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The main focus of this bit of speculation will be on Pustak Mahal, the publisher of five books by Osho (see below). All have page counts in the 130-140ish range, suggesting about five chapters, if they are ordinary whole discourses and not compilations of some kind. All have ISBNs running sequentially from 0707 to 0711 (the sixth to ninth digits of an ISBN-10 or ninth to twelfth of an ISBN-13, the publisher's actual numbering as they go along issuing new books). Pustak Mahal is a big publisher but appears not to have done Osho books before or since. They have no Osho books listed at their website. This strongly suggests a one-time experiment in 2001 that perhaps was aborted or allowed to lapse.

In addition, all the titles are unconnected to other known Osho books, so whether compilations, translations or just new invented titles, their provenance may remain forever unknown. This book's title translates roughly as "Language of Current Religion," fwiw. Only one bookseller was found currently marketing Vartaman and they were out of stock. Not unusual but they used the word "discontinued," suggesting the book may have been pulled. -- Sarlo (talk) 11:39, 5 July 2014 (PDT)

The five titles, for further research into the possibility of some thematic or other coherence are:

Vartaman Dharm Ki Bhasha (वर्तमान धर्म की भाषा)
Param Upalabdhi Ke Sopan (परम उपलब्धि के सोपान)
Sadhana Ka Param Lakshya (साधना का परम लक्ष्य)
Samarpan Ki Anjuli (समर्पण की अंजुली)
Prem Ka Jharokha (प्रेम का झरोखा)

Oct 2017 update:

Above speculative meanderings were written before Anjuli's source was found, ie some four chapters of Sapna Yah Sansar (सपना यह संसार). This book and Anjuli can likely be pinpointed to specific chapters, in this case, ch 13-16, based on Vartaman's resemblance to the title of Sapna's ch 14. See Sapna's Talk page for more on that. -- doofus-9 22:52, 11 October 2017 (UTC)