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(Shreemati Saraswati Bai Jain)

Osho's mother was born Nov 23, 1913 in Kuchwada, a small farming village in Madhya Pradesh, to a well-off, otherwise childless couple who doted on her, and later on Osho, when he lived with them in his first seven years. She was married at age 7, as was the custom, and went to live with her husband in Timarni, some hundred miles away, but came back to Kuchwada to give birth to Osho, some five months before her due date, as Kuchwada was isolated during the rainy season.

Laherubhai reports in his memoir Blessed Moments with Osho that in the second Mahaveer Vani series in Sep 1972, "A rare historical incident happened. Osho's mother, Saraswati Devi, and aunt came from his village, Gadarwara, and took sannyas initiation from Osho in the presence of the audience in the hall. When Mataji came on the stage to take sannyas from her son's hands, Osho stood up from his seat, came to his mother, touched her feet and paid obeisance to her. Then he put the mala, with his picture in the locket, around her neck, and gave her a new sannyas name, 'Ma Amrit Saraswati'. Thus a mother became initiated by her own son, and after initiation, she immediately touched Osho's feet and paid obeisance to him. At that time, it was such a surreal and amazing scene on the stage that, in the whole Patkar Hall, there was unprecedented silence, and people became overwhelmed.

Saraswati left her body May 17, 1995.

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