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There are four known letterheads in the class of letterheads we are calling Novelty (links below), not counting the notorious Rorschach-1 Letterhead. What they have in common consists of a lack of verbal information of any kind. They are all design. The design of this one has two aspects of interest which set it apart from the others:

1. Its abstractness, ie its lack of compelling associations with common forms, makes it a little more difficult to describe simply. Possible resonances can be cited, such as a vague resemblance to a ship's (steering) wheel. Or for the mathematically inclined, it could also be described as somewhat fractal-like in the way some parts appear to self-replicate. But these are just evocations rather than clear or even useful descriptions. See discussion for editor contact if you have suggestions about this image's meaning or significance.

2. Unlike the others, its design is connected to that of one of the verbal letterheads, JJKNapier-1 Letterhead, which has the usual sort of text appropriate to a letterhead (name, occupation/vocation, organization and address). It was the first of Osho's letterheads to incorporate any images, and that same image has been re-used here, some 4 1/2 years later.

Only two letters are known to have been written on this letterhead. They are:

Letter written on 25 Jun 1969, to Sw Anand Maitreya,
Letter written on 26 Jun 1969, to Sw Chaitanya Veetaraga

Other letterheads in this class have also been used only sparingly, and in the same four-month period in 1969:

Novelty-2 Letterhead (one letter in Oct)
Novelty-3 Letterhead (one letter in Oct)
Novelty-4 Letterhead (one letter earlier in Jun)