Silence of the Mountains

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Also known as It Is Here.

Sw Prem Anubhava ?
Lyrics and melody notation
Solo singer: (The) silence of the mountains    b a b a b g
Everybody:   It is here                        +d e -a

Solo singer: (The) freshness of the fountains  as above
Everybody:   It is here                        ditto

Solo singer: (A) language was forgotten        c b c b c g
Everybody:   It is here                        +e g d

Solo singer: (A) vision was begotten           a g a g a e
Everybody:   It is here                        +b d a

Everyone:    Silent love, Silent love      cd e db, ab a b
             Silent love, Silent love      cd e db, ab a g

             Fly, fly high                 b d a
             Let the earth touch the sky   a b c e e -a

Words in parentheses were in the printed programme but not actually sung.

FWIW the last two lines are a whole separate song: Fly High. In the event, 
they were on the printed programme as part of this song, but not on the tape.

Source: Sarlo's Songs in the Key of Osho. See: Notes on melody notation.
Also see Sarlo's Ranch Songbook 1982-07-06
Lyrics and chord notation

Source: Shivananda's Songbook of Joyful Music. See: Notes on chord notation.

1982-07-06 Master's Day Darshan

Sw Anand Nivedano : percussion

Audio - full length

06 4:26