Meditation A New Dimension ~ 01

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event type interview
date & time 6 May 1970
location Bombay
language English
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An interview with Acharyashri Rajneesh by Ma Yoga Bhakti (now Ma Ananda Pratima), New York (questions 1-8, 45-49); Yogacharya Mahendra Thaker, Bombay (questions 9-16, 20-25, 30-31, 33-35, 37-44); and Swami Kriyananda Saraswati (now Sw Yoga Chinmaya), Bilaspur, (M.P.) (questions 17-19, 26-29, 32, 36). (Source: Meditation: A New Dimension.)
Question 1 : Ma Yoga Bhakti, New York
Acharyaji, are you coming to New York ?
Question 2
I was told at Nargol Meditation Camp that you may come if some institution sponsors the tour.
Question 3
The whole of America needs you.
Question 4
I was tired. I could not experiment surrounded by hundreds of people, all working at it. I am allergic to being emotional in public...I felt shy...Is there any kind of hypnosis in that experiment ?
Question 5
Is it possible to use the same technique with the people who come to me ?
Question 6
With their going out of order, and myself not being able to do anything ? .... They may explode with noises, emotional expressions. They will certainly try to withhold because they would not like to behave in that fashion.... They are people of disciplined mind.
Question 7
At the expense of all those 1500 people who come to me ?
Question 8
Deeper than Bhastrika Pranayama?
Question 9 : Yogacharya Mahendra Thaker, Bombay
Excuse me, do you think it is necessary to have any particular rhythm or vibration while breathing? Will it harm medically those persons who are delicate and having heart trouble etc. ?
Question 10
How should we do it ? In which body posture ?
Question 11
How vigorously ? Mechanically like Mantra chanting ?
Question 12
Can you tell us, why in this so called normal worldly stage we cannot feel the same experience of non-identification?
Question 13
Excuse me, when we are doing the first, second and third, how can we do it without the slightest identification? How can we make any movement without it?
Question 14
This is very important, but this is very delicate also.
Question 15
Is that consciousness physical, mental or spiritual ?
Question 16
Can we understand clearly that in the fourth stage there is only consciousness which has no memory left at that time ? So can we feel that stage ? What type of stage will it be ?
Question 17 : Yogacharya Swami Kriyananda Saraswati, Bilaspur, (M.P.)
What records the gap?
Question 18
It means memory is working in the gap also.
Question 19
So recording memory is there !
Question 20 : Yogacharya Mahendra Thaker, Bombay
Does one experience various things in this stage ?
Question 21
So, actually at the end of the third stage and the culmination of the fourth stage, there is dissolution of the ego...or what is the particular stage ?
Question 22
What is the process by which the ego comes back to the original state ?
Question 23
Is one not in confusion in this stage?
Question 24
Then there is no purpose of living in this body.
Question 25
When somebody reaches to that stage of Samadhi, what happens ?
Question 26 : Yogacharya Swami Kriyananda Saraswati, Bilaspur, (M.P.)
After Satori?
Question 27
After this, does one live in the body ?
Question 28
But there is the body ?
Question 29
But there is still an individual body ?
Question 30 : Yogacharya Mahendra Thaker, Bombay
So, in the fifth stage there is the explosion of individual awareness, or what you call it ?
Question 31
In this explosion, is one aware of it ?
Question 32 : Yogacharya Swami Kriyananda Saraswati, Bilaspur, (M.P.)
But is it a stage of existence? I think it is existence.
Question 33 : Yogacharya Mahendra Thaker, Bombay
What is the mission of life ?
Question 34
Not for an individual. In general, when we are living in this world and have to do so many things, we have to undergo many changes. Sometimes we are doing Yoga, sometimes this type of discipline, sometimes that type of method. What is the purpose ? Can anyone solve this mystery ? Ultimately, why are we doing all these things ?
Question 35
But people are afraid to come to this state because they know it will disturb the pattern of society.
Question 36 : Yogacharya Swami Kriyananda Saraswati, Bilaspur, (M.P.)
So marriage cannot be spiritual ?
Question 37 : Yogacharya Mahendra Thaker, Bombay
Do you think Acharyaji, that people get inner knowledge out of this stage ?
Question 38
Right. But here security towards society is also necessary. If many people become rebellious like this, it will be impossible to control them.
Question 39
Do they get controlled by themselves ?
Question 40
Is it possible that with this playful mind and non-serious attitude, people can do these wonderful inventions and all these creative things ? Because in all these things we need more concentration and not playfulness.
Question 41
I understand it about art and music, but what about science ?
Question 42
Now the last question. Suppose she (Ma Yogabhakti) has a mission and she wants to continue the mission together with these things... How far is it possible for her ?
Question 43
But, I want to ask you, Sir, that in this type of thing, when people want to dissolve something or not, or when they just think about that thing, a great sense of insecurity comes as you have already explained. And, this type of situation sometimes shatters the life of people and if they are not in a proper atmosphere it becomes sometimes difficult because there is no guide.
Question 44
But, in that condition, how will people manage to live and fulfil their normal needs and necessities ?
Question 45 : Ma Yoga Bhakti, New York
Should this experiment go to the peak ?
Question 46
For that I have to be here.
Question 47
I know so well......These manifestations should not be forced to come.
Question 48
America needs spiritual depths. There are so many Sanyasins in America. All Americans are easily hypnotised by them. Even if one Sanyasi comes, then the whole of New York goes racing to the feet of the Swami. Swamis come and go, but the people are restless. They need the peace, the silence of mind.
Question 49
I understand.........

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