1983-09-08 Mahaparinirvana Day Darshan

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Mahaparinirvana Day Darshan in the Presence of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, U.S.A.

This celebration is listed as event Mahaparinirvana Day 1983 ~ 02. See also Osho Timeline 1983.

Ma Prem Maniko
Ma Anand Suresha
Ma Prem Aneeta : vocals
Sw Prem Anubhava : guitar and vocals
Sw Devakant : flutes
Sw Prem Geet (Git?) : bass
Sw Govinddas : guitar, sitar, mandolin, etc
Ma Prem Maniko
Sw Anand Nivedano : percussion
Sw Anand Rupesh : congas and tablas
Ma Anand Suresha : vocals
Toby : flutes

Tracks - full length

01 Instrumental and Vocals 2:21
02 The Way of the Heart 8:04
03 Master of Masters 7:13
04 Dance Like a Madman 4:16
05 Love In Our Hearts 4:31
06 Your Blessings Have Filled My Life 3:31
07 Gachchhamis 1 2:42
08 Humming 6:22
09 Gachchhamis 2 2:43
10 The Beauty That Surrounds You 3:37
11 God Is Absolutely Wild 5:39
12 Everytime I Look Into Your Eyes 5:04
13 Yes Bhagwan Yes, We Dance At Your Feet 4:01

Event report
from an unfinished novel by Amiyo, written in the never-finished present ...
It’s Mahaparinirvana -- a celebration of the day in September Osho’s father became enlightened and died. Amrita is sitting near the front of the meditation hall. When Osho walks onto the podium the song the musicians are playing and singing opens her up like a flower:
Let the way of the heart
Let the way of the heart
Let the way of the heart
Shine through
What the song is describing, Amrita is tasting:
Love upon love upon love
All hearts beating as one
Light upon light upon light
All disappear into one
Amrita is melting away like a drop of water into the ocean. The love pouring out of her heart is dissolving her boundaries. The same energy is pouring through the hearts of everyone here.
Until this moment Amrita has only melted like this while making love. She’s only tasted joy this deep while dissolving sexually. Now she’s in the same vast inner space she was only able to enter before with a lover.
On the podium Osho disappears. In his place she sees only light.
Amrita disappears. Now she’s light.
Everyone disappears. They’re all light.
They’re one.

It’s late. It’s dark. The hall is almost empty. Her face is wet with tears. It takes her a while to sit up, to stand, to figure out where she has to go, to remember she needs to take a bus to get there.
Her A-frame is at the top of the valley now called Walt Whitman. Her friend Divya is driving the last bus up there. Amrita is is her final passenger. Divya is South African, with long wild curly hair springing out all over her shoulders and face. She stops at the head of the valley.
Amrita stands. Divya looks up at her. “I’m just... so grateful,” she says, holding the steering wheel, her voice starting to break. “Just to be here... to live in his energy... just to be able to feel... all this... all the time... ”
She can’t speak anymore. She’s weeping. Amrita is weeping too.
The two women are gazing into each other’s eyes, knowing how lucky they both are to be here.

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1983 (RFI)

Label (Distributor) : (P)© 1983 Rajneesh Foundation International
OMA Catalog No : 119
Format : Audio Tape MC
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1983 (StadTapes)

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Label (Distributor) : (P)© 1983 Rajneesh Foundation International / StadTapes - De Stad Rajneesh Neo Sannyas Kommune
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