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I've spent the last 15 years maintaining an online directory of the so called Friends of Osho which was originally hosted on and moved to in 2002.

Once on, I've added the Osho Bibliography.

The website has now grown so much that it has become impossible for one person to look after it and it now needs the support of everyone who has made use of this website in the past.

A Wiki is the perfect vehicle for that. I'm now in the process of converting the databases into the wiki format. After that, the seed will hopefully grow into an amazing tree.

Sannyas Wiki is as much about you as it is about Osho. Go for it !!

With Love - Rudra
(Jan 2013)



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Special thanks to ...

Osho Bibliography
  • Sw Anand Sugit - our Dutch editor maintaining the English and Dutch language sections
  • Sw Deva Sarlo - our Canadian editor maintaining the Hindi language section
  • Sw Dhyan Antar - our Russian editor maintaining the Russian and Hindi language sections
  • Sw Deva Satyana - our Taiwanese editor maintaining the Chinese language section
  • Sw Anand Rudra - our German editor maintaining the German and English language sections
LtoR: Urvashi, Priya, Shailendra, Antar & Anuragi at Delhi Airport, 9th Dec 2019
These are just some of the hundreds of people who are helping with the Wiki every day of the year.
Osho Music
...and special thanks to the many musicians who provided us with their music and stories.


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The Wiki on facebook

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ps Why do "spiritual", "meditative" people bother to hang out on the internet ?
Because the cornflakes are still fresh !! Read on...