Novelty-5 Letterhead

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There are five known letterheads in the class of letterheads we are calling Novelty (links below), not counting the notorious Rorschach-1 Letterhead. What they have in common is a lack of verbal information of any kind. They are all design.

This one is simple in a way, but its single small image in the upper-right corner is a bit ambiguous and mysterious, sort of suggesting a face but leaving it to imagination as to what kind of face, among many other possibilities. No apparent other features such as watermarks or embossed whatnot were found but the original letter was discoloured and not in the best shape, so something may have been there.

Only one letter is known to have been written on this letterhead, to Pratap J. Toliya:

Letter written on 11 Oct 1969 (2)

Other letterheads in this class have also been used only sparingly, and in the same five-month period in 1969:

Novelty-1 Letterhead (two letters in Jun)
Novelty-2 Letterhead ((two letters, one in Aug and one in Oct))
Novelty-3 Letterhead (one letter later in Oct)
Novelty-4 Letterhead (one letter in Jun)