Through the Eyes of Love

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Also known as Flowers Will Shower.

Ma Prem Maneesha
Sw Anand Milarepa
Lyrics and chord notation
BbaddE         D            ┐
  Through the eyes of love  |
BbaddE            D         |
  To the heart of being     |
BbaddE    D                 |
  In the arms of love       |
BbaddE  D                   |
  Disappearing              ┘ -2x

D      G            A
  Let love fill the air

D           G           A
  With the fragrance of truth

D      G           A
  And flowers will shower

BbaddE  D  BbaddE  D

Source: Sarlo's Songs in the Key of Osho. See: Notes on chord notation.

>> NB chords recently corrected (May '13)

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Sw Milarepa
Ma Prem Narayani
Sw Praful
Ma Satyam
One Sky Band

Audio - Tape version

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