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her daughter Patti writes My Mom Left Me for the ‘Wild Wild Country’ Cult

What books did she ghostwrite?

She writes:

I wrote substantial portions of each book —entire chapters, sections describing meditation techniques, appendixes— but was familiar enough with Bhagwan’s speaking style to make it “sound” like him. It was through these books that most people in the West learned about Bhagwan and his teachings. I still hear words I’d written myself being quoted as Bhagwan’s words. (Rajneesh Foundation International now publishes these books—with my name removed!)

I wonder which these books are?

I know that Sw Krishna Prem (Canadian journalist) did that kind of ghostwriting, e.g. with The Long and the Short and the All, but I did not know any others.

And in the list of all that links to her name, I do not see any likely candidates (i.e. books ghostwritten by her). --Sugit (talk) 12:19, 13 July 2019 (UTC)