Judge rules in Laguna Beach Church case that Bhagwan has a right to the protection of his religious practice of silence and cannot be forced to give a deposition to opposing lawyers (unless a "compelling need" can be shown); case scheduled to go to trial on Oct. 1 (No. )
84.07.06 [R] Gurupurnima (or Master's) Day, culmination of the festival, complete with morning and evening meditation in the presence of Bhagwan, thousands of rose petals, a parade of musicians and dancers and a celebration feast dinner; over 6000 have purchased Rajneesh Currency Cards; 6 couples married during festival; Rajneesh Times issues an astrology coloring book; winner of Rolls Royce drawing sells it to RNSIC to be used as a limousine service; fesival visitors include: a Buddhist nun who becomes a Rajneeshee, a well-known concert pianist and famous conductor, newsteams from "60 Minutes" in Australia, VPRO-TV from Holland and scores of others; an Australian edition of the Rajneesh Times is expected to join those in Britain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan and 2 in India
84.07.06 Last day to file initiative petitions with the Secretary of State with the requisite number of signatures to be placed on the November ballot; proposed measure to expel the Rajneeshees from Oregon fails to gather enough signatures
84.07.07 [R] Festivalgoers begin to depart; no arrests or major injuries are reported during the festival; one follower dies of an acute asthmatic attack in the RMC clinic despite treatment; according to Rajneeshism, since he died within 24 miles of Bhagwan, an Enlightened Master, he too became immediately enlightened at death
84.07.08 [R] 11,000 reportedly attend the death ceremony and burial of ashes of the enlightened Rajneeshee at R, along with members of his family; his wife and son become Rajneeshees
84.07.08 [E] 8000 Rajneeshees reported in Munich
84.07.09 US District Court Judge in Portland hears arguments on whether the AC's refiled suit against R is more appropriately heard in federal or in W County Circuit Court; Judge takes arguments under advisement and promises a written ruling within 30 days (No. )
84.07.11 [W] W County Court/Commission conducts 25 minutes of hearings on the R Comprehensive Plan in the context of the W County Plan; W County Planning Staff and Land Use Attorney recommend that since R's legality is in question, its Plan should be removed by repeal from the W County Plan; County Judge/Commissioner attempts to limit speakers to one for and one against the proposal; W County Land Use Attorney speaks in favor, 5 Rajneeshees, including Mayor of R, manage to speak against; Court/ Commission votes unanimously to repeal the R Plan, removing it from the W County Plan; R City Attorney charges procedural errors and discrimination and says R will appeal; 100 attend
84.07.11 US Attorney for Oregon, representing the INS in a civil suit filed by 40 Rajneeshee couples, files an affidavit stating that a criminal investigation of possible marriage and visa fraud among Rajneeshees in the state may result in presentation of evidence to a federal grand jury and asking for a stay of the civil case pending the completion of the investigation; the INS says that 2 to 6 investigators have been working on the case at all times for the past two years (No. )
84.07.12 Rumor of possible land purchase by Rajneeshees near Long Beach, Washington reported
84.07.12 Coos County Planning Commission, by a vote of 5 to 3, turns down a request by an avowed Christian family for a conditional use permit to allow the creation of Peaceful Lakes RV Park in a forestry zone following a rumor spread by those opposing that the family and/or their investors were connected with "'some religious cult up in Antelope.'"; Planning Commission says the use is not compatible with the rural residential area and the family says it will appeal to the County Commission
84.07.13 [R] Profit from the festival estimated at $7-8 million, with expenses estimated at $4-5 million (including planes dropping the petals of 71,000 roses); total estimated investment in R at $110 million
84.07.13 [W] Reported that the W County Court/Commission plans to hold a July 25 meeting with the original petitioners for R incorporation election and ask them to begin the entire process again, even though this has not been required by the state; also expected that the Southern Wasco County Citizens Advisory Committee plans to begin work on the process of deleting all references to R from the W County Plan
84.07.15 Five Rajneeshees who are delegates from R, A and North J Count; attend Republican state convention in Klamath Falls; A City Council member misses being on the list of 13 alternates to the GOP National Convention in Dallas in August by one vote; Rajneeshees emerge 14th and 15th in voting for 13 alternates
84.07.15 Counterpoint magazine publishes two page article by Willamette University professor on 1000 Friends' three year battle which has seen over 100 separate actions against the City of R
84.07.17 US District Court Judge in Portland rejects AG's motion to return his suit against R to W County Circuit Court; R attorneys had argued that in naming W County and the W County Sheriff as defendants in the refiled suit, the AG had hoped to use their objections to the removal of the suit to keep it in the W County Court (all defendants must agree to removal of a suit Judge rules that W County and the W County Sheriff "'must be aligned with the state as plaintiffs' because they have the same interests in the case as the state" and that the AG's case deals with issues of federal and constitutional law and should be heard by a federal court; AG's office spokesperson says he may consider an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco; no trial date is set (No. )
84.07.18 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge hears one hour of arguments and delays decision on whether Bhagwan will have to submit to a pretrial deposition in the $1 million defamation suit filed by former wife of unsuccessful A mayoral candidate; decision is due by July 23, before which attorneys may file further information, and trial scheduled to begin on Aug. 6 (No. )
84.07.18 [E] Herringswell: Forest Heath District Council meeting decides that no wards will be established in parish council elections, which means all seats will be filled by at-large representative
84.07.19 An Ocean Park, Washington businessman admits his innocent comments may have started the rumor of Rajneeshee land purchase near Long Beach which reportedly panicked some residents
84.07.20 [R] Improvements to date: 6 sedan taxis; recent visitors include several members of the Oregon Environmental Council; UO researchers report results of self image test administered to children from Lincoln School, grades one through nine; test results show Rajneeshee children scoring higher than children nationally on each of the six test scales--cognitive competence, social acceptance, athletic competence, physical appearance, conduct, self-worth
84.07.21 ONPA presents its 1984 Better Newspaper Contest Awards to 39 Oregon newspapers including to The Dalles Weekly Reminder for "Investigative or Enterprise Reporting (Division B)" for "Continuing Coverage of a Single News Event (weekly)" and to the Tigard Times for an Editorial (weekly), all of which related to Rajneeshpuram or Rajneeshees
84.07.23 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge hears final arguments on whether Bhagwan must submit to deposition in $1 defamation suit filed against Him, RFI, President of AR, former Ed. of Rajneesh Times, RNSIC by former wife of unsuccessful A mayoral candidate; Bhagwan's attorneys argue that being forced to give a deposition would violate His constitutional rights to religious practices, including public silence; the suit deals with a sentence in a letter printed in the Rajneesh Times on April 29, 1983 which refers to plaintiff and 10 others and also to racism and religious bigotry; ruling on deposition pending (No. )
84.07.23 [R] CCI Meeting; discussion of pending land use litigation, a bicycle path, a townhall meeting and the selection of two new CCI members
84.07.23 [W] W County Democratic Central Committee meeting; area state representative says to two attending Rajneeshees "'As a group, there's not much reason for you to vote for me,'" but expresses the desire to speak to R citizens on a one-to-one basis about his stands on the issues
84.07.25 [W] Presiding W County Circuit Court Judge from Bend files ruling dismissing A suit and declaring that the A Community Church (and perhaps 6 lots of land) belongs to the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon, which received the title from the A City Council on May 4, 1982; "The church was built by the Methodist (sic) in 1896, and remained in Methodist ownership until Oct. 24, 1953 when it was transferred to the Antelope School District by warranty deed for $500. The school district held title until Aug. 29, 1969 when with quit-claim deed the lots were transferred to the city. It executed a bargain and sale deed May 4, 1982 to the Diocese,"; the Judge said that "The Methodists had authority to transfer to the Diocese, but the transfer to school to city failed because of the church-state separation. These two transactions in effect were not effective and so the title had reverted to the Methodists who in turn transferee it to the Diocese,"; the Judge also said that the school and city had not owned the church but merely held it in trust for the congregation, they had not spent any money on the church nor paid for its utilities and the church had only been used for school, city or secular purposes on a few occasions and therefore could not be considered a community center; A did, however, have a lease with the members of the A Community Church and the A fire station and A Recycling Center occupy one of the disputed lots; the A City Attorney states that an appeal is likely (No. )
84.07.25 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge orders Bhagwan to submit to a deposition in $1 million defamation suit; Judge denies stop motion which states that a forced deposition would violate His consitutional rights to religious freedom, saying the plaintiff's right to a full and fair trial is more important; trial is scheduled to begin on Aug. 6; Rajneeshee spokesperson says appeal is likely (No. )
84.07.25 [W] W County Court/Commission limits access to minutes and tapes of its meetings and other public records to two hours per week (Tuesdays, 1-3pm) and institutes a $2 fee "for.every 15 minutes of secretarial time required to find the records and screen the material"; Treasurer of RFI and Mayor of R attend Court/Commission meeting to discuss the procedures W County might use to "reconsider" the incorporation of R and remind the Court/Commission that the County stipulated that it would not initiate any proceedings prior to a final determination by the highest court on the incorporation issue; Mayor of R requests that notices of meetings or correspondence on the topic be sent to R and W County Land Use Attorney denies the request; 1000 Friends' attorney is present and W County Land Use Attorney refers several questions to him; no time schedule established for consideration of the R Plan; noted that the Southern Wasco County Citizens Advisory Committee (SWCCAC) has 15 members, two of whom are Rajneeshees
84.07.27 [R] Improvements to date: over 100 miles of 10 different types of fencing; two women Peace Force Officers complete five day course by NRA to train instructors in pistol and shotgun shooting and both qualify for NRA sharpshooter ratings
84.07.27 Students at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston on the southern Oregon coast stage a "Bhagwan Shree Martineesh" Day to "honor" their Teaching Assistant, complete with all in red clothing and red food for lunch
84.07.29 [A] "Praise service" at A Community Church to celebrate court decision in favor of Episcopal Diocese; 97 attend; Madras Conservative Baptist minister previously involved in demonstrations and speaking against Rajneeshees in various Oregon cities preaches, calling Bhagwan and Rajneeshees liars, "sons of the devil" and drawing parallels between them and the ancient followers of Baal who were killed by Elijah's people
84.07.30 [W] Nevada man files suit in W County Circuit Court against R Municipal Judge, claiming he was issued a citation for careless driving on June 4, pleaded not guilty, filed a motion with the R Municipal Court to dismiss the charge on the grounds that R has no legal status, that he attended the trial date set for June 20 where the city requested and was granted a continuance of trial date until the final legal resolution of the city's status has been determined and where the R Municipal Judge refused to rule on the man's motion to dismiss; the man contends that it may take years to bring his case to court and that "keeps him from proceeding with an action of malicious prosecution against the city of R (No. )
84.07.31 [R] Date of publication of press release containing an open invitation to all Americans over age 18 by Rajneesh Humanities Trust (RHT) to spend three months at the Ranch at a cost of $250 per month room and board to participate in "the great experiment"
84.07.31 US District Court Judge denies a request for a temporary restrain- in order prohibiting the deposition taking from Bhagwan in the $1 million defamation suit; however, due to the "novelty of questions", the Judge grants a limited restraining order until Aug. 8 to allow Rajneeshee attorneys to appeal the denial to the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco (No. )
84.07.31 [R] RNSIC sends letter to seven state agencies (Departments of Commerce, Human Resources, Energy, Fish and Wildlife, Environmental Quality and Water Resources and the Secretary of State) asking them not to visit commune land or businesses without 48 hours' notice, to avoid the inconvenience and wasted time to all caused by unannounced visits; letter is viewed by AG as "'unacceptable'" by Secretary of State as "'very presumptuous'"; RNSIC spokespersor clarifies that the letter comes from the Commune and not the city and its purpose is only to expedite visits; speakers for the Departments of Human Resources and Commerce state that they are required to make unannounced visits and will give no "special treatment
84.08.01 Approximate date of Oregon Magazine issue citing a Professor of Religious Studies at Lewis and Clark College who accuses Bhagwan "of distorting and perverting other major elements of the Hindu religious tradition."
84.08.01 Approximate date of Psychology Today magazine issue with cover and two inside photos of Rajneeshees and article entitled "Radical Departures" by head of the Department of Psychiatry at Sunnybrook Medical Center in Toronto, which contains a very inacurrate "composite" portrait of a Rajneeshee as part of a description of his book on people who join "radical communal groups"
84.08.01 Approximate date of Pacific Southwest Airlines In-Flight magazine issue with photo of R dam and article entitled "Land Wars", which recounts the history of land use controversies between 1000 Friends and the City of R
84.08.01 [R] Improvements to date: plans to extend growing seasons and produce food during winter under cover in portable modules and to expand rangeland recovery program by reintroduction of native plants; plans for a 60' diameter nine-sided copper cone rising 55' on a steel frame to serve as a crematorium, to be known as the Samadhi and placed in Arastra Canyon; 47 Rolls Royces reported; 50 followers reported in Akron, Ohio
84.08.01 Eugene Register-Guard prints article by Director of 1000 Friends in rebuttal of their June 29 editorial against "ex post facto land use law"
84.08.02 [W] Reported that the W County Circuit Court Judge has ordered R Municipal Judge to either give Nevada man a trial, dismiss the charge, or show cause why his request for a writ of mandamus should not be granted in a ruling related to his lawsuit over the June 4 traffic citation (No. )
84.08.03 RLSC attorney becomes candidate for election to the American Bar Association House of Delegates
84.08.03 Reported that the AG filed motions in US District Court last week asking Judge to reconsider the decision to keep his case regarding the constitutionality of R in federal court or allowing him to appeal ruling to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals; W County files a motion asking Judge to reconsider ruling that W County should properly be aligned with plaintiffs and not defendants (No. 84-359-FR)
84.08.04 The San Francisco Chronicle reports obtaining INS memo sent by Portland office to other INS offices throughout the nation, which reads, in part,"'Ninety-five percent of the marriages between (U.S.) citizens and alien members of this organization are phony ... Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but there is speculation that... the pressure applied... to the immigration situation may cause them to pick up stakes and leave the United States... Bhagwan now seems content to meditate by his pool, or take his daily two-hour drive in one of his 25 Rolls-Royces while his sannyasins work 12-hour days building his city... The INS seems to be the only remaining obstacle in his path... It is hoped that each region will be alert to the fraud that is obviously being committed ...The Portland office wishes to track all activity by sannyasins (disciples) and ultimately to establish fraud for prosecutive purposes... Many have decided that marriage is the easiest way to the Promised Land.'"; the memo claims as many as 500 "immigration marriages" and that Rajneeshees are donning conventiona clothes to apply for permanent residency in other states so that they will be less recognizable; a Rajneeshee attorney states that it is natural for members of a religious group to intermarry and accuses the government of a systemmatic program to destroy Rajneeshism and is quoted as saying "'They are going after our senior people, trying to render confusion and drive us out of the country... I think it goes high in government. The tone of the investigation is, if you can't find tax problems, then find immigration violations. If you can't find that, then find something else.'"
84.08.04 Article in San Jose Mercury-News erroneously identifies the "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Movement" as a fundamentalist Christian sect of a fanatical type, about which the article warns "'These groups have proven irrational, paranoid, hate-crazed, and violent. They have produced witch hunters, book burners, child abusers, wife beaters, and murderers. If nothing is done, we may soon discover that Jonestown was no fluke!'"
84.08.05 [R] Improvements to date: 1700 residents at R and 400,000 Rajneeshee as well as 1 million supporters worldwide reported; 50 security guards on patrol; crops from 1,970 acres expected to bring in $1.4 million; 90 buses; 4 airplanes
84.08.05 Salem Statesman-Journal article recounts rumors of weapons stockpiling at R and quotes R Mayor, President of AR, Rajneeshee attorneys, INS District Director, Lewis and Clark College and OSU religion professors in story speculating on the likelihood of violence
84.08.07 [R] Subpoenas served on Bhagwan, President AR, former editor of Rajneesh Times ordering them to appear in Multnomah County Circuit Court on August 9 in $1 million defamation suit trial (No. )
84.08.08 30 Rajneeshees in Brisbane, Australia reportedly soon to move to 1000 member strong communities in Sydney and Perth
84.08.08 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge hears Rajneeshee attorney argue a motion for summary judgement without trial; motion denied; Rajneeshee motion to dismiss also denied; Rajneeshee request for a stay of the subpoena of Bhagwan, on grounds that his deeply held religious belief on public silence would be violated health jeopardized and that his testimony is not essential to the case, nor does he discuss temporal matters with the President of AR, is denied; for reasons of health and security, however, Judge offers Bhagwan the alternative of being questioned in R rather than appearing in the Portland located court as a witness: Rajneeshee attorney says that Bhagwan is unaware of the suit but will be told of his choices; Judge allows individual questioning of jurors, which begins this date (No. )
84.08.08 Director of the INS office in Portland reportedly refuses to comment on anti-Rajneeshee memo; Rajneeshee spokesperson says the memo shows that the INS is on a "'witch hunt'" against them
84.08.08 Rajneeshee in Oregon presentation by OSU religion professor in Corvallis as part of the Oregon Heritage Festival
84.08.08 Oregonian editorial calls for a "constructive approach" to R by state government, "In short, a cooperative effort is in order to help the Rajneeshees establish what it is they want in ways that are compatible with federal and state constitutions and the environment of Wasco and Jefferson counties."
84.08.08 Rajneeshees travel to Challis, Idaho to inspect the "'man camp'" buildings owned by Cyprus-Thompson Creek mine with an eye to possible purchase and removal to R; the buildings might provide living quarters for 600-700 people
84.08.09 Plaintiff's attorney in $1 million defamation suit asks Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge to continue Bhagwan's subpoena until Aug. 13; still unclear whether deposition will be taken at R or a court appearance occur; jury selection process continues (No. )
84.08.09 [R] Improvements to date: Madras Pioneer article praises Ranch riparian rehabilitation program, which includes rip-rapping, 200 check dams, seeding and planting of 250-350,000 trees in order to restore/keep abundant water, soil, plant and wildlife; truck farm of 60 acres to yield projected $607,000 worth of vegetables in 1984; bouquets of flowers provided to all R buildings on a four day cycle; florist business
84.08.09 [W] Boxes of chocolate candy are reportedly received by many anti- Rajneeshee people, including the W County Planning Director and Land Use Attorney, each box having no return address and a typed message signed with an unfamiliar first name and all dated Aug. 2; at least one recipient plans to have the candy tested
84.08.10 In a recent decision not to approve an application, the US Office of Patents and Trademarks reportedly thought the name "Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh" Restaurants might be offensive to Buddhists; RNSIC is appealing the decision
84.08.10 [R] This week saw a town hall meeting of 600 at which R Mayor gave an update on W County Court/Commission actions, recent litigation and his visit to Salem during the recent Special Session of the Legislature; recent visitors have included a game warden from the Fish and Wildlife Commission making an annual inspection of the riparian recovery rate and an official bird count, who complimented the results of the creek repair work, and 9 Eugene residents who flew in their own planes
84.08.10 Opening statements and testimony begins before a 9 woman, 3 man jury in Multnomah County Circuit Court in $1 million defamation suit (No. )
84.08.10 Rajneeshee attorneys argue in US District Court that Bhagwan's constitutional rights will be violated if he is arrested for failing to appear to testify in the $1 million defamation trial; attorneys say that they gained the impression from the Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge's remarks in his private office today that an arrest warrant will be issued at 9:30 am on Aug. 13 if Bhagwan is not present in court; US District Court Judge declines to issue a restraining order against the issuance of an arrest warrant, but indicates that he will hear a request on Aug. 13 to stay the arrest if a warrant is issued; plaintiff's attorney says he has asked for contempt of court proceedings to be put into motion if Bhagwan fails to appear; Rajneeshee attorney says that Bhagwan has not yet been told of suit or plaintiff (No. )
84.08.11 A fire touched off by lightening along the John Day River has reportedly burned 900 acres of BLM land and 300 acres of Rancho Rajneesh; a number of Rajneeshees aided in spotting and fighting the fire, which began on Aug. 9, was discovered on Aug. 10 and contained on Aug. 11; this is one of a dozen or more blazes in the northwest at present
84.08.11 [A] City Council Meeting; Treasurer reports $9060.29 in General Fund and $1192 in Street Fund; payment of $2529.43 and $70 in bills approved; opening of savings and checking accounts approved; Peace Force reports continuous threats of violence but no major incidents during July festival at R; discussion of a site plan for new landfill trenches; discussion of a water report, a waste water treatment facility and a site-well drilling plan; report that A Comprehensive Plan includes 158 acres zoned for resident- ial use, which could accommodate up to 1800 people; decision to spend $3000 on fire equipment, most from a grant from the State Forester awarded on Feb. 8; CCI subcommittees continue to work on reports and recommendations, which will be brought to the Council when the water/sewer study is complete; CA reports on A Community Church court decision, stating that the facts used were in error, the ruling confused and recommending appeal; decision to appeal the ownership of the Church and 6 lots and to authorize the CA to negotiate with the Episcopal Diocese about continued use of the fire hall and the recycling center, both of which are on disputed lots; decision to bond City Recorder, Treasurer and Marshall for $50 each; presentation of a petition by 30 of A's approximately 95 (about 80 Rajneeshee and 15 non- Rajneeshee ) citizens requesting the Council to refer a measure to voters in the September 18 election to amend the Charter to change the name of the town from the City of Antelope to the City of Rajneesh; one petitioner says the idea came from a journalist's remark at the time that street names were changed; none of the three non-Rajneeshee residents in attendance speak against the proposal; Council passes resolution and ballot title for referral of the proposal to the voters; adoption of an ordinance authorizing the creation of a Municipal Court and Judge in order to avoid the inconvenience of travelling to The Dalles for routine city legal matters; Charter already allows for a Municipal Court and states that the City Recorder should serve as a Judge; Court will meet on Thursdays at 4pm in Lincoln School to handle all violations of the City Charter, City Ordinances and Oregon laws in the jurisdiction of municipal courts; decision to authorize $350 to enable an A representative to attend the Oregon Conference of Mayors Convention; results of May 15 election ratified; reported that A has been notified of its State Revenue Sharing eligibility; decision that notices concerning weed abatement will be sent to property owners where grasses too long and constitute a fire hazard; approval of liquor licenses renewal for Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restaurant
84.08.13 Testimony in the $1 million defamation suit in Multnomah County Circuit Court continues with President of AR and ex-editor of the Rajneesh Times; Judge extends subpoena ordering Bhagwan to appear by four days, to Aug. 17, after plaintiff's attorney requests that his testimony be heard last; Judge states he will have Bhagwan arrested if necessary and that he has received calls from other potential witnesses in the case saying Bhagwan would be getting preferential treatment if he doesn't respond to the subpoena (No. )
84.08.13 [J] Madras School Board discusses proposed agreement on the distribution of assets and debts of a portion of A School District resulting from transfer of 1000 sq. mis. to Madras in April, 1983
84.08.14 A former Rajneeshee (1978-82) files suit in federal court in Portland seeking $2,389,990 in claims and punitive damages; the 65 year old New Mexican woman claims that loans made to RFI in June of 1980 of $309,990 have not been repaid although payment has been demanded repeatedly since January 26, 1984; a separate claim alleges that in 1979, she deposited $82,500 with RFI to be disbursed to her and only about $2500 released to date (No. )
84.08.15 Plaintiff, free lance newsman and TV journalist all testify in $1 million defamation suit; Judge reiterates that he will issue a warrant for Bhagwan's arrest if he does not appear in response to the subpoena on Aug. 17 (No. )
84.08.15 Approximate date of mailing by RHT inviting Americans to participate in R through the Sept. 10-Dec. program; brochure says that R "is not a closed city and that its doors have always been open applicants are warned that no illegal drugs or explosives are pe: mitted, asked not to bring non-vegetarian food and to pay $250 per month room and board and told that they may work or study or simply enjoy being at R
84.08.15 Executive Director of the Oregon Republican Party states that any Oregon Republican could have asked for a guest pass to the National Convention in Dallas and that 2 Rajneeshees (precinct committeepersons from A and R) had received them, as had 27 other 3 additional Rajneeshees have requested and are awaiting passes, as are 57 others
84.08.15 [A] Ex-Mayor of A and nearby rancher are reported to say that they are trying to contact the Oregon Board of Geographical Names to determine who has jurisdiction over city name changes
84.08.16 Attorneys in $1 million defamation suit meet in Judge's chambers: Rajneeshee attorney states that Bhagwan will not obey the subpoena to appear on Aug. 17 (No. )
84.08.16 17 Oregon Mayors Association Annual Meeting votes to oppose 1.5% property tax limitation measure on November ballot; 40 attend, including representative of A and Mayor of R; the latter asks the head of the State Economic Development Department how Oregon's economy is being helped by the Governor's opposition to [R] R Mayor also says R contributes $2-3 million per month to Oregon's economy
84.08.17 Rajneeshee attorney says Bhagwan agrees to give a videotaped deposition in the $1 million defamation suit "fearing the effect his arrest might have on his disciples"; Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge announces that will be acceptable to a packed courtroom; Judge, attorneys and court reporters will travel to R to take the depostion in a conference room there on Sunday, Aug. 19: Judge says travel to R justified on the grounds of safety and security of witness; later in the day, Judge states that he will not travel to R to rule on legal objections as originally planned but will be available to do so by phone; plaintiff's attorney agrees to locale on condition that he, a court reporter of his choosing and his co-counsel be in the same room with Bhagwan, that they be flown expense free to and from R; Judge also rules that the videotape will be used only for relevant trials and will not be for public dissemination nor be allowed to be copied; defense witnesses, including former executive assistant to ex-Governor, J County DA, A City Treasurer and Portland attorney asked earlier to mediate all testify as to atmosphere of hostility at the time the letter in question was printed in the Rajneesh Times: one juror dismissed due to illness and replaced by alternate (No. )
84.08.17 R&[E] Rajneeshee reactions to the necessity that Bhagwan break public silence to testify is a mixture of surprise that such a thing would happen in the US and sadness at the lack of respect for this religious practice
84.08.17 [R] Improvements to date: 50 acres of alfalfa yields mere than 7½ tons per acre in four separate cuttings; 80 acres of rye yields 1 and 1/3 tons per acre; 30 acres of tall fescue; 15 acres plantes in orchard grass and white clover; the yields are over 50% above normal and have a market value in excess of $100,000
84.08.17 [W] Rajneesh Times editorial recounts the move of polling place in A from Lincoln School to the small trailer serving as Post Office as requested by anti-Rajneeshees, of harassment there of Rajneeshee voters, of a request by two A officials that the polling place be moved back to Lincoln School and the W County Clerk's reply that she is considering three other locations, Shaniko (8 miles away), Maupin (35 miles away) and A Community Church, all of which are called inconvenient or provocative; it is also reported that the W County Clerk has delayed action on a request by Rajneeshee residents of A to place two newer residents on the A Election Board to ensure balance
84.08.17 [A] It is reported that last week the Lincoln School received a letter from the SPI commending the staff for quickly correcting the minor deficiencies, thereby meeting all requirements to complete the standardization process
84.08.17 [A] City Council Meeting; consideration of a request from RIC, which has recently purchased 23 acres of A1 zoned, residentially designated (in the Comprehensive Plan) land inside of A's UGB, as to whether high density modular housing can be placed there; land, although marked residential on the Plan, must be rezoned from A1; CCI presentation on and discussion of Comprehensive Plan amendments which would facilitate development in A, including: two zoning ordinances (33 and 34), adopted in Feb., 1982, which were improperly adopted, but nonetheless in force because they were not challenged within time limits, but which could be use to limit development; a proposed change in lot size, height and setback requirements in the Residential and Commercial zones; recess; further discussion of allowing flexibility in housing options to increase economic development; decision to consider all proposals at a public hearing on August 31; committee formed to look into authorizing a city official to sign off on all outright uses on building permits
84.08.19 [R] Deposition taking in $1 million defamation suit lasts 80 minutes as Bhagwan breaks 3½ years of public silence; followers line streets of R to greet Bhagwan on the way to and from the conference room with music and rose covered carpet; President AR quotes as saying "'The U.S. Constitution deserves to be burned' in front of the White House because it did not prevent Rajneesh from being compelled to speak."; much media coverage (No. )
84.08.20 Videotape of Bhagwan's deposition shown to jurors and reveals: oath taken on the Book of Rajneeshism; Bhagwan had no knowledge of the letter in question until 2 days before the deposition; President of AR has full authority over Rajneeshee business and legal affairs; Bhagwan does not read newspapers or watch TV, but speaks to President AR about 4 times a week and to others to discuss their personal growth and, he states, "'I am no more concerned with the Commune, its day-to-day work... I'm retired completely.'"; Bhagwan calls plaintiff's attorney "stupid" and criticizes him for rustling papers and not listening to the answers to his questions; Bhagwan states he has rarely come across a person who is not bigoted; later the President of AR thanks the court for permitting the deposition-taking in a way that protecte Bhagwan's health and safety; in another development, the Judge rules that the plaintiff is a "public figure", thus making defamation more difficult to establish (No. )
84.08.21 Testimony in $1 million defamation suit continues and includes medical records on plaintiff, the existence of which was only revealed this week,and which show some of the plaintiff's symptoms predated the President of AR's letter by more than 10 years; plaintiff testifies, saying Rajneeshees were "different", intimidated "old timers", "'were aggressive and abrasive'" and "'made fun of us'", brands Rajneeshism as a "'destructive cult'" and says disciples "can no longer think for themselves"; Judge bars Rajneeshee attorney from asking religious questions to establish plaintiff's intolerance, basing his ruling on a section of Oregon's Bill of Rights (No. )
84.08.22 Two Rajneeshee physicians testify that they believe plaintiff suffered no physical or mental harm as a result of the letter in question (No. )
84.08.23 Closing arguments in $1 million defamation suit; plaintiff's attorney claims the Rajneeshees "maliciously harassed" the plaintiff and tried to "shut her up"; Rajneeshee attorney says the group is a "'vilified minority'" and that what was said in the letter in question may have been "'uncomfortable and impolite, perhaps, but true'"; case goes to jury (No. )
84.08.23 [W] The Dalles woman who was previously reported to have offered to adopt Bhagwan, is reported to have taken out a petition on Aug. 15 seeking to run in the Nov. election for a two year term on the W County Court/Commission as an independent candidate; it is reported that four people gathering signatures on her petition were in a car registered at R; woman denies knowledge of R signature gatherers; deadline for return of petition with 512 signatures is Aug. 28; woman says she believes in equal rights for all and that taxes are too high; earlier she had formed "Concerned Oregonians for a Fair Tax Base" on May 14 to oppose the W County proposal to raise the base from $1,399,784 to $2,974,650
84.08.24 Jury in $1 million defamation suit decides in favor of Bhagwan, President of AR and former Editor of Rajneesh Times by a vote of 10 to 2 after 3½ hours of deliberation; plaintiff says she feels the verdict is "'quite unfair'" and her attorney says they will consider an appeal; Rajneeshee attorney says that as an "'Oregonian and a civil libertarian I am proud that our system has done justice'" and that he hopes it is clear that there is no reason to seek Bhagwan's deposition in any future case (No. )
84.08.24 [R] Approximately 10 residents are reported to be native Oregonians; greenhouses planned to cover two to nine acres
84.08.24 AG reportedly says that the invitations to US citizens to participate in the three month living program through RHT does not change his position in the lawsuit against R, even though one of the arguments supporting his charge that the incorporation of R violates the constitutional separation of church and state is that there are no non-Rajneeshee residents of R (No. 84-359-FR)
84.08.26 Feature stories in the Eugene Register-Guard focus on a rehash of hostilities between Oregonians and Rajneeshees, of lawsuits, of INS harassment of Rajneeshees and of Bhagwan's predictions
84.08.26 [R] R Municipal Judge responds in civil suit brought against her by Nevada man cited for traffic offense in June who moved for dismissal on grounds that R and R Court do not exist, whereupon Judge continued case and man claimed a denial of justice; Judge states in a brief that the man was not jailed, no social stigma is attached to a traffic matter and that there is no right to a speedy trial in a non-criminal case, therefore no harm will be done to continue until the matter of the legality of R settled (No. )
84.08.27 [W] Reported that the W County Clerk has decided that the September election will not be held at A polling place, that all voters must vote by absentee ballots or go to The Dalles; A Mayor and City Recorder write letter in protest; W County Clerk also considering splitting A precinct along the same lines as the present school district, which would separate non-Rajneeshee and Rajneeshee voters into different precincts
84.08.27 [W] The Dalles woman who is seeking to run for W County Court/Commission turns in petition, only to have it declared 2 votes shor of the 512 needed after many signatures rejected as invalid because they are illegible, or undated, or of unregistered voters; the petition of yet another woman seeking to run for a different seat on the W County Court/Commission is also rejected, even though it has enough signatures, because the W County election officials claim she had not properly registered as an Independen the required 180 days before the November election; a criminal investigation was launched by W County and the woman was accused of being registered under one name in The Dalles and another name in R; the investigation of a possible double registration has been turned over to a Deputy Secretary of State; the woman is alleged to have registered in The Dalles as an Independent in both Feb. and Aug. 1984 and in Mar. and July 1983 registered fir as an Independent and then as a Democrat in R; she is alleges to have voted in Mar. and Aug. in the Dalles and in May and June in R; the woman meets with W County Clerk and W County Sheriff and denies the allegations of wrong doing
84.08.27 [J] Madras School Board Meeting notified that A School Board has signed the proposed agreement on the distribution of assets and debts of a portion of A School District resulting from transfer of 1000 sq. mis. to Madras in April, 1983 which adds about $3 mil lion of assessed valuation to the Madras District; agreement states that no division of assets or liabilities will be made unless the A District School ceases to exist, that the cost of educating A students from the annexed area will be covered by Madras District taxes , and that if the A school should cease to exist, the Madras District would receive $10,400 from its net assets as of May 31, 1984 (about 20%)
84.08.27 Approximate date of September issue of Oregon Magazine containing an article entitled "Rajneeshpuram: Valley of Death?" and an editorial raising the possibility that R might be another Jonestown article claims security precautions at R are like a "military watch" and there is stockpiling of weapons, including 30 semi- automatics (CAR 15's and Uzi Model B's owned by Peace Force), warns of violence, quotes a prediction that Bhagwan will be deported on grounds of fraudulently obtaining a visa and citing a 1980 article which claims Rajneeshees were engaged in prostitution and drug-smuggling while in India; the authors of the article apparently did not interview anyone at R and one is the free lance writer arrested the previous summer for taping a conversation without permission in a trespassing incident
84.08.27 A reported rumor in Friday Harbor, Washington that RIC will buy the Rosario Resort to be auctioned on Sept. 8; rumor denied by Rajneeshee spokesperson
84.08.29 A Rajneeshee travels from R to New York City on a charitable mission sponsored by RHT to bring up to 2000 homeless street people to live and participate in R for as long as they wish
84.08.29 [E] Germany: reported that court has ordered authorities in Dusseldorf to allow a Rajneeshee disco to open, but also ordered that Rajneeshees prevent anyone under age 18 from using the facilities over 70 Rajneeshee businesses reportedly in West Germany
84.08.30 [E] Herringswell: Parish Council to consist of two wards, one of which includes Medina Rajneesh Commune (Manor Ward); four Rajneeshee candidates standing for four seats in Sept. 20 election express their desire to have Council meetings begin and end with jokes; one of five villagers standing for five seats in other ward says she doesn't like the idea
84.08.30 Oregon author releases advance copies of his book, Rajneeshpuram: The Unwelcome Society, Cultures Collide in a Quest for Utopia, to be available in bookstores from Sept. 15
84.08.30 [R] Meeting of the 15 member Local Advisory Committee for the John Day River Basin to continue work on the experimental data bank and resource management study; Committee members, who include one R resident, tour the Ranch; State Administrator of the Soil and Water Conservation Division and Resources Manager for the Oregon Environmental Council say they are very impressed with the soil, water treatment and recycling systems
84.08.31 Reported that Rajneeshees are appealing the $75,000 awarded to nearby rancher through default in a defamation suit (No. )
84.08.31 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge denies requests by KOIN-TV and KATU-TV of Portland to make copies of Bhagwan's videotaped deposition, saying it is neither a court "record"nor "file" and that public display would have a "chilling effect" on videotaped court testimony; TV stations' attorneys say they expect to appeal it is noted that in this case, the Rajneeshee oath was accepted by the US court system, "I take the oath on the sacred book of our religion of Rajneeshism that I only speak the truth and will only speak the truth now." (No. )
84.08.31 [W] Two A city officials file action in W County Circuit Court seeking an injunction requiring that A's Lincoln School be designated as a polling place for elections; W County Clerk says the move to designate The Dalles Courthouse (90 mis. from A) as a polling place is not unusual, that polls are not required to be in a precinct and that each registered voter has been sent an absentee ballot to use if they wish; no hearing date is set (No.
84.08.31 Rajneeshee DC 3 plane makes an emergency landing at Redmond Airport when an engine loses power; R mechanics go to Redmond to make repairs; no injuries
84.08.31 [R] Improvements to date:Samadhi crematorium under construction; recent visitors included Portland's "King of the Hoboes" and the "Mayor of Burnside", who encouraged other Oregonians to visit and who discussed possible provisions of shelter to the homeless of Portland through the RHT program
84.08.31 [A] City Council Meeting; CCI meetings of Aug. 21 and 28 produced two reports, on historical preservation and housing; adoption of Resolution No. 84-12 finding that the city's physical character is not a significant historical resource; reported that A has 38 houses, 2 currently for sale and 2 for rent, which would only allow a maximum of 18 new residents; adoption of Resolution No. 84-13 declaring an emergency shortage of housing and land for residential development; decision to look for consultants on Comprehensive Plan revision project; Public Hearing on the proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance allowing for greater variety of housing types and densities, ade quate provisions that development not exceeed the carrying capacity of the city's natural resources, to change historical preservation and telephone line burial provisions; presentation of facts and findings relating to land use goals, A's Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance and the W County Comprehensive Plan; testimony by representatives of RIC, LCDC (who feels changes are proceeding too quickly), R Mayor(who says the emergency is create by LCDC's temporary rule, due to which R cannot issue permits for requested housing), a non-Rajneeshee resident of A (who read a letter protesting the change as having detrimental effects or as being unnecessary), A City Treasurer (who feels the changes will aid economic development and the tax base), A citizens in favor and discussion of a proposed 5 year, 3 phase plan for an adequate sewer and water system; City Attorney and Community Development Officer respond to points raised in hearing and reiterate reasons for existence of emergency and recommend some changes suggested by testimony; Public Hearing on rezoning 23 acres, recently purchased by RIC, from A1 to residential to conform with Comprehensive Plan map; CDO testifies, presents facts and findings, other testimony in favor; Council adds information from Res. No. 84-12 and 84-13 and proposed amendment changes to other material; A Mayor summarizes testimony; Council adopts Ordinance No. 84-27 concerning the Comprehensive Flan and Zoning Ordinance amendments; Council adopts Ordinance No. 84-28 to accept changes in the Zoning map; adoption of Ordinance No. 84-29 to authorize the City Recorder to sign off on all outright uses for zoning and building permits
84.09.01 [E] [ENG] [BUS] Medina Rajneesh Body Center squash club in Belsize Park Gardens, London has grown from 400 to 2500 members since being purchased in 1983 for £325,000;and offers meditations, massages, social memberships, a bar, disco and champagne breakfasts; British Rajneeshees reportedly also own a newspaper, publishing co., construction co., marketing organization, bookshop, restaurant and to number 4000
84.09.01 [R] [SCHL] School Board Meeting; discussion of implementation of Child Find Program for identifying the handicapped and of constructing ramp to Lincoln School entrance; authorization for ad to sell school bus and for study of District's transportation needs; passage of a Resolution Adopting the Oregon Administrative Rules Re: Public Content Exemptions; services of test coordinator, 3 teachers' aides and janitor, all volunteers, accepted; two new teachers hired; announcement of receipt of the state Certificate of Standardisation and that an agreement with Madras District 509J has been concluded; head teacher reports new sign, linoleum, sand box in place; $2000 textbook order approved; consideration of expanded "School Without Walls" program for grades 4 through 8; projection that new property owners in A will petition to be included in 50J District and bring 30 new children between ages 6 and 17; no approval for request from family outside of District for an exception to the District's tuition policy; special meeting set for Sept. 10
84.09.02 [C] [RHT] [SAHP] Rajneeshees in Santa Cruz offer homes to "street people" on Rajneesh Humanity Trust Share A Home Program; only requirements are to live in a drug-free, non-violent community (R) and eat vegetarian food, it is reported
84.09.04 [O] [SAHP] [ELECT] Albany Democrat-Herald editorial connects RHT recruitment of homeless people with voter eligibility and turnout potential in November election in W County
84.09.04 [A] [CNCL] City Council Meeting; Minutes of Aug. 11, 17, 31 approved; Treasurer reports receipt of $1199-06 in General Fund and $138.60 Street Fund; Sept. bills of $2857.83 approved; approval to return $5000 bond posted by RNSIC for Third Annual World Celebration; Peace Force reports two landfill fires; adoption of Ord. No. 84-30 authorizing the establishement of an A Peace Force, the appointment of a Peace Force Commissioner and a committee of two appointed to work out details and report at next meeting; landfill site plan and notice of fires reported sent to DEQ; adoption of Ord. No. 84-31 authorizing the amendment of RNSIC contract to do further work on landfill and approval of new 5 year contract and fees; Fire Chief reports equipment purchase of $2169-9 (out of $2950 allocated from $4389,80 Forestry Dept. grant); RNSIC report on sewer/water study suggests use of springs, water purification, building a new reservoir and discussions with DEQ about A water system; CIC reports continuing work on growth, economic development and other Comprehensive Plan amendments; report on new wells being dug by RIC, one of which produces 15 gal. per min. and is 360' deep, which RIC will have tested, approved, and dedicate all water to A community development; adoption of Ord. No. 84- authorizing contract with RIC to hook up well to A water system; announcement that RIC will execute a central sewage system in consultation with A by 1989 and A will have the option of later purchase, with RIC underwriting up to $250,000 worth of municipal bonds; adoption of Ord. No. 84- authorizing agreement with RIC for A sewer system, approval of contract for undertaking; approval of request by W Electric Cooperative for an electrical line right of way on A property; A to file an appeal regarding A Community Church decision within next few days; report of poll of 4 local planners about working 20 hrs. per mo. until end of June, 1985 in consultation with CIC on development of the Comprehensive Plan , adoption of Ord. No. 84- and approval of contract with R City Planner for this work; report by councilmember and A Clerk on filing of lawsuit against W County Clerk to return polling place to A's Lincoln School from the W County Courthouse in The Dalles where it has been moved
84.09.05 [R] [RHT] [SAHP] [ELECT] A imported 50 formerly homeless arrive on buses from NYC and Seattle (11); 1700 Ranch residents reported, room for 2-3000 homeless may be available; RHT representatives inviting people from NYC, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco (26 on bus this date), San Diego, Santa Cruz (30 signed up to date); newcomers being invited on three month trial program of RHT, with exceptions made for those who cannot afford the $250 per month room and board charge , with provision of clothing, medical care and transportation to and from R; newcomers are checked for legal and health problems, offered a home for as long as they want, and are not required to work or to become sannyasins (Rajneeshees); RMC and RNSIC are aiding the project; non-Rajneeshee residents of A said to be skeptical and claiming that the newcomers are only wanted for votes, to populate buildings which LCDC may want removed, or because they will belie the AG's charges that R is a closed religious community; RHT reports 1000 applicants for the $250 per mo. program which begins Sept. 10; 2000 expected to attend the five day Mahaparinirvana celebration which culminates on Sept. 8 (cost. $320); Rajneeshee spokesperson quoted as saying the recent Oregon Magazine article is part of a "'constant anti-Rajneesh campaign.'"
84.09.06 [O] [ELECT] [A] [W] Oregonian editorial takes W County Clerk to task for moving Sept. 18 A election polling place to W County Courthouse, 90 miles away
84.09.06 [J] [SAHP] [ELECT] J County DA expresses concern of area residents about newcomers to R in relation to voting and social services; Rajneeshee spokesperson says they have not thought about whether the newcomers will vote, that screening process ensures they are US citizens, free of criminal records, and that if they wish to leave, transportation to the city of their choice will be provided; SAHP participants to be housed in both R and A, will eat separately from Commune members and are asked to bring no drugs of any kind
84.09.06 [A] [RIC] reportedly building a 24 unit cluster of homes on 16 acres of land purchased for $34,000; RIC will serve units with recently dug well and will use toilet and shower trailers rather than plumbing; W County Sanitarian refers RIC to DEQ
84.09.07 [LCDC] [A] Field representative says LCDC may file an appeal next week of A findings of an emergency in changing the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance to allow for higher density residential development and may also appeal to LUBA the A Council decision to omit provisions in the Comprehensive Plan which refer to the historic character of A and require a 60 day waiting period before substantially altering historic structures
84.09.07 [O] [SAHP] [FAW] [W] District 50 State Representative, in Salem at a Legislative Emergency Board meeting, is quoted as saying, "'It appears pretty clear to me' that the Rajneeshees are bringing in the homeless people to 'influence the electoral outcome in Wasco County.'" (The Dalles Chronicle)
84.09.07 [O] [SAHP] A[C] NO3. 83-1892, 84-359-F[R] AG's Office says lawsuit will not be changed by presence of non-sannyasins in the city of R and that RFI has "'the power, whether they choose to execute it or not, to control who lives there,'" (Eugene Register-Guard)
84.09.07 [R] [RHT] [SAHP] 300 newcomers reported to have arrived and about 12 to have decided that R is not for them and left; they are reportedly building a basketball court, rock garden and fixing up their residential area; RHT representatives in Wasington,DC
84.09.07 [O] [MCCC] [DEP] [NO. Reported that Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge ruled this week that two Portland TV stations cannot copy the August 19 videotaped deposition by Bhagwan, that it is considered testimony and a public transcript is available; the TV stations say they will appeal
84.09.07 [R] [IMP] [RMC] thousands of visitors from Tokyo, Munich, Sydney, Hamburg, Paris and all over the US attending Mahaparinirvana celebration; new curbs, landscaping and marble plaque at Mirdad Reception Center; new stone walls and landscaping throughout R; R water use rates 50% lower than those of most Oregon cities; many recent visitors or RHT participants are parents of R residents ; RMC receives tax exempt status as of this date under Section 501C3, which indicates it is a nonprofit corporation to which tax deductible charitable contributions may be made
84.09.08 [O] [WILLIS] Democrat challenger for Second Congressional District seat says in Hermiston speech that R "' really a police state...'" and that the city governments of R and A have violated the constitutional rights of Rajneeshee critics in W County (Hermiston Herald)
84.09.08 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [HULSE] [PROFF] [LUND] [COMI] W County Court/ Commission Judge and W County Clerk quoted as saying that they believe the sole purpose for inviting the newcomers to R is so they can vote and take over W County government (The Seattle Times); Rajneeshee spokesperson denies that ever considered until the issue raised in the press; W County Clerk also states she has heard rumors that 7000 will come into a County of 12,800 voters and that while there are no pro-Rajneeshee candidates, she fears a write-in effort with bloc voting; current registration at R about 755 and at A about 125; W County Clerk speculates that 3000 new voters will make an impact and 5000 might be enough to 'take control" and states that R Mayor has inquired about registration procedures for newcomers: about 30 newcomers arrive from San Diego, most are men, 25% are black, ages 20-57, many expressed a desire to work; another bus is due from Washington, DC; reporters begin to print interviews with newcomers with favorable attitudes towards the experiment; Republican challenger for District 56 State Representative states that he and constituents believe there is more to bussing in the newcomers than "social welfare"; Democrat candidate for W County Court/Commission "said he thinks control of the county court is exactly what the Rajneesh have in mind by bringing in new residents" and that if they do "'all the county road money will go to fix roads on the Muddy Ranch' and 'They will name their own planner and 'really raise hell.'" (The Dalles Chronicle)
84.09.09 [R] [IMP] [BUS] [SAHP] [WILLIS] 80% of the leadership at R is reported to be female; 18 discos now in the Zorba the Buddha chain; 47 businesses and 15 corporations in R; 100 busses; 500,000 new trees planted (total); 35 miles new or improved road; 4000 chickens; 67 miles new or improved fencing; 3000 acres in dryland crops, 11,000 grapevines; $110 million invested to date; 900 RNSIC members ; donations make up 15% of R receipts; paid $95,000 in property taxes to W County in 1983; 150 children; arrival of 100 newcomers, to bring total to 350 since Sept. 2; Democrat challenger for Second Congressional District credited as being the first to raise the issue of a connection between the newcomers and voting (The Seattle Times, The Seattle Post Intelligencer )
84.09.10 [WCCC] [A] [PROFF] [ELECT] [NO. One hour "show cause" hearing in W County Circuit Court on the application for an injunction prohibiting the W County Clerk from requiring that the 92 regis tered voters in A use the W County Courthouse or an absentee ballot system for the A name change election on Sept. 18; W County Clerk testifies that she refused to remove the polling place from the A post office back to the A School (where it had been located for ten years), but had moved it to the Courthouse in The Dalles to prevent harassment and that the separation of powers should dictate that a county clerk and not a court designates polling places; Circuit Court Judge denies the injunction on the grounds that there is no specific Oregon law dealing with the removal of a municipal election outside of the boundaries of that municipality and that there is no reason to believe that anyone is disenfranchised by the move; the Judge, however, leaves the matter open to further litigation
84.09.10 [R] [SCHL] Special School Board Meeting; presentation of proposal for expanded "School Without Walls" program to include graces 4 through 8: intermediate students to spend half days in class and half in a Learning Center, thus resulting in smaller class size, the provision of tutoring in any needed area, six Learning Centers identified and others being explored; the program expansion is adopted; parents agree to temporarily provide for their children's own transportation;one learning disabled student reported to be enrolling; authorization for the negotiation of a lease agreement with RIC to store trailers on school grounds; District encouraged to write letter to A regarding school enrollment capacity relevant to amendment of the A Comprehensive Plan
84.09.10 [R] [W] [BLDG] [DUROW] W County Planner, an assistant and W County Deputy Sheriff go to R to monitor building progress and the use of permit approval or denial; it is now W County Court/Commission policy that a deputy accompany any County employee on business to R; Planner says they wish to inspect a particular trailer, although the County played no part in issuing the recreation permit for the trailer; the three officials are refused access to private Ranch property; W County Planner informs W County Court/ Commission Judge of incident
84.09.10 [O] [CCCLR] [BOIES] [FAW] [W] [ELECT] An anti-Rajneeshee group in Albany known as Concerned Citizens for Cost of Living Rights (CCCLR) announces that as many as 250 of its members plan to take up temporary residence in W County on Nov. 5, register and vote on the Nov. 6 election day and leave Nov. 7; they state their action is in response to charges that the Rajneeshees are bringing thousands of homeless into R to "vote as a block and allegedly, take over Wasco County government." (the charge was made the previous week by the District 56 State Representative); CCCLR members plan to meet with Secretary of State to inform her of their plan to try to get several thousand people to join them and to obtain an escort into W County by the soldiers at the US Army base at Fort Lewis, Washington (The Dalles Chronicle)
84.09.10 [W] [FAW] [PROFF] [ELECT] District 56 State Representative urges a "massive voter registration drive in W County." to face up to the "voting block that has formed in Rajneeshpuram,"; W County Clerk says that "They would need 6,000 to swing the election their way..."; both were speaking at a meeting of the Mid-Columbia Democratic Women's Club; the Rep. added that "he put in a legal request to the State Legislative Legal Council to determine if there is any evidence of potential voter fraud with bringingin large numbers of people. He also asked the Council to determine if any possible changes in the Oregon election laws could prevent people being brought for the purposes of voting. If there is a possibility of doing this without restricting other people's rights, he may request a special session to implement these changes." (The Dalles Chronicle)
84.09.10 [O] [SS] [AG] [W] [R] [ELECT] Secretary of State's Office asks AG to investigate the alleged double voting registration of a woman at R and The Dalles under different names; woman had filed petitions to run as an independent for the W County Court/Commission, which petitions were rejected by W County Clerk
84.09.11 [R] [SAHP] Welcome meeting for newcomers, 25 of whom rise to speak of their gratitude; R residents also speak positively about program
84.09.11 [O] CCL[R] [ELECT] CCLR spokesperson says they "consider the Rajneeshees a 'cult' that has ignored state and federal laws in setting up the guru's worldwide headquarters in Oregon." (The Eugene Register-Guard)
84.09.11 [O] CCL[R] [SS] [PROFF] [ELECT] Secretary of State meets with five representatives of CCLR and tells them their plan will break the law; the five say they will ignore her advice and proceed since they're "'tired of being pushed around by a minority that's led by a man who's not even an American.'" (Statesman- Journal); Secretary of State and W County Clerk widely quoted as saying the Albany group should not advertise their plan to move, register and vote in W County on election day; Secretary of State quoted as saying "...she had no indication the Rajneeshees were doing anything illegal. 'They're practicing what Christians preach. We can't assume ulterior motives.'" (Albany Democrat Herald) and "'Oregon has enough problems without getting a reputation back East as being a bunch of bigots,'" (Eugene Register-Guard), but she "...later said she sympathized to some extent with the concerns of the opponents." (Oregonian); Deputy Secretary of State says "'An announced scheme merely to go up there to vote sounds to me like it would not comply with the voter registration law," (Oregonian); W County Clerk claims she was told the day before by a Rajneeshee that they "planned to bring in 'at least 7,000' new residents....5,000 votes would do what they wanted." (Albany Democrat Herald)
84.09.11 [W] [ZAJO] Republican candidate for Secretary of State reported to have favored 20 day cutoff for voter registration in a W County speech the previous week and is quoted as having said "'What is happening in Wasco County is an example of what can happen'...referring to influence by members of the Rajneesh organization has had (sic) in some recent county elections." (The Dalles Chronicle)
84.09.11 [I] [RIC] [A] [SAHP] [LCDC] a $5.5 million complex purchased from the Cypress-Thompson Creek Mining Co. in Challis, Custer County, Idaho by RIC, and which could house up to 600 is reportedly being brought to A to provide modular housing on 23 acres for the SAHP; LCDC reported to have received A's request for a zone change on the 23 acres on Sept. 10 and has 21 days to review it and make a decision
84.09.11 [W] [DUROW] [WCCC] W County Planner says he will inform the W County Circuit Court of the R Peace Force refusal to allow him access to private property in R
84.09.11 [W] [FAW] [LCDC] [A] [RIC] District 56 State Representative reportedly requested LCDC to issue an injunction halting or slowing construction in A. but LCDC spokesperson replied that there appear to be no violations by RIC or A in the development of the 23 acre site
84.09.11 [W] [SAHP] [ELECT] Reported' that as of this date no registrations have been received from SAHP participants at R
84.09.11 [A] [ELECT] Non-Rajneeshee residents of A interviewed and described as being "'angry and disturbed'" over the Sept. 18 name change election (Bend Bulletin)
84.09.11 [R] [SAHP] Two hour community meeting with newcomers and older residents of Ranch attending
84.09.12 [W] [SAHP] [ELECT] A Longview, Washington News editorial charges "The best guessis that the Rajneeshees are looking for political power. They tock over the hamlet of Antelope, which is an incorporated city, and a school district. An attempt this fall to place a Rajneeshee in a county office was disallowed when the candidate was found to be voting under two names."; a Stayton, Oregon Mail editorial states "There seems to be some talk in Salem of a special session to head off what appears to be an effort by Rajneeshpuram to control the November election. We hope the special session materializes and the religious commune's transient guests are not given voting privileges."
84.09.12 [A] [CNCL] City Council Meeting; CCI work on Comprehensive Plan reportedly continuing; 5 hours of City Attorney's time authorized to advise CCI; a detailed report on CCI recommendations to date; adoption of Res. No. 84-14 supporting and encouraging the CCI; discussion of other needed research data on population projections and zoning ordinances; Sept. 24 set for public hearing on RIC request for conditional use hearing and permit to construct a subsurface disposal area for septic tank effluent in an A-1 zone
84.09.12 [BLDG] Rajneeshees reportedly bidding on housing in Alaska and Montana
84.09.12 [W] [PROFF] [R] [A] [ELECT] W County Clerk and The Dalles Chronicle report several telephone calls "in relation to voter registrations and the concern that the additional people at Rajneeshpuram could impact the county election."; as of July 31 there were 12,278 registered voters in W County (6403 D, 4368 R, 1489 I) and in R District 19 there were 755 (467 D, 260 R, 28 I) and in A District 31 there were 155 (71 D, 71 R, 13 I)
84.09.12 [W] [ELECT] [R] It is reported that two women believed to be Rajneeshees are under investigation for allegedly being registered under different names in R and The Dalles; both allegedly immersed themselves in W County politics, one offering to help 1000 Friend in their challenges to [R] the women, one of whom left The Dalles in late spring, and the other who left about a week ago after her petition to run for the W County Court/Commission as an Independent was rejected, both reportedly denied charges
84.09.12 [W] [WCCC] ANNEX: [NO.  : Judge sitting in on W County Circuit Court rules in favor of nearby rancher, allowing her to expand the language of an earlier complaint against land use at R to include material from the Court of Appeals ruling and denies RIC and RXSIC request to prohibit Oregon (AG and several state agencies) from continuing as a party in a land use suit seeking enforcement of a LUBA ruling invalidating the 119 acre annexation to [R] W County Planner states that the County will make a complaint to the Circuit Court in reference to a Sept. ID incident; Judge presently sitting says he prefers another Judge who has been following the issues more closely to hear the complaint
84.09.13 [LCDC] [A] LCDC decides not to appeal the A Council decision to rezone 23 acres from agricultural to hi-density residential uses because there is no violation of the A Comprehensive Plan
84.09.13 [R] [RHT] [SAHP] [ELECT] First busload of SAHP participants leaves from Chicago carrying 40; RHT recruiters reportedly have left New York, Phoenix and Boston; RHT said to expect about 2000 "special guests"; SAHP participants interviewed: some had jobs when they left, some not, all plan on staying at R but say several others have left, some say they might vote in the November election, others say it is too much trouble to change their registration; 500 newcomers have reportedly arrived to date
84.09.13 [I] [A] [BLDG] Reported for the past two weeks several hundred Rajneeshees have been dismantling and moving the Squaw Creek Village man camp from Challis, Idaho to A and final details now being completed
84.09.13 [W] [FAW] [CCCLR] [CCO] [SAHP] [ELECT] An editorial in The Dalles Weekly Reminder states: "Any act of violence against Rajneeshees will serve their purpose most handily. It's exactly what they want. Some Rajneeshpuram safety rules, offered by Rep. Wayne Fawbush, are suggested for your consideration. '1) Stay away from the area unless you have business there. 2) If you do have to go to Rajneeshpuram. contact the sheriff's department and tell them you 're going. 3) If you are placed in a confrontation situation, do as they say, let them arrest you if necessary, don't give them any excuse for any physical confrontation. Avoid it and call Oregon State Police in Madras or The Dalles immediately.'"; the newspaper also reports that the CCCLR has been renamed Concerned Citizens of Oregon (CCO) and pockets of the group's supporters are found not only in Albany, but also in Madras, Medford. Grants Pass and Portland; article claims some SAHP participants have been "pressured" to vote, which a Rajneeshee spokesperson denies: another story quotes District 56 State Representative: "'STREET PEOPLE' ARE the ideal population, Fawbush said. 'They have no roots, so they can't be challenged at all for dual residency. Nobody cares where they came from or where they're going. They can bring them in to establish residency with the least chance for challenge. The cost to maintain them is fairly minimal. It could help them in the court fight with the attorney general over construction of a city for an excluisive group of people... now they have non-Rajneeshee(sic) living there. The 'street people' influx could also be used by Rajneeshees to claim their needs for a hospital, based on a large number of permament (sic) residents. 'From their point of view, if it includes the election, it's an ideal population to bring in.' Fawbush bemoaned."
84.09.13 [P] [SAHP] Portland's Mayor Elect visits Baloney Joe's, the headquarters of the Burnside Community Council Inc., on Skid Road and is warned by the operator of the soup kitchen that SAHP will result in an overload of people straining resources for the homeless in Portland and that "street people" are being taken advantage of; meeting attended by Mayor of R who explains SAHP and denies rumors of "recruiting people to vote"
84.09.14 [R] [SAHP] Two workers from Burnside Projects Inc. from Portland visit to talk to newcomers and state they are impressed by all- inclusive support services for SAHP participants; some newcomers grant interviews to NBC, CBS and various newspapers
84.09.14 [W] [WILLIS] [PROFF] Democrat candidate for Second Congressional District seat reportedly says "Followers of Bhagwan Shree Raj- neesh are importing hundreds of street people to take over Wasco County and swing state elections..." (Bend Bulletin); W County Clerk reports 50 new voter registrations recorded since Sept. 1, but none appear to be Rajneeshees, but rather people who are , "Local residents fear a "'takeover of county government, possibly reaching into state government, by a group of people who appear to be a threat to our democratic existence,' Proffitt said." (Bend Bulletin)
84.09.15 [SAHP] 26 SAHP participants board buses in Phoenix, 36 already left there for R on Sept. 12; additional participants still going from LA (nearly 75 reported on 3 buses so far), San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Washington DC (about 60 so far) and others expected to arrive in R soon from a total of 20 cities, including Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago (75 or so), Cleveland, Houston, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh (9 so far) and 30-70 from San Juan, Puerto Rico; Rajneeshee spokesperson says that about 600 newcomers have arrived so far and 400 more expected and says "The homeless men who do not fit in or who choose to leave are driven to the nearest town, given a one-way bus ticket and lunch money, and sent home," (The Washington Post)
84.09.15 [W] [SAHP] [ELECT] [WILLIS] 1^00: [PROFF] Democratic candidate for Second Congressional District seat "says street people being bused into Rajneeshpuram could swing the election to her opponent..." (Salem Statesman-Journal): W County DA says it is "'the common perception' in the community that the recruitment of transients is in reality a voter registration drive." (Los Angeles Times); 1000 Friends attorney says "the widespread speculation is that Rajneeshpuram's 1,400 registered voters, plus about 2,000 hastily registered new arrivals, could attempt to write in candidates sympathetic to their land-use disputes." and the W County Clerk says none of the newcomers has attempted to register "but she remains skeptical. 'Based on past experience, I don't expect to see anything until the last minute,' she said. 'Surprise and overload the system is their method of operation.' (The Washington Post)
84.09.16 [R] [IMP] [RHT] [SAHP] RSL[C] A reported 17 attorneys in RLSC, 1700 permanent residents at R, 1000 RHT participants, 500 to 600 SAHP participants; several newcomers interviewed say R is like a paradise, a heaven or Fantasy Island (Salem Statesman-Journal)
84.09.17 [W] [PROFF] [SAHP] [ELECT] [HULSE] [FAW] W County Clerk quoted as saying "'They have made threats to take over the county by the year 2000,' Proffitt said. 'We take those threats seriously.... They are threatening to take over our society, our way of life.' The Rajneesh are not fielding any candidates for any of the four county offices to be filled in the November election, but Proffit said she and other county residents suspect they may field write in candidates at the last moment and then rush to register as many supporters as they can." and the R Mayor is quoted as responding, "'To call that the purpose of why people are coming only shows the perverseness of the minds it is coming from,' he said. 'We're not looking for religious followers. We're not looking for votes.... This community is about sharing.'" (Chicago Tribune); W County Court/Commission Judge quoted as saying "he sees no way of improving the county's relations with the group or ending its growth. But he disagrees with Rep. Wayne Fawbush's attempt to call the Legislature into special session to disqualify votes cast by the Rajneeshee homeless." (San Francisco Examiner)
84.09.17 [SAHP] [BELL] [WILLIS] [A] [ELECT] [SMITH] Incumbent District 55 State Representative says SAHP has potential for causing violence and that Oregon State Police, Governor's Office and several state agencies are preparing contingency plans for the eruption of violence or for dealing with SAHP participants leaving R without bus tickets; Democrat candidate for Second Congressional District seat says she has asked the US Dept. of Justice to speed investigation and prosecution of R Peace Force Officers for alleged violations of the civil rights of A man arrested in June 5 incident and says she also plans to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing the Rajneeshees of using corporate money to influence a federal election by bussing in homeless people; incumbent Congressman from District 2 announced last week that he will urge the State Legislature to institute a six months residency requirement for voter registration (Bend Bulletin)
84.09.17 [C] [CHRAJ] [NO.  : Orange County California Superior Court Judge throws out remaining 2 (misuse of church funds and wrongly excluding people from joining the church) of 11 claims by the Church of Religious Science against the Church of Rajneeshism in Laguna Beach; Judge rules that the former Church of Religious Science had "'no triable issues of fact' to support its claim to the property,..." and had earlier ruled that the congregation legally voted to break its ties with the United Church of Religious Science; the site consists of 5.2 acres worth from $500,000 to $4 million, with 8 Rajneeshees living there; 200 gather to celebrate the ruling; to date there have been 10 court rulings in favor of the Church of Rajneeshism, all of which are being appealed and the CHRAJ is pursuing a counter complaint for $11,000 in church funds which had been used for the Church of Religious Science attorneys fees and for damages for interference in CHRAJ business and for trespass; October trial date scheduled (Laguna News Post)
84.09.18 [R] [RHT] [SAHP] [ELECT] [PROFF] Major press conference requested by SAHP participants and Pres. RHT; Pres. RHT responds to poliitical charges by explaining that: the SAHP is not for minors because R medical facilities are limited and not for aliens because RHT wants no problems with the INS, "'The county is so bigoted that it deserves to be taken over,'" (San Francisco Chro icle), "Federal officials,...had 'sent a message' that unnamed 'outside ranchers' were going to attempt to 'to (sic) shoot you guys off.'" (Los Angeles Times), and "'You tell your governor, your attorney general and all the bigoted pigs outside' Sheela said, ' that if one person on Rancho Rajneesh is harmed... I will have 15 of their heads, and I mean it. You have given me no choice. Even though I am a non-violent person I will do that. (Oregonian); over 30 newcomers come to microphone to talk grate fully of the loving, safe and comfortable life for them at R and the bad conditions for them outside of R; one newcomer states that he was sent by the Surnside Community Council as a "spy" to find something wrong, but that he found nothing wrong and wants to stay; a Catholic priest on assignment from Pennsylvania also says he found no problems with program: many newcomers "blast" the program's critics, say there has been no pressure to vote, but that they might register and vote because they are angry ov allegations that they are just election pawns and they wish to protect their new home; two songs are performed, one a parody about the campaign for District 56 State Representative; 800 to 900 SAHP participants estimated, about 300 attend press conference; W County Clerk quoted as saying "'Their timing is suspect .... Why all of a sudden this humanitarian thrust? I think they're there to vote. And if they bring in enough numbers, they can't be stopped.'" (USA Today)
84.09.18 [W] [PROFF] [ELECT] [CO] W County Clerk states that CO is trying to register 4000 non-Rajneeshee voters in the County by Nov. 6
84.09.18 [O] [WILLIS] Democrat challenger for Second Congressional District seat charges in press release that a former aide of the incumbent is a Rajneeshee
84.09.18 [A] [ELECT] [CR] Name change election; 77 absentee ballots had been requested (20 from "old timers", 21 from Rajneeshees prior to this date and another 36 on this date); one Rajneeshee votes in person in W County Courthouse in The Dalles; name changed from City of Antelope to City of Rajneesh (CR) by a vote of 57 to 22
84.09.19 [P] [SS] Secretary of State candidates debate in Portland, with the Independent posing as the "get tough on R" candidate and proposing the requirement of 180 days residence for voter registration
84.09.19 [J] [SAHP] J County Sheriff and Oregon State Police (OS?) Central Oregon Commander say the area is concerned about crime and other effects if the newcomers should begin to leave R; Deschutes County Sheriff and Bend Police Chief also express concern
84.09.19 [W] [FAW] [PROFF] [SAHP] [ELECT] District 56 State Representative "lashes" out at "Rajneesh vote 'imports'" (Hood River News); W County Clerk quoted assaying "'There's a lot of fear, a lot of suspicion here, .... What has happened to us here would be like having another half-million people suddenly plunked down on you in San Diego, people who have the stated intent of moving in and taking control.'" (San Diego Evening Tribune)
84.09.19 [O] [CCO] [ELECT] Speaker at a two hour Albany Public Library meeting urges an audience of 13 and others to go to W County to vote; "Among other things those attending the meeting agreed should be done were: Pressure elected officials to enforce the laws against the Rajneeshees. 'If they're being paid off or don't care, then we should kick their butts out,' said Bob Cross of Albany. 'It's an election year--ears are open, believe me,' said Robinson. Demand that candidates discuss the problem during campaigns, starting with the debate at Linn-Benton Community College Saturday between Rep. Denny Smith and Democrat challenger Ruth McFarland. Find out which merchants sell building materials or other supplies to the Rajneeshees and boycott them. Attack the Rajneeshees from a legal standpoint, not a religious one. 'If you're going to fight the Rajneesh, you've got to co it because of the way they violate the law--that's our common denominator,' said Jerry Andrus of Albany. Explore the possibility of combining Grant, Wheeler, and Jefferson counties to increase the anti- Rajneesh voting bloc. Find cut if the weapons carried by Rajneesh guards are properly registered." (Albany Democrat-Herald)
84.09.19 [R] [RHT] [SAHP] 63 Puerto Ricans in R on SAHP and 30 or 40 more scheduled to arrive today, but trip suspended according to RHT spokesperson due to fights and drug problems among Puerto Ricans already: a total of 55 SAHP participants from Philadelphia to date and 30 from Kansas City
84.09.19 [CR] 200 celebrate the new City of Rajneesh sign with balloons, music and a ribbon cutting ceremony; a reported six non-Raj- neeshee families remain, with one recently moving back to a Ranch outside of town; non-Rajneeshee residents do not attend celebration; 1979-80 tax rate reported to have been $11-33 per $1000 valuation and in 1983-84 to have been $20.03
84.09.19 [RFI] [FAW] ABC's "Nightline" features Pres. RFI and District 56 State Representative in debate about SAHP; Pres. RFI calls Rep. "fascist" and "snake", uses an obscenity and show's host cuts off microphone; on same program an Arizona State University urban anthropology professor says she feels the homeless are being tricked; there are claims that some 1000 telephone callers complained about the show
84.09.20 [E] [ENG] [ELECT] Herringswell election for Parish Council; four Medina Rajneesh Commune members and five non-Rajneeshee villagers elected in two separate wards
84.09.20 [O] [DEQ] Deschutes County agrees to allow RNSIC to dump up to 5000 gallons of septic effluent a day at Knott Landfill; DEQ permission already granted; unknown whether RNSIC will actually dump
84.09.20 [W] [LUND] Republican challenger for District 56 State Representative seat defends his suggestion of the previous week on a KODL (The Dalles) radio show (Sept.13 edition of "Coffee Break") that the Rajneeshees may be intending to try to form their own County and that it might be a reasonable alternative to the "takeover" of W County; in the same newspaper which contains an outpouring of letters against his suggestion, he is quoted as saying "'...we must make our vote count. I believe we can all see that if we do not the Rajneesh will take over our county. I will do everything I can to see this does not occur.'" (The Dalles Weekly Reminder)
84.09.20 450 Rajneeshees are reported to be residing in Fremantle, Australia
84.09.20 [R] [SAHP] About 1000 newcomers have arrived at R and about 60 have left; RHT recruiters begin to "wrap up" for a return to R
84.09.20 [O] [SS] Secretary of State urges Oregonians to be calm about W County situation at Salem Lions Club speech
84.09.21 [O] [DSMITH] [W] Incumbent US Representative, District 5, speaks at special meeting of Estacada Chamber of Commerce and criticizes the Rajneeshees for their "attempt to take over Wasco county." (Estacada News)
84.09.21 [SAHP] [ELECT] [FAW] District 56 State Representative predicts that the number of "homeless" bused to R may "double or triple be - for the Oct. 17 residency cutoff for people wishing to register to vote in November." (Salem Statesman-Journal)
84.09.21 [W] [SAHP] [ELECT] Reported that about 120 of the newcomers may have left R since Sept. 6; while 40 new voter registrations daily have been coming into the W County Clerk's offce, none so far have been from R
84.09.21 [W] [SAHP] [J] [ELECT] Area ministers interviewed have mixed reactions to the SAHP; The Dalles Ministerial Association reported to focus "its attention on 'love for enemies'" and will along with the Fellowship of Churches, launch a voter drive and organize a prayer gathering to pray for W County and for the Rajneeshees; La Pine Baptist Church invites public to hear their pastor answer questions and comment on the "activities of the Rajneesh community in Jefferson County." (Bend Bulletin, The Dalles Chronicle )
84.09.21 [R] [SAHP] [RHT] Two members of the Committee for Dignity and Fairness for the Homeless in Philadelphia will leave on Sept. 24 to evaluate conditions at R and until their return say they will urge homeless not to go there, the tour is arranged after a bus with 8 SAHP participants left Philadelphia yesterday; 60 to 70 total SAHP participants said to have arrived from Houston and about 120 from Washington, DC; other cities where RHT recruiting has occurred include Indianapolis, Tucson, Cleveland; a recent newcomer from Phoenix is a man who was a cowpuncher on the Big Muddy Ranch from 1958-61; recent media coverage of SAHP has included that by AP, UPI, Knight-Ritter, USA Today, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, CBS, NBC, ABC, Newsweek, Time, "Nightwatch" and "Nightline" national TV programs, Australian Newspaper Service, and DPA (German Press Agency); Rajneesh Times editorial takes W County politicians to task for their "paranoia... prejudice and opportunism." and prints many thank you letters from newcomers
84.09.21 [R] [IMP] major portion of new private road complete with stream rip-rapping, check dams and planting of seedlings; plans to open 600 acres formerly in grain and-200 new acres for more intensive agriculture and road will provide access to 1500 new acres of cropland yet to be prepared; 2 cement trucks
84.09.21 [R] [SAHP] Meeting with newcomers at which Pres. RFI scolds for acts of vandalism and stopping up toilets and cuts beer and cigarette rations
84.09.21 [O] [AG] [SS] SH[P] [ELECT] AG says he wants the US Justice Dept. to send observers to the Nov. 6 elections"' to ensure the public safety and the integrity of the ballot box.'" (Oregonian) and due to the influx of homeless; AG also asks Justice Dept. to consider whether "Rajneeshees have violated civil rights laws in bringing about 1,000 homeless people to Rajneeshpuram...." (Salem States- man-Journal) by excluding aliens and people under 18 from the SAHP; Rajneeshee spokesperson reiterates that RHT simply wishes no problems with the INS over aliens or with parents over minors: AG claims that the federal public accommodations portion of civil rights laws may have been violated or discrimination on the basis of national origin may have occurred and says he hopes to hear soon from the Justice Dept.; Secretary of State attends AG's news conference and says she supports idea of federal observers for W County elections
84.09.21 [O] [A] [CR] [ELECT] Albany Democrat-Herald editorial attacks name change election in CR, saying that: "old time" residents will leave, the Legislature should enact new laws, rules, guidelines for naming cities so such a change cannot happen again and Post Office should simply refuse to change its name from A to CR
84.09.21 [O] [BLDG] Roseburg News-Review editorial reports rumor that Bhagwan speaks on video to 25,000 followers saying that the Rajneeshees will buy "115,000 acres of moth-infested timberland in Lane and Douglas counties." at $3.25 per acre to use for housing for new followers arriving in R and also reports that R land holdings in Oregon total 521,000 acrea (all figures erroneous)
84.09.22 [W] [ELECT] Note is taken of the unprecedented voter registration drive in W County by Rajneeshee opponents; of 3000 registration cards issued so far by the W County Clerk's Office, only about 500 are said to have gone to R
84.09.22 [J] [R] [SAHP] Reported that over 120 newcomers have left R on buses out of Madras since Sept. 11, nearly 80 of them since the 18th (said to be because of their getting into fights); R spokesperson says now that program getting full, recruiters telling newcomers to think carefully about going to R since bus tickets back will no longer be promised those coming after this date; bus drivers say some disorderly problems occurring, police say only a few minor problems; OSP assign two extra troopers to Madras area since some of those leaving probably have criminal records; most of those leaving who are interviewed say they liked the Ranch and were treated well
84.09.22 [C] [SAHP] Christian Son Rise Fellowship organization in San Diego says it is trying to keep people from going to R to protect their souls; about 70 from San Diego have gone so far; the organization shows a film called "Cods of the New Age", by Rivershield Film. Ltd., which warns of "Hindu sects" like the Hare Krishna and Rajneeshees whose purpose is said to be an "'attempt to soften up Western civilization for takeover by a world ruler.'" (San Diego Union)
84.09.23 [R] [RHT] [SAHP] In response to the AG's charges of possible civil rights law violations, a Rajneeshee spokesperson explains that the newcomers are guests of a private non-profit corporation (RHT) and staying in the homes of Rajneeshees and therefore the public accommodations laws are not at all involved; R Mayor reports daily threats; "'They core by telephone, telegraph, letters, from burning us out to killing to kidnapping our children....'" (Oceanside, CA Blade Tribune); City Attorney reports another threat that 150 armed people plan to attack; security patrols at R reportedly increase ; newcomers from Houston give glowing telephone interviews about life at R, where they say they no longer feel "victimized", but rather feel "accepted and comfortable" and they say that no one has urged them to vote (Houston Post)
84.09.23 [W] [R] [SAHP] [HULSE] W County Court/Commission Judge says "'They're trying to create a majority (vote) in this county'" (San Jose Mercury-News) while newcomers interviewed "have nothing but kind words to say" about their treatment at R
84.09.23 [RHT] [SAHP] RHT recruiters in Detroit said refused the opportunity to speak to needy in two soup kitchens there; soup kitchens said to be "warning the poor to avoid Rajneesh's disciples," because they will "be used as political pawns." and after the election will be "'dumped right back on the street,'" (Detroit Free Press)
84.09.23 [P] [SAHP] a Burnside worker with the homeless says he has "'planted' several transients on the ranch to 'try to find out what's going on." (The Arizona Republic); those interviewed at R have positive things to say; those interviewed who have left (some asked to leave due to fighting) complain about medical tests and the presence of firearms, vegetarian diet, etc.
84.09.23 [O] [SAHP] [ELECT] Register-Guard article accuses Rajneeshees of creating "an atmosphere of hate" and enraging Oregon's population while also discussing politicians who are making "Rajneeshee-bashing" a key element in their campaigns; an Oregonian editorial backs the incumbent in the Second Congressional District, saying that the Democrat challenger has inappropriately made R an issue when there are other more important ones
84.09.23 [J] [SULL] [R] [SAHP] J County DA says threats to R have increased in intensity and need to be taken seriously; authorities say there is no evidence of weapons stockpiling at R; OS? says they have an emergency plan in case of trouble and has increased its patrols in the Madras area; Madras bus depot manager says she has counted 144 "street people" riding out of the community; 30 newcomers who left R hold an informal press conference in Madras to complain about procedures, work, people, living situation, vegetarian diet, homosexuality, "brainwashing" at R; some of the 30 leave Madras, some stay because they have no bus tickets some say they will stay to discourage others from going to R, one throws a bottle through a restaurant window
84.09.23 [O] [SAHP] A newcomer who reportedly only stayed in R for 2 days was put on a bus to Pittsburgh, but turned up after a seizure in Redmond, Deschutes County, hospital for a two day stay: he was then taken to Eastern Oregon Hospital in Pendleton for a psychiatric evaluation
84.09.24 [W] [R] [SAHP] W County Sheriff and deputy fly reconnaissance mission to R. find no problems: Sheriff says he goes about once a month with no trouble: reported rumor that up to 200 newcomers may leave R this week
84.09.24 [P] Newsweek magazine runs full page article on R
84.09.24 [R] [RHT] [SAHP] 7 of approximately 55 ex-Philadelphians in R interviewed and say they like R for the clothing, meals, cleanliness security, freedom and care; others from Cleveland, Chicago, Nebraska, and Washington, DC also talk of liking R; spokesperson reiterates new RHT policy that free return tickets will no longer be provided to those wishing to leave R and that those boarding buses to go to R on Sept. 23 are the last to be eligible for the free return ticket offer; fewer than 5% of SAHP participants have left or been asked to leave; homeless from Columbus, Ohio leave for R; 27 major cities have been visited by RHT recruiters; Pres. of a rescue mission in San Antonio, Texas reportedly says "An Oregon religious cult could be sending agents to Texas to snare drifters" and he will discourage them from going to R (San Antonio Metro Express-News)
84.09.24 [R] [IMP] 170 acres in irrigated vegetables, green lawns, flowers, parks, 1800 acres in dryland wheat ; $1.4 million in surplus crops from R expected to be sold this year
84.09.24 [CR] [CNCL] City Council Meeting; hearing on request by RIC for conditional use permit for construction of a sub-surface disposal area for septic tank effluent; staff report on proposed construction which would be built under 4.5 acres of A-1 zoned land with no impact due to provisions for reseeding land and the fact that this will be a temporary arrangement until a central sewage system can be constructed; RIC attorney speaks, letters from CCI, DEQ and citizens read into record; Council unanimously accepts facts and findings and grants permit; unanimous passage of proposal to amend RNSIC recycling contract to continue service until such time as CR and/or RNSIC wishes to terminate with 30 days' notice; unanimous passage of proposal to extend contract with RNSIC for three months to provide for more detailed water and sewer study; unanimous ratification of results of Sept. 18 name change election in response to a letter from the W County Clerk's Office; CCI report of meeting on Sept. 22 to dicuss committee reports; report that Law Enforcement Committee has contacted LEDS manager in Salem to complain about holding up the process of clearing applications for A CR Peace Force agency number and access to LEDS and HCIC by waiting three weeks for clearance from the AC's Office and that after a phone call the AG's Office told the LEDS manager to proceed
84.09.24 [O] [SS] [ZAJO] Sec. of State candidates debate at Gresham area Chamber of Commerce luncheon; Republican says she believes Rajneeshees have violated election laws, "'I would challenge every ballot from the people bused in by the Rajneeshees,' Zajonc said. 'And I would instruct the Wasco County district attorney and the attorney general to watch for any undue influence by the Rajneeshees on voters.' Oregon law forbids coercing by force of ' giving anything of value.' to entice votes, she said. 'Food, room and board given to the homeless people has violated that law,' she said. 'I think it is a crime.'"; the Independent candidate "called the Rajneeshees the 'greatest threat' to Oregon's election laws." (Gresham Outlook); Republican candidate later says she will ask the AG if it is legal for newcomers to vote, since one section of the Oregon Constitution "denies the right to vote to anyone who's in Oregon 'solely as a resident in a poor house, is receiving room and board at public expense, and that is the only reason they're in our state,' she said." (Salem Statesman-Journal)
84.09.24 [O] [ELECT] Candidates for District 59 State Representative (Baker, Grant and Crook Counties) say that the Rajneeshees and newcomers are an issue in their district, especially because of a threat to local budgets if some should leave R and the threats too of a rise in disease and crime; they say they are disturbed at the hostility of the Rajneeshees, who are "ignoring" land use laws, and that they favor a longer residency requirement for voter registration (Bend Bulletin)
84.09.24 [O] [WILLIS] Democrat challenger for Second Congressional District seat says she hopes to file charges against the Rajneeshees with the FEC by Sept. 23 and that the R Peace Force has "'more automatic weapons than all the police agencies in the state combined and enough .223 ammo to supply a batallion for a year,'" (Burns Times Herald)
84.09.24 [W] [ELECT] [FAW] The Dalles couple announce that they will conduct a voter registration booth at a local mall "in support of the memory of Antelope" (The Dalles Chronicle) : meeting of the W County Democratic Central Committee in The Dalles, attended by 6 Rajneeshees who register complaints against the District 56 State Representative who has circulated an inflammatory letter against R while at the same time sending emissaries to R asking for votes; they also state that newcomers this week asked to set up voter registration tables and many may register Republican to protest District 56 State Representative's proposal that the Legislature prevent them from voting (The Dalles Weekly Reminder)
84.09.24 DSZH: [PROFF] [FAW] Seattle Post-Intelligencer story states that Fifth Congressional District incumbent is "on record as saying he wants the guru deported" and District 56 State Representative as saying he "wants the Rajneeshees' city dismantled" and also a special session of the Legislature to prevent the newcomers from voting, that he has sent a letter to every constituent in his district warning that the Rajneeshees are stockpiling weapons and to stay away from R, that W County Clerk is on record as saying that the Rajneeshees can take over elections
84.09.25 [R] [RHT] [SAHP] Buses still going to R from Columbus, Ohio (25 so far) but some shelter directors skeptical; 22 leave Austin, Texas for R; 8 have gone from St. Louis, where there are 3 RHT recruiters, local mission operators are skeptical and negative and doing some screening and where a flyer containing the following information is reported: "'Rajneesh Humanity Trust invites Americans over 18 to make a home in the communities of Rajneeshpuram and Antelope, Oregon. This invitation is extended to those who are willing to actively and positively involve themselves in a community free of drugs, violence and crime,' it reads. The flier says that 'comfortable shared housing is a- vailable along with delicious hot and cold vegetarian meals. Those with regular incomes pay up to $225 monthly for room and board.'" (St. Louis Globe Democrat); an RHT recruiter in St. Louis is quoted by the Glob Democrat as saying "Newcomers 'must comply with all local, state and federal laws'... People are not allowed to join the community if they have pending court cases, if they are on parole or probation or if they are making child support payments... Also, drug use is prohibited. 'We are not discriminating against those people who have been convicted of non-violent crime... the community of 3,000 has a 'zero crime rate.'"; RHT recruiters reported in Sacramento and sent about 20 on buses also bringing SAHP participants from Oakland, Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Barbara; a dozen are to leave Albuquerque, New Mexico on the 27th; between 1200 and 3000 SAHP participants from 30 cities now estimated; chartered bus carrying SAHP participants from East and Midwest to R collides head on with a car near Notus, Idaho, killing car driver and injuring 31 of 43 on bus, four of injured hospitalized, two say they will not continue on to R, accident apparently fault of car driver; Pres. RFI says at news conference that those newcomers who wish to register and vote will be helped to do so
84.09.25 [O] [SS] Secretary of State candidates debate in Eugene, with the Republican and Independent candidates calling for actions to invalidate the votes of newcomers and prevent the Rajneeshees from "taking over W County"
84.09.25 [CR] [ELECT] [DONS] Democratic challenger for District 23 State Senator (formerly unsuccessful candidate for A Mayor) announces plans to authorize poll watchers in CR and challenge the votes of all Rajneeshees and newcomers
84.09.25 [W] [ELECT] US Dept. of Justice spokesperson says that a decision on whether to send federal observers to W County to monitor Nov. 6 elections will not be made for one week
84.09.25 [AG] AG's Office refuses to comment on "alms house" provision of Oregon Constitution in. relation to R newcomers since no one has requested a formal opinion
84.09.25 [O] [SAHP] Several state agencies report that the newcomers at R are probably not eligible for state foodstamp, welfare, unemployment and other programs, but also that they are unaware of any claims having been filed by anyone at R
84.09.25 [W] [CO] CO leader disavows being originator of typed unsigned letters sent to news agencies and others in The Dalles this date, which make racist statements, praise the KKK, refer to a secret meeting and make threats against "reds"; she says she "has little doubt" that Rajneeshees are behind the letter because they are upset about a CO meeting planned in The Dalles for the following week (The Dalles Weekly Reminder)
84.09.25 [O] [OSP] OSP says state plane jointly funded with the Fish and Wildlife Dept. is being used to monitor activities at R because of "'potential for problems.'"; officials of R Peace Force say they welcome the aerial monitoring and are working with OSP (S-J)
84.09.25 [P] Pres. of National Conference of Christians and Jews at Oregon Chapter annual Brotherhood Award banquet calls Rajneeshees "true believers" and contrasts societies of true believers with pluralistic democratic societies (Oregonian)
84.09.25 [O] [FAW] [LUND] District 55 State Representative reportedly says Rajneeshees could throw any W County politician out of office "'the next time if anyone elected doesn't agree with them 100 percent.'" (Seattle Post-Intelligencer); in a debate between District 56 incumbent and challenger in Hood River, latter says "'it's (the race) turning into who can be the most anti-Rajneesh.'" (Oregonian), that he is the only candidate never to get any votes from Rajneeshees and that the incumbent has not been strong enough in his opposition to the Rajneeshees; reported that the District 56 incumbent may have a chance at a true landslide win for the first time in his fifth election race given his opposition to the Rajneeshees, the "Nightline" TV show impact and the challenger's idea (radio broadcast of Sept. 13) of giving the Rajneeshees their own county
84.09.26 [R] [RHT] [SAHP] RHT spokesperson says that too many newcomers took advantage of the free bus ticket offer at the beginning of the SAHP , so now those who wish to leave will only get free transportation to cities in Oregon; Pittsburgh man having returned after two weeks in R complains about vegetarian meals, presence of homosexuals and firearms, but says he wasn't forced to work or asked to register to vote; Pittsburgh operator of soup kitchen says he advises poor not to go to R because they are only being used to gain political control; R spokesperson reiterates almost daily that the SAHP is just to share abundance; Rajneeshees estimate 1000 SAHP participants to date, although others speculate up to 5000; RHT recruiters in Wenatchee, WA and Flagstaff, AZ; meeting of newcomers where they are scolded for being untidy, unruly and not working and told their free beer and cigarette rations are being out; 65 newcomers leave R and go by bus to Madras, some angrily, others to take care of personal matters; newcomers at R have set up voter registration tables by this date: 20 leave Nashville, Tenn. for R; 42 have left Columbus since the 23rd and the last bus said scheduled to leave that city tomorrow; reported that SAHP recruitment will end in about two weeks, that 3500 have responded to date; 22 left Austin, Texas yesterday on a Trailways bus rented in San Antonio for $4500, 30 more board bus this date, Austin American-States- man reports they "were required to sign forms stating they had no criminal records or pending legal entanglements. The forms said they would be given 'a basic medical check' upon arrival in Oregon; that they must submit to a search there 'for weapons and drugs;' that they were not being offered employment; and that they could be told to leave the guru's community within 72 hours 'with or without cause.'"; 8 leave Denver for a total estimated at 85; 100 have left from LA during the last two weeks; 12 to 15 a day are reportedly leaving Chicago and 40 left Indiannapolis recently
84.09.26 [P] [SAHP] Two Portland men who went to R and stayed only one day "undercover" for the Burnside Community Council tell the Council that R is a "security-conscious armed camp", they would discourage others from going, that they didn't like scoldings by Pres. RFI and it is unfair to expect street people "to become angels overnight"; "The council passed a resolution...asking the state attorney general's office to watch the elections in Wasco County closely and requesting the Rajneeshees honor their promises to return dissatisfied homeless people to their towns. In addition, the council formed a task force to monitor the situation." (Oregonian)
84.09.26 [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [FAW] R Mayor states on KEZI-TV in Eugene that many newcomers are registering to vote because they are upset over the controversy and that 1500 other RHT participants on a different program are also planning on registering; District 56 State Representative reportedly says that 2500 could be the margin of victory for some W County candidates; reported that on this date the Pres. RFI said she is looking for two Rajneeshee volunteers to run as write-in candidates for W County Court/Com- mission, that recruiting for SAHP will continue until 3500 arrive at R, that R has received over 300 death threats (including the dropping of Agent Orange), and that Rajneeshees are being pushed into politics because of local and media pressure
84.09.26 [O] [1000] [R] 1000 Friends Director reportedly says " the Rajneeshees knowingly defied court warnings that they might have to restrict the size, nature and ambitions of their community."
84.09.26 [O] [SS] Debate between three candidates for Secretary of State in which only the Democrat resists calling for actions against the Rajneeshees; Independent has made it centerpiece of his campaign
84.09.26 [O] [CCO] [ELECT] CCO members and other anti-Rajneeshees in Albany say they will meet with the Governor on Oct. 8 to ask him to "declare a state of emergency 'to protect the people of Wasco County.'" and to call a special session of the Legislature to pass a law prohibiting the R newcomers from voting (Salem Statesman-Journal); leader of CCO says they expect 1000 Oregonians from east of the mountains, Medford and the Willamette Valley to join them in a two day trek to W County Nov. 5, 6 to vote
84.09.26 [O] [ELECT] Mid-Columbia Labor Council candidate fair at which all candidates for races in The Dalles area mention the Rajneeshees as an election issue
84.09.26 [O] [DONS] Challenger for District 28 State Senate seat (formerly unsuccessful A mayoral candidate) reportedly says of the Rajneeshees "'Their single purpose has not changed since the first day they arrived...Their goal is to create a community of 100,000 people so the Bhaggie can experiment with their minds.'"; says that if elected he will vote to repeal same day voter registration, get the AG's suit moving, work to decertify the R Peace Force and says their "acquisition of weapons violates a state law..." (The Redmond Spokesman)
84.09.26 [O] [AG] [SS] State and federal officials meet behind closed doors at the Justice Bldg. allegedly to discuss the threat of violence in W County; there is no public announcenet of the meeting beforehand ; it is called by the AG and Governor's Office (even though the Governor is away); the press found out about the meeting, but they and Rajneeshees were barred from attending; up to 40 officials attended including AG, SS, Chief Aide to the Governor, National Guard, FBI, INS, IRS, OSP, J County DA, Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents, US Attorney representative AG says at later press conference that "it has become obvious that there is a potential for violence over the homeless people coming to" R; state agencies say they have been swamped with complaints and are attempting to dispel rumors; although a Governor's aide says the main purposes of the meeting were to dispel rumors and to separate fact from fiction, no one from R was invited, no one would share details of the two hour discussion and she refused to provide a complete list of all agencies represented (Salem Statesman-Journal, Bend Bulletin)
84.09.27 [R] [RHT] [J] [SAHP] Reported that over 250 newcomers have left R; RHT recruiters in Cincinnati; about 60 RHT recruiters still in various cities; about 3000 newcomers said to have gone to R to date Madras bus depot manager says about 900 newcomers have gone through that city on their way to R and buses carrying 20 to 30 each are arriving at about 3 per day; Madras police cite three newcomers having left R during the last week for harassment and trespassing, for bottle through window incident on 23rd and for second degree theft; reported that newcomers leaving R are being "debriefed" by OSP in order to determine what is happening at R; RHT recruiters leave Cincinnati for Louisville, KY saying people in the former are not receptive to [SAHP] Madras Mayor say his city upset and scared because of new RHT policy that those newcomers arriving in R after Sept. 23 will no longer be getting bus tickets to the city of their choice if they leave, but only a lift to nearby Oregon cities; R spokesperson says the policy is to discourage those who are not serious about trying to fit in at R; it is estimated that about 1500 newcomers have arrived, and estimates of those having left are from 175 to 400; second day for recruiters in Atlanta, GA. some of whom live there, 7 leave from there to R to date; 45 recently left from Houston; 40 recently left from Dallas, in spite of strong opposition from the operator of a local mission; total R population estimated at 4800 (2000 permanent residents, 1500 SAHP newcomers and 1300 on another RHT program)
84.09.27 [W] [R] [ELECT] Rumor recently surfaced that the Rajneeshees may write in a candidate for W County Sheriff, 8 to 10 R Peace Force Officers do meet the qualifications for the office as set by the Oregon State Bureau of Police Standards and Training; also noted that 19 attorneys at R would qualify as write-in candidates for W County DA post, half of them are members of the W County Bar Association (The Dalles Weekly Reminder); The Dalles woman says "residents fear that if the Rajneeshees win the November county commissioner elections, they will impose their beliefs on everyone."
84.09.27 [O] [FAW] District 56 State Representative campaign ad says "The Rajneesh Have Targeted" him for defeat and he needs help now (The Times Journal) ; he speaks in Condor, concentrating primari. on situations relating to R
84.09.27 [O] [SS] Three candidates for Secretary of State debate before 100 in Roseburg where issues surrounding R again are prominent
84.09.27 [O] [CR] [BLDG] Sections of the mining camp housing from Challis, Idaho purchased by RFI are being stored near Ontario, Oregon and guarded by police and Rajneeshees as a Springfield trucking firm tries to move all of the project out of Challis before the snow starts
84.09.27 [W] [CO] Leader of CO accuses Rajneeshees of composing typed letter over her name which used racist statements and was mailed to W County residents; Rajneeshee spokesperson "guarantees" that they '"are way too busy to do that kind of stupid thing'"and "'It wouldn't surprise me that one of them wrote it and put it cut themselves,'"(Oregonian)
84.09.27 [C] [CHRAJ] [NO. Church of Religiuos Science asks Orange County Judge to reconsider summary judgment of Sept. 17 which threw out the last two claims against the Church of Rajneeshism in Laguna Beach; 10 other court rulings favoring CHRAJ already on appeal
84.09.27 [O] [ELECT] Candidates for District 44 State Representative (Springfield) speak at Republican Rubicon Society and both express views critical of R on voting situation and incumbent critical on land use issues and incorporation
84.09.27 [R] [W] [DUROW] [OSP] Reported that R Mayor told W County Planner over phone that he can come to R "during normal office hours, unannounced for inspections on land use issues." if he will simply stop by City Hall on his way; nevertheless, W County Planner and W County Land Use Attorney say they will still pursue the authority to do just this from the W County Circuit Court and wish to see the Mayor's offer in writing; also reported that OSP and W County Sheriff's Office are in process of drawing up contingency plans for trouble at R
84.09.27 [R] [AG] [OSP] Reported that the 46 member R Peace Force is being excluded from emergency planning on how to handle trouble related to R on orders of AG; 16 fulltime Peace Force members have received training at the State Police Academy and 30 are reservists; the AG says the R Peace Force is not legally constituted, since R is not legally incorporated, "'We have taken the view that they are not entitled to have a police force,' he said, noting that he already had taken steps to deny the force access to state and federal computerized crime information networks." (Oregonian); R Peace Force Chief expresses regret at exclusion, saying that during such a time of increased tension and threats they need all the support possible from the AG and law enforcement agencies; it is noted that the FBI revoked the R Peace Force access to NCIC in January on the basis of the AC's opinion and that last Spring, the AG took steps to deny access to LEDS; R reports a recent increase in incidents of vandalism and reckless driving by non-residents; OSP reports that R Peace Force has no special permits for automatic weapons and that they consider R as having an authorized police force
84.09.27 [O] [GOV] [AG] Governor urges everyone to be calm; AG says in press conference that the US Justice Dept. has sent a proposal to the Governor to establish a rumor control center in Oregon ; media begins to take AG and Governor's Office to task for rumors created and not answered by secret meeting of the 26th; AG says it might be a good idea for the Governor to visit W County and condemns CCO plans to register and vote in W County as illegal
84.09.28 [R] [RHT] [SAHP] Interview with a South Dakota newcomer reveals that no one at R has mentioned voting to him; many newcomers are working and some beginning to "take sannyas" (become Rajneeshees Walt Whitman Grove living area for newcomers has a recreation trailer, library, rock gardens, painted A frames and a widened road; about 30 teams of RHT recruiters still in various cities including Memphis; RHT spokesperson again explains the return bus ticket offer was rescinded to discourage newcomers from taking advantage of the SAHP; about 270 newcomers are said to have left to date, almost all of whom had return bus tickets
84.09.28 [R] [IMP] [BUS] Project underway in consultation with state officials to stabilize portions of the John Day River bank near the truck farm; Rajneesh Travel Corporation accredited by the Air Traffic Conference of America; RTC began in June of 1983 after buying out Air Rajneesh Travel Agency (which had existed since November of 1982) and has 3 employees, handled 10,000 tickets in one month alone for the summer festival; the accreditation means that RTC will receive retroactive and future commissions
84.09.28 [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] Pres. RFI "broadly outlined the commune's election platform, which includes abolishing the planning commission and other 'phony commissions,' dropping lawsuits the county has mounted against the commune, and converting some county offices into homes for the poor. She said the Rajneesh candidates, if elected, would vote to return a recent tax increase to the people of the county*." (The San Diego Union); Salem Statesman- Journal editorial takes a stand against a special session of the Legislature for purposes of disenfranchising newcomers to R; new Rajneeshee, formerly of Ohio, speaks of organizing a voter registration drive "after hearing that local politicians were trying to take away his right to vote" and says 300 have registered so far; W County Clerk reports having received no voter registration cards as yet from R (Salem Statesman-Journal)
84.09.28 [R] [GOV] [AG] Pres. RFI in interview castigates state officials for meeting behind closed doors and conspiring against R and directs sarcastic remarks at Gov and AG; AG's Aide denies that he ordered the exclusion of R Peace Force from emergency planning meetings and says that although they were not invited to the most recent one they will be invited to future sessions
84.09.28 [W] [ELECT] Special voter registration table has been set up in W County Courthouse in The Dalles to accommodate greater than normal interest
84.09.28 [O] [ELECT] Legislative candidates for District 32,33 (Salem) seats in meeting with Statesman-Journal editorial board say that the campaign spotlight has switched from traditional issues of crime and jobs and taxes to R and SAHP
84.09.28 [J] Reported that the Madras Conservative Baptist Church has "taken a stand against abortion and the Rajneeshees. He and his congregation believe the Rajneeshees' religion prohibits individual freedom." (Bend Bulletin)
84.09.28 [O] [R] Medford Mail Tribune prints favorable review of Rajneeshpuram The Unwelcome Society as a refresher course on R
84.09.28 [O] Bhagwan videos reportedly being shown on public access cable TV stations in 60 cities in US, including Salem (8:30am, Thursdays, Ch 3), Corvallis (9:30am Wednesdays and Fridays, Ch. 11), Portland and Eugene; cable companies say they have had some complaint from Salem and Corvallis, but not many
84.09.28 [P] [AG] [NO. 83-1892: and [NO. 84-359-F[R] Federal Judge says a ruling will be made within two weeks on a motion to dismiss the AC's contending violations of the constitutional separation of church and state against R after hearing arguments by R attorneys that the suit conflicts with constitutional provisions for freedom of religion and association; R City Attorney also asks Judge to strike from the suit an allegation that the city is illegal, since the statement is being used to take power away from the R Peace Force, which may result in serious injury; the Assistant AG argues that R is "'the first unabashed theocracy in the history of'" the US, that RFI owns the land and the city and that RNSIC would disallow any activity which did not conform with the purpose of religious community (Salem Statesman Journal)
84.09.28 [CR] CR Peace Force gains approval for application to FBI for access to NCIC; LEDS access also granted, but only after the LEDS manager caused a three week delay in sending the NCIC request to the FBI
84.09.28 [E] [GER] Reported that a Rajneeshee won damages from a Labor Court ruling which said that a drug counselling association tried to fire him because he wore his mala and red clothes to work; the assn. is ordered to make a public statement about his integrity and sails as a therapist; the Chair of the assn. resigns; the suit had been filed after a fall 1983 firing, and a lower court had ruled against the dismissal but the assn. refused to abide by that earlier decision
84.09.29 [O] [GOV] [OSP] Governor says in press conference that RHT made a mistake in busing in newcomers, urges all to be calm, blames both Rajneeshees and non-Rajneeshees for escalating tensions, urges RHT to continue providing return bus tickets for newcomer wishing to leave; after lengthy meeting with officials, including the OSP Chief and Secretary of State, the Governor and OSP announce the establishment of a statewide toll free number for rumor control (1-800-452-6824); 2000 to 3000 calls taken at the number bn tne first day of operation; most callers do not so much have questions about rumors but rather want to voice their own concerns and opinions; OSP is in daily contact with R officials
84.09.29 [R] [J] [RHT] [SAHP] Madras bus depot agent says 479 have left R since Sept. 11 and estimates their return tickets have cost RHT about $36,000; agent also reports that 225 left R through Madra. on Sept. 26; of 6 leavers on Sept. 27, only one had enough money for a bus ticket; six arrests of leavers reported so far; an estimated 1800 on SAHP with 21 buses of 30 to 40 each having arrived since Sept. 23; about 10% said to have chosen to leave or simply taken the return ticket after a free trip West
84.09.29 [R] [IMP] 47 Rolls Royces
84.09.29 [P] [SAHP] Social service agencies in Portland said to be gearing up for an influx of homeless
84.09.29 [R] Pres. RFI says on KGW-TV interview that since everyone is accusing her of a takeover of W County, she says it's a good idea; asked if she is serious, she replies that will be determined in November; Pres. RFI tells KATU-TV that she will take over W County because its leaders are bigots
84.09.29 [W] Handbills seeking donations for the "Antelope Campaign" appear in The Dalles Chronicle roadside delivery tubes in Southern W County
84.09.29 [R] Article in the British Economist likens Rajneeshees to the Mormons of Utah
84.09.29 [O] [BELL] State Representative from Culver says the Rajneeshees are "trying to blackmail Oregon into giving them a city and want violence so they will have a martyr" in a speech to the Bend Chamber of Commerce; his opponent says people should not be provoked by the Rajneeshees; a Rajneeshee spokesperson calls the statements inflammatory (Bend Bulletin)
84.09.30 [O] [SS] Reported that Secretary of State says the 1984 Presidential race in Oregon has been eclipsed by issues relating to R and SAHP
84.09.30 [O] [R] Salem Statesman-Journal columnist debunks myths that Rajneeshees can raise havoc with elections and are stockpiling weapons
84.09.30 [E] [ENG] Reported that Medina Rajneesh commune gathered donations and sold articles to raise money for the RHT SAHP curing their Mahaparinirvana Day celebration on or around Sept. 3
84.09.30 [R] [RHT] [SAHP] [CO] LA Register reports that "Reviews of Rajneeshpuram by its newest residents ranged from enthusiastic to noncommital to unfavorable, with praise far outweighing complaints."; the Austin American-Statesman reports 52 have travelled to R from there, tnat their interviews with newcomers have been positive and quote a The Dalles minister as saying about the Rajneeshees "'They haven't told a truth since they've been here, except one,' Tatom said. 'They said they were going to do whatever they want.'"; feature stories or articles on SAHP and R appear on this date in The Dallas Morning News (which reports 65 newcomers from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and mentions bumper stickers which read "'Help Keep Oregon Green—Stop the Rajneeshees' and 'Rajneeshee--Another Name for Cancer.'" , in the Port Angeles WA Daily News, the Louisville KY Courier Journal (about 20 newcomers from there), the Columbus Dispatch (about 43 newcomers), the San Jose Mercury News, the London Sunday Observer, the Sacramento Bee (says the newcomers interviewed are positive in their attitudes and say they will not vote, but the leavers are angry), and the Philadelphia Inquirer (about 80 newcomers, interviews positive); Pres. RFI says that RHT will evaluate the SAHP on December 11
84.10.01 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [HULSE] [J] [WILLIS] [FAW] [BOIES] [SS] Approximate date of Australian Herald feature article reporting 500 SAHP participants, a few cases of violent alcohol and drug withdrawal, 40 Rolls Royces, that a "'federal mediator' has told them (Rajneeshees) that 150 armed men are planning an attack on Rajneeshpuram in which they will kill the Bhagwan and wreak havoc upon the commune."; meeting held in R to dispel rumors of imminent attacks by the KKK or deer hunters (ST-4); approximate date of Pol Magazine (Australia) feature on R, quoting Bhagwan and summarizing OSU Professor Ron Clark 's study of Rajneeshism; Dallas, TX The Dallas Morning News runs stories on ex-Dallas homeless participating in SAHP; USA Today features Sheela in its "Newsmakers" column; three Rajneeshees claim to have recruited 12 to 15 SAHP participants per day during two weeks in Chicago and 40 total in Indianapolis, but are leaving Cincinnati after one week with no one and heading for Louisville; W County Judge William Hulse is quoted as saying "'The fear is they will dump them on the local communities after the election.'" (BB); Mayor of Madras reportedly has said he has advised residents "to lock their doors to protect themselves against the homeless who may be left there after being bused to Rajneeshpuram."; 2000 "homeless" and 1700 residents reported at R; Madras Police Officer (Stan Toms) says "there have been no serious problems involving the homeless, Rajneeshees or Madras residents reacting to the influx", but 5 "homeless" have been briefly jailed to date; Sheela reported to say "'They (Madras residents) deserve to be scared because they are bigoted,'" and to deny that voting clout is the reason for the program sponsored by RHT; 5 to 7 busloads of 50 each said to be arriving at R daily; 16 total said to have arrived back in Madras without bus tickets (RG; LAHE; O; SJ--cites vandalism, increasing fear and anger, quotes from upset Madras residents and one R leaver who "had nothing but good things to say about his short stay at the city-commune."; for additional responses by Madras officials see MP-4; ST-4); in a Portland press conference, congressional candidate for District 2 Larryann Willis says she is filing a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission accusing the Rajneeshees of using corporate funds to "illegally" bring "homeless to Oregon to influence a federal election."...She said she has attorneys in Washington, DC and Portland working on the case and is providing the commission with '30 or 40 pages of evidence.'... 'They alleged they were told that they would not get jackets unless they registered to vote,'" (BB; O; SFC-2; RG-2; O-2; LAHE-2; SJ-2; O-3; USA-3; ST-4; O-4); 2 R leavers reported in The Dalles; OSP reports receiving 2000 to 3000 calls during the weekend on their special hotline in Bend, not to seek information as much as to voice opinions (BB; DC; BB-2; RT-5); State Rep. Wayne Fawbush calls for a state police and postal authority investigation into fictitious letters on photocopies of his stationery which told people not to worry about R, some also referring to the KKK and saying that he had supported the marijuana initiative; a similar letter reportedly sent the previous week over the name of Laura Bentley, coordinator of CO (DC; O-2; O-3; SJ-3; RG-3; BB-3; DWR-4; O-4); 300 opponents of R gather in Brownsville to support outvoting street people and perhaps recalling Governor; organizer Talbot "Robbie" Robinson of Albany said "'Oregon is ours and we're going to keep it. Whatever we have to do, we'll do it!'"; organizer Joanne Boies "said a car caravan of voters would leave Medford...other voters should be prepared to join the carvan (sic) on freeway on-ramps... Two other caravans are scheduled to leave from Bend and Enterprise. 'We're going there Nov. 6 to keep the Rajneeshees from taking over Wasco County,'"; W County Clerk says she is upset at such plans and that while over 900 new registrations have come in, none are from the "newcomers" at R; followup meeting is planned for Oct. 5 and protest march on State Capitol planned for Oct. 8 (SJ; RG-2; O-2; LAHE-2; ADW-2; SJ-2; DC-2; ADH-3; BB-3; O-3; BOT-4; SJ-4; BB-4; MMT-5); "All three candidates for SS Monday proposed election law changes to curb any efforts by followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh to recruit voters." at a debate in Bend (BB-2); Sheela appears on CNN news program "Crossfire" (for text see RT-12)
84.10.01 [AG] [USDC] [NO.  : [R] [RFI] [RIC] [RNSIC] Rajneeshees file request for injunction barring state from interfering with R Peace Force, preventing its training at the State Police Academy, blocking its access to the Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS) in answer to AG suit contending that the 46 member Force recognized since October 1983 is not legal because the city is not legally incorporated due to violation of church/state separation required by Oregon and U.S. constitutions; expedited hearing for Oct. 5 requested (BB-3; O-3; RT-12)
84.10.01 EF: Approximate date of Oregon Magazine "Rajneesh Watch" column in which Eckart Floether reported to characterize Bhagwan as a "'necrophiliac.'" and predict mass suicide at R
84.10.01 J[A] Approximate date of Black Beat International (England) article on "Zound System", a reggae group of Tokyo-based Japanese Rajneeshees which has been becoming popular in the Orient and playing in Jamaica
84.10.01 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] [WILLIS] Bend Bulletin editorial calls for calm and says voting fears are groundless due to numbers (W County has 12,300 registered voters, fewer than 1000 at R and only about 1500 "street people" having been added); Baker Democrat-Herald editorial cites suspicions against Rajneeshees but calls Willis paranoid; LaGrande Observer editorial is sympathetic to Central Oregonians and "street people" and urges Governor to make Rajneeshees provide return bus tickets; Albany Democrat-Herald editorial says they expect the "voting flap to blow over without sparking any legislation." to change registration requirements; Portland, OR Northwest Senior Advocate columnist criticizes Sheela
84.10.02 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [ZAJO] [CCO] [BOW] [COMI] [DONS] [FAW] [WILLIS] Reported that 2300 homeless have arrived at R and 400 have left (SFC); reported that 300 homeless have filled out voter registration cards, but none filed with county clerk to date (O; BB; See IN for summary of election-related events to date); anti-Rajneeshee literature reported in Willamette Valley ("pamphlet urging hunters to forget deer and elk and instead stalk the 'red vermin'"); cartoons dropped from sky over Bend; "letter blasting the Rajneeshees and making racist statements about blacks and Jews was mailed to Wasco County residents last week." (BB); Republican candidate for Secretary of State urges W County voters to challenge votes of homeless legally (RG; LAHE;); Two homeless from Ohio praise R (CD; CJ); Fort Worth Star Telegram (Texas) reports a busload of homeless leaving for R, minister "said he tried to persuade the transients not to board the bus, telling them they would be giving up their freedom and would be in danger of being 'brainwashed'" (See also--NFP); a reported 1400 gather at a CCO meeting in The Dalles to hear Congressional candidate Larryann Willis repeat election fraud charges against R; other speakers include Bill Bowerman, Gary McMurry, Michael Stoops, Wayne Fawbush, Laura Bentley, Don Smith, Jim Comini, Bernie Smith, Art Labrousse (DC-3; ADH-3: O-3; RG-4; L-4; SJ-4; DWR-11)
84.10.02 [CR] [CNCL] Financial Officer reports cash in accounts of $16,374.14 and total September bills of $2,800; Assistant Chief of R Peace Force is named as Chief of CR's new Peace Force (only other applicant, a nonsannyasin from Oregon City, had not yet attended Police Academy for Oregon certification); the new Chief will work 20 hours per week in the non-paying job; CR currently contracts with R, paying $25,000 per year for 2 officers and a vehicle for one 12 hour a day shift; a public hearing on a supplemental budget for a regular CR peace force and NCIC/LEDS access computer equipment is scheduled for Oct. 15; Council approves telephone for Peace Force; Council accepts amended five-year contract with RNSIC for landfill for $4,871; public hearing on RIC's request for two conditional use permits to allow construction of three 16 unit apartment houses scheduled for Oct. 15; R and US Dept. of Justice are announced to be considering putting a rumor-control hotline into CR to relieve the burden on the OSP hotline in Bend; Council approves $850 for 4-5 people to attend the LOC convention Nov. 10-13; Council considers request from Trans-Cascades to bury telephone lines(O-3; BB-3; SJ-3; RT-5)
84.10.02 Announcement of documentary film featuring Rajneesh in Prineville at First Baptist Church on Oct. 4 (CO)
84.10.02 [CHRAJ] Trial begins to hear Rajneeshee damage claims against the Church of Religious Science in Laguna Beach, CA
84.10.02 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] Roseburg News-Review castigates R for not giving SAHP leavers bus tickets back to where they came from; the Boise Idaho Statesman says, "busing in the homeless in a transparent attempt to take over county government is a clear abuse of Oregon's liberal voting laws and an affront to democracy."
84.10.03 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] [AG] [WEAV] [SMITH] It is reported that all three candidates for Secretary of State stated that they favor changing Oregon's voter registration laws to from 12 to 180 days in advance at a recent candidate forum at the Associated Oregon Industries Convention at Salishan, OR; AG Frohnmayer in Washington, DC requests that the US Dept. of Justice monitor W County elections (ST-4; O-4); reported that 21 "homeless" recruited in Atlanta and Rajneeshees recruiting now in Miami (where 13 board bus for R), Fresno, CA and Baltimore, MD (where 9 board bus for R after reportedly being told that the one-way ticket was to ensure the sincerity of recruits, that they would not have to register to vote, and that if they did not like R they would be driven to the nearest large city and dropped off at the bus depot); a reported 1600 "homeless" have gone to R to date and 270 have left; The San Diego Union runs feature on SAHP, R and sannyasins (MH; FB; RG-4; L-4; OS-4; BMS-4; MH-4; HST-4); State Sen. Ken Jernstedt, R-Hood River, is quoted as saying "'I have done more than any other single legislator in opposing the Rajneesh,'" and cites bills sponsored and voted for; 4th District Congressman Jim Weaver, candidate for a sixth term and chair of the House Interior Subcommittee on Mining, Forest Management 'and the Bonneville Power Administration which oversees BLM lands, announces that he is scheduling congressional hearings on Oct. 9 and 10 in Portland to take testimony on the Rajneeshees; State Senator Dell Isham calls "on Gov. Vic Atiyeh to demand the deportation of the guru to India" so that "the 1,700 Rajneeshees in central Oregon would leave the state", his opponent accuses him of having changed his position and of "'jumping on the bhagwan (sic) bagwagon.'" (NT-10; LCL-10; NG-10; SN-10; SHS-10); State Senator John Kitzhaber says "he believes 'there is no question that they (the Rajneeshees) have violated the spirit if not the letter of the (state election) law.' He said the 'latest outrage' of attempting to register the hundreds of so-called street people is something that 'we will try to deal with in the next legislative session.'"; Second District Congressman Bob Smith says he asked the US Dept. of Justice two weeks ago to add staff to the INS and US Attorney's offices in Oregon to investigate immigration violations; AG and SS candidates at Woodburn reiterate Rajneeshee-related positions (RS; RG-4; O-4; SJ-4; DC-4; ADH-4; DAA-4; NR-4; ST-4; UFP-4; BB-4; USA-5; RG-5; NSR-8; WI-10)
84.10.03 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] [GOV] [CHRAJ] Dallas, Oregon Itemizer-Observer editorial says it is leery of Rajneeshees, but counsels against overreaction; Columbus, Ohio Citizen Journal columnist quotes Sheela as saying "'We're going to take over Wasco County'" by registering the "homeless" to vote and goes on to talk of religious tyranny; Burns Times-Herald calls for Governor to consider calling a Special Session of the Legislature to stiffen Oregon's voter registration laws because of the SAHP; Clackamas Community College The Print blames Rajneeshee actions (including SAHP) and Sheela's statements for hostility, death threats and shots aimed at them recently; Sheridan Sun applauds Governor for urging Oregoninas to be calm in the face of the SAHP; Longview, Washington News castigates Rajneeshees for the "takeover" of the church in Laguna Beach, CA; Coos Bay World expresses concern about violence and that nothing decisive is being done about R; Albany Democrat-Herald asks what has happened to Oregonians' common sense, decries Rajneeshee behavior but also that of others talking about voting illegally in W County; Keizertimes calls for everyone in W County to "cool off"
84.10.04 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [J] [FAW] [WILLIS] [COMI] [GOV] [ZAJO] [SS] [DONS] [AG] Disillusioned R leavers claim pressure to register to vote, cite thefts and violence amongst "homeless" at R, say 25 to 30 per cent of "homeless" have become sannyasins, some immediately and some told to wait 90 days; reported that R has 5500 residents, 2200 of whom are "homeless" arriving at the rate of about 130 a day and 1300 of whom are RHT program enrollees paying tuition; 479 reported to have left at the rate of about 30 per day; 90% of 38 "homeless" interviewed by Seattle Times say they are enthusiastic about R; R leaver, SAHP participant for one day, speaks to Portland Optimist club members about his experiences; 22 representatives of various agencies meet in Madras to plan for a large influx of homeless, if that should occur and set another meeting for Oct. 11 (BB; DC; ST; O-5; BB-5); Willis reported to call the situation in R "'explosive... similar to Jonestown... severe'", full of "'paranoia'" and her "'number one priority'"; Comini "addressed the potential "'takeover by a minority group'" and said that he'd tried to warn people three years earlier; Lundell, Fawbush, Don Smith and Ken Jernstedt also comment negatively on R in DWR candidate forum; Zajonc column in Drain Enterprise urges W County to challenge all new voters at the polls and states she has asked the AG's opinion on whether constitutional provisions relating to the residents of "poor houses" or laws relating to "undue influence with the intent to induce any person to register or vote" make it illegal for the "homeless" at R to register; Governor Atiyeh chastises Willis and Sheela for increasing tensions in W County; Willis issues press release claiming surprise at the Governor's "attack" on her; Dist. 2 legislative candidates spar about R in Klamath Falls; Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State "says he has definite plans to take on the Rajneeshees if he is elected." (DWR; DE; BB; HN; LCE; LAM; DC; BB-5)
84.10.04 [CR] Federal, state, local officials representing 20 agencies and Rajneeshees meet in CR to discuss setting up rumor-control centers in The Dalles, Madras, R and CR, each staffed by a Rajneeshee and a non-Rajneeshee; further discussions to occur on Oct. 10 (ADH; DAA; NR; O; DC)
84.10.04 [AG] DO[J] DOJ spokesman says decision on whether to send federal election monitors to W County in response to AG's request may not come until Nov. 5 and says there is some question about whether the situation is covered by federal law (DC-5; SJ-5; RG-6; O-6; BB-7)
84.10.04 [USDC] [NO.  : Federal Judge Frye, refusing to reconsider a previous decision, grants AG immediate right to appeal her decision "that his suit challenging the constitutionality of Rajneeshpuram's status as a city Belongs in federal rather than state court."; AG's office will prepare a formal appeal order, R attorneys may object, but if order approved by Judge then request goes to US Circuit Court of Appeals (that the case be . remanded to W County Circuit Court, where it was filed originally, but later removed to federal court on R lawyers' motion); Judge also refuses to reconsider ruling that W County, named originally as a defendant, should be named as a plaintiff instead (BB; O; SJ-5)
84.10.04 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] [ZAJO] [FAW] [DONS] Veneta, OR West Lane News complains that state officials did not attend opening of a new Center due to "recent furor over Rajneesh voting plans with the street people"; Idaho Farmer-Stockman says, "The Rajneeshes (sic) 'block vote' and, consequently, they run local government in central Oregon. This spawns lawsuits and accusations."; Statesman-Journal columnist Blankenbaker chides Zajonc for her unconstitutional reading of the Oregon provision relating to voters and poorhouses; Madras Pioneer complains of homeless being "'dumped' on our doorstep"; Condon Times-Journal urges Wasco, Wheeler and Gilliam coun-y residents to vote in the face of "first-of-a-kind election issues"; The Dalles Weekly Reminder speaks favorable of Don Smith's candidacy, saying "And there is certainly no denying Smith is anti-Rajneesh--much more so, we'd say, than Jernstedt would ever admit. And in Wasco County, whether statewide political candidates want to admit it or not, the Rajneesh situation, and a candidate's stand on that issue, are going to be very important to voters.", the paper also criticizes Lundell and endorses Fawbush for State Rep. District 56; Ontario, OR Daily Argus Observer likens Rajneeshees to Mormons with specific historical examples; Roseburg News-Review states it sympathizes "with Oregonians turned off by voting tactics used by the Rajneeshees, but urges foes of the sect to refrain from taking matters into their own hands." and supports instead court challenges to votes and the 20-day registration cut-off.
84.10.05 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [GOV] [FAW] [BOIES] [SS] Gov. Atiyeh castigates the Albany group planning a caravan to W County to vote, saying they "'border on being vigilantes'", and says he will not see them personally when they march on the Capitol on Oct. 8; State Reps. McCracken and Fawbush meet with 150 in Albany to bring calm and tell them not to go to W County to vote illegally, two hours of heated debate followed ("One man wore a T-shirt that read, 'Bhagwan Search and Destroy Team.'"; "One woman claimed Rajneeshees had purchased 300 businesses in Oregon."ADH-6); Boies in answer to the Governor says "'We're not vigilantes... If we were vigilantes, we would not be doing a recall, we would string him up.'"; Secretary of State candidates debate in Albany, Clark saying he would stop Sheela and "'protect our towns and counties from takeovers and foreign domination.", Zajonc charging Rajneeshees with undue influence in elections and calling for all Rajneeshee votes to be challenged and Roberts not mentioning the Rajneeshees at all; Secretary of State says she has a plan to monitor voter registration in W County, saying details will be announced next week and that because of her plan federal elections monitors will not be needed (O; SJ; ADH; RT-5; ADH-6; SJ-6; O-6; RG-6; DC-7; BB-7); reported 5500 residents in R; 40-50 (BB) to 250-300 (LAT) new residents arrive each day and about 20% of the newcomers choose to leave (LAT reports 640 total leavers to date; recruitment of "homeless" continues in 18 cities, including Stockton, CA; construction of $5.5 million, 500 person housing complex in CR continues; The Dalles gunshop sales reportedly a monthly record; Hood River resident says "'Some old-timer farmer who doesn't want to see his land that's been in the family for several generations taken over, is going to get a gun and go in there and blow up that sucker (Rajneesh). It's what everyone's talking about.'"; 13 "homeless" recruited in Jacksonville, FLA; about 20 "homeless" recruited in Baltimore, MD (BB; BMS; LAT —see also for summary of all major elections and SAHP related events to date, reprinted in TCH; FTU—see also for interview with Oregon State Police [OSP] second in command; STR; TNA-7--see also for summary of events); 3 The Oregonian reporters in R researching relationships between various Rajneeshee corporations and interviewing officials, they decline to be interviewed by The Rajneesh Times; experiments with "chili" frames and "root-zone heating" will be used to protect 5-6 acres of land for the winter growing season at R; R being made accessible for the physically handicapped; 6 members of Oregon MENSA visit R (RT)
84.10.05 [USDC] [NO.  : Judge directs lawyers for R and Oregon to submit briefs by Oct. 15 on R request for an injunction prohibiting the state from interfering with the status of the Peace Force (O-6)
84.10.05 [S] R speakers Vedant and Kaya in Kennewick, WA at the Community Unitarian Universalist Church (TCH-6)
84.10.05 ED[S] [ELECT] [GOV] [WILLIS] [ZAJO] [WEAV] Statesman-- Journal columnist Blankenbaker congratulates Governor for calm, castigates Willis, Zajonc, Weaver, Isham, for being demagogues and Rajneeshee-baiters; Oregon State University Barometer speaks of Rajneeshee "rudeness and paranoia" but says "it has met its match in this state."; McMinnville Linews carries guest opinion by Zajonc calling for Rajneeshee votes to be challenged; Walla Walla, WA Union Bulletin calls for end to hate between Rajneeshees and Oregonians; Rajneeshpuram, OR Rajneesh Times criticizes Fawbush opponent, the CCO meeting in The Dalles and discusses KATU-TV phone-in opinion poll on the situation in R (28,000 responded, 92.2% negative to R)
84.10.06 [W] [R] [SAHP] 20-30 "homeless" recruited in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where local agencies leaflet against going; 15 recruited in Richmond, VA where it is reported officials from the National Institute of Mental Health may send a clinician to investigate treatement of the "homeless" at R (which R spokesperson says is welcome); recruiters in New Orleans (MS; RTD; TP)
84.10.06 [R] [CNCL] City Attorney reports following actions/cases are pending: LUBA--R v W County for removal from comprehensive plan; WCCC--R v W County re county inspection rights and for refusal to sign off on permits for building additions of less than 500 sq. ft. in violation of the modified injunction and R motion to strike in the injunction case; SC--whether or not to accept review in the incorporation case; CA--R v LCDC for continuance order of R Comp Plan, for temporary rule, for permanent rule and on annexation case; USDC—R motion to dismiss and strike in AG case, R request for injunction against state administrative meetings on R and a restraining order against Oregon from prohibiting R Peace Force officers from attending the State Police Academy; finally pending is Mr. Herrington's claim of false arrest in response to R charges against him; Community Development Officer reports: R invited to present recycling program at LOC Annual Conference, that an upcoming meeting of the Southern Wasco County Citizens Involvement Committee would deal with deletion of all mention of R from the County Comp Plan and two policies that would prevent R from annexing prior to LCDC acknowledgement of R plan; Council decides to send R rep. to meeting and invite meeting to be held in R since it would be so greatly affected; Finance Officer reports: audit soon to be complete, evaluation of how well R meets federal requirements for handicapped and formation of a plan for improvement proceeding, that R is now receiving state revenue sharing money; state's critique of city's budget complete; Peace Force Chief reports: Hawkins' contract for $23,500 negotiated, Assistant Chief resigned to accept post as Chief of CR Force, new female officer appointed to post; Council decides to send Chief to meeting of International Association of Chiefs of Police in Salt Lake City; 9-1-1 committee's next meeting will be in R, which is considering making either R or CR one of the answering points, reports on recent meeting regarding rumor control program, discussion of recent AG opinions denying 5 R trainees slots at Police Academy training program and denying her participation in the Annual Chiefs and Sheriffs Meeting in Portland; purchase- of the fire truck on hold.
84.10.06 [R] [SCHL] Meeting of R School District/W County District 50J; decision to accept bid from RNSIC for transportation services at the same rate as previous year; Head Teacher reports two have volunteered as teachers' aides (their offer accepted) and that the enrollment at Lincoln School had increased to over 150 students (50 in CR and 100 in R); contract signed with RIC to lease a portion of the school grounds for storage; board to write letter to Channel 2 for landing a helicopter on school grounds the previous week; request that child whose mother's property no longer in the district be able to attend on a tuition basis approved and rumor that same woman's older child attending school in Madras being harassed will be researched; announced that "school without walls" program begins with Grade 4
84.10.06 [AUS] 120 sannyasins in Melbourne say they will move to a commune in Sydney (MAA)
84.10.06 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] Columbus, OH Citizen-Journal columnist refers to "the Rajneeshees shipping bums and winos to Oregon in order to take control of the Wasco County the Mogen David Majority."; Cincinnati, OH Enquirer calls their city's homeless who did not go to R "wise"
84.10.07 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [J] [PROFF] [WILLIS] W County Clerk, Sue Profitt, "said that a Rajneesh leader had told her to be prepared for 7,000 Rajneeshee registrations by Oct. 17, the 20-day residency cutoff date." (TNA); Presbyterian minister in Dallas, TX asks police "to stop the Rajneeshee sect from recruiting street people" and says "'If we were doing our job, no cult could have come in here and accomplished what it did.'"(DMN); 5 "homeless" recruited in Trenton, NJ, one of whom gives a positive interview about life at R (TTNJ); 9 recruited in Baltimore (SNA); an estimated 700 have left R by way of Madras, 10 leavers in Portland interviewed by an investigator from the AG's Office and asked whether they were forced to register to vote or told how to vote, to which they answered that they were not forced but only encouraged to register (O; C-8); Charles Tatom quoted as saying about the Rajneeshees that "'They've boasted that by the year 2000, the state will belong to the Rajneesh and everyone else will be gone,'"(AJ; DAC--see both also for summary of improvements); 2 recruited in Waukegan, IL (NS); first of series of 3 articles by reporter who spent 5 days in R disguised as a street person (DFP); 75 "homeless" reported to have become sannyasins (SPI—see also for several positive interviews and a few with leavers); J County churches and Madras businesses helping to provide food, shelter and return bus tickets for R leavers (SJ; C-8); reported that even if all "homeless" register to vote, R would not have the numbers to sway W County elections (RG); Willis claims her FEC complaint has "'brought a Wasco County takeover to a halt.'" (BB); J County DA keeps lines of communication open with R (O); Bend "hotline" calls taper to about 200 per day (BB ; see also SS Kenya)
84.10.07 KENY[A] 100 sannyasins reported in Kenya (SS)
84.10.07 ED[S] [ELECT] [ZAJO] [WEAV] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal says "Those who propose to vote illegally may well be playing into the hands of the red-clad people they oppose.'"; Klamath Falls, OR Herald and News columnist endorses Zajonc for Secretary of State, in part because of her stand against the Rajneeshees; Vancouver, WA Columbian columnist chides Oregonians as deserving the "dither over Bhagwan"; Bend, OR Bulletin predicts high number of vote challenges in W County; Eugene, OR Register-Guard criticizes Rep. Weaver for holding hearings on R, saying "They will be superfluous at best, inflammatory at worst."
84.10.08 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [GOV] [BOIES] [DQSMITH] Mass meeting in R (RT-12); R leaver from SAHP released from jail in Bend after serving time for breaking storefront windows and immediately breaks more windows (BB); 17 recruited in Baltimore, MD Trailways bus employee says Rajneeshees pay $4600 in cash per bus and reserve as many as 10 per day (BMS); 15 recruited in Richmond, VA (DC); 2 R leavers say "'Everyone was required to register to vote,...They just told us that as citizens we had a right to register and vote. Everyone did. There wasn't any reason not to.'"(CBW); airing of Phil - Donahue show featuring Sheela, about whom host said she "came across as a 'rather unpleasant' woman" (SJ-7; for some excerpts see RT-26); 40-60 protest SAHP on steps of Capitol in hour-long rally during which they: accuse Governor of "refusing to take action to rid the state of Rajneeshees.", ask for a special session of the Legislature to alter same-day registration, ask for disarming of the R peace force and the deportation of R leaders; scuffles with an R film crew occur; Governor does not meet with them and they refuse to meet with his Executive Assistant; several wear T-shirts with pictures of Bhagwan that read "'Wanted: Dead or Alive.'"; group plans another meeting for Oct. 12 near Albany with speaker Donna Smith Quick (BB; SFC-9; SJ-9; DC-9; O-9; RG-9; RT-12; see also WW on religion and politics in Oregon election)
84.10.08 ED[S] [SS] [WEAV] Albany, OR Democrat-Herald congratulates Secretary of State candidate Barbara Roberts for "Resisting the Impulse to Drag the Rajneeshees into Every Campaign Discussion"; Philadelphia Daily News columnist voices fears for "homeless" and that R will be another "Jonestown"; Portland, OR Business Journal criticizes local TV for sensationalist coverage of R; Klamath Falls, OR Herald and News urges anti-Rajneeshees not to try "to flood Wasco County with bogus voters.", as does the Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times; Astoria, OR Daily Astorian criticizes Weaver and Isham for escalating tension; Eugene, OR Register-Guard columnist also speaks of tension
84.10.09 [W] [R] [CR] [J] [SAHP] [ELECT] [AG] [GOV] [WEAV] [WILLIS] [SS] Last of the modular housing bought from Amoco. Minerals Co., Denver leaves Challis, Idaho and R spokesperson says it will be used to house 500-600 SAHP participants in CR (IS); 8 R leavers picket Hotel Rajneesh in Portland for bus tickets (BB; GT-11); J County Sheriff says only a few of the 750 R leavers counted to date in Madras have not had bus tickets and things going smoothly; as of Oct. 4 "the community has had two psychiatric emergencies, two or three treated at the local hospital, four criminally charged, and 29 people served at the local mission, since the Rajneeshees began inviting the homeless to Rajneeshpuram."; as of Oct. 5, 716 R leavers had passed through Madras; the J County Ministerial Association is raising money for bus tickets (BB; SJ-10; MP-11); R leaver in Columbus, CH gives interview (CD); date of News Day, NY feature story; AG's opponent accuses him of "'grandstanding'" in dealing with R, to which AG replies "'When state and religion get too close, you have a situation like that in Iran" (O; BB; DA; - (GO-10); Governor in press conference blames Sheela for creating tension with SAHP and says his office intends to issue a fact sheet to dispel rumors about R (BB; RG-10; O-10; SJ-10; BB-10); Sheela says in an interview that 2 Rajneeshees may run as write-in candidates for the W County Court (RG; BB; O; SJ; DC; O-10; BB-10); Rep. Weaver cancels Portland hearings on R (O; BB; SJ-10); an estimated 3500 "homeless" in R, along with 1500 paying guests and 1800 commune members (DC; O); a reported 200 newcomers arrive in R every day from about 60 cities and Willis, speaking in Pasco, WA, claims SAHP participants will not vote because of her FEC complaint (TCH); Willis and SS candidates repeat Rajneeshee related positions in Pendeleton (EO)
84.10.09 [WCCC] NOS.: Three suits are filed against RFI, RIC, RNSIC and Sheela for remarks she allegedly made at an Oct. 8, 1983 school board meeting in [CR] by Margaret Hill asking $25,000 compensatory damages and $125,000 general damages for defamation (that she "'looks retarded'" and had been fired from a Maupin School District for causing problems) and the same amounts for outrageous conduct; by Roger Hill Workman asking for the same amounts for defamation ("Sheela said Hill had been informed that her son was a drug dealer.") and outrageous conduct; by Marcia Wichelmann for defaming her character (questioning her fidelity) and statements made about her late husband, asking $1.5 million in general damages and $500,000 compensatory damages (DC; O-16; RG-17)
84.10.09 [ENG] Feature articles on Rajneeshee commune near Herringswell in Stop Press, the Cambridge University Student newspaper mention that four sannyasins will serve on the parish council along with 5 non-sannyasins and sannyasin who had been chaplain of Churchill College lost his position, but was reinstated and given the job of "welfare officer" instead (see also NMJ-11)
84.10.10 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [PROFF] [SS] [WEAV] Estimated number of R leavers in Portland without bus tickets is 150, with 48 arriving yesterday and 8 picketers continuing protest at Hotel Rajneesh; Burnside Community Council (BCC) Chairman and candidate for Portland City Council says he will ask state for money to take care of them and urges the state to sue R for reimbursement; BCC also seeking city, county and private funds and announces a benefit ball on Oct. 21; $1 from the sale of "Bhagwan and Sheela Buster" T-shirts by mail from Portland to be donated to BCC according to fliers (DC; O; BB; NYT; TT-11; SJ-11; USA-11; NYT-11; RG-11); Bend, OR Bulletin says R growing at the rate of about 1000 residents per week and at that rate should reach "11,000 residents by election day, Nov. 6" (see also CNN; BMS; DWR-11); w County Clerk, Sue Proffitt, halts registration of all new voters at 10:20 am, shortly before a busload of 25-50 SAHP participants arrive from R, 19-25 wishing to to register; they are told that "they will have to attend a hearing later to see if they are qualified to vote."; Proffitt says she decided to reject all new registrations on the advice of the SS and that certified mail would notify applicants of a time and place of an individual hearing in The Dalles to be conducted by members of the Oregon Bar Association from outside of W County organized by SS; 6 TV crews were on hand for the announcement; Secretary of State Norma Paulus invites all, except Sheela who "'is not invited or welcome.'" to press conference on Oct. 12; this is believed the first time any Oregon clerk has halted registration (BB; DC; DWR-11; O-11; TT-11; USA-11; NYT-11; WP-11; RG-11; BB-11; SJ-11; RT-12); SS says she has long favored a 20-day cutoff for registration and has visited or will visit 6 malls around the state in voter registration drives (MMT; NR; O); mass meeting held in R where Sheela vows to fight the voter registration cutoff, accuses Paulus of discrimination against Rajneeshees, threatens a lawsuit, says she will attend press conference, states a protest march on the Capitol and R's secession from Oregon are possible (RG-11; SJ-11; BB-11; RT-12; RFI-15) two hunters say they were asked to testify at Weaver's hearing about being harassed by R helicopter while on BLM land on Sept. 29 (G); Half-hour videotapes of Rajneesh discourses have been broadcast on public access channels in Corvallis, Salem, Eugene, Portland and 56 other cities throughout the US (EO)
84.10.10 [W] [CR] CA [NO.  : RNSIC withdraws proposal to dump up to 5000 gallons of effluent from CR housing project at Deschutes County Landfill, deciding instead to build drain fields for which they have received W County permits; CR files an appeal of a circuit court ruling that the Antelope Community Church and 6 lots in CR belong to the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon with the Oregon Court of Appeals, diocese now has title to the church and 3 lots, city owns other 3 lots (BB)
84.10.10 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] [AG] [GOV] Creswell, OR Chronicle cartoon featuring greedy Rolls Royce dealer and Bhagwan; Southern Pines, NC The Pilot columnist discusses SAHP; Redmond, OR Spokesman endorses AG, in part due to his stand on R; Philomath, OR, Benton Bulletin columnist endorses Isham approach; Florence, OR Siuslaw News urges candidates and media to stop focussing on R; Harbor, WA Gateway Gig calls situation in W County "scary"; McMinnville, OR News-Register calls anti-Rajneesh film "Gods of the New Age" interesting; Ashland, OR Daily Tidings calls Sheela "viper-tongued" and lauds Governor for calling for calm, endorses change in voter registration law
84.10.11 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [WILLIS] [PROFF] [SS] Halt to voter registration in W County hailed as victory by anti-Rajneeshee groups (MMT; NYT; WP; RG; SJ; ADH-12); Willis FEC complaint receives more publicity, it claims that "the Rajneeshees illegally have used corporate funds of the RHT to bring 'street people' to Wasco County to influence the election"; Willis has also asked DOJ "to speed up an investigation into alleged civil rights violations by four R Peace Officers who arrested James Ospray of Antelope on June 16 and tried to have him jailed."; Willis says she is opposed by the Rajneeshees, who will control elections (MMT; DWR; MP; RC); ACLU says it doubts "whether Paulus has the legal authority to issue a blanket halt to all voter registration in the county." (RG; SJ); two Rajneeshees station themselves in the W County courthouse to monitor voter registration (DC); State Senator Jernstedt defends his actions as being anti-R; State Representative Bellamy says he will introduce a bill on voter residency during the next Legislative Session and that the Rajneeshees "'are blackmailing us'" (MP); The Dalles activist produces videotape aired on cable TV to show how Rajneeshees can control elections (DWR); challenger Lundell brags that he has never been voted for by any resident of R and will sponsor bills to require 6 months residency and 30 days prior registration for voters (CTJ); three more bogus letters appear, possibly from the same typewriter, one supposedly written by lesbians in support of Willis, another implying that she is under investigation by the FBI, and a third an anti-Rajneeshee tirade supposedly from the Aryan Nations group in Idaho (they deny authorship) (DWR); SS candidates reportedly repeat their stands on the Rajneeshees at Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce luncheon (LOR); Marion County officials decide to move prisoners out of the county jail to make room for anyone arrested at the Capitol on Friday (SJ-13)
84.10.11 [SC] [NO.  : SC agrees to decide whether R was illegally formed on land zoned for agriculture (RT-12)
84.10.11 [PUR] Rumors that Rajneeshees have purchased land in Klickitat County, WA, near Goldendale; denied by the county and RIC (WSE; DWR; GS)
84.10.11 ED[S] [ELECT] [WILLIS] [PUR] [PROFF] [SS] The Dalles, OR The Dalles Weekly Reminder urges people to register and vote; Lakeview, OR Lake County Examiner endorses Willis for her stand on R voting issues; Albany, OR Democrat— Herald in a positive editorial gives Albany anti-Rajneeshee group part of the credit for causing the halt to voter registration in W County; Baker, OR Democrat— Herald calls for calm, castigating Sheela, but saying fears of anti-Rajneeshees groundless; Longview, WA News says Oregon is on shaky grounds halting voter registration; White Salmon, WA Enterprise discounts rumors of Rajneeshee property purchase in the area; Hillsboro, OR Argus congratulates the SS and Proffitt for halting voter registration
84.10.12 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] [ZAJO] [WILLIS] [BOIES] [GOV] [DSMITH] Portland emergency shelters for the homeless opening 6 weeks early; pickets of R leavers at Hotel Rajneesh continue; Portland Salvation Army is collecting money for bus tickets, saying about $4000 per day will be needed; they say they have already sent 14 "homeless" to their points of origin and that 65 will depart today; BCC calls for more donations; 24 new "homeless" reported in Madras (total 53) and Madras Ministerial Association calls for more donations; 2 SAHP participants from San Antonio, TX give favorable interview; Congressman Denny Smith criticizes Rajneeshees for not giving return bus tickets; 68 Rolls Royces reported (SB; DC; O; CSH; SAE; ADH-12; BB-12; RT-12; O-13); "Secession" story reported widely (USA; O; SJ); Rajneeshee protest of 500-2000 at Capitol cancelled due to potential for violence and arrests by state police (RG; BB; SJ; ADH); SS Paulus announces that 50 lawyers will be bussed to W County on Oct. 23 for voter eligibility hearings in The Dalles Armory; they will be paid a token $5-$10 per day and will consider evidence of residency such as passports, drivers' licenses, welfare receipts and military service benefits receipts in making "'subjective' recommendations on each person's eligibility to vote, officials said." (SJ-13); Paulus also says that non-W County residents will be used to watch voting in R and CR; about 50 media representatives attend Paulus' press conference; Zajonc praises Paulus plan in press conference in Newport, OR (LCL-- 17); 3 Rajneeshees deliver 721 voter registration cards to W County courthouse (in addition to the 19 submitted already; 900 residents of R already registered to vote); Boies' Albany group says it will put its plan for a caravan of illegal voters on hold unless the hearings do not prevent R residents from voting (O-13; SJ-13; ADH-13; RG-13; RT-19); Elections Division representative meets with anti-Rajneeshee group in Crabtree, warning the 40 in attendance against any attempt at illegal voting, but they say they will at least monitor registration and voting in W and 7 nearby counties (SJ-13) ; Zajonc claims SAHP violates election laws (BB); candidate Lundell says Rajneeshee issue overshadows all others in campaign (DC); Gov. Atiyeh criticizes Willis again in Medford for "fanning the flames of controversy" (RG-13); (see also LAT; O; GPDC; ST-13; DTH-13; STPI-14; DC-14; ODE-15); on the campaign trail in Cave Junction, OR, Willis says "she has taped interviews with many of the street people who have left Rajneeshpuram. They said they were deceived, held against their will, made to worship from dawn to dark and the worshipping consisted of weeding gardens.'" (IVN-18); (see also RT-12)
84.10.12 [USDC] [NO. [AG] Judge Frye denies motion to dismiss church-state case and motion to strike parts of suit filed by R, R corporations and individual Rajneeshees; AG says the denials remove hurdles to proceeding with the discovery stage of the case and says "'This is the first unabashed theocracy in the history of the United States,'"; R Attny Sangeet says all records of R are public records, but the AG's office sent an undercover agent to the city in 1982 before the suit was filed to look at the records and the agent would not tell why he wanted the information; R attorneys "contended the state failed to state a claim upon which relief could be granted and argued that governments do not violate the constitution through acts that incidentally benefit religion. They said their First Amendment rights to practice religion and associate freely would be violated if the city were disincorporated."; Judge Frye wrote in her opinion that if the AG's facts were true, "'the potential injury to the anti-establishment principle of the First Amendment by the existence and the operation of the city of Rajneeshpuram clearly outweighs the potential harm to defendants' free exercise of religion rights,'"; R Attorney says the AG's "'facts are completely inaccurate'" (RT; SJ; TAR; RG-most complete; O; DC-14; BB-14)
84.10.12 [CR] [WCDC] [NO.  : 2 Sweet Home men arrested on charges of disorderly conduct (assaulting an officer) and drunken driving following Oct. 11 incident in CR; the two had claimed to have an explosive device and were apprehended in CR by state police and CR peace force; no explosives were found; men released and arraignment set for one week away; the OSP has increased patrols in the area around R, including three additional patrols out of Madras (BB; RG-13; MH-13; O-13; DC-14)
84.10.12 Robert G. Davis, former aide to Gov. McCall and for a time employed as a lobbyist by R dies of a heart attack in Salem at age 59 after 36 years in public service (O-13; RG-13; SJ-13; BB-14; DC-14)
84.10.12 [ENG] Rajneeshee member of Herringswell Parish Council criticizes the manner in which wards were created to dilute Rajneeshee representation and says that Medina Commune will seek to become a parish in its own right; Rajneeshee elected as vice-chair of the Council; Rajneeshee councillor tells joke immediately after adjournment, not having been allowed to do so to open or close the meeting (EADT; see also NET)
84.10.12 ED[S] [ELECT] [SS] Salem OR Statesman-Journal urges Paulus to call off press conference and says her "non-invitation" of Sheela was inflammatory; Albany, OR Democrat-Herald says that the "crackdown" on voter registration was the right thing to do; Portland, OR The Oregonian says the registration hearings process is the best way to avoid corruption (accompanying cartoon); Rajneeshpuram, OR The Rajneesh Times castigates Proffitt and Paulus for halting voter registration and runs two pages "spoofing" DWR
84.10.13 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [IMP] [SMITH] Police have reportedly started aerial surveillance of R, where there are 15 corporations and 47 businesses, 100 buses and 250 cars, according to a feature article in the Vancouver, BC The Sun; W County voter registration among non-R residents has swelled from 12,296 at the end of July to nearly 14,000 to date (DTH); state police start a second toll-free rumor hotline in The Dalles (1-800-- 452-6824) (RG; SJ; DWR-18); Portland Salvation Army sent 53 on buses Friday (yesterday) and 22 today and says it has spent $10,000 on tickets so far in what is called "Operation Love" (BB-14; WP-14; O-14; DC-14; BB-15; O-15; HC-16); State Sen. Isham suggests R be sued by AG in a class action claim for breach of contract and any public funds spent busing R thus recovered (BB-14; BB-15; SHS-17); Congressman Bob Smith says he doubts Rajneeshees can take over W County, "that the INS has been investigating the Rajneesh case for three years."; that the Rajneeshees are a national issue (DC-14; see also SJ-14; DWR-18)
84.10.13 CAN: Vancouver, BC meditation center reportedly closed in July after two years of operation and now only about 100 Rajneeshees there (VTS)
84.10.13 ED[S] [SAHP] [J] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal lauds the J County coalition of churches for helping R leavers
84.10.14 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] [CCO] [SMITH] R leaver pickets at Hotel Rajneesh in Portland continue (NC); feature stories in Vancouver, WA Columbian and Miami, FLA Herald; feature on Sheela in Portland, OR The Oregonian lists her titles as President of the Academy of Rajneeshism, President of Rajneesh Foundation International, President of Rajneesh Humanity Trust and Personal Secretary and adoptive sister to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (see also for biographical material on Sheela); in a feature on the SS candidates, Clark says "he would be a personal barrier blocking the Rajneeshees from taking over Wasco County." (SJ); 40 Rajneeshees expected at the W County Democrat Party candidate fair and Ball at The Portage Inn in The Dalles last night did not attend due to two reported telephone threats; representative of the National Democratic Committee at that affair reportedly praised W County "for the way it's handled the situatuion of potential takeover by Rajneeshees." (DC; BB-15; DWR-18; RT-19); ad appears in The Dalles, OR Chronicle indicating that M & M tires of The Dalles, Madras and Hood River will donate $1 from every tire sold "until this situation is no longer critical." to anti-Rajneeshee CCO for voter registration drive, legal costs and advertising; Rep. Bob Smith calls for calm on R issues (BB-15)
84.10.14 ED[S] [ELECT] [SS] Bend, OR The Bulletin lauds Paulus' moves; Eugene, OR Register-Guard also lauds Paulus' plan; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist castigates media for not being "immune to the clutches of the Rajneeshee vortex." which he says "seems to bring out the worst in all of us:"
84.10.15 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SMITH] [GOV] [INS] [AG] [DONS] Portland Salvation Army estimates that $300,000 may be needed to bus R leavers to points of origin, another 20 waiting for tickets (DTH); BCC solicits more donations and says its shelter is full (B); favorable article on visit to R in San Francisco, CA Examiner; flier found in J County declares "'open season on the central eastern Rajneesh, known locally as the Red Rats or Red Vermin.' Hunters will know there are 'red rats' in the area if they spot 'a Rolls-Royce with a deaf mute in the back seat.'"; J County Sheriff says in all respects the Rajneeshees have been "'very cooperative.'"; rumors abound in Madras that weapons and ammunition are being stockpiled in R; Rev. Jimenez of Madras quoted as saying "'I believe rhe guru is a demon-possessed man. His followers are victims of demon possession,'" (C); feature story in Montreal, Canada The Gazette; Rep. Bob Smith calls for 6-month residency and 30-day registration requirements in speech before the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce, says he fought against current permissive voter registration laws when he was in the State Legislature and that "if more stringent laws were in place today, 'the Rajneeshees could not use "street people" as pawns in the election.'"; he also repeats that the INS has been investigating Bhagwan for three years and "only recently sent results of its investigation to the U. S. Attorney General's office." (HN); Gov. tells weekly news conference that the Rajneeshees, rather than the State, are responsible for returning R leavers to points of origin and that he opposes Isham plan (RG-16; SJ-16); 650 additional voter registration cards from R turned in to the W County Clerk; Rajneeshees file a 15 page lawsuit in federal court asking for a temporary restraining order, a preliminary injunction and a permanent injunction to halt the registration hearings process and citing the limit on constitutional rights, the barrier of "proving innocence", and "'the time and expense in making the 200-mile round trip to The Dalles in order to prove their qualifications to vote'" (O-16; SJ-16; RT-19); State Rep. from Cottage Grove cites R situation and calls for 20-day voter registration cutoff (CGS); in a candidates' fair in Madras, the AG's challenger charges that the Paulus plan is unlawful, State Sen. Jernstedt reminds of his stand against liberal voter registration laws, and his challenger, Don Smith, says the Rajneeshees have "'never wavered from thier goal of establishing an oasis in the desert with 100,000 residents.'" (MP-18)
84.10.15 [USDC] [NO.  : [INS] Federal judge denies INS request for summary judgement and says it must produce an index of documents and allow INS officials to be deposed about documents by Rajneeshees; (RT-19)
84.10.15 [CR] [CNCL] [RIC] Public hearing on 2 additional conditional use permits requested by RIC for placing three 16 unit apartments on 2 parcels of land zoned commercial; RIC commits to full responsibility for installing, operating and maintaining the related sewer system and to post a surety bond to pay for same; Council grants two permits, passes ordinance authorizing contract with RIC for the sewer system, approves the contract and authorizes the Mayor to review and sign an easement document; rumor control hotline expected to open in CR by Oct. 22; motion to notify all that CR wishes to be known as the City of Rajneesh passes; motion to send name change postcards to all who write (since mail is being lost and redirected to R). passes and $60 authorized for this purpose; Council calls' for designs for new city seal and letterhead; committee formed to draw up job description for volunteer post of city court clerk and it is decided to post notice of vacancy for the post; resolution passed to adopt the current traffic codes and bail schedule of Oregon; format of oath of office for CR Peace Force adopted; public hearing set for Oct. 22 on Peace Force budget for 24 hour service, which will probably cost $15,000 extra according to the Mayor (O-16; RT-19)
84.10.15 Announcement of availability of Kirk Braun's book Rajneeshpuram: The Unwelcome Society through Pacific Nortwest Books Co. distributors circulated
84.10.15 R Mayor, Sheela and other Rajneeshees announce that they plan to attend Bob Davis' funeral on Oct. 16 (RT-19)
84.10.15 ED[S] [ELECT] [SS] LaGrande, OR Observer lauds Paulus' plan
84.10.16 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [IMP] [SS] [ZAJO] [WILLIS] [SMITH] [GOV] Feature story in Vancouver, WA Columbian discusses massive voter registration drive amongst W County non-Rajneeshees and quotes Wil Phinney, editor of The Dalles Weekly Reminder, as saying "'It just keeps getting weirder and weirder... A lot of people think it's going to end up in a bloodbath.'"; interview between USA Today and Sheela regarding SAHP; 68 Rolls Royces and 350,000 Rajneeshees worldwide reported (see also SJ); Portland, OR The Oregonian reprints parts of an article by a reporter from Miami who posed as a "street person" at R, including the following quote, "'What's also there, to be sure, is a dark-souled, us-against-them kingdom full of beaming, soft-singing spiritual storm-troopers, a fortress of a place that is part warmed-over Woodstock Nation and part Junior Commando base camp, a sacred temple whose high priests daily drum into the acolytes that the world outside is a savage forest full of predators who mean to destroy them.'" (see also FWST; Navhind Times, India); unfavorable article on two R leavers from Houston, TX (HC); SS candidates debate in Salem, OR Zajonc and Clark repeating anti-Rajneeshee stands and Roberts saying they "could ride that bandwagon themselves." (SJ); SS Paulus discusses voter registration plan in W County with Ontario OR Chamber of Commerce and tells reporters she supports Zajonc (DA); Zajonc's position on R and Roberts' call for calm on the situation reported in the Hermiston, OR Herald; Portland Salvation Army bused 27 more R leavers yesterday, bringing the total to 112 (RG); R leaver from NY gives interview (BB); State Senator Potts of Grants Pass, OR says he is "extremely concerned" about R situation and his challenger says he supports the 20-day cutoff for registration (GPDC); Willis and Congressman Bob Smith debate how to handle R situation in Prineville, OR Central Oregonian; new book by Toronto psychiatrist Saul Levine, Radical Departures—Desparate Detours To Growing Up, mentions Rajneeshees unfavorably; following attendance at Bob Davis' funeral, R Mayor met privately with Gov. Atiyeh's Executive Assistant and Legal Counsel; 5 Rajneeshees, including Sheela attend funeral (DC-17); Governor's Office issues 8-page "fact sheet" on R to dispel rumors; examples of reassurances include the facts that R is not an armed camp, "local crime rates have not increased in the cities receiving departing street people... Rumors that children are being abused at Rajneeshpuram have not been substantiated... A search of state records shows no record of any Rajneeshee receiving food stamps or state welfare payments... The Rajneeshees have been subject to property taxes and are paying them." (O-17; for full fact sheet see SJ-1'9; DC-25); Bend and The Dalles hotlines average about 75 calls per day (KTN-17)
84.10.16 [USDC] [NO.  : Hearing on a class-action suit asking for a temporary restraining order against W County voter registration eligibility hearings plan filed on Oct. 15 by 30 Rajneeshees (along with affidavits from 776 others) charging Oregon officials with violating their right to register to vote; total R residents who have applied to vote since the halt in registration is 1,390; temporary restraining order is refused; a preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled for Oct. 19 (SPI; SJ; USA; DC; USA-17; DC-17; O-17; BB-17; SJ-17; LAT-18)
84.10.16 [R] [ED] [SCHL] 2 South Salem High School teachers who had planned a visit to R to gather information for classes in Pacific Northwest history and psychology cancel after having trip rejected by Associate Superintendent of the district because of possible public reaction (SJ)
84.10.16 [1000] Approximate date of 1000 Friends' letter touting their active opposition to R since November of 1981, castigating state officials for their lack of vigor against R and asking for contributions for two anti-R court cases
84.10.16 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] Hillsboro, OR Argus says "not ony Rajneeshpuram and Rajneesh—but the whole of Wasco County—could be delivered into the hands of followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in a 'legal' election, courtesy of 3,500 street people imported for that purpose."; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal lauds Bob Davis; Eagle Point, OR Independent News columnist summarizes involved R situation, including fact that KATU-TV had apparently been barred from covering meetings on R private property on Oct. 10; Roseburg, OR News-Review lauds W County hearings process
84.10.17 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [AG] [GOV] Portland Salvation Army reports having spent $13,000 ($12,500) on bus tickets for 130 (123) R leavers; unfavorable story on 3 R leavers in Richmond, VA and 9 in Houston, TX (RTD; HP); 5 unfavorable "person-in-the-street" comments printed in Florence, OR Siuslaw News; AG guoted as saying "Importation of 'street people' by the Rajneeshees to Wasco County was a 'public relations disaster; it backfired,'" and also discusses possible criminal proceedings (illegal marriages) and the church-state issue while campaigning in Klamath Falls, OR and at Oregon State University in Corvallis (HN; OSB-18); 519 additional voter registration cards from R delivered early in the day to W County Clerk, bringing total waiting for hearings process to 1,909 (on Oct. 2 a total of 12,664 voters were registered, 752 of them residing at R and about 80 of the 156 in CR being Rajneeshees) (DC); an additional 1,079 cards from R delivered by 5pm on this the deadline for the 20-day residency cutoff, bringing the reported total to 3,011 since Oct. 10 (DC-18; O-18; SJ-18 and NR-18 say a total of 3,071 since Oct. 9; DWR-18); Gov. calls for calm on R situation while speaking to Klamath Falls Chamber of Commerce (HN-18); recruitment of SAHP participants reportedly halted as of Oct. 12 and last buses of recruits on their way to R; 150 R leavers dropped off in Portland, the largest group at one time to date; a total of 937 R leavers reported as having departed to date through Madras, 93 of them since Oct. 12; also reported that only 15 of those leaving through Madras since Oct. 1 had not had return tickets; a reported $1 million spent on the SAHP by Rajneeshees to date (O-18; see also USA-18; PAN-18; BB-18; SJ-18; BN-18; DC-18; LAH-19; SJ-19 corrects number to 50 dropped off in Portland); Sheela is reported to be "'exhausted and under a doctor's care'" (SJ-18)
84.10.17 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] Tacoma, WA News Tribune calls Rajneeshees "cultists", says R is an "armed camp" and predicts tragedy and violence; Yakima, WA Herald Republic says Rajneeshee actions are "an insult to the entire democratic process" and that they are "trying to pad voter rolls by busing in transients to register and join the Rajneesh bloc on election day."; Baker, OR Democrat-Herald lauds Paulus' plan; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal says the hearings process seems to be the only alternative but suggests holding hearings in several locations close to those applying; Newburg, OR Graphic calls for support for the Salvation Army; the Dallas, OR Itemizer-Observer says it is "a mistake to impose what amounts to 'martial' election law on Wasco County voters." and criticizes the "precedent of arbitrarily suspending election registration procedures"; the Pasco, WA Tri-City Herald says the Rajneeshees "have consistently misrepresented their plans.", calls for calm, says "They aren't Nazis, mafiosi or serial killers.", but says "If the Rajneeshees perist in throwing gasoline on the fire, they may get burned."
87.10.18 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [DSMITH] [WILLIS] [SMITH] [PROFF] [DONS] Reported that R planes have been flying in new residents for several days, including 30 from Burbank, CA on Oct. 16 (LAT; BB); R leaver gives favorable interview, saying there was no pressure to register to vote (ADH); 1 R leaver (out of 52 recruited) from Austin, TX gives unfavorable interview (AS); Salvation Army says it has bused 130-133 R leavers at a cost of S15,000 and has received S8,000 in donations to the project (BB; BN; SJ); J County Ministerial Association says it has provided bus tickets for 27 R leavers to date (SJ); it is reported that the last bus of SAHP recruits arrived in R on Oct. 17, that the program has been halted for the winter and lack of accommodations and may be resumed in the spring (C; DC); R leaver in The Dalles claims he was beaten, denied blankets and food for refusing to vote (DWR); 100 hold anti-Rajneeshee meeting in Sweet Home, OR (NE); State Rep. Tom Hanlon of Cannon Beach defends voting against the bill which "allowed the state government to withhold state tax revenues from cities whose incorporation was being challenged in court." while being attacked by his challenger as the man who "'voted to send your tax dollars to the City of Rajneeshpuram'" (DAA); Washington state Rep. speaks against liberalizing voting laws, citing R situation (KCT); Congressman Denny Smith calls on Bhagwan, in a letter, to take responsibility for busing R leavers back to points of origin (MCE); it is announced that the "Donahue" program entitled "Cult Movement Takeovers" featuring Sheela and Willis will be broadcast in Medford on KTVL, Channel 10 at 9am on Oct. 30, a week later than previously announced due to delay for review by attorneys for the distributors (MMT); Congressman Bob Smith's and Willis' anti-R views published in Klamath Falls, OR Herald and News; Mr. Kopperud explained recently that the Rajneeshees could control elections with as few as 2000 votes on Cox Cable TV Channel 7, W County Clerk Proffitt appears in the video (DWR); Don Smith reportedly has sent fundraising letter to constituents saying "'I have resisted the Bhagwan's attempts to force his lifestyle on Wasco and Jefferson Counties.'" (DWR); reported that this week the Douglas County Clerk lauded Paulus' plan in a speech in Canyonville, OR (UFP)
84.10.18 [CHRAJ] [NO.  : Jury, voting 10-2, awards Church of Rajneeshism $26,202 ($12,202 in actual damages and $14,000 in punitive damages) for missing trust deed in their countersuit, ending the 3 year battle with the Church of Religious Science (SAR-19; O-20; SJ-22; LNP-25; RT-26)
84.10.18 [SC] [NO.  : SC schedules oral arguments on Nov. 6 for review of CA decision overturning R incorporation (O)
84.10.18 [W] [R] [PLAN] It is announced that all four Citizen Advisory Groups for the W County Planning Commission will meet on Oct. 25 to review 5 proposals for revisions in the County Comprehensive Land Use Plan, including a proposal to repeal the R Comprehensive Plan, one to remove all information in the County Plan about R and one dealing with new policies for annexations (DWR)
84.10.18 ED[S] [ELECT] [SS] [A] Editorial cartoons in the University of Portland Beacon and the Western Oregon State College Lamron; Beacon columnist lauds Paulus' plan and castigates Rajneeshees for trying to "stack the deck."; another Beacon columnist criticizes Paulus' plan and asks "What happens when all the bigoted, blind hatred continues to build to the point of violence? What happens when the people of the state of Oregon stoop to Marxist political tricks to 'get rid-of' the Rajneeshees: How many daily death threats do the operators of the Rajneeshee rumor control center have to receive? How many people will break laws of human decency and ethics just to satisfy their rights?"; Astoria, OR Daily Astorian says Paulus' plan is only alternative; Charlotte, NC News colunmist calls for stronger Christianity to combat Rajneeshees; Portland, OR Northwest Senior Advocate columnist (also director of news and public affairs of KXL radio) says "that the ultimate goal of the sect is the takeover of the state and perhaps more beyond."; Hillsboro, OR Argus columnist says judge should grant an injunction on the W County voter registration ban; Bellevue, WA Journal American says Oregon "owes the Rajneeshees speedy hearings, freedom from harassment and access to the ballot box." and that "its reaction to the Rajneeshees has shaken its reputation for unflappable tolerance."; Condon, OR Times-Journal says it liked Antelope the way it was
84.10.19 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [AG] [SS] [FAW] It is reported that recruiters were told to avoid "violent, diseased or seriously disturbed people", urged to seek out "'people who have a look of innocence about them... are over 18, U.S. Citizens... [and] can listen.'", and also not to invite SAHP participants "'with severe alcohol and psychological problems], and those with many firm spiritual or intellectual i- deas.'" (CT); a reported 937 R leavers have passed through the Madras bus station, only 16 without tickets, which were purchased by the Madras Ministerial Association at a cost of $1,239 to date; 77 R leavers have been cared for at the Madras mission (BB; O;); (for more R leaver and SAHP stories see LN; BB; RG; DC); a reported total SAHP recruits of 4,700 (USA); Portland Salvation Army buys bus tickets for 27 more R leavers; they have raised $15,601 for their travel fund to date (O-20); the total number of voters who face eligibility hearings are 2,469 R residents and 800 from elsewhere in W County (DC); election challenger again criticizes AG for allowing the hearing process in W County (BB); several hundred R residents peitition for a chapter of VFW to be installed there (RT); State Sen. Isham reportedly continues "in his offensive against Bahgwan (sic) Shree Rajneesh." (NR; see also GT-20; RG-20); SS candidate Clark says in interview that "he believed the Rajneesh leaders were hoping to take over that county, raise taxes to push ranchers and others out of business, and become a power in the food business. He said he believed the Rajneeshees had a hidden agenda, which he said included political domination, economic control and a takeover of Wasco County," (ADH-20); The Rajneesh Times endorses Fawbush, Jernstedt (over Don Smith) and Barbara Bagg (over Rep. Bill Bellamy) (SJ-20; O-20; BB-21)
84.10.19 [USDC] [NO.  : [SS] Arguments heard on R request for temporary injunction against the W County voter registration hearings process; R lawyer argues a violation of civil rights; Assistant AG argues that "false information, including false names and incorrect addresses, is flooding the Wasco County clerk's office'" and attorney for W County says "'There is a deliberate attempt to overload the system, a deliberate attempt to cause widespread fraud and irregularities in the voting program.'", possibly 234 to 375 bogus registrations on Oct. 17; SS testifies that she believed fraud would "'be rampant'" without the hearings process; judge denies state motion for dismissal of the request for injunction; judge's ruling expected on Monday, Oct. 22 (SAR-20; RG-20; SJ-20; ADH-20; O-20)
84.10.19 [PUR] Rumors that Rajneeshees are buying a motel and restaurant in Hermiston denied by R and owners
84.10.19 ED[S] [ELECT] [SAHP] [GOV] [PROFF] [FAW] Bend, OR The Bulletin lauds Atiyeh's unflappability; Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times sarcastically questions the timing of the end of SAHP recruitment in the light of the 20 day residency requirement for voting; Rajneeshpuram, OR The Rajneesh Times castigates Proffit and endorses Jernstedt and Fawbush for re-election
84.10.20 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] Class action suit filed by three "homeless" against R asking for $40 million ($10,000-- $35,000 per person and $10 million punitive damages) because "false statements were made to lure the street people to the city-commune, and that they were forced either to register to vote or to leave the commune."; reported that an apparent R leaver was found dead from exposure behind a tavern at Government Camp near Mount Hood on Oct. 18 (SAR; O; ADS; SPI; LAH; MD; SJ; RG; DC-21); mass meeting in R after which 52-100 leavers taken to The Dalles, 36-39 had been dropped off in that city earlier in the day, 25-39 with bus tickets, the rest came in the evening with 52 staying at the Salvation Army mission and 60 being given bus tickets; Portland Salvation Army provides 25 more bus tickets for a total of 201 (SJ-21; BB-21; RG-21; O-21; DC-21; DCN-22; SB-22; O-22; DC-22; BB-22; for recounting of some of what Sheela said during the meeting see VT-11/1). For more R leaver stories and SAHP see (EO; SPI; NIP; DMN; JA)
84.10.20 [USDC] [NO.  : [SS] Hearings on request for temporary injunction against W County registration hearings process continue; SS cross-examined and The Dalles residents testify about fraudulent registration cards submitted in their names (SJ-21; LAH-21; BB-21; DC-21; O-21)
84.10.20 ED[S] [SAHP] Everett, WA Herald columnist does humorous piece on SAHP
84.10.21 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] [ZAJO] Date of one-hour special at 7pm on KGW-TV, Ch. 8, entitled "News 8: Rajneesh!" with retrospective on the commune and a panel discussion between Rajneeshees and opponents (EO-19); BCC holds benefit with Portland entertainers to raise money for R leavers (O-20); 50 additional R leavers as a result of yesterday's mass meeting (SJ-22; EO-22; RG-22); candidate Zajonc lauds Paulus' plan before Klamath County Rotary Club (HN), and Zajonc and Clark repeat their anti-Rajneeshee stands before Florence Rotary Club (RG); State Rep. Mike McCracken calls for calm on R situation and State Rep. Liz VanLeeuwen says the situation has gotten out of hand (SJ); Salem, OR Statesman-Journal says "The Rajneesh controversy in Central Oregon is a dominant issue with voters"
84.10.21 [USDC] [NO.  : Closing arguments to be heard on Monday, Oct. 22, same day as Judge's decision expected; announced that 300 voter registration eligibility hearings are scheduled for Oct. 23 in The Dalles, 1,884 more for Nov. 1, and 1,900 for Nov. 2; a total of 2,473 registration applications so far delivered from R (O; DC; DC-22; USA-22; RG-22; MD-22)
84.10.21 [CR] The Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon reaffirms its resolve to fight for the Antelope Community Church during a three-day convention of 220 delegates in Prineville (BB)
84.10.21 ED[S] [SS] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal and Eugene, OR Register-Guard both endorse Roberts for SS, in part for "resisting the temptation to capitalize on the volatile Rajneesh dispute with demagogic oratory."
84.10.22 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] [AG] Reported that an R leaver told SS office he overheard Rajneeshees making calls two days before the 20-day residency deadline "urging members of the sect living elsewhere to come to the commune in time to establish voting eligibility." (SJ); Madras estimates 1006 R leavers dropped there since Sept. 4, including 35 on Oct. 20 and 25 on Oct. 21, and all but 25 of them having bus tickets at a cost to R of an estimated $95,000 to date; 19 R leavers arrive in Portland, with the Salvation Army there reporting they have purchased a total of 305 bus tickets to date, including 34 this day (O-23; DC-23 says 35 R leavers to Madras, 1 to The Dalles, and 13 or more to Portland); owner of a bar in Madras quoted as saying "'If I see any of them anywhere near my place, I'll shoot. They're scum.'" (SAST; PTS-23); Ch. 11 in Los Angeles begins a weeklong news feature on R (LAH); AG and challenger say R is No. 1 campaign issue (O); SS candidates repeat stands on R at Washington County Public Affairs Forum (A-23; O-23) (see also OS; Time Magazine; WW); Rajneeshees not a major issue at Fossil candidates' fair (CTJ-25)
84.10.22 [USDC] [NO.  : Federal judge turns down request for preliminary injunction against voter eligibility hearings, saying they would be "'the least burdensome way to allow persons to register'"; R attorneys suggest hearings be moved to R and arguments on that proposal scheduled for Oct. 23; R attorneys say they may take the case to a state court or the Oregon Supreme Court (BB; DC; SJ-23; NYT-23; RG-23; DA-23; TTNJ-23; AJ-23; KCT-23; O-23; LAT-24); federal magistrate rules that $50 million class action suit by R leavers against R and corporations may be filed without payment of the usual $60 fee (SJ-23; SJ-24)
84.10.22 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] Longview, TX News critical of SAHP; Nashville, TN Tennessean questions whether R can "provide an adequate level of care and safety for their residents."; Bremerton, WA Sun says the voter eligibility hearings process "seems an unjustified--although understandable--reaction on the part of the county's regular citizens."
84.10.23 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] [BOIES] [WILLIS] [AG] [CCO] [FAW] First of voter eligibility hearings in The Dalles goes smoothly, only 19 of 310 to involve SAHP participants, 3-4 SAHP persons (2 said they had not received notices and one had left R) and 94-97 others do not attend; interviewees are questioned (4 pages and 21 questions) about residency, citizenship and intent, by 47 volunteer lawyers (paid $10 and given box lunches) who then make recommendations to county clerk who makes final decision as to eligibility; 2 SAHP participants are only refusals by clerk and their attorney calls the rejections (for the apparent reason that the two applicants were still married and their address was assumed to be that of their wives) a "'travesty'" and "'blatantly political'" (SJ; RG; USA; O; DC; USA-24; CBW-24; LAT-24; KCT-24; O-24; SJ-24; BB-24; RG-24; DC-24; FJ-24; DWR-25; O-25; RT-26); positive account of R in San Francisco Examiner; Boies' anti-Rajneeshee group in Albany schedules meeting for Oct. 25 with Willis as guest speaker and calls for donations of canned food for the Salvation Army in Portland (ADH); Christian Broadcasting Network contributes $2000 to Portland Salvation Army and challenges others to do likewise (A); 50 R leavers placed on buses out of Portland and Salvation Army says it has spent $26,000 so far on "Operation Love" (CBW-24; BB-24); Rev. Jantzen of Harvest Field Mission in Madras quoted as saying, "'Mind control is being used and these people are turning their minds over to an anti— Christ.'" in article claiming R is an armed camp and likely to become another "Jonestown" (GL); (see also EI); money for anti-Rajneeshee CCO rolling in from M & M tire ad, $297 during the first week (DC); District 5 State House seat challenger takes anti-R stand (A; FGNT-24); R situation a topic for several candidates at AAUW sponsored Candidates' Night last week in Hood River (HRN); AG challenger again criticizes AG nonaction and W County hearings process (CO); State Rep. Fawbush runs anti-R campaign ad (DC); some candidates say they have been asked to "bow out" of race for W County offices in favor of their opponents in order to "thwart a takeover by disciples of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh." (BB)
84.10.23 [PUR] A rumor begun during previous week's anti-Rajneeshee meeting in Sweet Home that a restaurant and a car dealership in Lebanon are owned and operated by Rajneeshees has cost a loss of 10-15% in business at the restaurant and the car dealership said the rumor may be due to the fact that they have two red cars in the showroom (SJ; RG-24); a Sweet Home restaurant says its red and black color scheme has cost loss of business due to rumored ownership by Rajneeshees (NE-24)
84.10.23 [USDC] [NO.  : Arguments on proposal to move voter eligibility hearings to R; proposal denied by federal judge (SJ; RG; O; O-24; SJ-24; DWR-25)
84.10.23 ED[S] [SS] Coos Bay, OR World and Albany, OR Democrat— Herald endorse Roberts for SS, in part for her reasonable stand on R situation
84.10.24 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [DSMITH] [CCO] [AG] [GOV] W County residents who came into contact with most recent bus load of R leavers in The Dalles urged to get TB shots (SJ-24); Congressman Denny Smith's letter calling on R to take - responsibility for leavers in MOP; R leaver story in JJ; features in DB and CHT, which report 200 Rajneeshees in Seattle, WA area; favorable R visit story in GCJ; W County Clerk receives 125 new voter applications from R (DC-28); District 2 House candidates Isham and Brenneman disagree heatedly, but both "antis", on R issue, even though their district is 400 miles away (NT); article on CCO in NT; candidates for legislature from Coos Bay both make anti-Rajneeshee remarks during previous week's candidate forum at Southwestern Oregon Community College (NBN); AG says SAHP has strengthened his anti-R church-state case by showing "'that religious leaders of the community have the power to kick people out'" (BB); Rajneesh on Christianity quoted in USA and South Africa; Gov. Atiyeh calls for calm on R situation but says "'They know 'I don't like what they are doing with the street people.'" before 80 people in Baker, OR (RC-25); in State House District 53 race, challenger cites W County voter registration problems as issue before Klamath County Chamber of Commerce Forum (HN-25)
84.10.24 DO[J] [AG] DOJ's Civil Rights Division rejects AG's request for election monitors because it does not have any jurisdiction; the matter is forwarded to the Criminal Section for determination of any possible violations, but that would occur after the election (BB-24; DC-24; SJ-25)
84.10.24 [USDC] [NO.  : [INS] Judge grants summary judgement and orders INS to resolve pending permanent residency requests by alien spouses among 40 married couples living at R within four months and denies motion by INS for a stay of adjudication of the administrative cases in order to investigate marriage fraud; processing had already been delayed from 6 months to 2 1/2 years (BB; DC; O; SJ-25; USA-25; RT-26)
84.10.24 [J] Two young men charged with Class C Felony in Madras after being accused of breaking out windows and denting a Rajneeshee physician's car while it was parked outside a restaurant in that city on Oct. 20 (BB)
84.10.24 [PUR] Unconfirmed rumor that Rajneeshees are purchasing small farm near St. Paul (G)
84.10.24 Oregon State University officials are upset and file formal letter of protest to Executive Director of Pac-10 Conference about comments by California sports announcers from KGO in San Francisco two weeks ago in which they called OSU's Stadium "'Rajneesh Stadium'" and said after OSU's win over UC that "'The Bhagwan smiled on the Beavers.'"; broadcasters say they were just being light-hearted (DC; BB; O-25; SFC-25; LAT-25; AGA-25; OT-25)
84.10.24 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] [AG] [DONS] Nyssa, OR Gate City Journal says "Obviously, we are appalled by the hateful, violent statements of Rajneesh spokesperson Ma Anand Sheela. We also feel very uneasy about the Rajneeshees bringing all these homeless people into Wasco County so that they will vote for Rajneeshee candidates in the November election."; Moscow, ID Idahonian columnist asks "Why let ignorant people vote?" in discussing R situation; Sheridan, OR Sheridan Sun endorses State Sen. Isham while criticizing his apparent use of "the Rajneesh controversy to make some headlines."; Caldwell, ID Press-Tribune criticizes W County voter registration hearings process; Hood River, OR News endorses Sen. Jernstedt, saying R should not be focal point of campaign and both candidates take similar "anti" position; Redmond, OR Spokesman also endorses Jernstedt, saying Smith a one-issue person (the R situation); Medford, OR Mail Tribune endorses AG for re-election; Bend, OR The Bulletin endorses current J County Sheriff, saying he has treated all fairly, including R residents; Vancouver, WA Columbian columnist writes "nasty" humor piece featuring Sheela answering questions on manners
84.10.25 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [GOV] [FAW] [DONS] [COMI] [SS] [WILLIS] [BOIES] DWR article lauds The Dalles residents for food, clothing and money for 254 meals and bus tickets for 65 R leavers on Oct. 20 and runs two other articles of interviews with R leavers; as of Oct. 24 an estimated 1,037 R leavers had passed through Madras, with the J County Ministerial Association buying 42 bus tickets for about $4000 and having raised about $2,362 (MP); OSP estimates 1,400 R leavers in all and 2,500-3,000 SAHP participants still in R; Portland Salvation Army has purchased a total of 368-383 bus tickets, spent S35,000 and raised $26,191-26,500, including a grant of $2,500 from The Oregon Community Foundation, put 24 on busses on Oct. 23 and received 25 more from R on Oct. 24 (O; RG; SJMN-26); J County investigating allegations that R officials refused to return identification papers to some R leavers (O); Gov. Atiyeh meets with Salvation Army in The Dalles to devise contingency plan for possible massive number of R leavers, praises that city's response to the Oct. 20 surprise R leavers (R had notified state and city officials of all R leavers before and after that date); Gov. says he won't be "'intimidated'" by Rajneeshees before 125 in a The Dalles restaurant; Gov. names an assistant of the State Department of Human Resources to work with Portland Salvation Army to coordinate programs for R leavers (SJ; DC; RG; BB; ADH; O-26; DWR-11/1); Gov. speaking in Ashland again castigates Willis for "using the Rajneesee (sic) for her political gain." (ADT; O); unfavorable R leaver stories in MP, AS; R leaver reportedly signs affadavit saying he had seen a dozen M-60 machine guns, Laws rockets and grenades (DWR); Washington SS says that state's laws should be changed to prevent fraudulent voters "similar to those in Wasco County, Oregon" (HR); State Rep. Fawbush runs anti-R campaign ads in DWR, CTJ; Don Smith runs campaign ad as "Democrat from Antelope" in CTJ; Jim Comini runs ad saying "The First County Commissioner To Oppose The Rajneesh!" in DWR; R City Council Member says she has decided not to run a write-in campaign for W County Court/Commission, although she had been considering it, because "Oregon is too bigoted.", says whe will not vote and will encourage others to abstain; R Mayor says others may still launch write-in campaigns for W Commission seats; W County Court/Commission Judge Hulse and Willis claim announcement is a sign of defeat for R (BB; WHP; RG-26; O-26; DC-26; BB-26; DN-26; LN-26; RT-26; SJ-27; BB-29; DC-29); R issue said to be key to SS race (DAA); Jern- stedt and Don Smith anti-R positions repeated in MP; Willis speaks to 150 invited by Boies' anti-R group in Lebanon (E; SJ-27); WW runs ad for "Cult Busters" T-shirts and bumper-stickers; Crowfoot Baptist Church announces study group on cults to begin with the Rajneeshees on Oct. 28 (E); Bhagwan breaks public silence on drive-by to answer a KOIN-TV crew's question and declare that "Rajneeshism is the only true religion in the world." and that "Christianity has failed." (USA; RT-26; RG-27; DB-28; DC-28; O-28; BB-28)
84.10.25 [USDC] [NO.  : R attorneys request and federal Judge refuses to stay his order in the voter registration suit until R attorneys can file an appeal with the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals; state officials meet to consider R attorney request that the voter registration hearings be held closer to R (O-26)
84.10.25 [PUR] Texas Realtor says he would not sell abandoned air force base near Condon, OR to Rajneeshees (BB)
84.10.25 [W] [R] [PLAN] [LCDC] Annual public meeting of all four W County Citizens' Advisory Groups in The Dalles to consider and approve revisions of the County Comprehensive Plan which would, among other things, remove all references to R and repeal the R Comp Plan; Rajneeshees do not attend saying there had been threats of violence, but 200 others do attend, perhaps the largest number ever for such a meeting; the W County Court/ Commission had already voted to remove the R land use plan from the W County plan on July 11, but the County Attorney, Will Carey, said "it is deemed advisable to complete the hearings process in case the county court nullified." due to legal challenges; field represesentative for LCDC agrees with the action, saying "'we totally concur that there is not a city at this time.'"; the proposals next go before the W County Planning Commission on Nov. 5 and then a hearing by the W County Court/Commission planned for Nov. 28 (DC; DC-26; O-26; BB-26; SJ-27; RG-27; O-27; DWR-11/1; RT-11/2); The Dalles Ministerial Association announces a Candlelight Prayer Vigil set for Nov. 5 on the courthouse steps to pray for "'elections and the issue of the Rajneeshees.'"(DWR)
84.10.25 [MCCC] [NO.  : Milwaukie man convicted of second— degree assault (a Class B felony) for striking a Rajneeshee in downtown Portland on May 6; a co-defend- ant had earlier plead guilty to fourth-degree assault against another Rajneeshee during the same incident (O; RT-11/2)
84.10.25 ED[S] [ELECT] [SS] [AG] The Dalles, OR The Dalles Weekly Reminder says it has been used by Rajneeshees for propaganda purposes and urges victims of fraudulent voter registrations to go to W County hearings process; Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times endorses Roberts for SS, in part for refusing "to seek political profit from public hostility toward the Rajneeshees."; Vancouver, WA Columbian columnist says many "charges against Rajneeshees smack of hypocrisy"; Roseburg, OR News-Review endorses AG for re-election, in part for his filing of the R church-state case
84.10.26 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [IMP] [ZAJO] Portland Salvation Army reportedly has spent S40,000 for food, clothing, housing and bus tickets for 505 R leavers, 29 of the tickets on Oct. 25; 1,037 R leavers counted as going through Madras as of Oct. 25, with food provided for 102 and bus tickets for 43 (LAT); between 2500-3500 SAHP participants still in R (SJ); reported that two R leavers had been asked to go to R "under cover" by BCC Chairman, they say they fled, fearing for their lives, but that no one had tried to convert them or asked them to register to vote, they had been on KXL Portland radio talk show on Oct. 5 (EI); feature on Seattle, WA sannyasin (ST; see also SJ-29; O-29; DC-29); police investigating report that a 79-year-old Portland man who vanished in the Wallowa Mountains has been seen at R, no indication that he had been there; OSP says that R Peace Officers had been cooperative in locating one missing juvenile and several wanted people for the state police (O; O-27); W County Clerk recives 298 voter registration cards from R due to address changes and 40 new registrations (DC-28); feature on R medical and preventive health care in American Medical News, which reports: 15 licensed physicians; two years of meetings with State Health Planning and Development Agency, during which a free-standing emergency center and 36 bed ambulatory surgery center and skilled nursing facility had both been denied and an 18 bed hospital still under consideration; an estimated $60,00 worth of free medical care given in 1983, with most residents paying under a self-insurance program through a Rajneeshee insurance corporation; two Rajneeshee physicians on regular staff at Mountain View Hospital in Madras, with another as a consultant and two more seeking temporary admitting privileges; two Rajneeshee physicians in Portland not accepted by any hospital there for admitting privileges "because of their style of dress, make hospital administrators...uncomfortable."; recent visitors to R include 2 professors and 7 students from University of Oregon (RT); Portland legislator says he sees much constituent concern about R in his door-to-door canvassing (O); Zajonc repeats position on R and voting laws to McMinnville Kiwanis Club (NR)
84.10.26 [WCCC] [NO.  : [W] [R] [PLAN] W County requests W County Circuit Court to order R to admit county representatives to the commune and adjacent land (private land) for "intermittent and unannounced inspections during normal business hours"; R files countermotion asking that the W County officials be required to give 30 minutes' advance notice and specify area and structures to be examined; both motions stem from Sept. inspection visit when W County Planner not allowed on private land and both are part of the ongoing land-use suit currently on appeal to the Oregon Supreme Court; although WCCC Judge issued injunctions forbidding R from further new construction in Oct. 1983 and Mar. 1984, in June 1984 he gave R city building official authority to issue some permits, providing W County had 48 hours prior notice to enter objections; the County is now disputing some of those permits and wishes to inspect (BB; O)
84.10.26 [JCCC] [NO.  : [RFI] [RNSIC] Judge grants RFI and RNSIC request and orders change of venue to Grant County in consolidated civil suits involving Rancho Rajneesh and former ranch manager Robert Harvey; no date has been set for trial to be conducted in Canyon City; at issue are alleged $28,000 in overpayments to Harvey by RFI and RNSIC in 1981 and alleged defamation, invasion of privacy and taking of personal property belonging to Harvey by RFI and RNSIC (BB)
84.10.26 ED[S] [ELECT] [SS] [ZAJO] [GOV] [FAW] Montesand, WA Vidette says R an armed camp, a cult and that Rajneeshees "have embarked on a course which could lead them to tragedy." in reprint of editorial from the Tacoma, WA, News Tribune; LaGrande, OR Observer endorses Roberts for SS, in part because "her proposals don't take on the shrill, anti-Rajneesh nature of proposals by Clark or Zajonc."; Baker, OR Democrat Herald lauds Gov. Atiyeh's cool approach; Richmond, VA, Petersburg Progress-Index columnist does humorous piece on W County elections; Salem OR Statesman-Journal columnist takes Paulus mildly to task for her ban of media inside voter registration hearing room on Oct. 23 and in an editorial declares Fawbush a "winner" for . being endorsed by the RT in hopes of giving him "a political kiss of death."; Rajneeshpuram, OR The Rajneesh Times endorses Roberts for SS, and challengers for AG and ST, supports Sheela and criticizes the voter eligibility hearings
84.10.27 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] Features in PI and NYT; Portland Salvation Army purchases bus tickets for 17 R leavers of 24 who arrived Oct. 26, other 7 and 17 leaving through Madras on Oct. 25 had been given tickets in R (O-28); SS Paulus rejects several allternative sites (Maupin, Tygh Valley, Shaniko, Warm Springs--R and CR not considered), announces that voter eligibility hearings will not move from The Dalles closer to R and that media will be barred from hearings room; next hearings scheduled for 3700 people on Nov. 1 and 2, all but 800 of them residents of R or CR (SJ; O; RG; DC-28; BB-28; O-28); SS candidate debate panels end with appearance before the Portland City Club, where they repeat positions on R (O)
84.10.27 [WCCC] [NO.  : [USDC] [NO.  : Civil suit filed by two R residents denied voter eligibility in Oct. 23 hearings process (O; O-28; BB-28); R lawyers have appealed denial of an injunction against hearings process to 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, CA (DC-28; O-28; BB-28)
84.10.27 [ENG] Reported that head of the Cambridge Growth project, PhD economist has become a sannyasin (GE)
84.10.28 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [IMP] [SS] Feature on R in Vancouver, BC Province says 100 sannyasins in Vancouver, quotes CR resident as saying, "'If they mess with me or my family, I'll kill those Rajneeshees...They want to make Oregon red, it's going to be red all right. It's going to be their damn blood.'"; features also in England's Sunday Telegraph; features on CR and R in BB which state that 15 acres of vegetables in R are being put under plastic to lengthen growing season, other vegetables harvested (25 tons of tomatoes and 4 1/2 tons of peppers) and frozen for winter; 200 foot greenhouse produces lettuce year-round (see also RG-29); three articles on visitors' trips to R, two favorable and one unfavorable (UB; NR; TCH); R issue dominating candidate forums across Oregon (O); Portland Salvation Army denies any connection with or money received from group selling "Rajneesh Busters" T-shirts by means of fliers distributed in Portland (O; MMC-29; LIN-29; BB-29; RG-29); SS candidates' positions on R and voting laws repeated in SJ
84.10.28 ED[S] [ELECT] Fort Worth, TX Star Telegram lauds federal judge for upholding W County voter eligibility hearings process
84.10.29 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [WILLIS] [SMITH] Feature in England's Daily Telegraph; R leaver arrested in Salem for not paying for a sandwich in a restaurant and gives interview on R (SJ); R leaver story in BMS; Sheela announces Rajneeshee corporations not planning to pay for transporting nearly 3000 to The Dalles for voter eligibility hearings (which would cost $30,000-- 40,000) in a press conference on SAHP, says "she was merely joking and that she had no interest in influencing the election in Wasco County or anywhere else."; calls the Governor a statesman, the courts fair (see DC for full text of Sheela's statement; O-30; SJ-30; C-30; USA-30; ST-30; RG-30; BB-30 also quotes many W County officials as saying they do nor believe Sheela; LAT-31; O-ll/l; RT-11/2); a full time voter eligibility hearings officer, a lawyer from Albany, is appointed to the W County Clerk's office (DC); box of 1,100 letters from R delivered to W County Clerk asking for switch in hearings site to one closer to R (O-30; DWR-11/1); "'Guru factor'" said to be dominant issue in District 2 congressional race (Willis v. Bob Smith) (MMT; DC); Republican official in Salem calls on party members throughout the state to challenge late-registering Democrat voters, likening them to the Rajneeshees (SJ) (see also SJ; WW)
84.10.30 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [AG] [SS] [SMITH] [WILLIS] Portland Salvation Army says it has spent $47,000 on 479 bus tickets and up to $13,000 more for food and shelter for R leavers; 1,105 counted R leavers through Madras, most with bus tickets; Guardian Angels in Seattle say they expect to see R leavers there and that they will go to Rajneeshees and ask for money to care for them (O; ST; OP; EH-11/1); 3 R leavers give unfavorable interview (SB); SS appoints six to serve as observers at three W County polling places during the election, former SC Chief Justice and CA Chief Justice to R, former Gov. and former SC judge to CR, former Speaker of State House of Representatives and OSU political science professor at W County Courthouse (O; BB; RG; DC; SJ-11/1); 200 additional letters from R delivered to W County Clerk asking for change in hearings site closer to R (DC, see also for text of R attorney letter on the matter); mass meeting in R where SAHP participants discuss whether there is any feasible way for them to attend voter eligibility hearings in The Dalles; R Mayor says that while there is no money for buses to the hearings, he still hopes the location will be moved closer to R; second Rajneeshee who had considered write in campaign for W County Court/Commis- sion says she will not participate; 6,500 in attendance decide to boycott polls if registration hearings are not cancelled, moved, or transporation provided; W County Clerk says hearings will not be droped but providing transporation is still under discussion (SJ; C-31; LAT-31; DC-31; BB-31; O-31; SJ-31; USA-31; ST-11/1; O-11/1; RG-11/1; RT-11/2); U. S. Rep. Bob Smith tells Republican forum in Baker, OR that the state's "'election laws are too permissive.'" (BDH-- 11/1); Republican party backs down on idea of challenging late-registering Democrats (BB; O; RG-31); District 30 State Rep. says "the state should examine Rajneeshee actions concerning land-use laws and elections, both of which..(they) have abused." (BB); mention of R situation in articles/ads dealing with races for AG, SS (RG; BB), Madras Mayor and City Council (BB), State Rep. District 55 (BB), U.S. Rep. District 2 (BB quotes Bob Smith as saying "he opposes the beliefs and recent activities by followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh" and Willis as saying "'If we can get Bhagwan shipped out of this country, that will be the end of it,'"; RG), State Sen. District 28 (BB says "Jernstedt says he led Rajneeshee control efforts in the Legislature."), State Rep. District 59 (BB), State Rep. District 54 (BB), State Sen. race between Carnahan and Brockman (BB), Rep. Fawbush's re-election campaign (DC), J County Sheriff (BB), Washington State Governor (SC); postal and FBI officials say that none of the hate mail, fliers other material, or phone calls received by Rajneeshees and candidates is a violation of federal law which they could investigate (DC; BB-31; ODB-31; O-31); Bhagwan breaks 3 1/2 years of public silence (since March 1981, 1,315 days) to speak to 25 disciples for 90 minutes in R (SPI; WWN; AJ-31; SAR-31; IN-31; C-31; LAT-31; SJ-31; O-31; BB-31; RT-11/2; see also A)
84.10.30 ED[S] Sechelt, Vancouver, BC The Press columnist says "Hiding behind humanitrian (sic) rhetoric two insidious cults may be spreading soft fascism--idolatry of self and empty allegiance—among our young people.", one of them being the Rajneeshees, the other being EST
84.10.31 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [GOV] [CR] [IMP] [SS] [AG] [DONS] Gov. Atiyeh responds favorably to Sheela's remarks on Oct. 29 (RG; LAT); unfavorable feature in India Today; unfavorable interview with two R leavers of 6 SAHP participants from Trenton, NJ (TTNJ); mention of R situation in articles/ads dealing with races for State Sen. District 28, W County Court/Commission, State Rep. District 56, W County Sheriff, SS (CW; DC; DC-11/1), AG, State Rep. District 55 (RS), 2nd Congressional District (BB; CW; DC-11/1), Stat Sen. District 2 (HH); the Mayor's seat, all six council seats, City Recorder's, Treasurer's and Marshal's positions all up for election in CR, all candidates are Rajneeshees and unopposed (CW; DWR-11/1; RT-1172); 3 Rajneeshees are running for three City Council positions in R (DWR— 11/1; RT-11/2); petition submitted to W County Clerk, signed by 298, saying they will boycott elections to protest the voter eligibility hearings (BB-11/1); candidates' fair in Condon, OR attended by 100 who hear State Sen. Jernstedt and Don Smith comment on R situation (CTJ-11/1); State Board of Pharmacy says it has investigated large purchases (48 bottles according to a KGW-TV report on Oct. 30) of the tranquilizer Haldol by R, found no violations of regulations and turned the information over to the state Board of Medical Examiners, which is now investigating; there are 15 physicians licensed to practice in R (BB; O; RG; DC; SJ; USA; C; SJ-11/1; ST-11/1; BB-11/1; O-11/1); feature story on Kirk Braun and his book, Rajneeshpuram: The Unwelcome Society, in which he recounts several instances of manuscript rejection by publishers (LOR); obituary for sannyasin who died on July 7 at R from an acute asthmatic reaction, was declared "enlightened" and whose ashes are buried at R (UR)
84.10.31 [WCDC] [NO.  : WCDC judge sentences 18 year old arrested on Oct. 20 at R for assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct to 30 days, 23 of which are suspended (DC)
84.10.31 [PUR] "Red scare" in Polk County over supposed purchase of property in three different locations found to be rumors; residents of Falls City particularly worried; one piece of property in West Salem was deeded to RFI in March of 1983, but has since been deeded back to an individual (IO)
84.10.31 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] [FAW] The Dalles, OR The Dalles Chronicle endorses Jernstedt, Fawbush and election law change; Vancouver, WA Columbian columnist criticizes R for lack of separation of church and state; Pomeroy, WA East Washingtonian columnist comments on SAHP; Wood- burn, OR Independent columnist takes R to task for blowing "simple public relations rules"
84.11.01 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [CANT] [COMI] [AG] [FAW] [DONS] [WILLIS] Guardian Angel founder, Curtis Sliwa, threatens to block the only road to R if Rajneeshees do not pay for clothes, food and bus fares for R leavers (SJ; EH; RG; BB; DC); 48 bottles of Haldol found at R remain unopened and will be returned; official of the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners says "As far as we're concerned, there is no violation of the Medical Practice Act."; President of the Oregon Psychiatric Association says that up to half the nation's street people may need Haldol or other treatment for mental illness and State Mental Health Division official says that mentally ill from R are not "being dumped" in Oregon's mental health facilities (SJ; DWR; O; EO; ST; BB; RG-2; O-3); medical authorities say that an overdose of a mood-altering drug (Elavil) prescribed at R contributed to a SAHP leaver's death of hypothermia near Mt. Hood by impairing his judgment (RG-2; SJ-2; DC-2; O-3); BCC Chairman Michael Stoeps, Guardian Angel leader Sliwa and Don Smith speak to 80 at Madras High School meeting to raise money for SAHP leavers; S70 was raised (MP; BB-2); Rajneeshees say they will boycott all but local city elections and seek to have results overturned if voter registration is not made more accessible to R residents (SJ; RG; O; ST) and AVID (Americans for Intelligent Democracy) has obtained 298 signatures in R on petitions to that effect, which are given to the W County Clerk (EH; DC; BB); W County Clerk predicts 80-85% record voter turnout and says R has too few registered voters to launch any successful write-in campaigns countywide (DWR); R and CR sample ballots appear in Columbia Week, The Dalles, OR; voter registration hearings resume in The Dalles, but none from R attend, although 962 from R and 462 from elsewhere were scheduled; 300-430 nonsannyasins did attend and 2-4 were not deemed eligible to register; about half of the nonsannyasin hearings were said to involve bogus registration cards mailed anonymously; 48 lawyers, 33 state police troopers, 20 W County Sheriff's deputies and 10 city police were on hand (DWR; RG; DC; BB; O-2; USA-2; SJ-2; BB-2; LAT-2; DC-2; RG-3); campaign articles or ads mentioning Rajneeshees in relation to State Rep. Fawbush (DWR; DC), W County Sheriff Bob Brown (DWR), W County Court/Commission candidate Jim Comini (who feels R is the No. 1 issue) (DWR), AG's race (DC), The Dalles Mayor candidate (DWR); former W County Judge/Commissioner Cantrell issues press release in response to Jim Comini's continuing allegations of unethical behavior in relation to R (DWR); Fawbush challenger disclaims any responsibility for ads placed by "Oregonians in Action" picturing Fawbush visiting R (DC; SJ-3); anti-Fawbush ad claims "His policies have greatly aided the growth of the Rajneesh." (DC); report of a debate between Jernstedt and Smith, candidates for State Senate District 28, in which Smith states that "Rajneeshees are a threat to the system... It's a dictatorial commune..." and that R has already provided "more provocation for U.S. intervention than the invasion of Grenada." and Jernstedt stands by his anti-R vote on HB 3028 (which withholds state revenue from R until the status of incorporation is determined) (DWR); State Senator from Ashland endorses candidate for State Senate Dist. 27, saying the incumbent voted against HB 3028 and "I find it totally unacceptable that anyone would want taxpayers' money to go to a cult that is taking over a commuity." (HN); Larryann Willis at press conference in Medford says she will not press her FEC complaint unless SAHP participants actually vote in the upcoming election (MMT); new lawyer in The Dalles, Edward Trompke, says R is an unconstitutional establishment in that it entangles church and state and all people have the right to distribute literature in the residential areas of R (DWR); feature in Desert Weekly, Palm Desert, CO; R leaver interviews in Yakima Valley Sun, Yakima, WA and Register-Guard, Eugene , OR; feature on land use issues in Oregon Business; article on Rajneeshee corporations in Oregon Magazine; articles by recent visitors to R in Courier, King City, OR and the Valley Times, Beaverton, OR; Halloween festivities at a Bank in Salem, OR included a parade headed by someone dressed as Bhagwan (SJ); Bhagwan quoted in The Food and Beverage, Tiburon, CA and The Movement
84.11.01 [AUS] Feature on new Rajneeshee disco opening in Harpers Bazaar, Australia
84.11.01 US[CA] [NO.  : 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, by a 2 to 1 decision, rejects request for an injunction against W County voter registration hearings (SJ; RG; ST; DC; EH; SJ-2; BB-2)
84.11.01 [WCCC] [NO.  : Wasco County Circuit Court pro tem Judge Donald Kalberer overturns W County Clerk's decisions to diasallow registration of two SAHP participants, saying they meet state residency requirements in spite of the fact that their wives live elsewhere (SJ; EH; RG; DC; ST)
84.11.01 [WCCC] [NO.  : The Oregonian Publishing Company and two staff (Les Zaitz and Scotta Callister) are reported to have filed suit against R, its Mayor, its City Attorney and an official of its Peace Force to force release of Peace Force case files for 1982-84 and all citations issued, saying the public has a right to establish what the level of threat to R from outside forces has been; the documents had been requested and refused on Sept. 15 and 17, ordered to be produced by W County DA on Oct. 19 and not yet produced (DC)
84.11.01 ED[S] [ELECT] [GOV] [FAW] [DONS] [COMI] Northwest Senior Advocate columnist recounts CBS Evening News feature of Oct. 31 on Oregon's minimal voter registration requirements; The Dalles Weekly Reminder, The Dalles, OR endorses Wayne Fawbush (State Rep., District 56, "Fawbush has long been outspoken against violations by Rajneeshees in Wasco County and the state."), Art Labrousse (W County Sheriff); Don Smith (State Senate, District 28, "think he will do a better job of representing Wasco County, specifically on the Rajneeshee issue."), Ray Matthew and JoAnne Brewer (W County Court/Commission), says that R should be able to afford buses to The Dalles for voter registration hearings, underplays R fears of violence, urges W County voters to vote and not to "be fooled by Rajneeshee announcements that they won't vote... Remember, Rajneeshees have lied from day one." and urges Governor to get more involved in "deporting an alien who is here on a questionable- and possibly fradulent (sic) visa; The Bulletin, Bend, OR endorses Jernstedt for State Senate, saying "He helped start the LCDC which has the only basis for questioning Rajneeshpuram." and says the Rajneesh Times endorsement has neither hurt nor helped Fawbush; Times-Journal, Condon, OR endorses Don Smith for State Senate, Fawbush for State Representative District 56; Madras Pioneer, Madras, OR says Sheela's recent actions indicate she "is not playing with a full deck."; The Chronicle, The Dalles, OR endorses Matthew and Comini for W County Court/Commission; The Wall Street Journal, New York, NY urges Oregonians to reconsider "their own legislative excesses", i.e. lax voter registration laws and overly stringent land use planning laws, as having caused the R situation; Statesman-Journal, Salem, OR says "Religious intolerance lives in Oregon as the rhetorical bile produced by the Rajneeshees and their opponents eats away at prospects of mutual understanding or peaceful coexistence." and recounts a threat against the Rajneeshees phoned to their newspaper
84.11.02 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [CCC] [SMITH] [WILLIS] [SS] Guardian Angels post an around the clock mock coffin and honor guard in front of Rajneesh Hotel in Portland to protest the recent death of SAHP leaver and say they will hold protest marches in Portland and Salem on the 10th and 11th; they also set up a lookout post just outside of R to determine when SAHP leaver buses depart; Rajneesh Peace Force issues 2-3 traffic citations to the Angels; Portland Salvation Army says it has spent $55,000 on housing for 500 SAHP leavers and on bus tickets; Madras Ministerial Association reports 106 SAHP leavers have been housed and fed and 58 given bus tickets (DC; USA; BB; O-3; SJ-3; RG-3; DWR-8); voter registration hearings continue in The Dalles for 1,980 from R and CR, none of whom attend; 36 of 48 hearings officers sent home and 75 non-Rajneeshee applications processed; SS says a mobile home will be set up just outside of R to hold registration hearings for 10 handicapped residents; to date 222 bogus registration applications discovered, 348 most likely belong to SAHP participants who have left R, 459 registrations accepted and 6 rejected; two sannyasins announce their intention to challenge the registrations of several thousand before the Oct. 10 suspension date (SJ; SJ-3; RG-3; O-3; USA-4; LAT-4); CCC sponsored ad appears calling to "Stop Rajneesh!", claiming civil rights violations by "the powerful cult", saying Bob Smith supports Bhagwan, and supporting the election of Larryann Willis (DC); Roy Masters charges SS with election law violation for accepting material from Willis which links his foundation to the Rajneeshees (O-3; SJ-8); challenger for State Senate District 27 accuses incumbent of not opposing Rajneeshees vigorously (HN); supporter of initiative measure to legalize marijuana says he believes the Rajneeshees are being used by the SS as a test case to limit voter participation (ODE); controversy over R said to be important in SS race (O); feature on R and CR candidates (RT); date of feature on R in Dutch national weekly magazine Studio; date of feature article on 10 year old sannyasin with bakery business in CA (SCS)
84.11.02 [JCCC] [NO.  : J resident pleads guilty to first degree criminal mischief in vandalizing Rajneeshee physician's vehicle on Oct. 22; a companion pleads innocent (BB)
84.11.02 US[CA] [NO.  : R attorneys have filed an emergency motion for reconsideration of the request for an injunction against the voter registration hearings by the full court, which consists of 23 judges; the court takes no action (SJ)
84.11.02 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] Skamania County Pioneer, Stevenson, WA empathizes with "our Oregon neighbors over the shipping in of street people by the Rajneeshees to influence Wasco County elections."; Statesman-Journal, Salem, OR urges election law reform and criticizes actions and plans of the Guardian Angels to block access to R; News-Tribune, Tacoma, WA suggests Haldol is to be used to silence dissent at R; Rajneesh Times lauds New York judge's decision that homeless have the right to vote, says Amnesty International cited Oregon as a human rights violator in 1984, criticizes the Salvation Army for "cashing in" on the SAHP leavers and predicts an election boycott among R and CR voters
84.11.03 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] Guardian Angel Leader Sliwa and 6 others arrested, charged with trespassing and released on own recognizance after chaining themselves to the entrance of the Hotel Rajneesh in Portland following a march of about 24 people; Sliwa says a protest march down I-5 to the Capitol and the Governor's residence will occur on the 4th (LAH-4; RG-4; O-4; BB-4; SJ-4; OT-5); one-time spokesperson for SAHP participants leaves R escorted by Peace Force officers, gives negative interviews in The Dalles, had been accepted for voter registration on Oct. 23 and was given return bus ticket (DC-6); nine sannyasins hope to file challenges on the basis of "incorrect address" to more than 2000 W County voters, whose names were entered in the poll books between August and Oct. 10; they have time to challenge only 775 before books are retrieved by W County Clerk; those challenged must sign a form attesting to their eligibility at the time of voting, the forms are sealed and opened only if the election is contested and a judge orders the forms to be taken into consideration; W County Clerk says total number of Rajneeshees registered to vote in the county is about 400, that there were 820, but those whose addresses changed are now being challenged and came under the hearings process (RG-4; SJ-4; BB-4; O-4; DC-4; DC-5; DC-6; BB-5; BB-6); election monitor appointed by SS says he is unsure of duties (RG-4); feature article on SAHP and election in New York Times
84.11.04 [W] [R] [CR] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] [WILLIS] [SMITH] 3 Guardian Angels and a supporter arrested in protest at Governor's home after scaling fence; incident follows march of about a dozen from Capitol during which Angels burn traffic tickets issued to them in CR; they are released on their own recognizance to appear in court on the 6th (TTNJ-5; BB-5; DC-5; SJ-5; see O-5 for interview with Sliwa); feature article on hate mail directed at Rajneeshees, public officials and candidates in Salem, OR Statesman-Journal; SS candidates' positions on R repeated in Roseburg, OR News-Review and Portland, OR The Oregonian (also Willis and Smith views); feature in Bend, OR The Bulletin on how R has become the biggest campaign issue throughout the state, also an unfavorable review of Kirk Braun's book as being too biased in favor of the Rajneeshees; reporter's visit account in India's Mid-day; feature on SAHP and election in Pasco, WA Tri-City Herald; SS predicts 79% voter turnout, highest since 1972, and says R issue may be partly responsible (O; O-6; BB-6)
84.11.04 [R] [CNCL] RNSIC application for liquor license at Omar Khayyam Lounge and Cardroom discussed and approved; City Attorney gives litigation update: LUBA has ruled in favor of Rajneeshees in challenge to W County action to remove R Comp Plan from county plan, saying they violated Land Use Goal 1, citizen involvement; WCC actions pending include request by W County to change procedures of inspecting property and a proposal by RNSIC to modify earlier court order, request by R to issue 2 permits for additions to existing structures of less and 500 sq. ft. to which W County objects, R motion to strike portions of W County 4th amended complaint, continuance order cases have not yet heard oral arguments; WCC has dismissted R case against the LCDC temporary rule and no action yet taken on the case against the permanent rule; SC will hear oral arguments on incorporation case on Nov. 6 and is considering whether or not to hear an appeal of the CA decision in the annexation case; in federal court, R motions to strike and dismiss the AG's suit have been denied and R has asked for reconsideration, the AG has asked the 9th USCCA to review the DC decision not to remand the case to State Court; R will defend in suit by 2 SAHP leavers; Community Development Officer reports: R presentation of recycling program to be made at the LOC Annual Conference; W County Planning Commission is having a meeting on Nov. 5 to hear proposal to repeal R Comprehensive Plan and R representatives will attend; Finance Officer reports 4 from R will attend LOC conference, the R audit for fiscal year 1983-84 will be ready this week; Council votes to change name R City/Rural Fire Department R Fire Department; R Peace Force Chief recently attended International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Salt Lake City, and a Board of Police Standards and Training meeting where due to AG's opinion they decided to deny further training or certification to R Peace Force Officers, thus cancelling planned training of 5; next 9-1-1 meeting expected in R on Nov. 27; Council approves rental of belt and handgun to City of Rajneesh Police Chief for $50 until one can be purchased; leave of absence approved for an R Peace Force Officer; financ ing of purchase of new fire truck has been delayed by litigation; 2 R firefighters recently attended a two day class in Redmond
84.11.04 ED[S] [ELECT] [SMITH] [WILLIS] Laporte, TX Bay Shore Sun praises W County in attempts to avert "takeover"; The Dalles, OR The Chronicle endorses Smith over Willis; Portland, OR The Oregonian political cartoon calls for Bhagwan to return to silence; Eugene, OR Register-Guard castigates GOP for overzealousness with their vote challenging plan against Democrats and supports 20-day registration cutoff; Klamath Falls, OR Herald and News columnist calls CR dismal and says he feared going to R
84.11.05 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [WCCC] [NO.  : [WILLIS] [PROFF] [S] Rebroadcast of Phil Donahue program featuring Willis and Sheela in Baker, OR, Spokane, WA, and Boise, ID (BDH-3); SAHP leaver in Seattle joins nine-count class action suit filed by Frederick Smith (another SAHP leaver) against R saying he was unknowingly given a strong tranquilizer (BB; DC; O-6-most complete; SJ-6); hearings officer from SS travels to R to determine eligibility of 10 handicapped residents to register and vote, but refuses to deal with other Rajneeshees; 8-9 of 10 appear and are accepted; 1 other hearing scheduled for CR, but handicapped person does not attend (BB; BB-6; RG-6; SJ-6; SPI-6; CT-7; DEN-7; O-7; RT-9); feature articles on election and R in Aberdeen, WA The Daily World (identical article in Worcester, MA daily) and Salem, OR Statesman-Journal ("Oregon residents may register to vote as late as election day in all counties except Wasco."); Rajneeshees request 40 poll watchers be appointed to all 20-21 W County precincts, County Clerk Proffitt says she will think about it, Rajneeshee files suit, hearing at 9pm and at midnight Circuit Judge Frank Yraguen of Vale refuses to order W county Clerk to allow the request for pollwatchers and also denies a request that Rajneeshees be allowed to see poll books between 6-8am on the morning of the 6th, so that they can complete their challenge of 2700 voters (DC; BB-6; DC-6-most complete; O-6; RG-6; USA-7; SFC-7); break-in and "partial ransacking" occurs at home of W County Clerk Proffitt while she attends court hearing; (SJ-7; RG-7; DWR-8); 350-500 gather on W County Courthouse steps for an evening prayer vigil sponsored by The Dalles Ministerial Association; included were prayers about "those who 'we view as our enemies'", mention of legal proceedings "later Monday night" and "one specific prayer for County Clerk Sue Proffitt and her staff." (DC-6; O-6: DC-8); Willis campaign ad depicts her leadership in fight against R (BB); Radio KODL in The Dalles runs several campaign ads which are anti-R (SPI-6); Bloom County cartoon strip begins 2 day satire on SAHP (O); Bhagwan speaks to 30 disciples and 8 reporters, commenting on land use, land reclamation projects of the commune and expressing disappointment at the way Rajneeshees have been treated by government (O-6; BB-6; SPI-6; SCS-6; SJ-6; SAL-7; CT-7; DEN-7; APP-7; RT-9; see PDN-8, RG-9, RT-9 for reports on other discourses); Sheela and Curtis Sliwa meet in R for heated discussion of SAHP, Sliwa vows to block buses of R leavers and says Sheela "'might even be considered a murderer' following the death of one transient at Government Camp near Mount Hood." (O-6; SJ-6; BB-6; DEN-7; APP-7); Rajneeshee speakers at church in Kennewick, WA (TCH-6; 1-10)
84.11.05 [W] [R] [PLAN] [WCCC] [NO. 83-202: W County issues notices to R corporations that there are 640 "winterized tent" structures in violation of county and R planning and zoning ordinances; notices allow 15 days for corrective measures before citations issued, which can call fcr fine of S1,000 each; last ground inspection by W County planners occured on Sept. 10, but aerial photos have been taken; W County has land use jurisdiction over R pursuant to an injunction issued by WCCC in No. 83-202 on Oct. 24, 1983 and apparently no permits for the structures had been requested (DC; O; RG-7; SJ-7; BB-8; DWR-8); 4 hour evening meeting of the W County Planning Commission approves ordinance by 6 to 1 calling for the repeal of R comprehensive plan (the reconfirmation of an earlier action said to be procedurally invalid by LUBA), the revision and removal of information in the county plan dealing with R and a new annexation policy; these recommendations will go to W County Court/Commission on Nov. 28 (DC-6; O-6; DWR-8)
84.11.05 ED[S] [ELECT] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal pats itself on the back for its even-handed coverage of R and in another piece opposes Measure 2 because it "could hand power over Wasco County to the Rajneeshees on a platter."; Los Angeles, CA Times runs column on voting rights of the homeless
84.11.06 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [COMI] [BOIES] 20-100 Rajneeshees march at different times during day outside R polling place to protest their inability to vote; about 249 of the registered 637 Rajneeshees in R (39.1%) and 106-137 of the 143-150 in CR (95.8%) reportedly vote, with most votes cast only for municipal offices; 96-100 in R who tried to vote found names not in poll books, a check with W County Clerk showed that 53-61 of themn were qualified to vote; voter turnout in W County is 11,561 plus nearly 2000 absentee ballots for a total of 13,375 of 14,537, estimated to be a record 79-93%; 125 from R scheduled for registration hearings do not attend (BB; SFC-7; SJ-7; DEN-7; O-7; APP-7; SPI-7--"Murray said voters turned out in record numbers because they hate the Rajneeshees." "Jim Comini... predicted the Rajneeshees would leave if the commission enforced the land-use laws."; LAHE-7; RG-7; DC-7; MSB-7; SAR-7; BB-7; O-8; BB-9; O-9; RT-9; DC-11; DWR-15); Boies' group in Albany says it has accomplished its goal of preventing a takeover in W County and will not caravan there to try to vote; they will remain active to change voter registration laws and say "'We have contracts in Madras just in case the Rajneeshees suddenly decide to register en masse.'" (SJ); former SC Chief Justice says "he believes voter-eligibility hearings prevented election fraud in Wasco County." but that holding them in R would have been "'the fair thing.'" (DC); California columnist reports that the "hot bumper strip in Oregon is an anti-Rajneesh job that reads 'Hunting Season's Open--Bhagwan Today!'" (SFC; DN-17)
84.11.06 [SC] [NO.  : SC hears arguments on incorporation case filed by 1000 Friends in December 1981; R lawyers argue against the LCDC retroactive rule of August 1983 and say it is "evidence the state was applying unfair standards to the commune."; 1000 Friends argues the policy was already contained in Goal 14; the basic question is land-use policy versus "constitutionally protected political right to self-determination."; if SC upholds CA decision it could force R return to W County to seek a second incorporation, going through the land-use "exceptions" process, which has never been used before (RG-7; O-7; SJ-7; BB-8; RT-9)
84.11.06 ED[S] [SAHP] Portland, OR The Oregonian criticizes Guardian Angels for adding to tension around R; Seattle, WA Post-Intelligencer columnist runs Rajneesh joke
84.11.07 [W] [R] [CR] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SMITH] [WILLIS] [FAW] [DONS] [COMI] [SS] A reported 2300 SAHP participants (of 4200 total and a high at one time of 3700) still at R and only 13 registered to vote (O); W county record turnout of 81.8%-93% (official 92%) of the 14,537 registered; 775 total ballot challenges in the poll books in W County; W Results: Rep. Wayne Fawbush over John Lundell, 9142 to 3479 (13,594 to 6,647 district wide); US. Rep. Bob Smith over Larryann Willis by 57% to 43% districtwide, but losing to Willis by 5476 to 6835 in W County; Sen. Ken Jernstedt over Don Smith by 6384 to 6161 (and by 8421 to 6414 in Deschutes County, and by 20,172 to 15,537 district wide); Raymond Matthew over Richard Murray, 8467 to 3943; Jim Comini over Joanne Brewer by 6955 to 5654; Art LaBrousse over Sheriff Robert Brown by 7721 to 4993; Barbara Roberts over Donna Zajonc and Don Clark statewide; John Brenneman over Sen. Dell Isham in District 2 (due to R issue, which it is speculated affected three state legislative seats outside of W and J Counties); in CR Ma Prem Kavido wins Mayor with 59 votes (10 undervotes), Treasurer Ma Anand Pathika by 59 votes (with 10 undervotes), City Recorder Ma Anand Sagun by 58 votes (11 undervotes), City Marshall Swami Anand Rama by 59 votes (10 undervotes), and 4 alderpersons with 59 votes (Swami Geet Govind, Swami Anand Madyapa, Ma Prem Manohar, Swami Premsukh) and 2 with 58 votes (Ma Deva Parmita, Swami Prem Siddha); in R, City Councilperson Ma Deva Jayamala by 227 to 226 for Ma Prem Patipada with 254 undervotes, a disqualified candidate for Council (Ma Prem Archan) received 31 votes and there were heavy write-in votes for another (Ma Sanghamitra) who won her seat and for Ma Kranto for the W County Soil and Conservation District; R spokesperson says election will be contested due to requirement of registration hearings over 200 miles away for people with no transportation; SS Paulus and Rep. Fawbush call for legislature to re-examine voter registration laws (RG; DC; SJ; RS; SJ-8; O-8; DWR-8; RG-8; USA-8; BB-8; TVH-8; BB-9; O-9; SJ-9; LAT-9; RT-9, best on R and CR; DC-11, best on W County finals); British magazine Punch runs satire piece on SAHP; Guardian Angels say they will airdrop leaflets at R every two days starting on the 12th and engage in other activities until R agrees to provide 24 hours notice of any future R leavers, to allow a social service representative on any buses and deliver SAHP leavers to a social sevice agency and says 120 Angels are on their way to Portland; Sheela claims they are "'being silly'" and "'looking for publicity.'" (SJ-8); Newport, OR Police Chief quoted as saying "'Juveniles get into places like Rajneeshpuram, and it's very difficult to get out.'" in the course of an interview about a missing teenager (LCL); publication of Kirk Braun column on process of writing, publishing book on R (WLT)
84.11.07 [CR] [CNCL] Financial Report: $1849.07 in the General Fund, $340.95 in the Street Fund, $4100.69 in Savings, Oct. expenditures were $2956.04 and Oct. bills were $3113.50, which Council approves for payment; Peace Force Report: LEDs Representative appointed; Council approves $50 for International Chiefs of Police Association membership for 1985 and $6.50 for Chief's nameplate; approval of ordinance and sublease contract with RNSIC to rent space for CR City Hall and Peace Force Office in Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restaurant; approval of ordinance and contract with R to rent revolver for Chief if this is more practical than purchase; weather has prevented digging landfill trenches; research being done on grant applications for a new reservoir; CCI committees working on various projects; funds for a CR rumor control phone number not available from state as hoped; rejection of proposal from lawyer for Episcopal Diocese which would have settled the community church case (with CR keeping 3 lots on which Jesus Fire Hall is located, Diocese keeping 3 lots on which church is located, recycling center removed, fire hall name changed from Jesus to Antelope); acceptance of only application for CR Municipal Court Clerk, a Rajneeshee, and court set to meet every Thursday at 4:00opm at Lincoln School; selection and tentative approval of city symbol design; committee continues work on incorporating new ORS into contract review board's rules and regulations; approval of ordinance to update and clarify Ordinance 73 on camping; approval of ordinance to prohibit urination, defecationn and expectoration and providing penalty; approval of ordinance prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in all public outdoor areas unless such are designated and providing for penalty; approval of ordinance prohibiting livestock running at large in public areas and providing for penalty; approval of ordinance prohibiting littering and providing penalty; Mayor reads letter to W Planning Office concerning use of CR legal name in W County Comp Plan and updating description of existing improvements; approval of conditions which need to be met in order to place welcome signs on the state highway right of way; approval of one hour of City Attorney time to see if state highway department can be forced to use full name "City of Rajneesh" on mile signs at Shaniko, Willowdale, etc., so as to avoid confusion with R; report by election board member on poor conditions in new polling place designated by W County and omission of names from poll book for no reason (DWR-15)
84.11.07 ED[S] [GOV] [ELECT] Gov. Atiyeh guest editorial printed in Canby, OR Herald congratulating government and Oregonians for how they are dealing with R; editorial cartoon on election and R in Port Orchard, WA Independent; Roseburg, OR News-Review Guardian Angels' actions; Monmouth, OR Sun-Enterprise columnist recounts KKK activites and laws in Oregon of the 1920's (also in RT-9); Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist prints pollster's predictions about election wins in Oregon
84.11.08 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] SS Paulus tells Legislative Emergency Board that W County elections process cost the state about $6,455 ($345 for 69 attorneys to attend two hearings, $1400 for buses, $1,740 for lunches, $1,140 for election observers, and some for materials and $950 in motel bills); W County Clerk's Office says they spent $880 in postage for hearings notifications and $800 for extra ballots and says the registration hearings process will remain in effect for 6 months (O-9; BB-9; SJ-9; RG-9); "cult expert" comments on local broadcast of Phil Donahue show featuring Sheela in Clearwater, FLA (CFS-9); Sheela picks footbal game winnrs at request of Salem, OR Statesman-Journal (SJ; DC; SB; APP-11); general feature article in Dallas, TX Dallas Morning News; Bloom County cartoon strip resumes series on SAHP; humorous column in Providenmce, RI Bulletin mentions Bhagwan
84.11.08 [PUR] Realty firm refuses comment and R says no ranch residents are involved to rumor that Rajneeshees will purchase a tavern in Bend, OR; later reported that two Rajneeshees new to the country had been shown the property (BB; BB-9)
84.11.08 ED[S] [GOV] [ELECT] Gov. Atiyeh guest editorial reprinted in Condon, OR Times-Journal and Madras, OR Pioneer; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal calls for revision of "liberal election laws" and calls Guardian Angels "losers" for "theatrics" at R; Madras, OR Pioneer says "flap created by the Rajneesh... is largely responsible for one of the heaviest voter turnouts on record."
84.11.09 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [IMP] Former Gov. and special election observer says "election and voter registration laws needed revising to deal with organized attempts at manipulation." (O-10; BB-11); AA group formed to help alcoholics in R (RT); 20 SAHP leavers taken to Portland (BB-13)
84.11.09 ED[S] [ELECT] The Rajneesh Times castigates journalists, W County and Clerk, SS
84.11.10 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] Feature in Seattle Post-Intelligencer; favorable R visitor report by Unitarian Minister (I); 7 SAHP leavers taken to Madras (BB-13); "Bloom County" cartoon strip relating to R resumes (O)
84.11.10 [AUS] Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restauarant and Discotheque opens in Sydney
84.11.10 [WCCC] [NO.  : [PLAN] W County Judge Jelderks rules that W County may make unannounced inspections at R during normal working hours, if they stop at City Hall to say who will inspect and why and allow entities with an interest in the property to accompany them; W County Attorney says tent-like structures will be inspected on Monday the 12th (SJ-11; O-11; DC-12)
87.11.11 [W] [R] [CR] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] [FAW] Guardian Angels continue to take pictures of all traffic in and out of R and CR and vow to block any bus of R leavers from SAHP with their bodies, drop leaflets, block roads with hay trailers, bring in more personnel for a heavy patrol and begin a petition drive, among other activities (BB); 12 SAHP leavers taken to Portland (BB-13); feature on a discourse by Bhagwan in The Oregonian; SS says R situation an important factor in high voter turnout in the state; Albany lawyer who served as voter registration hearings officer in The Dalles calls for voter law reform (RG); President of Oregon Psychiatric Association says they are asking to visit R to check on SAHP participants (BB); favorable feature in Arizona Republic written by "undercover" SAHP participant sent by KOIN-TV; in-depth feature in Tribune, Lewiston, ID; Fawbush predicts that R controversy will spur Legislature to change voter registration and residency laws (BB); Portland, OR, Willamette Week runs ad for sale of "cult busters T-shirt" and bumper stcikers with cartoon of Bhagwan
88.11.11 ED[S] The Bulletin, Bend, OR compares Rajneeshee problems in W County with those of Old Order Amish in Minnesota; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal says Bhagwan may regret speaking in public because it will shatter images of his innocence
89.11.12 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [COMI] [ED] W County Commissioner // Comini says he expects "more problems between the Rajneeshees and the county in the months ahead." (O; BB-13); 17 SAHP leavers taken to Madras (BB-13); Sheela's football picks on two lists were were 4 for 9 and 5 for 5 (DC; LAT; MMT; APP-13; ND-14); New York, NY, New Solidarity says R could be another Jonestown and tries to establish residents' links to political parties; another "Bloom County" cartoon focuses on R (O); report of previous week's speech by W County Educational Service District Superintendent in which he said that W County School District 50J violates federal and state laws and shouldn't receive public funding (DAA); 45 rpm record written by a KKRZ-FM Portland, OR DJ and called "Shut Up, Sheela" goes on sale, flip side has comedy piece by "Rajneesh Dangerfield", DJ says all profits will go to social service agencies for the homeless (B3-13; O-13)
92.11.12 ED[S] [ELECT] Portland, OR The Oregonian says $6455 cost of voter registration hearings in The Dalles is a bargain
93.11.13 [W] [R] [SAHP] [PLAN] Guardian Angels say they expect "mass dumping" of SAHP leavers, "declare war" on R, but say dropping of leaflets has been delayed until later in the week (BB; SJ); W County Planner and assistant driven by 2 sheriff's deputies to inspect 640 tents at R to determine if they are legal, to determine if some buildings in annexed acreage are still standing and to investigate 12-18 building permits requested (BB; SJ); tractor-trailer accident on W County road a few miles into R blocks access for two hours, W County Planner says accident "'highly suspicious'", does not carry out inspection and says he will not give prior warning of future inspections; Sheela calls incident "'an innocent accident'" and says anyone who thinks otherwise "'needs their brains examined.'" and that Planners refused ride into R, instead turning away after waiting 80 minutes (RG-14; SJ-14; BB-14; O-14; DC-14; DWR-15; RG-16; RT-16)
84.11.13 ED[S] [PLAN] [FAW] Eugene, OR Register-Guard takes to task Wall Street Journal editorial linking problems with R to strict land-use laws; Vancouver, WA The Columbian columnist calls on Oregon to be more tolerant and less bigotted and compares Rajneeshees with Roger Williams and followers; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist accuses State Rep. Fawbush of creating a political future "by scuffling with the Rajneeshees"
84.11.14 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [PLAN] [DONS] Guardian Angels begin drive to get 10,000 signatures in 1 week on petitions stating "'We the people of Oregon order an immeidate (sic) halt to the dumping of the homeless people by the Rajneesh (sic) in Oregon. We further order that the Rajneesh take full financial responsibility in (sic) getting the homeless back from which (sic) they came.'"; Sliwa meets with group in Redmond restaurant and will return for a public meeting on the 19th (DC; BB-15; RG-16); R spokesperson says record about Sheela not funny and just "'another publicity stunt using Rajneeshees to make a buck'" (RG); Redmond, OR high school teacher says his students "'liked Smith's anti-Rajneesh stand'" and voted for the Antelopian over State Sen. Jernstedt, both of whom they had seen in a debate which cost them a quarter each to attend (RS); British Magazine Punch runs humor piece which has Bhagwan becoming head of a private school
84.11.14 [PUR] Takeena Lodge hotel and restaurant in Albany are "victims" of rumored ownership by Rajneeshees and erects large sign saying "contrary to popular belief no we are not" to counteract negative effects on business (ADH); Keizer, OR bakery also rumored to be Rajneeshee owned and actual owner is reportedly angry (KT)
84.11.14 [SC] [NO.  : Supreme Court agrees to hear arguments in appeal of a case in which two Portland, OR TV stations (KATU, KOIN) demand a copy of Bhagwan's videotaped deposition of August 19 in the defamation suit filed by Donna Quick Smith; Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge had refused their request on Aug. 31, saying it would inhibit future use of videotaped testimony; they argue that they have a constitutional right to the videos as a part of the official court record and that Bhagwan is a public figure and thus has fewer privacy rights; Rajneeshee lawyers argue that allowing the video to be used would permit TV to sensationalize the testimony by taking statements out of context; jury found by 10-2 on Aug. 24 that Sheela did not defame Quick Smith by calling her a bigot in a letter to The Rajneesh Times (DC; SJ; RG; O; RT-23)
84.11.14 ED[S] [ELECT] [PUR] Dallas, OR Itemizer-Observer reports on persistence of rumors of Rajneeshee ownership of businesses in the area; Vancouver, WA The Columbian hopes "Wasco County's recent headaches with voter registration of Rajneeshees" does not spark more restrictive registration laws; Canby, OR Herald says Rajneeshees contributed directly to the demise of Measure 2, since they illustrated the unfairness of the 50% turnout requirement
84.11.15 [W] [R] [SAHP] R spokesperson says nearly half of the 4200 SAHP participants have left the ranch, that about 2000 of them, 2000 original ranch residents and 2000 taking courses remain; OSP have documented the depature of 1,464 since Oct. 10, but some could have left before that date; Salvation Army says it has purchased bus tickets for 557 SAHP leavers (472 in Portland and 85 in The Dalles), spending about $55,000 and raising about $48,797 for the operation; 58 SAHP leavers reported between the 9th and 15th (DC; O; SAR; SJ-16; RG-16)
84.11.15 [ENG] A Medina RMC spokesperson says commune will be sold if it loses a planning appeal in Mildenhall to build a lecture room extension and more accomodations; Forest Heath Council turned down the application against the recommendation of its chief planning officer, saying it would be detrimental to the rural nature of the area; Forest Heath Council has to use tax money to hire a lawyer to represent their position in the chief planner's stead before the Mildenhall appeal panel (NMJ)
84.11.15 ED[S] [ELECT] [PLAN] The Dalles, OR The Dalles Weekly Reminder praises W County Clerk for her handling of registration and reprints Wall Street Journal editorial linking Rajneeshees and land-use laws; Vancouver, WA The Columbian cites positive impressions of San Francisco columnist vist to R, San Francisco, CA Examiner cites same glowing column; Beaverton, OR Valley Times columnist discusses history of various "sects and cults" in Oregon
84.11.16 [W] [R] [ELECT] [RMC] Bhagwan reportedly received one write-in vote in Union County, OR on election day (LGO); Rajneesh Medical Corporation (RMC) reported to have warned Rajneeshees in a memo on Nov. 11 that AIDS virus can be transmitted in saliva, suggesting that kissing and sharing of food and cigarettes stop, dentists wear gloves and masks and dishes be rinsed in Clorox solution after washing (BB; RT; SFC-17; ST-17; SJ-18; RG-18; BH-18; O-20); University of Oregon, Yearly Baremeter, a spoof paper, contains several references to R
84.11.16 [CR] Petition "making its way up the postal ladder to change the name of the post office from Antelope to Rajneesh." (DC; BB; O-most complete; SJ-19)
84.11.16 [SAF] The Star runs feature article on R and center in Johnannesburg
84.11.16 ED[S] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist on computer malfunction refers to R; Salem, OR Capital Press columnist lauds SS Paulus' actions in W County election and speculates that she will run for governor; Ontario, OR Daily Argus Observer columnist does humor piece on SAHP; Rajneesh Times editorials on AIDS, W County election, Veterans of Foreign Wars (which has not replied to request to form a chapter at R)
84.11.17 [W] [R] [SAHP] [GOV] Column by Gov. Atiyeh appears in Polk County, OR Sun-Enterprise saying he is proud of how Oregonians have responsded to "Rajneesh issue" and listing state actions
84.11.17 [USDC] [NO.  : Federal judge Fry refuses to issue a preliminary injunction sought by R ordering the state of Oregon to treat R and its employees the same as other cities and their employees, saying she did not have jurisdiction; this was the latest move in the church-state case (O; RG-18; DC-18)
84.11.17 [S] R speaker at The Evergreen State College to audience of 60 (TO-18)
84.11.18 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] KGW-TV, Channel 8 airs news program entitled "Update: Rajneesh!"; feature article on Sheela in Seattle, WA Post-Intelligencer; a Bend, OR group called "10,000 Friends of Oregon" has helped Guardian Angels print 5000 leaflets to be air dropped over R, the group is also selling bumper stickers which say "Antelope 1901-1984: Better Dead Than Red." (BB)
84.11.18 Sister of Shannon Jo Ryan, daughter of Congressman killed at Jonestown and now a Rajneeshee, speaks at memorial service marking Jonestown event and later expresses disturbance about R (WP-19; BB-19; LAT-23; BB-25; OT-26)
84.11.18 ED[S] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist includes Sheela in list of "Pompous Twits Anonymous"
84.11.19 [W] [R] [J] [IMP] [SAHP] [SS] 2800 chickens and 150 children reported at R in feature article (ODE); Curtis Sliwa speaks at meeting of 100-200 at Redmond High School auditorium organized by a Redmond construction worker, he says the Angels will block the road to R on the first day of Bhagwan's birthday celebration/festiv- al, Dec. 7, that the Madras Ministerial Association has spent $6686 helping 81 SAHP leavers and are $3944 in debt; a representative from BCC says they have spent $2300/$23,000 caring for SAHP leavers (BB-16; AAT-20; BB-20; DC-20; RS-21; MP-22); feature on SS Paulus mentioning her visibility in W County election (SJ; RG-23); feature on Michael Stoops and homeless mentions R (D); lengthy, fairly objective feature on SAHP written by "undercover" participant/reporter (WW); Guardian Angels drop anti-SAHP fliers on R, say they will have public address-equipped truck labeled "Radio Free Rajneesh" on the county road every two hours if participants want to leave R, but fail to obtain a permit for the drop and fly quite low without warning R airport (O-20; SJ-20; USA-20; RG-20; DC-20— see for text of leaflet)
84.11.19 JED[S] Vancouver, WA The Columbian castigates bigotry of the anti-Sheela record recently released
84.11.20 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] Article tells of continuance of "Bloom County" cartoon focussing on R (BB); feature on Sheela (ODE); phone survey of 300 conducted in W County by Portland firm asks 2 or 3 questions specifically about R incorporation out of 12 questions about Nov. 6 elections said to be potentially related to unnamed court case (DC-21)
84.11.20 ED[S] Hermiston, OR Herald columnist laments the growing relationship between religion and politics
84.11.21 [W] [J] [R] [IMP] [DEQ] [SAHP] [PLAN] Rumor that a hospital in R is "in the works" said to be unfounded and that all is still "'in the paper stage'" (BB); the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) issues a warning to R that they are overloading their sewage system; R will have 5 days to show how it will correct the problem (BB; DC-22); "Bloom County" cartoon focussing on R resumes (O); pre-Thanksgiving meal features say number of homeless unexpectedly swelled due to SAHP leavers (C); 17 SAHP leavers bussed to Portland, 2 or 3 having return bus tickets to cities of origin; 1248 to date have left through Madras (SJ-22; MP-22; RG-22; BB-22; SJ-23; RG-23); Protestant, Catholic and Jewish groups join to establish a fund of S20,000 to care for homeless, inviting others to contribute and saying SAHP leavers have increased the need; 550 blankets donated to BCC by radio sation KEX in Portland for the homeless (O-22); Thanksgiving service in Madras organized by the Jefferson County Ministerial Association takes up a collection to offset SAH? leaver costs (MP-22); inspection by 3 W county officials partially completed and blocked for 4 hours by an overturned farm tractor and trailer on a private road, officials say they are "'harassed and hindered'" (O-22; RG-22; O-23; DC-23; RT-23--says county has cleared two permit requests for temporary structures by RNSIC)
84.11.21 [R] [ELECT] [SS] [AG] State Senate District 2 upset analyzed as partly due to R issue (NT); FBI and Oregon AG's Office investigating 6 weeks of hat mail, obscene cards, late-night phone calls, phony letters, and delivery of animal entrails and the like targetting SS Paulus, AG Frohnmayer, a deputy SS, a congressional candidate, a Portland businessman and state government agencies (BB; SJ-22; RG-22; BB-12/4)
84.11.21 ED[S] [FAW] Lakeview, OR Lake County Examiner columnist cites Rajneeshee factor in Fawbush race; Greshman, OR Outlook columnist says his paper criticized for reprinting Wall Street Journal editorial linking land-use laws and R
84.11.22 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] United Methodist Committee for Relief of the Board of Global Ministries has allocated S5000 to the Oregon-Idaho annual conference to assist churches in working with SAHP leavers (BME); another "Bloom County" cartoon (O); OSP say they will withdraw 8 officers from Madras and 4 from The Dalles now that election is over (DWR); feature on Sai Baba mentions Bhagwan (SAR)
84.11.22 ED[S] Medford, OR Mail-Tribune comments unfavorably on Wall Street Journal editorial linking land-use laws and R; Portland, OR The Oregonian columnist gives "Turkey Award" to Sheela
84.11.23 [W] [R] [SAHP] [IMP] Portland Salvation Army feeds 833 Thanksgiving dinner, 11 are SAHP leavers; Salvation Army says it has bought bus tickest for 583 at a cost of $70,000 and has received $56,000 in donations (BB); "Bloom County" cartoon on R continues (O); audiotapes of Bhagwan's discourses new being distributed in the US, Japan, West Germany, England, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Holland, India, South Africa, Chile and Argentina (RT); Kirk Braun laments difficulties of publishing his book on R (S-E)
84.11.23 [SC] [NO.  : Oregon Supreme Court agrees to hear arguments on Dec. 12 on CA opinion that a city with an unacknowledged comprehensive plan needs an exception to the land-use goals in order to annex in reviewing the 1983 annexation of 119 acres by R (RT)
84.11.23 [CHRAJ] Judge signs preliminary injunction to protect the Church of Rajneeshism of Laguna Beach, CA from further harassment by former church members (RT)
84.11.23 ED[S] Grants Pass, OR Daily Courier columnist mentions R in relating major events of 1984; Ontario, OR Daily Argus Observer humor columnist mentions R; Baker, OR Democrat-Herald columnist mentions RMC warnings about AIDS in humor piece about depressing things; The Rajneesh Times editorials on negative media coverage of R, R contributions to Oregon's economy, Thanksgiving and cartoon giving "Turkey Award" to the State of Oregon
84.11.24 [W] [R] [SAHP] [PLAN] Portland Salvation Army says it is concerned that SAHP participants will be evicted from R to make room for guests for Bhagwan's birthday celebration; charge is denied by R; celebration guests will pay $320, $441 or $756 for 5 day program, including room and board; Salvation Army says it has purchased bus tickets for 576 and received $55,757 in donations (SJ); W County Planner says he is considering legal action against R for being "'hindered and harassed'", and that 640 tents are each in violation of county zoning ordinances and $1000 in fines will be levied for each (O; RG-25, BB-25; SJ-25; DC-27; SJ-27; BB-27)
84.11.25 [W] [R] [SAHP] [I] [IMP] G. P. McMurry, involved in litigation against R, one of group of speakers on "cults" at synagogue forum in Portland (O-24); summary of incorporation case to date in The Oregonian; documentary film on R said available to groups in Caldwell, ID (IPT); feature article in Bend, OR The Bulletin explores parallels between R and Jonestown; group of feature articles on R, including "fact-sheet" and interviews with former Eugene, OR residents in that city's paper, The Register-Guard; truck delivering 3 new Rolls Royces has accident on W County road about 8 miles from Rancho Rajneesh gate, towed to Albany for repairs (ADH-27; ADH-28; SJ-28; BB-29; DC-29; O-29); 10 SAHP leavers, 2 with bus tickets
84.11.25 [JCCC] [NO.  : Madras man ordered to pay $533 restitution, serve 120 days in county jail, five years' probation and join an alcohol treatment program for pleading guilt on Oct. 29 to first-degree criminal mischief in damages done to RMC doctor's vehicle in Madras on Oct. 22 (BB)
84.11.26 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [PLAN] W County clerk says voter registration hearings process remains in effect (BB); Rajneeshees announce they will not challenge the Nov. 6 election"' in the spirit of peace.'" (BB; DC; SJ-27; SFC-27; RG-27; O-27; RT-30); study group in Milton-- Freewater, OR focusses meeting on R (VH-21); "10,000 Friends of Oregon", a "new Bend organization formed to 'slow down the progress' of Bhagwan" holds public meeting (BB); "Bloom County" cartoon on R resumes (O); SAHP participant arrested in R and taken to W County jail, charged with fourth-degree assault (DC); Portland, OR Willamette Week continues feature on SAHP by an "undercover" participant; psychic with KXL-AM Portland radio program says he sees no "danger from the Rajneeshes (sic)" (D); W County Planner says County will probably go to court to seek removal of 640 tent structures (SJ-27; BB-27)
84.11.27 [W] [R] [IMP] [SMITH] [DSMITH] [HULSE] [S] US Rep. Jim Weaver chairs 2 1/2 hour congressional hearing in Portland City Council Hall on public lands use by R, invites ranchers from W and J Counties, elected officials from W County and leaders of R; Rep. Bob Smith testifies against R and Bhagwan, saying "'Were it up to me, I would not have the Rajneeshees here,'Smith said, adding he does not credit the sect with being a true religion.", and links R to Jonestown (see DWR-12/- 13 for full text of his speech); there are 16,450 acres of federal land and 480 acres of state land situated within the private land owned by R ranch; US Rep. Denny Smith testifies; 7 W County residents testify they have been harassed; W County Judge/Commissioner Hulse testifies that "he became violently ill last summer after drinking water some Rajneeshees offered him"; no one from R testifies, although 3 Rajneeshee observers are present and one invites Weaver to visit and hold a congressional hearing at R, Weaver says he will think about it and written testimony will be accepted for 10 days (BB-25; DC; BB; BB-28; RG-28; DC-28; SJ-28; O-28; RT-30; WT 12/3); 67 Rolls Royces as of this date and 3 more expected; "Rajneesh Hotline" calls to numbers in Bend and The Dalles have slowed to fewer than 2 per day (BB); Rep. Denny Smith mentions R in speech before the West Linn Business Group at Marylhurst College near Portland ((LOR); "Bloom County" on R continues (O); R speaker at Portland Community College (PCCB-12/6)
84.11.27 [WCDC] [NO.  : SAHP participant given 10 days in jail, suspended sentence, for fourth-degree assault (arrested Nov. 25 by R Peace Force) and another 15 days in jail for fourth degree assault and disorderly conduct, suspended (arrested Nov. 19 by R peace force) (DC)
84.11.27 ED[S] [ELECT] Corvallis, OR, Gazette-Times welcomes "spirit of peace" in which Rajneeshees will not challenge election; Tacoma, WA News Tribune columnist mentions "kissing ban" in R
84.11.28 [W] [R] [SAHP] [PLAN] [RFI] [FEST] State Dept. of Revenue holds tax appeal hearing in The Dalles to hear testimony by RFI, which is seeking tax-free status for 200 by 400 ft. greenhouse converted to meditation hall/church which was placed on the tax rolls for $1,135,200 for 1984-85; W county argues that the building is not on a public road, not accessible to general public, in a zone not allowing churches except as a conditional use, is 90% outside the boundaries of the city of R, and is being used illegally; RFI argues that the building is used as a "'house of worship", by a religious organization for a non-business purpose, ruling is expected in 90 days (DC-23; DC; SJ-29; BB-29; DC-29-says Rajneeshees attending hearing were "mooned" by passersby and found a sign in their van saying "'get out of town'"; O-29; RT-30); public testimony on revisions to W County Comprehensive land use plan completed today and W County Court/Commission will decide the issue on Dec. 12; R spokesperson argues for inclusion of R in county plan, county argues for removal, LCDC argues for removal of R, The Dalles, Mosier and Shaniko as W County "is the only county in the state which incorporates city plans in the county plan." (DC-23; DC; RG-29; SJ-29; O-29; RT-30); W County Court Judge/Commissioner says no hearing date on permit for Rajneeshees' 1985 mass gathering permit will be set until Dec. 5 and that Rajneeshees owe W county S2,626 from the last summer festival to cover cost of county inspections totalling $4,216 (against which they paid a deposit of $1600) (BB-29; O-29; RT-30); Guardian Angels announce they have lost list of names of those in Redmond willing to help against R and ask for people to re-volunteer (RS); "Bloom County" continues on R (O); feature article on R in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa The Standard
84.11.29 [W] [R] [ELECT] The Dalles Weekly Reminder runs article saying Rajneeshess "have vowed to challenge results of the local election" and reprints 1000 Friends of Oregon reply to Wall Street Journal editorial linking land-use laws and R problems; State Rep. Bill Bellamy says he will "form a committee of citizens to propose new laws for controlling the activities of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his disciples in Central Oregon." (BB); W County election results reportedly appear in the International Herald Tribune published in Paris, London, Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Hague and Marseilles (DWR)
84.11.29 Pres. Reagan presents a congressional medal of honor to family of late Congressman Leo Ryan, killed at Jonestown; Shannon Jo Ryan/Ma Amrita Pritam and husband, both Rajneeshees, attend ceremony at White House and respond to reporters' questions (BB-27; USA; SIA-30; WP-30; RG-30; BB-30; O-30; UB-30; LAT-12/5; RT-2/8/85)
84.11.29 [ENG] Article in Newmarket Journal about "kissing ban" at Herringswell Manor commune
84.11.29 ED[S] Approximate date of Portland, OR Clinton Street Quarterly editorial on intolerance mentioning R; Yakima, WA Herald Republic "crocodile tear" editorial about damage to Rolls Royces; Lake Oswego, OR Review columnist mentions Rolls Royces in humor piece; Los Angeles, CA Herald-Examiner colunmist piece on "kissing ban"
84.11.30 [W] [R] [SAHP] [PLAN] Petition being circulated in Bend by "10,000 Friends of Oregon" to deny R rights to build a hospital or nursing facility (BB); "Bloom County" on R continues (O); W County Planner inspects R "unimped
84.11.30 ED[S] Vancouver, WA The Columbian columnist mentions Newsweek feature on R and "quotes a sociologist who thinks Bhagwan Rajneesh 'may be heating up to martyrdom'"; Seattle, WA Times columnist does piece on "kissing ban"; The Rajneesh Times editorial on Weaver hearing
84.12.01 [W] [R] [ED] [SAHP] [IMP] Liberty magazine article about Oregon's religious dress prohibition for schoolteachers and R response about red clothing; The New Saivite World international Hindu newspaper lengthy feature article on R improvements, conflicts, court cases, Bhagwan, "antis" ("Rabid Christian fundamentalists are out to get Bhagwan Rajneesh at any cost and so-called anti-cult groups are having a heyday."); Society Indian magazine article on Bhagwan as one of "50 people who changed our lives"; Oregon magazine article claiming Rajneeshees are exploited, another naming Bhagwan "Worst Witness" in 1984 and a third with a negative review of Kirk Braun's book on R as being naive; R road signs .featured in Discovery magazine; Berkeley, CA Open Exchange brief favorable visitor's report on R; Playboy brief on R's anti-AIDs practices; brief mention of R in "humor" piece on population in Portland Magazine; "Bloom County" cartoon relating to R continues (O)
84.12.01 [GER] Cologne Center refurbishing new building since it needs more room for visitors and businesses in the "Orange Quarter", an area of the city housing 270 sannyasins (RFI)
84.12.01 [PUR] Column in Coos Bay, OR World lays to rest rumors of Rajneeshee purchases of property near Bandon and Remote, OR
84.12.01 ED[S] [1000] West Linn, OR Counterpoint criticizes 1000 Friends for "capitalizing on fear and prejudice and jumping on the anti-Rajneesh bandwagon"
84.12.02 [J] [R] [SAHP] 12 SAHP leavers taken to Madras, none with bus tickets (MP-13); "Bloom County" cartoon relating to R continues (O)
84.12.02 [AUS] The Sun-Herald, Sydney reports a new Rajneeshee disco in that city and 500 sannyasins
84.12.02 ED[S] Vancouver, WA Columbian criticizes US Represetative Weaver and Oregonians for their "most popular political sport... bhagwan blasting."; Eugene, OR Register-Guard prints letter by ex-Antelope councilman John Silvertooth Stewart criticizing recent feature article as being too pro-R
84.12.03 [R] [IMP] [SAHP] [FEST] 2,000 said to be expected for Bhagwan's birthday celebration starting on Dec. 7, lasting until Dec. 11 and costing from $320-$756 per person for room, board and activities (BB; O-5; RG-5; SJ-5; LAHE-5; O-7); Newsweek magazine article on R improvements, conflicts and "cults"; "mixed" review of Kirk Braun's book on R (LGO); 24 SAHP leavers bused to Portland, 9 with return tickets to cities of origin; Portland Salvation Army says 600 SAHP leavers served there and in The Dalles, that donations for the program total nearly $60,000 and are "'keeping pace with (the) cost of the program.'" (RG-4; BB-4; DC-4); FAA recieves complaints from R about leaflet dropping plane, is looking for the pilot to investigate a safety violation which can result in a reprimand or revocation of a pilot's license and a $1,00 fine (BB-4; SJ-9); "Bloom County" cartoon relating to R continues (O)
84.12.03 ED[S] Klamath Falls, OR Herald and News discusses land use controversies and expresses distrust that Rajneeshees really want "peace"; Binghamton, NY Evening Press columnist "humor" piece on R anti-AIDs precautions; Eugene, OR Register-Guard columnist humor piece including interview with creator of "Bloom County" cartoon strip coverage of R (see also SJ-10)
84.12.04 [W] [R] [PLAN] [SAHP] "Bloom County" cartoon relating to R continues (O); W County meeting on procedures for handling the 640 "tent" citations against R (RG); 2 SAHP leavers say that: only 75-175 SAHP participants remain in R, there are rumors that 70 will leave on Dec. 5 and 40 on Dec. 6, all SAHP participants are being asked to leave, a 14-90 day wait is required before SAHP participants who ask to become sannyasins are allowed to do so, some have "dropped sannyas" before leaving, the experience at R was a good one (DC-5)
84.12.04 [CR] [CNCL] Treasurer's Report: $1500 in General Fund savings account and $469.89 in Street Fund; Nov. bills of $4289.45 approved for payment; $350 approved for printing letterhead stationary; $900 approved for three new welcome signs, pending a donation; Peace Force Report: felt the space in Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restaurant building will be too small, so still looking for dispatch location; supplemental budget still being worked on; Fire Committee: fire drill went fine, truck needs tune-up; CIC meeting to be held soon; appeal in the Community Church case recently filed; detailed consideration of Oregon Administrative Rules for contracts/purchasing and adding them to CR Rules of Procedure; consideration and granting of business license renewals for RNSIC Zorba the Buddha Restaurant and RNSIC Trailer Park; resignation of Municipal Court Clerk accepted and application of another volunteer approved (both snnyasins); report on the attendance of four from CR at LOC convention (DWR-27)
84.12.05 [W] [R] [SAHP] [IMP] Reported that Guardian Angels continue to gather signatures on petitions against the "'dumping'" of "street people" by R; they collected 250 signatures and $40 in Redmond last week; Redmond resident donated a 1964 Chrysler to Angels for patrols near R and CR, another donated a telephone answering line to take donations (RS); FAA sends letter to Guardian Angels saying they will be responsible for air safety violations if they do not tell name of pilot who dropped their leaflets; Angels say they will not tell and plan another drop soon (BB-9); 72 Rolls Royces now owned by Modern Car Collection Trust (MCCT) in R (O; USA; SDU; BB); favorable SAHP participant account (MJ); "Bloom County" cartoon related to R continues (O)
84.12.05 [CA] [NO.  : Oral arguments on LCDC "retroactive rule" requiring the exceptions process prior to incorporation and applying to R; attorneys for R argue that: LCDC cannot change statewide planning goals by administrative rule, change retroactively applies only to R, incorporation does not necessarily mean all land will be transferred to urban uses; LCDC attorneys argue that LCDC is empowered to interpret and clarify statewide planning goals and that is what they did (O-6; BB-7)
84.12.05 ED[S] [PLAN] Creswell, OR, Chronicle editorial cartoon about damaged Rolls Royces; Eugene, OR Register-Guard editorial on land-use laws relating to new cities and "'destination resorts'" needing clarification
84.12.06 [W] [R] [P] [SAHP] [RHT] [FEST] [PER] [RNSIC] Guardian Angels and SAHP leavers picket Rajneesh Hotel in Portland and stage "mock birthday" (DC); R spokesperson estimates 1200 remaining SAHP participants; 1,315 SAHP leavers reported as having gone through Madras bus depot; RHT said to have spent $125,000 on return bus tickets for leavers and a total of $1 million on the SAHP, Portland Salvation Army reports it has purchased bus tickets for 610 and the Jefferson County Ministerial Fellowship another 75 and is $2,877 in debt; Methodist minister in Madras praises SAHP and asks what others are doing for the homeless (O-8); W County sets public hearing for Dec. 26 on RNSIC application for June 1-July 15, 1985 summer festival permit and says earlier charges that R had not paid final bills for previous summer festival were partly due to county workload and oversight; RNSIC states its intent to settle but objects to $2200 of the remaining $2616 charge because it was for sheriff's visits and they felt R security was adequate for crowd control and the visits not needed; other charges of the total $4216 are for inspections by the county Court/Commission and county Sanitarian (DC; O); 10,000 Friends of Oregon, new anti-Rajneesh group, holds meeting in Bend, agrees to change its name to "Save Our State", distribute fliers inviting people to join in a car caravan to R on Dec. 9 to protest SAHP and to bring cans of food for the Salvation Army (BB; BB-7); "Bloom County" continues (O); anti-cult ad by Mardo Jimenez, Madras anti-Rajneeshee pastor (MP); columnist lauds San Francisco, CA TV station KGO for 30 minute special on R which aired at the end of Oct. and was followed by two shorter segments right before the Nov. 6 election (SJMN)
84.12.07 [W] [R] [PLAN] [AG] [DCOM] [BLDG] [PER] [SMITH] [IMP] [FEST] AG and State Dept. of Commerce agree to aid W County in preventing use of 640 "winterized tents" by R festival guests; state electrical inspector turns off power to about 150 of them after finding violations of state building code related to unprotected wiring and improper transformers and because permits had not been obtained; two inspectors and a state policeman tour R (DC; O; C-8; DC-9; SJ-9; RG-9) "Bloom County" continues (O); R Peace Force arrests 7 Guardian Angels, including leader Curtis Sliwa, for disorderly conduct for attemtping to block a county road; they are taken to the W County courthouse, where they are released on their own recognizance; Guardian Angels also present petitions, which are tossed into a garbage can by R spokesperson whc says the whole thing is just a "'publicity stunt'"(SJ-8; RG-8; O-8; O-9; DC-9; BB-9); Sheela castigates US Representative Bob Smith; release of new photobiography of Bhagwan, Rajneeshees and R, 1978-84 called This Very Place the Lotus Paradise; hydroseeder machine purchased to plant grass; 20 buses added for festival (RT)
84.12.07 [CR] New Mayor says CR Peace Force will not be in service until after the first of the year and a new supplemental budget is approved; CR continues to pay R Peace Force $2,025 per month for patrols "by two officers 12 hours per day, seven days per week." (BB)
84.12.07 [USDC] [NO.  : Opinion and order filed by Judge Helen Frye permits attorneys to begin discovery in AG's Church-State case against R filed in Nov. 1983 (O-12; BB-12)
84.12.07 ED[S] [FEST] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal criticizes the Rajneesh Times for printing notice that anyone wishing to participate in Bhagwan's birthday celebration must participate in all five days; The Rajneesh Times comments on "wild" and unfounded stories about R, on festival
84.12.08 [R] Retired sociologist, Edward Mann, from Willowdale, Canada says R could become another Jonestown even though it is a "'miracle of planning and technology'"; after visits to the ashram in Poona and to R he has written a book (The Star)
84.12.09 [W] [R] [CR] [SAHP] INF: [BUS] Feature article in Miami, FLA Herald; feature articles in The Oregonian citing 47 businesses, 15 corporations, saying $130 million has been invested in R; others deal with history, interviews with residents, what was seen on a tour, on religion, a selective and brief chronology, interviews with "old-timers" in CR (they say 95 residents now and city property taxes of $19.80 per $1000); Oregon businessmen decline to reveal their R related income to reporter but say Rajneeshees rate high on "honesty and sound economic sense."; one says he has been harassed because he has done business with R (SJ); R "hotline" calls have dwindled to no more than 2 a day (SJ); feature on Ma Amrita Pritam (formerly Shannon Jo Ryan) (BB); "Save Our State" group car caravan draws only about 50 people and 18 vehicles, many cars bear anti-Rajneesh bumper stickers; those caravan cars leaving county road and going onto private property were asked to leave or face trespass charges; 60 cans of food were donated by the group to the Salvation Army (DC-10; BB-10)
84.12.09 [CR] Aritcle about a fire in a trailer at 4:15am this date refers to CR as "Antelope" (MP); another article says spark from fireplace was probable cause, resident escaped but was taken to Mountain View Hospital in Madras by a RMC ambulance complaining of chest pains; he was discharged without having had a heart attack on Dec. 12 (BB-16)
84.12.09 ED[S] [CR] Colum by former Governor Bob Straub catigating the Rajneeshees for changing the name of Antelope, its streets and now wanting to change the post office, says he is working hard to prevent that change (SJ; see also BB-10)
84.12.10 [W] [R] [CR] [AG] [BLDG] [CNCL] Article on anit-AIDS policies at R in Chicago, IL Tribune; map in The Dalles Chronicle labels CR "Antelope"; AG's Office says it will sue R in WCCC over winterized tents, which they say are "'blatant violations' of state building codes" (BB-11; RG-11; DC-11; SJ-11; O-12); creator of "Bloom County" says he may focus more cartoon strips on R and that he might tour R (O-12); R Council meeting: R thanked for responding to previous night's fire in CR
84.12.10 ED[S] [SAHP] Longview, WA, News "Reader commentary" column castigates Salvation Army for aiding R by buying bus tickets for SAHP leavers; Lewiston, ID Tribune colunmnist mentions Rolls Royces
84.12.11 [W] [R] [FEST] K105 raido station says it is getting favorable listener response to 45rpm record "Shut Up, Sheela", which sells for $1.69 with proceeds said to be going to the homeless (CBW); Bhagwan's 53rd birthday celebration with two 250 pound cakes in the shape of hearts; cafeteria uses 10,000 pounds of flour during the week for baking breads and pastries; 5000 boxed dinners prepared for this evening's "darshan"; 73 Rolls Royces, raffle of one of the cars (BB; USA; DC; RG-12; SAR-12; O-12; O-13; NCSH-13; RT-14; MD-18); feature article on a discourse and R in Boston, MA Phoenix cites "Official Wasco County Bigot and Proud Of It!" bumper stickers and hats and T-shirts saying "Antelope Border Patrol"; another feature in the Trenton, NJ Times; FAA says it has no leads yet on plane used to drop Guardian Angel leaflets on Nov. 19 (DC-12; BB-12)
84.12.11 [WCCC] [NO.  : W County files a motion in the McGreer v R case of 1983 seeking to stop use of and have disassembled the 640 winterized tents; W County files a memorandum in support of the "show cause motion" claiming that the structures were illegally constructed since no permits were obtained; attorneys for R, RNSIC, RIC and R Planner are asked to appear in court on Dec. 18; WCCC will hold hearing on W County request for restraining order to prohibit use of the structures on Dec. 17 and a hearing on request for a preliminary injunction ordering disconnection of utility services and removal of buildings on Dec. 18 (DC-12; O-12; DWR-13)
84.12.11 [S] [1000] [LCDC] Author Kirk Braun speaks of R and land-use planning at Boones Ferry Commercial Club in West Linn, OR, castigating 1000 Friends and LCDC (WLT-19)
84.12.12 [W] [R] [SAHP] [COMM] [PLAN] Feature on three positive SAHP participants (about 1,000 said to remain at R) and another on 3 family members (of about 36 New Jerseyans) at R (TTNJ); 11 SAHP leavers taken to Portland (BB-21); W County Court/Commission votes unanimously to remove R Comprehensive Plan from County Plan, but decides to wait until Dec. 26 meeting and "consult with their legal counsel before deciding whether to remove all references to R from the county's land-use plan inventory."; the decision does not alter the status of land use at R (BB-13; DC-13; O-13)
84.12.12 [SC] [NO.  : Arguments heard in 1000 Friends suit challenging R annexation of 119 acres, with claims that R lacks authority to take any land-use actions since formation of the city itself is a land-use law violation; R attorney argues that R is legally incorporated and state agencies are trying to set new rules for annexations; previously LUBA ruled in Feb. "that the city's annexation of the agriculturally zoned land in August 1983 was invalid. The city rezoned the land for urban development. The state Court of Appeals upheld the board in June, saying cities must have state-approved urban growth boundaries before they can convert agricultural land to urban uses. Rajneeshpuram has adopted a growth boundary, but it hasn't been approved (by LCDC). The appeals court also said cities that propose to annex and urbanize land before growth boundaries are approved must justify exceptions to land-use standards "; R attorney argues that courts have never before required such procedures and that R is "being subjected to different standards by LCDC on land-use and annexation matters than other cities." (O-12; RG-13; O-13; BB-13; RT-21)
84.12.12 ED[S] [1000] Pendleton, OR East Oregonian joins Director of 1000 Friends in urging state officials to enforce "these land use laws" against R
84.12.13 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] Jefferson County Ministerial Association says it is $4,600 in debt for helping SAHP leavers (MP); fature on Guardian Angels who monitor R (BB); unfavorable SAHP leaver story (MEP)
84.12.13 [LUBA] [NO.  : 1000 Friends asks LUBA to nullify R annexation of land for further development; oral arguments made; 1000 Friends attorney claims R not a valid city, so cannot take land-use decisions; R attorney argues for delay in LUBA decision until incorporation case settled in courts (SJ-16)
84.12.13 [NO.  : Notice of depositions has been filed in Wheeler County Circuit Court by Bowerman v R, RNSIC, RFI in a complaint alleging defendants shone a bright light on Bowerman property in Aug. and Sept.; they are seeking $700 for suffering and disturbance of sleep and $20,000 in punitive damages for intentional harassment; no depositions have been filed yet (CTJ)
84.12.13 [S] R speaker Sw. Prem Siddha at Redmond Rotary Club says SAHP was just one of many experiments at R; his companion says they were refused service at a local business (RS-19)
84.12.13 ED[S] [SAHP] Portland, OR The Oregonian editorial on the homeless mentions SAHP
84.12.14 [W] [R] [SAHP] Burlington Northern Railroad Foundation donates $30,000 to Portland Salvation Army shelter and $24,000 to BCC's Baloney Joe's shelter for the homeless; SAHP leavers said to have cost both shelters a lot (O-15;BB-16)
84.12.14 [WCCC] [NO.  : and [NO.  : AG files suit against RIC and RNSIC for 640 winterized tents saying they violate state bulding codes because no electrical permits were obtained and violate a court order halting development in the incorporation case; cases asks for fines and a prohbition on occupancy, renting or leasing of the structures; a hearing on W County's request for a restraining order prohibiting use of the tents is set for Dec. 17 (RG-15)
84.12.14 ED[S] Bend, OR The Bulletin urges "Save Our State" group to quit and says caravan was "misguided" amd might have provoked violence; Ephrata, WA Journal humorous editorial on the job of "Bhagwanning for fun and profit"; The Rajneesh Times comments on civil rights and R, praises W County Court Commissioner Virgil Ellet for recently moving that references to R remain in County Plan inventory
84.12.16 [R] [INS] [SAHP] Feature article summarizing immigration status of Bhagwan says Assistant US Attorney in Portland (Bob Weaver) says they are still considering prosecution for immigration violations, but a decision to do so could take two or three years (SJ); 11 SAHP leavers taken to Portland (BB-21)
84.12.16 [E] Travel columnist mentions Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark (JA)
84.12.16 [CR] [CNCL] Fire Dept. Report: Discussion of Dec. 9 trailer fire and routine state fire inspection of the site on Dec. 17; Fire Chief thanks all who helped keep the fire from spreading; R has offered to respond with its fire truck while CR one is repaired; CR approves $200 per month for use of R fire truck to help offset R leasing costs ($375 per month); paying $50 per month to R for maintenance service on CR truck, plus parts, is discussed; residents are reminded to check their home fire alarms; Council approves ordinance and contracts with RNSIC for vehicle maintencance and xerox service at 7 cents or less per copy; cost of welcome signs will be $300, not $900, so council approves $320 expenditure and decides not to wait for donations; council ratifies the abstracts of the Nov. 6 election
84.12.16 ED[S] Bend, OR The Bulletin gives Bhagwan the "Ma Anand Sheela Golden Throat Award" for his remarks on poverty
84.12.17 [R] [BUS] Bhagwan denies being a "cult" leader in discourse attended by 24 or so disciples and two reporters (C-20; RT-21); R Chamber of Commerce holds its annual meeting where it is reported that 45 businesses in R grossed over S15 million in 1984, businesses give reports on their services, officers re-elected for a second term (RT-21)
84.12.17 [WCCC] [NO.  : and [NO.  : W County Judge John Jelderks orders 640 winterized tents to be removed within 45 days and directs that they remain unoccupied in the meantime, asking state inspectors to ensure the orders are carried out; R spokespreson says the tents are unoccupied, RNSIC had intended to remove them by end of Jan., AG was told that on Dec. 14 and today's hearing was unnecessary, but that an Assistant AG said in order to call off hearing RNSIC would have to acknowledge state code violations and pay a $64,000 fine; hearing is scheduled for a state inspection report on compliance Dec. 18; state suit filed by AG on Dec. 14 "on hold" for the moment; Judge urged question of definition of "tents" to be formally settled to avoid future problems (BB; DC; SJ-18; O-18; RG-18; DWR-20; RT-21)
84.12.17 [WCCC] [NO.  : Arraignment of 7 Guardian Angels arrested on Dec. 7 for blocking county road in R postponed until Jan. 2 at their request; they said they were having problems arranging transportation from Portland to The Dalles (DC; RG-18)
84.12.18 [WCCC] [NO.  : State inspectors report to Judge Jelderks that no one is occupying the winterized tents at R, electrical service had been disconnected, gas service is in the process of being turned off and some units already being removed; Judge suggests tent platforms also be removed; another inspection is recommended in 2 to 3 weeks (BB-19; DC-19; O-20; SJ-20; RG-20; DWR-20; RT-21)
84.12.18 [USDC] [NO.  : Federal magistrate Georged Juba dismisses two counts in a S50 million lawsuit filed by 7 SAHP leavers and tells lawyers to make a third count more specific; he also delays until after Jan. 1 decision on whether or not to accept the suit as a class-action case; nine counts remain in the suit against R, RHT, Sheela and 100 unnamed individuals which claims fraud, coercion, physical abuse and theft (DC)
84.12.18 ED[S] [CR] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal says Sheela appears "muzzled", that is good, but still to be wary; Lake Oswego, OR Review colunmist mentions Antelope's name change to CR (also in SE-19)
84.12.19 [W] [R] [SCHL] Favorable visitor's report focussing on kids in R by a teenager (GO); feature on parent of a sannyasin "trying to cope" in Arizona New Times
84.12.19 ED[S] [SAHP] [A] San Francisco, CA Bay Guardian gives Bhagwan and R the "One-Limo, One-Vote Award for Participatory Democracy"; Redmond, OR Spokesman recounts the Christmas wish of children in town, including "that 'the Rajneesh would leave Antelope.'"
84.12.20 [W] [R] [PLAN] [SAHP] [HULSE] Chronological account of development and land-use at R, good for dates and overview, negative in tone and charges (DWR); US Representative Bob Smith leads elected officials, including former and present Mayors of Portland and Mayor of The Dalles, in a tribute to the Salvation Army for dealing with SAHP leavers and presents them with a check for $14,500; Smith reads telegram from Pres. Reagan praising Salvation Army work; SS adds thanks and reads Governor's proclamation declaring the day Salvation Army Day (DC-21; BB-21; RG-22; SJ-22); in feature on W County Judge Hulse he says R caused the "'90-plus percent voter turnout'" (DWR)
84.12.20 [J] [R] One surgeon residing in R is given provisional privileges to perform surgery and another given consultant status at Mountain View Hospital in Madras (BB-21)
84.12.20 [NO.  : Judge Thomas Mosgrove refuses change of venue request by Rajneeshees in consolidated case of R, RFI, RNSIC and the Harveys against each other; case scheduled for early March hearing in Grant County after another Circuit Court Judge granted a previous Rajneeshee request for change of venue; R and corporations seek return of $35,905.86 in overpaid wages from late 1981 and $35,000 in punitive damages; in a countersuit Harvey seeks $3.5 million claiming defamation by an article in The Rajneesh Times; due to earlier allegations of invasion of privacy and conversion of some of his personal property for commune use, the total sought by Harvey is $5,520,000.00; both sides file various motions for discovery and R organizations each file motions for summary judgement, which are taken under advisement; original suit by R corporations against Harvey filed on Jan. 14, 1983; suit transferred from W to J court on Feb. 4, 1983; Harvey suit filed in March 15, 1983; suits consolidated on May 27, 1983; removed to Grant County Dec. 1984; scheduled for trial Mar.- 1985 (BB-21; BME-1/3)
84.12.20 ED[S] [IMP] Portland, OR The Oregonian columnist says 15 more Rolls Royces have been ordered by the Rajneesh MCCT, that will bring the total to 74 and chides Bhagwan; Vancouver, WA The Columbian columnist recounts attending a discourse at R; The Dalles, OR, The Dalles Weekly Reminder says many feel Rajneeshees with their money have made a mockery of the courts and castigates Judge Jelderks, they also run an editorial cartoon on Rolls Royces
84.12.21 [W] [R] [J] [SAHP] OSP estimates 22 SAHP leavers since Dec. 11, 13 with bus tickets; R Mayor estimates 950 SAHP participants remain; none dropped in Madras since Dec. 3 (BB)
84.12.21 ED[S] The Rajneesh Times comments on bigotry in Oregon (an editorial and a major feature article citing specific data and instances) and quiet in W County since the election
84.12.23 [R] R not to officially celebrate Christmas or New Year's Eve, but some Rajneeshees may choose to do so (BB)
84.12.24 [W] [R] [J] [SAHP] [CR] [SCHL] Jefferson Ministerial Association is given $2,000 by Portland-based Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon to help retire $887 debt for 97 bus tickets purchased for SAHP leavers; as of yesterday 1,317 SAHP leavers said to have taken buses out of Madras Trailways depot (BB); interview with non-sannyasin teacher who taught sannyasin children in CR for 2 1/2 months at the end of 1983 praises their intelligence and motivation of Rajneeshees generally (EO)
84.12.25 [R] [P] [SAHP] Guardian Angels' Portland membership said to have dropped from 70 during first year to current 8 full-time and 15 part-time (SJ); two pro-SAHP "success stories" (BB)
84.12.25 ED[S] [SAHP] [FAW] [AG] [SS] Portland, OR The Oregonian offers to give Sheela a charm course for Christmans and Curtis Sliwa a weekend at Hotel Rajneesh and a cartoon carries on the idea offering 3 more Rolls Royces and 3,000 new registered voters to Bhagwan and a sense of humor to Sheela; Salem OR Statesman-Journal columnist in same vein offers SS one of Bhagwan's Rolls Royces, Fawbush a copyright on "how to reverse a dwindling political career simply by out Rajneeshee-baiting everyone else in Oregon.", but says SS, AG and State Senate Republicans are already using the idea; Hillsboro, OR Argus cartoon has Santa being mistaken for Bhagwan
84.12.26 [W] [R] OSP Major Kenneth L. Lamkin, Commander of District 5 in which R is found, retires saying problems there "were more potential than actual" (O)
84.12.26 [W] [COMM] [FEST] [PER] [PLAN] W County Court/Commission in five hour hearing considers RNSIC 1985 summer festival mass gathering permit application; proposal asks that water and sewer lines and kitchen be allowed to be left on site for storage and future festival use only; County Attorney and Sanitarian oppose leaving any facilities because they might become permanent and kitchen is proposed for siting on annexed land now being considered by courts; County also expresses concerns about sewage treatment lagoon, use of Mandir (converted greenhouse) as a church, bond problems, other buildings in annexed area (DC); Court/Commission decides to delay decision on mass gathering permit until Jan. 2, but preliminary agreeemnt reached that RNSIC would pre-pay $2,500 for county inspections, pay balance for last year's inspections, clear all installations by Sept. 1 (rather than Sept. 15 as requested; and in another decision to rescind its acknowledgement of the R Comprehensive Plan, which means R will have to seek direct approval from LCDC for its Comprehensive Plan (USA-24; SJ-27; RG-27; O-27; BB-27; DC-27; O-28; RT-28)
84.12.26 ED[S] Batavia, IL Chronice columnist does piece on anti-AIDS precautions in R
84.12.27 [W] [R] [ELECT] [SAHP] Article says State Senator. Jernstedt says upcoming legislative issues will include voter registration as a result of SAHP; announced that Oregon mint growers annual meeting will be held Jan. 10 and 11 at the Newport, OR Hilton, with featured banquet speaker being DWR reporter and anti-Rajneeshee Bill Driver; his topic is billed as "Rajneeshpuram Revealed" (JOR); produce tractor-trailer overturns on way to R (DC-28)
84.12.28 [W] [R] UPI's editors select R as the No. 1 news story in Oregon in 1984 and Bhagwan as the No. 1 newsmaker of the year (DC; MMT; DC-30; MMT-30; BB-1/1; RT-1/4); American Medical News carries article on anti-AIDs precautions in R; article on 40 year old cabinet maker from Bend who has been making weekly trips to R to preach about Jesus; he says "'The demonic forces here are amazing... Satan is very much alive here.'"- (BB); monthly chronology of R-related events in 1984 (RT)
84.12.28 [E] [ENG] Positive feature on family living in Medina RMC, English commune in the Eastern Daily Press; photo feature on European Rajneeshee communes and businesses in Cologne, Amsterdam, Zurich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Berlin, London and Frieburg (RT)
84.12.28 ED[S] The Rajneesh Times comments on the church-state issue, SAHP and commercialization of Christmas
84.12.29 [AUS] Zorba the Buddha Restaurant chain in Australia receives favorable review in Western Mail
84.12.30 [W] [R] The Dalles, OR The Chronicle selects salmonella outbreaks on Sept. 17 and Sept. 24 No. 1 and SAHP No. 3 in local stories; Bhagwan named one of 1984's top newsmakers by The Oregonian (RT-1/4); California Living's news trivia of 1984 quiz mentions Bhagwan and Rolls Royces; AP editors and broadcasters in Oregon select SAHP and other R related matters as No. 1 newstories for 1984 and salmonella poisoning as No. 10 (RG; SJ-31; NR 1/1; O-1/1 RT-1/4)
84.12.31 [W] [R] People magazine cites R anti-AIDs precautions as in a column called "picks and pans; what a year!"; favorable R visitor report by school teacher and amateur historian (MMT)