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There are basically two sources for info on this book, a five-discourse audiobook package offered by Osho World and an e-book apparently with seven talks. Free audio download places have nine but no info aside from their nineness. The usual mystery. The mention of Rajkot comes from the blurb with OW's audiobook, titles reproduced below.

The e-book is a short one, only 105 pages, but compact: that it appears to have seven talks is based on nothing so clear as chapter breaks or numbers, but a patient scrolling does reveal titles, usually followed by मेरे प्रिय आत्मन, his greeting / salutation of that era. Those titles are also reproduced below, along with page numbers where they were found. There is not one title in common between the two formats. Oh well. -- updated doofus-9 (talk) 05:23, 21 April 2015 (UTC)

     प्रवचन (OW audio):
1. विस्मय का भाव
2. जीवन में आनंद की खोज
3. जीवन में तीव्रता
4. जीवन एक अनंत निरंतरता है  
5. अनौपचारिक दृष्टि
मान्यताओं से मुक्ति -- p 1
मन से मुक्ति -- p 15 **
मौन का स्वर -- p 30
समझा का द्वार -- p 47
जीवन में अहोभाव -- p 59
no title -- p 75
जीवन में जागरूकता -- p 88  

** nb underlined word above could not be replicated precisely as in e-book

Shailendra states 5 chapters (in his e-book), which are the same as OW's TOC.--DhyanAntar 04:32, 21 August 2018 (UTC)

Source of existing early edition before Diamond editions is the list "Hindi-Diamond" from Shailendra.--DhyanAntar 17:57, 29 November 2018 (UTC)

Shunya Samadhi 1-5 D&P.jpg

Image right from Jagdish has Dates and Places info for just five talks:

1. Mar 29 1968 pm Rashtriya Shala Ground, Rajkot (Q&A)
2. Mar 30 1968 am Rashtriya Shala Ground, Rajkot
3. Mar 30 1968 pm Rashtriya Shala Ground, Rajkot (Q&A)
4. Mar 31 1968 am Rashtriya Shala Ground, Rajkot
5. Mar 31 1968 pm Rashtriya Shala Ground, Rajkot (Q&A)

Rashtriya Shala is a school set up by Mahatma Gandhi to teach self-reliance skills and independence values. The fairly open and spacious Ground and the sort-of-concentrated pattern of talks suggests the possibility of a camp-like event, especially given the title Shunya Samadhi. It is not known, however, whether meditations were held in the "off-times" between discourses. Perhaps those other four freebie audios?

At this point, there is a solid body of info re the five talks in Rajkot, with the seven talks (with completely new titles) of the e-book and the nine title-less free audios being relative outliers wafting around in maybe-space. -- doofus-9 01:51, 6 February 2019 (UTC)

media status

The free offering of OW has 9 mp3s, not 5 as mentioned above for their paid CD offering. has 5 audios:

  • #1: विस्मय का भाव 63min
  • #2: जीवन में आनंद की खोज 58min
  • #3: जीवन में तीव्रता 66min
  • #4: जीवन एक अनंत निरंतरता है 62min
  • #5: अनौपचारिक दृष्टि 87min

Judging from the duration of the audio, these 5 could correspond to OWs #05 -- 09.

It needs to be researched what is what. --Sugit (talk) 09:48, 17 December 2018 (UTC)