In the Eye of the Hurricane

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The Real story behind the veils of misinformation in the turbulent years of Rajneeshpuram ; the Inside story of a disciple's journey, living in close proximity and under the personal guidance of the Enlightened Master Osho, and the powerful techniques he would use on this individual to free his consciousness from the fetters of mankind. From the blazing deserts of Rajasthan to ancient hidden temples of Japan, from the banks of the Ganges and Himalayan peaks to Tuscan forests and Andean volcanoes, from Peruvian temples lost in time to sacred pyramids and surging Hawaiian seas, The tale weaves like a necklace of jewels , each place revealing more of the hidden secrets behind the teachings received at firsthand. Herein is life wisdom and practical guidance from hard lessons in stone, and the secrets of real Tantra hidden in sculpture and ancient music.
The author spent 12 years living, serving and imbibing at close hand the teachings, energy and personal guidance of Osho, in life, death and beyond . A story of beauty, wonder, mystery, and power, the laser-like surgery of the Master's hand removing the unessential, and revealing the flowers and diamonds amidst the tangled jungle of human illusions, fears and hopes. The journey continues beyond, as the teachings unfold through time to reveal life-changing visions of hidden mysteries, from silent Zen monasteries and magic shrines in Japan to cataclysmic earthquakes, portals of ancient wisdom and sacred geometry in South America.
Sw Devakant
42 chapters plus a prologue and appendix
Contains information about the video tapes that were destroyed by Ma Anand Sheela, see From Ignorance to Innocence ~ 20.
Also contains 3 chapters about the author's relation with Ma Prem Nirvano. (Editor: invaluable stories, written with amazing subtlety and wisdom.)


In the Eye of the Hurricane ; Cover.jpg

In the Eye of the Hurricane

The Inside Story of a Disciple's Journey

Year of publication : 2019
Publisher :
ISBN 978 1 79160646 6 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 500
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes : © 2019 Devakant David Brusca
Size : 228 x 151 x 33 mm
BISAC: Autobiography
Sculptures and paintings by Devakant
Design by Artline Graphics, Sedona AZ, USA
Dedicated to Beloved Osho, having visited this planet for a brief time, who touched my soul and opened my heart and mind to unthinkable mysteries; and to the community of thousands of fellow travelers who traveled with Him for awhile on an unimaginable journey, and continue on their way to infinity.
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